Nipsey Hussle murder investigation: LAPD press conference, live stream

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Police give an update on the Nipsey Hussle murder investigation and the surge of violence in Los Angeles. Watch now on CBSN.

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85 Thoughts to “Nipsey Hussle murder investigation: LAPD press conference, live stream”

  1. Mic Billz

    Rest In Peace Nipsey Hussle …it’s so sad.

  2. Mic Billz

    Rest In Peace Nipsey Hussle …it’s so sad.

  3. MEGA M.A.G.A

    Just like prodigy. Truthseekers being murdered enough is enough.

  4. NRA Forever

    Good riddance to yet another criminal

  5. Shortythepresident

    The ironic thing is….. The only people that can save Eric Holder’s life now is the police. His head is wanted by every gang member in L.A. And even when he get’s busted he will have to worry about his own life in prison constantly. What a stupid thing to do.

  6. 300zx 28

    The safest city in America cali that’s alot of bull

    1. J Clm

      300zx 28 meant ‘gated communitys’……

  7. Good Morning

    Rest in peace to a real one! I 🔯♌🆙🆗🆒🆖✅🔥🕞🗿🚾💍🅿💒🍒🍑🍃🍀🌹🌿🌻🌺🌴🌱🌲🌺🌼🌹🍈🍇🍈🍁🍂⛅🌈☀🌚🌎🌐🌋🌆🌇😡😕😑🔕😈🔫💉?🎸🎷🎤🎧🎯🎭🎦🎨🎬📷🃏📂📁?🔬😑😴😨🙈🙉🙊😵😇😘💞💞💕💕💝👌?😎💪😎🙋🙅👦💀?👀✌✌

  8. MEGA M.A.G.A

    Also he was working on exposing the shadow elite and big pharma.

    1. Lisa R

      Unless he was promoting a whole food vegetarian diet…. He was wasting his time.
      That is the best weapon one has to staying healthy.

  9. B C

    Deep & sad!

  10. Lisa R

    If he and other ghetto men REALLY cared about poor women and children, their message should be “Stop dating and marrying us poor ghetto men, thugs, gangstas and uneducated fools. Don’t be dung diggers! Do you see Lisa being a dung digger? No, she was in and out of the ghetto in just 5 years thanks to her real estate company owning husband. Stop dating and marrying drunks, druggies, thugs, Orderlies, Motor Vehicle Operators, Barbers, Bakers, Cooks, Telemarketers, Stock Clerks and Order Fillers, Baggage Porters and Bellhops, Packers and Packagers, short order and fast food Cooks, Cleaners, Hotel Desk Clerks, Amusement and Recreation park Attendants, Dishwashers, Bartenders, Food Servers etc!!!
    Why are you wasting billions of dollars on cosmetics TO ATTRACT US LOSERS? You can attract us with a mud mask and hair rollers.
    Instead, go out and give children educated successful fathers and step fathers.
    Business owners and tycoons, heirs, Financial Analysts, Astronomers, Economists, Mathematicians, Lawyers, Financial Managers, Petroleum Engineers, Judges, Magistrate Judges, Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers, Chief Executives, Architectural and Engineering Managers, Dentists, Psychiatrists, Physicians and Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Veterinarians etc. The way you get more children in tech is by MARRYING more men in tech. It’s called role model”

    If the above message gets out to the poor people I WILL HAVE DONE MORE FOR THE POOR THAN ANY CRIP OR GOON WILL HAVE DONE!

    Many Inner city kids are oppressed by their moms bad taste in dads.

    This is strictly my opinion

  11. Music 4TheReal

    He Put LA on the same way Pac, Eazy E and The game, Did much more then many rappers and y’all didn’t show him any love it’s 2019 and another gang related crime maybe a setup by undercover informants y’all O.G blood and crip gangsters got to regulate your streets better these talented voices that speak the truth about your streets are getting killed by their own people and the white government is happy all y’all doing is hurting yourselves and the next generation. Because of hate and jealousy at least Pac was trying to put in a truce treaty and regulate the streets back in the 90s with Matulu and NWA rappers like ice cube and no one listened they fear the white man but it’s my own kind doing the killings here

  12. Remon Rice

    Am happy to see the old masters doing there part because black lives really matter

  13. Music 4TheReal

    How can you say that it’s the safest city in America

    1. J Clm

      Music 4TheReal says it from behind a ‘ gated community’….


    See gangstas can make a change not only for themselves but for the community RIP Nipsey hussle

    1. Krispy Kreme

      Yes but it was too late. His past killed him. Dont gang bang

  15. MEGA M.A.G.A

    Hip hop & rap culture claims another’s life. Rap culture is a death cult. The elites love this. R.I.P.

  16. Ricky Fontaine

    Thanks Los Angeles and some white people for acknowledging Nipsey was trying to do good he wasnt some black gangbanger
    / rapper out there hurting his community he was trying to do good.. Some of the comments ive read from racist are terrible this is a man who wasn’t doing crime and shooting he lost his life a family lost a son a dad its horrible.. Have a good day
    R.i.p. Nipsey🙏

    1. Lisa R

      Not all black people think Crips are heros. STFU

  17. Minouche Jean

    Senseless violence…n what make this even worse they bite the hands that feeds u n straight out his kid’s mouth also

  18. Clay Potter

    Anybody old enough to remember the great Nipsey Russell? I wonder how he’d feel about having his name bastardized.

  19. msjay84

    Nipsey’s influence reaches far and I hope that it continues to even in death. The marathon isn’t finished 🏁. Travel light Nipsey! Love & Light to those in mourning.

  20. kwood68

    Great press conference! !

  21. Triston Paynes


  22. abarronboy

    Is anyone surprised ?

  23. Bryan Hirsch

    In real life your past can catch up with you’.
    . you know he raped” murdered” robbed” he’s in God’s judgement now

  24. C J

    Dindus are nuts hahahaha

  25. Jr Woodson

    I don’t believe you. But your doing your JOB.

    1. Anaja Brooks

      Jr Woodson what do you mean🙄

  26. Ch Oo K

    They snitched on him?

  27. Jr Woodson

    Some people will get this some won’t. But what did the joker tell two face on that bed in 2008. Because this is what it remains me of I’m sorry.

  28. A. Junior De los Santos

    What if he was a Trump supporter.

    1. MEGA M.A.G.A

      He probably would of lived longer.

  29. willowmylove

    Wow this man is a great speaker

  30. Robert Young

    Naw Nip! 😢

  31. John Doe

    Detroit loved Nippsey……….R.I.P

    1. Martin Smith
      As reported 13 hours ago stay woken

  32. Debbie Coats


  33. Face to face Lee

    God you take and you gave we are grateful for blessing our life with a man of his word a man that said no matter where I came from I’ll do all I can to help those who I love ❤️🙏🏾😞😪😭😭😭 GOD WE ASK THAT YOU HEAL THE HEART OF HIS FAMILY AND FANS .. REST WILL BROTHER GOD KNOWS BETTER WE ARE HURTING BUT WE KNOW ON THIS EARTH 🌍 WE ARE NOT MEANT TO STAY.

    1. The Loud Guy


    2. The Loud Guy

      Face to face Lee truss Family

    3. Optical Popsicle

      Are you my generations Grace Jones…?

  34. Gnome Sane

    Are we supposed to halt the nation and mourn for yet another black rapper who’s been killed, likely by someone else in the hip hop scene? It’s not tragic, it’s cliche. Your culture is broken. It’s responsible for thousands of murders, robberies, etc each day. Why doesn’t the nation mourn for the innocent victims?

    1. Will

      The sad thing about your statement is that you only see this man as ONLY a rapper.

    2. kwood68

      Gnome Sane : I suggest you watch these TV Shows: ID TV, Snapped, Homicide Hunter, Cold Justice, Dateline, 48 Hrs, American Justice, FBI Files, etc. All of these programs show gruesome murders committed by white people. So stop hating, it doesn’t look good on you especially with these facts. You are too focused on black people instead of curbing the violence around you.

  35. Jason Johnson


  36. Brougham Randolph

    We the brothers of Growth and Development send our deepest condolences to Nipsey Hussle and his family.


    cassidra cheek is an idiot. RIP Nip.

  38. Chantel Rosa

    Wake up it was not Gang related PS! how many shoots were they 6 perfect shots PLEASE stop the PS 666

    1. Reaper jack

      It was from point blank range so ofcourse they wouldn’t miss

    2. Andy Tran

      And other people got shot so there was more than 6 loooo

    3. BlackToxicAnnie

      5 shots in the body is not perfect ur delusional

    4. Haron Rasheed Mohammed

      Is this a joke?

    5. OutsideMyMind

      you literally sound crazy and need therapy



  40. Talia Kay

    This is fake! It is not gang related ask Dr Sebi, oh wait… he is dead too. Whenever they ask the public for help it means it is a LIE! They just told you who is responsible. 02:13 he said 11 so many times. 11= the double master number in illuminati. Wake up normies. Gun grabbing speech.

    1. Talia Kay

      +BlackToxicAnnie I never said that. You are incapable of reading between the lines and your assumption is wrong.

    2. BlackToxicAnnie

      so they killed him so that the sebi documentary would be even more popular? nice thinking lmao

    3. Cosmo Vision

      Talia Kay 11×3=33

  41. Black and Irish Crazy Chick Shena

    R.I.P. nip 😢

  42. jaelon taft

    When someone trying do the right it’s always hater or something but rest up legend praying for you in your family

  43. cassidra cheek

    Heck no were not interested in being murdering police officers.

    1. Tober

      Then why are you here, just to be stagnant and content ? What a disrespectful comment in lieu of the fact Nipsey Hussle, the one whose disheartening death is being grieved for here, had a progressive outlook on police relations and was literally going to meet with the police department for the first time the day after he was murdered to initiate his plan to start sorting things. Mind your own business with your comments if you are going undermine Nipsey’s ideas.

  44. Samsam Abdillahi

    R.I.P to a legend😞💔🙏🏽 this is so sad & heartbreaking. The fact that I’m crying and so hurt even though I didn’t know him personally proves something. He was a good man. Husband. Father. Son. We love you king

    1. Anthony Alvarez

      Legend? 😆 good ridance to bad rubbish. Way to teach the youth on how NOT TO BE LIKE.

    2. lelennyfox34

      Wasn’t he in a Gang?

    3. firesupport

      Holla at the scotty fans 😆

  45. cassidra cheek

    Why has the FBI hate crime report not been released????

    1. Misses Nóitáll

      +Markie D exactlu. Sebi was successfully sued and had to pay back a mans family who used his methods and DIED. Sebi was a scam artist and his methids failed. Sebi has several docs out since 1970, not just the one from this year. This poor man was shot out of jealousy and we see the real video, not the one from tmz. but the one from the store next door. It was clear he walked up to the group and shot at them, then came back and kicked NH in th head.

    2. BlackToxicAnnie

      +BROWN ACID33 millitary hit? lmao kicking someone and shooting 5 shots in the body is not military 2 shots in the head is military with no witnesses and the shooter being in a location where you cant see him

    3. Markie D

      LOL..please stop, do u kno how many docs about Dr. Sebi are already OUT? nip had been beefing with the dude prior to the shooting, the shooting spilled over from that, point blank period! so please stop this BS about conspiracy and military hit! u just sound foolish at this point after the facts of this case

  46. cassidra cheek

    We know its more to this story. We know who did it and why. It never fails when we as black folk try to get ahead someone stops that person in his STEP .

    1. J Clm

      cassidra cheek peeloosi

    2. Idiotic Tirades

      Thinking individuals sure do, it was sadly a citizen of one of the neighborhoods Nipsey was trying to help. It’s disgusting this is how Nipsey is repaid for his generosity and love.

    3. MEGA M.A.G.A

      I hear you. God bless you.


      +flylikeafuzzy123 you can’t even add 1 plus 2 foo.

    5. flylikeafuzzy123

      cassidra cheek government had to take him it just adds up

  47. sandro sandoval

    He did good….he follow 2 Pac footsteps..

  48. Miss LisaMarie

    This is so sad 😞😢RIP Nipsey Hussle

    1. Optical Popsicle

      Why are you sad though… You are an absolutely gorgeous woman… A person like you has it easy in life!!!

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