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R.Kelly’s SexSlave/Victim Speaks says “She’s Not Brain Washed”..

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R.Kelly’s Female Housemate/Victim family says”She’s Being Brain Washed” The Intervention “Must Watch” #rkelly #trending #dgrentertainment #controversy

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1,784 Thoughts to “R.Kelly’s SexSlave/Victim Speaks says “She’s Not Brain Washed”..”



    1. Face Candy Studio


      So this press conference is her auditioning for a role on Law and Order SVU, and her diss track is her audition for Love and Hip Hop???? Hopefully, the parents are able to cash in on at least one of their daughters, because it aint looking good right now.

    2. angie gries

      and its corny asf she just wants views n be famous everything is bullshit she says an old like we never heard the rumors anywayzzz still she corny lmao

  2. Joe the king Hawk

    These people are full of it.

  3. Joe the king Hawk

    Ladies ladies, you guys were after his money. Women always want to dig in a guys pocket.

  4. Joe the king Hawk

    They talk as if slavery ended 10 mins ago.

  5. PostMaloy

    “I have reached out to the savages “

  6. Reeks Oj

    She’s 21 with a 17 year old daughter???makes no sense

  7. Darcelle M
    R.Kelly CBS Interview Comedy skit parody.😂😂😂😂😂Subscribe!

  8. Kacie Venters

    She spelled her name🤦🏾‍♀️💀😂

  9. Joe Cormier

    Why he wearing r Kelly’s sunglasses

  10. Robert Yates

    Im mad she dropped her name like she wanted somebody to search for her or sum

  11. Grace

    Uh oh 👀he said Let me step in for a minute

  12. Tatum A

    Is he a “Munster”or a “MON-STAR”

  13. Sonny Ankau

    y’all don’t understand these hoes will do anything to be taken care of. ain’t shit illegal about it, raise better daughters.

  14. DeJuan Battle

    Manipulation aint a crime… Yall jus sum stupid ass bitches if yall believing that shit and yall deserve it if u do cuz ya weak minded and stupid…. I have no remorse for them cuz they knew wtf they was doin… Probably tellin the man yall will do anything to be in his life on sum groupie love shit… N did dis muhfucka say she got Stockholm syndrome?? Seriously??? Dont u have to be kidnapped and held hostage for that??? From wht i herd the girl dont wanna come home back to them… And jai is a liar and attention seeker and jealous she aint wit kellz

  15. DeJuan Battle

    Her moms baldheaded as fuck and aint no looker… They str8 liars…. And how the fuck they know whats in his house unless they trespassed or went peepin in the windows or something… If Kells has a stable of groupie ass bitches then its their choice cuz one thing i dont believe and thats that he wud have to hold a femle hostage when bitches still throw pussy at him all the time wheneva he wants…. Plenty of bitches in the kennel why wud he hang on to a few when he can pick n choose wht he want

  16. Vincent Camp

    Why’d he cut her off before she answered the question of how they met. Very suspect. I don’t TRUST him he thinks he’s a big shot that sounds like he has a sixth grade education.

  17. Vincent Camp

    Trifling. I do not believe neither the Dad or Mom. They probably knew their daughter was dating R. Kelly I was fine with it because he’s R. Kelly. Money is the root of all evil and people will sell there soul for some money or five minutes of fame.

  18. Unicorn Rodriguez

    The dad interrupts the girl speaking saying he will answer the ?s. WTF!! These parents are all full of shit!!!

    1. TeNi Yung

      I caught that. He sounded so dumb!

  19. Stacyann James

    20 21

  20. Queen Mercy

    Everyone that comes around…….smh…Everybody knows then why in the FUCK did yall go around him then.

  21. STS Tech

    Sounds like more false allegations trying to get free money!

    I don’t know but there is like 0 emotions displayed here.

    I don’t believe these people. I’m sorry but I just don’t. Innocent until proven guilty.

  22. Shawn AB

    Her father must be a doctor. He the reason she dont won’t to come home. Ask him and his wife who is April. Who is April. Who is April. Jocelyn said nobody I made her up. Her mother said R.Kelly have a madam. WTF.

  23. Alicia Degroff

    I ain’t gon lie that seemed like a whole movie script and they played that part to a T!….. I don’t believe them. But I don’t believe r jelly either.

  24. Shon Mai

    Damn these girls are dumb as hell. Money talks!!!!

    1. Shon Mai

      +Goldie Voerman you make it sound so easy.

    2. Goldie Voerman

      Shon Mai key words MONEY TALKS, He spending money on them at the same time that he’s abusing them so of course they’re gonna stay

  25. Mozey mo

    Why is everyone talk about r kelly but who talking about jay z and Aaliyah they dated so did dmx

  26. Denitsa Jones

    All I got is they take Pitchers and they ax questions . And we should believe people who talk like this? Never

  27. Meet Bonny

    She doesn’t have an address to where she you to stay for 3 years??

    1. Dawn Campbell


  28. derro archy sr

    She didn’t say how she met him her dad was in on that shit they all covered up like it’s a funeral he stop her from talking it’s crazy because they seem like they with holding information

  29. derro archy sr

    They lying trying to add extra shit to the sorry look she didn’t get that money now she mad no tears it’s all a act

  30. derro archy sr

    They trying to r like bill cosby

  31. derro archy sr

    Keep your head up r Kelly

  32. derro archy sr

    Them parents need to be charged to for sending there daughter and taking his money

  33. Paulina Marques-Scano

    This family should be ashamed of themselves!! Using the daughter to trying do “press conferences ” and get their 15 min of fame after they couldn’t get paid off their daughter making $ with her career with R.Kelly. She’s 21 and has a right to do what ever the fuck she wants!!! She’s made video saying she’s fine and that the parents are just mad they can’t get paid off her!! She put them on blast with the TRUTH!! These people always try to promote themselves every chance they get and it’s a joke they need to be sued for defamation!!!

  34. Sleep Cube

    These liars… Fucking disgraceful. They should go to prison for however long they were trying to make rkelly go to prison for.

  35. BlessedBaby!

    This fool act like he’s the president or something….and sound like him…VERY ILLITERATE!!! u not getting no money for this!!!

    1. BlessedBaby!

      +Firmin King right!

    2. Firmin King

      He even wanted to do a second interview!!! The whole thing is confusing now. They all making sure we know how to spell their names. I hope this is not staged for a reality show.

  36. BaPe Juice

    What r Kelly was wrong . But these niggas want money. This nigga was whispering into her ear

  37. Spontaneous Girl

    So its no proof that this 21 year old being held against her will?!? How you gone hold a whole press conference but give no real
    proof on these accusations!

  38. Fancy Lady

    Her parents are sick too I smell money envoled like their ass up

  39. Fancy Lady

    These parents need to go to jail, I smell a snake 🐍

  40. Lisa Davis

    If u know he likes lil girls why would u introduce your kid to him🔫🤔

  41. Lisa Davis

    He lying

  42. Lisa Davis

    He full at shit he wants some fame, your daughter wanted to be with kells because they thought she was getting a record deal 👎

  43. TheVmorgan

    21 year old being held. Ridiculous nonsense. They getting paid to do dirty shit. At what point do people take responsibility. You obviously did not raise her right. He may well be a monster but you are part of the evil.

  44. Larriann Musick

    These parents are fake the whole family.

  45. youtube Creeps me out

    I believe this girls but don’t really feel for them i just don’t feel there pain they need a white lawyer

  46. Richard Masse

    All these bitches lying their ass off

  47. Destiny Johnson

    These hoes were hot pockets

  48. Iesha Wash


  49. AllenRay Pimentel

    Is anyone asking if this is staged, the way that guy acted was very suspicious.

  50. Supra TT

    All this bitches coming out now after so many years later humans are peace shit sneaks

  51. Myopinionaboutyou Armstrong

    He was couching her from the ear bud in his ear, smh. Your daughter will NEVER forgive you now and you have probably even turned her against her sister now. It happens because I have done it myself and still don’t speak to them and living my best life

  52. shaundale williams

    This nigga look like all he do is lie

  53. Clay McIntyre

    Hide yo kids… hide yo wife… he’s rapeing everthaaaang

  54. Eye OfRye

    They lying

  55. Doubt Nyabinde

    I hate the savages

  56. Carla Pendergrast

    This is the largest world wide demonstration of How niggas pull each other down. Charged,. Sentenced, and Executed without a trial. These folks are doing the very act that we as black people have been fighting against . GUILYTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. We are brainwashed and Lifetime is laughing all the way to the bank. DUH !

    1. Spontaneous Girl

      I agree

  57. Shannon Butler

    If these girls were held against their will R Kelly would have went to jail when this happened… the crime is called “kidnapping” wtf is wrong with people and talking about this bullshit story

  58. HipJipC

    Whoever handed over that VHS tape, you’re the definition of a Saint! Luckily the Neanderthal Pedophile Predator Narcissist’s ego was so huge that he taped his crimes. He’s like the serial murderer who keeps a piece of their victims like trinkets so they can relive their deeds over and over. They need to go further to purge this from humanity. Like from a genetic modification standpoint. Human DNA needs a serious upgrade if we’re ever going to actually evolve. I mean, this isn’t rare random happenings. It’s always been a plague in every inch of the fabric of society, predators everywhere. Even families and what they do to their own children. It’s these types that keep Human Trafficking and Slavery alive and well. The barbarism was NEVER abolished except on a useless piece of paper! But check it, now all races can own slaves indirectly and directly. People are mostly apathetic about ALL of it, the dirty secrets of how really f*cked up the human race is. Got to keep up that “we’re civilized” B.S. Delusion.

    1. Shannon Butler

      he beat 21 counts of child porn 20 years ago… do you really believe that is possible, the vhs tapes were clear as day

    2. Shannon Butler

      more like the definition of a person holding child porn which is a felony and you were trying to use the tape to extort R Kelly.. Saint? ion think so

  59. Michael jones

    How in the fuck can he make a medical diagnosis? He’s no doctor. People find it convenient to throw around “Stockholm Syndrome ” Most of u fools don’t really understand what it means, originated or how it’s applied. Most mental health professionals consider “Stockholm Syndrome ” questionable. It’s not even listed listed in the mental health blue book as a actual diagnosis. I’m no mental health expert myself but what I have read about it that according to the professionals , the jury is still out as to the reliability of “Stockholm Syndrome ” diagnosis.

    1. Michael jones

      +HipJipC STFU , It’s typical of u men hating, Nazi feminist to ignore due process of law. That man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, not the court of public opinion. As for that old ass VHS tape, u don’t know what the deal is and neither do i. They could be role playing, who knows. I do know this,, the States Attorney doesn’t need an indictment to arrest R. Kelly. If the evidence against him was so conclusive, as u seem to believe, the he could’ve been arrested immediately and the indictment come later. As for that other crap pertaining to mind control u speak of anit nothing but physco babble from a wanna be mental health expert who don’t know shit about nothing. In closing, if u look anything like your leader, and fellow man hater Tawana Burke, u need to find a dark corner and stay there. Sincerely, fuck u and #HERTOO.

    2. HipJipC

      Typical “Bro”-culture defensive comment. They have the tape now, the girl was 14 at the time. How much do you know about the developing human mind? How much experience do you have at being in situations where you were either the underage child or the adult having sex with an underage child? And, based on your experiences of being a child of 14 in this scenario for quite an extended time, find it “normal” because the adult is a master manipulator and an Icon. I suppose master manipulators is questionable as well and a 14-year-old, you think they have a mature enough brain to know what a very mature man’s agenda is. You’ve got some very severe issues of cognitive dissonance. But as I said, they got the Neanderthal Pedophile Pervert Predator doing his “Thang” on a VHS tape and the media have already been shown it. Take your pathetic “Bro” culture and ram it up your Neanderthal, Lizard-Brain arse. #MeToo

    3. Bob Vegana

      I can tell you’ve not been brainwashed by a predator. This obvious things to someone who has been victimized in a similar manner, the way he brainwashes these girls.

  60. Shar Powell

    TRUE shyster! This man (term used loosely) is a fame and fortune hunter willing to engage ANYONE in his cause after HE delivered his daughter like a discarded bounced check! #gtfoh

  61. The Shit You Scared To Say

    Bitches always looking for sympathy…fpr neing whores and lusting for fame…

  62. crazykid caliptoe

    They all liars 😂😂😂

  63. Kerrie Phillips

    There probably talking to Networks now about a movie deal for the story everybody’s making money off of Robert now.

  64. Rebecca Sansone

    Why not just go public and say everything is ok? Couldn’t she just pick up the phone and call or visit? Wouldn’t that clear things up? Is it possible that she can’t?

  65. molly love

    I don’t buy it they waited until now!! To tell on him why for the money!!

  66. Silent Assassin

    Geez That was terrible lil sis../dad….. World.,… Just pray… This seem so political,.,., But like Terrance j say in get rich or die trying…..: Its like when I’m right I’m right, when I’m wrong I could been right, soI’m still right cause I coulda been wrong, you know, andI’m sorry cause I could be wrong right now, I could bewrong, but if I’m right…

  67. maininikira

    Not buying it.

  68. Rah Jackson

    i wish they would stop telling sparkle that she looks like mary j mary is much more classy and we all know sparkle was sleeping with r kelly but she keeps saying they only had a professional relationship she got mad because she found out at the same time as the world that r kelly was married then to find out he may be messing with her niece she was really mad

    1. Keila Medina Miller

      Rah Jackson her Neice was 14 years old!!!!!

  69. AnonGirl420_ Haunting

    I see all these comments defending R Kelly. Shame on all of y’all. I guess everyone forgot the video that came out where he was caught pissing on females and that’s just the start of what he’s into don’t worry we’re going to expose him. No one goes around and calls victims Liars or frauds. People might be looking for 15 minutes of fame attaching to these girls…. but those girls are the true victims….. some of them are UNDER AGE making him a pedophile….. I’m hearing a lot of Defending of a pedophile… SMH. Everyone knows this guy is exactly what they have claimed him to be so why is it when evidence finally comes out against him he has all these groupies coming to his defense?

    1. jim jon

      AnonGirl420_ Haunting I have been asked by several women over the years to piss on them, I am being serious.

    2. AnonGirl420_ Haunting

      +mishelle brooks he’s got like a million dollar Bond right now. He’s arrested. His sick butt needs to stay in jail.

    3. Mestyq

      +mishelle brooks not at all. But hmm .. he has money soo. Lets sue him and get the bread.

    4. mishelle brooks

      Was R kelly charge for kidnapping..? Did he snatch these girls tie them up blind fold them , drunk them…what happen? How did he get them into his car/ friend car how did they get into his house….he trick them a record deal then assualt/rape them ….just asking, becuase when and if he laid his filthy hands on me …..against my will…..he better not let me out alive ..because as soon as I get out/ get away/ run away his ass his going to jail….so tell me why now…..why now we are so bitter and so hurt as if it just happen……everybody his just feeling the rape/ sexually assault it like a season .i don’t even know how to put it …lol of myself…….but it’s a sad world…
      You see money is the roots of all evil ……
      Some people will sell there soul to the devil…hell broke loose when things dont work out……
      It does look good on any of the parties….. there is a saying ” if you lay with dogs , you wake up with fleas…….

    5. mishelle brooks

      +Mestyq lol

  70. BlessedBaby!

    This Mr. Savage wants fame so bad..too funny!! CAN I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION? 😂😂

  71. Mz Mika💋

    Why is he speaking on what the chick with the braids experience.

  72. Ms Juandele'

    She really trying it w/those dry lypps🤮🤮🤮🤮

    1. Brittany Deloach


    2. lahordz sloobwhacker100th

      U can tell by the dry lips that her breath smell like brown toilet water

  73. Ms Juandele'


  74. Maurice Moses

    At the 4:18 mark you can clearly see Tim Savage whispering the answers for the questions to her.

    If she’s telling her ‘truthful’ account of her abuse then why is Tim Savage coaching her on what to say?

  75. Sierra Pettigrew

    He was coaching the girl in the braids what to say (the dad)…when reporter asked how long she knew r kelly he tells her to say 3 yrs smh

    1. lahordz sloobwhacker100th

      Never trust a hoe



  76. Michelle King

    All of you are looking for a big payout! You stayed in his home rent free! Eating his food and using his resources to live! Now, you want us to feel sorry that u were sexual objects? You are no better than prostitutes ! The man with the glasses, is looking for his percentage of the payout! Stockholm syndrome is mental not physical capture!

  77. Judine Cole

    Kmt🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄🙄 you all in for the💰💰💰💰 so the money done now and new chick on the block, you all crying foul👎👎👎👎 bullshit!!!!

    1. B Ezekiel Freeman

      Bull shot liars..fake fake ….get the hell out of here.

  78. cindy mongali

    On 04:20 something seems strange the man with the glasses and the lady with braids 🤔

  79. Rachel E

    It kinda seems like he gets them on drugs or takes ones already on drugs and he can buy them so they stay . Watching videos a few seem very paranoid.

  80. karma007live

    Oh. OK. So we just supposed to help yall destroy this mans career because he has a control issue over chics who willingly put up with it and can freely leave when they had enough? Shouldnt kidnapping be handled by the FBI and not on the news by public opinion? The way he stopped and interrupted the interview and questions, whoa! Talk about control issue. Jesus take the wheel

    1. crazykid caliptoe


  81. cocobwareee

    At 0:12 is that ja rule

  82. Face Candy Studio

    I’m pleading for help for my daughter. She’s with a monster… but stay tuned… in 3 days I’ll answer more questions, or better yet reveal some evidence. Which reporter has an easy question for me to answer?

  83. Queen M

    Is it me or the dad is milking this? He doesn’t seem like a worried parent. Something is out of place here.


      +Sierra Pettigrew GLAD YOU PEEPED THAT..

    2. Sierra Pettigrew

      He was coaching the girl in the braids…when asked how long she knew r Kelley…he tells her 3 yrs smh



  84. Courtney Elizabeth Te iu besc

    They look like they’re talking at somebody’s funeral and shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  85. Kenisha Price

    Wait did she say she had a 17 year daughter herself how this lying bitch 21 than 🤣😂


      HIS OTHER DAUGHTER “WHO IS NOT THERE” IS 21 Not The Chic With The Braids She’s 30 Something …

  86. Tina Patterson

    So Tim gotta tell her what to say smdh he had to step in b4 she fuck up the script.He a 🐍

    1. Crystal Palmer

      Right that daddy weird acting

  87. tiffany woodruff

    Lying all of bitch

  88. tiffany woodruff

    Fucking liar all of them

  89. Colleen Lee

    Lies lies lies lies Dad u need to cut it

  90. Colleen Lee

    Since u wanna act like Johnny Cochran go fix yo speech with you no talking ass COUNTRY

    1. Colleen Lee

      Yo no talking ass see it’s very easy to fix

  91. Colleen Lee

    Gurl r Kelly got hair dresser wtf

  92. Colleen Lee

    U should have told Kellz to get yo hair done oh my bad worrying take yo hair out

  93. Colleen Lee

    Glad y’all not my parents

  94. BK Brown

    That nigga lying

  95. Nannett Matthews

    She grown and the girl with the braids girl By… and why she keeps saying ummm like she making up something to say..also that man cut her off from talking…they need to stop that lady is grown she probably living better then Everybody she know…

    1. honey buzzard

      With lots of fuckin & Toys…More fun than me.

  96. popnpeaceprincess

    You all are disgusting and should be ashamed of yourselves. Aside from the derailing, anti-semitism, and misogynoir it just seems clear that a lot of y’all don’t seem to be capable of critical thinking and analysis. I feel bad that your parents and the people around you allowed you to become so abhorrent and devoid of humanity. But yeah, let’s ignore wrong doing because we can’t bear to ever say anything bad about a black man, especially one who wrote a couple good songs. When we fail to hold black men accountable for their actions against black women, how are we to be of worth to others? How can we expect white folx to treat us with dignity when we don’t do that for each other? Yall need to unlearn yalls toxic male ego and understand that the virgin/whore dichotomy isn’t sustainable. You’re pro blackness isnt real if it only exists for straight cis men who are black, esp ones that are child predators and abusers.

    1. popnpeaceprincess

      +honey buzzard im glad i sound like an angry feminist. it means i got my point across. i see no reason to continue reading your fanfiction past the second paragraph so ill say this: regardless of your lack of a conscience, justice will come for all those being hurt and abused by those who have been allowed to misbehave for so long. however long it takes you to realize that men arent gods gift to the earth is your problem. i just hope that you have not been involved in any wrongdoing yourself, because if so, karma will come. maybe not on time but it will come.

    2. Chocolate Diamantè

      Oh my God please say this a million times over and over again! I’m cutting anyone out of my life who is continuing to support that demon…. I don’t care what color he is!!!

    3. honey buzzard

      And you sound like a anal, angry, feminist fool. We are not dealing with people that were captured. We have adults here, or many at the age of consent that are willing participants, that’s sexually mature. It’s really not about bringing anyone down, Man, Woman, black or white. It’s about free will. People seem to forget young people have rights too, and yes, they can decide to have sex whenever & with whomever they choose.
      If it’s not kidnapping or rape, why get tight about it? Many will get into shit like this for the bag, fame by association, the dick, the freak, the environment, maybe even free drugs & the alcohol…who knows.
      What I do know is, unless somebody is partially retarded I’m not running behind no willful 21 yr.old nobody, fuck that. Make your bed. If your 11, I’ll throw you into deep counseling for fucking. And I can’t even make you do that. Remember Sexual desire is natural and everybody isn’t gonna fight them hot ass hormones…everybody can’t hold themselves tight until 18. Thank God my parents were tight on me, those hormones were like electricity. What are you really going to do, if your kid starts fuckin? Who they wanna fuck…
      What? Make your bed.
      The thing about fuckin is, it’s just like fighting, anything can happen…
      ANYTHING…that’s the perils of fuckin.
      You want to act like an Adult, you might get pissed on like one.
      Some people like that shit. If you take my child, I’m looking for you..If my child looking for you, she don’t want to see me.
      She like it, I Love it.
      So calm the fuck down & realize that cult heads have to learn the hard way. These women are eating, no bills, no job, medical, dental, don’t have to even cook or clean everyday for it, sex with a world renown entertainer that’s well skilled and versed with all segments of Sexual desires & pleasure.
      Are you serious?
      GIRL BYE.

  97. Dona Hanks

    Sorry to say but your daughter is a whore and is into some freaky sex shit ..them girls know what’s going on they are willing to do anything to stay with him for his fame and money they only speaking out cuz they upset they have been replaced by next whore ..the parents are just chasing the $$ they don’t give a single fuck about they daughter

  98. Big Bootie Girls Mom

    Oh how did you meet R Kelly? Seems like sex trafficking.

    1. Kailah Brown

      Thank you

  99. Big Bootie Girls Mom

    He has herpes! I would be mad too! If you can read this keep God’s Commandments.

  100. daddyschoc

    Oh Asante McGee your daughter said Kelz had a nanny for ur kids when they would visit. She also said you deserted her to go be w him and left her to raise your kids. She said you came and went as you pleased. That Kelz would give u money and whenever u felt like coming around u would.

    1. Colleen Lee

      I knew it I knew it one of you parents got paid did she just say THE OTHER HOUSE

  101. Music To The World

    Women are they devils we see today. What would you guys gain to tarnish his image after 20yrs. Just imagine if you’re famous and wealthy more than R Kelly would you still come out to put your reputation online after 20yrs to get revenge?? Guys run away from gold diggers they’ll enjoyed it then with R kelly because you’re broke ass nigga wants piece of his wealth fuck greed.

  102. Mia Hollywood


  103. Junior

    “She’s not the same Jocelyn we knew when we met”???? Ain’t that your daughter?



  104. Sean Hooper

    Im from the UK,and there is nothing in the news about this fucking dirty nonce,for what i have gathered today ,this has been going on for years like 20 fucking years,i see people singers rappers come out and say i seen this and that in the late 90s,well fuck me,why not say something then,strength to those families because this should had been stopped ,the industry is all about the money,thats the top and bottom of it all….

    1. Nahla

      Sean Hooper excellent!! Oh s*it my bad bbe! Least u got it now….. get at me when You’ve watched some episodes or all! Blimin 45min each👌🏽

    2. Sean Hooper

      +Nahla I put .com (not) .tv

    3. Nahla

      Sean Hooper OMG how’s that no no it’s .. (Mr world premier) in google bar..
      I just went on there and clicked on it went to search engine n put r Kelly, surviving R Kelly comes up.. click first episode n the pop up tabs will show porn delete tabs till program starts.

    4. Sean Hooper

      +Nahla it wont let me through just adobe creative cloud no pop ups maybe they took it down?do i have to purchase it because i dont want to do that with this shit uknow x

    5. Sean Hooper

      +Nahla ill have a look at it now cheers x

  105. Paula Whiley

    This family is full of shit! With 1 agenda💰💰💰

    1. honey buzzard


    2. Colleen Lee

      Kell bills

    3. Music To The World

      Got it right shitholes

    4. Paula Whiley

      +Zion King  Zion King  exactly! N the daughter trying to make money off a diss rap. They even got their own yt chanel..smh😂😂

    5. Zion King

      Paula Whiley I’m dead😂😂 he cut her off when the press asked “where did you meet r Kelly”🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  106. F A R I I S 1 2 3 4 5

    I don’t think r kelly did anything bad🤷🏽‍♂️

    1. A White

      They married they 12 year old daughters off on the1930s and raped 10 year old black slaves in what’s DIFFERENT

    2. Dona Hanks

      No just fuck underage girls

  107. Han Solo

    Stupid attention whores

  108. Valerie Pigford

    I don’t believe these people

    1. Supreme Shadow

      God knows if he did it

  109. Joel Williams

    Women are bullshit, so why didn’t you think about it from the get go? Clout chasin’ thots

    1. VegetaLover 100

      Joel Williams The man is the ringleader dumbass

  110. Wykita West


  111. Chad Payne

    The one with the braids just hating

    1. Supreme Shadow

      God knows if he did it

  112. Chad Payne

    The youngest girl fine

  113. sweet sunset

    Something ain’t right, with this shit,

  114. Alma Blue

    What he some type of Svengali?
    Is that against the law…okay let me understand….. these woman volunteer to live with R Kelly and they are over 18 years old.
    They don’t keep in touch with their parents anymore….the parents claimed they are brainwashed…thats not against the law. Morally it maybe wrong but it’s not against the law.
    If the girls were trained with morals ..they wouldnt be with R Kelly….Joycelyn did an interview on camera she said she’s okay…case closed mind your business.

    1. honey buzzard

      Pretty much.

  115. Chad Payne

    If the under age he a pedophile. His fault.
    If they over 21. Stockholm syndrome. Brain washed. His fault.
    I get it now🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. VegetaLover 100

      Chad Payne I mean IF you’re abusive then yeah…

  116. Chad Payne

    So If u won’t answer questions. Wut the fuck u doing here

  117. Chad Payne

    Want 💰

  118. Chad Payne

    Now these hoes victims

  119. latiah Allison

    Do you even know how old his daughter is

    1. Chrysta-Bel Jackson

      Lmao exactly na! My daughter is 20-1!😂

  120. Barbara Walker

    What the hell kind of Dad just allow another man take his daughter?And do nonthing but make a dis tape.Where were he when this first started.Shes grown now and will be where she wants to be.Even if it’s with RKelly.Not saying he’s nowhere right.

    1. Colleen Lee

      Probably in the wood room getting pissed on so he can get some Kell bills

  121. K-Dubstahville West

    How in the fuck did she reside with him and don’t know da fuckin address? 😋 They need to get off the gas.

    1. Colleen Lee

      No stay on the gas to go get that hair done



  122. Power Puff

    Please people this part of his illuminati shaming ritual….

  123. Adriana Alejandra

    My daughter is 20 pause and 1 lol

    1. TheOriginalBigShot

      +Alina Mitchelson Thats right, but not only that, hes talking while trying to be careful NOT to mess up the case theyre struggling to bring against Kelly.. This whole time they have been trying to lump this 20-21 yr old with females that are younger then her as if its a group thing. She may be their daughter, but shes basically grown. Most states you can leave home legally at 18, and in a few mths she’ll be 21.. They are full of it. They are looking for money. Period..

    2. Alina Mitchelson

      Lol, yeah I heard that, like he was ashamed he’s on there fussing about someone so old/legal

    3. TheOriginalBigShot

      Adriana Alejandra In a situation like this where AGE is a key factor and the main focus point of it all, HOW THE HELL DOES HER FATHER STUMBLE ON HOW OLD HIS DAUGHTER IS??

      That tells the story right there. It’s not about violations, it’s about story lines, all for a payday.

  124. Joe Bright

    SMH they don’t wanna face that they daughter is into some freaky sex shit. Plain in simple. She’s a grown women,who is a sex slave by her own choice

    1. Joe Bright

      +Danielle Cole but she was 18 when she met r Kelly..

    2. Barbara Walker

      Agree.Thats what she wants.Shes not a child.

    3. Danielle Cole

      Joe Bright – You obviously didn’t watch the docuseries if you believe this. Being sexually “turned out” while underage was a direct result of a predator applying the same mind programming as a human trafficker uses on young victims.

  125. Sweetie Pie

    These family’s been saying the same from day one Rkelly is a monster and groomed plus he brainwashed these girls to young ladys

    1. Andrear kim

      Go listen to they other interviews.. SMH 🤦

    2. Music To The World

      Tweetie bird this exact what bitch will say

  126. Danielle Peterson


  127. Ab B

    There both wearing ear pieces hus lips are moving as she answers smgmh hes coaching this one…look closely



  128. Power Puff

    So …they wanna sue him because he has multiple girlfriends…????…Or because he is a horrible boyfriend?..,or because he has a magic stick?

    1. CamModelMom

      Exactly 😂

    2. TheOriginalBigShot

      That’s all they can do. There’s no proof of any BS some of these rejects are claiming.

      If there was, then they would be in court, not trying to copy that ratchet witch Gloria Alred.. They are just trying to get paid. They saw how Cosby got RXR-ed without any proof or evidence, so they’re trying to extort Kelly doing a similar attack.. We clearly need new laws..

    3. Happy Forever

      no because he is fuckin with under age girls what you dont you gett
      and many more thing watch life time documentary

    4. Asia P

      Bitch dont come over here playing fucking stupid

    5. Ainsley Eve

      Power Puff watch the documentary before you talk out your ass, thank you.


    I think they are all horrible people lol * if you hang out with R Kelly and you are teenage girl, you know what he wants* its not a secret that he *MARRIED AALIYAH WHEN SHE WAS 15 YEARS OLD*

    1. HoneyBee

      But these girl weren’t probaly born yet. So they don’t know.

  130. Orlando Neri

    I bet all these women wouldn’t be at his house if he was broke or not famous. Just a bunch of hoes who got tired of being hoes and now they’re blaming their hoe shit on R Kelly. I used to work at this place and they would tell me to hold my pee until I’m done doing another task they ask of me. But I go take my fucking piss instead. That’s just a dumb and disrespectful manager. You gotta wait for R Kelly’s approval to go to another room. Your just a hoe. Probably didn’t want to piss him off or go against his word because then they wouldn’t have a chance at fame and fortune huh, fuck outta here.

    1. Colleen Lee

      U damn Skippy if that mfucca was broke and live across the street from them u want here shit from them parents lol

    2. Orlando Neri

      Danielle Peterson he still has connection, experience, and a great ear for music. Hoes evolve they don’t always just want money.

    3. Orlando Neri

      Asia P it’s the case for most celebrities/rich people.

    4. Danielle Peterson

      Orlando Neri he IS BROKE AND NO THEY WOULD NOT!

    5. Asia P

      U heard her say they happy to be with him cuz he famous….get on with that victim blaming shit.

  131. Power Puff

    Why was it so hard to say his daughters age

    1. TheOriginalBigShot

      Power Puff B/c they’ve been trying to keep the “Young girl” narative.. He was caught in his thought about to lie again but realized talking publically in the open lying about something like that (as her father) would most likely bring these empty claims, this whole shame to a screeching halt..

  132. felicia hampton


  133. felicia hampton

    Soo they are accomplices that are finally speaking??

  134. Ashley Holder

    Rehabilitate a hoe that knows what she’s doing😂! Im done this s*** is fraud the mother looks like she lied keep them glasses on

  135. Ashley Holder

    This is a shame these women make it bad for the people who are really going through something you know what you was doing at the end of the day was all about money and fame were the real people who needs to be a blame like your parents that new what was on. After y’all didn’t have five kids has sex 50 men been in past relationships and now Ten Years Later you’re going through something! This is another scam another hoe don’t make it to the top. When they was popping that pussy they wasn’t talkin that! And what was you scared of because you never said nothing to anyone when that money was flowing and where was the police reports for missing person this is crazy I’m sick of hearing about it!! Now you have to live with being a hoe for money and your parents the rest of your life in the whole world knows

  136. Allofus

    These broke mother fuckers are just looking for fame…Dad already thinks he’s a star wtf

    1. Music To The World

      Sniper gang Zae lol

    2. Paula Whiley

      Agree! Lol

    3. Adriana Alejandra


    4. Sniper gang Zae

      Allofus aye moe 😂

  137. Natasha Simon

    R.Kelly has done wrong too many times. Be it this time or the time before that. Wrong is wrong ppl. The wrong you do, will catch up to you. Don’t Doubt !

    1. Natasha Simon

      +Shaha Mzanda wrong is wrong. I say again. The wrong you do, comes back to you. Life or the court will get you.

    2. Shaha Mzanda

      The wrong you are doing have hiden but you keep talking shit fake to R.Kelly coz it is now trending out there but i know most of ppl raise their voice to what they know nathing about or b’coz they wanna chop some cash frm R. Kelly.

  138. Sr Chalice

    So R. Kelly is some kinda Class 5 Wizard now? GTFO of here people. I tell ya, when they want to bring someone down that will do everything in their power. R. Kelly’s biggest mistake is not leaving America long ago and staying away from the Jew Machine… They’ve been trying to take this man down for the last 2 decades. These people are delusional as fuck.

    1. Ainsley Eve

      Sr Chalice lol you’re delusional as fuck, TONS of girls coming out with the same consistent story.. but They’re lying and R.kelly who has already been caught peeing on a 14 year old girl AND marrying at 15 year old when he’s 37… seems like he’s the delusional one.

  139. tnbadboy

    Mannn y’all turnt r. Kelly into the boogie man

  140. Benzo Lo

    The sister would actually be glad to be in her sister’s place. lol She’s just mad

    1. TheOriginalBigShot

      Benzo Lo Sure she is.. She would jump at the chance and do the same thing.

  141. Power Puff

    I’m less to have a strong will mind.. Okay now I’m so glad at 18 they did not let me go back stage

    1. Colleen Lee

      I’m glad I didn’t go on stage at fantasy spring MF ucca Sung ,,6 songs and gave us 10 dollars for slot machine wmah

  142. Kelley Germroth

    Well… I think that this press conference was AFTER lifetime aired… However the footage of their daughter IS before she left w R Kelly the docuseries proves she wanted to go they were saying NO however I do blame her parents its no wonder WHY she don’t want to come back….. This intervention I believe took place before she left cause they are mad at their daughter but we were all 17 at once and thought we knew it all and whatever our patents said we did the opposite no matter what so… Some of what I am seeing makes sense R Kelly has issues no doubt BUT I do feel like these parents have some explaining to do…. So i think THIS is 2 different times put into one video


      +Kelley Germroth YOU AIN’T LYING…

    2. Kelley Germroth

      Correct I commented on the wrong one but my points are still the same WHY did they post the intervention it makes them look really bad



  143. Kerrie Phillips

    He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone John 8:7
    My sins may be different but there still sins so I can’t say anything about R.Kelly I’m gonna be judged by the most high one day myself.

    1. O Love

      Kerrie Phillips wait….. condemning someone and offering Godly correction are two different things. Godly correction is just fine. God NEVER called for Christians to lay down and accept sin as though it is okay. This passive form of Christianity was never what God intended!

  144. spoiledsandi

    What? This woman’s talking about her own daughter but claiming “She’s not the same jocyln when they met?” The woman’s 21 years old she’s more then capable of texting or seeing those people

    1. TheOriginalBigShot

      spoiledsandi Loony Toons!!!

  145. Godwin Erejuwa

    🤔 I can smell some lying lol🙄

    1. Colleen Lee

      Me too movement

  146. Taryn Great

    I thought this was a parody when he introduced himself

  147. David Lopez

    Man the father didn’t know to say 20 or 21 yrs old….Man R. Kelly said if she old enough to pee….she old enough for me.

    1. Natasha Simon

      Oh my goodness, really ? RK said that ! Horrible !

  148. Beyonka M

    Shut the fuck up y’all lying he might be that monster but I know this man can’t be holding them they grown they got there own mind they can walk away too if a crackhead can get off crack than those girls can leave

    1. TheOriginalBigShot

      This is the new feminist psycho babble. Just like so-called victims not remembering ANY bold obvious details in a traumatic situation. It’s nonsense for the most part. When You can’t answer who you came with, who you left with, how did you get there, how did you leave, accurate place, around the time it happen etc., but you claimed you were raped by this person, (that you only know for sure) is pure donkey mudd… Chances are more then not, that they are lying their ass off…

    2. Natasha Simon

      No stupid, it ain’t as easy as you say. Do some research on human behavior, psychology and abuse.

    3. Barbara Cook

      You don’t understand the effects of emotional, sexual, or domestic abuse at ALL. It takes Years for someone to break away, sometimes they never do. You’d have to care enough to Begin to research effects on victims of abuse.

    4. JESSE B

      Would you just walk away after you get pissed on?…..Would you let it go if he manipulated and sexually abuse a niece or lil sister of yours?…Maybe some of the older chicks could have walked away but this isn’t about woman of age, many of these females were too young almost children, and these are just the ones that we all know about!

  149. Lisa Marie

    That girl’s father is coaching her.

  150. Chilli Bean YFN

    It’s sad yo but R.Kelly is one of the most powerful people on this earth & he did it all through music damn smh.

  151. ᗫᓿSᒪᓿᖽᐸᙍ ᕿᓎᒪᓿᑤᙍ

    I don’t feel sorry for her she went back

    1. Natasha Simon

      +Kei v refer to psychologist Dr. Ramani

    2. Natasha Simon

      +Kei v Being naive is not a crime. Abuse definitely is.

    3. Kei v

      Natasha Simon or you can stop being so naive 🤣🤣🤣

    4. Natasha Simon

      Hmmm, smh. I went back to my abuser also, believing his lies that he loved me and our sons. But these are tactics that abusers use. I finally became wise, tired. So pls ppl, do your research.

  152. Jessyka slay

    Look at Joyclin fathers lips he is telling her what to say when the pressed asked how long she new him

  153. Pussy Bitch

    So you mean too tell me R kelly was able too get away with all this and beat his Case some of it could be true but I don’t believe every female that comes out or every story that comes out is true 💯 Some people just know his accusations and are trying to use them to a advantage 💯 and these parents are bullshiting

  154. Pussy Bitch

    The press asked a question how long have you known R Kelly she hesitated and said 3years then the press asked how did you meet him she didn’t even know what to say then he wants too step in to say some of these questions will be answered another day this is bullshit and their just being coached 💯

    1. TheOriginalBigShot

      Yup, a bunch of garbage..

    2. Jessyka slay

      +tonja couch when she answers the question look at Joyclin fathers lips moving telling the girl what to say and right before he stepped in to talk smh

    3. tonja couch

      Pussy Bitch I totally agree

  155. wilken antoine

    Mm something is missing, they got that House from R Kelly.

    1. Colleen Lee

      Yep same shit I been saying

  156. daedae avakin

    There not even sad or nothing THERE like idgaf i want my pay check

    1. Colleen Lee


  157. Sally Blow

    I smell a rat

    1. Colleen Lee

      Naw that’s Kellz shit

  158. Compton Dc

    I smell Mason.. to the 3rd degree

  159. L

    He gonna aks some questions after this…. AKS aka AXE zum queztionz

  160. I’m Here For Mukbangs

    Yo this is ridiculous she is being fkn coached right in front of our eyes man this is bullshit not a fkn tear in her eyes I fkn stand by RKelly enough tearing that man down smh

    1. I’m Here For Mukbangs

      Jessyka slay his bitch ass was the one who orchestrated the whole thing and those were his own daughters words she even said she wasn’t being held against her will. This family is weird and his other daughter came up with a rap song dissing Rkelly and it’s not about the money right and I thank god her shit flopped

    2. Jessyka slay

      That’s a fucking fact I said the same thing plain as day nobody saying nothing about it and this nigga making it seem like he does this shit for a living he is so fucking comfortable with talking to the the press smh

  161. Linda Taylor

    I know people are saying that these women are now of legal age and are not there against their will. But those girls are drugged and under duress. Period.

    1. Joe Bright

      Why can’t they be there bc they wanna be? How are u so sure that he’s keeping them against they will? She getting celebrity dick, living a celebrity lifestyle,spuy fun to me

  162. Meseret Tesfaye


  163. Mark G

    @4:00 dude in the glasses is coaching her whispering answers.. Like dude really… How you escape from a house and can’t even identify it…also how could u stay incontact if u had to as to go from room to room?? So u a hostage with a phone?? Then mr glasses grabs the mic and shuts the questions down…i guess no one but me see this

    1. 1 year ago

      Not even close to her

  164. Braxton Randle



  165. Braxton Randle



  166. Natasha Simon

    Manipulation is a killer, I’ve been there, they brain wash you, if you don’t get out, you’re dead. Trust me

    1. Orlando Neri

      Natasha Simon hoes gonna be hoes, stop blaming your hoe shit on someone else just because you’re tired of being a hoe. Money and Opportunity will make people change their morals. Some really sad shit.

  167. Sherny31

    How was the other girl able to get out if they were locked up in the room and unable to get out?

    1. nothabo mgwisi

      Shes apart of it most likely

  168. Green-Team-Rip Pimp Chad

    Your daughter is an true Savage….alright
    She raps about being hardcore saying fuck a n@gga but when that so called diss song didn’t flop now she’s all on here feeling scared and acting like an thirsty thot…. oh but y’all on R Kelly ass huh Gtfoh… Broke asses look like this whole group been shopping at Burlington coat factory
    And if your daughter was done so bad why she didn’t pick up the phone and call for help y’all is an disgrace to the real black people

  169. young solo

    Y she couldn’t say how she met him 🤔

    1. young solo

      +Tiauna Murphy i agree with u wrong is wrong I’m jus saying wat parent let’s any minor go with a grown man 🤔 as a father and I’m speaking on me my own mf son wouldn’t be goin with this nigga or any mf that’s wat I’m saying…..mow they ain’t getting no money y’all want y’all kids bacc🤔 these kids parents is at fault cuz I kno my family and Idk yours but MY family woulda crashed into him at all these concerts ain’t no way my family wouldn’t have knocc on his head he hoe n my eyes

    2. young solo

      +Compton Dc fr?

    3. young solo

      +Tiauna Murphy it ain’t no secret he like kids but he done got away with this by paying ppl and I think he ain’t got to much to give now and now they wanna speak cuz they ain’t gettin paid everybody know his ass like kids

    4. young solo

      +Tiauna Murphy u miss wat I’m saying I’m not saying anything about that I wanna know if they can do this interview y not say how they met? I’m not even talkin bout wat r Kelly do I’m sayin did the parents get paid to let they kids go to him….he goin broke I think he runnin low on payin these ppl

  170. Keaira Manigault

    Omg I didn’t know Jai went through that I have her on Snapchat omg 😭😭 this is so sad

    1. Jose Gamez

      What’s y’alls snaps

    2. Chilli Bean YFN

      Ikr what’s yo snap tho Keaira

  171. Power Puff

    They put her out….

  172. Power Puff

    So no one else notices that their last name is Savage.



  173. Theresa Anyalewechi

    I wonder why black men enjoy tearing down each other. Really absurd.

  174. angie gries

    that girl is lying I believe all the other girls but not her… she don’t know the address or remember the location that’s not far away fr foh and she didn’t stutter at all talking which means its been rehearsed they ask questions she don’t know what to say and the dad cuts in… ridiculous the girls there are obviously ok or they would have been left I dunno I feel bad for his ex wife and other poor women he hurt..but these ppl want fame an u can see it that’s crazy really stupid ass clout chasers

    1. angie gries

      I agree 100 percent with you +Mark GI def see what ur saying now

    2. Mark G

      If the other girls were telling the truth they would have called this girl out.. They are all lying, the guy in the glasses is the mastermind

  175. Kyng Kraken



    Who to blame

    1. Colleen Lee


    2. Lanajah Williams

      R.Kelly dummy

    3. Kyng Kraken


  177. Summer Wise

    Them interviewers lmao even they smelled bullshit

  178. Devonte Clark

    😬🤧🤢😷Oh Yea!… he fuckn n Raping n sucking on everything, 👀 believe he fuckn his son 2 or @ least tried em🤷🏿‍♂️🙋🏿‍♂️😂. The Bastard is sick the girl said she out a 9 in n the man😮😯😬😩😔🤐😭🤣🤣😂😂.. fr dawg buddy sick n he turning everything n anything out lil girls (minors his favorite from what 👀🤷🏿‍♂️)

  179. Devonte Clark

    🥒washed 💰💴💵💶💷😎🤑 its 40 of y’all, n 1 of him with fags doing gay sick shit, ya hoes love dat, then he buy u clothes, let ya hang out, then back at it🤔😑😮 sick shit, he had 40 year old faggots fuckn 14 yr olds, with dildos, all n his all he gay 😂😂😂 thx YouTube… 💪🏿🖕🏿🤙🏿👌🏿👍🏿👎🏿✊🏿👀👊🏿
    #FuckYOUPEDOPHileR.faggorapistKELLY…. 😂😂🤔😑🤐😮😲😤😬😡😷🤢🤧🖕🏿💥🔫💣

  180. Yulissa Olvera

    Lol yall need 2 leave him alone all yall black ass just want a name for yall self 😆

  181. Dana Stewart

    sounds like bull shit.

  182. Brandon Jablasone

    😂😂😂😂 she let a grown man pee on her

    1. Arealkilling #2

      😂😂like wtf

    2. pryncesskut1

      Brandon Jablasone how old are you ? 🤔

  183. The L.Z Show

    The father is setting this up for his book or movies…what is this later date??? To promote the movie

    1. Colleen Lee

      Daddy see Dolla signs

  184. edwin scott

    Sounds like groupies to me. They wanna be around celebrities. That’s a personal problem. Nigga barley new his daughter age…..she is 20………1 lmao

    1. Khassan Almighty Sosa

      Tiauna Murphy Naw what he did was wrong if he did it but ion feel bad for them kids fuck them kids they knew wtf was going on come on now they wasn’t no fucken slaves

    2. HSO_ Keyon451

      edwin scott lol

  185. edwin scott

    Nobody can get brain washed. She dick washed that is all

    1. 25mfd

      LOL… man dats a rough comment but I think you right… sad but true… and the kicker is that all those “brain washed” girls are the only ones who can put dude away… their testimony, if they were to go to the cops, could sink kelly… but oddly enough the ones who have been providing dude with the most protection have been the VICTIMS… the system ain’t trying to build a case around dude with ZERO accusers… they gotta come forward… if not dude remains FREE

  186. Rob Burrell

    The question was asked to the young lady that spoke. How did you meet R Kelly and she looked confused like she was trying to makeup a quick response before the guy stepped in. Not saying these stories aren’t true but that moment in interview seemed weird.

    R Kelly is definitely not innocent but all kinds of truth and make believe will transpire from this one for sure

    1. ciera tate

      And if you look close when the girl is on the mic…he coaching her in the background….when they ask her, how long she new him??

  187. Power Puff

    You a guest in the house…you can’t just come in somebody house trying to take it over…

  188. Power Puff

    Love your daughters…so they don’t need the approval of a man

  189. Dee p

    You have a choice to stay or leave. This is ridiculous

  190. Green-Team-Rip Pimp Chad

    1st of all why you let your daughter go out with a grown man without checking…
    Second of all why black people act so professional against another black people but your not so smart agaist other races 🤔
    They outta charge the parents for being dumb

    1. Colleen Lee


  191. Cat

    They should have never let her be around him -they know he a predator

  192. Lakeisha Diop

    This negro is a true mess.

  193. car junky

    Daddy milking this lol they all mad them checks ain’t rolling in no more

  194. Asia Beard

    Famous or not I ain’t getting brain washed by someone who abuses me idgaf who you are 🤦🏽‍♀️ this is for money and is a distraction

    1. VegetaLover 100

      Asia Beard well you say that not looking on the outside in they don’t realize they’re being brainwashed it’s not even about women look at all the killer cults and Islamic terrorist do you think they knew going in they’ll turn out that way

  195. Sixfoursoul

    welp , like Dave Chapple said… 14 is old enough to move out of the way if you dont want to get pissed on .

    1. Sixfoursoul

      +puddin cup Hey dont get mad at me Im just quoting a stand up comedy specail lol, cllick link below

    2. Sixfoursoul

      +puddin cup hey I’m just calling Dave Chappelle don’t get mad at me as a joke I

    3. puddin cup

      Music_360 omg

  196. kyng George

    Timothy savage is a savage crook

    1. Colleen Lee

      No more check’s getting cut now he won’t his nasty ass daughter back

  197. LaKeisha Isom

    This nigga came suited and booted while everyone else, except his daughter, got dressed 10 minutes before the interview.

    1. Colleen Lee

      U wroooooong for that one LMFAO

  198. Kerrie Phillips

    At least somebody told the truth how are women being held hostage in a house when R.Kelly is on the road performing most of the time the women could just leave while he’s gone for weeks at a time and as far as the other women are concerned there just bitter that he didn’t chose one of them to be his wife when things don’t go there way they get mad and want to bring the whole house down.

    1. Colleen Lee

      Sparkle got pinned up

  199. Sher I Am

    His ass up there looking like Secret Service and shit. They bought new outfits and beat their faces just to do an interview. They don’t gaf about what that girl doing. They want some of his $1mil

  200. Tamula Sampson

    1:37 did she just say she is not the same Jocelyn that we knew when we met??? I could be slow but just wondering


      JUST LIKE @ 2:16 Why The Fuck Was Dude Rubbing Her Fucking Arm Like She Just Lost Her Fucking Child The Day Before😂😂 GTFOH.. These Are The Worst ACTORS/ACTRESSES I’VE EVER SEEN 😂😂



  201. pill author

    watch at 4:16 how the father answers question for her and then steps in when she can not answer makes me question that ear piece lol i still think R.kelly should be lock away for life but so should a lot of these money hungry parents who prostituted their kid for money and fame

  202. B M

    Very sad this is all about the money?

    1. Colleen Lee

      They should check their Bank accounts and see if any bump n grind checks been cashed lol

  203. DzMusic2011

    Whole family bought a make over for a 5min interview.

  204. Mike Smith

    She act like she been they’re trying to destroy this man’s career is more to it most of these are lies I believe half and half

  205. Mike Smith

    Did you notice how when they asked her how did you meet him she paused and start looking around for a second like she was nervous because she didn’t have the answer if that’s a lie fake news and he stepped in all those questions are going to be asked later on in blah blah blah blah blah you’re not an attorney you’re this girl supposed to be father

  206. Ho Nest

    She LIED AGAIN. She said in another interview he took her to another house !!! TIM SAVAGE ALSO LIES IN THIS VIDEO, HE SAD HE IS WORKING WITH THE POLICE, BUT the police are saying they are getting involved only now. This is so fake it’s unreal.

  207. kyng George

    Why did that man say 21 like he wished he could turn it to 12 twenty um one smh evil world people whenever you get rich before you fuck a slut make em fill out and application like on 50 shades of gray that way when they go to court they’d look stupid.

  208. Timothy Morgan

    Everybody gotta booty house

  209. gittahfiend


  210. Raquel all love

    The dad is having to much fun with questions and answers

  211. Darin Rios

    am i the only one who feels like they are full of shit?

    1. Colleen Lee

      Long it’s not R Kelly,s shit

    2. puddin cup

      Darin Rios no

    3. Tamula Sampson

      Sorry at time stamp 1:32 to 1:37

    4. Tamula Sampson

      No… This is crazy right here just listen to the mother say Joycelynn is not the same person she knew and met

    5. kyng George

      So full of shit the way the dad said 21 you could tell he wish she was 12 so they could get paid

  212. Jonas Davis

    Shes a grown women over 18 she is not a child. Your daughter is happy with her life. leave her alone!

    1. EloBigz

      Jonas Davis Ok let say that’s you are right? Why dont she call her family? Come to see them? Why she went ghost ? Something ain’t right! Why contact TMZ only to tell your parents to leave you alone, she could’ve call …


      First Of All …She’s A Woman ..She Can’t Be Women…2nd So What’s Your Point ?? Is He A Sick MF Or Not?

  213. Adrian A

    Crazy only in the minority community do we defend celebrities like this now if it was Joe Schmo it’d be “lock him up!” But put some hit songs out and it’s “that ain’t true!” THEY’RE HUMAN TOO DUMMIES THEY CAN DO BAD AND WRONG TOO!

    1. Max Lawrence


    2. car junky

      Your an idot IJS you really are stupid in a stupid kind of way smh stupid

    3. Joel Erickson

      Adrian A that’s not true… our politicians, almost every actor, sports stars, it’s deeper



    5. Max Lawrence

      Adrian A I’m not sure what world you living in or what news you’re watching but everybody is bashing R kelly… 90 percent of people are against him

  214. E Judd

    YOU KNOW IT ALL ABOUT THE 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

    1. Colleen Lee

      Say it again

  215. Emy Ramirez

    Oh my lord – parents responsibility

  216. jo knows

    Look at these DAMN clowns, go get ur daughter u dumb muthafuckers!!!!

    1. Colleen Lee

      We no he,s not from Bakersfield my dad nd bro,s would’ve been beating R Kelly ass

    2. E Judd

      +DGR ENTERTAINMENT point proven, but very sad they should be in jail too not just R kelly


      +E Judd but there’s 💰💰 in this..SMH.


      +E Judd FACTS

  217. Display Chaser

    Lol you can tell he likes his 15 min of fame, absolutely pathetic

  218. NotUR averageChic

    No he is a psychologist diagnosing her with Stockholm Syndrome. Stop reading web md

  219. Daniel Kariuki

    This woman is ugly……..

  220. Max Lawrence

    This whole thing look setup😂😂😂 sounding like its all scripted and she was told what to do

    1. Colleen Lee


  221. Rav3deaT€

    Bruh she lying look how she letting people to hch her

  222. Cinsuallove


    1. Jennifer r

      Lmfao, he married a 15 yr old

    2. tahja stephens

      jemstone0006 they not done yet use yours

    3. tahja stephens

      Cinsuallove right she was grown when she left she’s grow now .. they acting like she is kidnapped ! This girl loves her life they so dramatic and can’t except that she doesn’t want anything to do with them .. it’s sad

    4. jemstone0006

      If so they would be asking for money. Use your brain

  223. Jon Aqu

    A lot of you sound ignorant.

  224. A White

    2:32 he wouldn’t have your ugly ass

  225. Tanisha Mathews

    He coach the lady on what to say.. 3 years

    1. Star B

      Yep you can see his lips moving.

  226. Alford Russ

    Why did it sound like he didn’t want to say she was 21😂😂😂.. ” she’s 20 …1″

    1. kyng George

      I peeped that my wise Masonic brother

    2. #Teasipper#

      I saw that too cause but it makes no difference either ways she still legal I don’t agree with R Kelly but I’m sorry I can’t take this family serious

  227. wayne wonder

    The Dad look like R. Kelly …. Or is it me lol ?

    1. Rob&sara Show

      Nah Stevie j



  228. Scalandra Russell

    Asante said she’s never been to this house in this press conference then gave a house tour on the docu-series

    1. Qu33n_Africa08

      +Tigerkem Jonjelyn was describing the house they were standing infront of talking about the black room, Asante said he never been to that house, but in the documentary she went into the house and was talking about the black room…maybe he had a black room at every house or maybe she’s lying…idk this is crazy as hell.

    2. Mark Mark

      He’s my hero . Damn I wish I could be him

    3. Scalandra Russell

      And if he took their phones how was Asante in contact? How was JERHONDA texting DOMINIQUE to meet her in a bathroom.

    4. Tigerkem

      She said she was at another house that was probably shown in the documentary.

    5. Qu33n_Africa08

      Damn you’re right! Smh I dont know what to believe now

  229. DzMusic2011

    Daughter 21. Case over.

  230. Kenya Miller


  231. Kenya Miller


  232. Max Lawrence

    Why is he talking bout his daughter right now?? So ever since he knew about this he didn’t say nothing… why now?

    1. Matthew Barrett

      This video dates at 2017. What you talking bout?

    2. Barbara Cook

      He’s been saying for a long time. Plenty on youtube

  233. Britney Jones

    Thats manipulation shit aint real i never once believed in dat shit fuck outta here

  234. Teens Room

    Her sister looks like India Westbrooks

  235. Lindsay P

    Dad seems like a sketchy man. People who cover their eyes during interviews have something to hide

  236. BIG.BO520

    im not saying r kelly is not guilty but this guy dont look like a concernd father

    1. kyng George

      He needs money

    2. Torie Navy

      BIG.BO520 , Right, he looks like he’s acting as a family attorney. Smh

  237. George Blank

    My daughter is 20……..1. Nigga what? Sit the fuck down. Nigga, obviously ain’t this serious. I’ll set up another interview at another day? Please sit TF down.

    1. Colleen Lee

      I hope the rest of the family be sharp as him this time get they hair done lol

  238. Daryl Naidoo

    Lmao, this shit is so fake. This guy looks like he is hosting a campaign out here. Who would do all this while they feel all of this is happening to their daughter?

    1. Colleen Lee

      Black people that don’t give two fuc,s

    2. Daryl Naidoo

      Lol, watch the part when he asks her how long she knew him, that other girls father telling her what to say. OMG🙈

    3. Teresa Manning


  239. Quan Jayna

    They need a lawyer. I would not speak to press without lawyer present…thats dangerous.

    1. kyng George

      They’re dumb

  240. songbird372 P

    If ur trying to help her why not soak up all the media attention


    its something about her dad I don’t like

    1. kyng George

      He wants fam faghot ass old school man where was he when he’s daughter was having sex

  242. Cliff Davis

    So is the tape of this woman with braids daughter a fake or is it real. Cuz her 17yr old daughter said her momma lying and had no problems when she was coming home with bags name brand clothes and stacks of money. I’m just asking is the tape real or false. B4 y’all judge me and shyt I’m just asking about the woman with braids.

    1. asia white

      I’m not trying to discredit this women but some of them need to tell the truth about wanting fame and Fortune then play shocked when they are caught in the spiders web. She has a 17 year old daughter. Now she gotta tell is how did her meeting R Kelly happened as a whole grown women. And how was she away fro hey daughter that long? Who had the daughter of the women with the braids while she was “trapped”

    2. asia white

      Im with you about the women with the braids. She said she has a 17 year old daughter and left a year ago??! Huh??? She was hella grown. So as a grown women it was a choice seem like… I guess.

  243. Juan Velez

    They dont care if he gets locked up. They just want money. If my daughter was kidnapped like that R. KELLY would be a deadman.

  244. Iwina Washington

    Jus send everyone to jail u all a part of this its gross on all parts

  245. Damon Collins

    For a man to have someones family so distrout is really all the proof you need. How can you watch so many families that you tour apart and still not willing to let the girls go until you are done with them. My heart goesout to this family . if anything is needed i will be happy to help. Financily, moraly, shit im ready to get physical wit dude after watching the sister breaking down. If i can help email his staff too.. Just there cus he got money and watchin this guy do nasty shit n not saying nothin. Wtf is that, the Devil got ya toung.. How bout since Kelly dont care bout how he looks start showing up at his employees church on sunday with pic of ya daughter. And speak with the congrigation about how their fellow member is sitting in silance while this is happening. You gotta shame these ppl thats around him. They know about it then they are a part of it and subject to any backlash nasty man does. Post pics of his circle of employees. Its not deflimation to say they work for him. Ppl can then all see theses foul ppl that are protecting him. Put they pics on poles in they neighborhood as R kelly employee. Shame them in they neighborhood to force them to either leave his employment or assist you in meeting your daughter in person to talk away from dirty R… Good luck to your family.

  246. Chocolate Evans

    Of course she did! This world is stupid.

  247. Larry Brown

    What a bunch of bullshit all yall are idiots and your daughter 21 you jackass wanna be a detective something you not clown ass 😂😂😂😂

  248. gary robinson

    Ax some questions. They all want publicity

  249. Convo

    Rumor has it that the parent’s wedding song was Rhianna – Needed Me… “Didn’t they tell you that i was a SAVAGE” part was looped the entire ceremony.

    1. Mars Vid

      Convo what

  250. Sherry Cooper

    dad full of shty his daughter was bout to go in he stop her talking bout thats it

  251. Venus Veee

    Wow….. these comments are so disgusting & sad. Can’t wait for you all to rot in hell& r celly’s piss . Can’t wait for the same thing to happen to your daughters too, so you can come back & pretend to be pro human again & stop pretending to be pro black. Karmas a fair one, watch out .

  252. Josh Allan

    He prob is a brainwashedr and sex addict towards females but there’s no law against that she’s of age



    2. Chocolate Evans


    3. SaiSoOfficial DaGoat

      Yes That’s Rape Because You’re Forcing Someone To Give You Sex

  253. Keith Hancock

    Dads the Man In Black.

  254. Keith Hancock

    Not to downplay R.K, but in 88 Rob Lowe @ 24, had sex with a 16 year old, and he still is a movie star, where is his documentary? He even made a sex tape of it himself. They gave him a Comedy Roast and joked about it, with his kids and wife in the audienc. You gotta watch the media folke.

    1. Scalandra Russell

      I remember all that and then you didn’t see him a few years. He’s been working every since

  255. Steph S

    Anyone that defends him is sick AF. Have the same energy when it comes to this happening to your daughters


    Those women are stupid black whores

    1. Rauntaveus Mcmillan

      +SERGIO BACA its probably to late his career is tarnished by now

    2. MJ fan

      SERGIO BACA fuck you you’re a sick piece of shit just like he is


      +DGR ENTERTAINMENT those whores are NOT VICTIMS, r Kelly gave them an option and they wanted to prostitute themselves to him. their parents pimped them out for money and fame, y’all just want to destroy r Kelly’s legacy

    4. Jozey Washington

      Racist bitch what the fuck your part of what’s wrong with the world




    First of all this nigga from where pimps and hoes originated from! Secondly this ain’t no damn kids the women are grown. Sounds like sister wives to me🤷🏾‍♀️

  258. MoSmiles _


    1. A White

      He’s money hungry..he’s daughter is getting that 1992 old school dicking down loving… And the mother is jealous wishing it was her

  259. Ismael Corpus

    My daughter is 20………..1😂😂 cappin ass nigga

  260. myfav0s2012

    BLACK GIRLS MATTER!!! #muterkelly

  261. James Anderson

    This looks very suspect.

  262. Foxy C

    He doing the most in them glasses and earpiece. Thinking he looking good. This ain’t no damn fashion show

    1. Kapitol Kommitte

      Fr this nigga done set up a Whole Campaign

    2. Quintavious Hadley

      Foxy C Lol

  263. Becky Davenport

    It’s them HOT ASS FEMALES that want that quick money I BLAME THEM

    1. Chocolate Evans

      +Rainbow Jellybeans FACTS!

    2. Rainbow Jellybeans

      R Kelly is a predator. But more poignantly, he is a narcissist and has NPD. These people are extremely charming. They don’t START OUT as monsters – in fact, they never show that side until they have you living with them or in love with them, that is when they let their masks fall. It’s no wonder so many of these women have said “there is r Kelly the entertainer and then Robert”…. Mask.

    3. Chocolate Evans

      YOU are a stupid THOT!

    4. Ismael Corpus

      When they ain’t get it they say they got raped

  264. primo Uno

    This man is a whole clown and his daughter has made that clear

    1. Becky Davenport

      primo Uno yesssss I agree

  265. frankie hernandez

    Shes a hoe. Her aunt a pimp. Her dad a attention seeker. Case closed

    1. 368carameldelux


    2. Atmospheric Pressure

      Big Facts

    3. josh moss21


    4. Quintavious Hadley

      frankie hernandez lmao

  266. Omy Haby255

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah!

    1. Trenay Sharome


  267. K Squad

    R.kelly was a good man that did some sick stuff but let’s not blame it all on him the girls have apart of this and the parents who went to the cops who said stop doing this who told there parent nobody

    1. Nyree Simone

      +Chocolate Evans You’re going to call that young girl a thot you a sick lady!!!

    2. K Squad

      myfav0s2012 umm I don’t like to sing and my mom would never leave me with a man except my dad and her husband.

    3. K Squad

      Chocolate Evans ummm lady how my momma need to beat my @$$ all I said is her was a good man and you called me a Thot you old rat let me stop that was rude but you called me a thot and how you know thats wat i am do u stalk me or something your mom need to teach u some manner cause it looks like she ain’t do a good job🤪.

    4. myfav0s2012

      K Squad I hope you’re not as young as you look on your profile pic cause you look like the little girls R Kelly likes. Watch yourself cause you can be a victim of a man like him.

  268. Slim PG Ventura

    “How’d you meet him?”
    Father stepped…. that motherfucka foul, he hiding and stretching this shit out for publicity. Piggy backing off his “alleged” victim daughter.

    Now he also said they working with the “FBI”… and they already leaked that RKelly had a Madame to “train” the girls… They MIGHT BE trying to take down a sex ring of minors & “allegedly” manipulated “grown” women. They have nothing for court anymore… now they attempting to catch him in the act.

    It’s all allegations though.

    1. Slim PG Ventura

      +Busha Busha glad you peep game to

    2. Busha Busha

      Slim PG Ventura Something is up with these parents. They pimped out their daughter for $$$

  269. viesha Stevens

    You always at the main location but don’t know the address

  270. Crypto Nieuws NL

    If you a real father you’d walk down rkellys door guns blazin. Not standing there talkin like some high class nigga from Wallstreet, or whatever the fuck this dude is tryna represent.

    1. Crypto Nieuws NL

      +Gregg Jackson Nah you just a pussyhole father. Period.

    2. Slim PG Ventura

      +Gregg Jackson He just being straight fwd… I’m not going to the press if my daughter a hostage. You wouldn’t either…. u get what I’m sayin. What’s understood dont need to be explained cap.

    3. Gregg Jackson

      So because hes handling it like a classy adult you refer to him as a nigga from wallstreet like it’s a bad thing. Your a dumb fuck

  271. rick mason

    And to the real Women not Girls that know what it is.School these young girls the right way.Aint no more aunt Brendas left.That aunt that will show you how to move in a room full of vultures.

    1. Taurie Small Fashion NYC

      Amen to that…

  272. NPR-sgt RANGER Rick ringlemin

    That’s just a last name he ain’t no savage.



    2. Nast Christo

      NPR-sgt RANGER Rick ringlemin facts

  273. Sam

    the worlds greatest

  274. Jennifer Black

    Ewww he’s fukin sickening

  275. Darrius Mclane

    “Jailyn wyd big head.”- Pied Piper

    1. Fresh Baked TV


    2. a Supernova

      What the fuck….R U R KELLY?

  276. Keith Hancock

    She called him a rapist, he can sue.

    1. norwalkvictorious

      Joseph Mbaga peace to you. Hope you can heal the hate in your heart.

    2. Joseph Mbaga

      all American are stupid people’s

    3. norwalkvictorious

      Keith Hancock he’d have to prove the statement isn’t true. But it is. So…

  277. davio2k0

    When gold digging goes wrong. These people need to be locked up for selling their kids

  278. Labyaah Wana

    They know their daughter is there by her free will and wants to live the Polygyny lifestyle…..they just want fame and fortune at this point

  279. blackgirlsareperfect

    The father is so into himself…..If his ass was all that he’s ass would go and whoop R Kellys ass and bring his daughter home…. 🙄….Men are not like they use to be.

    1. Colleen Lee

      He doesn’t want his suit dirty

    2. robbe hajnal

      ya’ll some dumb fucks

    3. Glohan ThaDon

      blackgirlsareperfect Exactly 💯

  280. FashionablyLate

    They pimped her and regret it.

    1. Star B

      Nah they mad the money not coming in no more.

  281. blackgirlsareperfect

    Why the hell does she has that damn headband on….. What the hell is she holding back?

    1. Colleen Lee

      Her real thoughts dollar sign

    2. R Jackson

      The lies is wgat she is holding back.

    3. FashionablyLate

      blackgirlsareperfect her thoughts

  282. Samson Wallen

    Scroll down

    1. dante dt

      Samson Wallen Right on!👇🏽

  283. be reasonable

    The father is acting like he is a show host, can I have another question ? If he is working with FBI and the FBI were working on this, they would advise him to not speak publicly

  284. be reasonable

    I had a 5 year old child at 21, I cannot comprehend what’s in these parents heads to do this tonight daughter, if she wants to see them she will go see them. What is wrong with these parents, leave your daughter to live her life.

    1. Tanya Watson

      We will see how you feel when your daughter is older. As a mother you are telling me that you would be ok with how your child is living, girl bye.. What type of mother your going to be..

  285. Tapiwa Lexis

    Her sister is so pretty

    1. Keith Hancock

      Tapiwa Lexis Shes not that smart, saying accusations. They need a lawyer, not a fake, Men In Black, wanna be.

  286. Johnathan Barron

    Don’t buy no r. Kelly record he is a monster in sheep skin the evidence is building up on him it shows he is a monster

    1. myfav0s2012

      gottabump Yes cause fools like rick mason like to defend pedophiles

    2. K B

      +rick mason yep…even after the sex tape…guess if he is a free pedophile it’s ok…pathetic

    3. Daniel Blake

      He’s a fucking pedophile straight up!!

    4. gottabump

      His album sales have gone up since the show

  287. Basic Fiòna

    oo thats sad

  288. Daniel Valencia

    Why would he touch her though lmaoo

    1. Colleen Lee

      U right

  289. Daniel Valencia

    I dont believe none of it …I wasnt there

    1. Fresh Baked TV

      +Princess m makyala if he still doing it then why he still free? if all ya know then he would be convicted

    2. Fresh Baked TV

      word tho
      Idk what the hell happen…i wasnt there

    3. Keith Hancock

      Daniel Valencia

    4. Princess m makyala

      Daniel Valencia sad that all this stuff is out and you still dnt believe it…Smh…Crazy…that’s why he stilll doing it because of no-beliver like you Peroid

  290. Isiah Ross

    Don’t mind me I’m just looking at all the comments

  291. Layla Marie

    How she 21 but have a 17 year old daughter ?😆🤔

    1. superstar alora

      Layla Marie exactly I’m saying

    2. Kdog Gaming

      17 months?

    3. Laudvekky's Groove Lab

      Layla Marie these mfers are just doing this for some publicity and some bucks


      +Tamika Smith RIGHT

  292. Tony King

    Let the Bitch talk . Fawwwkkkkcu mean . Bitch don’t know the adress of the other location and now u wanna step in ?? Lol that Bitch ugly as fuck he can fuck any of those bitches I’m sure of it especially with that type of money . That Bitch wasn’t chosen. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. Javontae Pelt

      Renee’ Williams Now be real… If she woulda been R Kelly main girl you’d think she’d still testify???

    2. be reasonable

      +Tony King Savage

    3. Tony King

      Renee Williams ok everyone’s pretty in their ways . But she was willing to listen for the check and for the clout you can defend her if you want but their was no gun to her head I can see why u want to defend her I see your profile pics 🤦🏻‍♂️

    4. Slim PG Ventura

      I think she mad because she wasn’t chosen to.

    5. be reasonable

      +Renee’ Williams They aren’t victims, to be a victim you have to be unwilling

  293. Laudvekky's Groove Lab

    Look!! All these bullshit is Because the Savages wanted money then and money now too! Just know that behind every abuse, there is someone getting the $$$$$$$.. Godamn Savages!


      +K B sadddlyy

    2. Laudvekky's Groove Lab

      J F iDon’t and I never said R.Kelly was innocent!

    3. K B

      +TASHA MCGHEE yes a pedophilic beast


      Laudvekky’s. All about money. R Kelly is a beast..hes a little cocky..he wasn’t going for the black male.

    5. F J

      Right I bet you think Bill Cosby is innocent too

  294. Jer’Miyah Ferguson

    How did you meet him ? .. stopped it right there! * Ima step in rn * lawd

    1. K B

      +Shaderick Walker I believe them…not everyone will or had to…

    2. be reasonable

      +Shaderick Walker any of the interviews are tiny snippets, because if you let the girls talk long enough, it will destroy destroy the hate campaign

    3. nanoloopbandit

      Miyah’s Life Exactly, why is he acting like the PR manager? Let the girl talk if there’s nothing to hide, I’m just sayin.

    4. Shaderick Walker

      Miyah’s Life exactly I’ve been watching the documentary and allat this shit ain’t adding up it’s all for the money and I feel like it’s disrespectful towards people who are really going through things like this these folks on the fuckshit

  295. Jazmine Butler

    They want some money why tf did u let her go stupid that’s the parents fault

  296. Ms. Pretti Petite

    where is the evidence??

    1. Ms. Pretti Petite

      +F J Now I have..and there is a lot of evidence

    2. F J

      Ms. Pretti Petite Have you seen Surviving R Kelly?

  297. rick mason

    I don’t see nothing wrong….lmao

    1. Colleen Lee

      I wonder is that the same girl him and usher was talking about.

  298. rick mason

    Make love to her mind, her body will follow…R.Kelley read up on Donald Goines. lmao

  299. rick mason

    I see young bitches out here doing thangs for Christmas money far worser and y’all don’t say shit. Mr.Charles been fuckin Lil Tamika since the Migos came out….knock it off

  300. rick mason

    If Idris Elba sent one of you fluffy chicks a plane ticket for your 17yr old daughter to come thru right now and hit you wit ten racks y’all driving her as fast as hell to the airport right now!!!! Stop playin

    1. K B

      Not a real parent and if these parents did that….how does that excuse his actions??

  301. rick mason

    Its called HYPOCRISY! our people say they knew R.Kelley was foul for a long time but he still doin him and bitches still fuckin him? No one checked him or put hands on him for their daughter? NO. You know why? Cause the money dried up and there is profit in scandal. Like I said if you duck ya head in the sand then fuck you too! Fuck R.Kelley and fuck these thirsty bitches crying foul.

  302. kenkev 1

    I don’t blame no one else but ….. R kelly …this young girls been manipulated…..we said a lot bc we wasn’t I’m their shoes….but is sad to watch this and see he still eating a hot meal and living a life….I saw he had 150 millions now in 2019 1 million….let’s see how far he goes with the little money….he will be like a mouse trap really soon…God willing 🙏🙏

  303. rick mason

    We don’t support R.Kelley.We don’t like those that hustle and profit off the bullshit.Big difference.

  304. 67061912

    I cant believe people support R Kelly. Lol. Our community is jacked up.

  305. I don't understand

    They only sent her there cuz he had money

  306. Stephen Scisney

    Unable to parent nor speak correctly. It’s “forefront” dumb-dumb.

  307. Stephen Scisney

    If you think for a second I’m letting my daughter go to the man’s home/studio/whatever without my supervison, YOU ARE ON DRUGS!!! WTF is wrong with these parents???? Now they want to be parents?? GTFOH!!

  308. Abdul Leonard

    Heres the deal,you allowed your young daughters to chase after fortune and fame,and stardom…and now you want to hold r kelly accountable and yourself innocent…but if you go into a night club with all the inner workings of it,you will not come out saved by god!…you yourselves are to also be held accountable for allowing your young daughters to follow a man who has been promoting sex and fornication since before they were wtf you gotta say to that?????????

    1. K B

      Yea they said they felt it was ok cuz they were there…but if he is a pedophile, your child shouldn’t be around him, period. Also R.Kelly gave their child his phone number…they should have taken the number from her right then and there. The fact that he felt comfortable to give her his number and not her parents, should have been a red flag. They knew she had his number, but were confused as to how they met up….smfh.

    2. Google User

      People are to busy calling him a monster and they don’t even realize they are the reason he is a monster because they allowed this man to possess this power over them with money and he’s been able to continuously do this to other women with nobody really trying to put it out there that he’s been doing this crazy mess

  309. rick mason

    Sounds like the same excuses you hear after telling your mom about Uncle Earl touching you….”DONT YOU LIE ON MY BROTHER”

  310. Amina Dayo Ife

    Where the hell is the attorney?

    1. Colleen Lee

      He the dad nd the attorney lol

    2. Shaderick Walker

      Amina Dayo Ife that nigga with the big ass blue tooth has to be all of the above Lmmfao the situation is sad but these folks clowning

  311. renegade #1

    Way dem give d man a fuckin chance…he never raped any of those ladies or he wuda be in jail….why don’t ppl ask about these girls parents and where they were in their children lives…i jus think that all those girls are mad because they got played…..they wanted to be number one but there bitch ass got played….play on playa!

    1. renegade #1

      +K B I agree that if he did those girls wrong he shud pay d consequences but it’s jus publicity….why now?! Agen, I jus tink dt those girls are mad they got played, they shud have known better

    2. K B

      He would have been in jail if the 14 year old he had sex with on tape came forward….

  312. Juan Freeman

    Why is this Bitch spelling her name

    1. Colleen Lee

      So R Kelly can get it right on the check she asking for LMFAO

    2. Stephen Scisney

      She’s probably used to tutoring her dumb dad like, “It’s forefront dad F-O-R-E-F-R-O-N-T. Not fro-front. We’ve went over this.”

    3. Unique Beauty

      So the reporters can spell it right if the write about the story

  313. Calvin Pete

    Lol black folks is crazy

  314. Lorenzo Lamar

    21 is grown

    1. Shaderick Walker

      Lorenzo Lamar lmao homie acted like he ain’t know how old she was “ my daughter is now twenty……….(pause)….ONE”

  315. Kenisha Price

    Y’all broke ass want some money

    1. Colleen Lee

      Trump cut they food stamps

    2. VU XxScottyXx

      Kenisha Price honestly don’t think that’s the case

  316. Jassmine Douglas

    It’s very clear to me….the girls wanna be controlled and sounds like they can actually leave if they really wanted to🤷🏽‍♀️

  317. Youngest Millionaire

    What a fuckup.

  318. honestyisreal

    Not all of these people are lying. Ya’ll are a bunch of weirdos

  319. King James

    He is not holding them against they will they need to check they fuckin kids

    1. jake hater

      VU XxScottyXx stupid retard

    2. VU XxScottyXx

      Bunch of dick slobbing fans I see here

    3. Kenisha Price


  320. Margret A.

    its sad but How did you meet r kelly????, these parents willingly give their children to that sick man

  321. rick mason

    Only ones mad are fat fluffy single cant find a man bitches!!!!! yeah I said it!!!

  322. jacarasunny

    He took her to r.kelly. He is just as sick as r.kelly. He thought kelly was going to help. But instead he just went around the parents and just started a relationship with the girls. It’s all of their fault.

  323. Mo Payne

    Sounds like some bullshit. They allowed that to happen just to get some lime light🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ that father shows it’s for show. The whole family is full of shit

  324. Nhylia Burl

    Pretty sure if half these women got famous the way they wanted when they slept with Kelly, they wouldn’t have been here crying. But he is a pervert tho.

  325. Robbin Purdy

    So you mean to tell me all of these things were happening and soon as YALL got free no one called the police 🤔🤔 u have so much intelligence that u didn’t try to get those girls out n home …u went to there parents 🤔 but not the police …..

    1. Shel Sparkle

      Robbin Purdy money talks baby they getting paid

  326. Blu bell

    Hold up! They cut off the most important question ‘how’d you meet R Kelly’, but let this girl talk freely about how evil R Kelly is? Aaaaah I see what you did there!!!!!!!!

  327. Young OG 602

    Surviving R Kelly got me here.

  328. Alyssa Worrell

    this sounds staged and they sound like they made it up … sorry.

  329. Kayy Eee

    Surviving R Kelly got me looking at all these videos now.

    1. Colleen Lee

      Yeah I was into some other shit like fighting crack heads,baby Mama drama until this shit is on every page

    2. Winnie Williams

      I’m tryna find it lml

    3. trilljoe18

      Kayy Eee biibe

    4. Nij’a World

      Kayy Eee right me too

  330. Shuntrelle ROBINSON

    For everyone who is taking this man’s side saying he isn’t doing all of these bad things that everyone is saying he is doing and mostly everyone’s story sound the same for him not to be guilty….How about you reach out to him and get him to take you in,see what it’s all about since people are so called lying and willing…Then come back and let the people know if it’s true or not…Dumb asses…Everybody can’t be telling these same stories the same way and still be lying…Damn…Forget the fact he makes good music…

    1. Mershom Spencer

      White people say black people are all criminals, drug dealers, lazy and dumb, just because a lot of people say something doesn’t make it true.

  331. Wesley Wiley

    Pops think he secret service 😂😂😂

    1. Katie Merrick

      Yeah its cringe

    2. Drea H.

      Pops is Big Pimpin foreal

  332. Kim Hannah

    She said 2 years in the other video and 3 years in this video…..make yo mind up

  333. ASH LEY

    I just feel like the people who was on the documentary studied these interviews. This a bunch of bullshit

  334. rick mason

    Fake ass father and y’all fell for this hustle.

    1. H20 Savage

      Do you mean foul idiot

  335. rick mason

    This Draymond Green lookin bitch got mad cause he put her dumb ass out the fuck house.

  336. rick mason

    this goofy nigga got a blue tooth with a suit.

    1. Colleen Lee

      And probably a forty in the2 in a quarter lol

    2. 50 subscribers with no videos?

      Honestly, he trying way too hard😂

    3. Abdul Leonard

      Lol….hand your daughters over to the devil,then ask god for justice when he corrupts her soul

    4. Bahama Mama

      rick mason you’re goofy

  337. rick mason

    Fuck outta here. Young bitches tricking off wit KELLS now the money funny everybody got a story.I know a jump off when I see one.All this fuckin goin on and no parent put foot to his ass all these years? You aint shit when you moms brother used to touch you and she got mad and said ” DONT LIE ON EARL” Kells come to ya town and trick off and bounce now everybody want a lick.Even the dipped up spotlight chasin lawyer.Wake up my people.Is Kells a freak or a nasty mothafucka? If he was raping young girls eventually the streets gon get em.Until then shut the fuck up!

    1. rick mason

      +Starr Lin I knew it!!!! you just proved my fuckin point!!!!!! We have a culture of shut the fuck up when UNCLE CLARENCE touches a family member. Most every black women in this group commenting been touched in a foul way.The hypocrisy of it is y’all don’t rally around the unknown lil girls in ordinary black families thats getting fucked and smutted out.Quick to call THEM hoes.But soon as the white man put one of our own out for judgment y’all wanna cry foul.Lifetime network got y’all brainwashed not R.Kelley.And like I said.I know 2 of them chicks this week already got booked into a couple clubs on V.I.P status already! FACTS!! SPARKLE just dropped a new single.FACTS!!! His ex got a 6 figure deal waiting at next quarter from Oxygen I heard. So stop with the fake outrage.Fuck R.Kelley and fuck all y’all that aint never said shit about what goes on in our own houses before peeking in someone else window.The whole world been long knew he was a nasty mothafucka.But his concerts still have 95% women.FACTS!!! Im sorry somebody played in ya asshole when you was bumping TLC.But you aint the only one! And unless a real nigga in ya family aint handle that situation you need to have a family meeting. 1998 I caught a family member slipping while hugging my block.I put that thang on him and he vowed to leave town that night and we moved on.My sister thanked me to this day.We not supporting R.Kelley, we mad at the HYPOCRISY of it all. Be easy I joke a lot but im real what im sayin. Dont let R.Kelley be the excuse for your own healing.

    2. Starr Lin

      rick mason i don’t defend for predators period seeing that i myself was a victim of sexual assault you stupid mf

    3. Starr Lin

      rick mason and i do have outrage for trump 😒😒 how you know i don’t think that mf is sick too, and as for the parents if they are getting paid that ain’t shit either my issue is that you tryna dismiss “Kellz” as if he ain’t the root of all this bs him and his sick ass family they all mf foul !!!

    4. Starr Lin

      No i wouldn’t want a man that pisses on 14 year old girls for pleasure to chose me, stop victim blaming ROBERT KELLY HAS ALWAYS BEEN A GROWN ASS MAN. Stop defending his sick ass !! If it was a bunch of white girls fuckin him he would be 6 ft under in the jail cell we as people need to do better ! Black women are the most disrespected person in the US! And that needs to change it’s getting so bad that y’all holding little black girls accountable for the bs this OLD ASS BASTARD IS DOING.

    5. rick mason

      Cause his daughter grown! Why can’t u see that? You must be scorned R.Kelley chick huh? Mad cause you ain’t get picked huh?

  338. Shanika Richmond

    All this no pun intended sounds rehearsed and staged

  339. Angelica Alisia

    He’s a damn child molester and should be in jail with the rest of the sick men. Years ago. If these little girls were white, RKelly would be in jail years ago.

    1. rick mason

      Officialy lee my bad

    2. Officialy lee

      rick mason she said if the girls were white

    3. rick mason

      If he were white…dumbest shit I heard all day.

    4. airupthur ML23

      For sure!!! But where wer the parents at in all of this??!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  340. Tequila Standifer

    This is a joke 😂😂😂


    Yall know when if he pissed you youd enjoy but when ya see that networth and oh hell he fuckin nailed the shit outta you unwillingly

  342. Verbs describe us

    the striking difference between the artist and the person… 🙁

  343. Michelle Reddic

    why did they take questions if they didn’t plan on answering any of them?

    1. Google User

      Exactly.. smh

  344. Google User

    I’m so tired of these women waiting decades to speak on someone’s character and criminal acts….So basically you stupid ass bastards allowed him to be a monster so he could continuously do this same shit to other young women…Y’all ain’t no better than he is and it’s sad that money has the power to override true justice. Let’s be honest, when this man was in the hot seat, none of y’all came fwd and now that he’s free, here y’all ass come, I’m so over it already

    1. tae tae

      Real shit…all this time went pass,years went pass now they wanna say something n try to ruin the man…

    2. Nhylia Burl

      Exactly lol. I just feel like if half of them because famous and rich like they expected, they wouldn’t have ever even spoken out.

    3. Google User

      Y’all call this man a monster but nobody forced these girls to be with him and the girls ain’t hostages, I think y’all doing to damn much for this publicity and what makes me mad is that y’all knew damn well this man had a history of accussations but you

    4. Google User

      Actually these people never brought lawsuits against him, probably because they was getting paid and that money ain’t flowing in no more which tells me these mfers can be bought, they don’t want no damn justice, they want money

    5. Confused Culture

      Google User it’s not that easy

  345. Sadity Entertainment TV

    This Is All A Fasad . They’re All Lying . What’s Next.

  346. 618Poetry

    We all came here because we saw SURVIVING RKELLY. This man is ILL. Proof that money can buy freedom. I’ll never buy his music again.

    1. Alford Russ

      If money can buy freedom then why is Bill Cosby in jail.. He has way more money then R. Kelly . R. Kelly is not in jail because there’s no victims that are under the age of consent that is willing to press charges against him.

  347. Hello Faith

    They want that money bad them girls making their own decisions stfu fr “my daughter brain washed” wtf u think R Kelly not it’s always about money the most he doing to them girls is what they are allowing to be done period I wouldn’t give u mfkas a dime 😂😂😂

  348. David Williams

    I understand they were missing their daughter. There were allegations about this guy for years doing this. Why would you take your daughter to him. Why?? Music?? Her mother and father want to get rich off their kids, and he was willing to do whatever to get her fame and money. It sounds like r kelly fail to uphold his end of the bargain. Lesson: played with the devil and got burnt.

  349. destiny009taboo

    This girl is 21, there’s no need for a press conference. Why they show up with sunglasses, but interrupt when the press asks questions. The other chick probably got kicked out now she’s speaking out. I’m not for the B.S, but come correct.

    1. Slim PG Ventura

      I think they trying to expose a sex ring… it’s to much “training”, paying people off & fucking strangers going on. At the same time, I know we all feel or most of us feel like the parents pimped they daughter out for money. Dirty ass fucking guardians.

  350. Kayy Eee

    I came from the documentary from surviving r Kelly. This man is sick.

  351. Troydaddy gaming

    Well just for the money

  352. pretty Barbie

    Black people will always make excuses for evil black men. The said thing is black women will make the most excuses and then wonder why no one care or take them serious.

    1. Kingladell Donaldson

      He is just showing that women are children and easily manipulated. Adults make their own choices even women.

    2. Amari Evangelista

      I’m srry but not all black people do this and I’m not even black

    3. Don Wal

      Lol they make the most excuses for evil black women by far, it jn our culture that black women do no wrong. I get it R KELLY is fucked up, but wear where the parents, i bet most of them were from single black mothers.

  353. jane doe

    This guys just wants MONEY clearly !!

  354. Amari Lynch

    The documentary on lifetime got me doing sooo much more research about R. Kelly

    1. Trent Long

      Me as well who is sparkle cousin???

    2. Matiece Jackson


    3. Desi Thornton

      Me too

  355. bb 05

    Important questions are not being asked to these parents: WHY TF HOW TF DID YOUR KIDS GET IN THIS MANS POSESSION UNDER AGED? cut da bullshit

    1. Colleen Lee

      M,o,n,e,y they got to get they hands on some

    2. Alford Russ

      She’s not under age .. she’s a grown 21 year old woman that can leave whenever she wants

    3. Abdul Leonard

      Faxts..yall pimped your own fucking kids now you mad you all got played dumb fucks

    4. Consuelo Delgado

      that’s exactly what I think, and we all know money is the answer and now they want a little more. Why didn’t they talk when it happened?

  356. Bella Bluebelle

    Ewwwww so many peadophile lovers in these comments, you are disgusting

    1. Bella Bluebelle

      This filthy specimen married Aaliyah at 15 and had her singing “Age ain’t nothing but a number” piss of with that naive bullshit!

    2. Bella Bluebelle

      +David Williams Im a victim of sexual abuse and i didnt come forward until i was grown and about to become a Mother myself so don’t speak to me of proof and so on…

    3. Hello Faith

      It’s not about loving no pedophile it’s right from wrong mfkas like r kelly been exposed to unthinkable sexual acts just to taste the money they have now when shit hit the fan and niggas don’t want to be down no more their dirt comes to light these hoes want money they stayed with him and now all of a sudden you want to link up and slander shit just doesn’t make since to me so how can it to you please explain

    4. David Williams

      I would hate to see you accused of something, and without a trial, everyone start saying you quilty of

  357. Celia Rivera

    I believe these women they r victims something has too be done about this I’m watching surviving Rkelly on lifetime tonight

    1. Shakeeta Urquhart

      Yes me too SMFH

    2. Malik Jones