Who Should Be Held Responsible For Slavery In America? – Part Two

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Covering the uncommonly known truth concerning America’s history of slave labor, by detailing essential agricultural and economical aspects, that enable prominent banks, businesses and corporations alike, to become what they are today.

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750 Thoughts to “Who Should Be Held Responsible For Slavery In America? – Part Two”

  1. Dane Calloway

    WATCH PART ONE: https://youtu.be/qmD99uAOmH4

    WATCH PART THREE: https://youtu.be/YWMESDMBf6A

    Osiyo sisters and brothers! I will release part three this week and I will announce the other segment’s release dates very shortly. I thank each and every one of you for your continued support! It makes me smile to see that our people are making positive changes towards the liberation of our people. Wado (thanx) for watching! Great health and days ahead and prosperity for us all!

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    📌How To Trace Your Family’s Genealogical Background:

    📌Info On Establishing Your Nationality:

    📌How To Raise Your Credit Score:


    📎Instagram: https://goo.gl/5s9aTW
    📎Twitter: https://goo.gl/8MPKws


  2. Expat Israelite

    I wish I was on that panel with Tucker the F**ker? Who’s responsible for reparations is the US Government, the federal reserve, and the six major corporate conglomerates operated in the United States.

  3. Expat Israelite

    Dane look in your comments section, no matter what side you’re on. Indigenous Blacks or so called African American. We agree, reparations are due. For the theft, murder, and destruction of dark skin people here on Turtles Island.

  4. That One Dude

    We MUSTTT protect dane calloway some way some how!! This man is a detriment to our culture and society! What happend to Nipsey hussle enstilled this in me and remind me everyday that we must aomehow someway protect our teachers and leaders!

  5. That One Dude

    Just imagine what ppl will think of this in the far future when they look up this history and find all these interviews, news articles, pictures, videos, statistics etc! This has to be one of if not the biggest elaborate evil plans against a certain group of humanity done by a government. The ppl of the future will not see slavery as ending in the 1800s they will see it as slavery up until this year and every after this until reperations are made to our ppl!

  6. That One Dude

    Ayee i like yo new intros cuz! That shit hard! And i cant say it enough times, thank u for ALLLL the videos u do and the time u take out of your life to research, make them and for putting them out to teach us becuz u are putting yo life at risk if we really wana be honest about this! We all know the man is watching

  7. Edenic Life

    Hello Dane, I really appreciate your work and research. I am aligned with you as one of the critical thinkers. Question: Ultimately what are you advising that our people in America should do? Stay in America and fight to reclaim their land and resources, despite the current state and predicament of our people? Despite the racism, police violence and brutal killings, black-on-black crime, lack of unity and trust in each other, etc.? How did our people become so vulnerable, allowing the whites and others to defraud us, steal from us, rape and confuse our identity, etc.? How did our enemies have that much power over us, enabling them to deceive us to such a great degree? Elirahm

  8. Travanski Colston

    Im bout to become a amazon seller be my own boss and teach my ppl how to become a Entrepreneur that way we can generate wealth lets remember wealth is generational

  9. Lan Le

    Other groups got their reparations without all this back and forth…why is there so much back and forth for and against reparations to the very people who actually have the most concrete case, even from other Native Blacks??? NO one is asking “well, what would the japanese do with all that money??” “you know all that money will just flow right out the hands of those j@ws, so what’s the use…besides the US RESCUED them, why are we paying them???” “You know those Indians were fighting each other before we got here..we’ll jus’ give ’em the opportunity to do it again!” Nobody asked these questions or said these things on the air, but all of the sudden, there needs to be committees, task forces, debates, now we need a historical investigation on this issue….SMH a billion times. It just shows how little there’s any RESPECK toward and FROM blacks.

  10. j

    This whole presentation is A+. You hit the nail on the head.

  11. Fluer Seaton

    OMG – WHO is Bob FUCKING Woodson!! He should be A SHAMED of himself… I have NEVER heard anything so LUDICROUS in ALL my life… REPARATIONS are vital to the BLACK ECONOMY… HAS HE AND DOES HE UNDERSTAND THE DEFINITION OF RACISM… The payment of reparations can be used to help brothers and sister become free of drug dependency you ASS… Can’t believe you were part of the Civil Rights Movement… You SHOULD be leading the CHARGE… 😡😡😡😖😖😖

  12. vstack05

    If we know the colonizers to be who they are why we trust anyting they give us share or teach. (That includes documentation) The truth is we’re given ideas and ideologies that have few or very questionable valid points; everything from religions history and one of the most important things is economically. I TRULY QUESTION EVERYTHING I TRY NOT post comments bc I’m not one to stir the pot. but if we sit back and LOGICALLY ASSESS OUR SITUATIONS WHEN CAN FIGURE OUT THE BEST POSSIBLE WAYS TO EXCEED AND EXCEL. WE MUST TRY TO REMAIN LOGICAL AND NOT BE TOO EMOTIONAL
    I know I was all over the place but hopefully y’all catch my drift.
    Keep up the great work DC

  13. Robert balibrera

    the Africans the Apes and Africa are responsible for selling their people the white people need repercussion for taking care of their black asses

  14. Foxx Tailored

    The first step for reparations should be deporting the current indigenous imposters and give black indigenous our freaking names and land back. That why reparations is such a messy situation. It can’t work if they don’t know who it belongs to. Us natives are OWED that. That MUST come first. Bring back the Henderson and eliminate that Dawes crap. As long as we have skinwalkers parading around like true “Indians”, we will not win. These tribes are actively trying to oppress us. We so focused on white like blacks weren’t the original “red skins”. Ruddy tans. Red and Swarthy .

  15. Darrell Losinger

    Lamfo… Give a niggea a job & he calls it slavery …

  16. HaveSeveralSeats

    Let this information wake you up to the corrupt system, however please don’t let it create (or create more) bitterness and hate within you. Yes it’s okay to feel those emotions when you are awakened and hip to the game. It’s wrong and it pisses you off, but we don’t want to operate the same way that they do because it wouldn’t make us any better. At some point we have to let all of that shit go because it only hurts US by letting it fester.

    I just wish EVERYONE can be hip to the game. Yes I want the truth to become known about our people and who we really are (natives of this land), but this corrupt slave system if you look at the bigger picture, effects EVERYONE. Black, White, Asian, etc. We can stop it if we all wake up and stop participating in it, including myself and say enough is enough. None of this shit is real, we just make it real by believing that we need to live this way to survive when we don’t.

    Thanks Dane for sharing and educating us. Much love to you and everyone reading this.

  17. Rob G

    Nice video. So true money is now back by the people and their signatures. Signatures get monetized.

  18. ebony steven

    Ok so way back then (aboriginal) “Black Man” accepted nothing but a simple “Note” from “White Man” and allowed them to terrorize, victimize, demasculate, and enslave their own families on their own land for all those YEARS?? And nowadays Black Men are popular for creating babies in multiple households, walking out, terrorizing their own communities, and crying victim? Well “Free at last” and “Turn the other cheek” Black men will 4ever come up with an excuse or theory as to why they’ve always been submissive and mentally WEAK. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  19. Purple Reighn's

    The woodson center is full of crap. Stop complaining? Everytime we build up , we are shot, burned, hung, mutilated, robbed of our intelectual, material properties and now our men and women want to bless other nations with our wealth. This is why we can’t get ahead. Now the nation is switching to worshipping the male private parts….smh….not happening.

  20. I live for a living

    Bob woodson admit that the chicasaw and Creek indians we’re black

  21. Truth Told

    Thanks for the truth!


    What slavery lie’s

  23. Kush Zulu

    this shit make me wanna shed a tear.. Damn.. I love the enlightenment..  Man we gotta do better

  24. Jermaine's Jukebox

    King Steez at the end #47Shift

  25. Allen Watkins

    Gold Repeal Act of 1933 was the enactment of Statutory law as well. UCC law. Money is worthless n back by the goods n services of the people of America….says so on the Federal Reserve website.

  26. Allen Watkins

    If we put our feet down n stop working for all these evil people we will then start to affect their economy n then we will have a chance to get what we want.

  27. Ms. Spot On

    Self hate is a powerful weapon of the elite

  28. Julius Palmer

    Love how you put capital steeze at the end R.I.P

  29. Candace Jackson I’m awoken

    I thought I knew that blacks own black slaves it’s no where in the Bible that shows this period I ask God for an answer and he shown me the only people who had slaves was whites so I was right by saying you are wrong mr Dane I need to stop second guessing myself and stick with what I know is right

  30. Candace Jackson I’m awoken

    I just got an answer from God about blacks own black slaves he told me it’s a lie

  31. Candace Jackson I’m awoken

    Well the Bible says the Egyptians and Hebrews are two different type of people even though they had the same skin color and the Egyptians has us in slavery but the white people benefited from us as a whole and alot of companies who made money off us still do till this day so it doesnt matter the white people still go pay us because the Bible say they will go into slavery we go be their captives black people never really had a chance to get a head start the white people had loans and everything we own was given to them even though black folks own crops they still was taken advantage of and murdered and their farms were burn so they still were slaves in the eyes of whites

  32. Candace Jackson I’m awoken

    I guess I think someone deleted my comment because what i said was true

  33. Michael Taylor

    I have heard you do a live build with a1 if you kurimeo ahau and king or Kahn drop that would be a super build one I Know the public is waiting for just food for thought.

  34. Debra Smith

    You, Divine scholar, are my spirit child.

  35. Kavi Stone

    I want to find one native American who goes out and says native Americans shouldn’t get reparations. I want to find one Jewish person who goes out and say Jewish people shouldn’t get reparations. Only black folks go out there and speak against blacks receiving reparations. Black people is a peice of work.

  36. Bobbi Miller


  37. Brian Rodriguez

    At this point noone should be held responsible 🤣

  38. Brian Rodriguez

    At this point noone should be held responsible 🤣

  39. Is Real

    Excellent work as always.

  40. Kashona Brown

    My God Dane, do you realize God chose you to be the one to Enlighten/Wake Our People Up, From Being Lied To, Robbed, Defamed,Cheated,and MUCH MORE!!!!!!!! Thank You Soooooooooo Much For What Your Doing and Truth Be Told I’ve Always Wanted To Know Who Am I, Who Are My Ancestors, Where Did My Ancestors Really Come From!!!😢😢😢 And Why Is My Family History Isn’t Known?!!! What’s Really Being Hidden From Us?!!! I’ve Always Asked These Questions Within My Family But Never Get/Gotten Any Answers!!!!!!😔😔 It Hurts Me And I Just Want to KNOW WHAT MY ANCESTORS LOOK LIKE!!!! AND EVERYTIME I WATCH YOUR VIDEOS I GET EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL DUE TO THE FACT OF HOW OUR PEOPLE WERE AND STILL ARE BEING TREATED!!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT GOD ALLOWED YOU TO SHARE THIS!!! THANK YOU AND NO MATTER WHAT PLEASE PLEASE DON’T STOP EDUCATING US!!! MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU DANE!!!

  41. vroque jordan

    Now WE NO USA IS BROKE? WE ALL ARE SLAVE’S TO THIS DAY 🤔 WOW Your horrible evil European countries and your horrible sorry ass white bigots government’s

  42. vroque jordan

    So true so true wow

  43. clobbyhops

    Bob Woodson a true republican supporter, you will get a under the table check sir a former civil rights lawyer, Wow turned his back quick over that ch$ck.

  44. John Staples

    Bob Woodson, is the *C* train *conductor* …. 👎🏿

  45. sidney hardman

    that asshole so-called civil rights activist is a fucking stupiddddd ass what would the impact be you stupid fuck is the same as when whites get help from their government crime is crime you fucking hump. this stupid asshole acts like we should not have the rights to make the same mistakes as whites who were given financial help by their government. who the fuck is this asshole. tomboy asshole oh i see he was being considered for the position that went to ben carson.

  46. sidney hardman

    those indians who owed slaves were given rights by their tribe to land and protection and the dependents inherited those rights and lands from those indian owners by blood. i do know that some indians wanted slavery to continue because they were making money from the US gov for allowing slaves to incorporate into dian society. indians became just as corrupt as whites because they began to kick 100% indians off the tribal list just so they could keep that money coming in. and it just so happen that 90% of my family have their indian cards except me. and i and my sister don’t have our cards even though my father and granmdmother are on the tribal voting list and we all have the same mother and father. but hey that politics baby

  47. tone loc

    You are trying to tell me that all of those west African Jews that were brought over here to be indentured farmers?🤷‍♂️
    WTF!? If a nation of people can jack your land with the stroke of a pen, that makes you a captive of such Nation
    We are in captivity of a foreign Nation of people 👊🏿

  48. SM knowledgeandreseach

    Great research brother you have confirmed everything I’ve been studying on these hybrids/pale faces (straight Fuckin thieves) 😡👎🏾👎🏾🇺🇸🖕🏾🇺🇸

  49. Elder Grumper

    True for every legal tender that is produce it become circulating debt (debitum “something own”).

    The Creditor is the Corporate Entity of District of Columbia and the debtor is the citizen.

  50. venicia monea

    For starter, some are.struggling with poverty itself!It would help with food shelter and for some traveling..to get the hell out of Asshole America!

  51. Noble'One

    This what these government control so called black civil activists,politicians, black entertainers, doctors,lawyers,and preachers just to name a few do.Whites don’t fear a educated indoctrinated black man because they’ve been taught to think and strive to be like them in most cases.What they do fear is a strong intelligent one that can think on his own and can not be brought.Sadly many lost negroes will always respect and measures success with what amount of money and materialistic gains someone has no matter how low they go to get that money.The only way blacks will get reparations from these pink devils is having to take it and these white folks daring us to do just that,especially since they got a known racist running this country.Government didn’t allowed them white folks to stock pile arms and ammo for nothing!it is just in case niggas feeling too froggy,white people knows they did some evil cruddy chit to our people so they are aware we’d have a good reason to strike back!If that should ever happens,I’m going after any nigga that’s still trying to obey their laws!

  52. Nioyoka Indigenous

    His family must of owned slaves. (6:57) ijs

  53. Leanna Kuharskaya


  54. D Farrington

    Indigenous black peoples owned slave bonds to keep families together…

  55. ENY BoDy BaGGeR

    Remember that DAVE CHAPELLE skit on REPARATIONS 🤔

    And you people thought it was just “humor”


    The children of the white people who fought to end slavery paid to rebuild the south that killed their forefathers. Those whites who came over later paid on the debt that was accrued to rebuild the south after slavery.The Africans and Arabs and Asians who came over after slavery paid taxes on the debt of the civil war and were compensated with the tools and resources and handouts that should have been in the Reparations package to the slaves and the ADOS people. So to decry having to make people who didn’t participate in American policies, or claiming a lack of fairness while ADOS people have paid the reparations of EVERY group this country has paid out including money to Israel and Jews on the behalf of American corporations is laughable at best and infuriating at worst. ADOS people in this country have been forced to participate in the pay outs to groups like every other group. But when that payout is to go to ADOS people, NOW we need to consider the fairness of it in a vacuum that carried historic undertones of slaves and ADOS people getting undeserved handouts.

  57. Jon Doe

    I don’t want their reparations just acknowledge my sovereignty and everything else will fall in place

  58. Tareek Anson

    Federal Reserve Notes are redeemable. There is a fee attached to the usage of the said notes (income tax). When you redeem the notes you’re not liable for the fee. When it comes time to file the 1040 with the IRS (which is a private debt collection agency for the Federal Reserve Bank) let the IRS know how much FRN’s you’ve redeemed and they will refund you accordingly. After you do this for 1 full year you can change your status to exempt, you must continue to redeem the FRN’s though.

  59. DREW MAL

    Bless your heart and mind, I wish I could be on that team of THINKERS WONDERFUL TEACHING,

  60. Quinton Christian

    He’s not a real black man he is one sick ass hole. The government owes black people .

  61. cynthia King

    Love you Dane ❣️❤️❤️ my spirit is with you.

  62. I hate the devil

    Thanka bro i finally got confirmation about things i wondered about as a kid.. as i look back i didn’t learn shit in school but to read and write .it was all lies smh

  63. Floyd Anderson

    I said this years ago on my fb page that we’re the stock market of wall street, and now ppl can see that I was right…. shout out to Dane Calloway for this video

  64. Atem S.

    The current US dollar is called ”Petro-Dollar” it’s back by the oil reserves that do not belong to the USA! One of the reason the second a country is trying to trade oil outside of the dollar, they remove the leader or destroyed the country!

  65. Coletha Albert

    That means Every American is a Slave.

  66. Just Call me L C.

    They give the “native Americans” we should get also … why do we pay taxes ? Slavery was a heinous crime … to dissect who had slaves and how can we figure out who gets what is just ignorant

  67. zachary jones

    18:06 nobody is looking at the camera

  68. Kenister Christ

    That black man must Be a damn fool

  69. dread man

    This first sambo nigga saying what our ancestors had n built. But how can we build our own schools, hospitals, stores with no land or money to purchase land with white privilege

  70. dread man

    Why they put these uncle toms on here to talk on blacks behalf

  71. Dry Ice

    *Aetna* has a medical card, which transpired from slavery 😌

  72. Afrika Smith

    Looking to the enemie to be our liberators smh

  73. Ezella Stancil

    Black Women

  74. knowledge seeker

    Look how Anderson was smiling listening to a melanated person talk about melanated people.

  75. Mufasa #1


  76. Charles Brantley

    Thank you Dane Calloway for the lessons it’s time to do my research

  77. Tracey Del-Gado

    When is the piece of brown shit is going to expire!

  78. Tracey Del-Gado

    I rather listen to the pale face I wouldn’t be surprised by what he will say.

  79. Julius Coleman

    1.5 million Epi Afro-American due to the slaughter the economic mental conditions misplacement we have survived some horrendous inhumane treatment and we should all be collectively quit playing with these people 100% on board for reparations 1.5 million for every Afro-American it would uplift them out of poverty put them in entrepreneurship and most of all my brothers and sisters it’s called money management and manage it right we were stripped butt naked from myself original tongue and language it is now time to pay is obligatory Foster stand up power to the people

  80. Michael Griffin

    UNC at 6:00 min straight facts.

  81. Alex Stone


  82. Alex Stone


  83. Ironbudha 721

    The more they deny us, the stronger we get! Dont give up peeps! One love❤✊


    Most Excellent!!! Can’t wait for part 3… Bruh, the Rabbit hole gets deeper & deeper, and yet more easier to understand for all peoples that has been deceived put to sleep. 💪Thank you DC. 🙏

  85. Imin Hiscare

    Any Negro (Tribe of Judah) that sets him or herself against Righteousness being done to The Negro People is an enemy of The Negro People…He or She is compromised and they have a separate agenda and we must, if need be, research them to see exactly what that is… Hint: Meritorious Manumission. Meritorious Manumission formalized a system to reward Blacks for subverting.

  86. Barbara Hartman

    If our business, homes, and providers were bombed, murdered and plundered and no restitution was given, would that not cause poverty; of course it would. If your family and you are hungry, in need of shelter and are systematically denied means to provide adequately for those needs, wouldn’t that be tied to some of the crime; of course it would. The correlation between human nature (some bad people) has nothing to do with the issues that blind man brought up.

  87. Ronnal Scammahorn

    A black man named Johnson in 1655 a wealthy member of the 1% who sued in court for full ownership of an Endentured servant and won .

  88. Trekking with Joe

    As a white Australian who lives with indignious people of this land i must say this info blows my mind. The story of the Aboriginal people of Australia is far different to what we are taught in schools and history books. Thank you for the dedication in your work.

  89. White Radell


  90. TheBlueberryboy

    Excellent Research

  91. Just A God

    Bob Woodson should go hone and never speak to another living soul.
    His arguments are baseless.
    I hope he receives is honorary states,

  92. Markimoo

    Wow, your intelligence is through the roof! To be able to make so many connections is amazing. Excited to see your part 3. AynanYah

  93. Conscious Destiny

    I like your video Dane.

  94. TurboCo71

    I love it… Rip Steez 🙏

  95. Gods Love Forever

    Watch Carson’s face when the man says blacks native Americans 🤤 yeah truth is unfolding 🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️

  96. California Cowboy

    Great video brother ! Restitutions should be paid , but I fear it would hurt us more ! More money to spend on drugs , guns etc !

  97. Chilly Willie

    , now this is a stupid mother f*****

  98. harvard gazmabi

    Dane Calloway. I highly suggest you look into Blue Anthem Insurance Company. They may be the new face of Aetna Insurance. Where I work currently our Aetna medical insurance was canceled about a month or a month-and-a-half ago it was replaced by Blue Anthem Insurance Company. Just something to mention. It’s very synchronistic that you mentioned Aetna considering it was my medical insurance here in Los Angeles for the company I work for for the past year. Thank you again I will be donating soon. My real reaction is Ho Lee fuk the light is in our hearts in the dark is being shined upon

  99. harvard gazmabi

    Sorry for not donating brother but i will very soon. Thanks for the content. Keep it up amazing work.

  100. Rob White

    5:42. Did this kneegrow actually “we”?


    Great work Dane paying reparation isn’t going to solve anything because if they did decide to do so all the money would still go right back to the oppressors, the root of the problem is we sinned and God. So what we really need to be doing is repenting for our sins and return back to the laws, statutes and commandments of the Most High God. Shalom my Israelite brothers and sister. 👑🔥👑

  102. yss22

    Love the content brother 💪🏾💪🏾

  103. Queen Smith

    Im so confused, was there slavery or not. In previous videos it was stated slavery wasn’t real

  104. Timothy Ricketts

    The slaves

  105. The Curvy Godmother



    Id’ like to ask the man in the video speaking with the red tie on if the company he works for writes his paycheck based on how righteous he is internally? Why are we the only people expected to be perfect before receiving reparations; while kidnappers, organ thieves and open paper slave traffickers run around freely getting reparations they are not owed from the very people they continue to enslave. People that inhabit land that’s not there’s by violent and systematic force aren’t owed anything but enternal hell, yet we are always expected to spiritually go within when we are constantly being robbed of our right to exist on this earth so that they can terrorize us some more. Reparations simply means repair and the prefix re in this case means to give back, so essentially they still cannot pay for what they have done in this material realm, they can only repair the damages by giving back. Since when did returning something ever mean you were giving something. I’d like to see the day when a bank robber ask a bank teller to fix herself internally before having to give restitution aka reparations back to the bank.

  107. G. Keith Walker

    Mesnwhile the EU is paying reparations to the shemitic negros still in Africa

  108. Eric Narcisse


  109. Stuart Mcgill

    No words can express the gratitude I feel for the sense of loyalty to your people when concerning information as such. I appreciate you bro!

  110. Gena Ferguson

    I had to pause @3:16 to say…they need to pay us for coming to Turtle Island period. They killed, stole…our lands. Okay… I had a moment.

  111. Marvin Brownlee

    And the truth shall make you free

  112. Sage Franet

    Thank you for exposing the truth. By 2:17 I was tripping out. This is so flipping real. Conspiracies exist because the pieces are being hushed down. Thank you, brother.

  113. Patricia Strong

    No, we don’t hold our own on ownership of Slaves. Our own was not skin stripping our ANCESTORS, as our Enemies were, we own slaves, yes and I’m so thankful that we.were so owned because those that own us was NOT hanging my.ANCESTORS from trees, they didn’t shackel and iron enclosures on our people. Another question where did they get these Negropeans, who have done no real reasonable in-depth research about the our ANCESTORS to speak on this concerns. Who is that unreasonable man in the video, that is so eager to impress the Europeans,with support the evil of Slave ownership. It didn’t really matter if Blacks owned Slaves it was also a way to free them. Many Blacks found freedom from Slavery because they was owned by Blacks, but that ignorant Jim crow Judas failed to say that in his comment.

  114. lamar chapman

    It was set up for us to fail we should get something for the building of this country and we are looking back give it up white people

  115. lamar chapman

    French and the Spanish should pay us the English ne er enslaved us France why everyone praying for them they enslaved blacks now they want to forget this happened in America make it great again? We want our money!

  116. Grandeur Gifted

    im tired of pale face America period.. The true old world which is America needs to be restored back to its former glory and cutting negros a check aint gone get it done.. If yall are paying attention to Dane’s video he is telling you what most of us already know and that is that the money dont even exist we are the currency, and what good will it do if niggas just gone spend it on superficial shit nd bills which puts the dollars right back into the corporate system.. Like the old man in the beginning said we do not need to look to our oppressor for salvation, especially when we influence everything they punk ass do they cant take a shit without us remember who the oldest people on the planet are.. Solutions:: In my experience i am tired of just simply standing in front of a store smoking a cig with a member of my community and getting bumped up by the cops for no other reason than being Negro and standing there, thats when they proceed to taking your info down for reasons beyond me and it isn’t right… Those people dont live in these communities with us and they make them feel less safe, we all know that they merely force the policies of the US corporation, but how can we allow these peoples to enforce policies upon us when historically these lands were stolen from our ancestors and we have been disenfranchised by the system.. How about these mf’s rescind jurisdiction over us and allow us to figure out the rest, the first step to regaining control is not being controlled. We know these devil’s will never purposefully take their foot off our necks at will, we have to make them, and i dont think even half of modern black americans are ready for making these pale faces do anything… Just do you man

  117. B vegan Now

    The slave masters and gov members especially cops who forced and coerced people to be slaves.

  118. Cedric Roney

    Anyone care to debate this topic? This guys scholarship is way off

  119. Cedric Roney

    Where is your documentation for this?

  120. T23X Kountry

    Neva Stop doing you my brotha you the TRUTH! If I had a 1,000,000$ u can get half & K-Rino tht Legendary artist from Houston can get the otha half check him out when you get time! Until then keep Pushing On👊🏾

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    What confuses me is who gave “them” the authority to pass these laws making the indigenous farmers land up for grabs? Who passes these laws and why were the indigenous farmers affected?

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  124. Tonya Ratlaff

    Slavery is horrible and all races have been victims of it by other races all. With that being said let’s face it this country wasn’t built on slavery most people at that time worked for hardly nothing anyway slavery helped a few industries and a few people talking about trans Atlantic plus 98 percent of slave never set foot in America they built Latin America 98 percent ended up their all groups took part in trans slave trade but only white Christians except responsibility.while it was horrible evil what was done the decendants were blessed by God they are the richest most educated well fed Africans in the world.so how far back do we go to make the decendants feel whole , the white European slaves kidnapped by Africa or the Egyptians who do they owe how about Asian ,even native Americans had African slaves every group from the beging of time should bemade whole or we deal with the slaves of today the African slaves on Arab land , these are the only true victims because they are living .

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    I’m always spreading your messages you give to the ppl! My whole family pretty much subscribed to your channel! Keep up the good work fam.

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    Correction: I want to say copper, dark copper, black copper indigenous aboriginals of Turtle Island. I want to refer to us collectively as ‘copper.’ It has nothing to do with colorism, period. This is about refuting and refusing the lies told against us.

  128. Copper D Davis

    The caucasoids love the ‘out of africa’ trick and push that narrative so hard because they then do *not* have to account for colonizing the black indigenous aboriginals’ LAND; not to mention enslaving us in our own LAND. It’s also demoralizing to a people to tell them they’re really nothing; just descendants of slaves anyway. They’ve always pretended that we were never here, and that it was the current white (Asian) pretendians who were indigenous, which is a lie. It’s clear to see how forced relocation and constant name-changes was/is the camouflage needed to perpetrate these frauds on us. Well, the jig is up

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    If y’all do not want to pay reparations to black people the most high is going to make you paid judgement on his chosen people Planet hell is coming for y’all Wicked people be a better be prepared all praises to the most high

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    Keep up the excellent work and research Chief. Much needed in waking us up.

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    Who created the first slave on American soil? Who went into the villages in Africa to capture the slaves? When will you ask Africa for reparation?

  135. The Dude

    If you want a civil war then try and take what I have earned.live in the past die in future

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  137. The Dude

    Jewish bankers commissioned the ships that brought them over”if hou want to blame someone blame the Jewish bankers and stop pointing the finger at the the white man.

  138. chari blomquist

    Your race hates each other. You liking each other st a higher rate than any other race..
    You riot and to stupid to riot outside your co.munity. so you trash your own neighborhoods Lol We just watching your stupidity

  139. chari blomquist

    Reparations Lol.Lol.Lol. you went slaves Not one of you self entitled jerks pick 1 piece of cotton. Slavery been around since Jesus. Blacks are the biggest crybabies Lazy wanting someone else to work. You are not a victim.

  140. Chubb Tscott

    Bro Duane I sit here listening to your audio podcast great and detail and I’m listening to these old Coon Negroes shoot us in the back about us being paid reparations when every other group been paid black people and suffer the most morally socially physically mentally spiritually and we still got black people fighting against our best interest this is why I stay to myself

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    WE’ meaning black peoples of color are all still a slave

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    Just for starters you old us 954 trillion and that would get rid of our problems in the United States as far as education and freedom to dictate our own future

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    🤔😒🤦🏿‍♂️🙇🏿‍♂️2 Corinthians 6:7
    By the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armour of righteousness on the right hand and on the left,

  146. Karen Walkeden

    If you want money go get a job stop looking for handouts. If you want respect you must earn it.

  147. Sharon Dunbar

    What bothers me is that Black people suffered through 464 years. The Jews suffered 4 years but, they are paid reparations by every country in the world. Fuck Woodson and his cooning! He shouldn’t take the reparations.

  148. Erich Lepkowski

    Jewish bankers who ran the slave trade and made profit off it.

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    Thousands of white people died to free slaves
    Should those families get paid

  152. Slingshot Tee

    We know who did what . God allowed slavery. The gentiles are responsible for the evil acts they chose to do to our people. We are responsible for turning our backs and putting idols before The One True God….The Lord our redeemer and saviour. No not Jesus….but THE LORD. Most High. Our Maker. Moral of the story . Simple. Don’t turn your back on God. You can’t win without HIM. Y’all take care.

  153. Karen Mushat

    Every nation that had a hand in it’

  154. Latrail Rogers


  155. Latrail Rogers

    We must understand TMH gave us to thoes who hated him because we wanted to be like those who hated the most high of course they put us in slavery they were bless
    And we were cursed and that is
    Part of history for continuing to be disobedient APTTMH

  156. bob Mcloud

    Who paid the fake Jews who paid the Indians and the Jewish people that didn’t even happen in America and they were paid everybody get paid for black folks on that do anything to keep us down

  157. Jay Lew

    Some Native Tribes , and the pale faces they mixed with and allow to enslave some of their own kind . Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish Moors, etc

  158. Hamza 420

    This is really true if we are gonna use any logic. Many people profited off slavery and that wealthiness continues to grow from that time.

  159. 954 shootahs

    All the cotton. Maker is the Need to pay that old black unlce tom we gonna split his half

  160. Carter Lord

    God. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. This doesn’t mean the perpetrators will not get punished because they will and so will their children 👶 The most high is preparing slaughter for them and their children even as I write these words 🌞

  161. yoda3988

    If blacks had slaves , they were probably just like him. A black man wanting to be white. He is a fool.

  162. yoda3988

    I hate black men like this. White , Jews , etc . Are not forgotten their past . He is a moron.

  163. yoda3988

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  166. K-Lu Lorraine

    Soooo, since our ancestors were considered property, why didn’t they have property insurance policies on them?!?! The mere fact that they had life insurance policies proves their acknowledgement of our ancestors as humans. SMH

  167. Willie Williams

    We are looking to the people who we say are our enemies to be our liberators is the dumbest thing anyone has ever said we’re asking for reparations not for them to be our liberators and save us we’ve done well with Black Wall Street we’ve done well with inventions everything was just taken away from us this man is really pathetic

  168. Willie Williams

    I don’t know what to say about Bob Woodson. ….his theory of why blacks should not get reperations is ambiguous at best. ..he is someone who should not lead or speak ever again for Black’s rights. …

  169. Black Power

    Not complicated…all who had a hand in the industrialization of slavery should prepare to pay reparations and restitution. $ 5.00 Indians , the 5 civilized tribes and government as a whole are responsible. They don’t want the truth to be revealed because they would have to reveal and admit who we truly are and that’s not being a so called African American ! Land is owed and that they do not want to relinquish !

  170. Joyce 31202

    Our enemy isn’t our liberator. He better liberate us in order to liberate himself.

  171. Evil Genius

    As long as we try to fit in and assimilate into society the underlined problem will stay the same we need to separate and rebuild our own people and nation understand African American Hispanics and native Indians are all one nation of people and I feel we need our own space so we can rebuild up our own society and way of life we’re we don’t accept being dependant on other nations of people but our own

  172. Evil Genius

    The Jewish people who funded the boats from the Arab people who made the boats and the American white people who mistreated the people along with the African people too who helped round us up understand these people are Israelites and not African people tho we look similar too

  173. Macdaddy

    Aetna Inc got rich off slaves

  174. Aaron Fralin

    Who is a Slave here? Who has owned Slaves here? I will wait. How about the Irish? They wanting money? How about the Chinese who built so much of the rail Roads? Indians? Any of these groups crying about being owed money for something now they were not? Who is going to,pay for said free money? You and me? Yes your Tax Money if You work will pay for money you do not deserve. Because not any Damn,one of you have been slaved. What looks good here is free so called money. But it has to be stolen by the Government from another program.

  175. Jan Pearson

    I have a question for blacks or negros,why was it so easy to make blacks or negros slaves?

  176. Jan Pearson

    Is a historic fact that blacks sold each other into slavery,and the Arabs sold and bought black slaves this has been going on for thousands of years.So please do not blame the white man for slavery.

  177. Love'OF theMostHigh

    Us! Why? Had we not been stiff necked and hardheaded; we would’ve never crossed the most High. And His word would have never came upon us to put us into captivity. So ultimately, we must blame ourselves. We made the covenant w/ the most High. We agreed to live by them! We kept turning from them time and time again. And it was the most High who kept proclaiming His word through his prophets; to come back to Him. But we kept being hardheaded and denying our Elohym and His mercy.

    So we have ourselves to blame.

  178. nmb Memphis beast24

    This old man a fool

  179. 🌍

    The modern day jews

  180. jack steinmetz

    The banks of America. That existed back then. It was the banks that kept slavery in America. And America today of all race we work eat play together. Working men and women the Taxpayers of America working together is who makes our Country going.
    African Irish German Chinese Indians the Appalachian  American’s all played a part in slavery!
    It was the banks and wealthy people of America that use slavery. ” not all white people”. And we all know this to be true!
    The working people of America are the backbone of our Country of all race.
    Stop the wealthy from dividing us.

  181. adiah quedding

    Everysceince The creation of the human rac there has been ine race always endlaving another Truth issthe only way to understand yhis cruel enslaving any raceinto slaverty Theres been more then one race inslaving a nother there were those in africa that sold their own negro people into slavery This can be proven sohow do you go after those in africatjat started this trade you must start from thebeganning which was in africa not any other country an the sold Their own people to many other peoplebesides usaones cdo you know At this time in libeia country They are selling blace men into slavery for 400 each do yu know this ????? Yu need to check into this an try to save yourbrothers from this this Schould not be taking place Any where on earth ever again so what are you going to dobiut this ??? The past is over an no peopleinuda is or schould be held responcable For thebpast slavery I wpuldtoo ask you out there What anout the one hundredmillion Native people That died for this land they call usa Whos going to pay for all those who died??? Who can replace thise lves !!???? The truth is no one in todays world is responcible for their deiths it happined an is The past but it may never never happin agan to our natives or slaves of th passt or future its over Done an money will not replace those one hundred million lives of the natives an nothingcan change the past slave trade but we can make sure it never happins aganik !!!!!’

  182. yougoBoy

    Hi Dane, I love your videos man good work.. but do you know or have you researched the meaning of the symbol of the Phoenix/eagle? I noticed that you chose to use it as your logo.

    I think that if you knew the meaning, you’d probably want to change it. It’s pretty bad and it goes against your work. I just thought I’d share that since you are a truth seeker. Look up Matthew lacroix to learn more..

  183. C H

    No repperation to blacks, they are receiving welfare already.

  184. Cash House Greatest


  185. Patrick Butler

    I’t worries me how someone with good intentions can make such a mess of historical facts while growing a base who believes in it more so bc of emotional reasons and there own lack of understanding.
    Also all these shameful deeds were carried out by the same group, while you can say their skin is light they look upon us other whites as cattle, I’m talking about the Jews of course, Columbus was a Jew merchant acting on orders of the queen, That’s why it was termed the Jewish slave trade. It’s These same people behind every atrocious act against humanity in all of history, hence why they have been kicked out of over 100 countries, But when it’s time to place blame this group magically eludes any condemnation and the blame falls on the common white man who not only had nothing to do with it but has been greatly ill effected by it all.
    Of course you shouldn’t get repetitions, nor should any other conquered group in the span of history. the Africans conquered year and expanded their empire taking the whites as slaves just prior to this expansion to the New World, it’s how civilizations rise and fall yet we’re forced to not forget about this time and let it cause so much Animosity between normal folk

  186. Kasandra Penny

    This made me think about how my employer insures my life and limbs for $100,000 at no charge to me while im employed. It has me thinking…why?

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    Why is white Caucasian cave dwellers always trying to sneak they way in some kind of way when every time brown skin people coming together for right reason or about unity against evil doer’s.nobody cares what u feel get lost .there are plenty of racist white supremacists channels u can be on.go join them or tell them what u think and how u feel

  189. Kendrick Bettis

    They will be pay reparations, only because their trying to pay for their sins against the most high people in hopes they won’t get judged. Their fate is sealed and the most high will return with vengeance!!!!

  190. Jovan Francis

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    The etymology definition of slave is slavs/slavic..The European slavs was the slaves of our ancestors..They was the first slaves.

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    If anyone should be held responsible for slavery,.black Africa should be. Black Africans are still selling blacks there into slavery.

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  198. Raheem Ontario

    Ourselves because it’s was a choice like Kanye said we could have been prevented it but we cared more about the money then our culture and history

  199. Eighty4 Atrial

    Pay us our reparations and put into business accounts. Use only for business. Problem solved

  200. brOnze sUn

    Who Should Be Held Responsible For Slavery In America the Africans who sold their prisoners to the europeans

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    The information you gather is mind blowing man! I love it I’m here to learn. 🏹🏹 learned that my grandma and great grandmother is full blooded Cherokee from Augusta Georgia grandad was from West Virginia his parents owned land and a church ❤️💕 I wish it was a way for all tribes to come together!

  205. Dave Fitzgerald

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    The pay back will be one day in the future as the Bible prophesy says….

    Isaiah 14:2
    [2]And the people shall take them, and bring them to their place: and the house of Israel shall possess them in the land of the LORD for servants and handmaids: and they shall take them captives, whose captives they were; and they shall rule over their oppressors.

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    So blacks should forgive and forget the 400 yrs of slavery while the white man owns everything due to slavery.
    I don’t even think our current justice system works that way. If I raped a woman 20 yrs ago and DNA identifies me. Will they forget and forgive. OR will they try me in court.

  210. Agent Twenty Twenty

    Your research is important bro. Filling in the gaps. Thank you.

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    Former African Slavers are still living good on africa…. Without them slavery would not be as big as it was

  212. Babylon Dweller

    The civil war solved this problem along time ago.

  213. Reddrick Roberts

    The thing that gets me is ,every race ,was a slave, one time or another !!! somewhere ,Within human history!!! Why, would just make issues ,about one type.. Slave!!!??? The government has made us all slaves..in 1776 – 2019 !!! People just didn’t realize it!!! Nobody ,wants to talk about that ,though..!!!

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    Europeans were slaves too…go back far enough in the annals of history and every race, religion, and ethnic group have been enslaved. Arabs continue to sell and enslave sub-Saharan Africans to this day. Where’s the liberal media outlets coverage? Where’s the outrage from Black America? The fallacy that Europeans initiated and implemented the institution of slavery is laughable! Slavery cut its teeth in the Muslim world…particularly in Northern Africa and sub-Saharan Africa…African chieftains sold their own people down the river to Jewish slave-traders long before Europeans delved into the institution.

    Black America needs to understand that the same people manipulating you into hating White America are the same people responsible for enslaving your ancestors: Black people in-power and Jews. They’ve pulled the ultimate con on your people by deflecting blame from where it rests onto White Gentiles, 95% of whom never had a slaveholder in their ancestral lineage. If you’re looking for reparations, look no further than the likes of the elite Jewish bankers, media, corporate bigwigs, along with the race-card prognosticators like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the black politicians who care more about the size of their bank account than they do their own people. 🇺🇸✌

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    The White European man is responsible for slavery, all over this World!
    The Second person that us responsible is the Black Slaves that allowed it to continue. Especially in the 21st century which is known as modern-day slavery.

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  223. C CC

    Hold the people of Africa that attacked lesser tribes and sold them to islamic people who then sold them to Europeans and Americans. Oh, and the American white people were the first IN THE WORLD to make slavery ILLEGAL. You are welcome!

  224. Mike Michaels

    It’s back by your certificate of live birth and from there your social security number we are being traded on the stock market human stock

  225. Daryl Spiewak II

    People need to quit bitching about the past, because the alternative to slavery was death. If I was put in that situation like my ancestors from 3 generations ago did, I would have chosen! LIFE…


    I would love to get whats rightfully ours but common sense the people who kill us rape us put us in jail push agendas unholy why would they help us why would they do the right thing over 400yrs of slavery and you telling me in 400yrs nobody got reparations in four centuries you really think they gone give blacks who they hate money you gotta be crazy or high i can live to be 150 yrs old and you know what still wont happen reparations if they cared about giving that it shouldn’t be a homeless person in America but it is because they dont care so if they don’t care about them what makes or why you would even think they would help us they know everything you teaching us Dane Calloway you think they dont know what you saying brother they know understand everything you saying Dane and if they know then that should tell you right there they know they lied cheated stolen robbed in rape killed and after all that for 400 yrs no reparations now all of sudden you think we getting moneu from our slave Massa in the Plantation white house yaw crazy never will happen common sense the land is more important than the money has no weight or value this about to be a 3rd world continent the currency about to be on the card instead of paper currency about to depreciate plummet basically no weight no value yaw might as well pick different topic cause like imma keep saying over n over Common Sense give me one reason this systematic racist Capitalist continent help those they enslaved and still have us in slavery today smh smh yaw better wake up so no money over 400yrs all of a sudden they got a heart they care yeah right i live in United Crooks of America plus if what if some blacks get it others dont you think we divided now we really gone be killing each other dont make no sense Dane you asking the people who got us into slavery they system right now to give us whats owed to us Dane you can have a son thats 2yrs old now if he live to be 92yrs old from this day forth still no reparations its not going to happen we divided as a people we not together being and agreeing and subscribing to channels dont make us United we United when senseless killings are over when we move in a collective unit as one body then i can see us getting reparations but that wont happen until the lord return thats our only salvation thats 1000% guaranteed because asking satan n his devils to help keep biting your nails the next 10 years see if a check come thru the mail smh smh

  227. George Gilles

    Wado udohiyu utsati.

  228. YES I SAID IT!!

    Black ppl are responsible for slavery. cause they are still enslaved in the mf mind

  229. Amazinj Muzik

    I don’t want reparations or restitution. Let them stay in debt to the most high Yah, because when Yah says it’s time to pay up, our enemies and this country will pay with its life. Plus the Bible says our people will come out of this nation with great substance. So even if we argue about reparations or restitution, it will be given to us anyways, because its already owed to us. Whether our enemies want to acknowledge it or not.

  230. Ken Star

    Mr. Woodson fails to understand the debt principal. I believe that he still pays what he owes no matter what mental problems the people he owes have. Reparations should be payed because they are owed. I would much rather have the wealth stripped from the people who benefited from slavery. They will imprison you for watching a pirated video, so why not the same for those who benefited from pirated labor? I however agree that reparations won’t solve our problems. They will make them worse. We need to address our internal enemy first. This system only exist because the majority of all races wants it to exist. Most people don’t care about which system is in place, only their position in it. People want more than their share. People want to make profit. Profit means you get more out than you put in. Think carefully about that last statement. It is indeed the origin of all of our problems. Peace fam

  231. T Byas

    Mentally ill black man. Why don’t they put an ADOS representative on TV.

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    A family divided against itself cannot stand. Obviously the black family is divided. A sad state of affair!


    They owe us either way you look at it. Their practice was unhandled no matter what.


    Not a single person alive today!

  236. Candace Jackson I’m awoken

    You see that’s the kind of people that need to burn on a stake

  237. grIm Sincere

    Sanctuary cities are getting reparations? Speak on that Mr. chickenhawk~

  238. twan st*r

    The white leaders and other white people where afraid of them because they could have turned on them i believe. Look at the wars he spoke of.

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    Ties into the “Prison Industrial System “

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    Glad to see you still going strong brother. I took a personal break from your material about 2 years back to focus on learning common law and bills of exchange. Came back within the past 2 months, and I see you still have great and new ways to make me think… and you’re covering the very stuff i went off to study on my own now too. Excellent. Purely


    No we need an army simple

  244. Ricky Spicer

    Who benefitted the most?…




    Dan your music is always too loud


    You don’t need anybody to take responsibility we don’t even need the fucking money what we need is an authority and bodies where we can go and compete against the rest of the races on a level playing field that’s all we need we will win tomorrow if we get level playing field


    Are you for real ??? What a stupid question

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    2019 : every rapper flashing money. Everybody “working” for money.

    God : smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ “I cant help these stupid muthafuckas!” I have given them all the fuckin signs, I’m not about to live for them!”

  253. The3DShow

    Eve was responsible,she shouldve never fornicated with a snake.im white.i dont know the real stats but im guessing.10% of reptilians are just evil.70% are just scared making them hostile.20% are like me and just want to live and get along.

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    The ongoing transaharan slaveroute is the atrocity responsible for enslaving black Africans for well over 1500 years..So far , islamic arabs have enslaved an estimated 160.000.000.Africans..Stop concentrating on the white man,you wont get reparations from them

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    MR. DANE, Thank you

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    (expensive liquor)the hair industry(weaves), because a fool and his money are soon parted, so I should be one of the wealthiest Black men in America in a month!
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    Additionally, very very few people ever think to discuss how those strategies were also used to stigmatize Us in the minds of whites, asians, hispanics, and any other group — even with people of those groups who weren’t necessarily taught from birth to despise our very beings?

  274. ConstantCashFlow Linton

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    The New World for these pale faces deals with them not seeing themselves once they set out to see the world and after the defeat of the Moors, the catholic church took over the trading routes and maps we had prior to our defeat! The Pope actually sent out the Papacy saying that he was the mediator between God and man and that all non-Christian were deemed to be heathens!
    Be very careful my brotha as you are going into darker waters! It’s bad enough to have the information as an individual, but on the format and platform that you have created will now be seen as a threat!
    I’m loving this research and your discovery…
    Keep all eyes open, have nothing in your name that can tie back to you and proceed with caution in your work I’m rooting for you Noble my email is callawayproducts@gmail.com if you need to reach out or for me to send donations to your camp!
    Peace and love and much respect ✌️

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    All of the immigrant’s who came to this land where given land grants except the former slavery. You should review Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s 1967 speech entitled The three evils of society then offer your comments. Also remember blacks have fought in every war this country has ever waged.

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  296. Sistah B

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    USG treasury department

  298. BEASTRO Berkeley

    The Dollar is Backed by Human Capital meaning: In order for the U.S. to pay reparations they would have to destroy the Monetary system completely, in other words the U.S. would have to give up their occupation of N. America.

    Makes sense why they want us all Dead, in prison, or working to pay off the invisible debt

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    Comment and help me out!

  304. Sistah B

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    I love you man.

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    Deuteronomy 28
    Read it. Then teach it. Then live it. Walk it. Our pastors / Shepherds are not reading/ teaching…..WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR CONVERSATION… NO ONE ELSE IS… STOP BLAMING OTHER NATIONS… WE MUST GROW UP AND RESPONSIBLE

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  340. Dasia Wheeler

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    There should be no support for any legislation until the reparations movement moves from ADOS talking heads to officially registered PAC or not-for-profit organization.
    African Americans should be in-charge of every step of this process. If Yvette and Tonetalk don’t move to bring in the width of Black America to officially structure our quest
    for repair for 400 years of brutal subjugation, then they are only empowering themselves. We have got to learn from past mistakes. Personality driven ideas do not promote self-governance. Reparations has been an issue among our people for most of the past century. Two, ten, twenty people should not take it upon themselves to go from a social media movement to presenting legislation to the US Government. Where is the representative national input from black people across this nation? There is none. Therefore, there is no due process. What you have is a clique demanding that we call ourselves the name(ADOS) they have created; that we allow them to tell us to support what they think is appropriate, and that we act as supporting by-standers while
    they act upon our behalf without our input..

    This is not acceptable in 2019. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We as a people, must take charge of this critical issue. Reparations should ultimately end our pleading with the US
    Government. We should not be talking about a reparations process that includes future addressing of slavery and its affects upon African Americans via programs. The proper amount of
    reparations paid should forever end our complaints with the US government and our laments about our past treatment by white Americans. The children of enslaved African women and
    their female lineage should receive a one-time lump payment, like everyone else that has received cash reparations payments from the US Government. The payment in our case, will be
    so large that it will truly free us. I estimate that each living child of enslaved  American women whose lineage goes back to 1865, will minimally receive 82 million dollars and as much as 100 million dollars or more for those who qualify for specific aggrieved categories. This  kind of liquid wealth would free the American descendants of chattel slavery to be independent and equal. Anything that continues our pleading with the US government via handouts, allotments and programs, is a trick. The only on-going relationship with the US government and all of the institutions that will pay restitution shall be the expectation dates that we shall will receive the direct installment payments into our bank accounts.

    We cannot be equal until our natural inclination is to act equal. No other group would even attempt to go about the process of demanding reparations, without being an officially organized and registered PAC or not-for-profit, with a council of historians, lawyers from across the nation, and economists who would do our research. Wake up people. We are a nation within a nation. Like any other nation we need a representative government whereby we process our goals and objectives.

  346. Chris Hardy

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  347. Brogetto RDX

    He mentioned that the people who are to blame are the sharecroppers. How could the sharecroppers be to blame when white people created laws that state, a squatter can be on the land for 14 months and get to own that land. So how could the sharecroppers be blamed for laws they didn’t know existed. Most ex slaves couldn’t even read let alone know the white man’s malicious & deceptive laws. @9:26 Then on the other hand, Dane Calloway said that the negro farmers were wronged by everyone involved in the trade of resources and goods.
    This primarily happened in 1841 before the civil war. The majority if not all black people especially in the south did not own land.
    So were the sharecroppers to blame or were they wronged by white supremacist in the justice system? Black people did not write the laws for their own oppression. Black people were not at the head of these banks and governments. The civil war was between 1861 to 1865. Black people didn’t become sharecroppers until the 1870s. this video makes it seem like black people were sharecroppers during slavery.

  348. Zo Taylor

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    We Original Ones got your back bro, and we All have to take this serious. #FEATHERS UP# WISE UP #RISE UP..Like @Wanaghi

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    Trust in The Father of the Heavens with all thine heart and Lean not unto thine own understandings. In all thy way acknowledge him an HE shall direct Thy Path Prov 3:5-6

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  372. Eddie Thorne

    That is why i am in support of suing the Insurance companies,banks,universities and any institutions that benefited from slavery and those institutions are still in existence.Also if any of the ancestors of any of the slave owners have passed down generational wealth from slavery,like a plantation for example then that wealth could be forced to be shared if it can be proven that the ex slave masters descendants by his slaves wants a share of his wealth.It is not nearly as complicated as that man is trying to make it.Also where is the documentation the shows that 3,075 blacks owned 12,000 slaves.Only a very small group of ”freed” mixed race men owned slaves and they could not pass it down to their next generation.White supremacy that was the ”backbone”of slavery would not have allowed it to happen.That guy is just a ”yes man”for ”master sitting their with him.Many other groups of Americans have received reparations for what what has happened to them in the past,that was deem to be wrong.

  373. Elsa Bernacet

    Your, SOUl.!!! Does the Catholic Church. Say they own it. Think, about that. People, if we believe in a higher power why you. Can believe. They is Evil. Evil does not care about you. Or your feelings. He care of users you, and abuse, you. People, wake up. You are worth more than paper. You are the gold and sliver. You are worth. You are not object, or a thing. Evil think that way. But if he who he claims to be… Your decision will determine where you will spend Eternity. Deuteronomy:30:19. Brother I thank you. For your time. And the work that you do. But Brother this is higher than,You. man and woman, and child. We are in a spriitual war fair. Father creavity this world. But who. Inherit this world ? Satan and his legions. Your choice. You believe or not you choice. Peace, be with you.mind and body, died with truth. Then live with a lie. Peace be with, you. Take care of your self. And love your self more. His glory and saviour.(John 14:6) “I am the way, the truth, And the life:no man cometh it I the Father, but by me.”📬🚪👥🌉🌿🔎⏳💫😇

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  380. Selajh Soulh

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  381. I Think for myself 100

    Africa, Europe and America should be held responsible for Slavery. Without west African people involvement in the selling of human flesh. The west might be what it is today

  382. exposeemasap

    Black America you want to get back on track TURN OFF the TV, Social Media , sports anything that has to do with the industry turn your back on it and stop buying their high expensive bull crap.

  383. Genetic Alpha

    Good luck getting reparations from those that really owe you, which are, Jews, arabs and African blacks.


    Osiyo Dane Calloway! Thank you so much for your intellect, time, energy, and passion that you put into waking up our Indigenous people!✌🏾

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    crop-sharing destroyed my great grandfather’s crop values in this exact way… had to move from Louisiana to Oklahoma once his land was classified settled!!!! Like WTF?! Settled by whom?!
    Bankers, insurance companies and big business destroyed our family wealth by stealing America’s monetary system and replacing it with a debt infrastructure, stealing our land by labeling it public, devaluing our crops and erasing our past historical accomplishments and records, titling us ‘black’ and eventually ‘african american’…when we’re indigenous to the America’s…
    The story of America goes deep… It was finally conquered when the copper tribes were overtaken in business, their resources stolen and money replaced with broken promises.
    Same MO the world over… You might recognize it..
    Goes something like this…
    Destabilize the monetary system, claim intervention needed, initiate unrest, label unrest civil war, block resources to the region with sanctions and naval forces, register fictitious business name with investment banking cartel and insurance companies through the UCC, publicly address the new fictitious business name as the governing body of country at civil war… Phase out old government by destroying old buildings and archiving all historical record to clandestine knowledge centers and storage facilities, establish a class system based on the debt system and place the indigenous people’s in the lowest class, give incentive (land grant) to ‘settlers’ who agree to be part of the new system by allowing the settlers to stake a claim and register with the newly recognized government, ignore all discussion regarding the previous government’s, promises and arrangements… Request more investors for expansion…

  390. The Loyal Royals

    Turning our backs on Our God makes us responsible for our slavery. Until we turn from our wicked ways so shall it continue until THM returns for those who live righteously. Amen? And so the 400 years are up? that means you don’t have time to titter totter on whether or not you want to live forever in the kingdom under the rule of TMH. Choose this day because tomorrow is not promised.

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    THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL Judah =Negroes, Benjamin=West Indians, Levi=Haitians, Simeon= Dominicans, Zebulon=Guatemala to Panama, Ephraim=Puerto Ricans, Manasseh=Cubans, Gad=North American Indians, Reuben=Seminole Indians, Naphtali=Argentina to Chile, Asher=Columbia to Uruguay, Issachar= Mexicans

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    3. Black on black crime
    4. Dropout/pregnancy rates
    5. It happened a long time ago

    None of these convoluted points negate the fact reparations are OWED…This country was built on slavery with a certain group of people allowed to benefit from that wealth while another group based were legally shut out economically based on race…

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    Could Black flight and judgmentalism be the blame for the decline of those institutions?
    Who funds the Woodson Institute?
    Why was he chosen to appear on Fox news to discuss a group of people, he has zero connection with?

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    Biblically it explains why many have died suffered and are already sick .. is because of our love for money and lack of love for the truth ..

    The truth sets you free as the bible says .. but those who desire to be rich fall into a trap and peirce themselves with many griefs.. the devil has no care for the ones He controls .. they already serve and do his will and divide ..

    May not seem so divided yet until it comes to the truth here .. i dont think slaves have a choice otherwise we wouldnt remain in bondage nor submit to any of its rules.

    Yet people serve willingly or unwillingly subject to its own frustration ..

    I think the beast is the government.. then the few that decides how much money you make .. and how much you owe them for earning it .. sounds like slavery to me ..

    Especially when taxes supported enslaves inferior countries and our ancestors.

    As well as ourselves for a harmless plant that can revolutionize the infastructure but instead we support weapons of mass destruction that may destroy mankind or bring divine punishment or the days only known for Gods wrath ..

    But God wrath remains on the disobeidient .. not those who actually keep seeking in this time test the faith .. instead some test God and keep getting away with it.

    So only that all will be accountable for their own free will who or what we serve.

    They lie from their own resources which is the father of lies .. and God casted a powerful delusion so they believe and serve the lie .. not the truth..

    If we dont repent the end is closer now then when we first believed .. we die and remain in our sin very few will be saved .

    Few seek life and actually find it ..

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    *About the Red Indians owning slaves… They probably acquired them to save their Black Indian brothers and sisters from the whites who would only abuse them.

    Any how the more this is researched the better but we must get to the truth and not allow fear and emotions to confuse the truth.

    We must look at the nature and motivations of everyone involved.

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    Pct of slave owners, versus the majority of Americans, who didn’t own slaves, Ulster Scots Irish people, were indentured slaves, You can’t live in the past, look too the future, not the past.

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    U.S. Treasury, Without Recourse…..this nullifies the debt because it’s a demand for lawful money and demands it from the treasury. Place this on your bank signature card and get you a safe.

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    *King James Version (KJV) 1611

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