Untold Truth About The American Descendants Of Slavery

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575 Thoughts to “Untold Truth About The American Descendants Of Slavery”

  1. freezing Slack

    Miss fortunate mistakes

  2. ivy baines

    FACTS ‼️‼️‼️

  3. Rodney Barnes

    I salute you bro 100%100plus

  4. Rodney Barnes

    I salute you bro…100plus

  5. Miracle Washington

    For the 436 people that gave a thumbs down are SIMPLE MINDED!!

  6. pearl Middleton

    It take a lot of product to get that hairstyle boy

  7. Leonard Broadway

    My mother told me that her grandmother worked on a farm in cauger Mississippi.


    I’m thinking Dane some are not saying that there from Africa!!!!
    There just saying they suffered from slavery!!!!!

    Majority of our people just don’t know our true history !!!
    America Inslaved black people period!!!

    #ADOS…Doesn’t mention that they are from Africa!! …they are just stating that they were Inslaved!!!
    NOT!!! that they are African.

    (American Descendents of Slaves) …..

    The lable Does not read ( African Descendents of slaves,)


    But I’m aware that Majority of the people think that there ancestors are from Africa!!!

  9. Tone B just wants to know the truth. B

    Here’s a fact that many are not talking about.
    Thoth the Atlantean. Atlantis was in South America black folks.
    Thoth who we’ve been lead to believe was Egyptian, was from the Western Hemisphere( America/turtle island)..
    Atlantis fell because of war and manipulation from a demiurge. Thoth who spoke the language of the bird; sailed to Egypt in a giant flying ship and all of a sudden Egypt came into technologies and prospered.
    There are 5000 pyramids in the America’s and only 250 in “Africa.” That should speak volumes but many of you aren’t ready.
    Keep thinking that black people the real indigenous native Americans only built teepees and hunted buffalos in a primitive fashion.
    All of that technology that you enjoy like those iPhones come from those pyramids, in South America that the Feds along with the illegitimate Mexican government, constantly keeps hiding and taking credit for.
    Just sharing

  10. Beyond Facts

    I stay watching this channel. Dane speaks true, knowledge is the beginning of knowing

  11. Kia Johnson

    Steve Harvey sold his soul that’s why he can’t speak up.

  12. Juana p

    You are so smart you are a true teacher😁

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  14. Nubian Queen

    I really need help with this question where did the name African American originate from I cannot think of those 2 men name HELP PLEASE

  15. JL77

    Disagree with the Monique talent argument. Just by turning on the Hip Pop radio stations we see that talent means nothing. Kevin Hart doesn’t get paid like he does because of his talent alone. There are talented basketball players at the local YMCA and rec centers that could be the 12th man on a NBA bench. When these talented players are getting buckets at the YMCA we don’t say they should be paid millions because they are talented. Entertainment is one of the fields where talent doesn’t matter that much

  16. Enki Merlin

    Man people need to pay attention. Reparations is a legal move to rob you of your citizenship and get you out of here. Listen to his explanation of emigrant and immigrant… This is where it gets deep. The talk of reparations is a buy off nothing more.

  17. Yemaya Ra

    Originally we were referred to as Indians; Then we were called Black Indians; Then Black and now we are being pressured to claim AA. Educate your children not to claim it and explain why.

  18. Yemaya Ra

    I’ve been saying for almost 50 years that I’m Tchopatoulas. My grandfather put me on his knee and chanted until it was engrained into my subconscious. Our ppl lived on the Miss Delta in La. for eons before Europeans arrived. Thanks Dane for waking our ppl from slumber. We were never slaves, we are prisoners of war on our own lands.

  19. Jackie Fontenot

    You are Right we should be able to Speak the Truth and be able to enlighten our ppl.

  20. Maska Lenno

    Nice Breakdown 🔥

  21. T. Money


  22. mrad martin

    Love it!

  23. Rhonda Owens

    Thank You once again brother Dane.

  24. Robin Bush


  25. Auset Isis

    I love Steve Harvey. I respect him, because he knows he’s a buffoon, and is pimping himself and reaping the benefits. He’s not going to jeopardize that.

  26. Robin Bush

    I am from THE KINGDOM OF YUDA…a Ju from YUDAH from the tribe of YUHA…Awesome video my brethren. ..SHALOM

  27. leroy mosby

    Steve Harvey sucks a puppet

  28. Ronald Danner

    If you are born in the USA you are a citizen

  29. Vic Moridon

    Collab with Raspy Rawls

  30. Jay Bavis

    Steve is the opposite of uncle tom. He cares about his life style.

  31. msAfreca9

    Yeah it makes me feel behind and terrible about my heritage.and Monique was totally right.

  32. Hey Skyygirrl

    School in session ….Brother Dane dropping💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

  33. Kiki Green

    a viewer insisted I check you out!

  34. DakaGoody703

    Thanks for the new video bro!

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    They trying to see who is awake🤔🤔🤔

  37. Sharon Lester

    The Bible is how we got messed up in slavery speak up do not agree with what you do not agree with

  38. Sharon Lester

    This is why we need to change the constitution for us!!

  39. Jerry Lewis

    My Mother’s side can be traced to the Creek and Muskego tribes.

  40. Royal T Prayers!

    Blessings to you and peace.

  41. Akoben Renaissance


  42. curtis grimes

    Powerfull message. Brother Dane dropped another BOMB….

  43. GodMode

    They’re gonna trick people into giving their dna up to store in new world order database! 🤔

  44. Betheona Guiles

    Hi Dane, I purchased your book. Waiting for ups to deliver tonight

  45. Street Intellect Radio Xtreem

    About time you came back..

  46. Kupe Deville

    Bro Dane Calloway keep doing your research bro we need this

  47. Kim Murrell

    Awesome video. Sharing thank you very much.

  48. Exbestuevahad

    Dane are you having any kind of conferences? I would love to be around like minded folks… Thanks a mill.

  49. Exbestuevahad

    Tell lie vision…Lol!!!

  50. Leroy Thomas

    Great and sensible knowledge Dane. Thanks for helping me understand truth.

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    The man is back

  53. shondell brown

    I Love It Dane! Please, keep feeding because these meals are Well overdue & I am Starving❤❤❤


    Brother reparations are owed just because of Jim Crow….

  55. mrs meristil

    Also, this is off topic, but Dane can you please tell us what you put in your hair to get your curls so defined and moisturized??? 😍😍😍

  56. Zion Forever

    Very Very Powerful Dane!! Loved it.. This is exactly what u came here to do Dane !! Never Stop!! Feathers Up!!

  57. Big Pearl

    White ppl are quick to tell ppl what they are with labels and stereotypes and lies… But they don’t mention their origins…

  58. TALI Rob

    You are absolutely correct, the illusion of the history that they stuff down our throats is not only follow their lead, but to also follow the lead of ANYONE who looks like us, and claims to be for us. I feel in my spirit that the chains of that curse is over and many of our people are researching and learning for themselves for the first time in generations. Not all of our people are our people. We have to be able to distinguish in history the definition of free men & freedmen. There has been so much dirt that our own people have helped to bury us in which has brought us to this point. The scales are now tipping, thank you for this video!

  59. Josh Miller

    I’m not worried about my past family from over 43 years ago. Never trusted ADA anyhow.w e are all screwed!

  60. William Richardson III

    🙏👊✊🔥love peace and nappyness

  61. Funsize Tiffany

    Wow wow wow. Peace be to you my brother. I subscribed to your channel a long time ago, I love your content. You have made me open my mind to questions I never thought to ask, or if I did, didnt know how to answer at all. I watch your videos and others alike with my kids who are 6 and 8 even if they dont understand now, they’ll later begin to question a lot more things that doesn’t seem right instead of being closed-mouth, and unlike my mom, or aunt or uncle I’ll be able to point them in the right direction when it comes to TRUE history. I’m breaking the generational cycle of being sleep and not caring as long as it ain’t me attitude. Knowledge is power. Peace to you and you family.

  62. A Zilla

    Dane has the best and most accurate information about our people. Thank you Dane.

  63. Lor Ray

    In The Year 2020 Our Extraterrestrial Ancestors Will Return , The Alien Gods Of The Past Will Come Back To Rule The Earth 🌎 👽

  64. khufu65

    I like this part at the end 18:34 -18:42 : “Our ancestors were very knowlable people of BECOMING ONE WITH THEMSELF, VERY SPIRITUAL PEOPLE”: This is the way we describe the spiritual path(when you taking spiritual bath to become one with youself meaning to become higher in the spiritual realm.
    I’m mix “marroon” descendant; Black irish(Whence The Black Irish Of Jamaica : Joseph J. Williams, Ph.D.,) and Black indigenous and African.: my father ‘s father side came from the islands .They came from Jamaica through Barbados to Suriname. There they mixed in with the (some)Black people that were allready there and Africans that came overthere.
    I wrote “some Black people” because there where/are other groups of Black people that did not mingle with the incoming Blacks.We call them “Lowe” man. These people where/are very high spiritually. They did show the marroons some spiritual knowledge to defend themselves against the enemies, but they did not engaged in fighting. There high spiritual way of life did not condone that.
    These people life in “invisibility”. There activities and surroundings are also in the “invisiblity”. They have also breach the separation of the self and the body. That means they have given spiritual attributes to the body unlike the ancient Egyptians who were mummyfying there dead bodies.

    There are other groups for example the “Ampuku”, but this is deeper into spirituality. These people were before the humans that we know of on earth. So forget about neanthertall and other fascinating stories. The Ampukus are Black as tarr. In Suriname they are known of stealing especially children and race them as their own. But spiritual people manage to ask them back.
    But the Ampuku is mostly known as having sex with women of our human kind.

    The multinationals knows of these stories that’s why when they set up their comapanies in these places they ask the local people to “prepare” the place for them.

  65. THE INK

    Fact: Calling yourself an African Descendant only and a descendant of African “slaves” makes u an immigrant.

  66. Melliebear

    Dane, you have enlightened me. I’ve been studying outside the US for 4 years now, and I have learned more about my country in this past month than I have ever learned throughout my whole life. Your ability to dissect the truth is truly admirable. Please don’t stop what your doing. More people need to hear this. We are living in a day and age where people will accept anything they hear as the truth. They are comfortable being ignorant to the truth because they don’t want to be aware and see the effect it will have on their life. Thank you for your commitment to bringing the truth to a wider audience so that they can learn that they will never be at one with oneself until they know who they really are. Stay blessed

  67. Sir Drop TV

    Good Spill

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  69. ****FirstNever Last****

    Anybody else got notifications on but never get them for Dane videos?🤔

  70. Yօʊռɢ Jυdαн

    We the Israelites. Deuteronomy 28:15-68

  71. Jeron Sharp

    time is now….heyah my tribe…. FEathers up…

  72. Terrell Hassan

    Thanks, for everything you have done my brother.

  73. Aaron Badu

    I found a way to get information on what tribe you are from. Build a family tree on ancestry. But do not do a DNA test, they will just tamper with your DNA and send it back to you with a bunch of lies about who you are and where your ancestors were from. Anyway, build your tree on both sides of your family. A green leaf will appear in the corner of your ancestors’ name, and when you click on that you can see other people who share that same ancestor(s) within their family tree. Obviously you have found a family member you’ve never knew. So what you do is connect with them, get information and get connected to the eldest people of the family. I found out yesterday that I am Blackfoot. So I am from 2 Indian tribes and very curious to see if I come from more. Good luck✊🏾

  74. Born Trutth

    This was an AMAZING VIDEO

  75. Quinisha Harley

    Yo this is facts, I have been saying it and can still say it, the government wants to keep people don’t

  76. Staged Reality

    I’m just a regular white guy from the u.k. and information like this is hard to come by, excellent channel and outstanding research, respect man!

  77. kreatingkim

    Yes Dane! Yes suh! Brother, you make me so proud! This one here is so damn powerful, my heart is full. Keep bringing it to us straight, no chaser. We need it. Time out for the bullshit. Wake us up brother. The Ancestors are beaming and got your back. Much love and respect. ❤🔥🤗

  78. SkinnyFB

    That’s why I don’t watch TV at all because of the manipulation and of the distractions. When you watch TV, you’re sitting down and RECEIVING information. You”re in a submissive state when you do that whether you’re a male or female.

    Steve Harvey is nothing but a male… not a man, but a male and idk if we can even call him a male. He’s just a scary ass dude that’s bought out and doesn’t speak up for his people or just truth in general. Even the Israelites in the Scripture spoke out loud and spared not and we knew that they were men. Speaking of Israel (not the Ashkenazi Jews in Israel that was placed there by the elites, but the so called black people here in the US) going back on the scripture that you posted ECC 8:2-3, you are absolutely right, my brother. Modern day churches LOVE to use this one to promote their agenda and they love to use it when they want to ask for tithes in the church as well. Christian churches love to do this. I somewhat had a debate with a Christian about this verse. Generally speaking, if you’ve read the Scriptures you would know that YHWH is the same yesterday, today, and forever, right? Right. Why would The Most High tell you to obey HIM ONLY and his Words, Commands etc but then with the same mouth he just spoke out of he tells you “But go and obey the Gov’t and bow down to him!!” That would make him sound like a hypocrite which we know he isn’t because he doesn’t change. Yeah, Christians could never answer that one for me. Why? Because he DOESN’T say that.

    Love your content, big bro!

  79. William Ivery

    Wow he does make you think

  80. Eternally Risen

    Wow awesome video, can anyone tell me the first step of researching one’s ancestral records? Is it local court house or city hall and what section?

  81. N9olan

    Steve is still stuck between the 1700’s and the 1960’s…

  82. Robert Victor

    Monique was talking to Steve soul directly. She was all the way sincere and her sincerity scared him. Damn

  83. MC Bliss

    Everytime u see a black person they always say they’re from a Native American tribe we are not African Americans we were already here

  84. Mansoor Celestin


  85. Supreme Chief Holiday

    Dane salute. Great work. #FuckADOS

  86. Michael Holderbaum

    The slavers should have killed the slaves before the war. White power!

  87. NoLoyalty I.

    Monique… she still a sell out too, pay attention ….
    She feel as if they owe her….

  88. IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

    No idea how I got here but I DEF subbed

  89. Caspathegreat1 Topic

    keep it up dane they trying take me out brother love and respect

  90. Slim Benjamin

    Keep lighting they ass up Dane. I used to be caught up in the theory that all blacks are from Africa. I’m doing the research on my family right now as you teach. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  91. Just Suzie

    Good content

  92. Joyce Johnson

    Steve Harvey is a clown. And Dane I applaud you because you are telling the ABSOLUTE truth !!!!!

  93. Epithany Reighn

    Did Monique call him A House Nigga woww

  94. Ernest crowder

    Steve Harvey tried to tell Monique in a slick way that she can’t get the big money until she is initiated into the Illuminati. There are rituals and blood sacrifices involved and you have to sell out, which Monique has not done yet for the money.

  95. Runetta-L Colquitt

    Woooonderful critical thinking video! Thanks for taking the time to put it together Dane Calloway!Blessings, Peace, and Enlightenment to you and the subscribers!

  96. Devona

    love ur videos dane


    Damnnnnn my Brother hots HARDDDDD we the only ones who dont know what we are smh


    All Facts…thank you Dane for making this plain so those not aware can be informed

  99. Dave Blue 919-307-9613

    Thank you for your continues enlightenment

  100. Joy Pain

    Hold on did Steve just say the best thing you can do for poor people is not be one of them GTFOH

  101. royal diamond

    Thank you very much. You tapped on some issues I never considered but now will. You’re a great teacher keep up the good work!

  102. Del du

    Say that Dane!!! I feel you!!! Facts and truth!!!!

  103. Hasan Wilson

    Thanks for the banger, & yo hair grow fast af..

  104. LiLC CEO

    Thank you my brother!

  105. Dwayne P

    The day our ancestors started trusting the Caucasians dollar is the day we lost the war

  106. Itscool2beU

    Peace and blessings bruh

  107. Nikki Movie Reviews

    Interesting video🤔Love your channel 🤗

  108. Calvin X of Judah

    Tribe up feather up 💯

  109. sigz buck

    So the the dna test that links African Americans to Africa is a hoax?

  110. Samod Amir

    Black ppl can be deport it at any given time. Look at the information the elite feed the ppl some much false information.

  111. escofhari

    The Truth crushed to Earth is Rising Again!!!

  112. Nicci Canada

    Wasn’t it Jessie Jackson who started the “African American” agenda?

  113. Kurt Smith

    Dane is getting large! Views large, subs large. He’s proving hard work can pay off. Keeping bringing it strong 💪🏾

  114. qua 22

    Knowledge 🔥🔥🔥

  115. Patience IsAViRtUe

    My mother is dead….my father I never met/knew…..my grandparents died when my mother was just 4&then 6 she has showed me pictures of my grandfather&grandmother….she told me they were both Indians……but now I have so little information on my family I don’t know where to start….how can I find information with what I do have???…..which is only my mother’s birth certificate…..🤔😏🤨🙄😪😥😫

  116. Teire Brooks

    Black Power ✊🏿

  117. Mugabe Bakulu

    The Dread Scott verses the Supreme Court ruling speaks volumes!

  118. Audrey Martin

    I am glad you replayed what Steve Harvey said…”He told Monique the best thing you can do for poor ppl is not be one of them…” when it is poor ppl who have supported his shows….

  119. Nicky Guy

    I love your hair

  120. Destiny Kisses

    You have opened my eyes

  121. kool keith ultra

    Big up from the UK

  122. Hudsin

    The truth can come from anywhere, anytime, anybody. Are you ready for it

  123. Righteous One

    Alot of people wish they could’ve taken back what they said…Alot of people said things that was needed to be heard….. One was in season and one was out of season…. Discernment is a powerful gift that bring balance to this life that we live.

  124. Ice_Man 1500

    Just dropping… “GEMS!”

  125. Righteous One

    We have to understand when to speak and when to hold our tounge….both takes strength. But both requires timing.

  126. OBE Direct

    A friend told in the ’90s, ‘We’re entering the Age of Aquarius and lot that has been hidden will be revealed. Be a part of the awakening.’ Dane IS one of the premier thought leaders of this age.

  127. Room2Move

    Dane’s truth-telling hits lies with liver shots! 🥊

  128. Bobby Royster

    Where can I find more info about finding out who I am and my family background

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    U need to lock up ur hair bro

  130. Iamheu Elmondkan

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  131. Tommie Brooks

    Steve Harvey has allowed money and things to define who he is!
    Plain and simple……

    He is being controlled and he needs to stop with the cooning!

  132. Susan Havens

    I think the reason people are called African American is because of skin color. That’s how they get away with it.

  133. Rafeal Almore

    Dane be dropping them 💎 ✊🏾

  134. L. Sweetz

    Informative Video, Truly does make you think 👏

  135. L. Sweetz

    The thirteenth and fourteenth amendments and all things leading up to them being ratified and sh**, I’ve been teaching my household to understand and study those two specifically because the constitution hardly applies to us if you’ve read those. The Supreme court ruled in 1857 case Dred Scott vs Sanford That African Americans “CAN NOT AND WILL NEVER BE AMERICAN CITIZENS”.

  136. Rob Turner


  137. Regina Blackwell

    Dane we miss you.

  138. Atlas365247

    The bible verses were out of context but the church supports nd propagate fuk-boy tendencies. This was a well made production Dane!

  139. Lovie Duncan

    Well said!!! Thanks for sharing this video because you speak THE TRUTH!!! Thank you DANE CALLOWAY!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💯

  140. Sister Carol

    In knowing what you know, transcending those words into Action is what is needed in a movement, that is clarifying Identity, is not attached to Foreigners, and has the attention and support of the Descendants of Indigenous People in the US. I am only stating that giving input, to Our People, the masses who are now attentive, now only to receive, yet make movements , is promising, and / or put into Actions your Truths of Indigenous People, who will prove the Identity of being Descendants, and bring forth Our demands , and redress . This is the time of Revelations, and Separation, of Truth vs Falsehood Knowledge without movement is dead Knowledge, if it stays, and doesn t make change, and We need changes for Our Future, Our Youths. Peace.

  141. Reece J

    💯🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 #realtalk

  142. CopperMan Arrowz

    Powerful Video Fam 💯💯 ….

  143. Mel Nubia

    Very informative. Thank you,beloved. ❤🖤💚

  144. Gypsy Gypsy

    Drop that knowledge Dane !

  145. Sharpgirl's Serious

    I have never considered
    myself African American.
    We as a people are intelligent and talented enough to own our own Movie Studio’s, Record Companies and Distributing Companies !
    The Asians, Italians, Jews, Irish, own Chunks the Entertainment
    Industry !
    We are to busy spending our Millions as Quickly as we get them, as if we wil be allowed to continue to make millions consistantly by those who Control the Money !
    When we are the Talent !
    We Come Together and Pool Our Resources and Loyalties Within Our Own Race of People !
    Our Own Community !
    Respect One Another !
    Even If We Dont Like A Particular Individual !
    We Will Always Be
    Thank You For The Job !
    Mr. Charlie
    PEOPLE !

  146. Da Boss me

    Thank You!!!

  147. Da Shadow Assassin

    Ohhh shyt Dane grew da hair out

  148. Pwat

    Great video brother! I wonder how long they will keep telling us that we’re 13% of the population.

  149. Laquinta Mentlow


  150. GreatDaneXL

    Thank you brother for speaking the truth always!

  151. Vivi Vixen

    Thank you @DaneCalloway for this video, I’m a new subscriber and I am enjoying your work very much. I wish technology was advanced so that we could reach through the tv screen and chop-slap folks in their mouth when they say stupid things. Steve Harvey’s “We black out here” comment was one of those times. I silently wished Monique would give him a cold hard chop to his veneers. She should never speak to him again, also everyone should check out Monique’s interview on E! Network’s Daily Pop it was from a few weeks ago and it’s on YouTube, some people don’t like her delivery on things however she dropped mad facts in that interview, please watch ☮️

  152. ty deshawn

    Steve Harvey is a bitch for the white man sad ass big lip bitch

  153. The Indigenous One

    Stop letting strangers tell you who you are, and who’s your creator. Period.

  154. Jermaine's Jukebox

    Was waiting for Dane to come back… Rare Form. 🔥🔥🔥

  155. Ambitious Woman

    The movie Book of Eli speaks of this religion stuff… They put the truth out there

  156. Aboriginal American Deity

    Why is it that the so-called black people are the only ppl to have had there nationality changed so many times since 1492 ? 🤔
    A: 1492 – INDIAN
    1600 – SLAVE
    1832 – NEGRO
    1900 – NEGRO/BLACK
    1950 – COLORED
    1965 – BLACK
    1988 – AFRO-AMERICAN
    1999 – MINORITY
    2000 – BLACK
    2050 – ???
    Now com’on family… look at this list closely… These terms where used by the colonizers as an ethnicity for us. Research family… Peace love and harmony to the great spirit and my ancestors. Wake up my indigenous family we got work to do.

  157. They killed pookie


  158. Karen Lewis

    Welcome back Dane & as usual, dropping knowledge! The census comes to this home I’m writing ABORIGINAL. Prove to me I’m not. Dark skin doesn’t always equate African. We know this.

  159. Dr. Fondlecrotch

    That bible verse was put there by the church..

  160. Patricia Walker


  161. Adam Montalvo

    This Negro came back as Samuel Dane Jackson…😂 see pulp fiction for a reference if you don’t get it…😂 but the knowledge is always appreciated.

  162. Theeyo Dallas

    Thank you DC. I needed that

  163. Blair Hall

    Bruh what I noticed was a sit down conversation between friends that was televised. It was as though the cameras were not even there. It makes you think if they PURPOSELY put that information on the air to be shown.

  164. BigC

    Blacks aren’t getting shit. So no need to focus on it. We have bigger fish to fry like all our fatherless homes in America!!

  165. Joan Moore

    I been knew Steve was money hungry..

  166. The Dark One Queen

    I’m so happy to see this. Welcome back Dane Calloway. We miss you ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿😘😘😘

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    That boy Dane schooling us with real dated facts

  169. R Bann

    Great message Dane..we should know the power of words and how the rule of Law are words that are weaponized to control. Assuming the identity of Black, African American, Negroe, Nigger automatically makes you less than human with no Nationality…meaning no WEALTH/LAND to claim.

  170. A Charl

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