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  1. SoulGroove

    What movie was this nigga in?

  2. The 89 baby love

    God ain’t worried about your plans God is worried about your purpose!!!

  3. birdmangorilla100

    On the cool you should of became a red cup boy with Kevin Hart Frfr

  4. Prynce Moezzie

    Subscribe to my channel for great Christian based content! Great channel👍🏾

  5. Lexthebarbuh

    Spoke ?! I call him “Spoke” !!!!! 👏🏾😂

  6. birdmangorilla100

    I’ve been on YouTube over 5 years I THINK THIS IS THE FIRST PAGE I SUBSCRIBED TO LOL

  7. DaDopest Tino


  8. Junod Ward

    Anyone peeped the messed up audio and skipping 😈

  9. Briyonce Summers

    Tbh I never paid attention to who was the first to start the YouTube stuff. I remember seeing Delano videos before I ran across you. But both of y’all are very talented and I was rooting for you to make it. That was before I knew that industry was so corrupt. I actually was inspired to get into that stuff but never followed it and now I’m glad I didn’t. The industry is getting put on blast for being corrupt. I hope everyone in it crumble. You’re going to be back on top someday don’t let the pressure get to you

  10. Indi LaRueDeJa

    Remember many don’t know the cost of channel they think is like taking on phone. EDUCATION is everything

  11. Indi LaRueDeJa

    I know you pissed, today it’s easier, lots opp ot there, stay woke, stay well, yes unlearn, rebuild yourself, do you. Peace

  12. Zach Floyd

    You got a new subscriber with this me bro one day imma play in the nfl god willing and I wanna be able support and champion you

  13. Indi LaRueDeJa

    TY, I ask people are you existing or serving your purpose. My bro 50% peep use, this should happen to you in many ways. Let’s talk later, real with real. One blessing you’re healthy, stay sane. Our folks are different and split, be good to your self and find your spiritual equals. There are many of us. Is gonna be ok. Everybody that look like us not us and everyone different not enemy., It’s individual. You learned, take note breathe and keep moving. Get with and sick enough REAL, in low numbers.

    1. Indi LaRueDeJa

      These keys smh, get with REAL and stick, real doors opposite. They come when you broke, fed when no food without bragging, run when you sick, take off work loose play to help you move, find spot for your head to rest, chip in when can, market free, DON’T USE YOU, calm you when stressed and sure as H#%@ not gonna go when you can’t pay. I know a billionaire who was good to his employees, his biz burn to ground, he asked stay with me help rebuild, they did 6 MONTHS NO PAY. company survived and tripled, he bought them all homes of and cars. He cried he said never should happen if ya’ll left, 6 mos no checks. That’s family man. Ain’t no friends out here, fam, want to be or enemies. They set you up the success you had was still tied into them, that how they edge above to pull your site and sponsors. That’s how they got Cardi built at home, every product and industry needs a star. They just hope you think they can do more for you than you can. I’m blessed you posted I can’t get these talented young bro, sis to stop chasing the illusion they got talent, skill but know it all. You can easily today lift yourself and bags you don’t Chase, help the right people, value yourself, know your worth, give and charge, think and have folks around you can trust who are wise and listen or reason and take your time. Make money work for you, smarter. Keep your circle tight, small crew that’s about you and win, win, win or leave alone. Life is full of lessons, millions get used. You young and well, like self made movies nothing you can’t do, again. Know that!

  14. Indi LaRueDeJa

    Congrats on your channel! Good to be private, your family and personal is not our biz unless you feel need to share. Is your purpose for channel and serving people. Working online is entrepreneurship. You should be paid if content educates, entertaining, serves, empower ect. Homeless is just a title, for body is your home. Shelter from rain, cold, hot, sleep safe, personal items storage. Keep growing, saving, invest but help others and be prosperous. That’s spiritual. Ohio fighting for you. Build your own brand don’t Chase the illusion. Make good things and still to the people, so chasing hollywood it’s fixed and you’ll be a temporary tool til the next one. Do good and connect with other great you tubers and learn from black scholars. Peace

  15. Sammie E Tellem

    Gonna use apart of your clip as an intro. We need to her this shit. Makes me sick AF. And not for no clout hating niggas smh!

  16. mknox5

    Yo that ending was legit tho 😂

  17. Que ThaGod

    Lebron is a prime example too. America hate Lebron. They talk shit about that man everyday. We gotta hold our people down like Stephen A. Smith and Rich Paul.

  18. Que ThaGod

    Ay my nigga thats real shit. Black people don’t do shit for eachother. I am a creator my self. I write music and perform in the hip hop genre. I have never gotten to your level. But anyway i got you. I’ll support you my brotha.

  19. JaiC Bacote

    Idky this video was suggested to me but, here I iz 😂 Dang homie, I remember u back in the OG, OG Youtube dayz 👀

    Fyi: You don’t have to have a religion to believe in God. Don’t let ppl make you think you have to. And if they still pester you, just ask them “What religion does God practice?” Bet they either verbally attack you or lie 🤣😂

  20. mscycybaby

    I’m late asf.. Never heard of any of you Youtubers.. I like it tho.. Very Interesting..💯✔

  21. Chynna King

    You might not realize it now but you are blessed and HIGHLY favored. I hate that this happened to you and it’s easy to tell it’s the truth but you have to realize what you avoided. Hollywood is a very sacrificial satanic place. I believe with your morals, the Devil knew he couldn’t penetrate so they chewed you up and spit you out. But that’s where you need to look for the blessing in disguise. You lost money but you walked away with your soul. I watched the whole video and I saw you say you have your own struggle with religion and you’re after your PURPOSE but maybe theres more to your purpose than you think. Maybe God is tugging at your heart, asking you to pull over and let him drive. I’ll be praying for you but I was led to let you know, you are blessed rather you see it now or not.

  22. zoey t

    You where my middleschool years man I’m crying rn I’m so drunk just seeing a video from u pop up made me all emotional fuck dark liquor I love u man

  23. Mike Love Thyself

    Damn bruh I graduated in 2011 so I was your target audience. you definitely was the pioneer of this, crazy I’m now seeing this

  24. GuttaStarrEnt

    1:25:30 nigga what?? That was a lost cause

  25. David Taylor

    Bottom line DON’T TRUST JEWS. That goes for black Jew bitches like Russell, who owns def jam? Who financed def jam? Who was Rick Rubin? All rich black entertainment people hire Jews. And this is what happens when they’re done with you enslaved people, they leave you like they found you……BROKE. #NOI

  26. lovell williams

    Yoooooooo these white people look like white people 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. felip uno

    I notice that people who know how to manage their money, aren’t desperate, and they only take roles which uplift people and doesnt re-enforce negative stereotypes. But you could write a book off your experiences and make up all that you lost. You could use patreon funds to do free content on youtube for fans who cant afford patreon.

  28. Hatsūa

    Ima support the Channel ASAP WIT the 💰

  29. Joy Adams

    His assistant name was what??? Did he say Sayden or Satan?!

    1. Tia

      Joy Adams Saygan

  30. TheGalaxy Pt1

    Keep working bro 🙏🏾

  31. T. CROWN 321


  32. greeneyed yellabone

    I love you I been there since day 1 I’m a real fan much respect is given keep going I hope u doing well

  33. Too Much

    That Vegan Ish Foreal 😳🤣🤣🤣

  34. PicassoPretty Love

    Unlearn your sickness💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  35. drew63215

    Him and Hot Sauce playing one on one and him getting dragged onto the “You ain’t Hot right now”. “DAMN”!!
    Funny story: A couple of years ago I saw a little kid by my house in the cul-de-sac dribbling a basketball and I can tell him had serious handles. I pulled in my driveway and asked him who taught him to dribble like that and he said “Hot Sauce is my cousin”. I was like WHAT?? He was over to my neighbor’s house (his Auntie). I never heard of Spoken Reasons until he told me about that video. Hot Sauce’s Folks lived in my cul-de-sac and I didn’t even know it…lol.

  36. Shaquanna Armstrong

    Sorry that happened to you. They used you and raped you for your money bro. At least you got a role in a big hit movie. The Heat is one of my favorite movies.

  37. Brittany Murph

    The Bible speaks on how the devil want us to Stop saying his name….. but i can’t I’m going to scream JESUS until the wheels fall off don’t let him take you away from the truth and the light

  38. Rea TurRee

    Your story is very interesting, however, why continue to refer to US AS (NIGGERS) and why express yourself with curse words constantly, as in every other word. Come on now, with your success you are better than this.

  39. Perseverance Road


  40. Tecca Lynn Jones

    I just happened by here, and I haven’t stopped laughing! I think I’ll stick around, lol.

  41. mzlady Luna

    I work with them hoes… they ratchet and was looking for clout. She proud of herself too

  42. LOKHighest


  43. Taliyah

    You’re one of the main reasons why I even started watching YouTube videos in the first place. Lol. That last a piece of gum video you did, use to have me *_ROLLING_* 😩. Lol.

  44. Forever Gamer Podcast

    He just dropped an hour and some change worth of jewels. 👏👏👏👏👍 Pay attention!!! #Knowledge #Support

  45. wow man

    Did you eat all yer chicken?

  46. kaelaa johnson

    you sound like chosen king

  47. Jay El

    I hate when niggas run they damn lips for 30 fykin minutes SAYING NOTHING!
    Damn just start talking about what tge video says.
    No one give a damn about all that extra shit man.
    I unliked and unsubscribing.

  48. CTV Houston

    that niagra example was a bad example lol

  49. CTV Houston

    older cats got jealous of the success of a new comer in a new industry. The were envious of the discovery of the platform.

  50. Dante' Jackson

    Patrick?… Patrick who? Patrick from spongebob in this bitch! 😂😂

  51. DaZzLe SwA

    1 soul is saved.

  52. Pigscadoo McLovin

    I see he still talks like he has a mouth full of spit in his mouth. 🤢🤮🥴

    1. Pigscadoo McLovin

      NeomiStar didn’t watch the whole dreadful thing. Bye hair hat. Ugly bt1100

    2. NeomiStar

      But you took 1 & 1/2 hrs to watch him talk like he got spit in his mouth😂 byyyeeee

  53. Laquarion Rockamore

    Taking the long way to tell a story & idk wtf he’s trying to point out 😴

    1. NeomiStar

      Then it aint fa you

  54. Disciple of Yehushua Hamashiach

    Well, I wish you had said this is for the people who believe in God in the beginning, it would have saved me some time. Because I don’t. I use to but he has only allowed suffering in my life. I believed in God from an early age. I’m officially over believing in what is clearly NOT real. PS. Slept in my car also for a couple of years. Slept on a bench in Atlanta for over a year. Slept in an abandon house for 6 months. All because of trying to live right. Ughhh. I’m talented but it will go to my grave with me. I’m just waiting on death. For the dead know nothing.. I won’t know people will be talking about me. You can live a long life. This world ain’t getting easier to want to stay alive and live long.

    1. Rebecca.

      ❤Never give up The Most High… You made it through alot and you still have your wits. Don’t let this world break you.

  55. Dee I Love Jesus

    Find Jesus Christ shug ❤💯

  56. Laura Williams

    I love the first two minutes 😂😂

  57. Priscilla Johnson

    Hi, love your comedy show’s

  58. andrew brown

    The probbaly killed and cloned this guy lol

  59. shawde19

    Just like Monique She wasnt having it no more lol

  60. Ceffareno

    SpokenReasons create a patreon create a online course create a vlog on when you first received your 1k subscribers and how it felt and what you would do differently now that you’re wiser and also email me

  61. Lemon1133

    Mannn, Idk what I was doin’ to never hear of you back then, maybe cuz I was in and out of 33rd st a few times except I wasn’t volunteering ya feel me? But hey, I’m originally from New Port Richey, small town FL boy. I used to write and record songs for fun. I ran into this local gang that my homie from middle school was in..I joined them, it was a rap crew (like 15 of us rapped, 80-90 were gangsters but that don’t matter. One of my new friends was from Brooklyn, grew up with Fabolous, but could rap just as good. I called my rich homeboy from high school to try to get funding for a label to feature my homeboy. I had 1 hood classic, and only 2 features on other’s songs but my rich friend’s family (billionaire white folk) wanted me to stop chillin’ and making songs with all them and just fund my career. I was the 2nd best in my crew, they didn’t gaf bout my homeboy that shoulda made it. They said they’d get me on a label, but I’d have to pretend I was bisexual around these rich ppl (news anchors, politicians, entertainers)l. I wasn’t half as talented as my homie but I’m white and got decent looks. This when Em was huge, my name’s called me Leminem but I was being myself. Long story still kinda long, they were gonna put me on 2 Tampa hip hop/pop stations if I went to my friend’s parents parties and did some weird ass shit and left my crew. I haven’t spoken to that family since, did local shows w my homeboys for free beer and $5 a show. Meanwhile my rich friend’s pops died like Robin Williams. My success nothing like yours, but I went through a weird ass situation too. Much love, respect, peace, and light to you and anyone trying to make it independently. I’m ready for open mics n showcases in Ybor City these days, but now I actually deserve it. my black friend that was great is stuck in a fuckin bs contract. My dude wrote a billboard #1 hit and still live w/ his momma. Shit is evil in the music industry. Sorry for ranting but I had a weird experience that ppl should hear. Love, light and peace to anyone who read this. Spoken, u a real one.

  62. Dillon Bynum

    I’m 19 now watching this video made me think back damn I was in 5th grade when he came out first video I watched was when your girlfriend bobo I promise I watched it ten times and laughed harder each time 💯💯😂😂😂👌🏽 much respect to you … prayers for you and your career keep the faith bro G.O.E( God Over Everything 🙏🏽💯

  63. Jon Gardella

    Only 20 minutes of giving shout outs and props…. To yourself 🙄 before you finally get to the subject of the video…. ?
    Now at 25 minutes and you still haven’t said a damn thing.

    1. NeomiStar

      Then it aint for yoooooou!!! SHOUTOUT @SPOKENREASONS !!!

  64. ion whooked

    this wud be me on god paranoid as a muthafucka as soon as niggas ask me are u ready

  65. ion whooked

    damn u real for that ” i dont wana sell my soul”

  66. Jin J

    So happy I found this. Thanks for sharing your story. I was wondering what happened to you. You’re the pioneer and it’s ashame you aren’t getting any acknowledgement.

  67. ion whooked

    “sell my ass” lmao

  68. Tishara Doby

    Wow somebody died in the Niagara Falls on video. Everything is recorded now man

  69. Tishara Doby

    I know you tryna give them respect but Russell Simmons was wrong af like smh

  70. Tishara Doby

    He was in the heat I was weak lol

  71. Tishara Doby

    A lot of people that been on YouTube like spoken reasons and Delano tv don’t get the respect they deserve‼️

  72. Nana Heyhey

    Cash app $Tmack513. I donated allicould today AND WILL donate more man!! You a real man and I respect you for what you do and say!! God got you and he sent me here for you, not myself ! It breaks my heart to see/hear the things that have been done to you.I love you and you aren’t brother💯♥️ Keep your head up!

  73. Mordeki Sabat

    Feel the SaMe

  74. StateGameUp

    I Respect You Brother from a different mother..Blessings to you and All your Fans. Thank You

  75. Sumayyah Shannon

    I remember the doctor thing. It’s was ok. Some were funny.

  76. Sumayyah Shannon

    I’ve literally been watching since high school in ’09… I’m 25 now. It’s crazy.

    1. Sumayyah Shannon

      that’s facts tho! lol

    2. shawde19

      Girlllllllll when he spoke about that im like Damn niggas old lol

  77. Pulse RELOADED

    Bro let me mod your next live ….

  78. vanika mathis

    Stay Strong Young Mann!! This Journey is all an Experience that will make You, U!!✊✊✊

  79. vanika mathis

    Wow!!!! It’s a Dirty Game!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔

  80. italian_god2

    Oh damn you referenced them 2 drowning in buffalo ny in foot of ferry water. Shit was dumb crazy watching that

  81. 7thSol

    Stay out of hollyweird

  82. jessicaw325

    You are better off without being in that world with them brotha!!! Blissings to you!!! I really enjoyed your story

  83. wednesday scott

    They wanted you to play their game and you a MF with morals… That’s what they wanted was them morals from you… You did right pimp. 😄😄

  84. kahluaqueen

    Smh a cautionary tale of how people haven’t gotten the memo on America good luck brother

  85. Plain Face Media

    Disrespectful girlfriend is what got me hooked to spoke and “askin all them questions.”

  86. Victoria Love

    You’ve had your journey of trials and tribulations And you WON The devil couldn’t kill you or break you to pieces you are alive and breathing with your scenes your not crazy your not a sick freak You MADE IT, God was with you all the way in many ways, NOW God is calling you more then ever It Is Time my brother to seek God like it’s your last breath many were called but few were chosen And you my brother were CHOSEN get up and take your bread Once you crawl after God And seek him with everything in you, He will make you and your life Brand New You Will be better than Ever Thank God that the world didn’t eat you alive like it tryed to Keep Going my brother God Bless You got this!!!!

  87. Poetic Jazzi

    This was so deep and brought tears to my eyes 😢 I hurt for you I felt your pain. I wanna donate, how do I?

    1. David boyeee

      Info is @ the description of the video

  88. iamDecim

    LoL @ these are real white people. There IS a difference….don’t fool around with them.

  89. butyoucancallmesam

    I hope Kevonstage and Doboy do a video on WHY THEY REALLY LEFT ADD.

  90. GJ TheDopest

    Niggas will turn they backs on you and act like you never did shit to help them.. this shit is to real.

  91. GJ TheDopest

    I went homeless for this black empowerment shit for 2 years I totally understand where you coming from brother , take care of ya family. Keep grinding.

  92. Jasmine Chavis

    Keep going bro!!!

  93. Soul Javalin Spear

    Woke & Regular should be a movie 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  94. FightVale

    “This some typa…hoe shit goin on?” Lord

  95. Nooni G

    It’s wild we need Kanye back

  96. onlytymecantell

    Looks like they twisted him like a pretzel

  97. honey kiss Richardson

    You wasn’t with that gay industry shit, or selling out. Good for you smart man, fuck Hollyweird. And the people talking shit about you, are them elites pretending to be trolls and regular folk.

  98. Carolyn Montgomery


  99. Deanna Ishmael

    Its refreshing to hear you say I turned them down I turned him down . You were not easily bought .

  100. Jasmine Johnson

    So much passion in this video. I definitely plan on supporting this guy and others 💰❤️

  101. gino h

    tell us something god

  102. big gucci J

    Always wondered what happened to you

  103. Davion Logan

    A spoken reasons bro stay with god I know you been through a struggle but that’s how you know you are one of them ones

  104. Ny

    Welcome Back to YouTube I stayed subbed the whole time.

  105. Wynter Combs


  106. Montana Chanel

    Right I remembered some is your videos and I couldn’t remember your name but didn’t forget the face!

  107. Dj Death

    put it to the front like pac, no we not good nigga

  108. NorthernCaliWay

    It’s crazy I’ve never heard of this guy.

  109. NDfam

    I was in high school, getting off of school, running straight to the computer to watch ur videos.

  110. AllThat Melanin

    I get what u mean. Every word. But like u said, every dog has their day. U r going to be back on top. Those who had did u dirty will regret it and for those who walked away from you, they will need you again. I’m going to pray for you. Stay strong. Sadly to say that this has JUST NOW popped up on my list. Smh

  111. The GrataGoode Channel


  112. The GrataGoode Channel


  113. Theonekayy

    You Patricckk?? LMFAAOO

  114. Banged Wolf

    Long story short…..stay independent 😑

  115. M. Rhonda Warren

    find your talent, who r u? don’t let these celebs dangle money in your face. most don’t mean you no good.

  116. Alexis Elicier

    This some of the realest shit i heard in a while and u right about us supporting each other. Stay 10 toes my brother

  117. Isra Sabir

    Video shared & #subscribed. Will be going in my pocket to show support. #OneLove

  118. Ashley Breezy

    Now Kev and Doboy quit too 😩 they still doing lil shit on there but it’s not the same. All ADD has is roast me and great taste. I hate to see them leave but they need to expand their brand. Patrick Cloud is another talented brother on there who needs to expand, he should be bigger than he is right now. A lot of ppl over there are talented.

  119. T. CROWN 321

    They took you from Your Own Money in FLA, to L.A. where u had to Depend on their Money Trap. To Beg be desperate sell yo soul , Snakes and you in the Pit being set up as Prey. Shady. Shady Shady

  120. Stevey TV

    “Patrick in this bitch” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  121. T. CROWN 321


  122. brandon boyd


  123. Shelly Bease

    What hollywood do to you boo, you look stressed out im praying for you.

  124. God Dess

    The way you enunciate words (like it’s a lot of spit in your mouth) like Mike Epps.

  125. Amaziah Filani

    I been subscribed to you since I was in 6th grade, I’m 19 now. I fucks wit you heavy bro. Like the first person I started watching on YouTube. Keep grinding bro, fuck the industry we don’t need nem. Respect ✊🏾

  126. Johnny lumpkins

    I am hoping you still maintaining man, all what you said is all true about us man and I respect The truth and will look to support you as I can. All praise to Yah, and it’s Sabbath I am glad my chrome book screen broken because I would have never bump into your woke content, I will share this video and hope you find the truth in the so called black people identity at why they treat their own kind the way they do, and it’s not because some Willie lynch or slavery bull shit, they know who they are Hebrew.

  127. LYIA

    I just wanted to say thank u for telling ur story….u really shaped all of our childhoods….and I pray one day that they put some respect on ur name, no one deserves it more🙏🏾

  128. Lost Thoughts

    Everytime it got real the signal was trippin

  129. Lost Thoughts

    Get you a patreon bro

  130. Djbro2true1000keepitsotrue Jones

    Hollywood use peoples we need 2 support are own and have our own team keep your head up you don’t need Hollywood

  131. Djbro2true1000keepitsotrue Jones

    Industry is wacky you got too do gay shit. Too stay successful and they sick rituals you didn’t fall off you got smart and figure bullshit out.and you didn’t want part of

  132. Matt Goodwin

    Good video

  133. SliM420 GaMing

    This was a great audition.

  134. Sadiku Anubu

    I never understood why you left YouTube. You were doing so well. I been with you since the beginning. I was following you since the beginning. You were doing so well on YouTube. I still love you bro. You were a STAR in your own right. You had already made yourself. You were big without Hollywood. They took your shine. You learned a lot in your sojourn in Hollywood, but I was very unhappy when you left YouTube. You were so much better when you were running your own show. I hate that they fooled you with the illusion. You gave up too much to get a “taste” of Hollywood. I really hope you can get back up on your feet.

  135. jasmine hodges

    Im really so sorry to hear this and that this happened to you, I almost cried, my eyes are much more open now!

  136. King Karlsxn

    where can I find a picture of these said *WHITE people*

  137. BKS Photographs

    Bruh.. thanks for this. Blessings to you!! 2019 make that comeback!!

  138. Rick Southerland

    You ain’t said nothing wrong

  139. Toi Toi84

    The Patrick part took me out 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  140. Hiroader11 The Analysts

    Top quality work., Know your worth.

  141. General Systems Theory

    This is crazy to hear. Something about Russel Simmons have always made me feel uncomfortable.

  142. Aaqil Nasr


  143. Nedjean

    He looks beat up.

  144. Quarters2Commas TV

    mrdeshawnraw lowkey disappeared from youtube 2.. and he was round his era 2..

  145. Quarters2Commas TV

    mrdeshawnraw lowkey disappeared from youtube 2.. and he was round his era 2..

  146. Raven Lewis-White

    Seems like DC Young Fly was influenced by this guy.

  147. Chika Dunga

    This taught me a lot. Thanks Spoken Reasons. Rooting for You.

  148. Don't come For me

    I paid nothing, I still want a refund. Get the F off my screen I’m out.


    I remember all of your early days Work…It was creative, smart, original & above all Hilarious! It was an honor getting to work with you in Hollywood! Expecting great things for you…

  150. Chris Cloud Comedy

    # BTTF

  151. temeka haynes

    You are a very wise men wished a lot of other people would listen to you and learn from this hollywierd is dangerous

  152. James Spann

    Keep pushing the real know wassup 💪🏾💪🏾

  153. James Spann

    I already knew Hudson will sell his soul 🤷🏽‍♂️

  154. Tppe1

    calvary is coming

  155. Yoour Mamiii

    Sick u went on this BAD ENERGY fiasco and you still wanna b apart of that BAD ENERGY b careful how many homeless ppl did u pass in life did u value ur wealth obviously not cuz ur looking for more $$$$$ but go ahead life might not give u all the $$$$$$ but its got plenty of lessons 4 yo AZZ 4sho

  156. Yoour Mamiii

    Y do you youtube bloggers ALWAYS wanna see ppl faces u might not like wut u 👀 LMFAO Lolbvvvs

  157. Paige

    This isnt about “satan”. In Hollywood a game is to be played and you didnt know how to. Simple.

  158. Da GOAT

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    You got cocky and didn’t have a good back up plan or leverage to be turning down deals…Not sure if you read the contract in full or not but i’m sure you signed away your Adsense rights at some point which was where most of the leverage was lost. They had you by the balls very early on…

    This is where coaches come in. Someone to coach you on what chess moves to take at critical points in your life. Sleeping in your car wouldn’t have happened if you would have played the game like everyone else.

    Being self-made is fucking hard. There is no guarantee that you will make it. So your back up plan has to be iron fucking clad before turning down such opportunities.

    I get it though…we all have to learn. People aren’t going to force you to work with them. To be honest, your content is “ok”. You could use a lot of coaching from people in the industry. If you were that good you wouldn’t be in this somber position. Humble that ass up homey.

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    1. Kiki Karrington

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