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what God is right me oh I got this thingright or no am I still fucking up am istill fucking up y'all let me know cuz Ifeel like I'm still fucking up hellocan y'all see me can y'all see me am istill fucking up am i doing it rightwe'll get my bend down alright y'allknow how I go amenI just want to politely say fuck ally'all niggas that were talking shitdidn't give me my old ass a chance toget this shit right you know I'm sayingI don't say fuck all you niggas thatdidn't give me a chance to get this shitright fuck all y'all okay now I'm gonnaget my bed down the street andeverything trying to get my lightingalright my fucking open up the windowhold on it's gonna get dark in thisbitchand so it gonna get dark y'all y'all betif a pimp with a get dark can y'all seeme but this shit was crazy okaycan y'all see me am I good can y'allhear me can you see the kind ofresearchers in the back are we goodit's a hundred m58 mother effers in thisjoker okay cool this is way better thaninstagram live alright cool cool coolcool cool cool cool now a look ya'lldon't look before I go do y'all do y'allhave any question do you hear anytechnical difficulty do we feel I gottaget turned up my mic or anything this ismy first time doing this and let me tellyou something you get to talking crazyin his bitch I'm block your ass I'm ablocky I'm a delito assalright I'm gonna let you know I didhave me some chicken I try to eat thesemotherfuckers up way before I got up onhere you feel me well shortly before Igot up on here so everything good Idon't want to hear nothing else nowbefore we startedeverything I got I got to show my nailbefore we do anything we'll give on somedisclaimers okay well we start anythingbut give on some damn disclaimers thefirst disclaimer is this okay I wantedeverybody know I respect everybody Ithank you all for tuning in I thinkeverybody who ever contributed to mylife my career my journey the second oneis - we talk shit yeah ass gettingbooted the fuck out of here and I'mgonna make somebody a moderator cuz thenit won't just be me kicking your ass upout of here it gonna be them kickingyour asses out of here alright so don'tthink I'm coming up on this thing mad orwhatever like and I got my little juiceI'm gonna put it in here Oh ain't noit's right there so check it outnow I know this part they all don't wantto hear it is what it isthis is super chat the reason why I goton a super chat is because I wanted Igot tired of been on Instagram laughs alot of y'all y'all be seeing me onInstagram live and it be like 50 to 70people in that bitch and it's the samepeople you know I'm saying there'snothing wrong with it it's just thatI've been on that thing for so long umyeah I'm saying I felt like I had toreally talk to people my platform so andthe reason why I never came on superchat is because I wanted people I wantto get my followers back up and myengagement back up on YouTube before Igot back being on this - all right so umthat's why I'm putting on a lot ofvideos I've been putting out a lot ofvideos because I wanted everybody totune in you know at the right time whenI got ready to talk so I can at leasthave enough people in here to tune inand hear what I got to say so that'swhat it is so that's why I'm not onInstagram live and I'm probably gonna beusing this a lot more number of you knowI don't know what no my mo but checkthis out as well super chet has adonation thing on the bottom it has andliterally y'all can't even blame me nomore lot of y'all need to do like whythe fuck you use and cash out nigga andI'm saying you got enough views and allthat other shit with check it out niggasuper check got the fucking dollarbutton on the thing all right if youwant your comment to be pushed to thetop you have to donate in order for yourcomment to stand out soas I speak as I speak as I speak yourcomment will stand out more than anybodyand I think you will automaticallybecome a moderator I'm gonna may readthe Islamic moderator if I make my dog amoderator ok reason is the moderatorbecause y'all know shy not to read theIslam you don't say that's my niggathat's my dude if my dude I can't callhim a nigger you know say him inationIslam fo I shot to everybody I'm sayingand therefore I shots Farrakhan but yeahbut that's it um I'm about to go aheadand jump to this thing let me go aheadand get my other juice right real quickand shout to hear about that judgementok so reason if anybody get the cuttingup breath if I see anybody want money mysolid people be him any mind any of mykin folks up in here y'all can bemoderators as well but if you donate ifyou donate alright and you point to meas I point to you then you're gonna be amoderator you got people here talkingcrazy get out of herealright cuz I got a lot to spill out andlike I said I hear that shit on nobodyI'm here just to spill out my truth cuzI'm tired of everybody um you know makeit up they own there that's about meover the years so where should I startalright it's the first one person that Isee right here in the comments who saidwhat happened in Hollyweird hmm let mego ahead and go to my notes because I'mnot gonna read my note but I actually uhwrote something down I wrote somethingdown alright so we're gonna start offwith the timeline but first off I'mgonna know the channel is 10 years oldand shout out to Jim pop okay you arenow a moderator thank you are ya yourmoderatorshout out to um first off my channel is10 years old ok my channel 10 years oldthis year makes the official year thatit's a whole decade that I've beenonline so for everybody that don't knowthat feel like they've been watching meover the years they've been like damnman I've been watching you since askingautumn question I've been watching I'vebeen watching you since relationshipgame I've been watching you since theheat you know I'm saying I've beenwatching you since honor that my channelis 10 years old shout out to the peoplethat been around since day one when Iwas doing spoken word when I came up onthis thing and I didn't really have aplanwhat I really wanted to do I started myplatform because it became a hobbyokay it was a hobby at first but thoseof you that don't know when I first youknow when I was a kid I started offdoing umkaraoke you know on my karaoke machinethen I started making my own mixtapesI started burning CDs in school I becamepolaroid there's a kodak black but Ibecame Cola I bet I became Polaroid inhigh school when I used to record fightrecord everything put it on shirts anice to sell itI would Polaroid in high school allright and you know and they progressedwho donated 20 all right shout out toJordan yo you might be moderate to youknow saying and uh you know um so Ilearned how to edit early in the game Ialways knew that I wanted to you knowbeing some form of entertainment I justdidn't know how I wanted to do italright um so shout out to everybody'sbeen around since day one a shout out toeverybody support me you know just ingeneral so we bout to go ahead and getstraight into it start my channel 20082008 2009 and 2010 I had a regular job Ihad a regular job I work everywhere allright in between that time I was dealingwith incarcerated kids at-risk kidsum you know I was working at the jailmonitor at the jail and in between thattime as well um you know um I wasdriving back from the Tampa Bay area I'mfrom Bradenton Florida I'm Florida boybut everybody be like Oh Florida crazy Iwas driving you know two hours out theway just go from Bradenton Florida toOrlando Florida just to help andconcentrator at-risk kids you know umyou know just make it through and it gotto the part where you know when I wentto the 3033 jail in Orlando these kidswere getting life you know they wasgoing in for armed robbery all the otherstuff and it got to the point where Icouldn't you know I felt like I wasstill pouring into these kids but it wasbreaking my heart because they weregetting taken away and I felt like Icouldn't do anything about it so Ilanded a job in 2010 which happened tobe my last job my last job was in 2010well I got that job in 2010 I quitwell aka got fired whatever they want tocall it I still got an appointment I gotthat in 2011 II got fired there you know in a coupleof one kids we slam the kid do whateverwe used to do but it was all love at theend of the day you know I'm saying so umthat was my last job but that was all astepping-stone to what I wanted to doyou know in general and shot the CoreyJohnson for donating your moderator aswell that other stepping-stone to doingwhat I wanted to do so in between allthese times I never told y'all mybusiness like that some of y'allremember my sistersome of y'all remember you know y'allreally never even seen anything sobefore I start anything I like I said Irespect everybody I think y'allaccording to me I think everybody everplayed a role in my life for what I gotgoing on and in my journey but I neverreally told y'all my business like thatthat's one thing about me I'm anextremely private person so when peopleare like when they be like hey man youdon't saying you should be moretransparent whether you should tell mewhat's going on with your lifelook I'm not the type of person that beon YouTube vlogging all the time showingmy showing you know showing my show mykids on my show my mother you knowsaying show my love life I'm just notthat type of person and then you know inthe long run it kind of ended up eatingthe way eating away at me you know I'msaying to the point that to the pointthat it got to this point where I justcouldn't look back anymore and thereason why I'm doing this and and Ihaven't even showed my son on YouTubeit's that deep shot to everybody thatseen my son that follow me on Instagramor Facebook how many y'all seen my sonbefore you know I'm sayingsome of y'all I'm saying some of y'allseen my girl you're saying the mother mychild and I'm saying y'all seen my girlI showed her one time but I'm extremelyprivate because if any one of y'allniggas get to talking shit I'm a fineone of you nigga the higher internetnerd look up your IP address and get onyour ass okay so you seen her one timeyou see my child multiple timesI hate broadcasting my love life I hatedoing all that stuff all righteven when I'm single whatever it is Idon't like telling y'all nothing whenI'm going through things but I'm goingbroke that is what it is so first offlet me tell you I don't hit rock bottombefore I'm had ups and downs withinthese ten years I've been homeless twicei'ma put it out there earlier I've beenhomeless twice throughout my journeyI've been homeless you know I'm sayingin the early parts of the 2000[Music]10:11 ish and I've been homelessrecently you know Xan I'm not gonna saywhen but it would mean you definitelyrecently so my life is getting back ontrack and um you know now that my lifeis getting back on track I feel the needto tell y'all what's been going onbecause a lot of people been talkingabout oh you're doing cash out you overhere begging well first of all let metell y'all something everybody if y'allknow me since day one don't know mesince day one y'all know I've alwaysspreaded a message it was more about thepurpose more so than just a comedy thisis why I ain't been the most outlandishfunniest funniest guy in the world youknow saying I'm out of fucking Coon I'mout a nigga that you know that I be outhere shaking his ass you know sayingwearing wigs and stuff like that just toget on I'm not the type of person youfeel me but I'm a person that at the endof the day no matter what I say I makesure that I'm spreading a positivemessage amongst somebody because at theend of the day I have blood on my hairshoutout to everybody I saw the videoblood on my hands the blood on yourhands that shit at the real thing andyou know I've always known that I'vealways known my gift and my purpose overthe years I've always known that I wasanointed and with that being said I wentto my up-and-down battles with you knowreligion I'm with him I up-and-downbattles of Prayer God everything youknow I'm saying and I feel like meatshappening to this Black Consciousnessover the years that kind of diluted myfaith and it just it just died a lot ofthings but I had going on in the name ofGod so number one I still believe in GodI didn't let him go okay there are somethings in religion that I do questionbut I'm not gonna go there becausethat's my business I'll have to just sumit up and do what it do so let's goahead and get into it after 2011 when Iwhen I quit my job you knowslammed a kid whatever y'all want tocall it I went straight into YouTube allright shout out to Eric Griffin yourmoderator I went straight into you tooif y'all remember February or March 2011I started uploading twice a week fromSunday to Wednesday all right fromSunday the ones they have uploadedvideos at 7 p.m. Eastern yeah I rememberthat new video every Sunday Wednesday at7 p.m. Eastern I even had spoken TVspoke of Reese's TV jumping off you knowI'm saying y'all are seeing a lot ofdifferent things what I had goingit was new and first and let me tell youanother thing I was the first person toever take it as far that I took itonline I was the first black person everI don't care what anybody else saysanybody can be on this thing here's thereceipt I got the actual receipts theshow you can google it you can dowhatever you want to do I don't put on alot of people over the yearsI don't help creep out under your skidsI don't do everything but I wouldliterally the first person to be in amajor motion picture film or the firstperson to ever get an agency an agencyin Hollywood UTA you can look it upUnited talent agency is one of the topagencies in Hollywood and and I didn'teven go looking for no agent a lot ofpeople say oh well well well well howcan I get hooked up with agent look maneverybody came to me so you're literallylooking at a person when the world justcame and fell into my hands because Iworked so damn hard I stay prayed upevery night you know I'm saying and Ireally worked hard to get where I wantedto be so I was in my own little world Iwas in Florida doing whatever I did youknow saying getting on it was completelynew to everybody everybody looking at melike damn man I feel like I can I feellike I can eat him sink relate to thisdude man a lot of y'all were in highschool a lot of y'all were in elementarya lot of y'all were in college when yousaw me some of you guys are coming upnow you're like dang I don't got olderlook at this dude now man that I can'tbelieve this time is passing by it'sgoing by fastof course you don't saying so this iswhy I want to tell y'all these things Iwant to tell you all these thingsbecause not only is it about me buteverybody that's in the game that'sonline trying to get on trying to youknow saint trying to do trying to gettheir own platform if you want your ownbusiness or even you just thought ohit's not my person looking in and youjust want to just learn from what I gotgoing on this is the story to learn fromwhat I've been through because I'm tiredof answering questions I'm tired ofseeing these comments of peopledisrespecting and I'm tired of people inthis in this day and age where they saywe're in these this black empowermenterror and shout to my white man's myAsian fan might spend it man than allthe rest of them well I got a majorityof nigga fans hate to call that yeah itis what it is black people niggawhatever y'all want and call yourselfKing guys Africans whatever patientshots Milo's out tomorrow Jamaicans arethat it is what here so I got topoint while I was like alright coola 2011 I'm gonna drop two videos a weekit didn't take longit only took one year for me to blow upwithin one yearI really blew up that summer time itonly took like two or three monthsbecause I was so consistent it would newto everybody they've never seen itbefore they never even seen it on thatlevelshout out to lady our Erin nobody everseen it on that levelum norman story short asking all ofcourse that came out sold away videocame out and everybody went crazy likeoh man what is this is chuck is crazyman you know tend to do it do Natesmoker is he crazy man this is crazy tome man and um it ended up blowing up andlong story short I was going so hardthat I was even discouraged because Ifelt that people didn't in Hollywooddidn't respect the YouTube run and theylooked at me like you know like like Ididn't fit and it still plays off tothis day now today in this day and agethe internet YouTube Instagram buyingFacebook you know it's completelyacceptable now but when I did it yougotta realize I was the first guinea pigexperiment I don't care what nobody elsesaid nobody has ever been through whatI've been through it so you can evenpour the receipt I was the first guineapig experiment how many y'all know aboutYouTube networks if you know aboutYouTube network let me see themlightning boats well let me see the oneone or lightning bolt you got lightningboast and lightning both if you knowabout it hit one how many I heard aboutYouTube networks over the years anybodybeen hearing about that stuff okay coolso we bout to go ahead and get to thatso YouTube networks I was independentalways for the majority of the partmajority design I was independentmajority of the times I um in with acouple of people that was on networksyou know and networks were extendingthemselves but it wasn't until I jumpedinto a major motion movie picture filmis when everybody and all thesedifferent entrepreneurs started gettingfunded by YouTube they were gettingfunded by YouTube in the game waschanging they started seeing that a manit's a lick out of this thingbecause I was making so much noise yougot to think YouTube were censored ashell before2008 in 2008 it was sense of his helloanyways it was sense it was centered hisHerald then it was censored as hellyou couldn't cuss you couldn't doanything without him stripping your assand when I came in 2011 those same rulesstill apply but they weren't taking myshit downso everybody looking at me like damnthey not stripping your stuff I'm likehey I guess they gonna just let me ridebecause I was making so much money forYouTube and it was so new they decidedto let me roll so here I am this cussingass nigger on YouTube getting it in andit's new to everybody and everybody'sjust sitting that light what is this soeverybody who I was inspired by over theyears you know I'm saying they werewatching me you know I'm saying they'rewatching me nearly trying to figure outthe game everybody from jay-z - Shaq -Pharrell - man I can I can name them all- Russell Simmons - god-knows-who it's alot of people even even white whiteentrepreneurs they all got a certaintype check from youtubers start aYouTube network now they had nothingthey didn't know anything about theYouTube grind because they were used totheir 90s gone they were used to the2000 grind that grind was completelydifferent that was during the time yougot to stand outside and basicallycompete for a role compete for a job youunderstand out in the heat and the coldjust to even get a job and even when yougot to the finaleyou had to compete with muhfucka thatwas just as talented and gifted as youso we're living in different times sothey were getting money and it wastrying to find talent when I got oneverybody in the world tried to reachout to me and Simon DJ Blanche tried tosign me he hit me up called me up youknow and try to sign me to his networkand at the time I'm like why would Isign to a network when I'm making all mymoney toward for myself I'm doing wellfor myself for the first time ever in mylife I'm making all this money you knowthis sounds like something like like thenew record the record deal for YouTubeit sounded like a new record deal forthe Internet and I'm the first one toreally deal with this stuff on a brandlevel on a mass level because nobody hasever seen it beforehey I am you know I'm blowing up andyeah people were getting people you knowthey were signing or whatever but Ichose not to my whole my whole my wholeideology wasall right cool I'm not gonna sign I'mgonna go as far as I can go and stayindependent as long as I could as far asI can go and if I have to I will so Shaqreached out to me this is why you saw mewith Shaq you saw pictures of me macheyou know saying you saw pictures with mewith everybody a cold blackentertainment reached out to me youdon't know Cole Black Entertainment isthe coal-black is it basically look itupthey literally run Kevin Hart's wholecareer they are the production teambehind Kevin Hart's whole career umKevin Hart reached out to me what a meallol network I didn't do that I didn'twant to do that as wellWalter Latham if you guys remember theKing the comedy yeahremember the guy who stuff when he triedto sue me or the new King of Comedymixtape it was a fucking mixtape youcouldn't sue me because nigga it was amix that he wanted me up his network andthe thing was nobody was doing it theysound man they say I'm losing the signalman don't tell me that don't tell methat my mother was a signal I'm losingsignal alright coo coo cooWalter Latham tried to sign me all righthe was on the new king of the comedyyeah I remember that right so all of asudden um you know shank the DJ blastand I can't even name a lot of otherpeople in a cannonNick Cannon was someone who I looked upto over the years you know people stillconsider him corny but I still respectme to this day um he tried to reach outto me I didn't do it because number onenobody had anything good to ship good toshow menobody had any rot everybody was sayingI can offer you production what nigga Igot my own production I got my owncamera I got my own equipment I know howto edit my own stuff so why do I reallyneed you and the money that they weretrying to do they all just wanted to geta piece of my ass set you're talkingabout a person who making $20,000 amonth I'm telling it $50,000 a month$60,000 a month $15,000 a month I'msaying $5,000 a month off of stuff I'mgetting solely to me so when you startmaking a certain type of money thedominant Society Hollywood the game youknow they start seeing this stuff and itlike wait a minute who was hismotherfucker on the radarwe need to go after here so I they allwanted to get a piece of my Adsense andI wasn't let nobody getting it at allI'm like fuck all that shit y'all niggasnot gonna get it is what it is I don'tcare it is what it is I'm gonna keep allthis money to myself and you niggasaren't really giving me what I want offof me a real check because my wholething was if y'all really want me so badwhy don't y'all give me a real checklike y'all gave these niggas in the 90sand for record deals for like a milliondollars two million dollars five milliondollars or whatever now I understand the360 deals thing was getting real bad andout of control during that time duringthe time when record labels were goingdown because of the internet and theydidn't know how to frickin tap into thestreaming of music so for very long onetime music became a very complicatedthing for record label a lot of recordlabels and a lot of records act as thatcould have poured out because theycouldn't find a way to happen to peoplewhose pockets because the people on theinternet you know they started theystarted coming up and making their ownmoney so long story short you know I'msayingI ran into a guy named Steve Rifkin okaySteve Rifkin used to be my manager shoutout to Steve Rifkin I still respect himto this daybut I'm still gonna tell it all it iswhat it is I'm not gonna tell everythingbecause they're not every era eraeverything because something that Ibusiness but I'm still telling Steve hesigned a con ella me Fiona he put onwu-tang he put on my deep he put on alot of different people he was basicallylike the white Russell Simmons of thehip-hop game and his dad was the personwho put on you know James Brown so hehad old-school music money and a lot ofpeople are like with them and if youlooked at it if you looked at it a lotof people are like what damn you knowI'm sayin um why would you if you in theBreakfast Club Charlemagne accent whydid you go with Steve and I said well itmade sense because you know I knew Ineeded a white Jewish man that helped meget in the door these niggas couldn't donothin for me because all they want todo with take away my money you know Ididn't want to do which is you know eatoff of me and you know you know yesthat's that's that but that was it andyou know long story short I met up withhim in Boca ratone he said what do youwant I said look I don't needanything from you I said all I need I'mnot telling everything you know sayingyou give it up I said all I need is forsomeone to give me a cosign that's it Idon't need your money I don't knowanything he said all right coolcool it is what it is so we signed amanagement contract and you know hewanted me to sign he was mentioned innetworks but he didn't mention it rightup front all right like I said he's agood guy overall you know I'm saying youknow um you know but the end of the dayI don't trust nobody like that you knowsaying I barely trust niggers that'd bereal close to me like that because I'malways looking over my shoulder becauseI realized that I'm a walking I'm awalking targetyou know I'm saying a lot of people umyou know a lot of people are justlooking at me like at the walking dollarsign and all they're trying to takeadvantage of so all I need it was just acosign and I needed I just needed theplug to get in the game nobody would putme on home game world started putting meon that's all I was that's why everybodywhen they be like oh how come you know Idon't want Stefano more look I had nocontrol over thatnever never just snatching my stuff andputting it on there shut out the queueworldstar rest in peace the queue in atequila I never got a worldstar everagainyou feel me and Q was the main personthat would co-signing for me so now wegot the new worldstar worldstar iswhatever it is now Q's dead and like Isay shout out no cute but you know thatwas the other platform that I was doingthat a lot of people saw me on thatdidn't even come to my YouTube at thetime you got a thing I was blown upduring the time where people werewatching me on computers not on theirphones people own I was on a computergrind the phone line wasn't even big atthe time you know I'm saying nobody wason the fucking phone tuning in hit andshare like they used to and then leastweren't passing around on like Clubflyers at the time you feel meeverybody was literally focused in onone platform saying wetters nigga airheat on worldstar or his ass on YouTubeand when they were watching you onYouTube but I don't even subscribe hecomes in you got me subscribe it up witha hand at the time in this day and agetrying to blow up yeah I'm saying so I'mjust to get one point nine dammit twomillion subscribers at this time is theblesseryou feel me it's still habit but I willtell you my ship and sitting at 1.9 Forda minute three years I'm gonna talkabout that latermy algorithm we're gonna talk about thatas well so long story short I made Stevemy manager when I he became my managerhe was on his ship I can't I can't Ican't think that man enough that manliterally held his word man I'm sayinghe took me to LA he said hey we're goingto LA you know Sam we're gonna we'regonna sit back and we're gonna let thisthing play out I'm gonna introduce youto agents all the other stuff ain't noshit about ages I've time you knowagents existed I didn't know shit aboutHollywood anything all I know is that Iwasn't gonna sell my ass and I want toknow what certain principle the moralsand integrity that I wasn't gonna giveupso I met Brian Robert Brian Robbins isbasically the guy who came fromNickelodeon he put on Kenan & Kel allthat he was responsible for the wholechildhood of Nickelodeon that we allloved the whole like you know all thatKenan kale he was responsible for thathe was the producer and the director ofthat show and all those people so Steveand Brian they grew up together theythey grew up together since here theydon't even really remember meeting eachother all right so I ended up meetinghis best friend Brian Robert BrianRoberts took me to an agency alone whatSteve the next today and I had myhomeboy dog with me too at the time wewent to you know we went to the officewent to UTA and I promise y'all I neverseen white people like this in my lifemeet with different type of white peopleI ever seen everI thought might be white people withsharp nose in his hair slick niggas wetsuits I'm like nigga what the fuck isthis one goddamn listen goddamn matrixtype shit like I promise you nigga likelike brah these niggas look like whitemen and I remember you know you knowwhen we're not looking at my homeboysaid brother I said brother I'm with mywhite peoplethese niggas like white people you don'tthen why people like I mean bro theseniggas look sophisticated light skinsmooth I mean Brody's niggas was on oneafter that Brian never seen white peoplelike this in my lifeand I promise y'all y'all never seenwhite people like this y'all like welly'all go to Hollywood you know sayingwhen y'all going to these agencies yougonna see the type of white peopletalking about nigger the niggas in suitsthat shit real burn I didn't know I'm 22at the time I'm 22 I'm not what the fuckis thisso we going upstairs and shit I seewhite people they in a profession withtheirs to brush and remind you they hadwomen all in the front women on in thefront of the office taking care ofbusiness I said nigga what kind of shitis it just some type of some type of hosshit going on okay what up I don't knowbut when was in a run in the front wingso letõs you know when my name brandlike type of shit I said brother this issome real shit so we went upstairsit was me my manager Steve Brian Robertsmy homeboy at the time and we allsitting up in the room and it was likeme and three or four other you know likeagents up in there and they were likeall right we now work for you tell useverything about you you know but Brianhad introduced me Brian had shouted meout he gave me love Brian was like lookhe's talented he's giftedhe he can add he can sing he poetry hedoes at all he edits his own stuff youliterally never seen a person like thisbefore I'm like damn bitch nigga reallygiving me love so and at the time Ireally didn't know how much they couldrun a Duke one day I didn't know thesethe white people ain't never seen beforeso long story short I told him who I waswhere I was fromand you know like I said when I when Iwas growing up I looked up the peopleand I look up to everybody I literallystudy everybodyI studied the two parks I studied injay-z's I study even Obama you know I'msaying Obama in a way of he nevercracked he spent all his years in theoffice and never cracked lunch the mosthe ever did would call Kanye a jackassand that's it and I wouldn't even fuckedup because he should never shit it onhis own people while he was in officebut that's a whole nother storyyou don't saying so I look up a certaintype of people you know say even TylerPerry from the way he transitioned withhis own success and they can spend fiveyears on his car and you know I'm sayingfive years in his car people thought hewas crazy and it took stage plays andhim meeting Oprah for him to get so Iliterally study everybody I studied theChappelle's and I and I said I'm gonnabe all that and one nigger you know I'msaying and actually what did I want andwhat was I wasn't you know what did IwantI said literally I said look man and Ilook up to Kanye to Kanye's my niggakind of the reason why I dropped out ofcollege andby the county praying or being a doctorokay that's stupid fail so I said look Isaid look I'm from a small town ofBradenton Florida I don't want to sellmy soul you know I'm saying I don't I'mnot wearing no wigs I wear no dressesI'm not doing no gay stuff you know Iain't doing none of that stuff you feelme and if y'all trying to make me do itit's not gonna happen I'm here to youknow you know I served my purpose I'mhere to do my movies or whatever I cando common after all the other stuff butI'm not doing these things I said thesethings up Oh Frank I said this stuff tothese people broand I'm saying and they respected it upfront they knew it and I felt like a lotof artists get into Hollywood y'allgotta tell people how to fuck y'all feelburn you feel me I'm saying and tired ofthe barbers let me tell you about thatshit nigga I was fuckin 19 20 years oldokay all right now before cleaning wascleaning okayand I was a whole nother story gonnaexplain tired of the barbers and thatbitch is going somewhere you gotta lookthat bitch up somewhere else so this iswhat it is so yeah I put on thatmotherfucking thing cause I couldn'tfind a girl to fuck her you know do thething man that day but it is what it issometimes you have to do things orwhatever you know I'm saying it is whatis at the time I was willing to dothings and take it to the next level inany matter but even side of the barberswas shitting on women at the time in aBarbie epidemic for motherfuckers thatwas acting like Barbies I was shittingon Barbies it wasn't like I was just outhere acting like a bitch or acting likea bitch but I was literally trying toserve a purpose say hey y'all call wegotta start acting like fake bitcheslike fake bitches I hear but you knowsandy Barbie shit ain't cool and NickiMinaj block my ass Nicki Minaj block myhair this is how I know Safariwe're not gonna talk about that so Itold him what I wasn't on dirt all rightI put him with wasn't what I wasn'tknown to and they said all right cool weknow what to do now I went back home andliterally I was only home for life Ithink I was hurting for like a week orsomething like that and no no no no no Ithink about it about it about today butboiling up LA I got a scrip no did notget it no what was it yeah I went backhome I went back home to Florida and Iwas there for a week I got an email frommy agent and they said JB I want you tocheck this scrip out it comes from it'sa fox filmMelissa McCarthy Sandra Bullock orwhatever you know I'm saying and we wantyou and we want you to check it out Isaid all right cool and they said allright cool cool do you want to putyourself in come you get scripts youhave a choice you either can putyourself on tape or you can either go inperson and I said all right well I don'twant to put myself on tape I want to bein the movie nigut like I'm trying toget it going you feel me like and theysay oh so you're gonna come out herey'allI spent a thousand I spent $1,200 on aticket a last-minute ticket you knowlast-minute tickets in the summertimeyou know it's hailingsummertime tickets if anybody knows myplan in the summertime is hell and ahalf you don't wanna be any bout thatlife bro unless you got the bread to doit so I enter spending for two ticketsyou know I'm saying too damn ticket Ispend it for me I spend it for myhomeboycuz I wanted him to come with me I metup with Paige Kennedy y'all know PaigeKennedy today page content within weedsand all the other stuff heat and blew upon the internet grind after me you knowI'm saying mind you I told y'all I'm nottrying to take credit nothing but it isreally as I told you i'ma tell it whathere I put a lot of goddamn people thatnigga wasn't really doing much on TVlike that during that time I would puthim on my platform you know I'm sayingand they ended up blowing up onInstagram and all the other stuff laterso Paige Kennedy is the reason why I gotthat role y'all go back and tell them Isaid go back and tell him and tell him Igave me goddamn credit because he thinkI'm not humble but you know I'm sayingum Paige Kennedy literally was my actingcoach I said man look I need help onthis thing I only got a day or two toget it right he said I'm coming overhere man we're gonna get it right so hehe helped me with the role or whateverand I'm saying he walked me through hesaid look man I think you good man yeahI'm saying I think you are right I thinkyou're gonna be just fine I went inthere you know I'm saying it would likesome little building the next day I'mcoming I was up all night all daystudying put that script man I saidnigga I'm gonna get this shit my homeboypray before I even went up in there I'mlooking on the list you got to go in aroom and sign a listyou got to sign your names on the listor whatever know that before you go upin the room just to let everybody knowthat you got there you have to put youragency name you got to put your nameyour stage name or whatever it is andthat time nobody has stage names youdon't saying everybody within everregular thing even a nigga fromSpongeBob then they were playing Patrickthat motherfucker with in there thatnigga with up in that bitch I'm likenigga you Patrick motherfucker you don'tthink you Patrickand the reason hi knew that homeboy wasso nosy a time he went through everyname on the list I started googlingevery day he said ain't bro bro Patrickand his bitch I think Patrick Patrickwho is Apache from SpongeBob and hisbitch I said nigga rock up then it cameout it's some some tall last white manhe had the same voices Patrick - I saidnigga I know down what Patrick in in hisold tryin audition so this nigga gottypecast like a motherfucker and hestill ain't getting the role long storyshort we goin at that shit alright so Iwent up in there my homeboy had his headnow he was praying he said man I hopethis maggot roll yeah I don't know hisprayer but I knew he was sayin shit Iwent up in there and I'm saying it wouldit would it would literally like someporn shit now I'm not saying that's howHollywood is now y'all get that shit outy'all hear it don't work like that allthe time of Hollywood but literally theway to setup is porn and and andHollywood position to them they'reequivalent when it comes to the setupit's a camera if the person behind thecamera is a motherfucking champ yep acouch that's real it's real cuz everyonemy time being in I'm saying it damn nearthe same bro you ain't up in the pornbut I don't watch a lot of fucking pornand I don't see I don't see shit bro Idon't see enough you know how they betalking to the girls and so how are youboy you're from Jessica I have bigtitties and I'm from New Jersey and alsotell us about yourself like that is soreal broom you walk him in his roomthat's exactly how they are but when hewoke up in that bitch so with a personbehind the camera it was a woman behindthe camera it was a producer they havethe the casting director all right thecasting director the casting directors aperson who communicates with the agentand communicate with the director thedirector and producer is hired a castingdirectorHolyfield you know I'm saying like atthe casting I ready to put a good wordin they probably trust that personbecause they probably got experiencefrom other movies but get you on so Iwent up in there they said what's underhim I said my name is Jon Baker and sowe heard you do YouTube video the waythat I said yeah man you know I'm onYouTube whatever and they said oh youknow we watch your stuff or whatever youknow you have some good work I saidthank you hey so are you ready I saidyeah I'm kind of bump into somethingsomething bigbitches I'm like what you mean readylike you mean ready to do my no I'msouthern some dick and I'm over here I'mwoken the motherfucker early Bramley ami sucking dick today are always going onI'm saying it in my head no way you knowthey like they like oh no no no no sensejust just go ahead relaxI'm I relax relax what just go ahead andrelax take a deep breathe ER anddiscounters was going and just go aheadand go when you're ready I said I cocome on manthey whip that script out and andliterally you know I'm saying um I don'tknow if y'all middle part of the moviewhen I was sitting down on smoking weedtalking to Melissa talking shit Iunderstand do my Sudoku so I set up in achair I propped my look beat up on thething you know I'm say and I said heyand I've killed that shit I was like Iwas the loudest nigga in the room Iheard niggas in the outside laughing andI'm saying and I'm coming out theproducers they were dying bro themniggas had tears yeah I'm saying likethey was in that bitch dying I said damnI think I got to use niggers now this ismy first time doing it so I didn't knowif I really had the rolling eyes so Ireally didn't want to like you know I'msaying I didn't know if I want I didn'tknow if I really like you know got theroll so I was like I I want to get myhopes up so I walked out they said youdid an amazing job I said okay that wasall white people say y'all say I did agood job but you're not getting thatbitch or y'all just not to a niggawalked outside I looked at my own Ilooked at mine I looked at my homeboyand my homeboy he had he had his headdown I said bro wake up he said he saidyou done I said yeah bro he said I heardyou up in that bra just praying for youmy nigga I pray for your money I prayedyou getting that bitch my nigga I saidnow I hope I mean that bitch too manwhen I tell you I left that nightonce the breakfast club that next day Ihit Charlotte man I said bro I'm comingto the breakfast club can I get on thatbitch she said yeah come on come on overI went to New York got my own hotel orwhatever I was you know and I was onlythere just to tell my story because I amone thing so much buddy knew what I wasgoing through and you know I had to tellmy story like I'm telling my story nowso I'm on a Breakfast Club went to mylittle shit with Lil Duvalwhatever Charla Duval from Florida and Ithought that Iand chaos are literally after theirinterviewer The Breakfast Club was overbefore I got on the plane to go back toFlorida that same day I got a call frommy agent saying JB so how do you feelabout the audition I said I feel like Idid pretty wellhe said well congratulations man you gotthe wrong oh shit my nigga we all niggawe fucking Oh nigga we all so I'm on aplane happiest fuck you know I'm sayinggoing back home happy and shit tellingeverybody I got it and shit like that'sit Amy I got the movie you know say I'mnot trying to tell everybody I'm tryingto hold that shit in you feel me likehey I'm trying to hold that shit hey Igot a movie with Sandra Bullock my niggaSandra Bullock nigga Santa but niggasover for you nigga it's all the riddleAmen man y'all calm down man oh no goingon just yet man you know Sam I still gotsome shit to do you feel me I still gota lot to do so you know end up shootinga movielong story short summer summer 2012 Iwas definite like four months four fivemonths on and off like it was some partthat was there some parts I was you knowI'm saying like some of the parts thatyou probably saw Marlon or you saw otherpeople I wasn't there but some parts Iwas there because I decided to be thereso what I didn't need me they gave me anoption either go home so I went homesometimes even do my work and that'swhat it was so long story short this isit takes the whole year for the movie tocome out so it took one whole year themovie came out literally 365 days laterand it came out that June I thinkno no well less than three hours eachFriday it came out that June I finishthe movie around August somebody thereSeptember tell me that the movie cameout this is where all got crazy duringthat time when the movie was processingthat's when my life changed for real forrealI want to say around that fall close towinter I could you know my manager Stevelived down south he lived him you know Idon't I say but he would down SouthMiami earthand he called me and he was like youknow oh I think he came to Orlandobecause I was in Orlando as well he saidhe said hey you need to move to LA nowmind you I'm making Tunde beaucoup moneyyou feel me by myself nobody ever gaveme anything I've slaved I bust my Iain't my slave I bust my ass for thisshitindependently I'm making my own moneyyou feel me I don't mind you I have 15jobs I had 15 job before they ain't gotthem before the age of goddamn 20 Istarted my first job without 13 14 yearsold I have 15 jobs in between us I neverkept a job I I never kept a consistentjob and always kept me some money in mypocket my dry salad with homeless inbetween at times I left some couch tocouch how it's the house you know I'msaying and you can ask the people whowas around during that time and he saidyou need to move in early but duringthat time I was like meanwhile why wouldI do that man you know saying like likeeverything going well for me I'm inFlorida and I got to get a house builtliterally we getting a house built girllike a legit house built five bedroomslike I was talking to the realtor andeverything and I said man I justliterally talked to the realtor likelike like what you mean move to LA likestop everything said you need to moveout there for more opportunity now inanybody's right mind breath when you'reout when you when you're when you'recoming up you know I'm saying this yourfirst time you want to test the watersto see how I goI wasn't even I didn't really care aboutgoing earlier I really it wasn'tI didn't want to go I went because Ididn't want to stand in my own way and Iwas like all right well let me go aheadand try it out and see what moreopportunities I could I could come upwith you know I could shake and you knowI went out there you know same movementgirl out there with me I'm saying myflesh before before we had a kid and Iway before we had a kid we went outthere and literally during that timeSteve told me hey I'm gonna move outthere too so just hold on hold yourhorses I'm word out there that Decemberof 2012 January 2013 I met Russellsalmon just one day I was just chillingand he said hey you wanna meet Russelltodaynigga y'all don't know I literally Ilike I've literally like the law ofattraction is realI literally study Russell Simon growingup - I studied his entrepreneurship Ihad all def Comedy Jam I may I blew upbecause of their poetry gym because Istudied I did poetry my name is spokenreason I did poetry before I did comedyso I definitely studied Russell since Istudy his entrepreneurship every timesay yes I want to meet this man becauseif anything your white ass probably canrelate to me so I can go to a nigger whocan finally give me some more insightbut it wasn't like a dish anybody wannameet Russell Simmons bro come on let'sbe real like let's meet him so I walkedup in there with my girl and when Iwalked up in there it was like we winthis little building one upstairs all Iseen was the nigger with all I seen witha lady a lady his assistant is her namewas Sagan she came she brought usthrough the elevator and and next downour sauce I saw shiny and hair shiny assvegan head make a hair shiny in themotherfuckernigga and his skin was literally growingbro I said damn this nigga is niggasskin like butter cranium nigga I saidnigga skin is for realthis niggas skin is for real that beaconshe really nigga y'all know get thatgold beacon that she'd be rude you knowthe difference when they're gonna eatmeat in a nigga to Easton they gonna beshit shit cuz you look at Russell fromthe old days he loaded in then he do notthat make him look old in themotherfuckerwhen he was 24 then goddamn nahi damnthis epic that motherfucker thatmotherfucker look younger 9 he did onDef Poetry Jam and F comment y'all knowthat shit be real y'all know that shitbe real y'all know that shit's real thatnigga look younger 19 he didn't so Isaid but damn this shit real the firstthing wants to said to me man the firstthing he said to me was hey nigga that'sit down his name cussing at me andeverything you know family I'm used tothe Russell Simmons who you know that Iknow Russell cuss cuz I wanna say thatshit from runs house but I ain't neverknew he cuts the way he did I said Danthis is Russell Simmons that nigga saidhey nigga what's going on little niggahow you doing though nigga I would beyoumay you work for me fuck you meannigga I work for you nigga what's goingon Nick uh uh with everything you do newNick let's say you you you you you theshit niggaI said a nice nigga cussing at me andshit all right Nicholas let's go I'msaying late let's go I ain't signednothing at the time or whatever andreally honestly I never signed anythingwhen it came to Russell I signedsomething when it came to Steve Stevewas my manager but Russell was mymanager as a black man you know as faras you know you know for what he wastrying to what he was trying to do solong story short I was still confusedand of course Steve was mentioningthings about a network at the time butat the time I told him I was never JohnI was I told him I wasn't ever signed toa network and you know um they kepttrying to trying to trying to make mejoin the network but they didn't haveanything at the time for me but this iswhen I knew that they were trying tobuild something because literally Stevemoved out there and Russell moved outthere and I'm like nigga what the fuckis going on nigga y'all moving out herebecause of me literally peopleentrepreneurs are moving to LA from NewYork these nigga lived in New York burnSteve ledin throat and he had a recordlabel in New York that he let go at thetime he spent 30 years in the game helet go his record label you feel me andand and he retired and Russell did toothey both stopped doing music at thesame time I went to LA literally I wasin LA before them when I went to LAnobody from the internet without theirbrain wasn't even such thing as theinternet nigga it was stilled niggasfrom the Hollywood from the ninetieslike Montana Jordans and shit like thatin the club still doing shit and sayingand literally everything changed withina year literally Russell said I'm gonnamove out here real soon nigga you knowsaying and we gonna work we're gonnahave a lot of funsteve told me the same thing like damnwhat the fuck I said I cool what is thiswhy y'all niggas movin I had because ofme so long story short they keptbringing this thing about networks Imight not wanna do it I don't want to doit I just don't want to do it so Idecided to go to Las Vegas this oneeverything got real me my girl went toLas Vegas in March of 2013 I remembergoing out that one night and we had funand I woke up that next morning mysecond day my second day in Vegas and Iwoke up next to her and she said what'swrong I said my access got cut off Isaid all my ass are being pulled off myvideo and she no you know she understoodit but you know same way she knew thatwas enough to be like damage this shitgonna shift some shit I said my ass anduh coming up on videos anything like Idon't understand I said the fuckinggoing on then you know I try and at thetime you couldn't call people up onYouTube or whatever you know I'm sayingthey really call people that really dostuff so everybody be like oh why don'tyou call people up on you - you got thecloud nigga in ain't nobody who you cancall on you to pick up the phone and sayeh it's something like my channel I letme make it that was during the time whenpeople weren't even responding back yoass like that you feel me at all and itwas just it was just different times soI'm gonna Steve and I'll you know Stevenknow anything about it cuz he wasgetting older you ain't know anythingabout it mind you this is all new tothemit's all new to me you feel me I'm likeyo man so I'm going on my youtuber likemy my shit coming down then all of asudden you know I I see all these newpeople coming from my face they buildingbuildings and shit like that and thenthis was the birth to a deity but Stevewas literally telling me that he wastrying to do a network so he neverreally hit it it did I told him I wasn'tgonna do that shit I just thought thatyou know he was going to be like somemanagement shit and that was it so theygot the point that my money was goingdown now mind you before I blew up theydon't right when I blew up I hadproducers I have I had lawyers still gota lawyer by the way lawyers I'm saying Iliterally had my homies on my squad cuzI take a team to win a ring you feel meI take a team to win a ring you thinkyou think you can do the shit byyourself you think you're badass buttake a team to win a ring you feel me soI have people on payroll literallypaying people a thousand here 600 here Ihad a role manager there you feel melike these I'm coming out of my pocketI'm a self-madelike boss you feel me really doing myown thing so my money running low andI'm like amenyou don't sound like like like like heywhat's going on I got her you knowI gotta eat out here so it got to apoint where I was in a position where Ihad no choice but to basically submit itwas either that or Oh better Florida andstart all over again and during thattime things was so hot I didn't want totell nobody what we're going on you feelme on my breath you know I still havemoney now I still had a lot of money andI'm saying I still had my money from theheat so I was doing well for myself I'mlike well yeah I don't want to give upjust yet maybe just maybe this is justtrial and error and like I said I'm notshitting on Steve it's just that Iunderstand how to gain work I'm sayingbecause one thing I'm not gonna get madat is you see what not one thing Ilearned about entrepreneurs is is thatis that like the turn the game is to besold not told that shit is real becausea lot of people did get mad at peoplethey said oh they did this they stolemoney for me to get all this other stufflook man the game was to be sold nottold if they told you the game then theygave you everything but they wereliterally learned over the years so Ihad to learn that shit I said all rightcoolthe game is to be sold not told the gameto be sold not told so I went I'm astudent to the game you know I'm aroundpeople and I wanna I wanna learn I wantto learn by just shutting up and seeingwith my own eyes because I'm not dumbyou know so I know I'm going on but Idon't really know cuz I'm not have aminute of shit so y'all ready no I knowI'm the puppy y'all are the pit boardy'all the motherfucking Rottweiler y'allbeen at this shit for a long time soy'all probably know shit and know peoplethat I don't know you feel me so let meshut up a humble myself and what thefuck learner like going back talkingshit about y'all when y'all been a y'alldon't put on everybody to watch ourwhole career and I'm gonna look crazymyself so all of a sudden it when I comethey want you to come to a TD soeverything can get fixed but nigga niggajust you know my shit like haul up youto tell them to put my shit back on youknow saying and I feel like at the timeit only happened to me but then theystarted happening and not to everybodybut it started happening to a few otherpeople as well that was coming up so itwas like a domino effect so it got tothe point where they got to the pointwhere it was either sign with a TD or gohome and and literally I wasn't eventhere for six month I'm like well we'regonna go Eddie make this thing workI'm going with my lawyer I'm like lookwe're gonna have to get a milliondollars out of this big man cuz you knowI got moons of youth everywhere look atthese views I know I can get a milliondollar because you know all the otherpeople idea makes jay-z's and all theother people like they came to the gameand they got names and stuff like thatwhy Cannot I create my own stuff I editmy own stuff like you only have to hirea loser you only have to hire acinematographer to do my own stuff Idon't do it myselfso what other link in the game you knowcoming in getting his own stuff doinghis own shit you haven't saying and youhave anything to worry about I'mliterally distressed off your backI'm the stress off your back you havenothing to worry about at all bro I'mlike I'm different so I signed an EDDfor $25,000 we tried to negotiate withmillions I'm naked swatted it was likedamn I'm not eating but I had to sign tothe network they said it was the onlyway how you're gonna be able to get yourass back on your videos all my ass weregone bro I'm talking about going Iwasn't making hearted nothing that shitwith declining like a motherfucker tothe point that I had to take the breadand buy-in and then they actually saidlook man let me well you sign the ATDI'm saying you get all your ass back andthen you know I'm saying and and then ontop of that you're saying we're gonnawe're gonna have some things for you andthen you everything I'm coming back it'sall gonna be good I didn't know if thesystem was changing I was confused I'mlike nigga what is this new YouTube Ididn't understand and um you know I'msitting back I'm sana ATD and the nextthing you know our depth digital doctorreasons come up I walked into BryanRobbins um I wanted to Bryan Robbinsoffice one day and he said he said heyyou know what you should do let's dothis thing called doctor reason I saidwhat the fuck is that he said doctorreason well you you're like a lovetherapist and you know I'm saying youcan you you can kind of just you knowput you know talk to people about yourproduct but you know you talk aboutrelationships and everything I thinkpeople will love that I said all rightnigga am I writing this stuff so youknow um whatever I said whatever niggayou know I didn't sign it then at thetime he said he's that doctor reasonjust just trust me I said okay this isthis is the movie director so I'mthinking maybe you know if I if I kindof play into wit herunning I'm gonna get my chips and thenmaybe I'll be in a movie as well andI'll be in my second movie so I end updoing doctor reasons right I didn'twrite it at all I didn't write that shitthese people wrote forward right let metell you how I went they hired someraggedy-ass writers from MTV HBO andthese motherfuckers literally got firedbecause of me like II think it was soldtrash I said and I had so much power atthe time too I could easily get your assto fuck about it like I say made a trashbruh they making my shit little Amosfucking hornyI know y'all know 82 but that shit wascorny as fuck to me doctor reason wasfuckin corniest fucking to me and Ididn't want to fucking do that shit Ididn't write that shit I just went inthere read the script did what I had todo and got my check you feel meand it wasn't even much let me tell youlike at the time I was getting $500 perepisode because I couldn't they wouldn'tnegotiate for more cuz you want to knowwhy I know now that I was saying echothat's your fault for taking that loanmy money well check it out it's a newplatform the internet was new nobody hasever been through it before you have anew networkthis ain't Def Jam this ain't AristaRecords this ain't Atlantic Records thisain't motherfucking you know I'm sayinglike like this ain't this ain'trockefeller bruh music has a has a has alegit system that's been around foryears this is the brand new system thisis online content this is online onlinesystem that's never been done before sojust like it's new to me it's new tothem negatively telling me oh man youknow I mean you know you know saying youknow saying we don't have that muchmoney this is all newlet's you give it a test run and seewhat it is oh my all right let's justsay let's just see so I did it Iswallowed my pride man I did that shitright$5 an episode I thought I did tenepisode you add all that shit up and itwould be a course I'm paying my billsbut I still had a whole shitload ofpeople my rosteryou know sampan niggas $1,200 600 like Isaid I'm paying these niggas on on himwhen he going out the window I'm barelypaying rent is what it is I'm goingbroke at this time I'm my money isdeclining at the time mind y'all I'm noteven telling y'all what's going on andmind you I had a lot of fucking meetingsbruh I have meetings from left to rightwhen I first got the Hollywood it wasmeeting after meeting after meetingafter me I was like fuckin it was time Iwent to like meetings all day fivemetersday meeting up with everybody willPacker people from fucking Will Ferrellyou know saying like I was meeting upwith everybody I'm saying like you knowI'm saying and you know all I was tryingto do with it which was introduce themto what I had going on which isrelationship game well later games hasalways been my thing I said man I wannado relationship gang only relationshipgame and easily we're gonna be like youknow all right cool I'm saying like allright cool cool maybe I didn't fit theirtheir formula I didn't fit the criteriawhat they had going on or the formulawhat they wanted for me I didn't fit itso it is what it is and we'll packagefrom the crib shot the brutal Apachefrom the Tampa Bay Area so um um duringthat time you know I was going throughall of that and and the he came out hecame out that summer then I had to do apart two for doctor reason I did a parttwo for not the reason then I think mypay went up from a thousand went up fromfive hundred to other dollars perepisode or seven hot dogs per episode soI'm making seven to eight hundredepisode I mind you when they per daydoctor reasons I'm gonna tell youawesome shit those views are big they'rebig when doctor reason first came outhad no views like that they had viewsthey finally had like a thousand herewas to draw nigga there to make it looklike that it was the shit I'm like niggammmhe said or defeated like I'm lagging I'mlagging oh oh whatever they want to donobody want to do I'm lagging now whatanyone do then how they doing me andy'all hate fucking it's a lot ofinaudible in this bitch literally theyput they put they put money towards andy'all come up this up y'all have beenhearing about people over time they gotsue and record labels they got sued overpushing money behind people's stuff tomake it blow up more than what it reallyisdoctor reasons wasn't shit like theydidn't have no fucking views like thatyou feel me and they put money behindtheir stuff when they put money behindit or whatever it made it look like morethan what it really was so yes it didn'tblow up over time because they pay foradvertisement we pay for advertisementit's gonna bringpeople in it you got the money to do ity'all got a certain type of check inYouTubeif you're getting fifty million dollarscheck up 30 million dollars checkingYouTube of course you got the money topush for advertise you feel me like itthen of course you have the money forthat stuffalright so long story short all thatstuff ended up going down I'm like yoman I'm saying y'all here puttingputting money down on this stuff andover here fooling these people thesepeople don't want that shit they want meand like man look man you just focus onbeing Chris Tuckerand you focus on these auditions andworry about another movie now mind you Idon't have the time I'm alone how am Igonna build another platform like theyuse me at the guinea pig experiment theyused me as a guinea pig experiment tobuild a whole nother platform becausethey went for a TD edit it wouldn't beit wouldn't even for him it would evenbe breathe Russell said that they usedme to build it up also um I had to getaudition I had two or three auditionsand you know within a week you feel mewithin a week so I'm going on differentauditions and shit that takes up allyour time bro I'm saying like I'm outhere auditioning for Star Wars Draftthey ride along toosometimes I was going to auditionsometimes I want three audition you feelme and you know all that stuff goingdown so how am I really putting all thattime and focus and being an actor is thehardest thing in the world he comes inis the hardest thing in the world likethat takes up all your time and then youhave to build another platform and thenfocus on yo shit that's the reason why Ididn't see me so a lot of y'all wassitting here like oh man on man you knowI'm sayingyeah I'm saying like like we don't seeyou anymore what's going onyou don't gave up on us I'm nya I wish Icould tell you I was going on but thisshit is new for me tooyou feel me so long story short Istarted feeling some type of way I saidlook man look man this shit crazyso it's hype of 2014 I decided to gohomethe Florida I went to Florida right andI said fuck all that shit I'm saying andthen at the time they had control whenyou sign to a network they have controlon your over your Google asset thenI mean they have a certain time with itwhen they're supposed to pay you rightnever certain time I was supposed to payyou and some time I wasn't even paid onthat certain date so imagine I gotpeople my payroll is expecting a certaintype of money I'm digging am i savinggoing broke and shit like thatI wasn't even get my fucking money so itwent for a while over like a month ortwo I'm over here begging cussing niggasout over the phone going to the officeand where the fuck is my money niggadon't have shit on me they laid on mycheck I like Brahma my check with neverlate when I was by myself but ever so Idecided to say I said fuck that shity'all nearly using the fuck out of youbruh I'm going fucking home I'm movingback home this is when relationshipgames and adopted white girl campaignpopped up this is when it all went downI said hey you guys look it's time tomake a move because my whole thing waslook at doggone use me nigga I read ontheir relationship game and saying youfeel me and when I don't Malaysia gameliterally literally they saw that aslike damn he making high quality shitand y'all know at the time that was highquality movie shit bro that could havebeen in films and everything else andpeople like yo this little nigga doingsome shit we never seen before and canyou imagine if I do that shit by myselfand I run offI don't point to a TV anymore I don'tpoint to what the fuck they got going onanymoreso when I went home and I told everybodyI told everybody that I won't dorelationship game literally somebody alldominated but literally no more thanprobably 50/50 to seven people donatedand it didn't even exceed fifteenhundred dollars or something like thatso then the next day the next day I getan email from Russell Russell says I'msorry they jerked you dickthey can jerk my dick I'm gonna makesure you straight I said what he wastalking about I wake up the next morningit's thirty five thousand dollarssipping mine up in my campaign and thewhole campaign is shut down now mind youI'm not mad about it I'm appreciative ofit but in this like wait a minute wait aminute car you put $35,000 in my fuckingcampaign and didn't even give people thechance to fund themselvesso you basically SWAT it cuz you knowwhen you have a when you have a GoFundMeor you know an IndieGoGo it can overly asee the limitof course I would expect a Nick tooversee the limit but broit literally shut down my campaign andeverybody was like well nigga you got ityou're good now you could maybe you gotthe money nowwell nigga this is the fucking money youowed me I'm broke as fuck can't pay myrent and niggas you won't give me themoney you fucking owe me you can't throwthat in title and I looked at it as achance move up when I'm deaf when I feltfucked up I said nigga it's a chess movefor niggas to try to put their name onsomething when I got going on so I won'trun off so if I do a movie it can beexecutive producer Russell Simmons youknow I'm saying like literally it waslike a checkmate I'm like nigga youliterally found a way to put your nameon something that had nothing to reallydo with cheaper like like come homebrother don't do that shit to me so longstory short this is where got tricky Iwent I went right I went to one of mycinematographers who did why you lyingyou don't say it like it's my dude manlike like you know and he's might do Ihave nothing bad to say about my dudecuz that's my nigger that's my brotheryou know saying I want some I said Amenit's 2014 - now nobody no movies no mydoing short film you feel me you got Idid eight short feelings eight eightrelation games one or less your games toMalaysia game three or less you'regetting for sex and friendship onesecond pressure - uh oh yeah yeah don'tyou play one two three four secondfriendship one second first or - um Idid home from college home from Congressand adopted white girl adopted whitegirl eight short films I did eight shortfilm all come out of my pocketleave the short film that calls five tenthousand dollars breath like $11,000like literally I got people on mypayroll on pending I'm paying twenty twohundred dollars a month for to be mycinematographer just to make surebecause I'm editing too much of my shitand a lot of y'all John say I'm paying anigga too much of that nigga how muchyou go hire a nigger to do yo shit andsee how much it cost per video to dosome shit if you got a nigga on yourpayroll you you if you get if you hiresomebody contract that work it's gonnacost you more than a thousand or twothousand dollars you feel me to shootone goddamn video so that was actually agood deal for me you feelat least a good deal for me you got onenigga doing only oh shit for 2200 amonthhigh-quality it's the same maker whoturned me super saiyan out if y'all sawtwo percent video at the same he turnedme super sad that in the good fuckingdeal because he can easily charge me$1,500 apiece you know saying 1500 outof the video cuz he had the experienceto do so you filming so now we're doingtime where everything was crazy soduring that time I wonder mycinematographer and wasn't the one whodid my my short feelings I went to him Iwent to my other one in Florida I said aman I got the money to do it he said hesaid Amen $35 $35 nothing left to shootno real move like brother I shoot moviesfor I should shorten 4 5 $10,000 $11,000but it's you know we can do this shit hesaid brother that's not enough bruh andduring that time he was a really savvyon the internet like that there reallyno and I really know that we couldreally break the shit down you know andlet's be real move is called 500k amillion dollars it's people I hear he'lleven Ice Cube had y'all niggas I hadwaiting for years just to get approvedjust to get a pool for a strip becausehe had a script for years but he waitedfor the funding to come through when yougot moves but you gotta wait for thefundings to come through this is whyniggas got to sit out here nigga 35,000thirty thirty thousand dollars for amovie for a real movie this shit isyou're not gonna you're not gonna reallydo it in 2013 2014 like that you don'thave a very hard time for real-deal itwas really really hard so at that time Iwouldn't get my bed so what happened youknow saying this ain't the money ally'all gave me this littered the one thatRussell gave me my money nigga you feelme so I had to pay my people off what Igonna do have my people walk away talkshit about me I'm saying I'm a down myword like I would let him to go brokebefore a motherfuckerputting salt on my name and say I don'tuphold my word so literally I went brokepaying niggas off you feel me I had apain niggas on with that shit and youcan you can actually ease niggas theseniggas knew I paid these niggas off forthat shit so I got to the point duringthat time I had nothing left I hadnothing fucking enough I still had topay my motherfucking team you filmingand then all of a sudden Russell sittingthere like so wait a movie ending mynigga y'all niggas fuckin all memberstop fucking playing so I held out fromright helm hard over for a long timethey were during the time well a TDstill needed me to build a platformnobody was still around it was only justme it wasn't no I'm not gonna say thename but wasn't nobody around from whatyou saw from 2015 and up it was just mestill they still needed me there sotheir whole plan was how do we get thisnigga backI had a baby on the way during that timetuber when my girl was pregnant so notonly that people walking out him on likefriends were walking out of my life hetold me they're walking out of my lifegetting confused because I'm goingthrough my own stuff I'm the type ofnigga I'm like man look man man look manyou know say I got a I got a I got a getin my own little corner like I gottafigure this shit out for myself becauseI don't got myself in this shit and youknow I'm saying I gotta get myself outof it people leaving me putting some tomy name you're saying like I'm payingnigga to be my friends and shit likethat niggas leaving me I had niggascontrolling my merchandiseniggas left me while my girl waspregnant breath you feel me like and Idon't know if y'all remember but it wasa lot of people that got their moneyback they got their money back right andy'all have people if y'all up in hereI gave y'all y'all back your moneybecause I literally didn't have themerchandise because I had somebodyrunning my merchant he skirted off on myass as well so if the baby come outright when the baby came I'm probablygoing from 80 pound about six monthsI've gone and said man when you comingback I said and I'll come back and sinwhich I'll need maybe we did the thirdseason not the reason and we never didthat shit ever again right we never didit ever again so this time this timethey pay me $1,200 about another episodeof course I needed it during the time sothis is $10,000 in total if I do $1,000per episode right you boo me mind youyou say this during the time where I'mtaking care of her I got a hug I got afamily at home in Florida paying thatrent and I got my rent over here doingmy shit I got my shit my expenses overhere and late trying to make that workso with all this jelly ain't cheap bruhheld it cost money just to go to themotherfucking mall but just the partonions cost $6 nigga onions cost fivesix dollars nigga like for real thoughI'm not even fuckin lyin like shit causebread ideas and I'm still trying to payoff my CPA II you know saying all mysisters and shit like that shit wasfuckin crazy but you see what othercrazy so longsure I said look man I talked to my Italked to my my lawyer and I said look Isaid look we're not gonna give him nomore juice for a TD no I said unlessthey let me write this shit and I had myhomeboy right at time he wrote my scriptand I wrote it too I said look we'regonna go in and we got the experts withthe real dough and if they don't want todo it and we're not doing anything forthese news literally it came downbetween them granted me for what Iwanted you know I'm saying cuz I'm gonnatake a TD I want to take doctor reasonto a theatrical level I said look I'mtired of sitting behind hismotherfucking desk talking to peoplebecause that's easy it's easier to setup a camera and talk negative back andforthI'm a person that like to go outside Ilike train additional cameras and shitlike that y'all got niggas editing mystuff I'm like but I don't wanna fuckingdo that shit so I wanted to really makedoctor reasons like a movie in like youknow theatrical and they didn't wanttheir they want to keep everythingsimple because they knew that theinternet game was all about simple youknow simple things when you keep itsimple at a low costthe payout will be bigger if we put adsbehind the shit and we keep thingssimple and you don't have to go out oftown and go out this room you gonna begood you know saying so literallyliterally they can't be simple they werelike look man we're not gonna do thatwe're not gonna grant you the money thatyou want it is what it is someone I willfuck it you know saying like like Iguess we have no deal when saying wehave no deal and everything then I neverdid anything for them since that day andif we're during the time where everybodyin the office thought I was crazyeverybody was shitting on me or if I waslike oh man and they go crazy that hetaking money because they always startout with a nigger that was calling inasking for my bread it's like no niggasmy homeboy was to go up in there and getmy bread and get the fuck up out ofthere so when people like the King hereon the Teddy rays and all the otherpeople they started going up in therethey can literally tell you I told allthese niggas the chase knows I told allthese niggas niggas know I fuck I saidon your nigga down took you niggas outnot Jason oh but Kings here on I tookyou outsideyeah a lot of y'all niggas out I toldyou I'm nigga get your money and get thefuck out you I'm saying get your moneyand get the fuck out because that was mygoal get your fucking money and get thefuck out Nega don't don't do don't don'tput your don't put your all into thisshit because this isI learned I learned learn for me youknow saying and next thing know when Ileft King Kieran took over and then heleft in the next thing you know thewhole office wiped out the whole officewiped out nobody was there any morebreath and this is a TD now anybody issitting over there like what the fuckand kept on stage don't say mic at mosta that's my niggas my brother like meand Kevin were the first people were thefirst people there they then they theythey they was the first person to signwill awesomenesstv it was two people inHollywood at the time it was me and theythey all right Kevin bought him his sonNathan J then and Jojo because it wasall about days at a time days and Jojothey were awesome CB I was on a TD Iwasn't a groan they was on a kid he wason no rascal I was in the heat you feelme and he got the point that me andKevin we're gonna do our own movie andeverything and it never went down likethat or whatever so Kevin ended upgetting job well EDD and god bless himand I ain't got nothing dying gotnothing bad to say about my dog that'smy nigger like that's my dude that's mybrother for life his kids like my littlebrothers man like it is what it is andnow I'm saying look at a TD even thoughhe's still over there it ain't shit anyshit going on over there not over theredoing like little thing where theytalking across each other across thetable and shit like that but that's noneof my concernit is but you don't see real content onwhat you don't see skits anymore becausethey literally lost all their contentcreators niggas started realizing thatit wasn't worth the payout why why wouldI give these niggas and get paid $200and you can imagine if I can pay $5.00and imagine what the fuck that was goodimagine what they were getting theyweren't getting shit it was niggasgetting up in there trying to get onnext to Russell you got Russell Simmonsin that bitch and you can go up in andtake a picture he's all meditating andhe's all bulletin board and stuff likethat all you want to do is stand next toa nigga who might put you on because theSolman nigga that won't despite what Iwant and once position that I wantedthat they felt that you know what if Iget up in there it don't matter whatthen they're going through I bet you Icould banessa like this how did youfinesse it how now everybody did a dayon it away everybody did it they own itaway but how was it that no skits arestill around now because everybody leftand they started to realize their valueand this is where everything started tobe crazy youwhen you started saying everybody pulledout from YouTube networks and you seeyou see all of you two talking aboutYouTube networks I don't join a YouTubenetwork it's bad for you they don't doanything for you they make all thesefake promises and stuff like that dothey try to make it seem like they tryto give you things you already got niggayou got a camera you got a cameracameras on that fucking bones now why weneed cameras we got by now if we'redoing the time I'm buying this time thebuying was coming up maybe during timewhen Instagram is coming up so nigga wason the phone they said well fuck a damncamera I gotta get up my smoking reasondo I gotta do the show on my phone niggaI'm gonna go to fuck up I'm gonna blowup on my fucking phone and do it likethat and it is what it is and during thetime let me tell you something honestlythis is so true also to one of the mainthings I asked for when I went up inthere when the main things I hacks for Itold them I said look all I want I wanta sponsor and I want a tour I never gotmy fucking sponsor I never got myfucking tour can you imagineI've never been on a legit tour beforeevery tour I've been on I funded out ofmy pocket and that shit is held on halfyou know how hard it is there go in yourpocket call been used up by yourself tryto book something when you're on theinternet when you're not fucking DaveChappelle you feel me like how hard thatis to do by yourself and I got RussellSimmons and Steve Ripken and all theother people all the heavy hitters in mycorner I never had a fucking sponsor Inever had a fucking tour how do I haveall these bottles all thesemotherfucking viewers and shit and Idon't have no sponsors or no fuckingtools back how you know I'm saying soI'm gonna speed of shit oh come buddyget off this thing or some because Ijust want to tell you we're going on solong story short I cut my contract witha TD man I had I had to fucking get awayI said look I can't do this shit no moreI'm done broI'm done bro I'm okay going broke overthis shit I don't want homies over thatshit bro I was homeless for a year and ahalf living out of my fucking car with afucking kid bro with a fucking kidand y'all niggas in here wonder y'all Isaid wonder why wasn't on YouTube I'mthe type of person broif I feel like I don't want I don't liketelling my business cuz there's so manypeople here blogging because that's whyyou seen everybody blogging everybodywon't do family vlogs everybody wantedto do reality shows and shit becausethey didn't wanna do comedy anymorebecause it was too expensive it was toofucking expensive nigga meanwhile I'mstill trying to hold onmy tools my one the two is still tryingto make it work out here and I'mhomeless and his motherfucker goingcrazy you feel me and before I fuckingget a finish camera and go crazy infront of y'all niggas I'm going I'mgonna stay away and get a fight y'allface because I know I got a biggerperfect birth and I'm not the typenigger this get in front of a camera andcry begging for shit so this is why alot of people be like oh man oh man hereyou are you begging you can't shop andevery time you leave you come back andyou ain't consistent nigga buck I'vebeen through you don't know the fuck Ibeen through bruh you can suck my dickfor all I give a fuck you don't knowwhat the fuck I've been through andsometimes people don't understand you'llhave to tell every fuckin thing bro youdon't have to tell everything peoplefeel like you got to tell your whole assbecause people on the internet they feellike you got to tell your whole businessyou got to tell you people shit yougotta say these people fucking shityou got any people fuckin shit bro and Ifuckin kept my tool to myself nigga andy'all niggas think I'm going crazybefore I go crazy and before I get ondrugs nigga before I go around slappingmotherfuckers I guarantee I'll get thefuck off the shit and I'll leave thisbitch and I guarantee nigga and I lovethe sweet life i'ma live for a very longtimei'ma live a very long time I normally orfor very long time but nigga if I wereto die today nigga you 2-bit gonnafuckin set off nigga cuz I already didsome shit but he's niggas ain't heretoday it's motherfucking on theinstagrams grind and movies and shittingstill did what I did today they stillain't did shit I did for 2011 nigga tothis fucking day and as money pen asmany people as I helped over the yearsas many people as I helped over thefucking here none of these niggasrestocked reached back out of me evernone of these niggas ever reach back outto me and you wonder why I'm fuckingacting this wayfuck y'all fuck y'all bro you bit melike fuck the one who's shitting on menot fucking the one not fuck the one youknow you know who who not you know whositting back in the cut or whatever youknow you know just still looking out forme but still fuck y'all bro I don't helpso many people from the manual with theChloe Haley and Chloe Haley I love themyou know saying like man Jasmine ifthey're all these people bro like even Ihope I hope to Steve I hope that 80 Ihave Russell but I help so many peopleover the years just for these nigga thewet so they always sayso they always say if you got resourcesyou should always extend your resourceyou should always maximize yourresources well when it was time for meto lend out my helping hand when wewouldn't time for me to reach out andthanks for help nobody had my back broI'm homeless in my fucking car with aSun nigga how none of you niggas got myfucking back well fuck it in when I getback up and I get back up don't call myfucking weight and this is why we actingthis way bro this is why be acting thisway not be so fucking tired of your shitand you maybe be wondering why we askedappreciate on cash out okay well sincewe're in black empowerment time sincewe're in black empowerment timeeverybody posed to be on a blackempowerment oh you should support blackpeople Oh watch out for your brotherwatch out for your sister fund me let mebecause the only people left or y'allthe only people left are y'all bro y'allthe only people left bro the only peopleleft nah now here's my damn y'all knowy'all have to do shit for me yeah Idon't have to do shit for me at all youhave the option this is why I said on myvideo we can treat this shit like churchwhen you go to church and they saydonate you don't have to freaking passyou don't have to put your money in thechurch you can pass that collectionplate on and the next person will drop ahundred dollars or fifty dollars in thatbitch they can do whatever the fuck theywant to do but I don't want to get apatreon account because its patreon whatit does is is give the exclusive contentfor people that only subscribe you'refilming only subscribe so I'm like whywould I want to take away from thepeople who been here forever they maynot have the money cuz I know what it'slike to go through shit why would I wantto take away shit for motherfuckers whywould I wanna take away shit frommotherfuckers who don't call you outmotherfucker I'm gonna take away shakingpeople who have my back over the yearsbut they don't get itlook everybody every dog has that daybro every dog has their day you knowexam every dog has that day so Iunderstand that but I'm not gonna takeaway from the message and my purposebecause what I understand about peopleis God God ain't worried about beingworried about your plans he worriedabout your purpose breath and it's onlyfor the people that believe in God I'mnot here for nobody else that's sittingup in this bitch that wanna be on someshit like old man you know so here yougo with the god stuff nigga get the fuckon out of here nigger get the fuck onI'm only talking to people that actuallybelieve in God for god is not worriedJoe plans he's worried about yourpurpose bro what the fuck are you herefor I'm not gonna take away from nobodywhen I know I got a purpose sir I diefor this y'all niggas wouldn't diepretty shit nigga nigga do I look likeI'm fuckin playing they let me in I do Ilook like I'm fuckin plan this why Iwanna edit my shit if I had my video andgot the fuck on these goddamn cameranigga and it's a fuckin tripod to pumpme got that tripody'all gonna say my lip shopping thisyear but if I had to edit my shit themotions couldn't pull out the win youneed to pour out so I had to fucking dothis shit I had to so for every time yousee me upload but every time not evenjust for me it's for everybody onlineit's for everybody online this foot KingKieran this book everybody who ever doshit online this for all y'all and theygot took the bullet for all you niggasyou see your content creator you see anigga online a nigga doing it's hard Ihere for black folks to get it in broit's hard for black folks to get it inso when you see somebody you tell themhow much you appreciate them by donatingwith your motherfucking typhus you showyour love and your support with yourpockets because anybody can get amillion viewers nowadays anybody can geta million views nowadays and I guaranteeand the word are we living in and onelifespan you can at least get 50,000views and one lifespan at least in yourone and your lifespan you can at leastget 50,000 views anybody can fuckingshow up so far you niggas that pop uplet me say oh I support Subaru I don'twork through this cause you're sweetnigga I wanna identify you niggas nowbecause I'm sick of all you niggastalkin shit I'm sick of all you niggastalkin shit and y'all niggas neverpointing to me when I don't gave y'allniggas my fucking light pity shit but Iwent broke for this show home is prettyshit nigga and I'm fucking tired of thisshit and if you don't want me around nomore I apologize for the stream cussingthat's one thing I'm gonna pologize themost for my extreme custom cuz I shoulduse my boat count the most but I wanty'all to feel exactly what I'm saying ifyou really really really really reallyreally support me support me with yourpockets because these Asian don't behopping on these Asians when he's Asianneed they help from their own peoplethese Hispanics don't be hopping ontheir people he's Hispanic and go aheadand show off these white folks the whitefolks they show up funny motherfuckingpeople and for all you niggas that sitback and say but all your nigga that sitback and say are you trying to makemoney off black dogdude nigga who else the fuck am I gonnamake money off of nigga if y'all don'thave my back I'm gonna if y'all don'thave my back nigga I'm gone nigga I'mgoin literally bro literally bro dooryou stupid motherfucker ain't here withme about black empowerment nigga so shutthe fuck up bro shut the fuck up I'mtired of you niggas you niggas youniggas say you for your people but youniggas really don't be bout that shityou got niggas you got people out herereally really really really reallyreally busting their ass they don't knowwhat they go through people not finnatell their business bro and I'm gonnatell you about the internet the internetsickest fuck how many are on that videoits motherfuckers out here that onlythat that I'm gonna record it XX to talkalone did we live in the world nowpeople gotta put out a fuckin cameraphone and record you for cloud niggahave a see you in the privacy you falland record you and get some cloud offthat shit just to say they got it niggabefore I die in front of you nigga Iwould run onto the bush in the replicaeat by some wolves nigga before yourniggas fuckin record me I saw the videoof a man at a Niagara Falls literallydying a white man jumped in the waterand tried to help him before niggas dida nigger was holding the fucking cameraand said no no no I will help reservesI'll be that cold you die is that Icould just drown the white man hopped inthe fucking water and tried to save thisnigga and he died with that nigger andthen he's nigga said he want to call nowI want you nigga the sick the nigger thefucking sick and I'm sick of you niggasI'm sick of you sick bastard this shitis ridiculous bro I'm fed up are younigger if this generation I gotta be apart of me I don't want no parts of meso so so before you judge me sayinganything before you judge me sayinganything I want y'all to know it lookyou can vote when you donate whateveryou can folks if you can't cool butJulian Kim folks unless you pour into methe way I point to you it really pointto me I can give you no conversationwhen you see me out in person if you seehim in the morning say automatic oneconversation fuck you this is why IRasheeda went through what she wentthrough her mom got custody and called abitch over some holes that didn't wantto buy nothing in support hehoes walk in the store in the store tryto get a picture and cut the girl momcut the grown woman mom out and didn'teven support the business but I'm surefor know what we Tripper know whenniggas chipping we don't want to takepicturesy'all niggas my Achilles bro the samenigga they say you support us in thecomics hate on us any fucking recordersdiet what the hook like boom what thefuck you niggas the sick you niggas asick you are sick so if I got to be toBritain and I'm gonna tell y'all how Ifeel about this year let me tell you isthat could have feel man I'm gonna telly'all what I feel like my life has beenthe sacrifice that I've taken foreverybody but I'm gonna tell you what Ifeel like I been through this is my liferight here this is what I feel likeniggas have done this is my life this ismy life right here I'm laying down amotherfucker just stepping over me notknown what the fuck going on this is mylife right here everyone else over metalking my nigga was wrong too and I'msitting right there taking a fuckingbullet nigga how do you nigga won't beeating online if it wasn't for me and Ilay in China too long Humber pay homagebruhpay homage paid homage show some damnrespect pay some damn respect you seethis motherfucking picture burn pay somemotherfucking respect bro pay somegoddamn respect bro that's me rightthere over the yearsnigga thumb came up off a buyingInstagram and everything getting a moneyhey I'm homeless like a motherfucker andy'all niggas walking over chill chillchill chill soI'm doing all right I'm gonna tell youwhat my pockets looking like I'm gonnatell y'all again man stop pocket readingfolks man you ain't you you're not areal supporter if you over here tryingto pocket read people that's number onethings like you have to unlearn yoursickness man people gotta understand itgot sickness out here you have tounlearn the thing that you've beentaught unlearned your sickness burr weall sick around this bitch we're allsick I'm sick you see everybody sick butit's okay to unlearn sometimes you haveto unlearn some things and you can'tstayyou can't stay stuck in your waysbecause you feel like it's comfortablethis is what this is what I feel like Ishould be this is what I thought Ishould be doing you motherfuckerslook I'm tired I'm exhausted I don't geta lot over the years you know I'm sayingand I got hundreds of videos but and Iswear on everythingy'all point to me I'm going home I'mgonna go get another job do what I haveto do take care of my family becausenigga I think of my family before Isacrifice myself and die for me theydon't help and that's dead but I got adeal to do so for every time you see meopening anybody up lower I ain't justsaying just me anybody anybody anybodybro and I know that people are gonna dothis and I don't care y'all can copywhatever listen it's for y'all this isthe sacrifice for all great creators andeverybody going through some shit if yousee a nigga online uploading sacrificingthemselves and you see them doing a goodjob just like y'all niggas killing overJordans popbar main kill each other overthis than a third brother by Guccipulling to somebody on here and stopfeeling so entitled you have aresponsibility to uphold this world as aconsumer not just watch me for free andfeelings hydro that shit is fucked upthat shit fucked up it's fucked up thatniggas feel like because they paid aphone bill with an Internet bill thatthey gotta get everything else for freewell you feel like you got to geteverything for free from me and everyother every other content creator wellhow come when you put your cell phonebill you still gotta go to other otherwebsites you can't go on Amazon for freeyou can go on a bitch for free but maybeyou got a box and shit you got to go and still buy some shit picklesin you still gotta buy someso you niggas when it comes to blackpeople you feel like you gotta get itfor free you feel like you're entitledto the stuff when we see here and weresearch the game we over here writingstuff out editing our stuff giving ourlives to you guys and this is the thingthat we fucking get you nigga sassy andy'all hold just as month ofresponsibility as the rest of usI hold my end of the bargain you holdyour end of the bargain stop gun sogoddamn entitled as a fucking consumerbrocuz you consumers get me shit fucked upcuz the game ain't change in the gameit's only gonna get worse with it it'sonly gonna get worse but it's gonna getworse so it is what it is but it is whatit is I'm gonna get off this thing Idon't want to go too far into thisbecause I feel I come by to ramble onbut y'all understand man pour into mepouring to pointsme as I point to you apoint to other people who all yourfavorite people who you watch onlineanybody you feel me because you don'tknow what these people going through browonder what these people are here goingthrough but people here dedicating theylive to try to give you our entertainingout here struggling its nigga die herein LA live from couch to couch burnnipson couch the couch living from couchto couch I close the house and theymaking it look easy they making it easykeeping a smile on a pea keeping a smileon a page you feel me let me tell yousomething the energy that you project isall gonna come back and I told y'all itis over over time the energy that youproject is all gonna come back over timeif you sit on camera you cry you poweryou talk about your situationyou feel me you're gonna attract thosesame people if you're suicidal you'regonna attract those same fucking peopleso this is why you see people in heredamn they're crying and damn they'retaking their whole head off for thisshit because they don't have no otheroption they don't know no other way inme because I never showed my emotion I'mlike the 50 cent of this shit I'm not abully but you know how 50 is the momenthe showed that he cracked they gonnakick his ass they gonna keep that niggawhy he down I guarantee they won't kickhim while you down they don't kick thatman why he down because they never seenhim down before because black peoplefeed off a fucking negativity niggasfeed off a nigga team any more than doanything else niggas tryna see youbroke down on your and niggas bill youup just to break you down I don't give adamn what y'all say look you could lookand maybe fifty maybe a horriblecomparison but I'm just using it as anexample to say when people just becausepeople don't show their emotions on hereand give you out a business that don'tmean that they don't have a sense ofhumility and humanity prayer like getout of here man it's folks out herethat's really I hate doing this shit andy'all always some motherfucking thingsman it's a fucking thing you know don'tjust tell us you it's why I said on mybio don't tell me Portman cash at me orcome on this thing or whatever holla atme so every time we upload any time weupload if in if you ever see a niggafrom this day forward talking shitsaying nigga fuck you ain't doingnothing you broke-ass nigga why I gottado that you always begging tell themkiss your ass you jump on their ass forme we jump on the ass for any otherentertainer like I said it's better onlyjust for me it's for everybody it's foreverybody everybody this ain't just forme it's for everybody so for any of younigga they don't like fuck I said todaykiss my ass because I did this shit foryou too nigga thank me later goodbye


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