Suspect identified in LA rapper’s murder

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LAPD says Eric Holder, 29, walked up to three men outside Nipsey Hussle’s Los Angeles clothing store and opened fire.

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276 Thoughts to “Suspect identified in LA rapper’s murder”

  1. Juan Galvan

    They should put his murders in the electric chair they didn’t touch their heart God Bless That Wonderful man

  2. Bronco Mania

    Who the hell is Nipsey Hussle? Now I remember Nipsey Russell. He was a great comedian.

  3. starkiller0235

    Lakers not making the playoffs, Duke lost to Michigan, and another brother trying to make change is six feet under. My disappointment these last two these past two months is palpable.

  4. C Su

    Wait……..Rolling 60’s kill Rolling 60’s?

  5. Anne* 411

    This dont look anything like the man in the video

  6. 100% NOT WHITE

    Sad when you are “loyal to the community” but that community is shit. Smh

  7. Alan Nett

    where is Black Lives Matters, this is a good reason to show and shine, control the violence and riots. That would help. Oh wait shooter was black
    I am white and am someone who loves all ppl white and black, come together ppl not seperate

  8. Fox Mulder

    ERIC HOLDER killed Nipsey Hussle! I repeat: ERIC HOLDER killed Nipsey Hussle!! oBUSHm’as AG killed Nipsey?? xD

  9. BiggieShorty Mathis


  10. Eugene russ

    It’s the Rap Culture ! You don’t hear of Rock n Rollers or Pop Stars being shot dead ! Wake up Fools !

    1. I so Awesome

      Come on Eugene

    2. I so Awesome

      Yeah John Lennon and Cornell Gunter are my favorite rappers

  11. Eugene russ

    He was a Crips Gang Member ! Why are you surprised he was Shot Dead ! Ignorant Fools !

  12. Milton Monnin


  13. OG213LA

    Where’s Black Lives Matter at?

  14. mag rlop

    may he R.I.P., I never heard of him but what a loss. Is so sad especially such a senseless act. I’ve been to this area once and i’m just thankful I don’t live anywhere near there. for me is very scary to be around there. I feel for the people trying to make a difference b/c sadly most people don’t want to change for the better. they like to just complain about the system but don’t want help. Is an uphill battle for the community leaders.

  15. Rigo Ortiz Jr

    Very sad indeed! Jealousy and envy can often times blind the hearts of men. This was simply an action due to hatred of this young man’s success! May his soul forever find peace! What he stood for will forever be cherished and remembered by his fans, community and around the world! He was truly a flower that grew from concrete. May piece be with you brother. 🙏🏽🥂

  16. DFS54

    “Chaos” only erupts at vigils wif lots of negroes.

  17. EastBayExotics 1Medical-Cannabis


  18. Victor M

    find this mother fucker and send his stupid ass to deathrow immediately. and keep it live on tv so we all can see the killers death!

  19. 1990758

    After what happened last night I wouldn’t be surprised if some people in the black community say he’s not the one the police have the wrong person. Or better yet they will say Nipsey Hussle does not know this guy and never associated with him

  20. Treasuretrails RS

    At least he at peace with Pac and Biggie now

  21. Bunny Briggs

    R.I.P too king you will be missed so much!!

  22. Y Flores

    What a mess

  23. Sawsan Speede

    We kill our own so quickly. Then want respect. We have to do better.

  24. McLean.t.w88 Dun

    this is so sad

  25. Anon 100

    niggas killin niggas .. how surprising.

  26. Southern Gent

    This is why keeping it real is wrong! You can’t try to give back to the community!

  27. poppasgirls81

    Shut the F up! Showing disruption at vigil but not how it was prior to paid idiots disrupting hours later.

  28. JR The Hunter

    That Michael Strahan? Sorry, i know its off topic, but that caught me off guard

  29. hollow point bullet

    Another trash rapper dissapear.

  30. Adrian Nelson

    Just ah nig killing nig nothing new here same ol same ol

  31. Michael Bateman

    Get that Bastard

  32. Gabriel Afonso

    Not only killed him, executed him and kicked his head to make sure he was dead……absolute scum

  33. Billy Langston

    somebody kill this cocksucker

  34. John S

    The more nwords get killed, the better off we are.

    1. Tony Martins

      John S The hate in your heart will ultimately consume you.

  35. Jan Daman

    Rip nipp can’t believe this shit man! Stop the violence. It’s disgusting!!! 💯


    they say eric was mad nipsey didnt want him hanging around up there ..

    1. Brando bee

      Exactly it

  37. Temi Olayiwola

    It always be your own people😔

  38. Yu Kong

    I have a feeling dat da dude took da fall for da government

  39. raul gonzalez

    So much for military

  40. Militza Bonet

    its so sad to take his life and had so much going for himself rest in paradise nipsey hussle💔💔

  41. Conrad Gifford

    Those CA gun control laws seem to be working.

  42. Airport Chronicle's

    This murder is due to Maxine Waters FAILURE as a Congress member and FAILURE of a Community Leader!!!!

  43. Kristal C

    The man that was paid by the government to kill Nipsey. Never heard his name in ANY drama. Crazy how when he’s doing this documentary all of a sudden this happens… Rest in heaven Nipsey 🙏🏾

  44. lol.cute_23 Please23

    This was no gang related open your eyes like he said if I die over this documentary ride for me we all know who did this they get rid of people that want to make a change in this world

  45. MrKrushgutz

    Wait a minute, I thought Nipsey was killed because of Dr. Sebi…🤣🤦‍♂️

    1. Angel Johnson

      MrKrushgutz no stop believing everything you here my was taking away from pure evilness!!!

  46. Shawtie Taylor

    A white man said once to me if blk folks stop killing each other the whites will go crazy and want to put blks bk in the field, this white man basically told me blks can’t stop killing each other cause that’s what the whites want. Smfh he also said whites kill but when was the last time u heard a white person killing another over who has more, or doing better.

  47. POC Skellington

    This comes with all that fake ass image these motherfuckers put out nowadays.

  48. Altum Spiritus

    You can find the suspects Facebook Page here at this link

  49. Marlene Felipe

    Go stream his music ! He owned 100% of his work so buying and streaming will help his family !!!

  50. Fuck a bitch italy

    Rest in peace Nipsy💔😭😭

  51. Pagan Priestess

    Thank you for putting this info out here. So Black folks can stop with this illuminati and sacrifice mess.

  52. branden burks

    They’re going to kill Mr. Holder before he gets anywhere near a police station to turn himself in. He’s a walking dead man.

    1. Brando bee

      Etg didn’t do it nigga

  53. vivolove roses

    R.I.P bro. Talk about destroying your own community, that’s what some of us do best shm

  54. Jeremy McGrath


  55. Xurv

    ‘Eric Holder’
    United States Attorney General
    In office
    February 3, 2009 – April 27, 2015

  56. # Guiltless

    Live that gang life and that shit will get you sooner or later!💀

    1. Smiley

      no shit like we never heard that before

  57. Lonnie Sayler

    What can be said about a person that steals a stage name, then without a second thought, goes on to claim fame ? Whatever happened to originality ? Too much of a hassle ? I wonder what Nipsey Russell thinks about this guy ? Rapping about violence brings violence into the arena and makes it a reality.

    1. Oakland 66

      Nipsey Russell has been deceased since 2005

  58. ひSnaguor

    I’m black and this shit make blacks looks so bad

  59. nhbrown12

    A senseless act of violence. When will we stop killing each other?

  60. Mark Carpenter

    Black lives matter any where to be seen?! Didn’t think so!

  61. The Truth

    That’s what happen when you won’t leave your hood. It might sound selfish but everyone is responsible for their own life.

  62. T Reed

    Same name as the ex attorney general. .
    Hmmmm. The play on words and names are never a coincidence.

  63. Majrum Q

    Why tf the news anchirs smiling so hard

    1. champloo29

      +MrKrushgutz I feel you, I like grouping people together too myself. All of you think that same way, have the same biases, it’s kinda funny.

    2. Angel Johnson

      i know they cheesing hella hard!!!

    3. MrKrushgutz

      They know all of Nipsey’s fans are ghetto. Just look at what they did at his memorial. Those people can’t be taken seriously.

  64. kwame robinson

    the fucked up thing is when rappers make it every body say why you leave the hood..y’all never stay and help the community…this is why

  65. Râistlìn Majere

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. On the top of his Twitter feed, just below his enemies tweet, he wishes one of his friends a happy “C” day so as not to have to use the letter B for B-Day and also B for Bloods, thus paying homage to a Crips gang custom. This will obviously trigger retribution violence. Yes EXCELLENT contribution to society. Anyway, at least now he is famous.

  66. Mr. Sin

    He was killed because he was going to make a documentary of a doctor who cured many diseases even blindness, later on murdered by the government

  67. Adele Stoker

    She go get charge too. Dummy

    1. Adele Stoker

      +Angel Johnson yes that’s what the news keep saying along with the police. They said her got into a white 4 door car with a female driver

    2. Angel Johnson

      Adele Stoker oh it was an accomplice too? i didnt know someone else was in on it!!!

    3. Adele Stoker

      +Angel Johnson who ever was the female driver

    4. Angel Johnson

      Adele Stoker who

  68. Erick_m 918

    This Bitch said if the community was loyal to him of course we was loyal to Him Wtf One Nigga From His Own Hood Wasn’t Loyal to Him.. That Bitch Stupid Asf Always Trying Blame The People

  69. Manko Kennewick

    Niggas be Killin niggas.

  70. TheWildMangos

    They’re gonna make his life hell in jail when they find out he was the killer💙 R.I.P. Nipsey 🙏😔

    1. Lagrimas Prestegui

      the guy. is from his on hood watever happened on the street stays on the streets. it was something personal

    2. Brando bee

      He gone kill himself or be killed I bet

  71. T Reed

    Dude is still thawing out.

  72. Diane V

    OMG that Eric Holder bih is one ugly mf.

  73. Joe Garcia

    Look at all these people from the suburbs thinking they SUPER educated about the hoods and things that go on there… y’all ain’t. Y’all sit on your couch in the safety of your suburbs neighborhood and sit here talking like you know anything about streets. Just let the fucking man rest. R.I.P Nipsey… you were one of the few real ones left King 🔥

  74. Myxxx Gambino

    I don’t believe this shit.

  75. PYT29

    This HURTS!!! Man it’s so sad the cycle has to STOP!! Damn Nipsey!! I’m happy that the media is doing right by him and glorifying his accomplishments! Good job by them! Good Brother so sad!!

  76. AveolarD

    Black parents, raise your kids right. This is so sad and disturbing in so, so many ways. There is no one answer. What a coward.

    1. jess_90s

      WTH ? Don’t single out and group of people. You watch to much CNN and liberal news. You might as well say white people raise your kids right so they don’t commit mass murders shootings. People of all color commit crimes so don’t be ignorant and single people out.

  77. QueenPinkzAva

    See, black men needs to stop with this gang bang bullshit, is getting annoying and disrespecting our community like we some killers. I thought we suppose to respect our community like brothers and sisters and stay together but ig not because bullshit like this. I know is just not black men but I see it in America Put down the guns and stop taking people life away for no reason. 💯 Rip nipsey

  78. David Ross

    Yes Michael, very personal.

  79. RedPill Satanist

    Is the dude that killed him a 60’S or from a rival set?

    1. RedPill Satanist

      +Brando bee Then it was some personal shit.

    2. Brando bee

      He from 6 0

    3. D K

      Honestly, probably a scorned lover .

  80. Edwards James

    The wolves are gonna eat this nigga alive

  81. Paul Labus

    Just like Jimmy Wopo…both gang related trying to turn their lives around and killed by gang violence…at least they identified his killer. #notonemore

    1. Honestly_Smd Hairline

      Chino J Martinez it isn’t . It was a friend of his but he wanted him to leave his property

    2. Chino J Martinez

      This happens because you have done something in the past and people dont forget shit.. i am not saying thats what happened but thats how it seems

  82. Nathan Chevalier

    Go stream his music!! He owns 100% of his music so streaming and buying his music will support nothing but his family. R.I.P Nipsey you’ll be missed brother.


      Go support the poor and the homeless

    2. Andrea Ayala

      +Dave Vargas can you not spread negativity by calling people retards?.. The video link you put is click bait. It is not true. He owns his own record label that has a PARTNERSHIP with Atlantic. He is NOT signed with Atlantic.

    3. Beast_eastwOOd 777

      Been on it and still on it let’s keep supporting Nispey y’all R.I.P to our brother 🙏💪💪💪💕💯

    4. Dave Vargas

      Nathan Chevalier no he doesn’t retard not towards the end of his career he signed to a label to make his album he only owns his mixtapes

    5. Andrea Ayala

      Why isn’t this top comment

  83. jlove766

    R.I.P King – I feel so bad for his family. This is really sad!!😢😢 His life was taken for no reason!

  84. On code

    This suspect is a known informant for the government

    1. Billy Langston

      bullshit he was killed by a black thug nigga that is why I say fuck the hood let them niggas rot in hoodrat hell

    2. Terell Moore

      On code he told on someone during a case he was not a hired gov informant get ur facts right

    3. TheWildMangos

      On code Stop! That whole government thing is a hoax, you’re being lied. It was a gang member

  85. Gwen Williams

    The worst enemy of a black person is the same black person himself

  86. Taryn Great

    Why haven’t y’all found him and killed him yet !!!

    1. Taryn Great

      Brando bee police are still looking for him so I doubt it

    2. Brando bee

      Heard he died

    3. King Kael

      Taryn Great right

  87. Lil Rocket Mane

    Why is this trending news….who gives a fuck about these fools

  88. Blaze Beats

    The purge


    Rap nowadays is
    for stupid people👈🇺🇸

  90. Lyza Tyus

    look i hate that nip went like that but to me if you was trying to do better for the community and end GANG ACTIVITY you should not be confronting other ex gang members and telling them where they can’t be rip nip

    1. Joe Garcia

      You are so stupid. The dude showed up at NIPSEYS store. Nipsey owned those stores so he had EVERY right to tell that dude to not be there considering it was all Nipseys property. If a dude I know has a horrible reputation as a rat and a snitch shows up on my property well I’m gonna fucking say something too 🤷🏽‍♂️

  91. J P

    One word: BLACKS!

    1. Brando bee

      +J P cracker

    2. J P

      +glittergold0333 statistics are racist argument? Such a low IQ you have! These stats were taken while the Mutt was President and the AG (Eric Holder) was a black nationalist. In reality, blacks are actually committing even MORE murders and violence but not getting caught and convicted. Your degenerate argument actually works against you!

    3. glittergold0333

      +J P LMAO, another person who repeats and believes what is told to them on television. Out of the 9k of people who were ARRESTED AND CHARGED for murder, 5k of them were black, according to the 2017 FBI records. This would be the 50% tag line people love saying with out real understanding. We don’t know about the number of people arrested per murder, let alone the number of black people who are actually convicted. So, your statement is actually incorrect and makes you more of a “weirdo”, feeling compelled to write such blanket, uneducated comments, parroting what you’re told, probably having limited exposure to people who look different from you.

    4. J P

      +glittergold0333 it is “weird” that blacks are such a small percentage of the population yet commit over HALF the MURDERS in America and the majo9of VIOLENT CRIME!

    5. glittergold0333

      Lol, weirdo.

  92. No Calvinism


    Romans 10:9-10; Acts 16:31

    1. First last

      Fuck Christ

  93. James Javanovich

    So happy to see that somebody touched up that poindexter looking mother fucker. Couldn’t have happened to a bigger piece of shit.

  94. dmtothrill

    Both the shooter and the get away driver I hope they burn in hell

    1. Angel Johnson

      dmtothrill oh it was a getaway driver?

  95. Umayr


    1. Brando bee

      Frrrr them negros are lost


    Only white lives matter!
    The rest of y’all can go F yourselves… 🙃

  97. persil stover

    surprise surprise…negro on negro crime🙄

  98. Shondra Clemons

    RIP young King

  99. onnielou70

    What other music genre go around shooting one another?

    1. Shea Morena

      +Mark Carpenter Lies, whites kill each other at about the same rates and are 70% of the population.

    2. Mark Carpenter

      If you look at percentages and not just numbers, blacks commit way more crime! 13% of the population and yet they commit almost half of all murders! It get worse if you count just young black males who make up about 4% of the total population, but they commit half of the crime in the US! Asians?! Really!? 2% of all violent crime! Look at FBI stats. You are flat wrong.

    3. Mark Carpenter

      No, they really don’t!

    4. Mark Carpenter

      Really JP!? Please name a few, or just one!


      @UCsHFE5oi-Mnxm-pNV5aFoIg That is totally NOT TRUE (maybe on the percentage part) but more crimes are committed by non blacks. look it up don’t believe the hype. I have seen the statistics myself. you should also.

  100. Gspadez tooreal

    So the only person happens to get help wearing space x hoodie 🤔

    1. Tunnel Vision

      Crisis actor/product placement

  101. chris not pratt

    Rest In Peace LA legend

  102. Revulsion

    All the prejudice and racism in these comments is uncalled for. When are we white people gonna open our eyes and realize we’re all human no matter our color? A man lost his life, a good man, a man that tried to help his people.

    1. Just Peachy

      I’m not by any means trying to be rude, because as much as I agree, it goes both ways. If you go to stories about whites the comments are very racist as well. Blacks are just as racist, so it’s definitely not just whites.

  103. Bradkey Williams

    THEY kill each other faster than what cops do !! Then go on a “CHIMPOUT” over WHAT !! EH ???????

    1. drippin saucy skrr

      +Fashion Life shut up im black and let me Tell you something nuke the whole fucking nigga race. I cant Deal with yall anymore

    2. elchucofried

      +Bradkey Williams lol dude there was probably more white people that died that day by other whites because that’s what usually happens those are the facts😂😂 he was just famous you think that was the only person that died that day out of almost 330 million?? Fucking retard😂😂

    3. Fashion Life

      +Bradkey Williams you are just another prejudice person with a stereotypical opinion about black ppl so we dont count your opinion

    4. Bradkey Williams

      +Fashion Life – Certainly not yours !! LOL’S…
      SHITASS !!

    5. Fashion Life

      Your opinion doesnt matter

  104. Trae Evans

    He didn’t have a security guard at his shop, didn’t have some hittaz with cuz them bustaz he was wit ran off and he didn’t have a gun in him smh….THAT PLAZA WAS A DEATH TRAP

    1. Taurus L

      It probably was guns in the store but there were also cameras there to so if they brought them out it would cause more of a problem for nipsey. Someone should of fired off on that piece of shit because he shot him and felt comfortable enough to come back and shoot him in the head and kick him then run off like a coward. If he would of heard shots coming back at him he would never felt as if he could keep returning to shoot him. But that death angel was already sent and it’s hard to figure out why.

    2. Rolling Stone

      That’s exactly what I don’t understand about these rappers. They go back to the hood and even just anywhere without armed security. After all that stuff they be talking in there raps, nipsey should have had 2 armed security guards. Or/and some shootaz from his hood around him

    3. Angel Johnson

      maybe he didnt think anything would happen like that so sad!!!

    4. Taqeem Hilton2.0

      I said the same thing. If im putting back into the community and standing outside of my business best believe imma have at least two armed security guards on duty and top of the line security cameras and all my peoples around me thats about that life are gonna be strapped.

  105. Ahman Ahm

    What is wrong with you blk ppl in america. In love with gangsta violence ! You ppl are stupiiiddddd!

  106. Grim Reaper

    Always has to be one mother fucker to assassinate someone doing good for the neighborhood.

  107. Big Uce


  108. Bo Rood

    Be careful there, Adrienne Bankhart, those are like uncaged animals.

  109. _Lopez _

    Who needs the government when you be killing your own. Smh RIP Nipsey


    This will never stops, if you wanna be clean – stay away from gangsta game. Shmurda, 69, Nip , they all played in that game one way or another. And all became victims of things they glorify. Are they last rappers to die/charge this year? No. Fools still gonna go and try to act gangsta in their music videos.

  111. Rust belt McCLanahan Crawling

    See this is what Jesse Jackson and all the activist should going after ! Black on Black more ! There is just too much killing ! Why Is no one addressing this ??

    1. Just Peachy

      Jesse Jackson was in Chicago yesterday for a counter protest backing Kim Foxx and Jussie smollett. I’m not being a smart ass, I’m being serious. He’s busy backing a corrupt prosecutor. There was a protest against Kim Foxx so he needed to back her.

    2. Hoov

      Rust belt McCLanahan Crawling cause they’re just pawns and gate keepers fuck Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

    3. Gymmaster

      Where is BLM

    4. CALICOTV301

      They are addressing this, the suspects pic is here.
      You cannot stop random acts of violence as you saw even at a vigil. No matter how many organizations and marching. You can save some, not all. Don’t rely on one man when really others need to govern themselves in a civilized manner. Stop expecting a superhero to jump up everytime people act out. Not possible or reasonable.
      Not everyone is meant to be saved. Some people are so savage they belong imprisoned.

      That’s like the firetruck showing up after the fire has been put out.

  112. Johniny Chingas Chingas


  113. Bo Rood

    Believe me when I tell you, there is nothing dumber than LA blacks.

    1. persil stover

      Florida negros got all ya’ll beat in the country dumb department👍

    2. HeyHeyHeyBro

      Chicago niggas

  114. Jaime Uh

    Yet “ deez pigzz b killin and sheiitt” lol this is truly how blacks act towards their own.


    That last interview with news women said it all. the community should have been there for him by stopping the violence in those neighborhoods a long time ago If they really wanted too. regardless of getting killed in the process Dr. King People got killed or hurt and it even wasn’t by there own people. what does that tell you?


      +Bradkey Williams Like it written in the bible things on this planet will get a lot worst until it gets better especially with this POTUS in office.

    2. Bradkey Williams

      Ya just CAN’T do anything about it !! It’s just gonna git worse !!

  116. Texas Trad

    Low-IQ thugs, all

  117. Flying Monkey

    They can’t even mourn peacefully 🙄 should have shot Jessie Smollett in instead

    1. Babbs Dome

      you part of the problem saying that wack ass shit.. 🤦

    2. Tae DaRealOne

      How about they should had shot you

    3. Raychel J

      Flying Monkey you cant be serious

  118. RickK RocKStar

    I’m shocked that he wasn’t shot by a cop. This has white cop all over it.


  119. Uncle Fjester

    Should a been Jussie Smollet that got shot

  120. The life of Young Leopxrd


    1. _Lopez _

      Another* Break* idiot

    2. Dick Gozinya

      *break. Moron

  121. 1503Neptune

    Imaging when this man goes to jail. He’ll probably get killed the first day for being known as nipseys killer

    1. Brando bee

      +4L Squadd I’ve heard this too heard he died too

    2. 4L Squadd

      They already killed some of his family

    3. sadbox 11

      He probably won’t go to jail he’ll probably be dead because the two of the shooter’s cousin’s were killed by gang members for the killing of Nipsey.

    4. 1503Neptune

      Tanner Tan fr. Inmates gonna make it a living hell for him for killing a legend

    5. Amanda mandy

      He should

  122. John Doe

    Idiots will keep thinking the government had something to do with it

    1. jamaicanbkslimaz

      +Health & Wellness you ever done your research to find out why ppl love to blame shit on the Jews?

    2. John Doe

      +Health & Wellness keep telling yourself that, are his friends agents too because they saw what happened and knew the suspect

    3. Health & Wellness

      Ok “John Doe”. Just because he is black and in a gang doesn’t mean this couldn’t have been an orchestrated event set up by the same “jewish” white men who paid him. Misinfo agent

  123. Charlotte Katakuri

    Niggly Hussle tweeted it’s good to have strong enemies and a lowlife thug dindu took him out with a bullet. 😂 😂 😂

    1. Jordan Lloyd

      The person who shot him may be a lowlife but for someone to joke about this like this your not that much different

    2. GVXNG

      Get your racist ass out of here you wouldn’t be laughing if it was one of your family members you racist Trump supporting snowflake!

    3. Expert Critic

      Niggly hussle?? Get out here you cowardly klansman. Put your wife sheets back on the bed.


      that is just what I wrote.

    5. melvin vs melly

      What the fuck is so funny it was 6 bullets five to the body 1 to the head , somebody should do your ass the same or your love one lets see if its funny than

  124. Space Duck

    Really sucks he died. Never listened to his music but rest in power m8

  125. HilariouShaun313 Gifted

    Bitch ass nigha killing our on kind… I hope Nipsey people find his ass

  126. BT 1000

    When do we protest? Oh never-mine.

    1. _Lopez _

      Nevermind you fucking idiot

    2. Uncle Fjester

      Never mind not never mine.

    3. MaCeo Millions

      BT 1000 lol

  127. Everything Zombie, By Teresa Young

    Looked like the shooter had several healed tweeker sores my sister and her boyfriend have them.

    1. king Leonidas

      +Everything Zombie, By Teresa Young You’re stupid! Better? Numnuts

    2. Space Duck

      +Everything Zombie, By Teresa Young holy shit, I dont know wtf it is okay? Like damn, dont be a bitch about it

    3. Everything Zombie, By Teresa Young

      +king Leonidas should I say something to the authorities

    4. Everything Zombie, By Teresa Young

      +king Leonidas hay kkkunt did you shoot him?

    5. Everything Zombie, By Teresa Young

      +Space Duck really are you that dense?

  128. BIG A

    Gang related, not a government conspiracy like his low IQ fans said did it!!!

    1. BIG A

      +B Mar ain’t no sympathy if you living the life. You know that better than anyone, as old as you look.

    2. BIG A

      Y’all want truth, check out my brother from another mother on YouTube.
      Brian Anthony Logan or Brandon Tatum or any of the young brothers fighting for real justice and liberty for ALL.

    3. BIG A

      +melvin vs melly you are an ignorant SOB. How many mother fuckers have tried stop gang violence and failed. He was no leader you can’t play with God. He played both sides and got burnt. God is a jealous God.
      Gonna say a prayer and then go sell a brick. How ignorant is that.
      Y’all to money hungry. When you need is God!

    4. Brando bee

      +melvin vs melly nigga from 60 killed nip idiot foh

    5. melvin vs melly

      +xChristine x how?

  129. Ace Rothstein

    The media is acting like this dude was super famous. Beyonce posting old pics like she knew the nigga from grade school. 😂😂😂

  130. Robert Lee

    Black folks just don’t get it , keep killing each other , we don’t mind.

    1. I Own You

      +Shawn Proctor
      Man you are one sick fuck if you’re watching shit like that. Sounds like you’re curious or maybe someone should be talking to you about that.

    2. Emcee Donald

      Planned Parenthood kills over 1800 black children every day. More black children are aborted than born in the United States

    3. Shawn Proctor

      U don’t mind shooting up schools either!! U don’t mind shooting up hotels, u don’t mind raping kids, u don’t mind having sex with animals either, I just watched a nice looking white woman sucking a real live horse DICK, BET U DONT MIND THAT EITHER, BUT THATS JUST WHAT WHITE PEOPLE DO!! WELL, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF CLIMBING MOUNTAINS, AND DIE AND SHIT!! WHITE PEOPLE DINDUNUFFIN

    4. First Last

      Lee is right.
      Black folks were getting lynched by whites back in the day and now they’re shooting each other everyday like a bunch of idiots.

  131. some body

    Eric Holder huh? 🤔

    1. some body

      +LN2233 no fool. I’m thinking it’s a strange Coincidence , dumbass.

    2. LN2233

      You think there’s only one Eric holder?

    3. Gspadez tooreal

      some body thought the same thing … it’s bigger then what they showing here … peeped the space x hoodie .. happens to be the only person getting help.. but no face ?

  132. Savage Nigga

    That’s shittykuz onna gang he dead

    1. Savage Nigga

      +Jesus Ramirez niggka fuck u bl54d on piru idgaf what u komment niggka tfk

    2. Jesus Ramirez

      Dude can you stop? Like what the fuck dude “onna gang” are you even fucking gang?…nah i made a dumb question can im going to ask a better one. Is gang worth it mate? See what your stupid gang causes? Shut up get a life and stop thinking like a dumb ass get out the hood if you love in the hood. Dont get on drugs go to school and love a great life with yout fam stop all that gang bull shit

  133. Chancellor Luciano

    I wonder what black lives matter has to say about this?

    1. melvin vs melly

      +Chancellor Lucianowe all got same to you

    2. Brando bee

      +melvin vs melly not a joke nigga blm negros only protest when a cop kills a black person never when a fellow black person kills another black person

    3. Chancellor Luciano

      melvin vs melly and I hope it stops. All the best to you and yours.

    4. melvin vs melly

      +Chancellor Luciano ok my mistake i read wrong and of course not its all us we killing each other

    5. Chancellor Luciano

      melvin vs melly I meant no disrespect to that man. God bless him and his family. My point is that the “white man” isn’t to blame for the violence that plagues the black community. This type of behavior is why police brutality is so common in black communities. They deal with a lot of unnecessary violence.

  134. Phoenix Force

    Talk big about strong enemies, but died from a local thug🤦 What a clown.

    1. Jordan Lloyd

      Who trolls someone who was shot to death I hope you get that same energy in return that’s probably why your life sucks now

    2. Lawrence Ware

      go worry about that stupid college whore that got killed

    3. Ryder


    4. MaCeo Millions

      Phoenix Force You may be next… never know

    5. GOLDDE

      You seem like a poor excuse of man who sits around playing video games all day.

  135. Fardnomious Windenthorpeson III Amber Lamps

    Black culture


    Damn.. I knew nipsy knew him. he texted “it’s good to have enimies ” that black on black killing crime has got to stop. But when?

    1. Bearbuilt Buttocks

      +Kevin is Nice Yep👍I believe that. Cuz went back to make sure he was dead. Something ain’t right. That was a hit


      +YoungLG2K You right it not going to be easy what is good never is easy but it still can be done. We just gonna have seed them. as it say in the Bible come all thee that have faith all the rest shall be treated as idol worshipers. (paraphrasing of course)

    3. YoungLG2K


      Yeah but not if you got black folks playing the deflection game every time something happens to us even by us

      Its too to plat the victim especially today

      I’m just not seeing it

    4. Robert Motión

      In MY Zone facts don’t matter tho🤦🏾‍♂️😏


    5. Anthony Roman


  137. Oskars GCT



    I knew it ….just like all the black men who got killed by another black men in their own circles,Nipsey knows his killers……..first time I heard about the death of Nipsey…I told my brother….probably he knows the suspects…they might be in his own circle…….I’m not even surprised about it …….majority of black men are killed by black friends,family members,gang members & majority of them are unsolved because,blacks have “No snitch laws” …’s just crazy man & that’s the hard truth many blacks won’t admit it ….they rather blame someone than admitting the truth.

    1. Raider 5

      +Hector Rodriguez STFU

    2. Hector Rodriguez

      Raider 5 dude I’ll kill you I ain’t playing stop talking to me or pull up

    3. Raider 5

      +Hector Rodriguez He called Holder out for what he was, WTF

    4. Michael Zaragoza

      Pagan Priestess you personally knew the killer ?

    1. doot doot

      +AngryMath lol

    2. AngryMath

      +doot doot Slapping on the overly used “hoax” tag on news reports doesn’t mean you know better. It means you’re willfully blind.

      Instead of tagging a video as hoax, why don’t you state the facts that you alone know, so you may enlighten the rest of us.

      It may also help your case if you’d use better grammar. Just a thought.

    3. doot doot

      You believe the news and ik better than that so yeah i guess i am wise.

    4. AngryMath

      +doot doot Spoken like an accomplished scholar. Your level of sophistication is beyond me. I envy Thy wisdom.

    5. doot doot

      +AngryMath clever. But im right you’re wrong as usual.

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