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    1. Jermaine Boyd

      I’ll watch it later very interesting on fact on this truth.

    2. Lorents Muller

      Well…in around 2 weeks, the Jews in Israel and worldwide, will be exterminated, so there will be an opening for the black to fill up. Let’s see how well they do with no synogogues, no churches, and no mosques because all 3 religions are being demolished when Israel is carpet bombed in around 2 weeks from now. The jew cancer will finally be gone.

    3. maria610421

      Cast your mind back, to the German Nazi stories we have been brainwashed to believe, one is called “Whats the TIME Mr Wolf” at one point in the story the Wolf said it was DINNER TIME, so the essence of the Story they are planning to make you their meal, in Canibalism. Another German Story, What Big Ears you have Grandma, replied, all the better to hear you, my dear, to Tap your PHONE, what big EYES you have Grandma, replied all the better to SEE YOU, in their spy Cameras all over the Streets of Europe. Why are they your Grandma because they Raped the Nations of the world. Why did White people call Bl;ack people Black Bastards, because their father Raped the Black women in Slavery.

    4. Bro. Bennie Yasharahla Wheatt

      Yes yes, Pastor Dowell, I’ve seen the movie, actually rented and watched it on New Years night.
      I’m truly grateful for information and knowledge that Bro. Dalton Jr has gathered together and shared with everyone.

  1. The Vengeance of Diana

    If you’re of the chosen race you will know the chosen word. You will be lifted up in the chair. And yah will hear your sacred words. Over the whole black Israelite thing. None of you actually know hebrew. You are Hebrews. But you are one of the lost tribes. NOT of the kingdom of Judah. Otherwise you’d know the sacred word. That’s how this reality works. And being a Jew doesn’t mean you’re a Zionist. The Bible is bullshit. If you actually know the sacred word. You would know the Bible was mistranslated. Anyone who prays in English prays to pagan gods.

  2. Troy Jones Sr

    Wow, that’s meant to be My Brother, just picked up that book on Amazon, Thanks for the review👏💪🙏☝

  3. John Shearon

    The ‘Big Lie’ was a phrase used by Hitler, who by the way represented the real Judahites(Pharez- line) of Germany. The idea is to continue to repeat lies over and over and eventually people start to believe the lie as truth. The Negroid race is using this all over you tube including this channel to make you believe negroes are Israelites. Don’t you believe this for a second! All of history has said otherwise, these Negroid races are ignorant and unlearned. For example, they have no clue that the word German is an Assyrian word meaning ‘genuine people’s a name given to the Germans while in captivity. This is one of many countless examples proving the white Caucasian race are the twelve tribes of true Israel, not the Jews of today or the Negroids. They claim the Atlantic slave trade is part of the prophecy in Dueteronomy 28, not true. The two are separated by over two thousand years and those ships went to America not Egypt. Look at the English language that came from our Hebrew language taking the word nafall in Hebrew. In English we are now saying fall. I can go on but you get the idea or do you? Don’t fall for the fake Hebrews or better known as negroes bullshit!

  4. Timothy Shelsea

    You’ve had my attention a lot recently because of your excellent stance on Hebrew roots teaching and the deterioration of world financial conditions. In recent years I’ve been more inclined to follow Messianic or Hebrew roots teaching than that of traditional Christianity. I’m afraid you lost me however on the claims that either Yahshua or the ancient Hebrew people were African /black. It’s simply not the case, anymore so than those who claim he or the Hebrews were white or European looking. Reality & logic shows us that he was middle Eastern in appearance. I agree with you on a multitude of points but I respectfully think this is inaccurate.

  5. Ferrone Hicks

    Pastor Dowell is the man of truth i got to go see this movie

  6. jamie turnage

    they maybe thru sheba solomans wife im not saying some are not isrealites.but their history dont add up and their path from hebrews too black the real isrealites were made up of many skin colors and hair colors.because a lot of races left eygpt with the isrealites into the holy land

  7. Tony C

    I’ll spread the word.

  8. Tonia Plummer

    Its 10.99$ to watch it on demand? Dang life is expensive these says

  9. Steven Scott

    Thank u Pastor will do Shalom✊

  10. siscmhill

    Pastor Dowell that was an excellent commentary on Ron’s movie, it premiered here in Detroit and it was very well documented as you said, I was there….I hope to visit your community soon!

  11. danny ketch

    My issue with the movie is charging for it…why should people be charged money for hearing the truth? Did jesus charge money for his teachings?

  12. James Billard

    Sir I want to commend you for supporting this brother. You didn’t say anything negative. I don’t see this that often in this world today. You are truly awaken and a blessing to Yah’s chosen people. Thanks.

  13. Yawasap Shawmar

    Are you gonna do a show on the H.R.1242? OR IS THAT TOO BIG FOR YOU?

  14. Peter Northrup

    You need to travel the country and tell all the black girls the best way to stay out of poverty is to not have kids. Its called birth control. You no thats the answer. They can win. You cant win if your on government assistance with 3 kids and no fathers.

  15. Debra M.


  16. DreamGyrl360

    Here’s some facts about the prophecy you mention:
    Islam cropped up AFTER Christianity.
    One of Muhammad’s favored wives was actually CATHOLIC.

    So their relationship is ACTUALLY not new.

  17. DreamGyrl360

    I think I watched it before? I think I’ll watch it again, to be sure.

  18. Sheila Starks

    I don’t attend church anymore because they’re not teaching anything useful, just a lot of non biblical garbage. So far you are the only one I can agree with. Thank you.

  19. winwithgrn

    I would suggest Tony Smith as the leader and instructor of truth for us the Yahudym. Again Tony Smith is the truth

  20. teerdrop1992

    The abarim, they are the only ones to fulfill the 400 year slavery prophecy.THOSE WHO ARE LAST WILL BE FIRST AND THOSE FIRST WILL BE LAST. My heart to the ABARIM. They are the same ones Donald trump signed a 400 year slavery act for to Fulfill that PROPHECY.. YAHUAH AND YAHUSHA, NOT EUROPEAN PAGAN JESUS. I AM A GENTILE GRAFTED IN. “FOR those who pick up the sword, shall perish with the sword” get rid of your guns, trust in your KING AND MESSIAH NOT WEAPONS, THE REVENGE IS FOR YAHUAH. shalom brother, amazing video. the MESSIAH YAHUSHA, was HUNG BY HIS RIGHTEOUS NECK NOT CRUCIFIED ON THE IDOLOTARY PAGAN CROSS. HE WAS HUNG TO FULFILL PROPHECY. SHALOM, my name is brother Cory, immersed in the truth. Shalom y’all

  21. Remnant Report

    Great info Pastor Dowell! I agree, it’s the most in-depth and powerful documentary out there today on the true history of YAH’s people and how it’s been hidden. Ron’s work here is amazing! What a blessing to get this info out.

  22. Russell Stone

    You have to much pride, stating “i wander if his is listening to me”, really ?

  23. ZommBleed

    I thought you were being comedic, but you’re actually serious. lol I’ve read the description of Jesus in the bible. I’ll stick with that, thanks.

  24. Fresh & Sassy Plant-Based Living

    Can you explain what a NATIONAL EMERGENCY means? Please and thank you!

  25. max Rockatansky

    Prior to the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD, Josephus traveled to Rome to be educated at Roman schools. He came back with a greater appreciation and understanding of Roman power. It was this fact that caused him to discourge Jewish rebellion throughout Judea (he has stated this in his works)

    He knew that it would end badly for the jews and that they had no idea the amount of organization and might the Romans could bring to bear against any rebellion. If the Jews were “really” negroes they would have easily destroyed any negro factions quickly. As negroes had no knowledge of mettalurgy and did not even have steel swords in all of africa even when the white man set foot on the continent in the 1600s.

  26. max Rockatansky

    It is well known that the Romans sent Roman spies into the Jerusalem school of Pharisees to be educated by Gamaliel the famous Pharisee who trained Paul the apostle. These were WHITE romans who pretended to be jews and the actual Jews had no idea that they were Roman.

    The jews were White and the roman spies looked just like them. They were not black.

  27. Class Is In Session!!!

    Information overload… Great movie…

  28. Robert Maestas

    Sir you need to ask your selfs if Jesus is not God’s name then why is it so hated by the enemy? You can’t find a Hollywood movie that don’t use his name as a cuss word there is Power in the name of Jesus He is is Great I am that I am

  29. Jerred McKenzie

    All true people of the bible are the ones who truly believe. It doesn’t matter what skin color we are .

  30. John Van Wagoner

    Let me start this by stating that I am of European dissent. I just wanted to clarify that in the beginning. I asked Abba 12+ years ago to give me wisdom. I had made so many mistakes and backslide so many times I was tired and ready throw in the towel. It has been a very unsettling 12 years in the sense that what is truth and what we have been deceived to believe is truth is as far as east is from west. What you and my other Hebrew brother has stated is truth. The schemes of the devil have been to muddy the water of Truth. The people that occupy Israel are not who they are presented to be. The Bible has been corrupted to fit an agenda that allows Fake Jews to dominate the world. Rothschild runs the banking systems of the world and the state of Israel. I am a gentile that now knows who the Truth about our lineage. My concern is that some of the Hebrewic movements discriminate against the Caucasian ethnicity thus causing division in the body of our Master, Saviour and King Yahshua. We mustn’t allow the devil to seep in and corrupt the family of Yah by allowing the truth, or more accurately, the pride knowing the truth to divide us. We are all His regardless and all have been deceived by the schemes of devil and his minions. Much Love and appreciation for your work my brother

  31. amclean343

    Thank you Pastor Dowell! I embrace this truth and I will share with my family and friends.

  32. Kurt Israel

    Powerful Message!

    I did watch the Movie Documentary?

    It was powerful pretrial of Africa history; who are the Ham descendants in Africa; the problem he also Place Africa Tribes are Hebrew Israelite too.

    Many Ham descendants are going to be claiming to be Hebrew Israelite’s now

    Today only Ghana reach out to Black Americans. And Liberia is a US Colony since Early 1800,s

    British Confederate District of Columbia Since 1871 do not want Liberia voting in our elections.

  33. Ms Tom

    I need to get those books!

  34. jerome davies

    Thanks 🙏🏽 for pointing to the way

  35. Lisa Jackson

    It’s a great movie, full of history that you can’t get in school…..

  36. Luke DollarSign

    The comments in the link you provided shows insufficiency within the rentals quality. There’s no other way to buy or rent this movie. I already tried looking on my IPhone, Android, and Google Play Movies. It’s no way to be found. I really want to see this film. Somebody give me some good news. Thanks

  37. plazma el

    Hebrews 2 Negroes Vol.2, Ronald Dalton, Jr. places the data from Ancestry. CON within its proper biblical geographical context. This partnership between the Vatican and this Imam, reminds me of this Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera in 1988 who publish in “the Crusaders” Vol. 17 on “The Prophet” of this compact between the Vatican and Arab Moslems. It seems they all played a role in enslaving the Negroes.


    Todah achi Dowell for spreading the word of first the truth and second of the incredible body of work that our good brother is doing. Shalom family

  39. Siah El

    📜Hebrew Myths: The Book of Genesis by Robert Graves and Raphael Patai

  40. Siah El


    1. Willie Webster

      Yes you do have to be careful with names but that doesn’t mean that the people are not who they are

  41. Ben Yah

    yah said he was gonna take our heritage stop acting like you speak for yah because you dont his word speaks for him you talk like you can save yourself when you cant yah is our savoir we must cry out to him to save us stop trying to save ourselves🖖

  42. Chief Fou

    I’m torn between enlisting into the Marines or remaining a civilian, I’m 24 and aware of what’s going on in the world, any advices?

  43. Ronbo Nick

    Forced worship is around the corner,, Bible , Beans & Bullets


    We got the same hat 🧢

  45. Ashley Petty

    I am currently reading this book. So informative!! And encouraging. Excited to see this movie. And continue reading the series.

  46. chris alexander

    hi Pastor Dowell

  47. Tim Granvillani

    Shalom brother, the scriptures are alive and well, praise be to YAH shalom

  48. Gregory Jowers

    Why is the movie name hebrews 2 the movie about where and when different races started if so it started after the Tower of Babel. Just read the Bible for yourself and get a study bible to learn more. never ever trust one single man or woman to teach the word of God that how brainwashed people are started watch and listen to several pastor or preacher and let the Holy Spirit guide you. Praise God the alpha and omega the beginning and end of all creation.

    1. Gregory Jowers

      D Lee will you please show me where to look in the Bible scriptures where different kind of people or race started cause I would like to know the right answer since you said I didn’t know the right answer.

    2. D Lee

      What Bible are you reading. Europeans started different races. The tower of Babel was the start of different LANGUAGES. Study to show yourself approved. The movie used the Word of Yah., DNA, and many other proofs

  49. Quinton Veal

    Pastor Dowell- I attend to watch it the trailer hit my heart like a ton of bricks because I know there is truth in Hebrews 2 Negroes.

  50. finchHXC

    We’ll watch this for sure. Thank you, beloved shepherd. Bless you in Jesus name!

  51. finchHXC

    We’ll watch this for sure. Thank you, beloved shepherd. Bless you in Jesus name!

  52. Chris Maurer

    Pastor Dowell I have said it before that I like you and respect you as a man and a man of GOD,but I am not convinced of the original Hebrews being black,but I want too know the truth. Every argument that I’ve heard so far I have been able to refute at least in my mind.I will watch the movie with an open mind because I desire truth and I respect you enough that I owe you that. On a side note I see you are still driving alone,I think in these times and with your message’s you owe it too yourself, family , and flock to be more careful.

  53. Noyb Noyb

    I’ve watched the documentary two times. It is the best and most comprehensive documentary that I have seen that shows you who the real Israelites are.

  54. Albert McDonald

    I have seen that ( poop and Imam collaborating) and that’s blasphemy!

    1. nicewknd

      Paedophiles tend to attract.


    You saying “Yah” reminded me of something. The jws will say “Jah”. NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE does it say 1. That in the tettragrammaton, there was a J and 2 that Yahweh’s Name is je××××× (I wont say that bastardized name!) Will you PLEASE make a video about how these idiots came up with that name & why they stick to it? I heard a catholic monk came up with it in the 14th Century. Would love to hear your thoughts on it ✌

  56. Sharon Glover

    I loved it Pastor Dowell ! Very edifying📕

  57. David Daughenbaugh


  58. Set Apart Living

    Also Pastor Dowell, along with Ronald Dalton, everyone should also check out Benayah Israel’s video series here on you tube called Hidden Hebrews. This information will also blow some minds on all the information they hid from us.

  59. nellaad

    Thank you Sheppard!

  60. EC4400

    Thank You Pastor Dowell.

  61. Michael Hatcher

    Islam is a Johnny come lately religion. The profit Mohammed. Was in termol in Arabia. Who did he run to. The Ethiopian Hebrews or really called Yahoda. Who helped him. Write there Holy book called the Quaran. Things that make you go hmmmmm. That’s the first time the Arabs turned there back on the black hebrews. The second time was slavery.

  62. Donald Gill Jr

    I would pay for the book. But make the movie free

  63. Donald Gill Jr

    This should be free to watch dude greedy for making it 10.99 this is our history. Dane colloway don’t charge to learn the truth. Smh

    1. Donald Gill Jr

      +D Lee you don’t no anything about me. all I’m saying tht is should be free. I know some truth not all but if I was the cre8ter of the movie I wouldn’t charge my people to learn knowledge of self. I would pay for DVD but not no 10$ stream

    2. D Lee

      People like you buy what they want but beg for what they need

  64. Selena Robinson

    Yes other people can claim all they want about being Hebrew Israelite, but if their Birth Certificate Prove otherwise . . .Look Let’s See Some ID And Birth Certificate. . .Simple as that. Whose Your Father.

  65. SIS Tawania

    I agree with you Shepherd, it was very well done. I watched it twice, it was only $10.99, I put my comment on Facebook to hopefully get my people to watch it! Bless you My Shepherd!

  66. EEL YEOJ

    Non sense. You just don’t get it because you can’t hear the Father’s voice. If you are reading the Word and then applying a certain race being white, black, so called jews etc. you are completely lost. The Word is allegory people. The reason you have fairy tales is to hide the true meaning of the story. The Word is the same way. It is a story and you have to have ears to hear. What is you EAR a symbol of? If you understand what your EAR is a symbol of then you have the KEY that unseals and unlocks the Word so he can understand the allegories and the true meaning.

    You are just lost. Sorry.

  67. africa my aunt America my mother

    I’m sorry I’m trying to focus but that gun on your wall is speaking with ya lol

  68. denise ann

    Yes Pastor, it was a blessing. Shalom

  69. patcol82

    The kingdom is at hand!

  70. Mrs. K

    Im going to purchase the book first and then watch the movie. I’m going to “test it out”. Thanks a lot. I’m currently standing right in the middle of Christianity and Hewbrew beliefs and teaching. i say that because I’ve learned that neither side is 100% accurate in what they teach and dont teach. but thanks a lot.

  71. Aaron Seifert

    The physical description of Jesus in the bible is burnt brass skin hair of whool. We see Jesus as white in most pictures but is he really white? Doesn’t seem like it. They gotta hide the truth by making him look white.

  72. 87 Cozart

    The reason the Bible is being fulfilled because the elites wrote it and y’all thinking the Bible is real

  73. Amber Chapman

    ok .😉

  74. DudeBurgs

    Have anyone heard of a book called “Light and Truth” by R. B. Lewis? Deep information.

  75. Dickie9028

    Wait… I thought you were lost, You in the TRUTH? Well Well Well……..

  76. marvin devon

    Thank you sir!

  77. jimmie t

    Thank You pastor dowell once again and thank you Yah all praises onto the most high. Shalom

  78. KLUV

    Im check the book out also….

  79. Matthew Ellison

    God says their is one religion. It’s called the 7 pillers or 7 lamp stands or the 7 churches.

  80. BMoreGoHard

    My family and I already watched this weeks ago. I’m waiting for it to come out for sale. Great movie! It’s super deep!

  81. Nelson Uzonwa

    Watched it already great educative video

  82. Chester Davis,Jr

    The Bible is nothing more than a black history book.

    However, it’s been used as the book of white supremacy. The truth will always come out in the end. The end is now.

    When the Bible talks about (in prophecy) the Messiah coming back to rid the world of evil…

    Question: what’s more evil on this planet than white supremacy??

    The devil knows it’s time is up. The evil people: those who have caused death, rape, famine, wars, have terrorized and enslaved Gods people are about to suffer the consequences of their actions.

  83. Malachi Crawford

    Thank you Pastor Dowell

  84. cornell young

    Donated, streamed it, and now waiting to buy it! Absolutely the most powerful thing I’ve ever seen!!

  85. Roudy Benoit

    Where can I see this movie?

  86. Chris Jackson

    Pastor Dowell, peace blessings and honor from up here in ny, to you and yours. I am thankful for the link and will watch the documentary with my Family. Shalom

  87. Greg Otis

    Well if that’s the case. Then the pope and imam is finally doing what is supposed to happen. Ephesians 4:5-6 my brotha. It’s silly religious people that want separation between Gods people.

    1. Greg Otis

      Christian Coats that’s a religious divisive comment. There only one Most high God. And he’s not the author of confusion. So whatever has y’all confused, is not of him.

    2. Christian Coats

      Those aren’t YAH’s people. They worship another god.

  88. Kevin Harrison

    When you rent it for $10.99, how many days are you renting it for?

  89. maria610421

    This is the greatest question to men of intelligence, why is the MOON out in the middle of the day, instead of the SUN?? Well let me tell you the Vatican has been playing with the TIME, what sets the time the SUN, at Mid day the SUN is in the middle of the sky, what is in the sky now at mid-day the MOON, what is it telling you, that the people who worship the MOON is taking over the world, who are the people who worship the MOON the Muslims are taking over from the Vatican in Rome, there is more Muslims than False Christians, and Bogus Jews. The Muslim Symbol is the Mid day SUN. Should the SUN and the MOON be out at the same time ABSOLUTELY NOT. Some one is playing with the TIME.

  90. Ty Hartz TV

    The truth is the son of the living God came to pour out his blood on the cross as a sacrifice for sin so that “ALL” can have access to salvation. But there has to be “REPENTANCE” of sin. No image/idol should be kept at all of the son of Man, not a white man, not a black man, the colour of skin is the least all should be worried about. The Gospel is not about that at all. Colour won’t bring salvation, not religion, traditions, good deeds, not who your parents are, none of that. Repent of your sins. God bless. Love

  91. PhillyBaggS

    All religions are based on astrotheology (the sky and the stars). Any group of ppl who think they are the chosen ones, are missing the whole point.

  92. Anthony Garland

    Thank you. Shalom.

  93. Neake22

    Is this similar to the “Hidden Colors” series?

  94. Bernard Quinn Jr.

    Thank you Pastor , the Most High open my eyes over year ago, me and family will watch the movie.

  95. Phil M Rivers


  96. Ashiel Yisrael

    What blood Hebrews also need to know is that it is not right to say that all Gentiles (aka white people) will be cast into the lake of fire, raped, and destroyed. Many of the camps think just because they are black, they have a ticket into the kingdom, but The Most High says otherwise.They need to read Isaiah 56:6-8 below:

    The immigrants who have joined me,
    serving me and loving my name, becoming my servants,
    everyone who keeps the Sabbath without making it impure,
    and those who hold fast to my covenant:
    I will bring them to my holy mountain,
    and bring them joy in my house of prayer.
    I will accept their entirely burned offerings and sacrifices on my altar.
    My house will be known as a house of prayer for all peoples,
    says the Lord God,
    who gathers Israel’s outcasts.
    I will gather still others to those I have already gathered.

  97. maria610421

    There is nothing going on in the world that Gods peopledon’t know about,, ever wondered why the Nations Hate the People of God, the creator of the world. They want to go against nature, and want to use Money to fool the Nations in false economy and false Religions, and false Politics. False Health care if you are against God and the creator how can you not have Cancer, and Mental illness, how can you push Chemicals up your Fanny and not expect to have cervical Cancer, and eat diseased animals and not catch the disease of the Jungle. Only a fool believe in a Mad mans pholospohy, paper is money once upon a time Hemp made paper they call the WEED today and a DRUG, it can cure Cancer in Modern day society, and the criminal elite say its illegal and Blacks should be imprisoned for using it, ever wondered why because its GOOD for you, and the criminal elite want you to become piosoned by Big Phamer, so they can profit from the disease they promote.

  98. Davida Braxton

    After reading some of the comments, after renting the movie, many are experiencing buffering by these oppressors trying to block the truth. I would like to buy it on DVD. Where and when will it be avail. I WANT THIS MOVIE SO PRECIOUS!! Thanks in advance

  99. onegodking

    interesting interesting interesting!!!!! right on

  100. bboy1481

    Whooo man these camps are against this Hebrew to negroes movie. Calling it satanic and such. They are full of buffoonery!

  101. MykiYah YisraYahle

    Islam will accept the new one world religion hook line and sinker that was predicted by the demonic grand wizard Albert Pike. Anyone who doesn’t know who he is needs to study.

  102. MykiYah YisraYahle

    He has revealed the truth in doctrine, history and DNA science. He covered all bases and in my opinion the revelation of this movie will intensify Yacoobs trouble.

  103. Daniel Vasquez

    I like Hebrews 13 in its entirety.

  104. Buford Drake

    First of all I know the bible better than you. I would never present to say jesus was something and force people to believe that jesus is white. I had unsubscribed to ur channel. You are fake. Have mercy on your soul… I bet that u and your group would fall into the microchip. I as a real Christian don’t reply to me.. I hate the false teachings that you are presenting

  105. Mr. K Scott jr

    BLACKS NEED MORE INFO ON Africa & How BLACKS should go back & do things the NONE WHITE WAY….

  106. Hernani figueiredo

    All praises to TMH.You are a inspiration pastor.Thank you fpr speaking the truth always

  107. Tuck Shaddon

    I don’t believe God separated us on skin tones or shades of skin, that appears to be the works of evil men. If it wasn’t skin, then eyes? If it’s wasn’t skin and eyes, then hair? Maybe you could keep going all the way to circumcision? You gentiles are so short sighted. All real Jews, Hebrew Israelites are confirmed by the blood of Yeshua HaMashiach. You have no privilege based on the flesh. Read the full scriptures. Wake up Israel Yeshua HaMashiach is real.

  108. Tomi Anne Timm

    For the King James Bible is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. from Hebrews 4:12

    1. Tomi Anne Timm

      +WillGomez Why are you speaking English?

    2. WillGomez

      Why are you adding to the word?

  109. Yvonne Simmons

    Apparently they removed the information from your links because they lead nowhere. I would love to watch the movie but the links are broken

  110. Nom Anor

    Pastor Dowell, what do you think of the Catholic Eucharist ritual and the doctrine of Transubstantiation? Do you Hebrews drink the blood of Christ and eat his flesh ??

  111. 5StarGsince88

    I watched it when it released and yes! It was well put together! Extremely informative and hard to argue with. Obviously there’s more proof in support of us being of Hebraic descent than there is to claim we are not!

  112. Stick It To Them

    I want to buy this movie not rent it

  113. antonio Overton

    For years I wondered why God allow this to happen to black people Now I am coming into understanding and truth Knowing that we are the true Hebrews , And I am starting to look at life in America a different way. very exciting. When I started to understand The Bible I knew something was very wrong with the history we’ve been taught

  114. Stick It To Them

    I love the trailer

  115. jennifer williams

    Hmm learned something interesting today ..history is repeating his self as in the past men wanted to take lead role and these men are trying to take control again over women. However the issue at hand is that men seem to think with their attraction emotions to some bad women and then some men are too harsh with their thinking and wrapped up inreligion…So……..hmm… There’s one commonality all witches need to be taken out of power as the men used witches to gain power for themselves soley and witches used power to help other witches…so…the problem is that outsiders outside of witchcraft are victims of selfish behavior and the men that utilized witches to succeed are fakers with some dark force supporters ……so the business world and life is a lie Depopulate thanks so much make room so I can get a job…

  116. Willie Washington

    I Just watched the tailor…… the movie will be my weekend homework. Thank you for sharing Pastor Dowell.

  117. Baruch YaphaYahu

    Thank you for the info and much respect Pastor Dowell, giving the fact that there hasn’t been much support for this movie from “Hebrew Israelite community”!!

  118. nicewknd

    Pasture Bowell, Historically the Chieftans of Africa sold out rival tribes to the Europeans, now they enriching themselves selling out their land (not to mention the ‘Negroes’) to the Chinese, explain?

    1. nicewknd

      +L Morris Ok, my point is this, it seems that a certain group isn’t judy selling a subset of the population but rather the land and everyone in it so a very small few can continue enriching themselves. The Caucasoids had their turn now it’s the Mongoloids.

    2. L Morris

      Not all black people in Africa are Hamites. Quite a few African nations understand that they are Hebrews, and not Hamites. Hamites are the main people who sold Hebrews into slavery to the Europeans, and the Arabs.

  119. Davida Braxton

    I saw these books on Amazon. I would also like to get in on DVD. Do you know when it will be avail? There more the awakening, even the bible is occultic and was used to subjugate mostly blacks and slaves so Christianity spread across Europe. The original Hebrew was also whitewashed in its CORRECT Interpretation by satan using the oppressors rewrite the precious script to basically a occult book that if yu do not know yu are actually rendering praise to Satan which is a title only but Satan name is God that’s short in Hebrew of God-ree-ale or Gad-ree-el/god-ree-al.that boom is NOT what we have been brainwashed; I finding out that these gods ARE NOT THE GODS OF OUR ANCESTORS!! This is a red pill that many will find hard to swallow. For those on the blue pill, just go back to sleep and miss the mass awakening.

  120. Captain RJ

    The truth is good for those that seek it. But I hope that those that don’t will be Blessed from it. With only moments left in time the evil that lurks in men may use this information to further oppress those of us that can not defend ourselves. My Wife and I are late bloomers and we Pray that Yah will keep us just a bit longer for the Ozarks are now only weeks away from becoming our reality. Remember when Yeshua said ( Who are my Mother and my brother ? Do they keep the Will of My Father? ) ? Father we heard your call, And me and mine are coming out of her as you instructed. Please hold back the Tide and make a way for us as our intentions are for your Will.. Thank You Pastor Dowell for your encouragement. Shalom.

  121. V OneForOne

    Pastor Dowell where in the Bible are we ever called Hebrews. I thought we were called Israelites of the tribes of Israel.

  122. Conservative Mexican

    Just started reading it myself =). Love the channel!!

  123. Consuela Holden

    Thank you. I will watch it.

  124. Jason Thompson

    Do anyone think that people of all races can quit putting culture before The Kingdom? Faith alone in Jesus

    1. Jason Thompson

      +Underground 401 insane to bring up race when it comes to Christ.

    2. Jason Thompson

      +Edward Turner also, it’s the time of the gentiles…. Duh.

    3. Jason Thompson

      +Edward Turner it must matter if you replied. Again, it’s about Jesus Christ dying, buried, and rose again according to scripture. Doesn’t matter the skin tone your racist.

    4. Underground 401

      Look no further than any “real Israelite” video. They’d rather stress more about Jesus’ skin tone then actually do something for their community. The only scriptures they quote are what they think proves them as the real Israelites and how Gods gonna “judge” whitey for what they’ve done.

    5. Edward Turner

      Your vain opinion matters not!!!,it’s what written in the scriptures!!!,you either with the word of God,or you are contrary to it!,and that!, would make you!.. a devil!!!.

  125. Casey Joe

    So are people with less melanin just doomed according to you all? Just wondering.

    1. Edward Turner

      Hmmm!!!,…using the US DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY INSIGNIA AS YOUR AVATAR!!!..LET ME LOOK INTO THIS!!! might be breaking the law impersonating a governmental agency!!!,let me check into this!!!.

    2. U.S Department of Homeland Security

      +Edward Turner he didn’t give you his opinion homeboy

    3. Edward Turner

      +WillGomez What ever homeboy!!!, believe what you want!!!.I’m Israel!!!,.. from the tribe of Judah!!!,your opinion matters not to me!, at all heathen!!!.

    4. WillGomez

      +Edward Turner First off, I’m not your “homeboy”. Second, there are no damn 18 nations. As far as Genesis 10 is concerned, there were 70 at that time. Probably hundreds more nations formed since then. Also, I understand The Most High is the God of ISRAEL, but people from other nations can be joined and grafted into Israel. Yes, Yah hates the other nations but he has saved individuals from those other nations (like Rahab) You can see that from Torah all the way to what is called the “New Testament “.

    5. Edward Turner

      +WillGomez That!!!,is not true home boy!!!,there are eighteen nations is the Bible,and there is one nation of people that TMH has indignation towards forever!!!,and that is Edom,and the way Bible is written and speaks about Edom,as if they are still here among us today, doing their spiritual wickedness!!!, get understanding before spreading untrue information!!!.

  126. Debbie Byers

    Alright Pastor Dowell I know Ron appreciates the shout out. Thanks from the Detroit Connection

  127. ChazaqaYah Yasharal

    Going to watch and show to my family this week

  128. LB J

    Thanks for the info Pastor Dowell

  129. Victoria Offlee


  130. Terrence B

    Shalom Pastor. Wow a movie that is truly worth watching. Know Thyself. Know your history. Great information pastor.

  131. christy jackson

    I saw it the day it was released a couple of my family members got together to watch which I think all blacks should watch the will be very surprised by the information

  132. Angie Keene

    I know that Jesus wasn’t white he was black and did you know the movie of the Christ Is R rate and my kids know that Jesus wasn’t white and they have told me that

  133. Audio

    The new covenant in Jesus wipes out all that came before. It knows no race.

    1. aaron blaylock

      Its not a race issue. You think with the western mind which established a race based society. Its about the bloodline of the Hebrews and their awakening. If you know Christ, you are grafted in the family.

  134. Jarvis Campbell

    Very informative and eye opening can’t wait to see it touches my soul.

  135. Buford Drake

    Anyone present something like Hebrew to negro is presenting themselves as racist point blank. If really want to go there, let’s go… America Indians are more bronze than black people In which are not the truth. That’s how (bible) the true word of God get misinterpreted and bring all the deception upon humanity. Go back to the book Solomon gomorah. There were not any other races (nationally) until they shot an arrow into the sky. Only then did God catch the arrow and threw it back. That’s when you have multitudes of people running around looking for people that speak the same as they

    1. tekno mytekno

      lol. man,… people are really lost.

  136. Nephytese Crawford

    Our curse has been lifted! Our eye are open

  137. 8th day man

    In Roman’s 9 when Paul the apostle referred to the ROMANS as kinsmen of the FLESH, who are of ISRAEL .

    I suppose Italians were negroes too?

    I’ll never watch one of your videos again. The Hebrew Israelites movement is the MOST HATEFUL RACIST GROUP EVER.

    Didnt realize you were secretly one of them.

    1. tekno mytekno

      bye. lol. You certainly didn’t understand Romans 9 if you think Paul was calling Roman gentiles his kinsmen of the flesh.

    2. Keypha Ben Yisrael


  138. CiCee Broadcast

    Shalom family! Greating to all Hebrews throughout the four corners of the earth. Let the Most High be praised forever! Let’s support each other and be the people that the Most High wants us to be. Shalom!

  139. Tony Gonzalez

    I’m Hispanic and will watch this on the weekend. thank you for your work brother

  140. MykiYah YisraYahle

    Pastor i too have spoken to Ron on numerous occasions he is my brother and he is very sound. You should watch his debate with a Rabbi and he was very very good.

  141. Selah Solomon

    We didn’t come from Africa or come on ships from Africa. Europeans had no money, land, etc to finance a slave trade..Truth is the slave trade happened in America and was being ran by White Jews and Kainaanites (Us)…This is the promise Land, the land of Kain, Kainaan…The Aboriginals of America aka the Kainaanites became slaves by there on people and the white Jews and backed fired on us…There is no way Europeans were that powerful to take awhole nation of people from a different continent and bring them to another…it’s ridiculous if you believe so

    1. Selah Solomon

      +Hartbeat1555 not to mention we were whooping there ass that’s why a treaty was signed between the 2 Nation’s (The Treaty of peace and friendship between the Maroccan Empire & U.S

    2. Selah Solomon

      +Hartbeat1555 yea it’s all garbage…we controlled both sides of the Atlantic…that’s why West Africans look like a mix between us and the original African…Marocco is a American Aboriginal state…Marocco was all of West Africa at one point

    3. Hartbeat1555

      So those people on “ship logs” were all made up and faked way back when. Both sides of the ocean have recorded the matter. There is a distinction between the ones that here already and those that were brought.

    4. GURU

      Selah Solomon right on!!!

  142. chachi said

    This whuz very noble of you

  143. Keita Lattimore

    The movie was great

  144. P WHALES

    Hitler said …….  *The Americans have the jewels of God. The Americans have stolen God’s precious jewels. “What do you mean his precocious jewels?”  THE SOLDIER asked. Hitler said, “America has stolen the Jews. The Jews of God.  His jewelry.  The Negroes. They are the true Hebrews.*

  145. P WHALES

    The Original and Real Hebrew Isrealites are Black and Hitler said …….  *The Americans have the jewels of God. The Americans have stolen God’s precious jewels. “What do you mean his precocious jewels?”  THE SOLDIER asked. Hitler said, “America has stolen the Jews. The Jews of God.  His jewelry.  The Negroes. They are the true Hebrews.*

  146. baby girl79

    They lie just like their farther Jesus disspute with the phairasees in John:8

  147. Thor2070

    4:48 This is Pope Frances’s intention since his New York City visit and meeting with all of the world’s spiritual leaders. i believe that was 2015, if memory serves me correct. A new bible would have to be crafted to make this a reality.

  148. Brian Rahuba

    Lol Hebrews to negros really ? Like I said I’m a mixed race. Where my culture I don’t belong anywhere. But I’m happy here in the U.S. till it falls apart before my eyes, You don’t see me whinning, I’m a American I’m good with it. Ok ok your the true people of the Bible now what ? What happens next. I can see the shit show to follow. Due too not all blacks people are Hebrews. Ok Moses was a Hebrew but he had skin color of an Egyptian as well he had to look like a Egyptian, right. Ok The so called Hebrews ran into Africa they wanted to keep their law’s and the Africans where not having it. So know the Hebrews must look like Africans as well . I see What’s in the Middle East, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,Turkey they don’t all look black to me. Oh that’s right inter marriages ok got it. Point taken . Ok now what. What happens now ? If your the true chosen people. You still need a saviour just like any other man or woman. There no other why into God’s Kingdom without Jesus Christ/Yashusha .Ok Mr Dow your a true descendent of the Bible now what. Hmmm. See what I’m saying so what. While the Bible clearly states no difference between Jew or Gentiles under the blood of Yashusha/Jesus Christ. What are we to do now, your the chosen ones. Are you really thinking we should kiss your ass. It’s not gonna happen. Why start a division here go back to Iseral then and start this mindset in Iseral, it’s your true home go there and fight for it. Why start a problem here since America its not your true home you can’t have this issue both ways. The only truth is Yashusha/Jesus Christ. I don’t care what color Yashusha/Jesus Christ was. Color is not salvation nor was it taught it either. Can you save me Mr. Dow ? Nope. There is only one. Ok your the chosen people your not a African American your a Hebrew. So how did you labeled yourself in this country ? White,Hispanic,African American or other. Did you put Hebrew in the other box ? If you did not you lied to the government then. You can’t be African American if your race is Hebrew. I just can’t believe everything that going wrong in this country and this Hebrew thing is going to solve anything. While this Hebrew agendas and your so called people in the streets screaming at white people’s saying their from Esau and God hates them. While Yashusha/Jesus Christ said love thy enemy. They are just pushing buttons again. Now I understand why the Africans enslaved the Hebrews and sold your black asses just to get them out of their country that the Hebrews ran into then tried to push their laws. Can you see this problem here. People just dont care and a lot of blacks don’t care as well unless it fits their agenda. Think I’m wrong Pastor hit the streets then go to Chicago and L.A. Newark N.J. Camden N.J. Baltimore and go find out who is Hebrew and go save your people’s but Africans ain’t Hebrews even Mandela knows this. U-Tube this I wanna see this shit show unfold. So if the United States ain’t your home your free to go and go please, Go back to Iseral and start this agenda pulled down their flag with the star of David even that narrative is wacked out due to the star of David is not even biblical. Their is a shield of David but no star. The only reference of a star is the Hebrews went after a strange star according to the Bible. This is where you get the removal of the 1st Iseral nation flag that had the menorrah on it to be replaced by the star of David for their national flag. Sounds like I know what I’m talking about. Something did happen over there I’m sure of it. But if you won’t stand on your own orginal land and fight for it why do it in this country ? Makes no dam sense to me !!!!!!

    1. Brian Rahuba

      +Jackie Duggan I’m not upset at all. It’s the division’s that bothers me.

    2. Brian Rahuba

      +Talyah K your wrong about me. I go to a all black church and I love that church. I won’t say I’m white it’s not true I’m beige if I was white that would make me a albino. I know my colors. I hate no man. I would have walked and died with Marther Luther King he had a true spirit of unifying not making division. That man wanted equality and I believe in this as well. I’m sorry how the black where treated in this country should have never had happen. But I played not part in it. One I was to young 2nd I would been screaming to end slavery. And let blacks live like everybody else with respect and dignity for all ok. It was the govt. That enslaved your race with welfare. Martin Luther King was against it ! Sorry you feel like you do. God Bless….

    3. Jackie Duggan

      Dude!, why are you rambling? Why are you so upset to find out that the True Chosen People the bible speaks of is the Negoes? Obviously you didn’t have any problem when you were being lied to about the FAKE JEWISH people in Israel. You are definitely showing your TRUE color. SMH

    4. Brian Rahuba

      +titus 1:13 milly that’s right it would be it’s not the agendas just for Hebrews. Feel free to really read the Bible it’s only for the Hebrews right it shows how we are to live but you so called Hebrews really think it’s about you, it’s a LIE ! Because your own history book even says so. It don’t matter the message is God see no difference between Jew or Gentiles under the blood of Yashusha/Jesus Christ. It’s not worth reading then your denying your own history book. So what are you standing on….

    5. titus 1:13 milly

      That was so boring to read


    When you read Deuteronomy and find out it’s about us so called African Americans and you smile and say Ha-lay-lu-Yah.

  150. Azriel Yisrael

    I watched the movie and i absolutely love it!

  151. mark padgett

    Spirit is nongender and colorless !

    1. Ike Alonzo

      Don’t misconstrue Truth with hate. You and yours practice hate. I live in Truth. Your kind is mankind. I’m a hue-man. Learn before I educate you.

    2. Thomas Luther Jones II™

      Then I put the bait right in front of you and you didn’t even catch what I was saying, During you Judgement I going to be there, so tell the son and the Father what you told me and don’t forget your resume about the so-called religions that you studied. If you were a righteous man, you would have replied by saying, Sorry but you want be at my judgment because I come up in the first resurrection. That should have been your reply. But you have all the knowledge, your an idiot. I am going to say this for the last time. Start over, the knowledge that you claim to have is corrupt. I’m not going to entertain your foolish any more. Please do not reply.

    3. mark padgett

      +Thomas Luther Jones II™ Get this..The Red letters is the word read and what you read shapes your beliefs.
      There is no truth in any beliefs or even in the word “Be lie ve”
      As for a womens judgement lmao…seriously !
      Gender does not matter in the presence of truths, judgement is in the Spirit of Truths and this judgement is righteousness and in truths..this equals justice and being justified !
      Wo’man represents the fall of man by mans desires over truths because of the pure beauty in the appearance of things, outwardly we assume Golds purity while our insides are tarnished by the perception of things.
      Brother I wish no resentment but pick up a dictionary and learn the connection of words !

    4. Thomas Luther Jones II™

      +mark padgett are you serious, the book was written to Hebrew israelites, by Hebrew israelites but it benefits the whole world. When you said I go by the words in red, the words in red are no such thing. Man did that, so you come back with some bullshit that didn’t even apply to the cepher. Here’s one question since I have a lack of understanding. Is a woman judged at the final judgment?

    5. Thomas Luther Jones II™


  152. Lorraine Shobajo

    IM SOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! Straight Confirmation Added to the SPIRITUAL POT! Shalom🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾

  153. Jack Frost

    Amen!!! If you look History in the eye, You’re gonna get A black eye… ( Bill Cosby)

  154. Prime 76

    I am going straight to it Pastor Dowell 👊🏾👍🏽and I am seeing the light day by day from you.

  155. Indigenous Ame Rican Leo

    Hebron shalom I appreciate what you do with your great information

  156. reality check

    😈 *Pastor Dowell is a Devil* 😈

  157. andre jones

    Pastor I been listening to you for about 2 years and thus far every time I’ve gone behind you found that you are spot on about the Bible

  158. Traymon Bartlett

    Pastor Dowell: I am a black Israelite I noticed that you have caucasians in your assembly but do you believe that the Caucasian race are the descendants of the ancient scythians therefore they are Israelites as well?

    1. So Luved

      +Jason Milschmidt That’s played out now….smh grow up dude

    2. So Luved

      +aaron blaylock That part! 😂😂🤔 They mad😂😂

    3. aaron blaylock

      +Jason Milschmidt we wuz chozen an still iiz.

    4. Jason Milschmidt


    5. So Luved

      We don’t call each other “black” anything. So I know your not in the truth! You would never say that…lol

  159. Donald Blackmon

    Thank you Pastor Dowell, I’m humbledI highly regard your recommendations

  160. Buford Drake

    Jesus was not black, the bible clearly stated that jesus was bronze color. Even the Jews were of bronze, there are only 3 shades of bronze,,, from light to dark bronze. I am a Christian and I don’t believe in that false sided teachings. Jesus was neither black nor white but of bronze…

    1. aaron blaylock

      Negroes are bronze, many shades of it. Hamite Africans are usually a darker earthy complexion. Every one days color doesent matter until the truth comes out, then people get offended.

    2. Sun Soul

      You forget the word (BURNISHED BRONZE)

    3. Jackie Duggan

      Buford Drake, you need to continue reading the verses in the bible, it clearly states that Jesus/Yahawashi color was bronze as if it was burnt in a furnace. Which means he was dark skinned. It seems like you just HATE the idea to know that the NEGOES are the TRUE Chosen People the bible speaks of. I’m sure you were ok being lied to all these years about the Fake JEWISH people in Israel. I would think you would like to seek the TRUTH. The negoes are finding out their true history and your pissted off about it? You need to check yourself!

    4. Vivian Jones

      This is crazy. What color have to do with it? What ever happen to all mankind an Human race. I dont see color he created us all. Foolishness.

    5. Nikki Marsh

      Blk ppl are not literally blk. I’m bronze color , ur point?

  161. Mi Channel

    From one Vet to Another, I like your content… But as a Muslim, and former Christian, you must understand that there is no clergy in Islam. An Imam is a title given to one who leads prayer… That’s all! There is no ‘Leader of Islam,’ other than The One and Only God; Creator of All Things!

    1. Manuel Ruffin


  162. Outcast wanderer

    There it goes, the Tribes are only so and so. Too bad for everyone else.

    1. Outcast wanderer

      +Hartbeat1555 ? What?

    2. Hartbeat1555

      Aawww…butt hurt because of a little truth. Do you believe in the coming Messiah? That’s it!

  163. Zen Maintenance

    Timothy 1:4 neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do
    Galatians 3:28 -29 there is neither Jew nor Greek, is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s, then ye are of Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the Promise.
    …When you go chasing rabbits, its wise to take your bible with you.

    1. Tazz Mania Music

      Zen Maintenance obviously, you must don’t know in Acts Paul was put on trial for the same scriptures you quoted and he said that he didn’t say that because nothing goes against the covenant The Most High made with his people. So, if you’re going to vouch for Paul, you have to vouch all the way. Gentiles can’t be Jews because white people can’t be blacks or ADOS, The true Hebrews of the scriptures. What the Caucasians feel when they read the scriptures with understanding is what the black man and woman feel in America knowing we will always be looked at as 3/5 of a human being. No matter how much money you have or how many wars you done fought in, you will still be 3/5 of a human being. God chose these people, The edomites, to put us in check because we now know we got besides ourselves and thought we were more than TMH and didn’t keep the commandments. So TMH put a people over us with the same attitude to chastise and humble us. When your children disobey you, you punish them, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love them. You want them to recognize the value in themselves and apreciate the privileges that come with it and not abuse the power given by being irresponsible.

    2. aaron blaylock

      Its also wise to take your blinders off. If genealogies were not important, they would not be in the word. Being grafted in through Christ does not take away the importance The Father has put on his promise to restore and gather his chosen from the corners of the earth.

  164. Ch D

    First and foremost thank you for all the well rounded info & teaching that you share, but most of all, that farm and community that GOD has lead & used you to build is simply BEAUTIFUL you are years ahead of most in your thinking, i thank GOD for how he is using you to teach & work to be prepared spiritually and physically for future events , thanks to all that put their hands to the plow to build with you, and to see a black man do what you are doing makes me so proud of you. May GOD, Strengthen, Provided, & Protect Anoint You & Yours with Wisdom & Power to Lead……

  165. louann williams

    I have been listening to a man about the true hebrews.Im white and have no problems with blacks being hebrews.But I’ve heard them say all whites are edomites? Some have said all whites are evil and must die. IF true why did God reveal. Him self to me? My life changed in one day. The power and pureness of the Almighty is awsome.Ive heard many say those kids of a Catholic school were bad which was a total lie.The chief of the Native Americans indians apologized . God judges the heart .white citizens were lied to also.Why is all whites bashed ? The democratic kkk party was the lynch mobs and killed alot of the Native American indians. Many whites died fighting against slavery. God is just and loves his children. To me the political beast system is not our friends. Worldwide chaos why? It’s the corrupt governments.Not to mention the murder of innocents 60 + million babies murdered.just here in USA.There blood CRYS out from the earth. Legal murder.All the children used for sex trafficking .Satanic abuse .No one CRYS out for these children.woe! Woe! Woe!,

    1. Bat today

      Your dishonest

    2. chel wes

      There is something bigger on the horizon. What you saw on the media was a political move they didn’t care that it might ruin someone’s life. At first I was angry with those guys yelling at those boys saying all that hateful stuff. I was mad that those kids had death threats made against them. BHI the next day posted their whole video. It showed what really happened. If you watch the video that is almost 2 hours it’s their video. By posting it those same men reveled a bigger truth. Get yourself in order and prepare your home. Keep watching.

    3. Ashiel Yisrael

      We are Hebrews by BLOOD but it is all about your love for The Most High if you can be called a part of Israel. Many Hebrews will be cast into the lake of fire and many Gentiles will be saved. It is about your obedience to The Most High. Being a blood Hebrew will not get us into the kingdom. So ignore the ignorant. The hate they are spewing is not of The Most High. They will be cast into the lake of fire. Jesus will tell them to depart from Him.

  166. Huey Anderson

    Yes , I Thank you for this information. Much respect as always.

  167. saterll singh

    I’m sorry sir I don’t mean to hijack your channel but I like your content and I feel like you’re outstanding gentleman I just wanted to place this here to bring something to your attention and hopefully some of your followers attention if you find some worth in it please sir repost or put out a comment on your Channel. Thanks

  168. Alex Rubio

    This is very exciting!!! Thank you Brother for sharing this crucial information.

    In my studies of the Bible, I always questioned why the physical description(s) of King David, Moshe, just to name a few, described them as having “a dark and Ruddy complexion” or “his skin was the color of bronze”?

    These descriptions fly in the face of who the world knows are the “Jews.”

    I thank the Lord for revealing to me several years ago who God’s true people are. Hallelujah!!!

    Praise the Lord for His Revelation!!!

    Thank you and the ministry of Straitway for standing on truth and proclaiming it to all who have an ear to hear!!!

    Glory to the King!!! He is coming back real soon!!!

  169. Jackie Long

    Praise Yah and the soon coming King. Thank you Pastor. I will pass this information on to all that I can.

  170. Malikah Israel

    All Praises Pastor Dowell

  171. Blink Gone

    Thank you for sharing this information Pastor Dowell!

  172. THE VOICE OF REASON Fruzzel

    Sholom,,,,on point my Hebrew Brother,,I’m in Atlanta, I’ll look him up …check out school of Hebrews Pastor Thibuex

  173. George Washington

    I am a white man and I would like to see this movie. I love the truth and if this is really the truth, this will really shake the world. (((🌎)))

    1. Juanita Tarpkins


    2. Jason Thompson

      +DreamGyrl360 you wear your bigotry well. We all know that Christ has never been white. Sorry you can’t think on your own.

    3. DreamGyrl360

      +Jason Thompson people only say “who cares” when they hear someone say he wasn’t white.

    4. Fabian Cortez

      +lat woods

      There is zero indication that God was referring to skin color at Amos 9:7. Where does He mention anything about the physical characteristics of Ethiopians? The truth is YOU are injecting the supposed physical appearance of Ethiopians. Amos 9:7 does not discuss appearances. Do you think the only way human beings can be compared to each other is by superficial characteristics? From the context, God may have been comparing the manner in which he allowed the nation of Israel to defeat ETHIOPIANS when they brought an extremely large army against the sons of Israel. *(2 CHRONICLES 14:9-15; 16:8)* God was the Warrior King of Israel and he blessed them with their victories over other nations. However, those blessings were ONLY provided when Israel was OBEDIENT. The book of Amos was directed to a REBELLIOUS and DISOBEDIENT Israel. God was proclaiming that HE WAS REMOVING HIS PROTECTION from them. NO longer could they count on Him to deliver them from warring nations. Just as God gave the Cushites into the hand of Israel He would now allow other nations (ASSYRIANS and BABYLONIANS) to defeat His chosen people due to their disobedience. That is most likely the comparison.

    5. Jason Thompson

      +Zachary Thomas also, explain what we make up or are you just speaking on your hatred?

  174. John Hue

    Pastor Dowell. Does the movie go into detail about the movement of the Exodus tribes and where they ended up through time? I have Jamaican Maroon run away slave ancestors that were descended from the Ashant tribe in Ghana and I know that this is one of the tribes that believe they are Israelite and want to investigate more. I was not looking for this with an axe to grind but I want evidence based investigation that gets to the truth not stuff that suits a personal agenda. I knew
    Haile Selassie was a direct decendant of Soloman but there are several West African tribes such as the Yoruba,the Ibo,the Katsena plus Ashanti ,the Ewe and that also claim to be Israelite.

    1. John Hue

      +M. J. Lee The so called chosen people selected the real chosen people for a warm time. It is amazing people buy into Israel illusion it is like sticking a kitten amungst a litter of puppies and expact people to pass it off as a dog but people have bought into it. The Vatican must be sitting on a wealth of information that they have kept hidden. It is one big scam. This is far bigger than a white black thing it is a control thing by a certain small cabal and they are screwing everyone.

    2. M. J. Lee

      We’re the chosen people. End of days.

  175. Nicole Holness

    Yup! Saw it weeks ago with the family. Had to stop and rewind several times. Took us 6 hours to get through the whole movie. It answered all our questions. Shalom

    1. Luke DollarSign

      Nicole Holness I saw that on Vimeo but the comments were bad on the quality of the film. Stating it only shows 15 minutes of the film then buffers endlessly. Did you have that problem as well?

    2. Nicole Holness

      Davida Braxton they have it on Vimeo for rental for $15 24hr

    3. todah isreal

      +big guns ok, well buy the book. There’s knowledge there. IMHO I think it’s worth it. For so long we have been without identity that I feel like some answers are worth a few bucks. People spend twice as much on things that don’t mean anything! But, it’s your decision. I feel you. ☮️

    4. big guns

      +todah isreal it is not on DVD they want you to spend $11 to rent it good luck I’m not

    5. todah isreal

      +Davida Braxton check Amazon. They have books and DVD.

  176. Ray

    Thank u for the truth

  177. kerry Bain

    People don’t want to know the truth. I offered to facilitate watching it to my co workers. But only if they contribute to the cost, and they were not interested. They love darkness.

  178. heather Washington

    Awesome and well put together!!! MUST share this movie documentary trailer with not only my family but friends and strangers alike! Thank you and peace to you and yours………

  179. United Geometry

    A little confused by this ? Are you saying the Jews were black? Black Jesus ? I’ve done much study on the history of the world & never have I came across that the Hebrews were black ? The Israelites to ?
    Just fishing for info.

    1. Branden Blackwill

      +Timothy Shelsea the so called middle east is still africa lol they call it the middle east to confuse ppl. Black ppl occupied all of that land originally

    2. Timothy Shelsea

      Trust….neither Yahshua or the Hebrews were African /black. Nor were they white /European. They were middle eastern in appearance. The claim that they were Black is just as much an error as saying they were White.

    3. Diane Matlock

      +John Beta no I have not…however this orange one…
      Where did IT come from???

    4. Umberto Errechitto

      The Origin and Insufficiency of the Black Hebrew Israelite Movement By Jimmy Butts  Only Jesus can save us all.  Only Jesus.

    5. K J

      +R5150i Cairo, IN. Lots of answers lie in that little city…if we’re talking Hebrew

  180. Garry Farmer

    Excellent program today fantastic,, if I may pose a question,,,, if everything in this world is a lie,,, why wouldn’t the Bible be a lie too?? because it has been translated so many times I’m sure the truth has been lost in the translation,,,

    1. mike daponte

      I’m surprised to see that the king James translation of The Bible appears to be corrupted. There were 15 instructions given to the translators (according to the cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and ecclesiastical literature.)

      King James gave 15 instructions to the translators

      “1. The ordinary Bible, read in the church, commonly called the Bishop’s Bible, to be followed, and as little altered as the original
      will permit.

      2. The names of the prophets and the holy writers, with the other names in the text, to be retained, as near as may be, according
      as they are vulgarly used.

      3. The old ecclesiastical words to be kept; as the word church, not to be translated congregation, &c.

      4. When any word hath divers significations, that to be kept which has been most commonly used by the most eminent fathers,
      being agreeable to the propriety of the place, and the analogy of the faith.

      5. The division of the chapters to be altered, either not at all, or as little as may be, if necessity so require.

      6. No marginal notes at all to be affixed, but only for the explanation of the Hebrew or Greek words, which cannot, without some
      circumlocution, so briefly and fitly be expressed in the text.

      7. Such quotations of places to be marginally set down, as shall serve for the fit references of one scripture to another.

      8. Every particular man of each company to take the same chapter of chapters; and having translated or amended them
      severally by himself, where he thinks good, all to meet together, to confer what they have done, and agree for their part
      what shall stand.

      9. As any one company hath dispatched any one book in this manner, they shall send it to the rest to be considered of seriously
      and judiciously: for his Majesty is very careful in this point.

      10. If any company, upon the review of the book so sent, shall doubt or differ upon any places, and therewithal to send their
      reasons; to which if they consent not, the difference to be compounded at the general meeting, which is to be the chief persons of
      each company, at the end of the work.

      11. When any place of special obscurity is doubted of, letters to be directly by authority to send to any learned in the land for his
      judgment in such a place.

      12. Letters to be sent from every bishop to the rest of the clergy, admonishing them of this translation in hand, and to move and
      charge as many as being skillful in the tongues, have taken pains in that kind, to send their particular observations to the
      company, either at Westminster, Cambridge, or Oxford, according as it was directed before the king’s letter to the archbishop.

      13. The directors in each company to be deans of Westminster and Chester, and the king’s professors in Hebrew and Greek in
      the two universities.

      14. These translations to be used when they agree better with the text than the Bishop’s Bible, viz. Tyndale’s, Coverdale’s,
      Matthew’s, Whitchurch’s, Geneva.”

      15. Besides the said Directors before mentioned, three or four of the most Ancient and Grave Divines, in either of the
      Universities, not employed in Translating, to be assigned by the vice-Chancellor, upon Conference with the rest of the Heads, to
      be Overseers of the Translations as well Hebrew as Greek, for the better observation of the 4th Rule above specified.”

      I’ve heard that the 3rd rule, “The old ecclesiastical words to be kept; as the word church, not to be translated congregation, &c.'”
      Is a lie, because the words are not ecclesiastical, meaning inspired by GOD, because they were changed to keep the church in power.

      Maybe we shouldn’t use kjv other than research, seeing as how even strongs concordance is corrupted 4234 is “office” in strongs concordance when the actual Greek word seen in Roman’s 12:4 “πρᾶξιν”, or praxis meaning “function” does not mean office at all. Driven assembly did a good job explaining this on youtube, so I do not use the kjv, I use the interlinear Bible.

      The interlinear Bible, has Scripture in it’s original language AND English.

      For those that do not have Google play, you can view it online as well

      And there are physical books available as well,

    2. L Morris

      Garry Farmer
      Understanding Bible prophecy will show that the Bible is accurate, and that nothing has been lost in translation. It is a history book of the Israelites, and not a novel. So, reading it from cover to cover won’t help to understand it. You have to take precept upon precept, line upon line, and find verses here a little, and there a little, out them together, and it will tell a particular story. This means that different places in the Bible tell the same story, but from a slightly different vantage point. Putting them together gives you an accurate account of that story. When you do this with end time prophecy, you will see that they tell you exactly where we currently are regarding those prophecies.
      Hope this helps.

    3. MykiYah YisraYahle

      +Donna Nichols i agree. I have spoken to Ron on several occasions. His father is a pastor in the same organization i was ordained and was a pastor in. We immediately had a lot in common. I am trying to reach Pastor Dowell for a brief conversation if its the will of the most High we will. Ron like myself grew up in the Apostolic church and all we all want is the truth to be revealed.

    4. Donna Nichols

      +MykiYah YisraYahle This Documentary is very factual.No lies here.Bro Ronald does Massive research an has left no stones unturned.

    5. MykiYah YisraYahle

      What you are saying is a trick of the devil. You have to remember when our forefathers were brought on slave ships to America not only did they not understand the language when they could years later they could not read so there was no need to change the scriptures any more than they did by changing the names of The Most High and our Hamasheiac. Removing books from the scriptures. Remember in everything The Most High Yah is in control. All they thought they had hidden is now being revealed.

  181. Rise of an ancient Kingdom YAOUNDE

    All praises to YAHUWAH and may you continue to be magnified Pastor of Yah.
    I watched 4 times and I’m definitely pushing for everyone to see it and promote it.
    I’ll definitely be ordering it again, its so real pastor that my son has started studying his bible and just like a true Hebrew young man he’s now starting to carry his sword wherever he goes and all I can say is to Yah be the glory.
    I think it’s a brilliant weapon for war for our children it builds your spirit man and gets you excited about life Hallelu Yah Shalom


    #Thewakeupcall Shalom

  183. Rodney Bredy

    A pope and an iman. Are we jumping into the world bending the news

    1. Rodney Bredy

      Red Beard’s Racing Click bait. Do you know what an Iman is? If Pastor Dowell was in a Muslim area of this world he’d be called an Iman not Pastor. Wake up bro. I will watch the movie tonight, but nonfake news please.

    2. Jonathan Ball

      One day you’re stomping for Trump, now Hebrews to Negroes, which Dowell do we believe, or as you say are you trying to stimulate thought, 🤔

  184. Jon Dixon

    Thanks and enjoy your day too.

  185. I am TrevorMac

    The truth is the truth… 🙏🏾

  186. Delano James

    Bless you Shepherd, always at the cutting-edge of truth.

  187. jake white

    Thank you sir.

  188. Righteousness-over-Religion Righteousness!!

    You tube and Other Social platforms Can be your Biggest enemy whn We’re not producing Contents that fall withing their Agenda!!. To Suppress and Manipulate minds..Shalom pastor Dowell✊🏿

    1. Jason Thompson

      +Daughter Of Zion True Israel so your more concerned with race than what he did for the world. No one hide anything. We are all the tribes of Israel and we come from the same blood. Don’t put culture before the Kingdom. World knows he isn’t white either.

    2. Daughter Of Zion True Israel

      +Jason Thompson What kind of question is that? It matters a great deal because they hid our true history.

    3. Jason Thompson

      So why does it matter what is the skin tone of anyone when it comes to the people in the Bible?

  189. shirley sorrell

    Good Morning

  190. Bryan Paquette

    Price is a bit heavy for a rental

    1. kerry Bain

      +AhaYAH Bepraised I used my firestick. downloaded vimeo app to both cell and fire stick, and paid the rental through the cell vimeo app

    2. John Bidden

      Bryan Paquette Now that’s humility! Blessings to you✊🏾✊🏾 All Praise to the Most High

    3. Bryan Paquette

      +John Bidden I did purchase the rental myself along with the first Hebrews to negroes book. Maybe my comment was hasty and ignorant. I Gotta remember he aint using Hollywood to produce this and therefore needs to be compensated appropriately. I appreciate your words of wisdom

    4. John Bidden

      Thanks for sharing with your audience Pastor Dowell. 

      I’ve purchased and read all 3 books including 2 tickets to view the movie the day it premiered. Totally over $200 plus donations. (NOT BOASTING) Just making a point. Drop in the bucket when it comes to 
      1. Seeking truth and knowledge unveiling what has not been promulgated.
      2. I paid the $100 vip for the movie, just to help support and spread what I have learned through Ron Dalton’s research.
      “Price is a bit heavy for a rental” is a peasant and a stagnant statement to make. I encourage you to change your thinking.

      Psalms 25: 2 – It is the glory of Elohim to conceal a thing: but the honor of king’s is to search out a matter.

      Either you have a peasant mentality or the mentality of a KING.
      Money is no matter to Kings in order to search out a matter.
      Be encouraged Bryan Paquette

    5. AhaYAH Bepraised

      +kerry Bain Where did you purchase it from Amazon? I will like to purchase a copy.

  191. milliround PAY US ONE WAY OR ANOTHER


    1. Daughter Of Zion True Israel


    2. Yawasap Shawmar


    3. LaDon Collins

      You’re right the loving it was with the Israelites everyone that survive the flood and their descendants was Hebrew the covenant was made with the Israelites

    4. milliround PAY US ONE WAY OR ANOTHER


    5. LaDon Collins

      Was not Esau a Hebrew#Israelites forever

  192. Fonzie

    Good morning, good evening, good afternoon, ladys and gentlemen citizens of youtube , this is Pastor Dowell ! 😁👏👏👏👏

    1. Patricia King

      I know!!! I Love this greeting too!!!! When you hear it, you know that it is learning time. It is like a call to action!!!! I put everything down and pay attention!!! Love this Ministry!!! APTTMH!!! Shalom!!!

  193. Ne'arYaH

    Thank you Pastor Dowell!

  194. ThinkersForce U2Think

    Thanks Pastor! I haven’t been following that long – less than a year – but I take heed to everything I hear from you.

  195. GET IT BOY

    Thank you my brother

    1. PastorDowell

      Your welcome.

  196. The Jeff Barnes you've heard is crazy.

    Only calling black men brother. Sad.

    1. Mike

      +Edward Turner
      I will pray for you and all others with similar views.
      Your hatred is making you blind you need to repent and get right with the Lord before it’s to late.

    2. Edward Turner

      +T Mackall These heathens are scared bruh!!!coming onto these boards with their vain opinions,that don’t mean nothin!!!they cryin’ and scared to death!,but hold up!,where was all that fear when they were raping our people,killing our people without mercy, and murdering at will?!!!,.oooohhhHHHH!!!,the time of the heathen gentiles is almost up!!!,..and fear is all over them!!!,GOOD!!!,BECAUSE TMH GOD IS JUST STARTING TO THROW DOWN!!!.

    3. T Mackall

      +Edward Turner facts!!!!!!!

    4. Edward Turner

      When yall really and truly begun to act like brothers, we might just call you a brother, until then, keep your perpetual hatred to thyself!.

    5. T Mackall

      If u are white, when has the blackman ever bn yo brother. Stop trolling. Blacks should show love for self. Peace

  197. John Beta

    The Jewish people don’t want to see this movie hit theaters because if it does the jig is up.

    1. Ronda Gatts

      +Anthony Nelson That’s right.

    2. Ronda Gatts

      Their jig is already up.
      Prophecy CANNOT be stopped.

    3. jimmie t

      Facts let it hit 🎥

    4. Donna Nichols

      Good thing is Hollywood never had nothing to do with this movie.We all took all money to Put together the entire thing.I am a gentile who is part of The Rebirth family. over a year.Its not a movie its a documentary.But it is very well done an Brother Dalton had this vision years ago for this documentary.I say watch it 2×its very informative like no other.I am a gentile an i been knew the . truth.But this informs you of above an beyond.I’d love to watch it again.Shalom

    5. Frank DeFalco

      What a joke

  198. paul brown

    Pastor Dowell enjoying your message of truth and knowledge

    1. maria610421

      Whats the time Mr Wolf, he has created a LIE for you to believe against the Creator who made the world, so they have slowed down the time, its like a Car travelling at high speed, and break suddenly. The correct time when the Sun is in the High Heavens its Mid day, but what is in the Sky at Mid day, the Moon, so do the Maths what time is it when the Moon is in the Sky at Mid day, its 6 AM, and if the SUN should be in the Mid Heavens at 12 Mid day its 6 PM in the evening in real TIME, the 6.6.6. If 666 is a Mans Number whose number is it, its the people who made it up to deceive the world Man trying to deceive the world. Which gives us their B/Shit called Global warming, why because they are messing around with Nature, Monsanto, messing with Nature, Bill Gates Messing with Nature to Kill Blacks, like Margret Sanger messing to Kill Blacks why Blacks because they are Gods people. Not the Jews as we are forced to believe, which is a made up B/Shit there is no people in the world who are Europeans called Jews, its a lie, like the Moon is the High Heavens ar Mid day instead of the SUN, ever wondered why you are Hot at NIGHT instead of the day when the Sun is shining, and then there is the other question why is the SUN and the Moon out togeather? From time to time.

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