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587 Thoughts to “Trump Has Proven Democrats To Be Un American”

  1. Jerred McKenzie

    If everything was an issue jesus would have yelled on the cross its because I’m black! Huh ! But he didn’t he died for everyone. Stop being stupid

  2. Jerred McKenzie

    I pray to jesus you find my message because you’re teaching and leading people the wrong way

  3. Jerred McKenzie

    You’re collecting money just like the others dude . Jesus came to save all not just blacks the bible is for everyone!

  4. The Naked Truth Report

    The Democratic Party is trash — when you put illegal aliens, over Americans citizens, you are F’ed up.

  5. Judge Jury Executioner Rutherford

    Both are corrupt but only one of them are the party of Jim Crow, Slavery, Segregation, The KKK, Gun Grabbing and now infanticide.

  6. pfeiffdog0811

    A whole bunch of jibberish bullshit in this vid. And what’s that shit at the end telling us to do what you say? This guy thinks his word is end all be all.

    1. nicewknd

      Totally agree, this man has amnesia between the year of the lord 2017-2018 of undivided government. Also, this man does support the Trump agenda and wants that wall build and politically opposing is ‘un-American’.

  7. Wmpaul Minder

    Truer words never spoken.

    1. nicewknd

      Pasture Bowell has amnesia dude, this video is proof positive.

  8. Jason Milschmidt

    Today Trump sold all of his voters out. The national emergency is a ruse. There’s no way to spin it. He’s out in 2020


    Biden will challenge Trump!!! I don’t vote anymore. But watching the “show” is entertaining.

  10. Rachelle Tanzil

    Nope not true

  11. billy fosle

    Tupac was against American poverty. The rest were n are still about enriching themselves

    1. nicewknd

      Compared to the goofball Kid n Play, Tupac was a true philosopher.


    Let the games begin

  13. EC4400

    But, Mr. Trump had requested and received billions of $$ for the wall several times now. Where is that money?

  14. Pinball Wizard

    Tells it the way it is

  15. enoch43

    Would u shut the fuc up about democrats & republicans. Fuc all them demons. U starting to look real “Steven-ish” from Django by always riding Trumps d!ck.

  16. Mapex Armory

    Folk always say we need to do for ourselves! And make it happen…I agree..but let’s keep it 💯 it takes money to do anything!!!! I vote because MLK and others died so that we have a right to vote!!!! People understand this!!!! The government is owned and control by white people! The only way we can make real changes is to put more of us in the White house! 1 black president can’t change that! But it’s a start!!!! Folk talk negative about Barack Obama….but let’s keep it 💯 the republicans said the only thing they was going to do is make him a 1 term president! They didn’t want to work with him on NOTHING!!!!! And he still manage to get some things done! Understand folk say what you want but history shows that it’s always taken time! For our race to conquer anything!!!!!! Slavery and segregation wasn’t that long ago! think about it!!!! God bless….

  17. ken big redd scott

    But with his close friends connections with russia and his admiration for putin, HE IS??? Dowell is a damn PHONY!!!

  18. hadassah haddy

    There seems to be nothing more vindictive than a rebellious woman and our govt is full of them

  19. Kirk Royse

    I trust anyone who loves my Lord Savior Jesus Christ

  20. Eazy Money

    Kamala Harris was also a prosecutor who definitely pushed to put away alot minorities behind bars and now she wants to be down with us

  21. Trucking-Tactics EliteDrivers

    Arizona just introduced a bill to store gold and silver into the state reserves

  22. Jason Milschmidt

    Democrats have always been seditious traitorous scum that have backed every movement to change and destroy this country. They’re not the loyal opposition, they’re the enemy of the Republic. Civil War 2.0 is coming – treat them accordingly

  23. Haterproof _93

    Just anotha nigga who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.. stick to tha bible fool and leave god outta politics.

  24. YT _LIFE

    Don’t trust what these politicians say pay attention to what they do and better yet what they have done. If the state they come from is littered with crime, drugs and poverty know that’s not an accident and do not vote for them!. On another note great video! Keep speaking that truth

  25. humboldthammer

    BROTHER, ALL YOU SEE IS THE DISTRACTION. THEY WANT WAR. THEY DO NOT WANT YOU ASKING: “HOW THE FUCK DOES $10 TRILLION GET LOST?” The War begins 6/21/19 and KILLS ONE BILLION BABIES. They have a Jubilee planned for 09/23/26 — hint Neo Eon Currency. TRUMP is the False Prophet. Our last hope is to stop the War. You ARE NOT AWAKE!!!!!!!

  26. YT _LIFE

    DemonRats are un-American! I’ve been saying this for 8 years now finally people are waking up. They will say anything to you for your vote then are sceeming behind the scenes to screw us over! Snoop Dog and Pac were not even out yet when she was in college Smh there are 2 demon rats only that don’t lie and they will be put of office soon by their own party!

  27. humboldthammer

    Ewes Borrowed ALL those Trillions and ewes are still borrowing trillions for war. The Unseen devil has tricked unseeing Men into a war of Gods which begins 6/21/19, Kills One Billion Babies, and proves 1/3rd of Mankind is so lacking in Spirit Capacity, that they may as well be beasts. UNFIT. Baaaa’d? Exercise faith – ask God yourself. Seriously. If one does not have a personal relationship with the Father Spirit within, what has one got, besides books?

  28. Michael Mcneely

    Black men have lost their mind kissing trumps ass

    1. Michael Mcneely

      Both partys are no good

  29. Black and Irish Crazy Chick Shena

    He has exposed alot about KKK Democrat leaderships there not for American’s or American minorities.

  30. Viola Dawotola

    You need seek most High for wisdom with no disrespect you sound very foolish. Your mind set should be searching scripture and keeping commandment sitting in your vehicle talking about what japhet childern discussing about. Brother their not thinking about you. Man we are joke all over world. How long most high most our people suffer how long

  31. My Muzzer

    Democrats are all limp-wristed soyboys. They need participation trophies

  32. Ron Rezen

    Never ever ever vote Democrats

  33. Ron Rezen

    White people have known this for 20 yrs..They been hoodwinkin the black and latinos

    1. My Muzzer

      Not white people. White Democrats specifically

  34. Jimmy Dubose

    She didn’t say she was listening to them while smoking…they asked what rap music does she like she said she liked tupac and snoop…now the media making like she said something that she didnt say

  35. trvlnman 1

    I knew u were a rocker..I live n MS and can’t listen to country music either

  36. trvlnman 1

    U alwayz on point my brother…

  37. Gregory Dotson

    It’s what it’s alway’s have been it’s called Self – Aggrandizement !!! They say one thing and do another. For they throw a rock and they do hide there hands. As a society and as a people many of us put our trust more in men than do we do in God and that’s why we will alway’s err and be disappointed in our Leaders. We expect them to do miracles and when they can’t we get so bent out of shape ! How else can one give God the Honor and Glory when many are too busy trying to give men the honor. And in the end of thing’s we will alway’s be sadly disappointed !


    I strongly agree

  39. The Troof

    Bruh, great video. Thanks for good insight and info, but could I humbly ask you to reconsider driving while doing this (and apparently looking at your gps)? Would hate to see something bad happen. Thanks again for the video.

  40. Jimmy Ramone

    You say not to trust polititians, but you trust Trump. You might try taking your own advice. / As far as the wall, let me educate you a little.
    1. Alot of that land is private property. It he tries to take it, he will be in court for years. These will be separate lawsuits, so it could last 6 to 8 years to get this land ( assuming he wins and has the money to build ).
    2. Alot of the border area is mountain terrain. It has no roads. He will have to build roads that cost billions just to be able to build on it.
    3. Large parts of the border are on Native American Reservations. You can’t just take that land. It would be a PR nightmare to even suggest it, let alone try to take it. Trump will fail. / Bernie Sanders is the only one who can beat him. He will declare soon. He posts on youtube 4 times a week. He’s waiting for the right time. We need real leadership. Trumps approval rating broke a record low of 37%. People are getting wise to him, but especially the Independent voters who were loyal to Bernie Sanders.

  41. circa blonk

    You are an absolute fool if you believe that title truly.
    1. Trump is trying to avoid the shutdown because he thought he’d hold Americans hostage to try to get the wall the first time, and little old Nancy had his number. He didn’t get the wall and the shutdown was for no reason. He’s not getting that stupid wall point – blank – period.
    2. You might want to check the history of Conseratives and what it is they actually want to “conserve”…because it ain’t got nothing to do with you and your Black ass. A Black Conservative is nothing but a useful idiot to White Conservatives.
    3. In case you haven’t figured out the game, the problem is that politicians, period, don’t have the American public’s best interest in mind. If you think Democrats don’t, you don’t know a Goddamned thing about Republicans. If it were up to Republicans, only Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates would be able to afford to live.

  42. Coreydon 70

    So 45 is got you fixated and brainwashed on building a useless Wall. Anything on Education, Transportation, Infrastructure etc…. The Chinese are building high speed rails and agent orange wants to build walls. Berlin knocked down their wall in the 80’s and 45 thinks building a wall is 21st Century border security, LMFAO

    1. My Muzzer

      There is a wall in my backyard. No one has trespassed since I built it. It works great!

  43. Quintin Smith

    Both parties aren’t American in spirit. Keep up the content brother

  44. Michael Jeffers

    Elizabeth Warren was nowhere to be seen during the Dakota Access Pipeline standoff, but Tulsi Gabbard along with other veterans was there.

  45. Cia Lee

    These comments…SMH. Low IQ having ass people. The same distorted frequency shared by all. I can appreciate PD’s vids, but his viewers….oh my lord. I’m glad I’m not so full of myself that I think being cynical is somehow a virtue…SMDH…

  46. Deo Mahno

    He said “2pack” 😂

  47. Cia Lee

    Y’all are just so damn smart. I swear, every time I look at the comment section on these vids, the comments are the same as the last vid. And the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that, etc etc. SAD. Y’all just be copying and pasting. Y’all are just so damn smart…

  48. Erick Towet

    America is the land of immigrants if you can’t get that ur in the wrong place . u better pack up and move back to Africa

    1. Erick Towet

      +My Muzzer not all americans have american values ethier

    2. My Muzzer

      Not all immigrants have American values

  49. steve119md

    Who will pay for the wall?

  50. King Eric go to this link… you will see that this pastor has an agenda. He is spreading falsehoods.

  51. Simply Timm

    This man is babbling.

  52. Peter Goodness

    Pastor instead of talking about Politics let’s focus on soul searching and the meaning of our Lord. In the bible it clearly states what is for Rome is for Rome and what is for God is for God. Just paraphrasing. I told your advise and eating bananas to lower my stomach size.

  53. Darrel Buckner

    Pastor Dowell is normally spot on but this time he is wrong.. actually he is listening to right wing media.. that conversation was two different conversations that right wing media joined together to mislead people to make her out to be a liar. I don’t agree with all of her views but but that story is not true.. look up the breakfast club and you will find out he has listened to a false rumor.

  54. Phil Yeary

    I used to watch you a lot. Then, i went my own way. Cya

  55. Phil Yeary

    Defending a Facist? All politicians suck, fuck his Berlin Wall throwback.

    1. My Muzzer

      I have a ball in my backyard and it keeps out trespassers

  56. Keemo Imani

    Pastor that’s not what she said go back an watch that…. Smh damn please don’t fall into the trap…

  57. Mista Rich

    I ask you one question!!! What country in the Balkans! Did Trump say is a threat to America! I spoke with willie nelson anyday! But why is Trump pushing Russian propoganda!!! With a open mind!!! I’m half native and i live in Birmingham,Al! The laughing comes before the tears!!! I ride and walk with God! And us does it include God!!! I hear you! You ever see one of those old western movies! Where Clint Eastwood is riding through prairie! And he comes across a band wagoon of prospectors all killed by indians! And theres buzzards everywhere!!! Better bye a horse! Because Trumps Administration is gonna go down in a blaze of glory! When people get there tax ripp off fund this year!!! And the aggressively start auditing people for sides being choose!!! 27 indictmens 4 guilty pleas and Muelller is just getting started! You know how people will give you enough rope to hang yourself! Ol Chucky and Nancy may be portrayed in a bad light! But there intelligence combined will out due Trumps WWE charade any day!!! And 30 thousand oppressed men are set for release in 2020! Why do you think that is! Just remember a band wagoon gets stuck in a ditch! And some parties are best left unattended! But if you think Trump has any black man in his best interest! Your in for a big suprise!!! God speed and good luck!!!

  58. recniabsal

    Testing boundaries and screwing working Americans is pretty messed up. Lots of people already live paycheck to paycheck.

  59. Julius Lex

    Babbler…trump the champ of the altright nazi traitors and demonic grey coats who proudly burn the cross in honor of their treason…is according to a thing like you…a patriot. Babbler LIBERALISM made AMERICA…won all her wars and supported all advancements in rights. The crabs and snakes always wrap themselves in flags and crosses. You’re all seen…the same mouthy dickheads who led us to and were so silent on Charlottesville. Jim jones…🖕

  60. Patrice Cunningham

    I give Up

  61. Mike Barr

    Kamala is trashy….

  62. rick gerow

    Trump or Hillary it makes no difference Americans are getting played.

    While everyone is picking teams and cheering for the red or the blue Americans are and have been getting their pockets picked by the Real Owners for decades.

    Trillions are being spent Trillions are going missing and no one seems to care the only thing we seem to get exited about is who’s party is ahead who’s side is behind who’s party is winning or who’s party is losing.

    These are just diversions to side track us from the real facts…

    Its time for everyone to wake up and realize it’s all a scam…

    Don’t fall for it…

    “Never believe what you hear and Always question what you see”

    – take care and be safe

  63. Tashawn Nicholas

    The SOTU performance was enough to show me how unAmerican democrats have become.

  64. karen minnis

    Good morning to you,too the children of the most high God,now for all of those folk’s in the white house are full of shit,the most high know’s that and I know that,and the folk’s in the white house doesn’t care about the black’s that’s on this earth,if they don’t give to spit’s about their own people,what make’s you think that,they give a shit about black folk’s,now the folk’s in the white house only care about them selves,and their selves only,if you want to learn the stock trad,do your own home work on the stock trad,if you want to go in buisness for your self cool do your own re-search on it,stop listening to these folk’s in the white house,they are full of shit,they’re making thing’s worse on the poor black’s and the poor white’s,but it doesn’t matter what’s going down you still have to have your faith in the most high God,cause if you don’t have your faith in the most high God,you will fall,make no ma-sake a-bout it,any way’s for givie me for my spell,later

  65. duck head

    The democrat lgbt pedophiles are now bringing in trannies to read to school children in Detroit. The democrats are sick and know they have the advantage of 20 million more registered to win no matter what they do.

  66. Edward Rucker

    People! Do not down play by saying both. This isn’t about both parties this was about the democrates and all your both parties b.s. ain’t working no more none I mean none of your excuses dogmas or anything else will stand because people Know the truth the democrates are bad all alone no need to trying the self projection Technics. Both doesn’t exist in this matter stick to the context face it Americans ain’t as sympathetic to these made up humanitarian causes and it’s showing Trump will win again with a landslide

  67. geturw8up _

    Cannabis grows out of the ground from a seed, it’s no drug, pharmaceutical companies push the real drugs

  68. UncleBubbs 4President

    The real problem is not temporary federal employees( Presidents )it’s the one’s who never leave,CIA directors supreme court judges and so on.Why is it that no matter how different our domestic policies change the foreign policies (wars) never change but gets worse.

  69. common diversity

    Trump has done no such thing. He’s been caught in numerous lies. Are people from Mexico still paying for the wall? I cant even keep up anymore. We need a wall because the United States keeps overthrowing governments. Here he is, installing a president who did not receive ONE VOTE IN THE PREVIOUS ELECTION. Is there anything you can think of more UN-AMERICAN THAN THAT?


    I thought your steering wheel was a sausqage😂😂

  71. Nathaniel D

    I am behind you pastor. My wife and I love you and your wisdom. I promise this, we will protect the people of the most high with everything I am. There is nothing else to want. Be blessed and stay safe,

  72. Jimmy Edmonds, Jr

    Dude if the wall was such a necessity why didn’t Trump ask for it when the Republicans had both houses? Get real Trump supporter .

  73. millertoyal

    I think Trump wants a government shut down! What he wants more than anything, even his wall, is CHEAP money. The economy is overly stimulated, a shut down will force the FED’s hands because it slows the economy. Notice they’ve changed their tunes, more dovish. I honestly feel this is why he shut it down to begin with. Had nothing to do with a wall, but to slow the economy so the FED would hold back on raising rates. Trump’s enterprises thrive on leverage, borrowed money.

  74. Rachel Reid

    I don’t care what they wanna do dem or repub am keeping my eyes on GOD cause they are both goin down.this is God land and we are not in charge

  75. john brandenburg

    I agree with a lot of what you said Trump was the right choice he was the lesser of two evils ! but what has Trump done to protect the 2nd amendment ? a president that said on national T.V im for taking the guns first due process later ! hell no ! the makes you guilty until proven innocent that violates our constitutional rights and our civil rights ! what if Trump was pronounced guilty until proven innocent ? Trump would be a Russian Spy and the penalty for that could be death for treason ! lets see trump protect the 2nd amendment ! oh yah and Barr Trumps pick for Attorney General is a Anti Gunner and a Gun Grabber ! barr was Bushes Attorney General and he said in his conformation for bush he is for the brady bill and for assault rifle bans !

  76. Monica Wells

    Plastic Nancy put in the deal for more retention beds. Seriously! For what?! Just in Chicago 2 weeks ago -55 degrees homeless people were in tents during the polar vortex. They had no beds and no shelter. In all major cities the homelessness is ridiculous! But she wants retention beds for illegal immigrants. What about homeless Americans. She is a freaking nut! I’m with Trump on the immigration issue. Kamala is still high. What an idiot.

  77. Bigfoot Trucking

    I wouldn’t give it that much less than $0.02

  78. Bigfoot Trucking

    Now that’s the only thing he said that made sense don’t trust politicians lobbyist preachers true juice all that s*** is a big cahoots trust in God

  79. Bigfoot Trucking

    Who without sin cast the first stone how much dope did you smoke you listen to Tupac and Snoop Dogg who without sin cast the first stone you ain’t cleanin neither

  80. Bigfoot Trucking

    What in the hell is you talking about you don’t even know

  81. nu life

    This is nonsense. He got less than he would have gotten before the shutdown. Trump didn’t win shit.

  82. vee vee

    But sides are filed with weirdos,racist,God Haters and greedy idiots. Neither side is right.

  83. Craven LeVay

    Pastor Dowell Leading The Blind To The Slaughter!!!

  84. Craven LeVay

    Democrats And Republicans Are The Same Group!!! Both For War Both For Taking Freedom Away And Trashing The Constitution!!! Wake Up Sheople This Left Right Is Bullshit! Made To Split Stupid People Up to Choose One Side! Common Sense! I Have No Respect For Those Who Think Parties Respect And Represent Them!!! Trump Is Anti Constitution!!! Illegal Search And Seizures He Has Blatantly Said He Is For Out His Own Mouth! Gun Control He Sides With The Democrats!!! Seriously Wake The Fuck Up Ya Sheep!!! How About Hillary For Prison? When He Went On 60 minutes TV And Said he Likes The Clinton’s That It Was All Politics Or For Show To Get Dumb People To Vote For Only Two Parties!!! So Simple!!! He Said This After He Won!!! How About Those Tax Cuts Ya Sheople? Oh Wait Many Didn’t Get Any Back And Many It Was Less Than Last Year…! After I heard All Trump Flakes Brag About The Tax Promises He Made Ya Got Fucked!!! Still Waiting For Your Obama Checks Or Wait For Your W Bush Checks?! Lolol Stop Being Zombies!!! Stop Watching Mainstream Media Thinking It Will Tell You The Truth!!! It Is Just Stupid!!! Heres The Video!!!

  85. Terrell Miller

    See you in Prison Pastor with Trump 😆😂😆😂

  86. Prince Kal-El

    Republicans and democrats ain’t 4 black people. Wen I see them doing something 4 black people, then I’ll vote.

  87. bee Lover

    Trump 2020 he is my president.

  88. fbodyws6ta

    Pastor Dowell Im Always Tuned In Because U Always Speak The TRUTH….I See U In That Mercedes-Benz Too LoL!

  89. toshiba mike2

    The Republicans and Democrats are the same…..any reasonable person would know this

  90. GremGreene

    They sort of dont. Lifetime Democrat.

  91. Rob G

    I agree,I watched the union address on YouTube,the whole lasted 142:00 but the speech lasted 1 hr 22 mins but when they were calling out all the judges i guess,I heard somebody say The Senates President.haha which I have known it for many years but I heard the other night..

  92. Fox Man66

    The Dems passed the affordable healthcare act (Obamacare) the second year Obama was in office. Obamacare was a mix between open market insurance and socialized medicine. The Dems did not have control of the house or senate after they passed the affordable healthcare act. The next 6 years the republicans had control of the house and senate and they obstructed everything, not one thing went thru well Obama was in office.Then the republicans had the last two years to pass whatever they wanted. The republicans had the senate, house and pres. They passed the biggest tax cut for the rich then say they don’t have money to help the old, poor and disable. Trump lowered the tax on investment coming back in the country. The congress made a agreement to give the wealthy a tax cut to invest overseas but in return they would have to pay the taxes when the money returns back to country. So the wealthy got a tax cut to invest overseas and a tax cut to return there investment. Thanks to the republicans. I do agree abortion is wrong and the 2nd amendment is important in many ways. The Wall is a small issue to distract us from more important things. I believe the Dems have all the rights to obstruct all they want because this was done to them for 6 years. The republicans had two years to pass what ever they wanted encluding the wall so what’s the issue.


    Democrats and Republicans are two wings of the same demonic, wicked bird….

  94. skopevideo

    Where are you driving to pastor? Love the message…

  95. pslink6437

    You can thank Barack Obama for why black people got there guards up and don’t trust Kamala Harris or Corey Booker.

  96. toydominion

    Kamala Harris is Willy Brown’s personal walking mattress

  97. Alef Bet

    Tupoc Baby please Don’t cry
    I’ve listened to Dokken as well 😁, and I’ve also got a tiny amount of native American in me also. I’m literally physically allergic to pork.

  98. Trent Black

    Awesome video. A republic is a scam. Vote for a guy that sells your vote.

    No Democrat or Republican. Just you and your group.

  99. James HIGHSMITH

    None of those politicians have the citizens best interest at heart!

  100. Damon Harrison

    Go look at the breakfast club when CTG gave Fox news and McCain the donkey of the day. You will be educated.

  101. Shill Bosby

    If it took Trump to show you that baby murder democrats are not for America, I don’t know what kind of discernment you think you have.

    1. Roderick McKinney

      I wish that Larry Flint were still alive so he could pay someone to find all of the women whom Trump paid to have abortions. I bet that would shut your dumb ass down.

  102. Jay Sha

    Shut The Government Down. Hell, Democrats just want to give everything away to Immigrants Anyway.

  103. Shirley Hart

    Democrats are no worse than Trump or republicans …they are run by the damn evil people that run this world….trump does not care one damn thing about a wall or people, he only keeps it going to keep his fan club happy. Conquer and divide….make the damn problem then oh we wil.fix it because it makes us money

  104. nicewknd

    Pasture Bowell, You are suffering from amnesia, two years of un-divided government 2017-2018, what happened?

  105. Albert McDonald

    Question is why they keep letting her Come to the Pow Wows?

  106. Daniel Lucas

    Politically, we are in trouble!

  107. Terry Brewington

    So many dems running bc they think they cant be indicted while running for POTUS. Many indictments are coming. It will take up to 2yrs to have all the trials and MT’s.

  108. Lillian Whitfield

    Where are they going to get $6.5 billion for an unnecessary wall when the country is $22 trillion in debt and people are upset because the democrats will not acquiescence to his insane demands.

  109. blkgranit33

    The Democrats stand for abortion
    The Democrats stand for open borders
    The Democrats stand for gay marriage
    The Democrats stand for taking American’s guns.
    The Democrats stand for illegal aliens
    May God bless President Trump, may God bless America.

  110. Doyle Eastern

    Pastor D I love you, but I hope you realize both parties have been bought and paid for a long time ago. Both parties answer to and do the bidding of a shadow government. As soon as even the president doesn’t cooperate with the powers that be, they’ll be taken out. Just ask Kennedy. Bush was there when he got murdered.

  111. robert will

    Love the fact you listened to Dokken & the Scorpions. Very Cool !

  112. YAWH Yahoshua

    As you say “they not 4 us, they ain’t “

  113. YAWH Yahoshua

    And we are supposed to trust you

  114. YAWH Yahoshua

    Why do you care what she remembered. I graduated around the same time she did, dam, give or take a few years. This woman is brilliant, strong, intelligent…..and you are talking about her reference to Tupac. Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall 😉😉😉

  115. Black Auroras

    Give the Mexicans back California,Texas etc that the US stole from them. Confused? Do your research.

    Also building wall won’t work to keep immigrants out.Please watch “Adam ruins immigration” to see how building wall wouldn’t even be effective

  116. james williams

    We have traitors on both sides of the political divide, just seems to be a lot more of them on the democrat side. The democrats are communists and radical Islamists now, and mafia style criminals. Pelosi is from an old Italian mafia family. Hillary Rodham, is from the Rodham mafia family who took over Chicago when Al Capone went to prison.

  117. Johnny Williams

    The only difference between Democrats and Republican is the name believe me they go to dinner together

  118. marguerite s

    Trump had and has trash and yet he is the president! I’ll tell you something politicians on both parties can give a rats ass about us the people! they only want $$$$ they will sale their mothers to the highest bidders! bTW instead of people focusing on building a wall why not focus on more border patrol agents at borders and ports! Instead of using that wall money on stupidity why not invested in education, healthcare, infrastructure? This is the real problem! If he government would heavily fine employers hiring illegals and having no tolerance for this I bet you this will solve the problem!

  119. Dan Fiscus

    how can people really think the Democrats really are trying to. help you none of them on neither side give a shit about any of us if people would educate them self in stead of believing what they are told and what sounds good to them u should believe only in the action of what they do in todays time and know what they have done in the past if half of u people would study up on your history u wouldn’t be talking like the Democrats your best he’ll the Democrats are the ones that started the kkk and with that being said witch side was fighting to free the slaves I’ll tell u it for sure was not the DEMOCRATS they want to keep people weak and mindless both sides do now of days this country is for the people by the people no matter what color we are if we all would work together instead. of crying racist all the time and doing what they want us to do we could take are country back from them COME ON PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES

  120. The Eagle

    3:42 Whatcha got against *country*, Pastor Dowell??? 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  121. Thomas Garrett

    Southern kingdom un America we been out the process for 400 years and we still do these heathen things voting,independence day, labor day and we as Israelites still 3/5 ths a human.

  122. Dion Evans

    I agree that both parties are controlled by the same puppetmaster. However take the racial blinders off and look at real policies people. Remember people Donald Trump is not a D.C. established insider like the rest of the Washington establishment. That’s why his own damn party was against him. He is a real individual for Americans regardless of what you’ve been told. He has done way more in 2 years than the previous nigga that was in office for 8 years. The only thing Obama and Democrats cared about was illegal immigrants and gays. Most of y’all Niggas on here are blinded by CNN and MSNBC and all the bullshit media. Do some real homework people and you’ll see that Pastor Dowell is right. Niggas are too damn emotional.

  123. SuperChicken SuperChicken

    Trump is a smart sharp cookie……52% approval rating according to the fake news, it is probably higher than that..

  124. ThaRiddler

    Trump 2020. Nuff said.

  125. ant war

    don’t trust the politicians and the clergy.

  126. papadad1965

    Kamala Harris DID NOT say she was listening to Snoop & Pac while getting high. Fox new & the rest of the media is saying that, when in actuallity it was DJ Envy who said it, and Harris followed along. I do not listen to false media retoric. I am not a Kamala fan, but it sounds like Pastor D. is a Big ol Trump fan today. Pastor you keep flip flopping between likeing & not likeing Trump. I love you but it’s time to pick a side 😊 And even if she did smoke weed, that was the past. And tell me you hace never tkld a lie no one is perfect ï

  127. 2Tim215KJV

    Proverbs 14:12 King James Version (KJV)

    12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

  128. Gilberto Aviles

    Un American because they have to agree with you? You and trump supporters do not live in this country by yourselves screw you. And who the hell do you think you are???

  129. Gilberto Aviles

    You need to stop flipping the script and blaming the Democrats this is trumps episode he put a gun to their head and nobody has to submit to him screw you.

  130. TrueBlueNationBlog

    You’re in denial if you think the Republicans or Democrats wants what is best for this so called country lol.

  131. Dean Reid

    Ok so is the black members of the Democrat party un American? I don’t thing their will be a mother black President black people too much hating

    1. Ancar Willis

      That’s part of the problem right there, we’re operating under the assumption that we have to be Democrats to push a Black Agenda. There could be another Black President and he could be Republican all it requires is a shift in our mindsets. Let’s be for real though, Kamala Harris, isn’t a black representative. She’s the Latinos representative who just happens to be black. Californians elected her and California is largely Latino. If you want a black representative then they need to come from black areas. Everything else is just a distraction from the cause.

  132. Bennie Mangle Jr.

    I think she was a college graduate in 1983-86. So there ya go!!

  133. Mark Mere

    Trump has got to go!!

  134. Thomas Cosgrove

    Always thought you were an interesting guy, until you come out with a dumb right leaning headline like that. Mind you, both parties are gone to hell.

  135. ckdee1 ckdee1

    The American Indian were negro not caucasians.

  136. ckdee1 ckdee1

    The anti american democrat party is the party of lawless criminals if you are not LGBT or an illegal immigrant americans need not apply 2020 we have to send a message and get rid of the democrat party.

  137. Dale Deo

    I was in my second yr of the military, in Sandiego.. 1992 when snoop dropped his 187 on mutf******op

  138. AntBall40

    So if Trump is so worried about the America people and this so called tragedy why don’t take his billions and build the wall don’t use tax payers money

  139. Negel Bennett

    Listen to the video she was asked about weed from one interviewer and DJ envy asked what kind of music she listened to. She not getting my vote but these are facts

  140. Dale Deo

    Pastor I like u bro, but no side is better, they both are not interested in the public, me or your interest, I’m a vet n you and our friends. We will all suffer…chose non man…

  141. IgnitusFalls

    The two party system is a joke. We are doomed. Thank god I moved to the middle of nowhere and knowing what I know about the outdoors. It’s just a waiting game now. lol

  142. one thing about it

    Pastor Dowell , keep telling it like it is! They don’t have our best interest. I don’t trust the Democratic party anymore than the Republicans. They had us fooled for too long. Anyone black that votes for this lady is not woke, and paying attention to terrible crap that she’s done to us as a DA.

  143. Kau Mohlamonyane

    1922 – 2019: The rise and fall of Eskom

    Please share your thoughts on the topic if you can Pastor.

  144. Mac Fou

    You have to suck trump for your wife to eat

  145. john jackson

    Trump to care about you he proved that during the clans March when he said both sides are guilty for rioting.

  146. Michael Marcell

    Wow Joe Biden states there is a systematic system of racism and white supremacy that exist in America. Now that Donald Trump is president more democratically and liberals seem to want to come clean about the last 400 years of inequality in America for #ADOS. You’ve got candidates eating fried chicken, calling themselves Indians, advocating that they’ve smoked marijuana, and trying every trick in the book to identify with so called Black America. #ADOS we need to keep them on the ropes and foot to the necks until we hear policy on reparations being paid. Sins of the past 16 generations can only be paid for by monetary policy and redistribution of what is rightfully owed. America is longing to be set free by the truth that has strangled it for the last 400 years. This country was built on the backs of slavery, persecution, rape, lynchings, Redlining, Jim Crow, segregation, mass incarceration and class warfare against one race. Now 400 years later we need your Vote and forgiveness??? Don’t fall for the bureaucracy folks, they tried every trick in the book to alienate and destroy #ADOS . A justice system built on injustice is now eating America from within, a internal war of elites and the wealthy to take back control from a tyrant and uncontrollable President that the system built.🔥🔥👍🏿👍🏿💯💯🎱🎱⏰⏰

  147. john jackson

    We no your taxes are taking care off in the red stated but dam?

  148. john jackson

    Southern black folks love your suppressor lol!
    House bigger to the 10 degree!!

  149. Clinton Smith

    Pastor likes Metal and Not Country. Now I understand better and like Pastor Dowell even more.

    My opinion is all this wall talk and nonsense is to keep the American people from thinking about how Russian and China are in MMA training camp.

    But it is funny looking at Trump stand next to Putin.

  150. Sheila Phillip

    what I love about life: EVERYONE HAS TO STAND BEFORE GOD.

    ALL YOU SELF RIGHTEOUS HIPPOCRITS, REMEMBER (AS TRUMP CALLED THEM AFTER THE ACCESS HOLLYWOOD TAPES). REMEMBER TRUMP SAID I AM BUILDING A WALL AND MEXICO WILL PAY FOR IT. the 501 forms have you’ all talking. before the house went Dem.. they were between a rock and a hard place and they offered much more, but attention, power, fame got hold of the President and he turned it down playing HARDBALL THE PLACE FOR POLITICS (Chris Mathews.

  151. Puddin' & Tang Tang

    All so true! And we need #TermLimits so badly in America! PLEASE ppl, stop voting for career politicians! They just pad their own pockets.

  152. Damian McHarvey

    Pasterdowll is posted alot of fake in this one .. I listen to The Breakfast Club interview and in no where in that interview she said that she smoke weed in the 80s listen to Tupac and Biggie Dowell get ur fact correct stop listen to Fox News aka Sly Fox..

  153. THE VOICE OF REASON Fruzzel

    both parties are UnAmerican .Wall don’t solve anything when you got hundreds of tunnels presently.Boarder patrol showed the Prisident in person…But he’s got his wallet ready for his buddies to build a useless wall.Good point 5$ Indian though. The wall is to keep people in tough, records show there are more people traveling back than coming in….once they’ve made there money…

  154. rcruz2008

    lol we have/had the same taste in music growing up lol

  155. kennitta lindsey

    Greetings pastor dowell we are the real American Indian we are indigenous. We are not even Black or African American

    We are supposed to be White in commerce and American Indian

    Watch these video share it out you see what I mean. Black has no standing at Law.

    Sulhafat Jezur Rasul ( Turtle Island Message) – Part 1

    Sulhafat Jezur Rasul ( Turtle Island Message) – Part 2

    Sulhafat Jezur Rasul ( Turtle Island Message) – Part 3

    Sulhafat Jezur Rasul ( Turtle Island Message) – Part 4

  156. Love'OF theMostHigh

    Trump has exposed the Democrats. And in doing such; BLACKS HAVE FINALLY woken up to the Democratic BS!

  157. john brown

    All slaves are tools of their master, but some like the taste of the leather

  158. Gregory Williams

    Well how soon we forget, you blame the Dems, but when he was campaigning he said and I quote I will build a wall “ Mexico will pay for it” but that does not matter, but Trump had no baggage, wis I thought you were real, but you are like all the rest

  159. Michael Marcell

    Joe Biden helped write an infamous 1994 crime bill – the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. That bill is widely pointed to as one of the driving factors of mass incarceration in the US, as well as the disproportionate number of people of color who’ve ended up behind bars for drug-related crimes. “It was a big mistake when it was made,” Biden said.

    In an apparent reference to sentencing disparities between crack cocaine and powder cocaine, he added, “We were told by the experts that ‘crack, you never go back,’ that the two were somehow fundamentally different. It’s not. But it’s trapped an entire generation.”

    The vice president went on to say that “white America” needs to do more to address and recognize systemic racism.

    “There’s something we have to admit – not you – we, white America, has to admit, there’s still a systematic racism and it goes almost unnoticed by so many of us,” Biden said.

  160. TheTruth FromMyPerspective

    Pandering to segments of the population for votes in her lies, and moving up the political ladder the hollywood casting coach way. Shameful. And Warren is shameful and has some gaul. They need to ban her from her pop in appearances.

  161. johnny holder

    Trump in it, for his self interest the filthy rich!

  162. Mr.77check

    She’s another Obama…we as in black people Obama taught us one of the biggest lessons on earth color do matter …its no black POLITICIANS and white POLITICIANS who have American best interests…invest in yourself and family…..look up to each other and pool your money together and stay in your circle!!!

  163. johnny holder

    Some people ready do have Native American blood in them!

  164. Mal Mal

    Trump got 1 billion for the wall. Nancy Pelosi said she wouldn’t give him $1 so yea he won. Kind of.

    1. nu life

      He got 1billion for border security, not the wall. You people really need to read.

  165. Teresita Paparelli

    A house divided will not stand.the two party system is an illusion to make people bielieve they have a choice,and divide them.wakey wakey

  166. Mr.77check

    It’s a lot of black people going to be deported………you been warned….”you seen Obama lately ……that’s right he’s locked up in GITMO and telling on everybody!!!

  167. King Eric

    Pastor you are wrong. That’s not what Kamala said.. at all. She said her favorite artists and who she listened to was Tupac and Snoop. She said she smoked in college. You didn’t listen. She was asked two questions by two people. So she didn’t lie, you didn’t listen. So you’re spreading lies. Go back and listen, except actually listen this time.

    1. marguerite s

      King that you for clearing it and exposed this man

    2. jaclynn Foster

      Not the first he has spread lies.

  168. dablakoutking

    Pastor, Hillary admitted to pandering for votes and keeping hot sauce in her bag on the Breakfast Club. Kamala’s answer is less worse, if that makes sense ha.

  169. Kar Lar

    I say run ourselves to the Creator and build that spiritual wall. Yes invest in ourselves. Build survival friendships.

  170. Quick Dubbs

    Never DID✌

  171. Kar Lar

    SOS! Don’t dostract me! LoL! I’ll go straight Aurra on ya.

  172. kellerr13


    The recent story of the mother that went missing after leaving a bar with three men is a clear example of somebody making bad decisions. As I understand it, she had given birth to twins just a few days before, and her father is now taking care of her oldest boy who is four.

    Personally, I believe when you have somebody in your life that is self destructive or at least is damaging to your own well being, it’s time to disassociate oneself from that person.

    It’s good to try and help people, but you must always look out for you and your own. It’s sometimes required to cut off a finger to save a hand.

  173. Phillip Inman

    Pastor, I have come to enjoy your videos. Thank you. I am concerned about one thing though – I just saw the title of one of your videos and before I watch it, I hope the title is sarcastic or your trying to be ironic. “Black Men in America have no Country” I hope i don’t discover abject ignorance when I watch it.

  174. Universal Law

    President Trump is about to start draining the swamp

    1. Universal Law

      +Sentinel Just stay tuned you will soon see .

    2. Sentinel

      Lol, huh. It has been draining for a while now with his own people going down the drain.

  175. Eddie Hubbard

    The dems have never had any interest in the people of the US. It all started back in the days of LBJ against the black people & today it is the black & the brown people. Fortunately many of the black people have opened their eyes & seen what dis-service the dems have done to them. The dems have lied to the races of people since I was old enough to remember which started for me way back in the 50’s. I am a white man & I know that LBJ ( the SORRY SOB ) from experience thought he was going to use the black people for his own & the dems interest & it still goes on today.

  176. Secret Garden

    John 8:36

  177. MAGA's Gentle Giant

    Pastor Dowell, in all due respects. Trump keeps bluffing, keeps folding, and calling his own bluffs. And it’s so un-American to threaten with a National Emergency(Martial Law) to push agendas. Please get your nose out of Trumps butt cheeks.

    1. MAGA's Gentle Giant

      +Armando De Michele You still can’t figure it out, lol, of course, your Canadian.

    2. jaclynn Foster

      Its to please his MAGA Followers he in need of their approval of love, money, and acceptance. he kissing up to them. coonery at its best.

    3. Armando De Michele

      +MAGA’s Gentle GiantYou are a liar. I am at Canada

    4. MAGA's Gentle Giant

      +Armando De Michele Yes, life is a paradox and my name is an oxymoron. If you don’t get it, study it, and travel the world. And for you to tell me that I’m a Democrat, just shows how simple minded that MAGA hat wearing narrow head of yours has become. I’m neither Democrat nor Republican. Can you figure this riddle of what I truly am?

    5. Armando De Michele

      MAGA’s Gentle Giant, do you even know what MAGA means? With all due respect, asking Pastor Dowell to get his nose out of a butt is not only suggesting he is gay, but also shows that you are an uneducated hypocrite and a fool. Change your name, MAGA is for the people, not for democrats like you.

  178. L Bennet

    Pastor Dowe, neither party has the preservation of African Americans in their best interest. You don’t need to pick a side, were all Americans. Both parties history are flawed. But as a man of God you know one of his greatest gifts to mankind is “Free Will”. We may not agree on everything and that not a bad thing. But as Human beings and Americans that draw a line in the sand nonsense is foolish pride and the source of divide. Were better than that and we need you to be better than that😇

    1. L Bennet

      Val Duke Val Duke, you miss the point of my comment. You picking a side and defending it with a brief history lesson isn’t going to sway me to become Republican or Democrat. Using Denzel Washington as an example of the greatness of becoming a Republican is downright laughable. I follow no man!!! I follow God!! Nothing good come from Hero worshipping. As for The Civil Right Era not all Republican we’re on board with it. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions voted against it. Also David Dukes was a a Democrat, but nowadays he’s running for public office as a Republican. Racism has not vanished by any means in the south. Racist states like Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama and Tennessee used to be Democratic, but now vote Republican. If there wasn’t a change these states wouldn’t have high volumes of racial discrimination and hate crimes. Lastly, insulting someone because they don’t share your views or because they dislike somebody you like, show your lack of maturity. As children were taught not to name call and it seem Mr. Trump lacks this decorum. That’s one of the many reason I don’t care for him as person. Nobody can convince me name-calling is a good thing or is necessary. But as man I don’t care or disagree with who you like or follow. Because that’s your business not mine..

    2. Val Duke

      +jaclynn Foster another trump derangement syndtome wacko here folks! Begone, NPC

    3. jaclynn Foster

      He feels safe from the WS, with his mostly white MAGA flock. plus more subs. youtube $$$$$ in his pocket. he knows DT. is a racist.

    4. Val Duke

      Democratic party in congress voted 100% against abolishing slavery. Republicans 100% voted to abolish it! They were majority, which is why slaves got freed. Democrats started civil war. Historical facts. Republicans in congress and senate voted to give citizenship to blacks, democrats only 3% voted to give citizenship to them. Civil rights era? Democratic party representatives in congress , majority voted against giving those rights to blacks, republicans voted to give those rights. Ask Denzel Washington why he is a republican. Because democratic party historically wants minorities to keep voting for them, using isldentity politics, so that they can keep promising tgings for many many decades and generations and never delivering on it, and then saying vote for us we willl get it done this time and making excuses why they didnt last time.

  179. Zee'Vah Israel

    Why do you act like this president is for the people and really trying to help, take them damn blinders off, they are all the same

  180. RedSector A

    Lay off the Trump koolaid.

  181. White Wolf

    Eat Crow on this 1 pastor Wall …!

  182. Cornelius Bailey

    There is no democracy or republic. The presidency is controlled by an Oligarchy. This is a CAPITALISTIC SINGLE PARTY DICTATORSHIP.

  183. Mr Pimpston

    Snoop came out in the mid 90s

  184. Kevin Hughes

    WHO is us.

  185. ConsciousOne

    Two broken wings of the same bird.
    The Repubnant and Demoncrates are about their pockets and gaining more power….BY ANY MEANS!!!. Even if it means leading the people off a cliff.

  186. Kevin Hughes

    your wright trump is a real kkk member just like a true american

    1. gogetemboys

      +Dan Fiscus – The KKK endorsed Trump the REPUBLICAN in 2016. Care to explain that?

    2. Dan Fiscus

      Kevin Hughes but yet the Democrats are the ones that started the kkk and Republicans are the ones that free the slaves you should educated your self before u post so u don’t come off as a dumb person

  187. bob tom

    Our politicians sold us out to the rich Elite who is really running this country.
    . Those Elite rich are not white people. To prove that watch everytime white people want to form a group against the country?. It Will instantly be called a racist to shut them down.. The owners of this country need armed white men divided to conquer.
    . . And I can tell you if the whit man gets taken out? Who do you think will be next.?. Thats right black folks. Look at California now?. Do you think the white man voted that bullcrap in???. They are here to clean out the other Americans.?.

  188. Dan'Yahl Awmane

    Just Us.

  189. ron Riehle

    With Trump as President EVERYONE is obviously better qualified to be President !

  190. ron Riehle

    Building walls is UN AMERICAN ! Like Reagan said ” Gorbachev – let’s build this wall !”.NOT !! And that was between the US and the Communist Nuclear Superpower –RUSSIA !………Happy Democrats won’t fund the Republican boondoggle !! 22 TRILLION DEBT- DO NOT GET DISTRACTED

  191. Fireman dan Carter

    Im all ears when you speak always respect your word.

  192. Michael Mallory Jr

    You are not speaking the truth. the red and blue thing is a distraction.

  193. 6153calme

    He proved just the opposite of what your title says…. 5 billion + for a fake border crisis when you can’t get anything to fight gun violence in schools, and infrastructure in US cities falling apart, nothing for education… *Worse lying-est president this country ever had*

  194. Larry Mellerbe

    You black Americans are the true Aboriginal Americans. The rest are $5 Indians. One of the biggest US deceptions. Paper genocide!

  195. twerkingwithdastarz

    #ados stand up

  196. Ryan Cummins

    Don’t vote for democrats or republicans, I am disappointed with this video from gun totting so called “Pastor Dowell”

    Kamela Harris is a liar just like all the other politicians, republicans or democrat.

    As for Donald Trump he’s a pathological LIAR, just like the rest of them.

  197. casperbkuw


    1. casperbkuw


    2. reality check


      Who is Yah?

  198. Bidness100

    The System Is Run Off Fiat Currency The Wealthy Wants To Get Wealthier And Keep Their Control Fiat Currency Is What Creates The Illusion Why Would Anyone Think
    The So Called Government Is Going To Start Now To Have Anyone’s Best Interest Without A Monetary System Most Of Us All Sit In The Same Seat The System Is Design For Failure And It’s Favors A Certain Type Of Demographic Most People Are Barley Sitting On $500 Or $1000 Bucks If You Don’t Have Land And Plenty Of Food And Water Stocked Up Your In The Same Boat As Most People All You Can Do Is Save Yourself The Best Way You Can It’s Been Setup For Failure Since The Beginning And Nobody Is Exempt


    This is just a way to raze money. If they don’t win. They keep the money. I want to run. I NEED THE MONEY TOO.

  200. Stick It To Them

    these leaders can’t do anything to change things in the US we just need to worry about ourselves and forget about these fake phony leaders

  201. bountyhunterbiggame Pope gives last warning. Just listen to it shocking. Pastor dowell here is a video that all need to see. Shocking confession Sabbath Saturday he’s purposly decieving you. He says it all we live in a world that thinks Jesus is not returning. Enjoy

  202. Abdul Adams

    I, A black man will be voting for Trump in 2020. Just dont tell my mother. 😂

  203. Rodney Fury

    A lot of you guys are commenting without listening to the entire video. Sorry to tell you but that is ignorance at it’s best. Listen to the entire video before you comment!

  204. Deborah West

    If you want to judge her on her pads how about Judge drunk on the things that he didn’t say it in the past I mean people do have passes so what she smoke weed in her past everybody have done something wrong in their past that’s why it’s called a past you never do it again

  205. Frances Kinard

    Democrats and Republicans will never get my vote both sides suck there more about themselves then the people of USA

  206. Conservative Mexican

    The sheep has been exposed to be the dangerous sheep in disguise!!

  207. Glenda Palms

    It’s more than 2 cents, its absolutely 110 per/cent correct !

  208. Elaine Brock

    That’s like Beto O’Rouke trying to pass as Hispanic. Eating at Taco Bell does not make you Hispanic. Politicians will sell their mama if it puts $$ in their pocket.

  209. The meek Will inherit the earth

    The system is broken.

  210. Jason Diggs

    Sen. Harris never said she smoked while listening to Snoop and Pac. You gotta watch the breakfast club interview yourself. Fox News framed it wrong.

  211. Gump Spelunk

    ….No One is’s Up to Us.🇺🇸😎🇺🇸

  212. Deborah West

    Trump ever lied to plenty of time so what’s the difference even you have told a white lie in your lifetime somewhere

  213. Deborah West

    Look everybody have a past even you even me and event Trump ain’t nobody on this Earth squeaky clean from a past

  214. big caj

    I just want somebody to legalize marijuana

  215. Robert DeMartino

    You are absolutely right. Good video.


    What deliverance since the Exodus did our people experience without an anointed Gentile who was used of YAH to grant us favor? Trump is like unto Cyrus and Artaxerxes II. Great video!

    1. reality check


      Let this be a lesson for you!

      Next time ask the Jews about the Jews language before you ever talk about the Jews language!!!




      THE Almighty GOD of Yisrael – Psalm 68:4 (NKJV)
      Sing to God, sing praises to His name; Extol Him who rides on the clouds, By His name YAH, And rejoice before Him.

    3. reality check


      Who is Yah?

  217. MykiYah YisraYahle

    They will soon shut this down because you and those with like minds are teaching truth.

  218. Tony Martin

    Time for a total change! Neither party is shit and I’m over it

  219. Reggie Hendrix

    sir you are lost….lol…they all work together…you need to study and show yourself approved

  220. wrightterence680

    Of course!!!
    Demoncrats are all for illegal citizens instead of helping out American citizens.

  221. Corbachev

    Veering a little to the alt-right with the comments about Native Americans. Tupac’s first album came out in 1991. When I subscribed, the channel had a humble approach, please don’t lose that.

  222. The Survivalist

    We already knew that, they want to give away our tax dollars to everyone but those of us who actually pay taxes!

    1. humboldthammer

      How’s your math?
      Borrow $XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX + blow it all up = ?
      a) Peace and Prosperity b) Crash and Burn c) Jesus Returns
      d) All the Above e) None of Thee Above Hint:
      borrow + bomb = a false profit. 1

    2. dylanjp45 l

      Trump is no better than the democrats whoring out american tax payers to Israel


    Your riding for a guy that wouldn’t even shake your hand. I’m out.

  224. Elliott Feaster

    That’s funny coming from a black man preaching the fake white religion that was made to mentally control people an to keep black slaves if you feel that way about the dams but don’t have anything to say about the Republicans that just says it all!! Keep kissing massa ass pastor dumb ass…..

  225. Eric e

    I was interested until you said 2 pack. I gotta go 😂😂

  226. Underground Wes

    Us or else. Don’t trust politicians.

  227. Felicca Sampson

    Hallelujah! Amen
    Pastor u on point . They’re not for us

  228. T. A.

    there ain’t no justice in this world, just us…

    1. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      +T. A. Imma stop f****** with you YouTubers man this s*** is getting hard

    2. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      Tell me about some goddamn respect. That’s another word for submission if you use it the wrong way

    3. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      +T. A. Yeah and that’s why you said you me all us. No justice no peace

    4. T. A.

      +SHAMAN hunter gatherer Not exactly what I meant, just like respect, no one is just going to give you any respect, you must first earn it. no one is just going to give you justice, it’s up to you, all on you. “Si vis pacem, para bellum”

    5. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      Without Justice there is no peace that’s why everybody fights to keep what they have good luck

  229. Audio

    You speak the truth. The Democratic Party is now an anti American party. All they are doing is fomenting racial and gender division for their own political purposes. Democratic Party is evil. Go Trump!

  230. Carlos Righteousness

    Both parties are garbage. Same agenda; but different route.

    1. Jason Milschmidt

      steve119md After today. Definitely not. I’m through with their laws they don’t enforce or obey. Why should anyone obey them if they don’t?

    2. Jason Milschmidt

      Lord Vader When both wings are rotten throw out the bird

    3. Lord Vader

      Two wings of the same bird the 🦅!

    4. steve119md

      +Jason Milschmidt you would trust it?…ehhh

    5. Jason Milschmidt

      A third position is needed. An American one. Conservationist type ideology. Not “conservative” since the people who call themselves that have lost all sight of its definition and haven’t conserved anything

  231. Mellow Stacker

    I’ll never understand how these dems are in office. They all swore a oath to protect American citizens and with every day they serve they endanger us. They are killing new born baby’s and they should be wanting to protect them more than anything. I really don’t understand, even if they were voted in they’re hurting our country and that eventually hurts us.

    1. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      Next you’re going to say they’re kidnapping bringing them to Africa and enslaving them 😂😂

    2. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      Lol I thought you were going to say something about these deranged mass shootings. But you went to the typical scare tactic

  232. Jason716 Smith

    People don’t even know how fake Trump is. He was bailed out by the Rothchilds back in the 90s and John Addelson was his campaign manager

  233. Octocyclospirogyro Exo

    2 pack snoop dog nwa pastor D? 😂😂😂

  234. Michael Jimenez

    Nice to see another delusional pastor that spinning bullshit. Lap it red hats.

  235. Judd Hurst

    The majority of Congress is on American. how else do you describe the unconstitutional BDS legislation they keep voting on and trying to pass in the house and the Senate. Excuse me the Senate actually passed a bill making it illegal to protest and boycott Israeli made goods and products. what’s more American than losing your right to protest your freedom of speech your first Amendment right? You think Trump is going to not sign that Bill if he gets the chance? We don’t even know what American is anymore America the dream has been distorted water down and pretty much destroyed for the most part. The American dream now is to work 60-hour weeks for the cheapest wages allowable heading to pay 25 to 30% of your wages straight to the government taxes and then another 10 to 15% of your money in state and federal tax every time you spend a dollar turn on a light or put fuel in your car. I didn’t give all your tax money to the war machine so you can blow more stuff up in countries that have never attacked America in any way shape or form. The real question is what does it mean to even be an American these days?

    1. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      Everybody walking around with a fake sense of reality

    2. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      Every since shock an awe I have washed my hands. whoever was controlling bush pretty much destroyed what we stood for. I have to give it up to Trump for that he tried to tell the truth about 9/11. But then he went back into his cubby hole. put it out there or else it will fall can’t you hear the marching band

  236. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

    You know you ain’t supposed to be up in the Master’s house like that.. you better get on up out of here

  237. May rich

    Nolonger subscribed no discernment here

  238. Roy Brown

    Here is you emperor fake Messiah, King Liar Trump. Look at the videos with the temple coin and Trump on them. This pastor is fooled or lying about Trump. Just like a good Jew.

  239. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

    They put up the great Wall of China to keep out these Europeans. And we have been beat into submission and defending normalizing these beasts

  240. Amp LaGrant

    Trump To Use Executive Order To Allocate More Funds To Wall, Avoiding Shutdown
    Trump To Use Executive Order To Allocate More Funds To Wall, Avoiding Shutdown.

    1. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      Yeah he’s allocated about a good 5 more miles

  241. Dee Dee Harders

    You have inspired me to think and I have already taken steps to protect myself and my husband. Thank you.

    1. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      That should be the other way around what you got a bunch of Paula Deen pots and pans 😁

  242. Big Blue Truck

    Trump got what he really wanted and that’s tax cuts for the rich.and the real reason why Trump want all that money is not for a wall! Trump owe the Russians alot of money.he care nothing about a wall… and the Republicans refused to give him money for the wall too when they were in control…..

  243. Jovon delahoussaye

    2-pack 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  244. BUILD HIM!!!!!

    She said…
    She listened to Snoop Dog and 2 Pac. 😆

  245. C45 Barber

    Catering to us blacks leading astray..the album’s were not out…it’s ridiculous sickening .. Malcolm X was right every 4years here they come…Im strong believer black vote Democrats y’all traitor to the race…

    1. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      Only thing you have to lead is your kids. Don’t let this governed shi control your mind

  246. Outcast wanderer

    I liked music back then too. Everything from. timex social club ( rumors), Cameo to beastie boys, to dokken and Guns n roses. Turn on the radio today, the music doesn’t measure up. 2 pac was a back up dancer for the Digital Underground still, and snoop was in 92″

  247. Scott81

    These people are mentally ill and everyone out there reading this needs to see it this way. It is very sad what has happened to them and we should not be making fun. They are doing this to us and those who are not mentally strong aren’t going to make it. They know that survival is 90% mental and that’s why they are attacking our minds.

    1. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      So how do you solve that. I have one way let’s say we put a wall around schools churches concerts restaurants I can go on and on tell me who’s mentally ill and where do we need that wall

  248. Tutyn Gen

    It ain’t happening.

  249. Jesstine

    Its good and bad on both sides. I don’t play into bi- partisan nonsense. It’s all a game. I’m for whoever is going to do the right thing.

  250. David Maher

    This country was hijacked decades ago pastor..and you know by who

  251. mikeklassic78

    Democrats proved all by themselves that their UN-AMERICAN.

    1. gogetemboys

      Nope. The party that is against universal health care and raising the minimum wage is un-American. That would be the Republicans.

  252. CJR III% Liberty Warriors Unleashed

    Trump is a Zionist Chump.

  253. James West

    Love you pastor dowell

  254. Rambo Vader

    Pastor Dowell 2020

  255. Ali Powe

    Pastor sounds like a undercover trump lover. Obviously, he’s conservative. No problem with that. But as Hebrews, we aren’t supposed to have anything to do with any of these heathens. Pastor, you confuse me.

    1. The Naked Truth Report

      +jaclynn Foster You are the one ignorant — human nature is F’ed up and clearly, you don’t understand human nature, nor know world history

    2. The Naked Truth Report

      +jaclynn Foster Well, all knowledgeable and logical folks know the Democrats have destroyed Black America. DUH

    3. jaclynn Foster

      +Jimmy Ramone You dumb ass, it was still africa, black people of different shades of brown, you devils were not there. you came later and killed, stole, rape not only the people but the land it self. like you devil rape everywhere, because you people came from the cau. mt. you cave devil you have no land on this planet, you people are from the fallen angels. that went and dwell in the cau. caves in europe with your dogs.

    4. Jimmy Ramone

      +jaclynn Foster hunny, the problem you have is that you think everyone in Africa was black. Second, that part of Isreal was known as Eastern Africa. That’s were the confusion sets in. Educate yourself, but don’t get your education with these conspiracy theorist who brain washed you.

    5. jaclynn Foster

      +Jimmy Ramone, sorry to burst your bubble Jimmy, But the Bible is the history of the Black People, starts in Ethiopia, Africa not Europe, mess up day for you Hun, go study Biblical history, Ignorant ramone boy. ( trying to steal oldies but goodies). Start off with Genesis.



  257. Izat Izat


    1. Izat Izat

      +marguerite s RETURN to your reply. Dumb about WHAT ?!!!! MAYBE YOU CAN NOT COMPREHEND WHAT I SAID.

    2. marguerite s

      Are you dumb? Look at what’s happening

  258. Roy Brown

    You don’t tell the people the truth about Trump or Israel. WHY? Because you are a JEW? I tell you right now, you have proven to me, you don’t have God. You are a religious foolio. The black Jew fake pastor. Same as the white ones. You fit with the 1666 video, and Jews taking over religions and leading people wrong. You tell half truths. You aren’t misinformed. You are a liar on purpose and protecting criminals and evil Israel.

    1. Roy Brown

      If anyone wants to know the truth that the pastor isn’t telling you, you can find in the content of my history through this puzzle I made for Israel. Those who seek the truth, will look for it. If you want to question me, say I’m wrong, or mock me, please do on my wall.

  259. S Coates

    Pastor, there’s already a wall, more wall is constantly being built, even under Obama, more wall was being built.
    The Dems offered money immediately when they took the house. Republican Senators agreed with their own original deal…Trump went back on the deal to Mitch McConnells surprise.
    Trump didn’t have support for that kind of spending with a Republican controlled Congress. And he was told that during their live meeting. Sorry sir, I learn a boatload from you, but on this issue, your facts are misplaced .
    Have a great day!

  260. Steve Stevenson

    Dokken, scorpions, haaa hell ya pastor D. 🤘

  261. Willie Washington

    Sanders people said that he is planning on running.

  262. FollowTheLeader 90

    Kamala Harris is a liar. And what’s scary is she lies about things she doesn’t even need to lie about. God knows what else she is hiding.

  263. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

    2000 come up with a blood test to tell you you are not native to this land best way of mind control. Yeah we’re all from Zimbabwe

    1. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      You humans are so gullible. I’ve been here before so I know

  264. F.I. LOWE-PERRY

    A $5Billion Wall in not necessary, That money can be used Social; Programmes, schools, Health Care, Medicare, Medicaid. create jobs, etc. From what I have heard, CHUMP was presented with two budgets without funding for some dame wall! That is why there is border control, which could be Federally funded expanding the stations to control the border.
    I do not like either party, but neither has your interest at heart, this is a stand-off at the OK Corral of who is going to fold first. If your president wasn’ t such a petty selfish narcissistic PUNK, he/she would have signed the original budget, as he would have thought of the people first, those who depend on their pay cheques to pay bills, then whine about some wall that should have been built 500yrs ago to keep out the destructive white trash.

    1. Black Poison

      F.I. LOWE-PERRY Get Real Ms Nanny you can’t keep on throwing Money at programs that are missed used, soon are later you got to do something about the Border, most of Americans never been down to the Borders Cities to find out for themselves what’s going on it’s all over Social Media, illegals killing America People, Americans have to complete against Jobs, it was Whites who bought them People over here in the first place, causing all this mess listening to Europe Bull Shit about diversity, now look at Europe it’s a mess, before you voice your Opinion about something take the time out to do research first and get the damn facts, are go take a Vacation in El Paso, TX and see for yourself Whites and Black People can’t even get a Job because they don’t look Mexican are speak the Language, you are and Educated idiot who’s lives in a Fantasy Land just like those idiots on the far Right

    2. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      I called them Europe rejects that has been expelled. Same reason they put up the great Wall of China to keep out them bastards 😂

  265. Mike Rietow

    Dokken, Scorpions , Queensryche 💪💪👍. The left are a circus freak show IMHO, PastorDowell. They sneer at Trump when the Prez speaks out against infanticide and human sex trafficking. That pretty much sums up, the dems have been taken over by the radical left.

    1. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      You know what I’m going to fight for my brother leave this brother alone. Wine the investigation is done I want him to have some type of insanity


    All of this will be over soon Evil may be Winning right now but The Lord is Coming Stay Prayed up Put God First repent confess forgive

    1. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      no mercy


    AAAAUUUUEEEGHHH? Now, you…smh

    1. reality check

      *Pastor Devil Dowell is a Devil*

    2. Maurice Barry

      Trump and the government shut down proved one thing, poverty in America is man made..


      The Great Deception.

    4. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      They not only listen they put it into their alternative facts

    5. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      He trying to get Trump subscriptions them boys listen to I have evidence

  268. Zane Smith

    They are Un American!

  269. George Washington

    She was trying to get the crackhead vote in that interview. Camellia Harris is a gross liar and every time she opens her mouth, she’s telling a lie.

  270. Hip and Cool

    Straight up c👀n!!

  271. Bruce Hux

    Demoshits are dying a slow death, MSM can spin all they want, TRUMPS approval rating going up daily… Great job, Pastor Dowell….

    1. Bruce Hux

      Get your dumb ass off the tracks, go ‘f’ with someone else, boy..
      Catch you again some day, asshat.

      TRUMP- 2020+SHAMAN hunter gatherer

    2. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      +Bruce Hux spoiled brat

    3. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      +Bruce Hux your trains on the way to a prison 😆

    4. Bruce Hux

      your granny Shamika was a f****** joke, BOY.+SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      Get on Trump train or find another channel… I’m sure Kamala the pig would love you, boy.

    5. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

      +Bruce Hux I knew you weren’t serious f****** joke

  272. Dwight L

    Another buck dancing video

    1. jaclynn Foster

      Dwight L. You took the words right out of my Mouth. COONERY at it best.

  273. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

    Don’t trust these white folks and there made up theories

    1. google Lavon Affair

      SHAMAN hunter gatherer, as usual, you don’t make any sense. You need to learn grammar, boy.

    2. humboldthammer

      Jesus brings the One World Government after the devil and dragon receive final judgement on 10/11-12/26. But first, the war of Gods and Not Gods 2019-2026, followed by the Jubilee to forgive our debts and Invoke Lucifer and usher in the Neo Eon Currency on 09/23/26, the autumn equinox o the Illuminati’s 250th year. Our last hope — stop the war. It begins 6/21/19 — the devil likes his sum signs. Sort of Like NO HOPE because ANTI WAR will NEVER be Allowed on MAINSTREAM MEDIA. THEY ALL WANT WAR FOR GAIN AND PROFIT. And the ewes (baaaa’d) keep borrowing TRILLIONS for more and more war.

    3. Michael Mcneely

      +Dan Fiscus we haven’t been treated like we god’s children

    4. The Troof

      Take your racism and swallow it with the next dick you eat. Racist peice of dog shit.

    5. christopher wolf

      +SHAMAN hunter gatherer fair the well…

  274. Brian Rahuba

    Well all you Democrat haters have ears to hear. Do you remember when Trump wanna to be independent but the Republicans said to him make a pact with us when going through the Primary. And Mr. Dow well you kind of shot yourself in the foot when you pushed this Hebrew garbage and I’m not saying your wrong on this topic on this video. I believe your 100% correct. But you made a division with the people or at least helped the others so called Hebrews. Your gonna need the so called white people’s for help. We are all Americans being of all colors. That what’s make this country the best ! It’s not our system it’s we the people. You can be a true GREAT LEADER OF GOD AND MAN. Unite the races brother you are a powerful man of influence. I’m a white male and a alpha one to boot. You can elevate your channel up to the most HIGH. You will be rewarded for sure. You have a beautiful agenda but you are separating the people’s with this Hebrew message. There is no difference between Jew or Gentiles under our Lord Yashusha/Jesus Christ, salvation is for everyone. Don’t you think our govt separated us enough. We are weak by ourselves but together under God we shall be strong. God Speed !!!!

    1. Brian Rahuba

      +Abdul Adams ok I guess you don’t understand anything I’m saying. Have a wonderful day in the Lord my brother. At this point it’s just idle talk on this subject.

    2. Abdul Adams

      +Brian Rahuba why is my thinkinh stupid because I have a difeerence of opinion. Im not a democratic hater or republican hater. The hell with politics.

    3. Abdul Adams

      +Brian Rahuba I agree bro! I am an American. American Descendant Of Slaves. My great grandparents history and lineage was stripped from them by europeans who used them for capital and economic gain. This is a history and reality WE as Americans cant get away from. At the end of the day your nationality is American but your ethnicity is of european descent. Its obvious to me that their are people who dont want blks in America to know their true ethnicity. Which is Hebrew. No one is going to tell me that. Ive done a whole lot of soul searching, and this is the only conclusion I have come up with.

    4. Brian Rahuba

      +Abdul Adams I’m not emotional about this topic. I said stupid thinking. I never said you where stupid. Due to i do stupid things myself but does not mean I’m stupid. I never insulted you. Don’t I call you my brother ? I have nothing but love for you Mr. Adams . But why did not Martin Luther King never ran on this platform. He said he was a man period and he wanted was true equality. And I would have walked by his side and tookin a bullet with him. It’s your God giving right in this country. Your a man and should have been treating as one. One nation under God for all men. I have nothing but love for you…

    5. Brian Rahuba

      +Abdul Adams ok so be it. If you where born here you are a American. I’m half Russian and Irish. But I was born here in America what does that make me ? American. I don’t give a crap where in Europe I’m from. I don’t care about my identity of this world. I just care about my identity in Christ. So now I’m freed to carry on my brother. Really wish you could see the truth in the same way. God Speed my brother.

  275. Thor2070

    0:53 I been trying to tell people that Nancy Pelosi is the dangerous one. She don’t care about the average person. She uses people as pawns to gain leverage and to have things her way. It is all about her agendas, and not the welfare of this Nation. The woman talks a good game and is a deceiver. She is the my way or the highway type of person.

  276. SHAMAN hunter gatherer

    She is native. blood testing is not accurate if you cannot prove it to be accurate. even Trump with his ten-year-old mind-set can figure that out.and you have to put the Republicans and Democrats in the same boat cuz they both tried to pass a deal through with his dumbass

  277. James Johnson

    It’s the end of esua WICKED NATION shalom

  278. Tammy Sipola

    I feel Trump is fighting both sides. Trump is the only one fighting for the American people.

  279. Kaleb Smith

    They don’t hear you Pastor

  280. The Sun

    Both sides it all lies and deception. In the Garden of Eden when the forbidden fruit was consumed we became a Being that can be manipulated and deceived. Today that vulnerability still exist and is being taken advantage of.

  281. Gerald Johnson

    0 new walls have been instructed under Trump.

  282. Santana Binacci

    Pastor listened to heavy metal I love it! Ha ha you gut a lifetime sub! Every time I hear the song Last Child by Aerosmith I think of you

  283. M1A1 Abrams

    I think we should be electing politicians on achievements that they have accomplished for society. We know they can raise donations to run for office. Why can’t they take them donations & build or help someway in society ? Like building homeless shelters, rehabs ,better education system, etc. That way society would benefit no matter who won or loss the election. I would vote for who had the better impact on society. How many lobbyist would we have in Govt. if this were the case ?

  284. N3RDNirvana

    Don’t care if the government shuts down one step closer to Yahushua coming back

  285. reality check


  286. edward gibbons

    The enemies within wear sheep’s clothing.

  287. misfits4life1

    The wall will not keep illegals out it only keep us in and do not believe a word Trump says he is a bought and paid politician by the deep State he’s doing what they tell him to do

    1. marguerite s

      You’re the idiot get informed! This is the problem with United States too many ignorant people like you who are constany lied to

    2. 10americanpatriot

      misfits4life1 your a damn idiot stop watching TV

  288. Steve

    Democrats are Racist

    1. Desmond Harris

      ßhit, i messed up

    2. Desmond Harris

      white purple in general are racist, born and raised and bread. not here for a race debate, but it’s true.

  289. CarolCityCane305

    Wtf I’m out….u are praising trump and blaming democrats….listen fuck both parties but for u to say trump has americas best interest u fucking stupid….trump is slowly becoming a dictator this country is being fascist more and more every day…dems and GOP are the same it’s all a fucking show…yea if trump declares a national emergency we are soooo fucked…people dont like to this pastor listen to mark from anaheim here on youtube

  290. Themiamidrummer

    Good stuff Pastor Dowell and I see that you know your music history 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  291. John Gibson

    They are treasonous

  292. jelly bean

    Democrats are satanic

  293. Saiga-12 Bear

    It should be clear to everyone that Trump and all of them are purely a show. They all are on the same team, and that’s not for America

  294. Michael Lee

    Im trying mr dowell to get out of debt and focus on a better life im currently a slave to the highway i make alright money but it always depends how the week goes if the stupid shippers and receivers do their dang jobs

  295. Grimsagga #21

    See if you ask me. This guy is preaching to yall to not trust politicians becuz hes a Republican and he wants Democrats to be stupid and not vote. That’s my opinion. Yall listen to this bull. I find it interesting.

  296. Bernie Smith

    I was once a Dem until I retired and had my property taxes go up 2X , to pay for sex change operations,, wix free food for some reason, and drug injection centers. Now I spend all my time selling everything and make plans to run! Fight, fright and flight. Own nothing and be ready to run. Amen

  297. Chris Cockerham

    Be more truthful with your talks. We all saw the post making fun of her about hearing snoop, and 2 PAC before they came out.

  298. catwithoutthe hat

    A reckoning is coming, it has been written and so it shall be.
    Genesis 9:5-6 “And for your lifeblood I will require a reckoning: from every beast I will require it and from man. From his fellow man I will require a reckoning for the life of man. Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.”

  299. Mercedes Mallard

    Politics is theater

    1. Anthony Jackson

      Facts a wise pretty lady


      Mercedes Mallard All an act. Tim Allen said it best: “Its just, its really advanced lying.”

  300. Yukon Cornelius

    Queensryche and Dokken?! THUMBS UP!

  301. Angie L

    Was Trump Un American when he Dodged the Draft over fake heel spurs ?……this guy has not only drank the cool aid he’s pissing it out and drinking it several times

    1. Angie L

      +10americanpatriot A trump supporter calls me a fool lol how ironic

    2. nu life

      Trump don’t care about anyone but himself.

    3. 10americanpatriot

      Angie L you’re a fool stop watching TV

  302. Todd Foster

    Pelosi and Chucky should be removed from office and barred from serving in any public office or position of authority.


      Todd Foster Key word: ‘should’. Shame.

  303. catwithoutthe hat

    However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

  304. Grimsagga #21

    I’m just laughing becuz this guy said Trump is trying to do whatever he can to avoid a shutdown. Lol. Lmfao Are you kidding me? Trump has no option. They shut Trumps ass down. He lost. He has to shut up and be quiet. Yes Chucky and Nancy won. Trump lost.

    1. The Naked Truth Report

      You really basic

    2. marguerite s

      Dude the man has knowledge yet he thinks trump is right? What is wrong with him? Has he not been paying attention to what’s going on?

    3. jaclynn Foster

      He is just kissing up to his MAGA subs. more money in his pocket and he need the MAGA support and $.

  305. catwithoutthe hat

    The DS everyone talks about is the Democratic Socialist party

  306. Kiing milli

    Yal trip me out with these videos like the republicans got the best interest when we know none of them does

    1. Judge Jury Executioner Rutherford

      Very true, but only one of them are the party of Jim Crow, Slavery, Segregation, The KKK, Gun Grabbing and now infanticide.

    2. ken big redd scott

      Fact is, the dems interests ARE closer to OURS! The dems are the ones who try to reverse the tax codes to our favor as working americans, remember clinton did it and it boosted the economy and put us in the black for most of his term? Then bush 2 and his gulf war toppled the economy and now trumps “tax cuts” are yielding even less in return wen u do your taxes, just look up all the pissed off trump voters saying “he lied to us” YA THINK???

    3. ken big redd scott

      +Abdul Adams he’s advocating for trump, STOP IT!! Theres no way the way trump has been habitually lying that u dnt have much to say about THAT but evry1 else is the problem. Dowell is fake as HELL!!

    4. ken big redd scott

      Dowell is as fake as a virgin with 6 kids. He’s a hidden “trump pat my head massa” supporter.

    5. gogetemboys

      Trump IS the establishment! The elites have been grooming him for president since the 1980s.

  307. Mr_J1S

    Did The Breakfast Flub (not a typo) call her on that lie? Will they give her Donkey Of The Day?

    1. ASAH

      +Mr_J1S ….but not her? Pathetic… If anyone else had sat in that studio and said such silliness they would have clown them. I see the Liberals , media and entertainment industry have a continuous menage a trois going on… smh

    2. Mr_J1S

      +ASAH I didn’t watch the interview, but I did see he went back and donkey of the day’d the conservative media who called her on the lie. Pathetic.

    3. ASAH

      No. If you noticed they were pretty soft on her. Another paid adgena lined source of media. They would never allow any guest to get away with such blatant bs.

  308. john mbwa

    Pastor you are not objective MR CALL IT LIKE IT IS. why are you blaming Pelosi and Schumer?? Trump, Ryan, Mitch McConnel and the Republicans controlled the government for 2 yrs!!!!!!!! Why didnt they pass the wall funding then? They passed a tax cut for rich millionaires and billionaires adding a trillion dollars to the debt while at it.

  309. joe kawasaki

    Thank you for your insight and direction pastor dowell moving to a haunted City to be closer . Safe travels

  310. John Morey

    Dennis Miller told the truth about Nancy Pelosi
    Most political correctness brings to mind “”The temptations of Christ” “

  311. Lion Heart

    I caught that as well. Only a VERY FEW actually caught that. 2PAC 1990-1991(2PACALYPSE) SNOOP DOG 1991-1992(DEEP COVER SOUNDTRACK)

  312. Psychopath nation Today

    Wolf 🐺

    1. Saiga-12 Bear

      Yep over and over again 🐺

  313. dell garcia

    Both parties demonic. Separate from both and follow the Truth. Because there working together to deceive the masses

    1. Anthony Jackson

      Thank U! finally a wise lady smh

    2. dylanjp45 l

      Divide and conquer 2 party dictatorship both controlled by israeli’s

    3. Jihad Bunnydick

      Both parties are controlled by Zionist Israel.. They use America to fight they’re enemies in the middle east, shit never had nothing to do with us

    4. binkydamauler

      dell garcia tell it!! ☝🏾❤️

  314. Hadley Scott McIntyre

    Pastor you named em all im 55

  315. Psychopath nation Today


  316. Kristin Beck

    I always like to hear your take on things. Thank you for all your time and effort.

  317. maaruz1979

    I used to rock with this man but I can’t follow this political mindset

    1. Jasion Sail

      ​+nu life both parties have bad history but let’s not pretend that the Democrats wasn’t the party of Slavery and the Indian removal act also those who opposed the civil rights

    2. Jasion Sail

      +nu life and if you try to use the old ” the parties switched sides because of racism ” banter i will give you a link to Dinesh destroying that myth

    3. Jasion Sail

      +nu life google is your friend any of the Southern Democrats who seceded from the party in 1948 in opposition to its policy of extending civil rights.

    4. nu life

      +Jasion Sail Dixiecrats are Republicans. Learn your history.

  318. maaruz1979

    Some ‘Man of Yah’…
    Really a man of Trump smh

    1. reality check

      Prepare your soul to burn in Hell as your ignorance and lies will be addressed by the Creator.

      *FACTS ARE;*


      (i) Islam is the ONLY non-Christian faith, which makes it an article of faith to believe in Jesus (pbuh). No Muslim is a Muslim if he does not believe in Jesus (pbuh).

      (ii) We believe that he was one of the mightiest Messengers of Allah (swt).

      (iii) We believe that he was born miraculously, without any male intervention, which many modern day Christians do not believe.

      (iv) We believe he was the Messiah translated Christ (pbuh).

      (v) We believe that he gave life to the dead with God’s permission.
      (iv) We believe that he healed those born blind, and the lepers with God’s permission.

      *FACTS ARE*

      -Muslims speak the closest dialect to Jesus.
      -Muslims follow the laws Jesus followed.
      -Muslims pray exactly like Jesus.
      -Muslim believe Jesus is the Messiah.

      Christians and so called Black Hebrew Israelites only believe in the belief they follow Jesus.

    2. reality check

      Who the fuck is Yahawashi?


  319. Traciluv

    No one is more a pathological liar than Trump.

    1. Traciluv

      +Dan Fiscus One of my saying is “left wing right wing both attached to the same dirty bird. I know they all lie Donnie just lies more than the rest; I can’t understand how anyone who says they love YAH, can stand and back this pathetical liar.

    2. Dan Fiscus

      Traciluv if you really believe that u are dumb one all of them both sides are liars open your eyes and don’t believe everything u hear ? everything

  320. Tremayne Estwick

    America building walls, China building roads, lets see who will come out on top !

    1. billy fosle

      Tremayne Estwick Trumps building walls n roads. Maybe you live where the democrats don’t allow it. Where I live I see ancient highways being prepared to be repaired. Can’t teach the blind to see or the dumb to think

    2. Tremayne Estwick

      +Julian Sadler They may pay some day but Jesus said the poor will ALWAYS be with you, the whole world is a stage and we are here to play our part. I believe life is a script with one beginning and one ending, everything is predestined. If Judas did not betray Jesus, would there be any salvation ? Was he born to do that ? Good, evil, rich, poor, ugly and beautiful all created by one God for his purpose and his alone, they are just playing there parts !

    3. Julian Sadler

      +Tremayne Estwick It’s Only Money on paper to control you that’s what it’s all about control control control them live high on the hog and you live like a poor little peasant that you are they could care less about any other human being they don’t even care about themselves because if they did they’d be worried about judgement going to rain down on their heads from God pretty soon do you really think he’s going to keep allowing him to get away with what they’re doing they may think so but I don’t think so not the way I read the Bible they’re going to pay for what they’ve been doing we may not be able to make them pay but there’s somebody a lot bigger than all of us

    4. Julian Sadler

      That’s easy to answer Jehovah God is going to bring Armageddon on their heads and rain down fire on then sues the biggest baddest of them all I wonder if they can stand there and bicker with him don’t think so

    5. nu life

      +Solving Politics you do realize the great wall was built in 375 BC. Way before technology. It is now a tourist attraction. It doesn’t prevent anything. Israels wall doesn’t stop anything either…the guys on the wall with sniper rifles and machine guns stop people

  321. victoria brown

    My question is WHY when the Republicans had the house why didn’t Trump ask for the money then. The Democrats gave him money twice he said no because it wasn’t the whole 5.7 billion dollars. Both sides are crazy

    1. victoria brown

      +gogetemboys see you teaching me something new. Ty ty

    2. gogetemboys

      +victoria brown – Trump NEVER had any intention to build a wall. He was just giving lip service to the idiotic right-wing nuts solely for their vote and support.

    3. jaclynn Foster

      +jelly bean Payback on how they treated Barack Obama when he was pres. every time Obama wanted to pass a lig. republicans were like no, no, no, just to be hateful because a black man was POTUS.

    4. victoria brown

      +Semper Fi USMC between you and me I really believe Trump was Trying take money off the top some kind of way.

    5. Semper Fi USMC

      Yes when the Republicans had the house the Democrats offered trump 25 billion dollars twice for his wall and he refused the money twice. Now all of a sudden it’s such a national emergency for a wall.

  322. ThinkersForce U2Think

    Snoop and Dre first song – was deep cover – 1992. So – she had finished Howard and California by then.

  323. M1A1 Abrams

    Invest in yourself ,best comment of all time.

  324. Gayle Betts

    Dems and Repubs are two wings of the same damn bird. That bird won’t fly with one wing! WAKE UP people, they are no different from each other!

    1. Daniel Vasquez

      Gayle your comment is the one on this string to make the most sense. Have a great day.

    2. Jon MacDonald

      Gayle Betts You forgot the Socialist on the Trail feathers smelling like shit!

    3. Lion OfJudah215

      Drop the mic 👋🏾🎤

    4. SHARON Odom


    5. Rudy Brooks

      @Gayle Belts.Well said.

  325. mashonda Knight

    Politicians are never to be trusted and never put your trust in this government ,I say everyone do for themselves because this government does not have your best interest.

    1. Chris Maurer

      mashonda Knight I agree with you ,I believe that is why all the elite in this country politicians,media,etc. do everything they can to keep us divided.If we ever got together they wouldn’t know what too do.

    2. DASH -

      Lawyers, politicians , and salesman all snakes

  326. Mr. eQ

    The wall is a false sense of security and a distraction away form the dollar devaluing. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    1. Dion Evans

      Jason Milschmidt……Yeah whatever we’ll see. I got a years salary on it🤣

    2. Jason Milschmidt

      There is no wall and there never will be

    3. marguerite s

      We don’t! We need harsh laws and heavily fine employers who hire illegals, make it hard

    4. Dion Evans

      Mr. eQ ….So what, we don’t need a wall??

    5. M1A1 Abrams

      It is if it isn’t built right. It’s a temporary fix that is needed. They have already spent $187 Billion on border enforcement from Reagan till 2013. So having DNC fight against it shows the hypocrisy. They were all for it when they controlled the purse strings. We need to do something to curtail illegal immigration. Bring them all to a choke point to be vetted into the USA. I’m not saying to kill immigration just to vet people coming here. We need to enforce laws on the books & change a few.

  327. Sage of the East

    The scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses’ seat, so practice and observe whatever they tell you—but not what they do. For they preach, but do not practice. They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to move them with their finger. They do all their deeds to be seen by others. For they make their phylacteries broad and their fringes long. If a ruler listens to falsehood, all his officials will be wicked. Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness… just remember you’ll be judged for the things you’re doing.

  328. Cindy Swafford

    Spot on Pastor! #Trump2020


    I don’t care for Trump Democrats or Republicans send all of them 2 Mars

    1. humboldthammer

      Mars a’ Lago — Trump’s newest resort. He recently pitched it to a group of bored billionaires, “You’re gonna Love it. Everything’s Red. You’ll feel right at home.”
      PS they decided against draining the swamp. They’re gonna fill it with oil and set it on fire. They want everyone to feel right at home.


      +Julian Sadler Lol

    3. Julian Sadler

      Amen to that send them all to hell you mean and let them rot there never to return bother us anymore


      +complex lifestyle Yes it is and Very Very Soon because of The Evil that’s going on

    5. complex lifestyle

      I don’t care about both parties either. This world is coming to an end anyway!

  330. bountyhunterbiggame

    1/3 of Congress will be arrested very very soon.

    1. bountyhunterbiggame

      Saiga-12 Bear because we lack humbleness, patience. Martial law in Hawaii FEMA barges active. Video of cargo containers being dumped in ocean. Black Hawks extractions downtown LA. Obama begging for his life bush Jr to die for 9 11. The wheels are in motion, some of us have better intell than others.

    2. Saiga-12 Bear

      Q has been saying that for quite sometime. Everyone is tired of waiting for justice

  331. michael keesee

    Haha pastor drinking a bunch of koolaid and no sugar.

    1. reality check

      *Pastor Devil Dowell is a Devil*

    2. Saiga-12 Bear

      Everyone is seeing what’s going on

  332. Bam Boo

    Just like we have RINO’s we have black in color only running around.



    1. Ward mccants III

      Just – ice👈🏿


      +Yeshuas Return FUCKIN A !


      +Huey McCrainey wow…thats such a big difference! Thankyou for that info godbless u

    4. Yeshuas Return

      complex lifestyle this is why cops need to stand against the New world order and call out bad cops. Jmo shared by millions 😎👍

    5. Huey McCrainey

      @WARCHILDWARRIOR, you are correct. I work in corrections so i know that for every 9 blacks incarcerated their is only 1 white.

  334. P WHALES

    President “son of a bitch shithole” Trump has proven he’s a gotdamn lying azzhole.

  335. Classic Man

    Donald Trump shut down the government for 35 days. He didn’t care that almost a million people had rent and mortgages to pay. He showed no compassion for the American people, his eyes told it all. I’ll be very surprised if those millions of people show up at the poles and vote for him.

    1. Classic Man

      BIG SIN Sadly to say, Pelosi and Schumer won’t be running President. That blame game will fall on def ears, come voting time. Americans know who was responsible for the closing and don’t want to chance him throwing another tantrum.

    2. Classic Man

      jelly bean You’re not one of the million federal workers and military that didn’t receive pay. Not including federal contractors. So of course you wasn’t affected or no one you knew???? That will be a major part in him getting re elected. He has to run for office , Not Pelosi or Shumer. Blaming them gets you nowhere fast.

    3. BIG SIN

      No Nancy cocklosi and chucky shoemaker didnt want to a approve a deal that was less than 1% of our budget. If they would have agreed to it, the shutdown never would have happened.

    4. jelly bean

      Classic Man i felt no effect from the shut down. A wall is nessesary. Blame the two face demorats forthe shut down. No one i know suffered from the shut down but they dont work for the gov.

  336. Bryan Paquette

    Funny how all these women are running for pres under dems. Do they not have any men strong enough?

    1. humboldthammer

      If the Republicans had another candidate — they would dump Trump. Look how hated Trump was by Republican factions during their Primary and Convention.
      Lindsay Graham — don’t vote for me, unless you want war.
      Ted Cruz — we will carpet bomb ISIS into oblivion
      Trump — Maybe we should attack their families — there won’t be a next generation
      And from of camera, other Republicans chimed, “A FINAL SOLUTION.”
      Trump makes peace noises, and both Republicans and Democrats severely criticize him. BOTH — and Mainstream Media (owned by Global Corporations who profit from war) severely criticized and negated Trump’s peace calls.

    2. Jarvis Turner

      Nope! Even if they did, they’d call it misogyny.

  337. Troy Huffman

    Good morning Pastor

  338. Mad Cyborg 2552 Reviews

    Don’t trust politicians…damn good words. I just wish people in Australia would listen to that.

  339. Rob Perry

    The problem remains: what do good people do with bad? How should we react when we know our neighbors are funding and supporting what harms us?

  340. Rob Swain

    I agree, don’t trust anyone and always do your homework… awesome video sir




      +marguerite s ur stupid!

    2. marguerite s

      The hellwith RATpubliCONS

  342. brian91145

    trump is bought and paid for by the Rothchilds through Wilbur Ross

    1. Jesus Christ

      +Dan Fiscus worse, hes a pedophile….YouTube search ” *trump jeff Epstein Miami herald* ”
      And google ” *Trump jeff Epstein national review* ”
      You are welcome.

    2. Dan Fiscus

      your crazy next u will say he’s a racist

    3. Solving Politics

      Let’s see your documentation?

  343. Righteousness-over-Religion Righteousness!!

    Shalom pastor Dowell,Babylon never not Once had the public interest in mind but there Own..but As of late Mr president has been pretty Interesting!though Most white folks busy deeming him to be otherwise!!✊🏿

  344. Christopher Carter

    Thanks for the confirmation. IT’S JUST US!!!.

  345. Grimsagga #21

    Maybe they dont have our full best interest but wtf u expect. See this is why Donald Trump won. People like u dont tell people to go vote as a black man. Smh… voting counts. Smh

    1. ASAH

      See you missing the mark. You have no clue who you are. You dont vote Black in these parts, you vote scripture or not at all.
      I think you are looking for Umar’s channel…. lol you turned left instead of right.

    2. Grimsagga #21

      Clearly he voted Trump. But yet them taxes and all that other nonsense isnt working. Lol

    3. M1A1 Abrams

      Actually he did ,vote Trump. Where you been ?

  346. shirley sorrell

    So true

  347. Hogan Red Pill

    The Democrats and Republicans are the exact both sides of the same coin.

    No matter who wins destruction and chaos is still coming, it has to take place it’s in the scripture.

    Even if Trump does not shut the government down this time, that gives us a little bit of time to prepare what’s coming our way so get prepared

    1. Hogan Red Pill

      +Yeshuas Return Facts!



    3. Hip and Cool

      +Freddie Mac why do you keep using the word nigger? Do you think those who look like you are niggers? Do you call them that? In regards to affirmative action, how do you know it hurts blacks? Who told you that, because I’ve only heard the David Duke types peddle that lie? Have you researched it or is it just a line you throw out that’s sounds good to you? Did you know that white women are the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action? Does AA hurt white women? You said that the New Deal hurt blacks, but like I said, blacks were not entitled to receive those benefits, and that’s a fact, so will you take your false statement back? Did the New Deal hurt whites, since they were the only ones entitled to received the benefits or do social safety net programs only hurt blacks? We can dialogue without name calling, but let’s operate only in facts. Please don’t throw falsehoods created and perpetuated by the racist US regime to justify their genocidal efforts against blacks, and yes racism is still alive and well today. Please answer my questions.

  348. Grimsagga #21

    This video literally makes no sense to me. I thought u were smarter than that. U come in and say Democrats dont care about the people but I guess Donald Trump does?

    1. marguerite s

      What he hell are you talking about first of all this is not your land! If you want white I suggest you go back to europe where you came from and leave the people of colour you are complaining in this continent actually their continent!

    2. Black Poison

      Grimsagga #21 if you don’t like living in America you are Free to leave, so pick a Country and do us a favor Leave

    3. Dan Fiscus

      a he’ll of a lot more then the racist DEMOCRATS

    4. Jurai Bones

      algierssolja pretty much. Let nature take its course. Negros are too damn stupid. They have been raised by women and so it’s no surprise that they get pimped out en masse.

      Female leadership guarantees ruin. They are proof.

    5. frederick gray

      He.does American

  349. John Patillo

    You know its sad that this is what yhe us has come to.Lincoln said it best a house devided cannot stand. While we are so busy throwing mud at each other we have takinh our eye off the ball and not realizing just how good chums nkorea and russia are becoming wake up people wakeup

    1. Rhondal Hampton

      Fuck north Korea or any other country. The enemy to black people is the united states of amerikkka

  350. Grimsagga #21

    I see your a straight Republican. They dont have the people in mind from someone who was crying like a baby over money

  351. Stephanie D

    Nancy Polosi is a gross old hag. The public is tired if turning on the TV… HAVING TO LOOK AT HER wrinkles

  352. mac7114

    Kamala Harris exposed lie and fraud. Trying to be down always end up looking like a clown. Great work Pastor

    1. marguerite s

      So is trump yet he’s president

    2. Darrel Buckner

      Zeus 0886 check your facts.. Breakfast Club with chalamagne .. two separate questions that were edited.

    3. Darrel Buckner

      Zeus 0886 check your facts.. that was edited.. that was two separate questions that were edited.. wake up

    4. King Eric

      It’s a shame that people don’t listen. She was asked 2 simultaneous questions and gave two answers at the same time. She never said she listed to Tupac in college, she said she listened to Tupac. She said she smoked in college. Listening is fundamental. So the Pastors title should say, Democrats don’t listen.

    5. Calvin McGee

      mac7114 she is the same prosecutor who let a cop in California kill an unarmed man of color walk away Scott free

  353. threadgilljeremy

    Pastor had a flashback. Lol

  354. Born Invincible

    Shalom Pastor

  355. Ivason Galloway

    The democrats gets about 90% of votes of the immigrants coming from south of the border so they have no interest in building the wall to solve the problem.

    1. marguerite s

      How the hell are immigrants specially illegal vote? Are you that fucking stupid and ignorant? They do t want a wall because it’s going to cost us American billions of tax dollars! We have bigger issues look at our educational system it’s falling apart, our healthcare a joke and our infrastructure !

    2. Michael Harold

      tygur23 did you see that NY blocked the Amazon deal? Did you see AOC make her case against Amazon? Here’s what you should know about the state today. It’s a huge business. An economy that just prints currency has nothing but businesses. The state can only be “not a business” if currency is backed by gold, the state is small and state debt illegal. As it stands the state is just an employer with customers that must buy the product and service provided. Having said that. It’s ironic that AOC would be triggered by Amazon because Amazon and the state are both large and both are pushing around smaller entities. In this case she’s pushing away a private sector employer because she thinks her employer can do “being the big company” better than Amazon. She’s thinking wrong. Her business relies on big private sector companies. If they leave her customers leave as well. She’s not thinking. And she doesn’t have a moral high ground. She works for a business herself. She can’t separate herself from that reality. And I’m a lover of small business and decentralized power. I don’t care for Amazons power. It worries me. Still, the irony is the state is just an Amazon I have to subsidize. It’s not better it’s worse.

    3. Michael Harold

      humboldthammer well there’s a reason why the military has fitness standards. Out of shape people can’t and or don’t fight. 40% of the population is obese and a large portion isn’t of fighting age. Not sure who’s fighting this war but it’s not the internet trolls on political websites. Most aren’t prepared to fight jack squat

    4. humboldthammer

      The Wall is a distraction for the ewes (Baaaa’d?) Both Parties have already made plans for WAR and More War. And we cannot stop it. It begins 6/21/19, kills one billion babies, and proves that 1/3rd of Mankind is so lacking in Spirit Capacity, that they may as well be beasts. It’s the unseen devil’s trick. He thinks the war will prove Mankind UNFIT for God’s Kingdom — and then He will get to completely destroy the UNFIT BEASTS. God’s failure creation.
      The Illuminati plan to Invoke Lucifer on 09/23/26. Wake up — so many are spiritually deaf and blind.

    5. Michael Harold

      tygur23 Pastor said at 7:00… it’s just us and it’s always been that way. If you see your community as a kin to your family you’re not afraid. You don’t want nor need a big authority to police everyone. However, If everyone is a threat to you then the appeals from authority for control is inviting. It’s not that different than a mobster going around to local businesses demanding money for protection. They will burn down the business that refuses to pay to show the other businesses that paying is a good idea. What the Pastor says is very true. It’s always been just us. Just you. Just me. If we feel safe and trust one another to be fair and just we don’t need them. They want to be needed. Peace


    Both sides are the same no matter what destruction is on the way. The collapse is eminent!

    1. Judge Jury Executioner Rutherford

      +Jesus Christ False, Democrats in the 1800’s were the same Blacksploitation Masters they are today with their Paternalism. Republicans have always been about the well being of the Nation as a whole. There are 12,000 ‘white nationalist today in a country of 350,000,000, they are insignificant. Democrats of today have communist Antifa and Cop killing BLM both of which are on the FBI’s watch list.

    2. Jesus Christ

      +Judge Jury Executioner Rutherford you do realize that the Democrats of the 1800s were conservative…
      Right? The Republicans of today are the conservative party. The kkk of today votes Republican because of this. Who are the ones supporting Confederate bullshit today In 2019 ? It’s the Republican conservatives. Its always hilarious to see people not being able to differentiate between party and IDEOLOGY.

    3. Judge Jury Executioner Rutherford

      Very true, but only one of them are the party of Jim Crow, Slavery, Segregation, The KKK, Gun Grabbing and now infanticide.

    4. Jesus Christ

      +douglas bagshaw 😁😂🤣 trump is a pedophile. Google ” *trump jeff Epstein national review* “

    5. douglas bagshaw

      CRAZY HORSE trump is independent

  357. queen MAUL


    1. queen MAUL


    2. Saiga-12 Bear

      We are obviously coming to the end

    3. L228

      True to certain extent. One thing I don’t agree with is that notion both parties will have the same effect on the country. The Democratic Party socialist agendas have been getting exposed lately, and we all know the fate of all socialist countries. Both parties might be friends, just like we all have Republican and Democrat friends, both parties are power hungry, they both have agendas and special interests that only benefit their donors, but at the end of the day, they’re not both completely the same in policies.

  358. MrPcoz

    Falling off buddy

    1. Saiga-12 Bear

      Seems everyone is leaving the Trump train because the truth is being revealed

    2. maaruz1979

      Wonder if Trump is paying him

    3. Damian McHarvey

      Dowell.. Be drinking that cool-aid

    4. Jonathan Ball

      Dowell is a piece of work, is he stomping for a job in Trump’s corrupt cabinet, brother you are slipping, with all this Trump love, you said you weren’t drinking the kool aid, but you seem to be falling for the BS 🤔c’mon brother it’s politics, when these clowns open their mouths it’s a dog and pony show, including your boy Trump the biggest crook we’ve seen in my lifetime.

  359. Darius M

    Democrats are full of crazy feminists and emasculated men.



    2. jaclynn Foster

      You’re jealous because they have bigger balls than you, Bitch what are you doing to make your city a better place. just like a lot of black men weak beta male. bitch why don’t you go run something. weak ass bitch.

    3. humboldthammer

      +Jason Milschmidt Here’s a better simile:
      Democrats are Like Republicans and the Mainstream Media Global corporations — they will get their promised War — it begins 6/21/19 and proves 1/3rd of Mankind unfit for God’s Kingdom. And ewes cannot stop them. Baaa’d? Ewes have been distracted. Here’s the question: “HOW THE FUCK DO YOU LOSE TRACK OF TEN TRILLION DOLLARS? ” Answer: Borrow and Bomb = a false profit. Baaaa’d? Ewes cannot do math.

    4. Jason Milschmidt

      Democrats are like a bad woman. Always trying to change a man into something they’re not attracted to anymore, lol

    5. humboldthammer

      Republican and Democrat leadership both want war. The Neos are at the Helm — Borrow, Bomb, Crash, Then BURN with a Neo Eon Currency, the Mark, and Lucky the 7th incarnation of Lucifer — the Illuminati Light Bearer, right there in the New Temple on 09/23/26, the autumn equinox of the Illuminati’s 250th year.
      Yes, you HAVE seen their signs. BUT YOU HAVE BEEN FED SO MUCH LEFT VS RIGHT GARBAGE THAT YOUR EYES HAVE SWOLLEN SHUT AND YOU “see” NOTHING. Seriously. Trump is the False Prophet. “Every nation for itself . . . in the name of God.”

  360. Red Beard's Racing

    Shalom and good morning Pastor.

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