Who Should Be Held Responsible For Slavery In America? – Part Three

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Uncovering historical untold truths concerning the hidden identities of those who were heavily involved in land-grabbing, currency reform, the crop-lien system, tenant farming, the farm credit system and directly funding the slave labor indentures in North America and more.

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509 Thoughts to “Who Should Be Held Responsible For Slavery In America? – Part Three”

  1. Dane Calloway

    WATCH PART TWO: https://youtu.be/ycp-Vf1GU98

    WATCH PART ONE: https://youtu.be/qmD99uAOmH4

    Osiyo sisters and brothers! I have more information to share on this topic, so there will be a few more installments coming up. Wado (thanx) for all of your support and for watching!

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    📌How To Trace Your Family’s Genealogical Background:

    📌Info On Establishing Your Nationality:

    📌How To Raise Your Credit Score:


    📎Instagram: https://goo.gl/5s9aTW
    📎Twitter: https://goo.gl/8MPKws


  2. #Freemindset#

    ☮️💝 corporations,med insurance places- Etna,&state&fedgov in general-both one in same and are all guilty.

  3. YuDuTheMath

    Wow, Dane… Just, WOW Do you think the people will put their phones and media madness aside long enough to pay attention to what you have discovered?

  4. Yaodini II

    Bro You are the best researcher in American History… you know why? Cos you read inbetween the lines. Love Peace and Respect to you and your works…

  5. Instinct

    If I didn’t have the truth this would surely have me depressed.

  6. Quest Ion

    Seemingly they changed it from Federal “LAND”to “RESERVE” and we all know reserve is another word for land hince RESERV-ation where naive Americans mainly reside…I used to think they change the names to protect the innocent. but I think it’s to cloak the guilty

  7. Brittany Jackson

    I have always hayed that fucking game and now i know why. Dane brother u have done it once again!

  8. Mr. jones

    Does this have something to do with the world bank system that keeps driving up the nation debt? Plus when it comes to paying taxes you have to be a federal employee or a citizen of district of Columbia. the federal reserve is private owned, what about are social security numbers and the birth certificate of ppl are commodities I heard those are like bank notes is there any real truth to that there video up on YouTube that go both ways your video seems to give some lead way into those stories

  9. Human Sheeple

    @Dane Calloway, I have been following your channel and I really like the content you put you, you speak from the heart and you’re a truther as well as a brother. I would very much like it if you would do a live debate with us over on the Ice Wall on Discord, would you be willing to do so? Let me know if you are interested.

  10. debbie h

    Are you going to make this series into a video? I want to purchase on amazon if available

  11. Sedrick Vaughn

    This is this same shit that happens today, right now! This has got me sick.

  12. Kenny Pettit

    The international banking cabal are robber barons and Mafioso front men who have been enslaving the planet for a long time.

  13. Jason dunham

    I wish I weren’t so poor and struggling because I’d be giving you money!! What yr doin for yr people, I know you will be rewarded big in yr next life. Plz don’t you ever stop!!!! People like you that are gonna change this world

  14. Rochelle Pratt

    EVIL, JEALOUSY, HATERED, FEAR, NAD SICK this is the only way I can describe these Devils.

  15. Rochelle Pratt

    our people worked their selves to death, I remember my grandmother telling me, when her father worked on a farm in the biter cold, for lunch he had to eat a frozen fish sandwich for lunch that my Great grand Mother had packed, it froze cause he wasn’t allowed in their home to get warm. He supported 14 children and got paid 40 cent a week for 6 days a week from sun up till sun down Dam right they owe us !! they never gave it too our ancestor or great Fathers and Mothers,

  16. Israelite Reign

    Woe unto the so-called White man. No love for Crackkkaz or their ugly children

  17. Israelite Reign

    So-called NEGROS you have been robbed fully by these Crackkka devil’s!!!!!!!! You are the fallen race of (((HEBREW ISRAELITES))) you are not Black, Afro American, African American, Colored non of that shi#!!!!!!! You are the Most Highs Chosen race of people who’s ancestors perpetually and constantly disrespected our GOD over and over and over. Hench the Most High turned his face on us and against and this is where the “White man/boogie Monster/the Devil and his demons in physical” comes into play and all this system pure hell you’ve gone through as a people. Our people were sternly WARNED with all seriousness the penalty and consequences of totally disrespecting our Creator(Deuteronomy Chap. 28:15-68!!!!) these are all systematic “CURSES” that befell the HEBREW ISRAELITES aka NEGROS!!!!!!!!!! Read Deuteronomy Chap. 28:15-68 they apply only to the so-called (NEGROS) as a whole too!!!!!!!!!

  18. MseeF

    It is no longer much of a choice now but a must; to do right before it is too late.
    Whites must acknowledge wrong doing done in their name and the all ill-gotten gain.
    Blacks need to realize that vengeance is not going to serve their best interest.
    Land expropriation irregardless of who does it; is not meant to benefit Blacks but to take it from Whites also; so that everyone can be subjected to the will of the new yet old owners.
    It is to everyone’s best interest not to be ignorant because soon most may find that their lives depended on it.

  19. j

    Since 2012, I’ve learned more from James Corbett and Dane Calloway than I’ve learned from any other combined sources since I was born (pre-1985 is all I’ll admit to)

  20. ENY BoDy BaGGeR

    Sssssshhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiitttttttttt we may need a SEPARATE video on the game Monopoly alone

    PS: Still waiting on the books beloved

  21. Jovan Francis

    Thanks for this video dane….. For some reason im not getting the notifications

  22. Kishrown Israel

    Much love to you brother Dane! It is something amazing to realize that you don’t know simple words or what we think we know like the word [Pro – blem].

    As indigenous peoples of the Americas so-called blacks we have a problem but what is that problem really?
    etymology: Middle English via Old French probleme or Latin problema from Greek problēma -matos, from proballō (as pro-2, ballō ‘throw’). We should take note that the word problem has the same etymological meaning as emblem.


    A symbol or representation typifying or identifying an institution, quality, etc. The etymology of the word emblem come from Middle English via Latin emblema from Greek emblēma -matos ‘insertion’, from emballō ‘throw in’ (as en-1, ballō ‘throw’).

    Insertion means [inlaid work or craft]. The etymology of the word inlaid comes from mid 16th cent. (in the sense ‘lay something in a place in order to hide or preserve it’).

    It is clear that the Pink man never taught us in his schooling institutions the true meaning and use of the word problem. So we can see that a problem is something that has been crafted and injected into our history and future as well. in order to hide or preserve are true history language and culture as the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

    Thank you for asking the us what is a problem brother Dane!

  23. Hendu Ro

    I don’t think people even understand how deep this is.

  24. Alquidiven Daniels

    I’m finna go record this album 🐻 thanks for your teachings🐻 you won’t be hearing from me because I’m recording 🐻🎤🎤🎤

  25. David Jones

    You damn sho got me thinking….Our Ancestors practiced the law of Karma although they didn’t call it that. You reap what you sow and what goes around comes right back around again. A lot of our “innocent” copper colored ancestors suffered by the hand of injustice. Guess what, alot of “innocent” pale faces will suffer from INJUSTICE……IJHTMYT!

  26. Leonard Thompson

    Very revealing… Everytime i play monoply i get those exact feelings….greedy, callous, deceptive, 😠…. I cant wait until @derrick grace come with the version he and his team created….

  27. Shawn Brown

    Jawdropping Documentary……The System was clearly designed for Indigenous Blacks to fail through their Corrupted Systems of Practices!!! Dane Calloway, you’re gifted in your Works. Preach on…….Love it!!!! Time this Country wake up to its heinous Past. Lord knows.

  28. Lets Argue

    When I tell you i just did a 1 hour research on the board game Monopoly. Let me just tell you, i ordered the book Progress and Poverty ALSO the board game Prosperity!!!!!!!

  29. Jessy Verklizan

    This is WILD to think about. The BANKS are not from America so you know that means.

  30. Dirty red river wave

    that was firer to the mind

  31. Jonathan Bynoe

    I remember playing monopoly with my family, and somehow I don’t find the game fun. I remember me and other family get upset when something bad really happens, and I find that board game never ends either.

  32. M G Malkovich

    These white racist devils are going to pay for all the injustices done to Black People and other People too that they harmed! The ones of those living now enjoying that wealth has blood on their hands also and will pay for the sins of their ancestors! Our GOD will bring vengeance, raft and death to our oppressors and the unrighteous! So let’s not be on the side of the unrighteous because that judgement will affect you and me too! ENOUGH SAID FOR NOW!!

  33. Charles Brown

    Insane, this is the type of people we are dealing with…INSANE! My mother use to say “I can’t trust you, know further than I can trough you.”

  34. stephen starr

    Great work sir! I pray that the ancestors watch over and protect you and yours. I also urge all of us, wherever we are but if you’re close to this man, or any of the other men and women bringing us light and back to our ancestors, that we protect he, they and ourselves as if our lives depend on it! Because It does! Great knowledge! Informative and progressive!

  35. Javier Rivera

    👀 open

  36. Adonis T. Young

    wow monopoly. My eyes are open

  37. D W

    Loving this series. Can’t wait for the next part✊🏾

  38. Stephen Breland

    Right now they’re introducing the Earning app. A new form of credit card enslavement. The debtor is a slave to the lender. It doesn’t end unless we say no to the BS and work for ourselves and with each other. Great Vid Dane.

  39. Valerie Edwards

    It’s crazy I was JUST talking about the game monopoly with my husband the other day! How it directly mirrors American capitalism. Crazy.

  40. Valerie Edwards

    It’s crazy I was JUST talking about the game monopoly with my husband the other day! How it directly mirrors American capitalism. Crazy.

  41. victorcd

    Listened & Re-watched this So Many Times!!!!!

  42. Nan Matau

    Depending on the day of the week, niggas enslaved by African chiefs in Africa are:
    1: Egyptian Kangz ‘n sheiit.
    2: Hebrew Isrealites.
    3. North African Moors who invaded Spain.
    4. North American Native Americans.
    5. Central American Olmec statue builder
    6. Black Vikings from Scandinavia.
    7. Is anybody’s guess.

  43. Majin Meaty

    $100,000 1st payment on 21st birthday fallowed 25,000 per year to every adult not counted as income for 20 generations 5 acres of land in there home state that cant be sold to anyone non black or be taxed all the land in the same area per state 100,000 gov sponsored life insurance 50,000 home building grant per married couple 75,000 business grants has to be able to trace colored mulato quad-rune negro octune black African American ect. Whether free or un free back to 1865 without any breaks in family racial color line for more than 1 generation. Freed or unfree because if your family was black they were definitely oppressed during slavery and jim crow. and many of us are indigenous and that will come to light ounce the family history are researched. p.s. free healthcare

  44. Karon Scott

    58 sad souls. Keep pushing big man

  45. rnorrr

    Wow that was deep

  46. Bobbi Miller


  47. M Beckford

    Just to be clear did you just break down the foundation of reparations including a list of the Cabal #ADOS would have to go after in a three-part docu-series all under 30 minutes that these IDIOTS on Capitol Hill continue to talk about doing a “study” on???? This whole thing is INFURIATING! Much love and respect Dane Calloway #B1
    SideNote: Prayers to Mother and Father Creator for your daughters full and rapid recovery❤

  48. Alex Stone


  49. Brandon Ivey

    Bro the truths you exploit is amazing and I do my own research and everything you say is facts


    The filthy rich families whom owned and used slave still live today. There are historical documents stating the owners names and lists of names of their slaves. The filthy rich must and should pay in full for their families evil practices. But the rich ran our government screwing over reparations and hid the truth. I still think that list of rich cut throats deserve to pay in full.

  51. G.i. Samurai

    To go through such great lengths to sabotage, interfere, and obstruct our progress would only mean that they are scared of our limitless potential. Thank you Dane for pulling back the curtain and exposing the inner workings of this dystopian society.

  52. T Clay

    Awesome! Education of this enemy.


    Thank you for this information ! This shit is so deep & bigger than we all think . i pray YAH handles these devils ! It’s so much our ancestors went through it’s sick it literally always gives me headaches 💯✊

  54. Clientele

    Hey Dane good video as usual but whats the subliminal message at 8:03 ?

  55. Diana Mccall

    They pay every other race but when it come down to black people they just won’t do it

  56. Diana Mccall

    Who’s going to pay for the ancestors that was raped kidnapped killed and beaten. And forced to come to America so they just going to pay for farmers and that’s it and not the ancestors that was forced to come to America and kidnap and raped and killed

  57. Infinite Piper

    And you do! Thanks Dane, this is definitely the easiest way to track down the perpetrators. It’s interesting how the Monopoly game all came into being. I just took this information from the SHOP PLAY WIN.com website. Tom Thumb is a part of this larger grocery chain and they just finished up the Monopoly Game that they do every year.

    Below within quotations is the information that is currently on the http://www.shopplaywin.com website showing who owns the monopoly trademarks as of today. I peaked this a long time ago, and your video helped me understand why their hiring practices is so. If you go into a Tom Thumb grocery chain, all you see is the so-called blacks working in these stores. Many are very submissive to the Europeans, not all but the majority. They don’t really employ Mexicans like other stores for some reason they prefer hiring so-called uneducated blacks. The grocery chain is huge here are some of the brands

    This is who owns the monopoly logo now…
    “The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the gameboard, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment. © 1935, 2019 Hasbro.”

    And KROGER hires a lot of so-called blacks as well. I do not refer to myself or others as black I only use so-called blacks for communication purposes. I am definitely, of a copper-color-hue.

    Thanks Dane.

  58. john doe

    Pussy ass crackas 🖕🏾🖕🏾

  59. Avey Williams

    I understand, why I never liked Monopoly or Life. Both, games represented something that did not agree with me as a child.

  60. Kolen McCuin

    Preach my brother!

  61. crystal green

    Those devils have always swisted and manipulated laws for the TRUE PEOPLE’S down fall til this day… HOWEVER MORE PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP… OUR DAY WIIL COM3 VERY SOON.. THE ANSCESTORS ARE RISING .. ASE AND SHALOM FAMILY

  62. Lazyboy Researcher

    the removal of the aboriginal scots
    Scotland Highland clearances from 1700s to 1800s

  63. kristof verbruggen

    The Africans who catched and sold them? The Jewish owners of the slave ships? The Arabs who still hold African slaves today?

  64. John Salvage

    “We Thought They Were White”.
    Dontell Jackson.

  65. The Dtuned

    The Arabs who caught them and sold them

  66. Lee Haze

    Definitely got me thinking.

  67. illicious

    I learned all about of this long time ago.
    Use to tell people about it for a long time but I quit cus no one really cared and seemed annoyed by the info.

  68. Evil Scorpio

    Hella informative yet Depressing af.

  69. Gratis Media

    The “history” of this nation is like a home-invasion that has continued to this day. My question is this..what made it so easy for the “pale-face” to show up and just take/steal/grab/snatch with no resistance?

  70. badnews4ugoodnews2me

    these devils are going to pay in blood

  71. Rio Facts

    Nobel peace prize award/humanitarian award should be given to Dane”The Truth”Calloway!
    Your work is priceless bro.

  72. Kimberly Purpoz

    Awesome video. This video really goes to the core as to what really happened with our ancestors. The founders of ADOS needs to listen to Dane Calloway and Dr. Claud Anderson and need to include them in their research. ADOS is not looking at the bigger picture and are limiting in their approach. ADOS is basing everything on the indoctrinated story of Caucasians of only coming from Africa and not on facts that we are indigenous here in the Americas and we owed so much more than just a tiny piece of check.

  73. ben williams

    My dear young man, another home run, right out of the stadium!

  74. Ghostman 88

    This shit is good but we shouldn’t be holding no one accountable today blacks need to concentrate on themselves an build not be bitter about the past. Revenge is sin progress is light and future.

  75. Cynthia Kila’

    There are a lot of white males Australian accent that identify as South Africans and are farmers here in the south . They are coming in by the numbers and identify themselves as African Americans .

  76. jared teer

    It’s 2019!
    The country fought a damn Civil War!
    Why are people wondering who is responsible for damn slavery?!?!

  77. Kush Yisrael

    Thanks Dame, how do I get my 400 acres & a mule????

  78. Nightshift 4634

    We should because we did not do what the Most High asked is to.

  79. Rosalondon

    Financial murder sounds like

  80. Kush Yisrael

    Wow this is huge, thank you for breaking down this complex scheme down to simplictics terms, I’m looking forward to the next version.

  81. Nationalities NBF

    Give 7yrs of tax-free wages and remove slavery politics

  82. Marcus Adamu

    Wooooow!!!! That was deeppp

  83. The Troof

    Here’s a thought:
    Slavery at its peak involved 1.6% of Americans (slave holders). Meaning 98.4% were not involved. Also, this discussion is noticeably silent on the matter of the the white people who changed the constitution in order to free the slaves and abolish that practice, and the white people who re-elected those white people to their positions after voting to abolish slavery. I know, I know, saying these logical yet irrefutable facts is inconvenient and doesnt allow for the continuation of the idea that the living should repay for the crimes of the dead, but frankly you people are retarded. Black folks have as much, if not more, opportunity to succeed these days than lots of people of every other ethnicity. The proof that your objective is purely and irrefutably selfish is the fact that NOBODY is whining about the slavery that was practiced legally and at the same time in the United States of Mexico, or any other place and time throughout history including TODAY- IN AFRICA! You people are simply making a play for some money and power. Why are you not sniveling about the Irish slaves (their treatment was far worse. Black slaves were far more valuable) or asking for reperations for them? Youre not, because your concern isnt a philosophical or ethical concern, its an effort to get something. Honestly, if society is to start holding the living descendants of dead criminals accountable for their crimes, then black folks would truly be in bad shape. Bottom line- quit cryin and get a fucking job. Enjoy your life, love your fellow man. Look to the future and dont be a little bitch about horrible shit that happened in the past. Remember, the universe tends toward justice and good. The proof of this is that these days, all people have the opportunity to succeed if they are willing to put out the effort, take the risk, learn something of value, and get their ass out of bed and DO IT.
    Sorry that the facts arent helping your cause.

  84. Darrell Losinger

    Be held responsible for what?!?! Taking /saving these people from the jungle of Africa… Giving then a place to live &food to eat .all they had to do was help out with the yard work. Shit I say “those people owe us ….fukn idiots

  85. MiMi DOLL #ADOS

    Hi Dane,
    Professor Griff is trying to connect with you, he’s studying Trail of Tears now and he told me to contact you so if you’re interested in teaching him about the Original Indians please let me know. He’s very hungry he agree’s, he said it’s just a big pill to swallow…But it’s true.

  86. Copper Aboriginies

    Every corporation in this land should be held accountable, that’s who. They all got started of the backs of our Indian ancestors, in the 1800’s to present day.

  87. Shan Hunter

    I thought banks derived from the banks of a river control the flow of the water in that direction and banks control the flow of the direction of the money. Words like bank liquidity I thought began in the Sumerian culture maybe I’m wrong. I love and respect all you do for those who watch n listen 💯

  88. vroque jordan

    P.S ALL HUMANS IS SLAVE IN 2019 YES LOOKS LIKE EVERYTHING IS CORPORATE NO MORE SMALL lbusiness for your community black people can’t even buy a home or a business your family’s because of your horrible government’s and police wake up people please power to the people who is waking 🙏 up

  89. kev will

    every body has there own way at looking at things which is great how I look at is there is nobody to blame as a soul you chose or our ancestors chose to expierence that it doesn’t make us weaker only stronger as we gain more knowledge wisdom and understanding the universe is infinite and so are we all this life is is just an experience and it’s up to you to decide how you look at that experience much love

  90. vroque jordan

    Yes yes 🙌🙌🙌🙌 wow powerful bother 🙌😇🙌🙏 keeping it 💯💯💯 now wake up humans

  91. My Salvation.

    All of White People should be responsible… Hell, we’re still in slavery…

  92. G. Warren

    Do you mean to tell me ”Jesus” didn’t step in? 😂

  93. S B

    appreciate you bringing out this info…and all the work you’re doing. peace to us all

  94. Track Peters

    Go over to , “Lie to me no More”, here on tube… read… the MH does all these things…

  95. Bryan Jones

    I wanted to ask your opinion about Nipsey Hussle but I think I already know your answer. Keep doing the right thing bro.

  96. Rebecca.

    Only TMH can save us.

  97. nunya efin biz


  98. Thomas White

    If you were given all you seek from American whites in a short amount of time they would effortlessly get it back because of your stupidity and you know it.

  99. Thomas White

    All of the out of wed lock births and inner city violence are the fault of those making the babies and being horrible parents. Black demoncrats control countless American cities that are not fit to live in.

  100. Thomas White

    White people built their own America. There were few slave owners compared to the population.

  101. Castro Valley Lip

    I found your channel by another guy eho highkacked content.. the intro let me know DANECALLOWAY.com 🤦🏻‍♀️

  102. SM knowledgeandreseach

    Great research brother you have confirmed everything I’ve been studying on these hybrids/pale faces (straight Fuckin thieves) 😡👎🏾👎🏾🇺🇸🖕🏾🇺🇸

  103. Derrick Morrison


  104. Dominique Davis

    Dañe u must not be from the south… after the so called emancipation of blacks we were set free but didn’t own anything …had no employment no means to provide… this is how share cropping came into play …. in the south —- white folk used share cropping as another form of slavery… were blacks in the south returned to plantations, and lived on plantations to work the land as a share cropper …. the seeds were owned by the white and the Land was owned by the whites….. in the south… out west and Midwest black folk owned land… now as for sharecroppers which where the Southern states Louisiana Georgia North and South Carolina Tennessee Alabama Mississippi etc.. that’s where black sharecropping is total not what you are discussing… but back to how it operated at the end of the harvest what was owed by sharecroppers was paid through the harvest … that correct… however it sound like u r Saying sharecroppers black folk owned the land they farmed which is not correct … the sitters u mention were white owners overseers to ensure the black workers or (sharecroppers) didn’t steal or keep back any portion of the harvest…. to pay what every the white man said that was owed … and because the sharecroppers lived on credit and assumed debit after each harvest … no matter what they grew could payoff the debts that they (sharecroppers) were credited to live off… now In 2015 around that time, the black farmers won a class action lawsuit worth over 1billion dollars as a result of the discrimination practices of Banks and depart of ag …the cases led by a black Attoney in Orlando whom I went to college with …. good info but history of the sharecroppers system is inaccurate…we did own any land… yes we built America and the land was stolen but not stolen under the system of sharecroppers

  105. Matt Coppola

    The Jews ran the slave trade.

  106. Roger Wayne


  107. Jeff George

    Im half black(Liberian) half (Lithuanian), my grandparents got here in 1920, Am I be entitled to reparations and how much. Im new to this and just learning about it. How would the govt deem who is owed since skin colors and people are mixing cultures

  108. missball404

    #Reparations #CutTheCheck #CutTheDamnCheck NOW!!!!!!!!!🤨

  109. Joy Full

    Everything will be exposed. Thus Saith The Most High God! It’s happening!!!!!


    You guys act like you can ignore what I have done and walk this earth—I by inheritance claimed this land nobody over here is before my fam and people, if you want to claim something outside of us, then stop talking that this in my land ish—I am not your slave master, as I come direct from King James. I have claimed the Contracts Treaties of 1213 and Verona and put a Bond on the World. The funds US got is coming from our people, you need to wake up before your ignorance lead to your destruction. This is not intended for you Dane but if you fail to recognize, it is intended for you too—

  111. Candy Lady

    Dane… I can honestly say I thought you were perfect😘..U said conversation instead of conservation..
    Besides that I have not heard anything wrong from you and I’m a dedicated fan..

  112. Kevin Morris

    Brother Dane. What should we teach our children?

  113. Quinton Christian

    Black people need reparations. If your not for black people’s reparations your racist.

  114. M R skunk budz

    Wat about the asshole’s that sells them muslomics slave trade wat about wen wight slave’s wer sould Jewish slave’s all ties back to the muslomic slave trade they twist the truth of slave’s to make it look like wight people ran slave’s around the world rong more bull shit muslomics are to blame the moust wight people Don’t cry like the black People do muslomics slave trade is still big today but why talk about that

  115. MrCreolesoul

    I wonder how all my religious brothers and sisters are feeling about their religious followings and associations now. Are you making the connections. Cause it all came from them through the indoctrination of our ancestors. In fact the church your gonna visit is nothing but their tool. Im just here to make you think. Are you?

  116. Nefertiti Knight

    That’s how much they made per day

  117. David Jackson

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    The media, lgbtxyz, multi genders, porn, rap (which promotes immorality, permiscuity, drug use/sale, criminal behavior, abortion services – which became planned parenthood (Margaret Sangher – “We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the negro population”.), world war 1&2 especially, communism, socialism, Nazis, monsato, senomyx, google, youtube, snapchat, facebook, all created by the same to degrade and divide society and deflect attention from the real enemy of humanity.

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    It also helps explain why—despite a “booming” U.S. economy that is nearing full employment—a gigantic racial wealth gap remains.

    On average, white/European households have nearly (6.5) times the wealth of black/Aboriginal, households!!!

    There is sucha thing as an eternal thank you, too you and your team, all over the world.

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    55 “I have said all these things before you, Lord, because you have said that you created the oldest age[l] for our sake. 56 You have said that the other nations born of Adam are nothing, that they are like spit, and you have compared their abundance to a drop from a pitcher. 57 But look now, Lord! These nations that are valued as nothing rule over us and devour us, 58 while we, your people, whom you have called your oldest offspring, your one and only child, those who are zealous for you, your dearest ones, are handed over to them. 59 If the world was created for our sake, why don’t we possess our world as an inheritance? How long will this situation last?”

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    Slavery along wit lies broken treatises, stealing of land, wives and children, etc., carnage, unhuman treatment, kicking under da bus by da Moors who came to dis 🐢 Island helping da Spaniards and Europeans to enslave and subjugate our ancestors is Not Da Root. Those atrocities, (many still go on to dis day), are branches off of da tree of good and bad/evil.

    As Brother Malcolm explained: “ab”=original. Da “original event or root” is/was Disobedience or Sin of “our ancestors” and now us in regards to da “common or natural laws”, dat DA ABSOLUTE, DA CREATOR, DA MOST HIGH has set in place for HIS melanin-enriched human being creation as well as “other’ beings of an angelic DNA who occupy dis earth incognito.

    This has to be acknowledged and addressed. Yeah, yeah, I know da sins of da fathers cannot be placed upon the sons. However, da indoctrination thereby has caused many if not all of us to commit abominations if not whoredom against our CREATOR, DA ABSOLUTE, DA MOST HIGH also.
    Example: Mother’s Day coming up in a couple days. Need I say more? Ok, Memorial Day after dat. DA ABSOLUTE SAYS, I abhor your feast days and solemn assemblies. There are nearly monthly abominations commited by us monthly against our CREATOR. Whoever heard of news years day in “da dead of winter” ? DA MOST HIGH told us to acknowledge da new year in March, 21st da beginning of Spring when brought out our ancestors from Hamite slavery but Melanin-Enriched Humans celebrate right along wit da heathens making themselves heathens.

    Note: I Am fully aware dat dey have gone too damn much for too damn long. ( DA ABSOLUTE know dis and more), But we as “human beings” have not fully grasp dis reality. Otherwise, we would have already denounced everything dat we knew in our gut was against our CREATOR’S Instructions. HE gave and gives us a choice everyday we can breathe and open our eyes. Blessings or Curses?

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    This generation does not understand partly because our ancestors were so afraid for themselves and us dat dey kept hush, hush quiet about many natural ways of life dat by melanin-deficient sub-human laws were forbidden to speak of.

    Another Example, Language: DA MOST HIGH SAYS, “Indeed, I will return my people to a pure language so dat dey all may call upon da name of da MOST HIGH, serving HIM wit a united…”

    Our language was/is a language of da heavenly host. A fire (🔥) language based on sound. Able to direct da forces of nature. Many of our children began speaking dis language. Da melanin-deficient sub-beings were afraid and complained especially in schools. Dey tagged it Ebonics. (I’m certain you’ve noticed my writing) Many of us agreed wit da peckerwood and forbid our children from speaking parts of “our own” dialect. It may have triggered “Remembrance” but it was pretty much squelled by dem and us.

    In cutting dis short:

    There’s no doubt or discussion on who is at fault for da numerous atrocities done to Melanin-Enriched Human Beings by melanin-deficient beings wit da help of Moors.

    Reparations? $2.3 Trillion is a drop in da bucket of illusion. (You can’t put a price on what has been lost). Melanin-Enriched Human Beings will give it back because dey stole everything therefore have everything, all ideas of businesses, inventions, etc. Slate has to be wiped clean and renewed. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥


    Study their laws dey wrote because dere is remedy there also. Birth Cerificate, social security # etc. State and federal constitutions. Dey stole most all things wit da pen and paper but DA MOST HIGH SAYS: “da pen of da scribes is in vain.” Dere is remedy in dat language.

    DA MOST HIGH will return to us da remembrance of our 🔥 Language dat we can call upon HIM and serve HIM wit one accord. HE’LL give us back what is rightfully ours. Blessings, Dignity Justice Love Peace Truth.


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