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2,494 Thoughts to “The Holographic Universe (Part One)”

  1. Getmoney Nigga

    So if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around to hear it it doesn’t make a sound?

  2. Getmoney Nigga

    So now there’s space inside our bodies? It’s not oxygen or anything?

  3. Damon Himeji Higgins

    Was brought here from Scar Symmetry. Their album is as phenomenal as this theory!

  4. Nonconcensusical

    Our Universe is created when angular momentum and surface tension is applied to the universal field (X and Y) when our field (Z) is applied.

  5. Rethink Everything

    Matrix is latin for womb, hence her name is quite properly named ‘mother earth’. Yet the citizens of this world are still unwittingly bound to a cave in which Plato wrote his ‘allegory’. Those who awaken to a reality thrown inside-out will find the literal meaning.

  6. The Don

    My mind is blown

  7. Yolanda Sirri

    I don’t get it !! If this were the case why cant i walk backward through my wall i’m not looking at it so shouldnt it be a wave of not solid reality

  8. Antony Bradbury

    This guy is living in the Twilight Zone

  9. Antony Bradbury

    99% of Americans, and the Welsh, are thick, dumb and stupid. And of those, 99% 80% are really dumb!

  10. Mingtao Li

    Hollywood = Holography ?

    1. csmcmillion

      No. Hollywood = Homography

  11. Mingtao Li

    I can’t imagine that this video use hollywood movie to explain some physics theories. Did NASA use hollywood photographers to shoot “men on the moon” pictures?

  12. Mingtao Li

    Face it, you physicists don’ t know anything about this real world. You physicists are trying to use philosophy to explain physics problems.

    1. csmcmillion

      Tell us what YOU know about the absolute nature of reality. We’ll get the popcorn out,,,

  13. RogerTHFC

    I was really getting into the movie “The Thirteenth Floor.” Gotta watch it now

    1. RogerTHFC

      And he gave it as homework…hahah

  14. Mass Potential

    There’s a spiritual book that completely removes a material conception and explains true being and has healed multi millions throughout the Earth throughout it’s 100 years published, even has 100 pages of testimonies, called SCIENCE AND HEALTH.

    A few definitions in this Beautiful Book in it’s Glossary:

    Man. The compound idea of infinite Spirit; the spirit‐
    ual image and likeness of God; the full representation of

    Matter. Mythology; mortality; another name for
    mortal mind; illusion; intelligence, substance, and life
    in non-intelligence and mortality; life resulting in death,
    and death in life; sensation in the sensationless; mind
    originating in matter; the opposite of Truth; the oppo‐
    site of Spirit; the opposite of God; that of which immortal
    Mind takes no cognizance; that which mortal mind sees,
    feels, hears, tastes, and smells only in belief.

    Mind. The only I, or Us; the only Spirit, Soul, divine
    Principle, substance, Life, Truth, Love; the one God;
    not that which is in man, but the divine Principle, or God,
    of whom man is the full and perfect expression; Deity,
    which outlines but is not outlined.

    Miracle. That which is divinely natural, but must
    be learned humanly; a phenomenon of Science.

    Morning. Light; symbol of Truth; revelation and

    Mortal Mind. Nothing claiming to be something,
    for Mind is immortal; mythology; error creating other
    errors; a suppositional material sense, alias the belief
    that sensation is in matter, which is sensationless; a be‐
    lief that life, substance, and intelligence are in and of
    matter; the opposite of Spirit, and therefore the opposite
    of God, or good; the belief that life has a beginning
    and therefore an end; the belief that man is the off‐
    spring of mortals; the belief that there can be more than
    one creator; idolatry; the subjective states of error;
    material senses; that which neither exists in Science nor
    can be recognized by the spiritual sense; sin; sickness;

    1. Mass Potential


      Sad you feel so… Considering the lady who wrote it once had a guy hold a gun up as if ready to shoot and she told him straight out “You’re not going to shoot me. Give me that..” and the man handed it over to her! She then shared such a Book to him that probably dramatically transformed him and perhaps he too began healing others or introducing them to such a Beautiful Book. It’s documented, and as well can be found in her Bibliography..

      She also had a Dr. call her saying a man was to soon pass, she was able to come over to say last prayers before him doing so, and within 15 minutes she was in his hospital room, sat beside him and noticed death was upon his brow, nearly dead and within 10 to 15 minutes the guy was out of bed, placing his clothes on him and left the hospital full restored health, is also in her Bibliography, skeptical one.

      With gratitude to God I acknowledge my lifelong debt to Christian Science. In 1895 I attended my first Christian Science meeting, and was deeply impressed with the earnestness of the people and the love reflected, but as for the spiritual healing of the physical body, I did not believe such a thing to be possible. I bought Science and Health and studied it to be able to dispute intelligently with the supposedly deluded followers of Christian Science. I pursued the study carefully and thoroughly, and I have had abundant reason since to be glad that I did, for through this study, and the resultant understanding of my relation to God, I was healed of a disease with which I had been afflicted since childhood and for which there was no known remedy. Surely my experience has been the fulfilling in part of the Scripture: “He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” I believe that Science and Health reveals the Word referred to by David.  — C. A. B. B., Kansas City, Mo.
      SH 666:27-18
      From Concord Express – A Christian Science Study Resource: The King James Version of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s published writings

    2. csmcmillion

      That book should be called Superstitious Nonsense.

  15. masao shiose

    “– and pompous fools drive me up the wall. Ordinary fools are alright; you can talk to them and try to help them out. But pompous fools – guys who are fools and covering it all over and impressing people as to how wonderful they are with all this hocus pocus – THAT, I CANNOT STAND! “― Richard Feynman

  16. Jan-Peter Schuring

    There are many points of contention to the proposition of consciousness being involved on the collapse of the wave function . Some hold that there is in fact a cumulative effect of consciousness, involving various “participants” in various sizes and forms, that create the shared reality that we all experience…..this is the so called “consensus reality.” The question of “who” or “what” make up this “consensus” is still up in the air so to speak.

    Decoherence theory rejects consciousness outright as a needed observer and posits that it is the “interaction” with anything already “fixed in time and space” that causes a kind of “decay” of the wave… until it finally pops out into a fixed particle. This theory has recently been seriously questioned with experimental data that again seems to suggest that something more “aware” needs to involved to make the wave collapse….but not necessarily human consciousness.

  17. Static Society

    this also explains why some people experience being able to see “super natural” or spirits or whatever is there, in their peripheral vision yet if they try to catch it in their line of sight, it’s not there

  18. Static Society

    I wonder what “reality” or what shapes matter would hold or move if the whole world was blind, unable to observe by looking

  19. TP Sun

    Hi #Gløbetwat

    Greeting fr🌍m berl!N #FlatEurope

  20. mike schatz

    Garbage don’t waste your time.

  21. scortesi

    who told u it was round or was flat? have u bbeen up there?, this is all people telling us what they think it is.

  22. Tiarara21

    all presenters shown have two things in common – anyone else notice?

  23. Joe Star

    The universe is conscious, just like you and me.

  24. Spirit Miracle

    What if the earth is flat???? Eric Dubay flat earth….even though this is all holographic

  25. jay muir

    Hologram is a printed 3d image on a card etc..a holograph is a light projected 3d image.thats my opinion.





  28. ABlankscript

    The wisdoms of the ancients… finally again coming to the light of our consciousness. The dark ages set us back tremendously, and we lost so much of our forward progress, but it seems that we are again picking back up the pieces of the mystery of existence. There are subtle hints in nearly all of the great sacred texts even the bible that if you are attuned then you can percieve. It is in nearly every great story, yet in the minutest depths of the words that if glanced over then it is totally missed. From the words of the wise king in proverbs that nothing is new under the sun… to the seamless gown Jesus wore and lots were cast for it, lest it be torn… a seamless gown… no beginning… no end it just is… How can a gown be seamless? When a gown is made the seam is where it begins and where it ends…these are just two examples, but the mysteries are everywhere and could not be put in plain words for obvious reasons of what it would have meant for those who could not handle the truth were to percieve it. It is in Plato, Greek mythology, Hindu vedas, Buddhism, Old and new testaments, but I can not list all of the evidence that our ancestors had knowledge vastly greater than we are allowed to and lead to believe.

  29. Jason Simpson

    I liked it quite a bit, but the two tv show / movie references at the end seemed unnecessary, it’s already really long & kinda slow. Also, that url is crazy long!

  30. 1914sweet

    you present the evidence stated by several dozen experts in the fields, that the experts and even the fields themselves do not exist.

  31. Jerome Goodwin

    If the Universe were holographic that would make us Holographic. If that were true the then we as Holographs would be observing ourselves. Which of course is impossible.

  32. Richard A

    if the universe is supposed to be holographic then all we are looking at is just an image? but how can that be? what have physicists been measuring all this time if there is nothing “actually” out there in the universe. Also what happens when we die? we leave the holographic universe? why can’t dead people re-enter the holographic universe after death?

  33. hop Scotch

    the comments are the best part


    all these people saying the video is
    wrong and then they present the real truth


  34. Geddy Lee

    That still doesn’t explain why there’s so many assholes

  35. David Mitchell

    You’re missing the most important factor which allows me to disagree with the holographic so-called universe; consciousness. A hologram is just a projection, an imitation of matter with no solid structure.

  36. Ashur Isaac


  37. Andrew Snowmon

    Nothingness + ether + plasma + uniform field Theory + thought = Magic.

  38. Andrew Snowmon

    Everybody did not believe the Earth was flat, the Pope ordered the people to believe the Earth was flat and if they didn’t accept it he had them killed murdered! Most most people didn’t give a s*** about the shape of the Earth.

    1. Dubious

      Almost everyone cares about reality.

  39. ATLHooligan

    Nova is a PBS show, not a discovery show…

  40. Robert Martinez

    If i learn this whole transcript and try to xplain it to ppl without actual proof,does that makes me a scientist?

  41. George Dimakopoulos

    Remember that there are 3 World’s I know Exist. A) The Micro – World… Were we have Atoms —-SubatomicParticles. B) The Macro-World… were Our Universe is. C) The Higher- Macro-World… were…i can’t tell you that… Why you will Win The Noble Prise.

  42. George Dimakopoulos

    Also I want to add about …The Holographic Universe. Say you have Two Atoms… Both Connected by a Single Bond. In One is Our Universe on its North Pole and moving South as it expands. It’s say 22.5 Billion Light years south and needs 180 Billion Light Years to reach the South Pole were it will Collapse. The Single bond that connects Our Atom and were Our Universe is…say its hole is 1/ 16 Big in Diameter. From it we can see the other hole of the Second Atom and Part of the Universe. Remember Our Universe is inside this Atom. If you haven’t figured it by know… I give up… Like a Black Hole… You can see the Other say as Subatomic Particles due to Far Distance.

  43. Connor Fisher

    Lil bit too much narration to be honest a video Colab with short interruptions tying concepts together would have worked just as well.

  44. Jennable Rose

    Round earth propoganda.

  45. frank zambuto

    location Palermo Sicily. You may think I’m wacky but a couple of weeks ago I was looking up into outer space, at the stars, it was a clear night, when to my amazement I saw an object that was the same brightness and about the size of the other stars, it moved from its location, traveled rapidly  to another location out of view point; it had no tail flam, made no sound; it moved towards the sea, towards the city of Mondelo Palermo. I do note that just down the street there is a National Space Institute, it is completely closed off to the public, what’s being done in there is unknown to me, and to everyone in the zone. I mention this because perhaps there is some truth in what is being said in this documentary.

  46. Sosay Gacha

    Makes sense because if all possibilities wasnt already there.. Then all possibilities wouldnt be possible

    1. hop Scotch

      Sosay Gacha

      just like a videogame, all possible moves must be programmed in order for the players to use them

  47. Liz Loz

    perfect video to fall asleep

  48. Dennis Crane

    I saw an interesting youtube vid where a camera ran at trillionths and showed the propagation of light. This showed even single particles producing showers/waves. Should we take this in hand with our consideration of the double slit?

  49. Khaled Hassan

    Great presentation. Can’t wait for part two. Subbed. Respect and love from Egypt

  50. Victor Slaughter III

    Bwahahahaha that’s rich All you rubes believe this massive bowl of steaming bullshit Bwahahahaha holy shit man that’s a classic Fucktard much??? 😅

  51. HolyPrism

    seems like a video made by nasa

  52. Shahidur Rahman Sikder

    Idea of time is limited within the respective location of every one, idea of time from the outside of the location of oneself is valueless and the locations of oneself are the present. All other remaining places have dived inside the deeper parts of the past of all. According to this theory, no body shall be able to find out the trace of present or future of any body and all shall take the idea about the matters of the past of all. So, reality of anything shall not be received for anything except the respective places of each in the universe. Therefore, all the visible things of the real world is comparable to the imagination of nature of absolute space in absolute dimension.
    Please see into at

  53. 20ZZ20

    i’ve always thought the universe would be similar to what this theory describes even before i heard of it, really interesting

  54. John Torres

    I did acid one time and I kept getting this message saying we are all gods . Wonder if that has something to do with this

  55. Peter Howard

    Even if our existence is a projection of events occurring within a black hole, those events may be real in the sense of being a Live broadcast as opposed to being stored information or a replay.

  56. HM Truong Anh Thu

    scientist found

  57. Carl Esq

    Nope can’t listen to that voice

  58. adv pulkit

    If the things aint real then why am i able to tough the things as real ? Why dont my hand passes thru the objects?

  59. David Teer The Backyard Ufologist

    Hard to believe it isn’t there if you are not looking at it!
    Just try to driving at a Brick wall, before you hit look away or close your eyes. Bet it won’t disappear and you’ll crash into it!
    So how can this be true!?
    I mean we live in a weird universe but this law of nature will kill you!

    It’s there and may disappear in areas where there are time slips like the Bermuda Triangle… but other than that better keep your eyes open!

  60. Duurt van Dingen

    Just shoot the messenger !
    It’s too easy to (mis)use some quote to prove something.
    And yes if you die your world doesn’t exist anymore FOR YOU, but not for others !
    So this is a useless exercise in bullcrap and wishfull thinking.
    Just take a little LSD and see IT.

  61. John Silva

    6:46 mind blown

  62. John Silva

    I’ve tripped walking backwards before… Just saying

  63. Curtis Stuard

    So when they say the world behind our back is a qauntam soup until we turn and look at it why do I not sink into the couch cushion? And how do explain phone calls? Scientists today seem to have gone off the deep end with quantum physics, it seems a little to complicated, I’ve done alot of research into this double slit experiment and seem to keep hear them say matter is in a superposition state until we observe it or look at it or measure it. What is meant by observing or measuring or looking at something? Again I bring up the fact that when I’m the only one ever home alone why do not sink in the quantum soup that is the couch cushion under my butt? Is it because I’ve already observed it before I sat in it? If that’s the case does the universe only exist because we’ve looked at?

  64. Jennifer Desnoyers

    So kind of like a video game once you’ve unlocked all the levels and then you can just free play? I don’t even play video games but that’s pretty much or I can grasp at this point.. or am way wrong

  65. Age of Deception

    I was invited to time travel in an underground gov facility in 2003, so I’ve known for many years that our reality is electromagnetic in nature and not material, otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to time travel inside our hologram. I’ve also known that the so-called aliens are nothing but the fallen angels of the Bible, spirits that are interdimensional and can manifest in our simulation at will. I was an atheist and it turned me into a believer in God because simulations do not evolve, they are created. The dilemma is that all religions are man-made and hide the truth, and the devil worshipers choose to do evil deeds and attract negative energy, even though I admit the occult knows about the nature of our reality and choose to stay in this matrix which they so love instead of “level up” via living the laws of love. So complicated. I’ve decided to create a new philosophy of truth that explains everything, the meaning of life, our existence, and explains why the earth projects flat not round, and how programmers are now changing things in our past via quantum computers (Mandella). It all ties in to the truth which is we live in a simulation created by God that allows us to prove our souls worthy of higher consciousness.

  66. master mind

    holographic universe is just a soulless misunderstanding of hermetic law. as above so below ,,,,the all is mind.

  67. Matthew Gartell

    I can tell just by your voice that you wear sandals and give ten percent of your income to other people whom wear sandals

  68. Lee Moe

    The “field” stands as God here. It’s something you can’t prove exist. You can’t film it or photograph it. The whole thing is another spiritual theory.

  69. heybratender

    The earth is flat you holographic asshole.

  70. Beatle Toons

    The earth is flat

  71. MrHealth07

    I read today that it wasn’t electrons that were fired but photons, I don’t know who is correct

  72. Troy Stephens

    I read Talbots book in 94. Loved it. Loaned it and never saw again. Always wanted to reread.
    Btw, even if this reality is an illusion, maya, if you will, still feels pretty real. So… Remember it’s all theoretical. Some of you impressionable kids take shit too far.

  73. Johnny B

    iN QUANTUM Finally it is accepted that the NUTS AND BU:TS are not the creation INFORMATION EXTRA ORDINARY IS!!

  74. Johnny B

    Yet classical Darwin theory fills the text books in schools when proved irelevant by evidence int the 20th centry, let alone MODERN theory such as this!!!! tIME FOR TRUTH TELLING!! God AND CREATION exists!!!

  75. king k

    call it field, I call it God

  76. Guy Priano

    This power of ten is base on the heliocentric view of the world – which is just another story like the flat earth

  77. Hope Love

    Ok how do they know what universe or Galactica looks like from 10 thousands light years away . Who filmed that ? It’s someone who thinks it looks like they but how do we know what it really looks like ?

  78. Kim Gee

    No one can prove if Earth 🌏 is round or flat unless you go in a rocket 🚀 and leave earth 🌏 we can’t believe the government system because everything is a lie

  79. Peter LaCombe

    The Universe is not a projected Hologram , though it is Holographic only in the sense that like a hologram it is fractilized which means it is infinitely small as it is infinitely large and each little piece is a reflection of the whole and it is multi dimensional as well , this does not mean it is not real or it is a simulation though this is possible it is only in the sense it is mathematically probable Approx 3 billion to 1 chance we exist in a base reality this might seem like an extreme approximation but we must not discount this probability because all technically advanced civilizations create simulated realities there’s always the possibility 1 became really good at it through out the eons of existence which creates the potential for all possibilities for we are not certain of the true age of existence or when creation was created that’s still an on going debate based on the visual limitations of our telescopes and light speed though particles can travel multiples of C photons or visible light has its limitation of light speed how do I know this because my name is Dr. Wisenheimer lol seriously because I’m into this shit that’s why lol

  80. KD5VSV

    I know all about empty space. My dad always said that I had plenty of it between my ears!

  81. It Is Possible

    I came here for a reading of Talbots book.

  82. 666MikeRochip

    You are in the universe and the universe is in you..and all that is.

  83. Kendo Wolf

    The Earth is a dinner plate shape with a saucepan cover on the top of it is made of glass indestructible glass the presidents and all them knowing that’s why Hillary Clinton stated we’re still trying to get out of this glass ceiling but thanks to y’all there’s about a billion cracks in it is that a bitch so cut the crap with that round ball spinning what the fuck ever in space type bulshit.

  84. Gary Johnson

    Nothing in this film surprises me, makes perfect sense so far, reminds me of some of the dreams, an I’ve had some strange ones,…bring up the question “how does knowledge an/or understanding.of things come to us in our dreams”, I’ve always said “quantum physics” makes more sense too me than than this matrix world humans have created (it is what it is)..but energy, energy exists all around us in one form or another, I love speaks too me…. peace

  85. Trum pet

    This is not science it is scientism and you can’t prove that what you do is a real job. Can we all get paid to make up bullshit or is it specific to nacademic sooth sayers. Beware the ides of March because the emperors clothes are spun by Rumpelstiltskin.

  86. Trum pet

    Where is Aether, oh that’s right its belting out a game of 4d chess with VanAllen. Reserve me a space up front please to the greatest fiction on earth. I need a to LIE down, I’m dizzy from all the fictitious theories from foolish factions.

  87. innerviews897

    spinning ball-tards

  88. nepalese boyz

    know about the reality of life, what a life is and what it should not be about

    please take the possible risks for the betterment of life and just don’t waste it.
    You are so precious and be happy for what you are.

  89. Geo Dro

    Genesis 1:1
    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was WITH OUT FORM AND VOID (as was the entire universe.)

    Acts 17:28
    For in Him we live and move and have our being.

    Hebrews 11:3
    Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that things which are seen WERE NOT MADE OF THINGS WHICH DO APPEAR.

    Now what is your thoughtful deduction on how these people who penned these verses actually obtained this wonderful information.

    This so called ”Wave Field” which was and is and is to come and which contains infinite possibilities and is pure infinite thought and pure intellegence has been communicating with us for millenia. The ”Wave Field” actually calls Himself God!

  90. Geo Dro

    electrons are frequencies and are a concentrated disturbance in the electron field. Think of plasma ball. Where is the

  91. Ivan wong

    the mind create the world(matter)..go beyond 6 sense of body(sights,feel,sound,toughts,taste,smell) you will understands everything have no solidity and just vibrations/ripple of energy. Bhanga Nana

  92. Marco Natal

    This is why I’m stupid long boring educated video that’s why the majority of the world play video games or watch action Chinese movies

  93. Marco Natal

    Thank you for the video but you made the introduction so long

  94. Jim McDaniels

    It’s my understanding this is not accurate. Instead it’s my understanding is that the stars are 2d but we are real and 3D.
    The stars are pin holes to other dimensions, the veil.
    Where and how do a group of you trap the rest of the gods of the universe reincarnating over and over again trapped in our mind machine?
    This website rings so true and has helped me so much check it out and the writing to freedom http://WWW.DESTENI.ORG
    Take care

  95. Mahmoud Abdelqader

    so we exist in 2D somewhere else!
    the hologram you showed for Cisco meeting is coming from 3D real image. Can you have hologram of a hologram?
    can you describe our look and living in 2D? why we just feel that we exist in this 3D world only?

    Why can’t we be energy in reality and because God is observing us all the time, we exist!

  96. Lee Christmas

    45:26 its a beetle 🙂

  97. maxorbro

    Holographic universe my ass…

  98. Ghxst Bwoy

    So you mean to tell me that at the period in history when all of us “conscious” beings back in the past which we were experiencing as the “present” thought of AND “made reality of”- the notion that the earth was indeed flat ? And that the very moment we found out ways to determine the earth as round we literally remade the simulation and rendering to make it as how we all deemed it ? So to us now being the earth is indeed round was nothing but a byproduct thought of the post-humans of the past ?

    MIND = blownnn

  99. Bryce D. Anderson

    How can you analyze a.dream? Everything is a dream, a dream in God’s mind. All there is to it. We are looking for what we are looking with…..consciousness!!! Our consciousness is OUTSIDE of it all.

    1. just nope

      not god there is no male nor male god if its a dream people are in a machine a sexless being

  100. Jeffrey Alden

    The earth is flat

  101. Donald Maney

    Flat earth and fake Earth… ya sure, get back to reality people. Just because they can not understand it does not mean it is not real.

  102. Holographic Multiverse

    The earth has no shape. It’s a Digital Net. PlaNet. It’s a Conscious Digital Universe. A Hologram

  103. Isaac Mckoy

    You liar, you know this shithole is flat as your wife’s ass.

  104. roy york

    . In today,s Language, Your natural state, is to get into the Zone. 🎼🎧🎼👌

  105. Stephen Hanger

    This Sounds exactly like something a Shithead Indian would dream up. I’d would like to put a 38 against his head then ask him to if he would like to tell me how this ( two dimensional fucking hologram bullet ) feels.

  106. MaNuLaToR'S MiXeS

    not true

  107. Jarrold Bates

    So the native Australians are really stupid.

  108. Nils Valskaar

    Is this the guy that narrates “How It’s Made”?

  109. bipola telly

    the Universe is electric and holographic Universe is a psy-op.

  110. Robert Shackleferd

    I am not of this world- Jesus

  111. ChgoKurt

    In the physical plain when light hits a solid object is freezes. In complete darkness the darkness hits a solid object the darkness freezes. Upon your passing solid objects do not exist, It’s in the existence of holographic frequency plain your spirit was constructed, millions of millions of years ago. You cannot kill a holographic soul, but you can erase it’s memory of every existence using high electric current, it’s the construct method of Earth born humans. But I’m no expert

  112. UFO Security Cam

    Do you have a story to share about UFO, phenomenology or the paranormal? I would live to interview you for my channel. Let me know and subscribe as I have subbed you. I have a lot of information regarding the ORB and UFO phenomenon and how it is related. Thanks!

  113. infonator1

    Just to give you something to think about and I tell this as honest as I can. I know of three people who have seen the agents aka angels or even observers/men in black. My wife when she was called by a known pervert teacher to stay after class as her usual friend that came to walk her off was not there. Yes! an intervention for some reason. To keep her on plan and not create ripples as the adjustment dudes would claim. He was small mediterranean in complextion. She had never seen him ever before or since that momement. These are the very words they spoke. My wife: “How did you know I was in trouble”? Angel/Adjustment dude: Well, it looked like you needed help.” And he must have done the neurolizer men in black on her cause she was talking to him one moment and then he was gone the next. The other one was my wifes many bosses. I will only use his first name George. George was going to his classes in college when his car broke down. He got off opened the hood and all of sudden a small fire broke out. As he was peering into the fire a man out of nowhere appeared. I forgot to mention he was out in the middle of nowhere by himself. The man put his hands in the fire and pulled out either some wiring or tubes with some metal connected to it. George beiong stunned for a while snapped who knows in what time frame and went to thank the man who was nowhere to be found. Again no trees no where to hide. The other one was a friend who told me a long time ago say 35 or so years ago that while in the hospital while dozing off saw a man in black enter her father’s hospital room. I suppose she was able to see him in another brainwave state such as theta or alpha maybe even delta. He died that very hour. I believe these beings are the known as Archons. The ones that deal in the value of souls. Possibly the only thing that really matters since the elite rulers of our planet seem to not covet money so that way only that it affords them their true desire. To send us off by way of death to their overlord gods! The ones that direct them through seances or satanic summons! They are the arm of other dimensional control

  114. mselbit

    What Jewish hashkofa (philosophy/Kabballah) says. Been revisiting this for 5 years. Excellent. And it combines all these disciplines to underscore the unity of the entire system. Excellent, I say again.

  115. Damon Howell

    But which one of is consciously looking at other beings, causing them to become stationary?

  116. Tony Carney

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    I’d love to get your feedback on my Kickstarter campaign that is a conduit for a lot of creations that will hopefully bring a lot of this out into the light more. Once in a blue moon…on a blue moon 😉 This is the culmination of a lot of work and now I need your help to speak up. Now is the time to make our move and shine brighter than ever. Join me and let’s change the planet.

    We can watch these videos and do all the stuff like this but I’m about action in the outer world and being bold in our truth. I love you all and I’m one with you all and I’m executing a plan that we’ve co-created on a higher level (even though it’s unfolding in front of my eyes). I’m on a journey just as you are and now is the time to take this to another level. This is my attempt at providing service to others creatively and at the highest level I can. If anything, I’d love your feedback.

    It’s not live yet, and I’m getting feedback until the 27th of Feb (yes I’m a black man..or at I have a darkly colored spacesuit) making real history during black history month 😉

    Here is my elevator pitch…

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    Religion, theology, (a nonsense area of study) are theories, like the theory of evolution. None of you, not one can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that what you theorize is the only truth. None of you have the answers, why try? King of the hill? Isn’t that a child’s game?… opps my point exactly…

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    I created a hologram when I was a kid. As I looked outdoors and felt the Texas heat, I wished for a cooler day. When I looked back into the living room a window of rain was hanging in the air. Wish I created magic for myself that fast now days. Although the Seth books say that we all exist as images that we are creating ourselves, meaning that I am creating this body, actually projecting it from a self I am one with that vibrates much faster which is vibrating totally as imagery. So we are forms of imagery that is electromagnetic and multidimensional. Seth says we are a part of many selves he calls “inner selves”.

    In the book “Hands of Light” written by the NASA physicist Barbara Brennan I found out that this person sees people as holograms. She has written that we are eternal, multidimensional, electromagnetic, holographic energy/light/love beings consisting/vibrating/pulsating as 12 dimensions. I equate this with the “inner selves” written about in Seth books. But naming these dimensions as 12 leads me to say that when we “die” 10 of these faster vibrating dimensions leave the body for the last time, while the other 2 stay to be buried. I read in this book that we are perfect light that pulsates so fast we don’t even know it. How else do we heal ourselves?
    I should say spin, because the quarks that magically burst forth as us spin billions of times a second as 3 points of light, forming what are called protons and neutrons. I got this information from the book “The Quantum World” written by the physicist Ford. Add to this 6 points of light the 1 point of light for the spinning electron and that makes 7 points of light spinning as an atom. How many spinning, rotating atoms of light does it take to create a “human”? 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
    SO…….this pretty much stops the theory of solidity, right? We are intense bunched up light. Perfect light, points of light that are constantly beaming waves of light at the speed of light. And we don’t even see it. That is why this reality is so lost. This stops the theory of death, too, right? Anybody see the Higgs Boson? It has a center and beams from this center waves/beams of light. Nothing solid about that. They spend billions to build colliders to find mass and solidity and they don’t find it. Yet this world keeps on teaching solidity and death like they are real things. Which leads to the continuing wars, prisons, racism and other tortures some men find fun.
    But this war machine that keeps wars going for oil and land is killing no one at all. Sure these conscious beings leave their bodies and then realize they were holograms the whole time. Lucky them. But it is the people that are wounded that is the worst part. Pain just goes on and on and on. And these men want to be congratulated for killing the enemy when there is NO enemy. We all exist in a matrix, a unified field that people call God. This is the energy consciousness that we breathe, eat, and talk with. And it is electromagnetic. Ever hear that protons spin as positive charges and electrons spin as negative charges? This is for real. Spinning energy is what we are. And we are constantly bursting from it as it as the light of energy. And it has to be conscious because we are conscious.
    That makes evolution and time and space illusions or a part of the holographicness we are.
    I am mindboggled that this is really the way reality works, yet look at the way public schools continue to teach.

  230. Dame Dash

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  231. Nick Hill

    How we view the universe depends on the perspective we have developed. In the past it was different, just like the movie explained, there was a time where people believed the world was flat, and that belief created limitations in their reality.

    New perspectives create new possibilities and consequences. When considering the universe as a hologram you are basing it off of theories like quantum physics. The developments in physics have created a new perspective on reality, and that reality comes with new possibilities and consequences. But keep in mind you have to shift your mind into that perspective in order to experience it.

    So you have to ask yourself, which perspective should I apply in my life? Which model of reality is true? The answer is that you have the freedom to choose which perspective you want at a given time. This is because where you place your focus will determine the rules and limitations on your experience of reality.

    On earth there are various different layers of reality affecting each other at the same time. You can’t be sure which one is the most fundamental. In the macroscopic all kinds of effects are taking place which creates change in the world. At the molecular level there is also vast amounts of change. At the atomic level there is also change. And beyond to the sub-atomic level there is change. Each level effects other levels. And you can describe reality and how it works by choosing to focus on one of these levels.

    When you understand many disciplines and skills you can shift between them as you see fit in order to best apply yourself to a given situation. Your brain learns to quickly adjust your model of reality so that it can understand a level of reality.

    What are the possibilities of quantum physics? We are just beginning to learn about these possibilities. One of the possibilities is the theory of a holographic universe. But what does this really tell us about reality? One thing you have to understand is that each of these layers of reality are like independent universes. This means that there is more than one universe. Or in other words, there is more than one perspective to apply to reality. There is a multi-verse. There is a multi-disciplinary reality. These universes are operating parallel to one another. Each contains a finite amount of possibilities. Each generates a set of consequences.

    Therefore, the universe is only holographic when you focus on the idea that it is holographic. When you do this you formulate new meaning into your mind and it changes your perspective.

    Caution. People can get carried away with their ideas and believe they are the ultimate truth. Or in other words ideas can dominate your reality so it becomes all you know and focus on. However, these ideas can often be imaginary thinking. Many people invent new theories based on false principles (artificial patterns). Yet, to them these theories become real and they interact with them, thus altering their realities. Everything they think and feel can be altered by their theoretical perception. After awhile it goes beyond theory to believing it is fact. When they believe it is fact they lose touch with common reality and become consumed with a reality of their own that distracts them from common reality. Common reality is also common sense. It evolves, just as knowledge evolves. However, some realities are not based on fact. Alternative realities are based on speculation and more importantly, imaginary creations that have no evidence to support their validity.

    So, is the universe (universes) holographic? This would mean that everything in it is a virtual program produced by a processing technology. I suppose you could choose to temporarily see it this way. But you have to ask yourself how it affects your interactions and behavior in the world. I wouldn’t get carried away with this idea because it is a layer that is very far from macroscopic reality (daily life). I think it is much better to understand how life can be designed to match your blueprint of reality. That is to say, your future can be influenced by the intelligence of your actions now.

  232. Nick Hill

    You don’t have to look at something to turn it into matter. If you back up in a room you will eventually bump into the wall. It turns to matter.

    There are different layers of reality. Each layer has its own laws and behavior. Each layer can interact with each other but they are also separate from each other. They are separated by barriers. But these barriers are not physical they are mental.

  233. Safitea Private

    if nothing exists until it is observed then how come one can sit with their eyes closed in meditation and a sound or the breath of an animal on your skin can be observed?

  234. Safitea Private

    if a hologram is just a visual replication of something else and if this reality is just a hologram where does it originate from? Where does the tree I’m looking at as a hologram actually exist? Where is the Apple?

  235. zep73

    He’s wrong. It changes nothing. Life is the same.
    But KNOWING puts alot of things in perspective!

  236. Fernesta Henley

    We know little too nothing about our selves or the universe, that we are clearly apart of.

    1. lysol

      Fernester Henley UPANISHADS

  237. Talking Vegetable

    For all who think the Universe is a hologram, let me slam you in the face and splatter your nose with a crowbar and then tell me that it doesn’t hurt; WTF, you’re just a hologram… maybe blow you feet off with a shotgun… no big deal…

  238. Deprived Dolphin

    So basically… electrons can be everywhere at once. But when measured it or watched it manifests into objects…

    So in a sense… it would be we live in a hologram…

    Fuckin hell.

  239. Devilikg

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  241. Michael Pryzdia

    “The introduction of the conscious mind into physics is motivated by certain quite general considerations that have little to do with quantum mechanics itself.” (David Bohm)

    NOTE: the central message of these “The Holographic Universe” clips was shredded in the early 1980s. By the time Ken Wilber’s The Holographic Paradigm was published in 1985, credible scientists had moved on. The “Mind/Matter Connection” of quantum physics was put to sleep. (Unfortunately, that damn “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” film resurrected it.) While Wilber’s critique of David Bohm’s work was itself more than a bit “off,” there is no denying that David Bohm was “not pleased” to see what certain scientists (e.g. Wigner, Sarfatti, Walker and Muses) and the popular culture were doing with his work.

  242. David Woelke

    are they suggesting that a blind man will never walk into a wall? Unless someone is watching him….

  243. 薄切り霊魂

    Why are simulation hypothesis supporters always avoiding the topic of Creator’s Creator?

  244. Mr. Akki Detroit Targeted.

    The Heliocentric/Globe model is complete and utter nonsense. other than that great video!

  245. Logic Makes Sense

    Seeing all the comments about people associating the very serious science of the Simulation Hypothesis/Holographic Principle/Ancestor Simulation with using drugs makes me so sad. I’m not some straight edge guy or anything, I smoked pot for years. But the sheer number of people commenting about taking drugs here makes this theory look like some sketchy crackpot Timothy Leary bullshit. Linking this hypothesis to taking drugs in any way just destroys its credibility in the eyes of legitimate scientists and journalists. It is totally unnecessary to use drugs in order to understand the virtues of this proposal. 😪

  246. CHUCK COLIN'S - 80's Movie Clips HD

    you and i are alone and this is disneyland and only here for a short time to forget the big reality

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  254. AGod Amunet Na'vi

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  255. Memphite Theology

    The eye sensors are routed directly to the brain… therefore what you see has to be filtered by your brain first. That’s why 3 people can see 1 event and have 3 different variations of 1 fact. The brain creates the hologram relative to the briefs systems and images held by the brain… hence, a change of mind means a change of your world.

  256. T Marie

    when talking about :the field”, he likens it to electricity and radio waves/siglans. “we cant see electricity but we know it is there because of the result, and the same must be true for the field”. Well I say we can measure the result of electricity and sound waves. But then how come we cant measure any of “the field”? If it exists as it must, correct?

  257. Aether Realm

    Correction; you meant to say “”when we were told the earth is round””, get it right! You stated only the first letter as right , BC it is a REALM, but round is just gay now, we all know, so stop shilling

  258. Aether Realm

    The earth is flat retards

  259. Bojan Davidovic

    Wait, how about we say, The Shit Universe. Makes as much sense 🙂

  260. John Eng Woo

    I believe we are all an illusion or imagination of the divine being BUT if U are enjoying your own particular dream or illusion … why not enjoy it as we all enjoy a movie or game while we are playing it pretending it is real… it’s also a Game …so play it well and enjoy it plus laff about it as I do since I am the Laffing Booda 777… Amen ??? or Namaste at least … LOL…keep laffing

    1. John Eng Woo

      no need to always ask for proof we are real or not … who cares … live the Zen Way of the True Tao … my friends and ye shall be happy as a hippie …lol

  261. Billy Palacio

    Fuck you Stephen Davis! I’m not gonna lie, it started off pretty good, then you threw in your own interpretation and presented it as fact, not to mention sitting throug an entire Start Trek scene, but then pt. 2 just flew over there cookoo’s nest. There is a lot of truth here and douchebags like you fuck it up making it all look like tin foil conspiracies.

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  263. Romain Gibassier

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    Now how to change it or are we stuck or caught by the magnetosphere of earth ???

  265. FirstName Last

    I’ve thought this since I was 9. After having a dream where I was taken up by some humanoid aliens along with a bunch of other people. We were sucked up through this tube and ended up on our knees in shallow water in front of a pipe who was preaching. (I was not raised Catholic) Everything was hazy and as I looked around everyone was sudated, some were even drooling and now I realize that haze was me on something. We were sucked back through the tube and we’re on a bus where everyone was back to normal and it seemed like no one remembered what just happened. Everyone on the bus was chatting loudly while I sat quietly confused. A speaker on the bus announced that we were being given houses to live in for the duration of the aliens observation. I looked out the window, as well as everyone else and see some really nice houses. Everyone on the bus got excited and chattered about the houses. I looked again and for a second the houses vanished and prison cells appeared. I yelled at everyone, “Can’t you see it isn’t real! It’s just a hologram!” They all looked at me like I was insane and went back to talking. Now that I’m an adult our reality being a hologram is the most logical explanation for many things. I also recently heard a story about someone on salvia who entered a 2d world and realized that the reality he had been living in was fake and the 2d world was reality and he still felt it after coming down. I researched it and his experience is HIGHLY common on salvia. Very scary.


    We live in a holigram we are in and a part of the matrix.A matrix of our own creation.

  267. Detroit OG

    sorry but the world is flat with more massive continents beyond the south poles. ..hence admiral byrd

  268. Tivan The Collector

    so when no ones looking at me and when I’m not looking at myself I exist in this same field

  269. Pink dolphin

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  270. Pink dolphin

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  272. NotMyFirstDay Cooton

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  273. Kreenam

    These findings find echoes in traditions from all over. Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism all contain concepts of the universe emerging from a unified entity, that only seems to us to split into a myriad things. This finds echoes first in the mystery cults of antiquity from hermeticism’s THE ALL, to Plato’s Cave allegory where reality is a projection. Plato’s theory of forms is one of the first examples of a concept of the immaterial in the west. The ancient greeks before platonism and many other cultures conceived of the ”soul” that left the body to the undeworld as a physical thing that was not of a different order of reality than the material world. We take this division of mind and matter as granted now because christianity was infused with neoplatonic ideas from its earliest days. The basis for these concepts might have been brought from India by Pythagoras, the founder of western occultism and contemporary of Plato. Jump forward to the enlightenment and this idea is reiterated by Spinoza and Leibniz, who reconceptualized God not as a master crafting and directing the world but as a pantheistic being from which the world emanates, a monad. Then from these ideas came the german idealists, first and foremost Immanuel Kant, from who’s writings will emerge the discipline of Phenomenology, which studies experience as unique to each individual as phenomena, the only thing existing beyond this phenomena being the ineffable thing-in-itself. These ideas are wildly contested by many proponents of objectivity; scholastics, cartesians, newtonians, analytics etc. but Quantum Physics finally comes in and offers empiric evidence for these subjective experiences described for thousands of years. We can trace here a direct line, from India, to Ancient Greece, to Christendom, to the enlightenment, to early modern philosophy and into quantum physics, each contributing to our understanding of this fundamental reality of many names. God, Sophia, Brahman, Tao, Nirvana, The Monad, The All, the thing-in-itself, the field…

  274. LokiRudder

    So basically half the participants in “What the Bleep Do we Know?”. That’s not science. It’s been ridiculed and destroyed in every which way. It’s garbage. Sounds nice to a teenager though. I myself was an enthusiast while I developed my Jedi powers when i was 19.

  275. Mary DeHart

    Never considered this idea before but I had an NDE (clinical death) at 17 and left my body. Everything in the room I died in looked totally solid and 3 dimensional but when I tried to touch the nurse and others, my hand went right through them so from MY perspective they were like a hologram. From their perspective I wasn’t there in the air as they couldn’t hear or see me. What does that say for this reality s opposed to the reality I was in outside my body? Was the outside my body location more “real”? That’s probably not even the right question.

  276. Mary Langenback

    For a hologram don’t you need a flat object I.e. Flat earth? Can you do a hologram on a round object

  277. Dextera Domini

    From the projection of Gods Eye. The all seeing eye. Both alpha and Omega, begging and end, all choices are known and outcomes are seen. The God who can not be measured by man because God is not of this place. I could go on. All stated above has been written with limited understanding thousands years ago. Science is now leading a way to show evidence of him. Its kind of funny when you think about it. As a Christian you are ridiculed by leftist scientist and ignorant and or stupid humans all because there is no evidence of him, there is no way we have been able to measure his existence. Now you have science and its root core unable to provide evidence. As I have always said, as someone who loves science and God, we are created from matter and can only use the what matter which is around us to measure what is around us. The things we can not see are only because they are things that were not created here.

  278. Lisa 11:11

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  279. tom474e

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  280. Zsolt Sz

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    1. Dragon Fly

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  284. skinny legend

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  285. The Compassionate World

    There is Light and Dark. Light is 1 and real, and Dark is 0 and unreal. Light is Intelligent Design and Dark is a disordered realm of emptiness, hence 0. Light/Intelligent Design is programing the 1s and 0s through evolution that turned this empty space into a hologram that eventually will become real. This means that Intelligent Design and Evolution are the same force.

    This is happening all over the universe through many life forms. In the very distant future, this Dark Universe will undergo a phase inversion. Zero will become One, or Dark becomes Light. A reversal of the big bang where everything is absorbed back into Light.

    This temporary integrated web is a matrix of consciousness that are not the dead numbers of 1 and 0. To call it computer code is not accurate; it is the coding of consciousness. Such as: 0 is alive as a fear gestalt of thought, and 1 is alive as a compassionate gestalt of thought. Our human minds are a heavy mixture of 0 because we are born in 0, but learning the value of 1. We are learning how to become Real.

    “The Field” is Light. A Light Universe that we do not see.

  286. P. Skadell

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  287. MysticMess✧99ნ

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  288. james ferrante


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  292. First Last

    Around 0:30 He mentions that the experiment pointed at the universe *around* Earth being a hologram? Why would the hologram be around the Earth? Are we not holograms ourselves? That doesn’t seem consistent with other things being said in the video.

  293. Chase L

    He botched feynman’s name 4 mins in. This video lost all credibility, i’m out.

  294. Rethink Everything

    It doesn’t take long to recognize the hijacking of this theory to abide by political & “global” agendas.

  295. Bobby Millionaire

    What if the Universe was created from the surface of a black hole that swallowed itself to the size of an atom and then expanded under intense gravitational outward pull. I accept the Novel prize for figuring this out.

  296. xVvix xnNix

    i really hate the narration,too robotic. is there another video on the subject that is good to watch?

  297. Daniel Nichols

    I do get what they are saying but… holographic film is 3 dimensional (doh!). The holographic emulsion has a thickness so you do not derive 3 dimension from two. Also, when you cut a hologram you only get the part that that piece of film saw; you can see the image, but you can’t move or rotate to the angles that were in the rest of the image. On close inspection this is kind of a bad analogy to what they are implying. It’s better to go with the “state” argument to say that the universe could be in states spread across what could be imagined as two dimensions and then rendered into 3 by consciousness (either inside the universe, or dare I say OUT). Anyhoo…

  298. Addiiicted

    that first evidence video zooming out was obviously a cgi cartoon

  299. Troy Carpenter

    The 3D image we see is an interpretation of our brain. It’s how the brain makes sense of the space around it. That doesn’t mean it’s an exact reflection of true reality. It’s most probably over simplified and not completely true but works very well for our purposes. I believe it’s the brain that draws this illusion based on the data it receives. And things seeming solid even though it’s mostly space makes perfect sense to me. If we’re all made out of the same stuff, of course it’s going to seem solid. The eyes or the brain is not seeing or acknowledging unneeded detail. I don’t see a problem understanding any of that. And all the weird stuff we can’t understand, especially from things in the micro world, is simply because we’re not seeing things as they truly are. We only see a very simplified version. I think we know just enough to be confused about what we thought was true. I may not have a clue about what I’m talking about, but that’s still my thoughts.

  300. John Smith

    your both right, but you can maintain even without a contact high but instead with objectivity or also known as mindfulness which is an awareness of everything around you at the same time focused with ears eyes smell touch and taste all at once and without any verbal dialogue within the mind but instead just a knowing instantly. believe me it can happen to all of us at any given time, without drugs as well. if anyone reading this has ever been pushed into a fight even so far as with a gun, life or death, the more intense the better the focus. then you guys know what I mean. listening to this video as an ex catholic had me at that threshold. the devil does rule this world through and through and catholic is just the Christians headquarters all the others considered pagan are in and of themselves Satan inspired through and through as well. that’s why the scriptures state that YOU must search for the truth yourself and take no one others opinion for your own. you must be with all your heart, mind and spirit having the ten commandments written on your mind and soul. but don’t take my word for it. seek wisdom first.

  301. fred grove

    Definition of an “expert”
    An “ex” is a has been.
    A “spurt” is a drip under pressure.
    I rest my case. Good night.

  302. Kevin Ruesch

    just because you don’t think of something or its outside your observation doesn’t mean it ceases to exist if I’m standing behind you and you don’t see me I smack you in the back of the head my matter is going to feel very solid

  303. Salman Memehood

    if i would get these stupid results from double-slit experiments.. i would say, this experiment is flawed and find a new technique to differentiate waves and particles.

  304. _ghost dancer_

    hahaha 100 million meters, there are no real pictures of earth from space

    1. vorhaut lootscher

      “Where is the curvature”
      lmfao .. get a brain you silly fuck

    2. _ghost dancer_

      Arrogant stance? you couldnt possible know enough about me from what i have said to say these things. hahaha you should really stop ASSuming things,, im not here to argue, there are much more intelligent people than i who believe the earth is not what has been told to us so dont come at me like flat earthers are ignorant and or dumb,, the teachings of many important things that have been and are being hidden and or discovered as a lie or upside down and backwards purposely and the truth of things is now able and is reaching so many people that truth will not long be hidden. besides the simple fact that there is no measurable curve over vast amounts of open clear land or water for said globe there is not even one real picture or video from space its all CGI , ALL OF IT! and NASA even freely admits this!! (research blue marble) so ALL this BS about space missions, moon landings and mars missions and shots of the other planets and far away galaxies is crap . do i believe in gravity, lol NOPE! a creationist? i dont even know exactly the definition of that,, religion NOPE! and i dont wana hear or argue that bullshit if they or you cannot even produce one real authentic picture of space!!! show me that an then well go from there Mr. i know everything,,, you saying im ignorant in everything in physics but doesnt simple kid like basic physics say that there is curvature in a sphere or ball?? its a simple question i typed and you cannot answer it, instead you give insults but cannot answer simple question…

    3. _ghost dancer_

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    4. _ghost dancer_

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  308. USERNAMEfieldempty

    I have the awful sinking feeling that if i stick with this video series… it will start telling me that “…therefore God MUST have created universe…”

  309. XenoChrist

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  310. Lusifer Sofia

    Brain washing taken to the extreme. If at the end of the movie you believe Universe is a hologram your brain will be locked. This kind of high level propaganda materials are very dangerous and invasive. Most people have no capacities to watch with filtering ability and will fall victim to brainwashing done by authority figures. PHD and other flashy subtitles does not mean you are getting true facts. It is a technique of reinforcing the system of false believes you have been suggested with. You have been warned. Be aware. It is way to hide the truth in plain sight. What I mean? These people know that truth about the Universe is about to come out. People are realizing that the fundamental ground state is pure energy. The holographic universe agenda come in handy here. Why? It redirects and blinds the attention from the truth and it creates buffer for the uncomfortable AETHER STRATA of the universe. It diverts the mind from experiencing the true nature and divinity of the living universe and formats the facts into the next delusion that is projected before your eyes. I say these words after life long research and i know what i am taking. Please think about what I just told you. Soul to soul. Heart to hearth. Dont let yourself to be diverted from the true way of searching for the truth. What is the truth. You will not hear me formulating what the truth is because it would turn out i want to impose my own vision. Think deep and know that the truth is

  311. miguel mouta

    Damned internet, or knowledgement , inclusion politics.

  312. external cognition

    I read the holographic universe by Michael Talbot years ago, it left a mark, I have followed these holographic theories and find it fascinating, good to see progress is still active in this field

  313. Victor Valentino

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  314. Coffin Man

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    If it is a hologram, it is a flat one, and people have lied about it’s appearence.

  315. Timothy Auger

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  316. andy crossfit

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    wow what a mind blowing

  317. wind0wninja

    It’s both holographic and flat. Round takes up too many pixels. You quantum a-holes just assume the previous model is still consistent with the new model despite disproving your model yourself. Retarded but that’s what pays i guess.

  318. Mike Torngren

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    So… first the world was flat. Then the world was round. But now we are stored as information on a “Unifield Field”-sdcard… so now we’re flat again. Dang it =(

  321. ItsFrenzy26

    The earth we stand on is a relatively flat plane/plain inside of a bio-sphere that contains our atmosphere.. It’s really a bio-sphere of energy, in various forms.. It’s a creation of consciousness, we are consciousness….

    CGI and hundreds of lies does not change the fact there is no curvature and the helio-centric model isn’t even remotely correct

    If you use facebook look for Jordan Frenzy Haines and ask me any questions there

  322. tyheem

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  325. Murtaza Kash

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  326. Srecko Sorli

    holographic universe model, is pure imagination with no scientific evidence regardless some famous physicists as Susskin talk about.

  327. Joel Wyatt

    A lot of this stuff is stolen material from “What The Bleep Do We Know”  tosser

  328. rickfaw

    The image given you by the main source is what the ancients called God given life,,every second. Your very life broadcast to you,,for Gods pleasure. Trees and flowers. Personal relationships,daily life. The false image you get from the false image generator,,your TV. You give it power over your mind and life. It serves to make you slaves on earth and dictates your sound bites,,get’er done,,etc.  Instead of decisions made on reality,they are made on money making,deceptive,lying,schemes. The results speak loudly. A false reality brings false life,,death of the natural man. 1 example is how people need phones more than the person across the room,,they text each other instead of looking at each other and relating. Lost in the devices of invisible chains. The mind held in the palm of the hand of the one giving the life away,,as they give it away with fervor and glee. It is brilliant. Makes world beaters sit docile and mute. Brilliant. Great info and videos.

  329. Alexander Alex

    Not long and these ldiots will say that God put an LCD screen above us to see stars.

    1. Collin Chandler

      Alexander Alex Well Something g created the universe and regardless of what you think that something is technically god

  330. Luiz Carlos Salgueiro

    Duvidas:= 1-Se habitamos uma holografia como se explica a gravidade? 2- Para mim a luz se desgasta mesmo no vácuo, caso contrário teríamos um universo todo branco. Acho que esta é a razão pela qual temos que repor energia, alimentando-nos, senão qual a razão dessa reposição em um universo de vibrações? Todo corpo estruturado pela energia vibratória tende a retornar ao CAMPO (Field). Então somos e tudo mais é projetos em busca de um perenidade impossível. Existiriam então entidades (engenheiros, físicos, químicos, etc.) em outras dimensões, criando projetos em busca desse ideal: Algo permanente e imutável. Muitos projetos fracassam, outros não evoluem e os que o fazem
    acabam se degenerando. Haveria então algo concluído neste ou em outros universos?

  331. SI.C.O. Aka Foxy Disco MC FOX

    Its he eather back up to its old tricks again. Light does not travel..

  332. Srecko Sorli

    the holographic universe is the must stupid idea ever in physics

  333. Briston Knight

    It’s a wonderful presentation of so complex things… Thank you very much!

  334. Luiz Carlos Salgueiro

    Se a matéria não existe como tem sio descrita e tudo é uma simulação cibernética e habitamos como consciência um corpo holográfico, como fica a gravidade, se tudo que vemos são vibrações energéticas?

  335. Duke Goaq

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  336. l8tr597

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  337. Sound City Network ™

    I’ve heard about the Double slit experiment and the Delayed choice variation of it but this is a serious question. If something only exists when we are observing it, explain this. If i didn’t see , hear , or sense(in any way) a car coming at me from behind, will it hit me? The car is effectively real because it will kill or injure me. If quantum physics says that it isn’t real when we aren’t directly observing it, why does the car still hit me?

  338. Patrick Rossier

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  339. Tyler Hagen

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    have you even researched this at all?

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  341. TruthGatherer2013

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    Hilarious to go through the hate comments also. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!
    I’m so glad I’m not that ignorant.

  342. Marcosmos747

    How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real?!?!?

  343. fywacia

    We live in a 4D holographic universe. The energy and light emitting from stars is coming from the 4th dimension which creates the other 3 dimensions. In a sense each star is like a projector casting light on a dark canvas or through holes in that dark canvas. The 4th dimension is made of neutrinos which convert to matter and other forms of energy. Black holes convert neutrinos into physical matter as seen in various Hubble pictures which feature matter ejecting from black holes forming proto galaxies. The dark spots in stars are basically windows to the other side. The light comes from the plasma on the surface of stars which have no core. They are energy transformers taking energy from 4D to 3D. And the singularity is consciousness itself that’s why everything has a design.

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    one problem tho, how do you explain that we can see what elements objects contain by looking at the color(s) on the em spectrum reflected from the object? if they were holograms they wouldn’t be made of elements. lol

  354. Parathalamic Analgesiac

    “ghostly images, projections from a level of reality”

    Trouble wrapping my head around this. All these words identify components of spacetime, so how can it transcend it? Part of me wants to claim the whole holism idea is arguing semantics and in a sense it is.

    1. Franklin Carnes

      Projections from a level of reality, in my mind, are various manifestations of universal principles

  355. Parathalamic Analgesiac

    Indeterminant as to whether I can accept this quantum indeterminancy business but I will say that genuine hologram of the animal is very awesome. Does anyone remember the holographic YugiOh or Pokemon cards? They did not seem to genuinely project a 3D image. Does anybody know if its possible to produce paper cards with genuine hologram images protruding from the surface? Would this be too expensive to produce a genuine hologram as opposed to a holographic design?

  356. Projected Reality

    I for some reason was drawn towards this subject years ago, before youtube existed yet I bought The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, and The Field.. Loved both books. I really question reality still. Always question.

  357. Exclusive - Events

    Wow….  a video from the 30’s….   from telescopic to microscopic…  had to go at 13:45 seconds….   had to dislike…. if posting antiquidated videos draws a million views..  it would be sucker views… accumulated since 2012….   most of who.. like myself had to move on past a few minutes…  hologram…  not hologram…  what does quantum physics have to do with our real lives and meeting our financial obligations  ????  Playtime and side interests are cool…  but this…  higher education can not even acknowledge how littie of and how much false information is being taught… world wide…  was a struggle to get the self proclaimed Archeologists that the Spynx was at the very least 5.000 years older than the Pyramids…  based on factual. verifiable evidence from weather patterns.  While those same Archeologists were claiming those same Pyramids were burial sites for the Pharos who built them…  Stupidity REIGNS in the educational world…. and these guys want to talk quantum physics…  double slit experiments and all….   Lets move on and concern ourselves with Russia’s claimed accusations of hacking Trumps election results….  Will be amazing when the general public discovers we have been housing a Pre Op Transvestite in the White House for the past 8 Years….  What is more interesting…  imagenary realms or real life facts/drama/events…   Let me know…

  358. Steve Dwyer

    So in easy to understand terms WE live in a SNOW GLOBE and everything we see is nothing but a really good illusion CONFIRMED by our very limited 5 senses..EVEN though it seems REAL to us its not..but then again we are WIRED to see it as REAL


    Anyone could easily find this out themselves if they just took two stamps of acid

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    Observation makes particles of waves.  What priority are two observers?  Especially if one has (hypnotic?) control over what he observes.

  362. nour light

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  363. A God

    I think holographic Universe(s) is a more accurate term than matrix. hologram is what it is,matrix is how it works.

  364. patrick lourcey

    space and time are quantitative, conceptual, metrical and non substantive, not qualitative dimensions. for they do nothing, act on nothing and are derived for the soul purpose of measurement. reification only leads arbitrary mathematics, not science. science is only held on falsifiability and testing. not fudge factors like black holes and dark matter that can’t be experimental.

  365. nicholascremato

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    Don’t watch.

  373. Bruce Kern

    Words do for thoughts what the body does for the soul–represent, depict, symbolize. You can delude yourself into thinking that you’re seeing “reality” when you observe physical objects, but I assure you that you are only observing the symbols of reality.

  374. sonlightobed

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  375. spinzaar

    This video is hypnosis. The fact that it has to resort to hypnosis to prove a point debunks it even if it has any merit.

  376. Petrowsky-Doom-Techno

    All reality is holographic. Scientist agreed that something out 7f our inner realm is red, or oval, or from wood, but it all is just in a theoey. We all are vibrating electrons, frequenciea et.c. The only truth is in a minds of each individual in the world

  377. Giorgos Thalassinakis

    my question to this theory is; are we, people, all together real individuals, with a different consciousnes, inside the same hologram, or, every person out there is a projection of our brain or “the field”?

  378. cibriosis

    Some people say this is bullshit…million of people on Earth belive in a supernatural being somewhere up there that controls everything…makes much more sense..right?

    1. Neferi Waenre

      cibriosis an Existentialist then? Good to know. 😊

    2. cibriosis

      +Die Rich I personally believe there no higher being controlling something..the universe is the universe..there’s no reason for it it just is much like life which doesn’t have a purpouse unless we give it everything is sort of ordered chaos in which a series of eventsa trigger other events (like a supernova releasing the minerals and material necesarry for planet formation..or a quasars black hole spewing out colapsed matter with lightspeed into the universe) and so on like an endless domino..both here and in the cosmos

    3. Die Rich

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  379. Kurt Forrer

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  381. AnnymsVoice

    I always find it interesting when using holographic world tools to explain a holographic world…similar to using tools in a 3D world, where everything is 3D, to display/explain the 2D idea. The point I am trying to make is 2D can’t/doesn’t exist in a 3D world, it’s just an idea..though the holographic idea is more complicated, I keep imagining a blind man fumbling around this potential field of possibilities and then touching something, he doesn’t see it, he doesn’t know it’s there until he touches it, he is not conscience of it until he touches it, so how then could it be there….another observer maybe, the observer is/can not be part of what is being observed, similar to matter can not create/destroy matter and matter being finite was created by infinite nothing…cause who wants God when we can have all the nothing we want…If we were blind, we’d want to see. Though we can see, we make ourselves blind. -CRR Booyakasha -Ali G

  382. captain chaos

    is water not a physical thing? just another form of mater? or am I just drowning in the waves of bull mater?


    I believe that what They mean is that the Universe and all that are created in the same aspects of layering energies and matter, a mapping process that connects Us All with all that is …. -Deep & Cool –

  384. Mr. Larry

    Unfortunately, Steven Davis is under qualified to present this information. Because in the first minute he presents a world view that is directly counter to truth, then presents the subsequent information distorted through that false belief. You see, Earth IS flat. Until you understand that you cant make logical sense of the complied evidence. It is true that is universe is a projection of sorts, including the stars and planets. But the projection on the firmament that covers the flat Earth. Try this…suspend your disbelief momentarily and set in your mind an image of a flat Earth…then listen to the evidence presented. You will find that it makes significantly more sense and it all kinda fits together. Then take a good look at the horizon and tell what you see.

  385. ella stefanescu

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  386. Foamy T Squirrel

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    1. onenotused

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    2. Thijs

      +Adomas As first hit on google “Debunked: CIA Director admits chemtrails, geoengineering – Metabunk”… so… do better research the next time.

    3. Adomas As

      CIA publicaly announced that chem trails are real, about a month ago. do some research

    4. Thijs

      Bullshit? something people have been studying for over 70 years is bullshit? “Chem trails” and stuff like that.. those are bullshit. Quantum Mechanics is science, with hard proof. How can it not be real?

      And im not trolling.. im genuine interested in your answer.

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    boy, there are so many “little” inconsistencies, half truths, subjective opinions and just pure pseudoscience that it’s even hard to watch! anybody implicating some convergence of science and religion based on this(holographic principle) is wishful thinking at minimal and retardation at maximal. i really hate the fact that almost all of these kind of popular-science videos/books/series dumb down science for the masses so much that it actually isn’t even science anymore. it’s some kind of monstrosity that sadly most of the time leads to Deepak Chopras and alike.
    For instance, nobody in world or history doesn’t/haven’t fully understand the double-slit experiment. Feynman himself sad that… And secondly, no quantum object is aware of anything, period. Interference pattern brakes down not because “someone looked at it”, but because the phenomenon is so fragile that any kind of intervention destroys it. And this is just the start. Educate yourself and don’t take anyone’s subjective opinion for granted.


    You idiots are unbelievable.

  391. Mel-O. Rhae

    Super great so far, 21 mins 30 seconds has a misspelling though…. “Electron”, not “election”

  392. GuitarMD Pittsburgh

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  393. desert sand

    very interesting, however the man made holograms they keep showing us are a very very poor comparison, so to test this hologram theory simply take a hammer and strike your hand as hard as you can, you will quickly discover that neither your hand or the hammer is a video game nor a hologram that doesn’t really exist,, whatever waves of statistical probabilities brought them into existence they are all too real, nothing destroys a beautiful theory quicker than the ugly truth

  394. Raghavaindra Rao

    Holographic universe or field of possibility only exists in mathematical theories. As you yourself say, you can’t see it, you can’t touch it, you can’t prove its existence to people. That means, this theory is itself is an illusion not vice versa. Indian philosophies like Jain, Buddhist and monist(advaita) philosophies suggest this even many centuries ago. But only tattva vada(dualistic philosophy of Sri Madhvacharya) dares to say that this world is not an illusion or maya as told by Shankaracharya but it is very real. Now this video proves that only this world is real everything else is an illusion because one can’t prove it otherwise. Hari sarvottama vayu jivottama. Hail Madhvacharya..!

  395. Sherif El Kadi

    The medium of the electron’s wave property becomes lesser / degraded to making 2 lines only when watched ~!!! this probably means that all electrons of all things interact and depend on each other. The purpose of the other monitoring devise is to watch , and because it is watching itself , in another way it obliges the particles to act as the monitoring device is.

  396. Sherif El Kadi

    The instrument shooting the electrons might be the problem.
    Water waves are small particles of water all grouped in one body making a pool of water from 1 end to the other thus creating the medium in which the wave is going to travel through.
    Same thing should be applied on the electrons … but is that possible? maybe that’s the question.

  397. Sherif El Kadi

    Electrons move through the fabric / stencil / medium like waves
    Because water can be considered particles as well

  398. gbesmith

    If a bear craps in the woods and no one is around to ”observe” it, does that pile of bear crap still stink? lol.  This is over thinking folks. Use common sense. If I bang my toe on the coffee table leg, it IS in fact a SOLID, because I felt the PAIN and I can see the black and blue color my toe turns! Was I looking at the table leg at the time of said accident? NO! If I had been, I would NOT have banged my DAYUM toe! Duhh.. I don’t have to be a physicist to know this to be true. And even tho I was not looking at the table leg,  I felt that sucker! PROOF IT WAS SOLID WITHOUT OBSERVATION!  If their theory were true, my toe wouldn’t be black and blue! My toe should have wisped right thru that hologram of a table leg with no trouble! Shoot, we should be able to walk through walls, as long as we do not peek!  lol.

  399. V W WILSON

    the particle has consciouness thats why its the building block of reality and the universe
    the hologram is the visual image made of the pixels of particles like in a movie which is associated with a story or script also like a movie so will are all in a vertual movie with the best graphics and realism light years beyond what any hollywood studio could produce because the universe is the ultimate director, time travel exsists because you simply transfer the hologram into another frame of time like special effects in a movie, and you can do it when your the ultimate director with the ultimate special effects,

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    5. Unplugged Dog Dreams

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  401. cybercheese3

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  402. wesley holmes

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  403. wesley holmes

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  404. wesley holmes

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  405. wesley holmes

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  406. wesley holmes

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  408. wesley holmes

    I have a thought . let’s see if I can explain what I’m thinking . if it’s a field of possibility then why is it always the same thing in the same place. wouldn’t things move around different times u observed them?

  409. Adone

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  410. TheBlueVlogs 8869


  411. David Akiana

    ghost and demons and astral parasites comes from another dimension ,, science has not yet developed a technology that will allow us to se them ,, or even… get in contact with the.. because they are from the astral realm.. ghost and demons attach to people astral body to the aura…… then they drain his or her energy away.  anyway I’m so gratefull for all the scientist who made this documentary holographic universe it helped me a lot.. in this new era////  my main wish is to have unlimited freedom… people look at me and they tell me everything in life is about sex ,, and money, and I explain them that is not… because ,, you have also devoted scientist.

    1. Pan Raphael

      I just want to point out one thing.

      Science has provided equipment and machinery to detect stuff in so far as the quantum level, and also the astronomically grand. From the sizes of subatomic particles to entire galaxy clusters, current technology has worked its way around such limitations.

      Now you’re telling me that science can do all that and yet it fails to perceive something which people can perceive with the naked eye.

      Your proposal is unreasonable.

    2. David Akiana

      so what ? the creators of this documentary had not finished the movie.. without their sincere toughts as scientist. AS HUMAN CAN WE HUMAN BEINGS MUST LIVE… what is truly the best way for us as individuals to live.WE NOW VERY GOOOOOOD THAT BEING A YES MAN LEADS YOU INTO MISERI.. BECAUSE EVERYTHING GOES WRONG

    3. LoveOnTheWire

      Paul Simeone look at my channel….I explain everything and why. any questions just message me. This is the real deal. Break free of mind control now.

    4. Paul Simeone

      David Akiana there may be away to see them. there was something about being able to pear through the light field and perceive other wise unpercievable spectrums of light. Some theories say that if you can do that you can see them. We are of one light resonance and they are of another. you can’t look at all dimensions…just the ones nearest to here. can’t see heaven…can’t see hell…it has a government project name to. I can’t remember what it is. if I’m remembering correctly.

  412. Tommy Tarbox

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    okay so if everything is holographic what if the stars are placed in a certain way where it makes a map, language, story, something other than just “randomly placed”

  416. Gut Instincts Podcast

    The quantum field is essentially thoughts of the mind 🙂 … It’s consciousness at the core.
    The observer is the created of the reality 🙂
    Potentials are the thoughts and possibilities which are as endless as our ideas and dreams are!!
    Which is why they’ve tried to control the mass consciousness but clearly 🙂 were on our way to transform.
    Love and light!!

    1. Bradley Cook

      perception is a bitch

  417. KGP4Life

    could dark mater and energy just be potential particals which do not exist yet because we have not observed them yet

  418. fmnq

    This is just advanced complex analysis. Holographic universe is just a multidimensional Riemann orbifold. We could even compute the superior group of the eigenspirals of the whole universe, if we knew every one single energy flow.

  419. omar hijazin


  420. Gordonblues

    “For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason,
    the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of
    ignorance, he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself
    over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have
    been sitting there for centuries.” Robert Jastrow

    What scientists are calling a level of reality beyond space and time, is what theologians call the spiritual realm. The infinite ability of particles to be aware of their being observed and make decisions, is called omniscience – a property of what theologians call God.

    1. tony turtle

      the band of theologians were just a hologram

    2. Erik Nothem

      I agree with your omniscience comment.
      However, I disagree with Mr. Jastrow. Once he pulls himself over the final rock, the scientist is able to accomplish what the theologians will never be able to reciprocate…the scientist with his observations is now able to confirm, validate, map and unite two seemingly opposite sides of a controversy that has plagued man for all of history. And he did so by using a gift that God provided to him….the power of reason.

    3. Scott F

      Is that where ghosts live

    4. stephen bishop

      Gordonblues lmao holy shit!!!

    5. Thierry Phillips

      THERE IS ALWAYS SOME BIAS IN OBSERVATION, there is inadequate time and bandwidth in the constraints of this holograph to fully quantify any event, and metrology in and of itself is a bias.

  421. Vince Solomito

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  422. Gregory House

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    1. Tony Carney

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    2. ZodiacAce

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    3. David Evans

      This is my favorite conversation that I’ve ever witnessed on youtube.

    4. Glycerin

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  423. joe featherstone

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  424. Level X-Cell

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  425. Kurt Noble

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  426. Brendan II

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  427. The Odd Dish

    Lol “observe an electron” to observe an electron you HAVE to INTERFERE with it this interference collapses the wave function. misinformation.

    1. Tony Tafoya

      +John Eng Woo Swines? OK. But swine is also plural and in my opinion sounds more educated. Are you from the ghetto?

    2. Atman

      John Eng Woo … Air mind Age of Aquarius? You mean Water mind? Aqua=Water, or have i missed something?
      Yes early on it is as Emotional as Water is Reactant and doesn’t Resist the feelings.
      Feelings can lead to strengthening of senses and realizing of ideas and a lot of other things which can lead to enlightenment.. Can also lead to insanity if friends or own mind insist on ego normally it is not like water to stay on ego path due to Non resistance, but as albert einstein once said “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” Or Psychotic if enough input from various sources says the same thing. If you have no emotions/non reactant on the other hand then what is someone if not a robot? Everything has it’s Positive and Negative.
      It’s the pairing of those 2 together that makes what is what. Resistance and Reactance creates Impedance.
      Saying one element to go away would be to negate all others.
      Because they are similar to each other in the same way everything else is similar to everything else and all need each other for life to continue to flourish.

    3. John Eng Woo

      Ronad McGonald …. Too deep …. Most are not ready here … Transcendental One… cast not all your pearls before so many swines …. But then again it’s the Air mind Age of Aquarius so cast away … LOL

    4. John Eng Woo

      Ronad McGonald …. Dam thats deep …. Too deep for many flat earth trump troll zombies here …. LOL

    5. John Eng Woo

      The Odd Dish … LOL … U are so Zen funny … I may grant u Golden membership in our most prestige Golden Laffing Booda club with Free vacation vouchers to our Golden paradise inside the Hollow Earth called Agatha … Namaste … Bro

  428. Goshutes

    That is what the ancient hindus taught. That the physical world is illusion. (MAYA). Reality is an illusion albeit a very persistent one. Einstein

    1. mercurialmagictrees

      yeah it’s stunning how the connections of their thoughts seem to go well with this phenomenon

  429. Immanuel Kant

    ‘You mad at a hologram bro?’

  430. Chris Silva

    They say that if the world is a hologram not to trip because ”its all gucci if it is.”. What do you have to attest to this statement?

  431. Jared Meekhoff

    At one minute in I stopped. It’s a myth that 13-14th century eauropeabs thought the earth was flat. Presenting that in this video pretty much discredited it’s scientific relevancy.

    1. Mohan Pednekar

      There are many flat earthers even in 21st century. 😀

  432. B Owie


  433. Odin

    If observation collapses the wave function, then what qualifies as observation? Does it have to be a human being? If so, why? If not, how basic a life form’s observation need be the collapser? An amoeba? Do you see the problem here?

    1. Jan-Peter Schuring

      That is actually a point of contention on the proponents of consciousness on the collapse of the wave function . Some hold that there is in fact a cumulative effect of consciousness , of various “participants” in various sizes and forms, that create the shared reality we all experience…..this is the “consensus reality.” The question of who or what make up this “consensus” is still up in the air so to speak. Decoherence theory rejects consciousness outright and posits that it is the “interaction” with anything already fixed that causes a kind of “decay” of the wave until it pops into a fixed particle. This theory has recently been seriously questioned with experimental data that does suggest something more “aware” needs to constitute the observers.

    2. Bogdan Marcu

      It’s not he observation itself, the one that is collapsing the wave function is information. When there is information, there are stripes, when there’s no information, there’s interference pattern.

    3. Das Inhaberlicht


    4. Chad Alan

      11,999,999 views Except your wrong

    5. Vincent Simmons

      Odin no. Not a problem.

  434. Juan David Quiros

    I think there in 7:45 it starts to become paintings, and at the end that painting of the earth. Again not real…

    1. Juan David Quiros

      +flickwtchr If you check out all the pics in NASA’s web page you can´t find a single real picture of the earth, planets, galaxies, satellites, all drawings and CGI, so you start to make some questions… no matter whether you are FE or not.

    2. flickwtchr

      Of course it is a simulation beyond the photograph of Earth. Please, please don’t tell us you are a Flat Earther.

  435. MrShelbyGTman

    Okay, I know this is out there a bit, but here goes anyway…. For example with ghosts… Ghosts are often photographed without the people at the time being aware that they are there until after they develop the picture. Could ghosts exist in the form of a wave and normally get their wave function collapsed from observation by our observing it? Your brain takes measurements all the time of the distance the thing being observed from you is, its dimensions, acceleration, etc. Matter couldn’t be going from nothingness to something and back, but maybe it is leaving our perceptible field of reality into another one that co-exists with ours? Maybe that is why you can’t normally see ghosts? Perhaps we collapse its wave function? Take EVPs for example, I have recorded a few (what are described as) Class A EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), however, all my best recordings have been made when no one was present. Could it be that you being there with the recorder causes a collapse of the wave function of a ghost (assuming they exist as a wave of energy)? Maybe that people who really claim to be able to see a ghost or claim they have seen one is causing them to become particles and thus observable? Like they say that some ghost activity is caused by the person somehow through psychokinesis?