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you're about to experience theuncensored conversations stimulating witand a thought-provoking wisdom both rawand uncut[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]Springbok or delayed only thing he canthink about is the cable I said honeycould you choose from I see you canlooking for a workout just to beat[Music][Music][Music]tell me that wasn't good tell me thatwasn't good John welcome to anotherepisode what was wrong with mewelcome to another episode of thelandscape show you see I'm skipping likea old record old vinyl but the old vinylyou love it so much because when you Ihad a friend one time he brought thesame record over to the house the samevinyl and we got it mixed up and if wehad to play and he's like you know Iknow how to tell the difference I knowthe skips and the scratches on my sauceso that's what we did he played his likeokay that's mine that's mine how'severybody doing today we have with usBillie Jean the queen of blood tree andwe can't be connected several days agoand we had the most intense conversationand she hit me - a lot of things that Iwasn't aware of and I love that song I'mnot just saying to make her feel goodbig fat loser um a lot of men out hereshe's not into bashing her men but youknow she's singing a country song thatit's banging and I have not really beeninto the whole country thing because Ican I can feel the racist undertoneswith it but we have a sister who's in itbut she said I'm gonna carve my own laneI'm not going the way to the otherpeople want me to go because I didn'tknow that there was so much separationand country music and just music overallwe know it but that end of things likethat's them over there so sister BillieJean I definitely want you to unmuteyour phone and talk to us unless thisrole so this is not just gonna be acountry music conversation talk to mesister how that's never it's never yescountry that see where it out that seewhere it is happen exactly exactly butyou know what let's patent that namemy office is go come out and say youknow blood tree and be like this isblood tree like they smoking somethingyeah see and that's why I have my owndefinition my own domain alreadyregistered to to do it with so yeah evenif they call they self claiming that hego still needed domain and I'm I'm stilla back to him for a billion dollars so Idon't know what's up with okay okay okayyou started with me yesterday from thevery beginning right and we all have ourbeginnings and beginnings before thebeginnings of beginnings before that butyour your your your journey into themusic world what was it like what didyou expect it first what was you knowyou walked in you probably didn't knowas much as you know now and you thoughtthings were gonna be a certain way butwhat did you go through you know how didyou get to this point I mean what am Istill going through oh you know we weknow you still going through it we knowyou're still Hollywood I'm still goingthrough the realization that socialconstructs they're not limited topolitics they're also resolved it's notjust real estate but music food and allthe entertainment and education anyother area in a circular religious thatyou could think of it just reminded methat I need to be proud of my ownoriginal organic heritage and if I'm notI mean I shouldn't expect anyone else torespect it harder so you go in I meanokaywith with this song uh you have a wholeyou have a whole slew of songs rightthis this is the one than our firstsample and like I said I was actually inthe supermarket and and I played it cuzwhen I called you back I was I think itwas still in the supermarket right yeahthey were surprised I was a checkoutline and I was playing it and I just youknow a big fat lose I meanhow could you not feel that no matterwho you are my man's a big fat loser huhI said I asked my wife I said mrs. curvehave I ever been at any point in my lifeto you a big fat loseryou gonna mean that's something youdon't want to be what inspire before wego deep we're gonna go deep you're gonnabe very surprised I'm not surprised butyou know sometimes we speak to peopleand we're like okay we're gonna starttalking and I'm you didn't expect muchbut the deeper we got I'm like wait asecond you know I want to talk to youmore about the other stuff than I doabout the musical that I love the musicbut but let's get into that first andlet's just ease on in and and just justspeak to me like you did yesterday cuzthat was phenomenal I didn't really wantto put the phone down when I was talkingto you that could have been a showitself seriously yeah energy well yeah Imean definitely what what blonde treehas become is my personal perspective onmy heritage current condition and stateas far as my social group of mysmartears meaning my haplogroup myactual genetic decoded labeled blackafrican-american brothers that's what Isay what I mean not so it's a reflectionof the culture that I have and also um acontribution that I want to progress andI want to ideally um bring up for thewelfare benefit of my personal and mysocial group on state not justpolitically but spiritually in a in anyother way as well aka what we're allsupposed to be doing so you knowironically by me having so much morethan unusual resistance towards justgoing out for my own genre anddistinguishing myself because there'snothing that I'm a better or inferior oror anythingyes but different that is disputable I'mdifferent nobody can dispute that and byme having my own genre thatdistinguishes me from all the otherjournals that distinguish themselvesfrom other music genres I'm thinkingokay this is what they want anyway cuzthey're already segregating it you knowright and that was the case it wouldn'tbe a big deal if anybody was singing ortrying to have an adjective towards anytype of music if it wasn't tied up withsocial constructs welfare and andcultures of different genetic poolscoaches of different genetic pools yeahI mean I mean it's in your face and whatlabels up so there's day when you do ajob publication even though you havesimilar on skills it's the same personthat different person is applying forapplication if that that employer is ofa different social construct or adifferent a different culture they'remore likely to give it to the one that'sin their same culture because they arerelated they are in harmony you knowthey have here they have their what theywould call their music genre or theirson the already of the culture an idealway of life they want their socialstruck construct to be maintained andthey don't want anyone encroaching uponit and this is a neat thing about musicis you don't have to encroach uponanyone elses in heritage you could justclaim your own and when you're claimingyour own no one whether especially ifit's talking about our heritage becauselet everybody else including us saywe're lost so if I'm losthow will I even know I'm lost so how canyou tell me that I'm wrong or I'mencroaching upon someone else's culturewith what my music GEMA if I don't havean a culture or heritage you identifywith so that's why I came up with themusic genre blonde treebecause I'm on a trip and I'm I know Idon't want to be humbled I just want tobe distinguished because I love my mynatural organic give it hair and skintone I love my heritage I want to getyou know what more I wanted to embraceit more and I do that with my music Ialso do that realistically not obviouslynot to bash my mana pick on them but toget people to think because you notice Idon't say even though I don't say alabel in there right besides it worseman I don't say black man orafrican-american man right because I'msure it's not limited to just artistsexactly the conflicts um so I do try mybest to keep things general one becauseI want to do more for my heritage mysocial group because of thedisadvantages we've had politically oreconomically in our cultural and socialconstruct so that's why I like to keepmy message in general so everyone canrelate to it he's gonna be the first onenot the only right right so um but thething about that is what is it's notthat I don't want to cooperate that Ihate my man or that I that I that Idon't see any kind of recourse or anykind of undoing of mistakes whether theywere intentional or not it's to addressit right exactly and you know how manywomen would identify with that and againit's nice a man bashing this some guysthat are big fat losers it flows off thetongue easy big fat loser dang get upoff the couch do a lot of good men outhere and I'm quite sure eventuallyyou'll create something to address thatbut you know I mean hey there's some bigfat losses you know you said yeahthere's a big fat loser some guys gotsome women - a big fat losers - theblack men I'm not limited to just ourcommon heritage because when anybodyhears that soto their personal perspective how theyfeel about it and how they relate to itanyhow I'm not here to please everybodyI'm not here to say all my men arelosers right what I'm here to say isaddress the issues of if you believethis applies to you you will get upsetyou will get mad and you will change andyou will say no no I'm not producingthat that doesn't apply to myself rightright obviously I'm not her man becauseI'm not a big fat loser you get what I'msayingthis is 3-2 to encourage my men first myman says I'm black what they will callme they will label me black orafrican-american people is I miss alittle point because I want to bring youup I don't want you to be a self-madevictim at all your big rules are justaccept that and just accept what anotherinherit is one another social contractsor some stereotype of you is right rightyou get what I'm saying cuz a lot ofpeople gonna miss understand what I'msaying when I say that I said oh wickershe's bad for not all me no I'm notI can't bear something because all menare not loserswhat I'm doing is distinguishing thegood man so it won't be hard for me tosit through you know my man and mysocial constructshe's already understands whatperspectives I have without you knowthinking that he could manipulate methrough look just because I love him andI love myself it's not that's not enoughwe need to address things to preventourselves from being a stereotype in anegative way so that's that's the mainreason why did because like I said noI'm not expecting anyone to address myculture my heritage my social constructsthat's not in my and just not in mysocial constructs and it's not in mygenetic code and that's not me theystill can't do it like me so I doit so that way I could say okay this isthis is what I mean by that and this isnot going to give back to the communitybecause that's what I want come onunderstand up I don't want to lose thatI can't operate losers so I'm sittingout those losers I mean if you have theif you have the if you're looking for aneedle in a haystack you want to be themagnets gonna go you don't want how togo to all those that's true you get whatI'm saying oh the whole thing in needlesway down on the bottom you like man if Ihad the magnet I could have pulled it upa little yeah exactly so that what mymusic is it's a magnet to emphasize inan in an enhance and bring to arrest letthe man get better and martial socialconstructs that do not fit into thissongs category right that's right youget what I'm saying because I knowthey're gonna because I realized is thisa lot of triggering Boyle well as whatI've personally my personal experienceI'm not a psychiatrist definitely notany professional degrees in us both mypersonal life perspective is people areaddicted to negative ricocheting energyand that told me a lot about the musicyou mean when I sat down I said okaywell since they're addicted to negativeenergy and they're gonna claim thatbefore they even get the full puzzles alittle baggage is gonna put it wrong intheir face mm-hmm and then we can goback and reverse engineer what they'rereally it was for that you know and thatscent for that song was once again tobring an awareness address the issuefirst and then bring and finances bringand unity so we can sift that out andand now now you have a woman who lovesherself where as a standard for a man tome that's going to help him also rise tothe occasion that's right so you knownow my man is not loser now I gottacatch that so I won't look like a loserone you get together that's right you'relosing that's the whole pointthat's the whole point here so if at allyou can call it tricky manipulatingwhatever you call it but I call itgetting the job done take an edgeand what I want to do is continuingtaking what controversial I don't reallycare because it's about my personal andmy social construct group that's rightI'm not here to appease or or be carefulto offend other people because it's notabout them and if it offends them theyalready are weird and out of line anywaybecause it's not putting our egg yolkson the dogs here it's not being put onyour hair if you what what are yougetting it this is not your communitythis is we don't have similar needs andsimilar characteristics so why would Ibe threatened or or feel offended it wasnot talking about my community about mycommunity why wouldn't I sit down andbefore I attack and George people listenwhat they have to say because I don'thave to agree with ityes yes you can respect somebody's youand not agree with it I'm not imposingor trying to convert you to my way ofthinking because everybody's alreadytaken just be yourselfwe don't want you to follow me you knowwhat I'm gonna do I'm for those who justcame and again late like sister Bo Carlaum well you didn't know you're gonna dothe show if I can try to bash you seeyou came in late you know what I meanyeah I'm gonna play the song again i'maplay later play it again okay here we gookay now let's get this ring bare withme y'allI'm doing this to the phone there you goI love this song yo how do you wannaknow why you love this song like it'splaying let's just roll through for asecond you can't hear it but hold onyeah[Music]three months praise and drop a bigCadillac be my man pumping this rottendown[Music][Music][Music][Music]all black[Music][Applause][Music]Evian[Music]spring about the corner labor the onlything he can think about is Decatur Isaid honey could you to rub my feetlooking for a workout just to beat[Music][Music]for those who don't know for those whoare just getting here this is BillieJean the queen of blonde tree notcountry but blonde tree okay blackcountry music for those who can't standthe sound of it because they think it'ssomething white you got to know that itall comes from us when you listen toChuck Berry and rock and rollthey've hijacked rock and roll when youlisten to most of these country songswhat do you think the most of the soulof it came from this is a black womany'all this is a black woman a very proudblack woman talk to her sister becausethere's some folks I'm kind of thinkingthey think like I got a white woman onhere and in celebrating this music yoursister very conscious system and you youforge in your own lane in a lane thathas been dominated by others andcontrolled but I'm quite sure we at theroot of it so you claiming it back butyou're not even let them in your lanebecause you started the blonde tree notclunked country blonde tree people havetheir own culture so we need to think weneed to applaud you for being boldenough and strong enough for doing itanyway you know I mean look if I was ablack dude raised up in Maine but I'mblack and I got sold maybe theparticular expression may not have beenarmed be or slow Jamz it might besomething a little more on the whitesound and rock side but I can infuse itwith some soul and bring it on aroundwhere we all can you know because blackpeople come in all shades and sizes anddifferent types of geographical areasand you know on first let me tell yousomething if you played this in a clubthat played country music but thecowboys and all that stuff and it wasall white racist folksyou played this song they'd be jumpingaround like crazy but if you stoodoutside and they didn't know it was youthey treat you so bad they'd look at youso funny you know so what I'm saying isthat some of us can assume and thinkthat oh this music whatever but yoursister talked to me mm I've been here inFlorida for longest like I said I've hada lot of I've had a lot of tension andresistance and and either it was eitherlack of support lack of belief from myown social construct and others fromother social constructs thinking thatthereI'm encroaching on their music culturezone which could be farther from thetruth what I'm trying to do isdistinguish intentionally that's why Ididn't call it the Queen the country Icall myself the queen a blonde treebecause it's at greatest at best countryinfused with other genres there there'sno genre out there there hasn't been asourced by another before or even afterso um for someone to say that they owncompletely you know like just dominategenre that no other ethnic backgroundcan get in is Bologna exactly but butbut what I realize though is that'sexactly what in my opinion some genreshave been designed to do economically aswell as socially and it's funny so whatI realized is that you know what I'm nota criminal so I'm not gonna break in atall and I won't be too hot if I'm notinvited to someone's house so why don'tI build my own house if I have to breakin into anything I'm not invited thereand I don't belong there that's rightI've accepted that that's cool but don'tcome over next door and say I can'tbuild my own house - you cannot say okaywell I'm not gonna serve you but anotherlike you serve yourself either you can'thaveboth ways No so now that I've said itstarted fighting and resisting I'm goingto just call it bloody that's what it isbecause let's be honest here if I was amighty we call countryum if I was a depends on your ethnicbackground your social construct on whatthey would identify your music genre solike say for instance a certain lifefemale singer she sings on b-but they'regonna call it pop because she's notblack do you understand they segregatepeople intentionally to keep socialconstructs preserved if I have arestrictive covenant and I don't wantthis type of culture tampered with whichis their own prerogative nobody sayingthat that's right or wrong that's theirprerogative but if I design it that wayI'm gonna discourage anyone that is nota my social constructs and/or that I'mnot making monetary gains off of to stayaway to be discouraged and try to resistthem as much as possible and to makethem give up like I said I've beenpersisting at it for over a decade nowyes and it's just not bringing forth thefact when I went on Craigslist I hadwhere it was 29 times what was flag Ididn't have any inappropriate picturescontent anyway on that shape or form itwas intentionally flag they were lookingto flag me um um but when I went outsidein my state of Florida I'm gettingpeople on all different kinds like blackwhite male female contacting me mind youI Bennett is for over a decade nowthey're not with this and I put that upon soundcloud over a year ago but um thething about it is is what I realize isthat it's it's even more bolder to justcome out originally and just acceptbeing yourself than it is to followsomebody else status quo unless okay cuzit's gonna be more rewarding becauseit's still gonna be me I don't have tofit in with somebodysomebody else's standards somebodyelse's inheritance cuz it's not mine andI will never feel complete I will neverfeel right like myself you know I'msaying so thank you for this China'sdiscouraged me and being persistent cuzI'm there more per census you are atresisting me the more I'm going to stilldo it so thank youwe must really I want to thank that Ihave to say I think that so construct Iwant to think in there because all itdid was just kept remind me know getback on I know you're supposed to do itwith your afro with your skin tone withwith your clothes that you feel like youwant to wrap your colors your attitudeyou do it with your originality and thisis why I appreciate about MichaelJackson there's a statement you saidit's better to be you know authentic ororiginal and and fail than to be animitator and succeed and I completelyunderstand what he's talking aboutyes because when you when you can makeit being yourself it's nothing moreliberating than that because if I makeit with handouts and assistance fromother people who don't relate to mystruggle who are not on my socialconstruct yeah I made it but I didn'treally make it and I'm not capable tobring in my own community up that's thewhole point of me doing this to beginwithand and I dare anyone to demonize me forwanting it I'm definitely not prejudicedI have associates personal and businessfrom every walks of life culture andsocial construct but at end of the dayis about self preservation it's aboutputting your social construct first theydo it so why is it a demonizing when Ido it guess what I don't care oh youdon't date outside your race what'swrong with you what's right with you youwanna you want to only you want to wearyour air flow you don't want to wearweave you don't wanna you don't want todress like a slut they don't knowno no no no my afro is too big for thatthat way my hips are too curvy for thosejeans and guess what you gonna have tobe okay with that whether you call yourlabor yourself a black manafrican-american or not right and ifyou're not please keep it moving becauseI'm not here to please or appease youI'm not a man please as you can see whatmy songs I'm not here to make peoplecomfortable I'm here to make peopleaware and address my perspective on myinheritance that's right and since I'vebeen in and intentionally aimed directlyinherited ignorance and mmm-hmmdisharmony and a lack of cooperation inmy social construct in a community thenI'm gonna address it and nobody canaddress it like me because they're notme they're not in my community they'renot they're not living my experience sono you can't shut me up and if you tryto kill my physical body use it stilltoo late it's already out there oh thankyou my selves are gonna go higher andI'm gonna still be useful if I'm deadand gone so I'm not afraid of bullyingwhat I'm afraid of is to make sure thatI'm not utilize all my energy and timeallocated in it core correctly towardsthe goals that I am my gender they haveand that my gender is only to put mypersonal and my social constructs firstI didn't say only I said first and wegotta be honest here when we look atthere's a say for instance AnimalKingdom on on the outside yes Ohlions are considers ball cast so Ortigasthey're considered Wildcats but theydon't mate with each other why is thatbecause the line is gonna preserve thispride the lion and the Cheetahs gonnapreserve a cheetah so please tell mewhere I'm wrong for preserving my ownsocial constructs and my ownpersonal agenda please please anybodycan compare mine to another a socialconstruct outside of mine they're doingthe same thinghow is mine demonized is wrong for doingit whether I do music whether I was I doany kind of career please tell me whereis wrong and unreasonable for me to haveself-preservation for me to walk betterfor myself am I in my community and mysocial construct please tell me wherethat's wrong and not reasonable and showme where you're doing that to and I'mnot talking about inside my communitybecause we remember we have been hmmthis is what I've noticed firstlygrowing up I've been on this earth for awhile but it's been long enough for meto have an experience I realize it allright particularly in particularly theso-called black african-american womanhave been encouraged to hate my heritageI have been encouraged to to just moveawayI'm not where said I'm not the staticalI'm not organic I'm not here I've beenencouraged to take on the judgement andexpectations and insecurities of the menthat I call my men they don't lovethemselves and don't know who they areand are not proud of their heritage aswell as outside influences come by theseleave you need to get your hair done youneed your hair relaxed no I don't myhair is not stressed out why do I needto realize there's nothing wrong and ifthere is an issue you can get taken outwhat my creator because my Creatordecide for me from my hair to grow thisway my crave desire from my skin to bethe shape so if you have a problem withme you have to take that out what myCreator I can't help you I'm not gonnachange I'm not fixin to change any ofthatno I can promise you I can do my best tobe clean to keep my hygiene up and I'llclean clothes on but outside of that Ican only just be who I'm guessingthey're being be coming through my multibeing dimensional other than that I'mnot gonna be you know what I needsomeone else to give me inheritance Ineed someone else to give me a dressand on who I you know I don't so I sawmy check when you look in the scripturesno matter what and I don't care whatsocial construct or culture orbackground you come from what ethnicityyou are you should be proud of it Idon't care what they say about you allthese people are experienced for thisreason that reason I'm still in Fridayyou know what cuz it's my inferioritylet it be mine no can I have my badnessmy weakness is gonna have my weaknessesthey don't want that can I can I havethat that cannot be okay with not beingperfect to you cuz I really amI'm more than okay we're not beingperfect to you and you know what's sosad about it is a lot of people with myown social construct men and women theylook at you need your hair God is washedit's a natural like Pam Grier yeah Iremember Pam Grier back in the 1970srotation exploitation Oh what why do Ihave to get all of us that now I have toget another person's heritage in myroots now to be successful why do I haveto why do I have to colonize my talentwith somebody else that says okay thisis a status quo the only way you'regonna make it is if if you're if you'regiving outside your community outsideyour social constructs right that's kindof dumb because now I'm actuallybankrupting my community from within dueto my ignorance and my insecurities thatbeen imposed on me by outsider forcesmainly a black man who says oh you lookugly you got nappy hair um you you're anigger whore you need to go no youyou're new here and you're not you'renot helping me you're being the enemyequal from within that's not going toencourage me to I mean I can that'sgonna be discouraging speeches which Ihave enough of I don't need to come homeand the community have that resistanceas well I don't need people from theirown community miss understanding theseain't themI hate other people who are you know I'mracist or which I mean we technicallycan't be racist politically oreconomically because we don't have thecommunity or the tools to do so to be ina race and furthermore um of the humanrace so yes I'm racism very proud ofthatI'm of the human race I'm very proud ofthe race that I am you're supposed to beproud of your race in your heritage andif you're not you're not human you'renot humane you're not I'm just beinghonest with you here once again I'm nothere to sugarcoat or bite my tonguebecause my tongue has been suppressedand oppressed too long already okay soif you're looking for um oh this is forme to not offend you I'm not the rightkid for you I'm not black or whitewhatever label you want to call yourselfI'm just simply stating my personalexperience and some statistics they'realmost undisputable um when it comes tothings and another thing too about I geta lot of thing about equal rights or orseparate but equal let me tell yousomething about music you're you thenharmony or you're notyou cannot integrate something that'snot in harmony and this is anotherreason why I once again chose my ownblonde tree genre I'm not in harmony Idon't meet the standards I don't havethe inheritance that the country singersdo I've accepted that's okay I'm nottrying to fit in there I'm just tryingto fit in this can that I'm already incan I do that please oh so now I'mexpressing that through my music so behonest which is really not about mebeing popular right now or pleasingeverybody it's about a message gettingout you can like it or not and if yourattempt to kill a message I promise youI won't be there all the dead one hereI'll be last one static okay but thething about it though is um you cannotintegratesomething is that is not in harmonygenetically socially or or economicallyyou cannot integrate that's like tryingto mmm use a big fat loser and expecthim to be a leader in the communitiesbut gonna be okay now that I've been onmy part I've brought all the resources Ibrought you to my home I've brought youthe business plan this is what I wantedus to do with the community he's still aloser he sells in belief in himself hestill doesn't he still does isn'trocking with his own communityhe still is under the spells andjurisdiction of self hate and selfdestruction of his community a socialconstruct so that's what I mean by beinga big fat loser and it sounds like loseher for a reason because you will loseyour woman if you think for one secondthat breaking her down he's gonna keepher around and build her up if you thinkfor one second that not encouraged herto embrace her heritage is goneencourage her to love you more genuinelyit's not gonna work it's gonna be a veryunhealthy and very psychoticrelationship however long it lasts so umI just want to address the things thatpeople not addressing have been afraidto address here yeah we all haveproblems but that's okay especially ifwe have someone addressing them andsaying okay this is what I'm gonna doafter I address the problem I'm gonnaget these people together in thiscommunity and I don't need everybody ina community to think like me or takeactionjust a few cuz believe me you were justa few only a few of us are start ridingaround and Lamborghinis and stuff likethat a whole lot of these materialisticpeople that are still under thepossession spell well you're notimportant unless you possess some thingsoutside of yourself um they're gonnastart following automatically which isjust it just end them to do that becausethey're looking outside of themselvesfor a savior for a startcall for a leader when it's within youthis is this is what people will say godgiven within me my talent I didn't justyou know well somebody else gave methese songs right and I just saw themknow I went through emotional phases Iwent through my life experiences um andand within moves and energies that comeup with these lyrics to put down on thetwo-dimensional and hoping that theywork they will expand some farther thanto dimension I don't just want me to goon deaf ears or ears or oh that's a goodsong in it and then not get the point innot proactively take action in theircommunity so yeah that's that's partsome of it's entertainment but umwhether you take me seriously or not Idon't really care because I take myselfseriously this right um and once againlike I said I'm not here to be a manplease I'm here to address my socialconstruction community's characteristicsattributes and needs in my communitywhich will be different from anothercommunityhands down period you get what I'msayingyes um so it's just not gonna work butthat's that's why I do that's the mainreason why I do my music career it wasat first okay I want to be a singerentertainer I want to be popular but Igot older and uh and I wised up a littlebit and stop getting so naive because Iwas raised in a multicultural Church youknow blacks Spanish um whites Asian umall different labels in there but whenwe went home we're home and differentcars were separate separate cuisines weshop differently when they would go outof the church they wouldn't speak itwould be a different atmosphere adifferent scenario and he's are the samepeoplethey worship the same God as me but whenI got out there realization the sugarcoating was gone no ain't no time to bea diabetic now it was gone all sugarcoat was gone it's out the windowbecause that reminded me I have my owndistinctive inheritance be proud of itrespect it embrace it if you're notproud of it if you don't respect it orembrace it you should expect nobody inor outside your heritage to do so and Irealized that I realized well I'm theone to teach others how to respect andconsider me however I'm teaching how torespect and consider me that's gonnareflect on how you treat meand how did you view me and I wastelling this one sister I said you knowwhat I'm my personal expense I'm notsaying this it's accurate it's just anopinion of my personal experience whenmen are seeking respect they're being aman but Allah Mystics respect she'sbeing a bitch how how do you notunderstand even animals won't respectand they're considered lower on thetotem pole species and we are so if ananimal was respect unless I might shakethe lighters came to the jungle and hewould kill both be free tonight with noproblem he wants respect is veryterritorial so if an animal who'sconsidered lower than us wants respect Idon't know how do you think that thewoman that loves you does not seek ordesire respect from you and it's notabout me being I'm better than a man orI want to be your mom or I want to raiseyou know cuz your parents should havealready done thatI'll get weather man not just becauseit's physical attributes and hiscapabilities physically but because ofhis mindset mainly that's what attractsme to a man and if you don't have a planwhether you got money not if you don'thave a plan I know you don't have a planto get back up whether you got oneenough I'm not attracted to that I'mjust not attracted to that and I heardthis one gentleman one black gentlemantold me you know what when your sistersstart raising your standardskind of men you want in your communitythey will naturally stop they willnaturally stop you know treating you toare viewing you that way and it's trueI've seen it before I've seen it beforeI don't really hang out nearly as muchas I used to it the bars and clubsbefore but I don't wear the heels likethat I'm just you know I don't dresslike grandma or anything but I dressaccordingly it like I want respect andsomeone will go in there I'm not judgingthem but I'm just telling honey they'redressing they're dressing like they wantto be addressed as a slut or and theyget mad when it's non-celebritygentleman calls them what they'redressed but here are men in the samecall the same environment with the samewoman that's was they're not better I'mjust different but because I'm dressed acertain way they approach me aredifferent demeanor in fact I have moremen respect me for wearing my naturalasshole and if we're not putting on thefake the nails the fake eyelashes fakeweave the fake persona that I reallylove myself when I'm just denying the 99and taking on all these insecurities ofthat was outside of me mm-hmmyou know how much money I could say youknow much money I can give back to mycommunity you know much food I can eatyou know my clothes I can create myselfoh oh you're talking like this theIlluminati is not gonna come and make anoffer to you they're not gonna say Billygene you know you got some good talentthere you got some good lyrics and songsand um you can go places you know itconnected maybe you might want toconsider you know toning certain thingsdown but just maybe you might want toconsider um go moving on because unlessI can get specifically in conditionalcontracts where I come off is the winnerkeep it moving please if I have to donot who I am if I have to destroy and beused as a puppet to continue furtheringthe ignorance and insecurities in mycommuteand the economic and politicaldisadvantages in our community pleasekeep it moving your contract is too it'stoo expensive from me oh wait a secondyou mean all we're asking is to put alittle um relaxing cream in that afroyou know just a different little lookyou know we kind of want to go that waywhy don't you um this is worth millionsyou know a little bit laxing cream youcan you can be a big star what do yousay to that um what I say to that beinga big star I'm trying to get you to usesome curse words I'm just playing withyou you know you're right I can be a bigstar I can take that same contractyou're forgetting for me copy or scan itget you out of the picture so I'm alllike a label that's really what I wantwhen I want how I want I don't have todeny my hair I don't have to deny Who Iamif you seen that particular me if I'm anew artist I mean what did they go haveto critique really cuz I'm not comparingmyself to anybody else uh so I canalready be bold and do daring thingsbecause I'm not trying to be the netwouldn't you send their next Beyonce ornext or something I'm being me so for meto say it for them to say oh that's notgonna work unless you get into thisconstruction unless you get into thisstructure that we got for you it's notgonna work then no no you're not gonnapush itbecause I can't conform and I choose notto conform it is gonna work you just arenot gonna push it like you would as if Iconformed and if I was your puppet andif I was applying if I was willing togive up my heritage if I was willing toto go to alternative route which is notfor me which is what I've been resistingand gonna get all this time so it's beenmore than 10 years that was the point ofme giving up just to give in just to geta few bed if you giving me Millionsso you can make millions off of memm-hmm you don't know me you don't knowI could be a rocket I mean me reallylet's be honest here because you're justlooking at me as a product to say wellat this pointso I've already degraded myself there soyou want me to not only do that but Igotta change my hair texture in my skintone to just to be hurt you're notreally hearing me you're not reallyhearing blonde tree anymoreyou're hearing the water down dilutedversion of what could it beand you're not gonna get the sameperformance from me because my soul isgonna know better he's so low you didn'tyou didn't stick to original authenticsee you you you are you're not youyou're who they want you to be no no noit's not it's not spiritually satisfyingand they're not gonna teach you how toUM keep your catalogue and how to stayeconomically an advantage so you're notyou're not winning it all show me whereI can win in any of their contractswhich is never cuz they're not gonnafully disclose see you're theirintention could be a few months of yourfear they might sign you instead you sitfor five years not work on your thinganyway it may all we got another artistis out as popular more popular than youtrying to get you to convert to them cuzthey're they got discs in texture theygot that hair texture they got this lookthey dress like this they write theselyrics did you get what I'm saying nowyes I rather wait and do it myself likeI have been doing and greet the fullawards and and my audience will feel ittoothey'll sing it - do you know how freeit isto go on stage and I worry about a lacefalling off or the honest thing cuz Igotta get you both I mean some someothers do wear it so pace up some sometrait we've to look I'm bald by choicebut um I'm afraid to grow it back in nowat this ripe old age and though it'sgonna be a little patchy and maybe somegray in there but one thing you'll nevercall me you won't call Lance Oh big fatloser break it down for your brotheryeah please do one second break it downfor the band I'm not talking to all thebrothers I'm not talking about thebrothers who will prefer and encourageand tell their women to wear theirnatural hair and let them go throughtheir hair salons and all they do iswash and blow-dry maybe that's enoughI'm talking about these menacing youneed your hair done after I wash my flowis clean is right is nothing wrong withit and they still say it needs to bedonefirst of all saw were the black becausethey get more done than that charcoalblack so all Lord sama needs to be donesecond of all um do you understand howmuch money I gotta spend I could beputting it into a car note I could beputting her to a mortgage I grew puttingher into a business I could be puttingthat into my music I could be puttingthat Oh back into you buying youbirthday presents um you taking us onvacation but because you don't loveyourself and don't know yourself anddon't appreciate embrace and respectyour own heritage you want to also loweryour woman well she's already beneath meso you go out on it take all myinsecurities on top of the other auntsecurities that the other cultures areimposing upon you you need to wherewe're not only where we you need to weardifferent colors too we want you lookalike a dog called peacock Ronnie do youunderstand that you're telling me toimpress and suppress Who I am when youtell me to do that are you telling methat I'm not good enough you're tellingyourself you're not gonna know - becauseyou're my little counterpart by the waywhat do you like to claim me or not -look you're still my genetically codedcounterso when you degrade your own I like thatoh she all had it because she well yousee when will you see what not to bebald-headed if you will let her grow herhair and I telling you to put upon aminute or you need to put a wig on it itsuffocates it and and you need to beeverybody but but who you are the onlysay when I go on the stage with myassholethese are my clean clothes that hotkicked out that nobody else is mystylist with it I'm pleased for where ofcourse their and their cowgirl boots bythe way oh yeah I feel better I canperform better because nobody'smanipulating me to look and be somebodyelse you get the best from me and that'sthe same with my love and my energy andmy my talent you get the best from mewhen I can be just myselfthat's what anything I do I don't knowanybody here who who's been encouragedmale or female Hey all you gotta do isdo it your way that's the way to do itthe original way your way I don't knowanybody who would not be comfortablewith that I don't know anybody who wouldsay okay no I'd rather have everybodyelse and Polster their views and statusand their inheritors on meand I'd better be happy out there lasttime I checked if you give a man onelimitation you don't think it's ahundred limitation oh you can't have thebeer tonight cuz you're gonna you gotcompany halt poisonous that's gonnastill want it straight gonna wanna drinkmore they're gonna say well I'm a guyanyways knock off or let me drink gallonof the night you get what I'm sayingwhen you put those when you put those onthose expectations on me that are noteven for me or of me you're saying thatI'm originally not good enough I need toadd on perfection to make to perfectperfection a man cannot perfect what Godis already perfect okaynot happening if I break my leg and Igotta get a bone replace that mill rodorder it's not gonna be the same it'snot gonna be perfect like that bone wasthat I grew up with before I broke myleg it's not you can't sittell me somethings better you could it'sdifferent it might be found out to bedetermined to be inferior but it's notbetter and last time I checked when Iwas wearing we cuz I got some on therebecause I was I was taking on thefrequency the low frequency if I hatemyself up uglyI'm fair-skinned I don't have my hairnaturally even though I want tostraighten it in a couple hours it'sgonna pull back up something's wrongwith me I was resisting nature the wholetime and let me tell you bitch she'sgonna win I don't care what nobody saynature is resilient so when I startedsaying you know what no I'm I'm gonnahave to look in the mirror and say youknow I love you look in the mirror andsay you're OKjust like this I'm gonna have to addressmy heritage eventually rightbefore it dies out before it goesextinct and that's what they're notseeing that we've and and and you beingtold to dress like this is men saggypants your heritage is going extinct andhere you are thinking as an innocentfatter or a whipping Trailblazer but noyou're not you are you are doing ityou're genex for them they don't need toinvest anymore the damage is done and bythe way when you do see a woman who'sfought over here let's go tear her downoh you're nappy-headed Oh Claire's bloodcalls yeah yeah yeah twisted twisted wayof thinking hey you know what's so funnyno I'm ready for itI'm ready cut this is um I don't haveall my songs from my woman scornedsoundtrack on therebig fat loser and run it's from a womanscorned sounds right that's the one I'mgonna first put out because like I saida lot of people gravitate to negativeenergy unfortunately um think sosinks a lot of effluences from thesenegative reality shows where's meyouI saw a lot about inheritance for thereason being that is a lot ofdistractors out there yes there will getyou to thinking that okay you needyou're better off just being a followeryou're better off this just not eventrying to sustain or preserve your looklook at these the all your black manalosers all you a man ain't nothing andyou're never Hanna you're ugly andyou're broke yeah all of these problemsyou're seeing and you're addressing themby the way when you wait whether it'snegative or not you still adjust them soyou mean to tell me you can perceive aproblem but you cannot perceive asolution for the problem you can viewsomething and you can see what's wrongwith it but you can't see how to adjustit to make it so called quote/unquotebetter alright or more aligned and moreharmony to fit honorable goals that willlead to progression and success and anduh integrity and Rises are you are youout your mindso our stress inheritance for a reasonand and blunter yes that's been agod-given a heritage from me because Iwas tired of trying to break inI was simply tired of trying to break inand then finally when I got bruised upenough and and the most I said well youknow what finally i'ma get his girl somecommon sense you don't need to gooutside of your heritage I already gaveyou beauty you just gotta claim it soyou just gotta embrace it you just gottaown it and that's why I do what I'musing our own lunch I own it yeah suredo I don't care that you expected me todo hip-hop R&B and I didn't don't careit's time for something new it's timefor something bolder time for for allit's time for something other somebodystand for somethingabout that you know and also didstatistics that for meyou can google this up you don't take myword for it but poppers get paid morethan uh on be artists any country oughtto get paid more to pop artists checkthat out another new day not many butnot be many people not understand thisthoughbut once again they don't also realizethat going back to the social constructI'm not knocking these people they'rejust doing self preservation that's whatwe should be doing that's why theydiscourage you from doing it becausethey'll they'll know you'll have anactual leg in the race to be racist cuzyou got you got a whole nation backingyou got a whole social constructs backto you cuz they understand no matter howmuch I hate the people that look like meI'm still gonna preserve those peoplethat's right alive no matter how muchtroubles we go through I'm not datingoutside of my race that's not beingpresent that's just being sucked orsomething that's right so like I saidonce again I want to thank those peoplewho resisted me from bringing in thecountry cuz that's not for me that's notmy heritageblonde tree is that's the way I perceiveand and in my experience in my culturemy social construct in my community howI build my community first and anybodyelse who's outside my community you knowwe could do business but it better bemutually beneficial and advertiser to meif it's not I'm not doing business withyou it's just that simple as nothing isnothing personalI don't hate I don't even get inheritorsin a genre to identify to be liked andto be known so how can I hate you oh Idon't have enough energy I don't haveenough strength I don't have enough timeand that's not my purpose nor intent tohate anybody in or housemy social construct um but I tell youwhat thing I do hate as I hate um a lotof them disunity and a lot ofintentional ignorance a political statethat my communities in and how we wantto use the Scriptures to perceive areall opinions but we don't we want tostop there we don't want to take itfurther than ummaybe it's probably something politicalit's not always spiritual it's notalways because you think about it youcannot sit here and just push me to atwo dimensional plane and I'm at minimumor three dimensional being that minimalso I'm gonna have to convert back justget to by the way was this copyrightdate it and has a man-made author if yougo to the beginning and you know theysay let's go in the beginning in thebeginning there was no in the beginningat what a real beginning there was aforward in a copyright taking on theperspectives of somebody who's at leastnot my social construct and at best myenemy at least my enemy genetically andand not in harmony with me as far as anyother advantages exclusively for me orfirst for me or at best just somebodywas different so um if I don't demonizeyou for being different I'm not gonnaallow you to demonize me for beingdifferent and get away with it if Idon't tell you hey you're wrong forsitting here what you want to breathewith your own race like you don't lostyour long it's plenty of humans thatdon't look like you out here that youcan still have other humans with nothat's not my place I understand what Ido it it makes their community strongerit makes them more believable it makesthem more respectful and it makes themmore economically politicallyspiritually more unified and in harmonywith one another and and although cuztheir main I have two albums a womanscorned and divorce paper is whatdivorce paper will be my my third oneother but we've been encouraged to tohate and divorce our heritage a longtime ago and I think that's an optionsaying okay this is an option it's notnecessarily better it's just anotheroption it's just it's an option justlike ice cream vanilla chocolatestrawberry they're different optionsknow what is not better than the otherallows I'm gonna take they're all notnecessarily healthy for youbut if I can choose a heritage anywayI'm gonna start off with the foundationthat already has here my natural hairwithout adding care colors and chemicalsor weave or anything like that to it orany any any other but injections or oryou know plastic to my body anythingthat's not organically me and that goesfor invisible things that I can't seeeither like television you telling mewhat division really so I turn it off Imight watch YouTube and other Netflixdocumentaries but I don't care too muchfor people packaging what they expect myinheritors proposed to be and I wassupposed to take that is its holy andnot deviate from that when it's tellingme everything about me originally is notacceptable and is not desirable youserious so now what I do whether it'sdirectly or indirectly is what's bestfor me in my social construct and I dareanybody in or outside my socialconstruct to tell me I'm wrong for doingthat to say I'm racist for doing that tosay I'm prejudiced for doing thatin that case everybody who's uhpreserving their racism presidents andand they're just they're just wrongyou shouldn't have any kids is that'snot mixed you shouldn't have you shouldbe dating everybody outside yourcommunity giving outside your communityall the time and I caring about yourcommunity's real estate about thewelfare of your children and educationtheir health you shouldn't care aboutany of their you shouldn't give back toany of that and say you should take careabout everybody else but you and let mebring you up to par with this Americanafrican-american commissions act forhundred years I have a bowl a big bone abone baguette in my whole body to pickwith that you see this is why from mypersonal perspective it's a it's a bunchof baloney because you gotta rememberAfrica is a continent 54 countries overthere Africa okay and and you know nowthat we called ourselves someone calledus Hebrew Israelites some of us callingourselves black still some of us calledus everything but african-american sohow convenient now it's time that thethe 400 years of so-called oppression isup and we're going to commemorate whatit's true okay what a quit playing withthese people and get them back in theline and tell them okay now you're notlost anymore we're gonna show you somerespect you have to show me respect to400 years oh and by the way you haven'tlet somebody in country of my color andcomplexion I don't know how many yearsand now I'm supposed to believe thatyou're all of a sudden gonna change Ithought all this time and even if youdid it is too late it's already tooengrained mentally it do you hear whatI'm saying I'm sorry weren't you sorrysorry I didn't say anything I was I justhad to catch a phone call really quickso you must have overheard me keep goingsister yeah I'm gonna blow my I'm gonnablow myself up I had to pick up thiscall because this is the person who doesmy taxes so I had to jump off and getthat alright so yeah I'm gonna step outthe room for a second cuz I had to getthis call so just two minutes I'll beback that sounds like Matt all righttalking so low you heard that I musthave a mic open over here somewhere letme think I got really good ears oh mygod my goodnessyou're not a big fat loser anyway oh youbet y'all all right pause ityouand walked away for the phone carddidn't mean to be so rude I hope beingsavvy with his finances what a mastertalk about reading sit again I don'tknow what you guys think you over therebeing a savvy with your finances whatmaster told you about reading you knowit's a shame you know so many peoplestill think that's our culture I refuseto have a culture of ignorance andinsecurities I won't want to be a partof any culture that's like that nomatter what my energy was it justthere's always claiming the negativesdid I shut shut down I mean I mean thefolk stopped stopped hearing you oh yeahthey didyeah they stopped hearing me I wonderwhat happens I mean all I did was doI'll shut it down too good right nowdidn't I oh man I'm so sorry I'm sosorry I'm so sorry chat room I'm sosorry[Laughter]oh yeah you know we'll be good we goodfor a little while they would call me abig fat loser as they all mainly becomeoh yeah your body internet now yeah soum wow wow yeah we like that because Iam only muted I pulled the sound out ofmy own sound not yoursum but I come back I just move one leverand everything is back and I looked at Isaid that will see nothing jumping youknow that's crazy cuz we dassault we gotto make it young unbelievablelike I said you know just just hearingyou and you sharing your experiences andperspectives you see and this is thebeauty of it because everybody hasevery single person has a beauty to themand a magic to them if they stay true tothemselves and this is something that Iknow when you veer off and away fromthat trying to be something else thatyou're not you lose iteven though by the world's standardswhich I consider very low when youfollow that route they consider yousuccessful this is what we have we wehave somebody cookie cookie cutterpeople out here Dada home yeah I wish Ihad the skirt but I had another plate inthere mrs. curve made some are somemixed pasta and vegetables and chickpeasand man you know I hate so much you knowwe stand and we hungry I want to checkthe mail I want to check the mail in thecar car slow Dennis excuse me um it'sany day now right that's what you talkabout the baby I said no I'm a man I'mnot pregnant you talk about funny orsometimes you know this is why you can'treally take YouTube seriously all thetime cuz they put everybody black as aman that's right which is a big thatgoes mainstream which isn't gonna bemainstream like the way that y'all wasgonna be mainstream enough for mycommunity myself or mainstream Jewishman alone be a man cuz I grow here on mylegs and arms ooh okay so I'm a man tooI guess he right I'm a humanity rightthere's nothing wrong with hair you knowwhat I mean I mean there's nothing wrongwith that whatever you want to get ridof your you we going to vote for yeahyeah yeah it's not the look that we wantwell who is wewho are we the audience so when I getthe audience that appreciates my talentand can and can look past my look for mydollar as only they don't smell me I'mgood when you smell me please let meknow because I should smell me beforeyou smell me anyway take care thatsolution I'm not a black man I'm not aso-called black man so I don't get theexact same experience as you guys getthrough but I am black so the thingabout it is ISM y'all not expected to tosave and the wigs and Antione dress withyour butt cheeks all a lot just to getattention and the kind of attention thatdegrades you that much further from ironman and all the men are like you knowexpect it to be you know dress in acertain way it just all all I am is mybody and they even ask know why if I'mgonna go that route only get fifty notthree hundred what what is what are wecalling it let's be honest what you byany means there's another reason why Ilike my afro thank you so you're sayinglollipops with bubbles and puppies nothat's just one side of me that's notall of me I'm not going to only embodyone mood all the time so if you expectonly that one time you're highlymistaken you're not trying to get toknow the whole me and you shoulddefinitely not a little bit earlier butyou should definitely lead if you thinkthat I'm gonna be able to conform to anyperson place or thing that hates meoh my originally him I can't do that myCreator on about 10 years so so myCreator won't let me to use so I'veaccepted that and I love it inI'm glad that I was loved enough to bepreservedwhoever truly I'm inside and out and I'dmake my meat more quality people thatway whether they have my complexion ornot I meet more quality and that's whatI want quality not quantity desiredquality people I love you regardless ofwhat your outside Syria packages that'sright I just need you to have that highfrequency I just need you to walk betterfor yourself and your associates I justneed you to want to have higherstandards underneath it's not justmandatory that's not an optionI tell people want to be in my presenceand who expect me to be in theirpresence um like a me is optional butrespecting me as mandatory us that's notoptional at all at all and the minutethat I Nick Falzone will do casual whatyou wouldn't forget that you should cutme off you really should because it'sreally not complicated I mean it'sreally not complicated remember thatunless you're undercover jealous andhatin and don't want to see me succeedlike that I'm their worst enemy knowsthat I don't have the patience for thatso I suppose that quick you know like ifyou go on a date oh well you and you andyour you know why on the date say Francehe asks you like the 21 questions longhow you gonna raise kids and do you haveany plans for 30 40 years from now andthings like thatwait a minute so first date I just don'twanna waste our time here and my energyallocating my energy and effort and timeon the role in people places and thingsbeing like myself and what I realizedwhen I met everybody realized periodwhether you look like me or notinvesting in yourself you never lose younever lose I don't care well nobody soyou missed contractors you want to beit's miss uppity here you thank you toogood for their money no no we can wecould come up with a mutual agreementcontract there's fully disclosed there'sgot to make sure that I can trip youback to myself in my community on whatdecency and integrity we can do that tobe a reasonable but I'm not going toonce again if someone is expecting meall waiting for me to change my hairtexture to change the way I dress - I'mgood no keep it moving and we'll bespecifically any contract I will not bewearing it right I will not be doing iton stage they gonna check they stillgonna try it's like the black minutethey try to make wear dresses you knowthey're still gonna try and say okay noproblem at the last minute they're gonnacome and say well yeah show a littlemore cleavage it's okay uh here's thedress it'll be hanging up you say wait asecond what is that a shirt that's not adress that's a shirt no like I said onceagain I have wore bikinis and one piecesand a bistro and wannabes but that's thebeach that's the beach that'sappropriate time but you expectingpeople mind you're already kids but Ihave these is enough user looking at meright how a role model will that intendto be or not I didn't want to be so Ican justify don't things I do or want todo aroma I don't want my niece'sdressing like that thing in itoh you get a man like there's no you getyou get no you get a man with your mindyou get it you get a drink whicheverjust okay I remember them I don't wantto be on their living to be 67 years oldyour initial all my cheeks inner manlook at you showing everybody in theworld that's not gonna clean the bloodrepresents no right right rightno and I don't have to degrade myselfjust to get a pass under those degradingwhat deny my hand is already that's morethan enough degrading now I don't dresslike it and seriously well doing thisfor my community tell me how manyprosecutors do for their community howmuch how much they bring that to thecommunity just please tell me how manyporn stars bring about the day communityit's so awesome that's a good communityright crickets I'm not in adult industryI'm in the music industry there's ablurred line now between them yes whynow do you see what I'm saying see thisis the thing music is a very powerfulmedium well what what category of musicmay reach you may not reach me but thereis another one that will reach me it'slike it's like a thing that's in aselarón to get a message into your brainyou have this beat going on it feelsgood you hear the words with it youdigest it better it's like putting sugarwith the medicine or some honey with themedicine shit I seem seamen in it too ohyeah what you said sugar head see withinit I'm going if I'm going to and thenyou got these look here's mimickingevery single word you say no you dopehere on stage knowing exactly what Idon't know about you but Heinz gonna betoo cool sleeping like that I'm at leastlike they know hey this is what I'm notsure to do you might want to let yourkids go somewhere else you know out ofrespect for the generation coming upnextI wanna impose that on it have a choiceI want to have a choice right I wanna beable to see the difference between awoman whoum let the insecurities don't get themost of our verses woman hmm she's notpopular but she's here respect it rightand there are many out here who willrespect you and in our and they turnedaway from the music because this it'sjust it's porn now really when you lookat it it's straight porn yes that's whatyou telling me to do on the cornerbecause they just become the cornerstreet the street corner honestlythey're not gonna listen to this and andemphasize that I don't mean that I don'tmeanthey're gonna just gonna emphasize theword say oh she called home and makethat loseryou know thing cuz they're not ourcommunities right they're not our socialcultural they're not going to havecompassion or empathy or any kind ofconcern to address it in a manner tocorrect a problem but hey if you get upthere and have your Daisy Doo Daisy Doosits too long if you get up there youhave your g-string oh that's too thickwe can put yeah yeah yeah we able totake everything off yeah that'sridiculousyou have to be willing to be thatprostitute who's ever willing to pleaseRiley what happened to the musicI mean really what happened is my pointI mean that's my point mm-hmm and I wantto bring users with sustenance not justfor my people but period I want to bringmusic and value back into the substanceand now I'm surelike this or lack of clothing right Imean they're not gonna take me seriouslyokay good the lyrics are mm-hmm it'sgonna be like Janet Jackson 2.0Superbowl no no thank younothing against Anna Jackson but you seeso if I tell somebody else okay I'mtrusting you I don't believe in myselfI'm trusting you to to make me a starmake me successful I'm saying I don'tbelieve in myself I hate my heritage I'mnot fixing to make it what my talentalone it's gotta be some extra things onthere because you you're the navigatordark black hole so you gotta you gottareally that you show the pink and andshow your cheeks and and show everythingthat should only be for you and yoursignificant other cheeks is so much more[Laughter]I want you to tell me any country supersolid or the country super spotty doesthat that's true so why should you do itwhy can't I do it that's right let metake this let me connect these lines insweetheart really quick so we can take afew calls and stuff okay all right youwant to call me backno no hold on stay right there oh allright you're gonna do it like this do itjust like this and okay good okay tojoin okay very goodthe lines are open if you want to speakto Billie Jean call on in eight eighteight five seven five three seven sixnine the number above the chat room andyellow letters eight eight eight fiveseven five three seven six nineyou know what I'm tempted to do I am sotempted to play the song again just alittle while yeah I gotta get at leastlike especially when I get a shower Idon't want my wife to call me a big fatloser so I say you know what I got aplay that when I'm getting out theshower so you can be reminded that Idon't need to put on any more weight sohere we go again y'all we're gonna dothis again okay where is it where is itright here Billie Jean here it is[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]the goal delayed only thing he can thinkabout is a caged animal white men do it[Laughter][Music]this call is being recorded[Music]howdy yes we're here we're just waitingfor the song the Rebbe down[Music]now we're going to have part two myman's a big fat Boozer you got a callfrom Athens Georgia Billy yes yes yeswho do we have Haller talked to a sisteryeah yes 7:06 your line is openhello hello hello yeah we hear is theshelf yes Papa John's Pizza or justplaying with you like I started watchingme like I have matter whatever you knowI just seen a lot of interesting specsand just been listening to y'all and youknow I'm a young african-american man inthe United States and I'm just trying toget my life together and get it togetherso I can help out you know people thatneed help but it seemed like everywhereI go I can't get no help to get helpokaylet me just ask you really quick youhave any recommendations okay you knowwe have a guest on who sings bluntremulak named Billy gene we've beenplaying the musicdid you call to speak to her yeah yeah -because actually I loved what she saidabout the natural hair and being naturaland just you know being yourself and youknow if you gotta fake it - you know tryto help people out it's not right I'drather just be real do you think I agreebrotherand you said you were getting usyourself togetherwell I'd notice about myself to get andkeep myself together state perseveringin our goals is is to have my goals thatI the standards that I created formyself and compare they're not even tomyalso but to look back and see what Ihave already accomplished so I can nothave to always have himself discouragingthoughts in my head to keep on beingpersistent and so something you got togive me something got a break becauselike I said before its nature isresilient and and depending on whatgoals you have then you can decide whatwhat you want to use your time theenergy to allocate to who what whenwhere and why because if you don't haveany goals you don't have that businessplan to get there you don't have anystructure and and life's gonna be like ainvisible maze that you didn't make thatyou cannot ever get to the finish linewith so set yourself are some some somestructure on paper and then make it a 3dcounterpart in a physical that's alrightthank you so much thank you so muchyou're very welcomegosh I want to tell before I leave thesergeant's want to tell y'all doingamazing job in is great that's our youknow going live and helping people andtrying to get people back on the rightpath and just enlightening people andyou know try to open people eyes to thethings they've gone on around us and Ijust want to say thank you and yeah Ihave a great day thank you thank youthank you so much thank you so much allright and we can improve and and havefun doing it at times you know I mean itdoesn't have to be where you know I'malways serious I joke a lot but underall of that I'm serious it's about theconsistency it's about the passion andit's about sharing your life stories andthings you've been through because themyth but there might be a book on yourshelf that somebody else needs to readmeaning that there might be anexperience that you have that somebodyelse needs to hear hear about in a verysincere way because when you really gothrough things and people can tell whenyou when you speak in order to say man Ican feel how real this thing is andthat's the human imprint that we'remissing right now need to bring it backsoalthough many of us if you add up all ofthe miles that are between all of us whoare here on the phone call and in thechat room which probably can go aroundthe world 50 times right but it doesn'tmean that we can't feel each otherdoesn't mean that we can't get a liftfrom each other when we need it andactually go into itlooking to lift people up because youjust never know when somebody's outthere listening who might be goingthrough stuff and who might be down youknow for us to have an internetconnection or even they have a phone inour hand you know it shows that we livein to a certain degree that we can youknow it's not like we're out in the kerband there's some people who are doesn'tmatter many of us have been um you knowI've been in bad places too sometimes mylife and have come through it and manyof you have shared things with me todaybetween us and you know me knowing thisthis is what because look okay the coldwe just took you know if it'sencouraging if I decided I am NOT gonnado anything today we wouldn't had achance to connect even it was just forthose few seconds sometimes a hug allgood word whether it's electronic but wecan feel each other through everythingso just a consistency and I don't meanjust once a week or once a month andI'll just drop you whatever but if I cando what I do from my end and we had twowonderful people a man and wife come byand they came down from Cincinnati Ihope you will listen and and our they'vebeen living here in Orlando for the lasteight months and they knew theneighborhood because and then I guessstay close by they saw the butterfly onthe front of house and drove by hopingto see one of us and they call I calledhim back I said just come on over I felttheir spirit and we talked for a goodlong while and you know we came into thestudio and just I mean it was wonderfulthat we have to be able to treat eachother like family whether it's tocorrect you know we gotta take that partto if we were wrong we have to be ableto take some kind of correction but it'sall done in love when it's sincere whenit's ego free and opportunistic free andagain I always say how we have people onhere who are not really about it theytalk the right talk but the only lookingfor their own personal gain I can'tworry about that I have to move in loveand keep going because love never diesthat's the thing no matter where youfind yourself and love never dieswhen you think about those who havetransitioned and others will say wellthey're deceased well then it's notended for them is it's it's the energytransfer you know and everything lovedyouthey still love you no matter where theyare you see just because you say youtake the ice out of the freezerand then you put it on the stove in apot and you turn the fire up and you seenothing but water you don't cry and sayoh the ice is gone ice is in front ofyou it's water now you leave it in thatlittle pot and let it continue to burnup and boil all of a sudden it's steamyou don't go oh god the water's gone isdead no steam all over the wall and allover the place it doesn't didn't getdestroyed it just changes forms and wegot to understand that and for those ofus who are clinging on to this level forso long you got to understand that umwherever we were before we were there alot longer than we were here now Ialways say if you lived to 500 yearswell 500 years after you transition whatfive thousand years a future this is apit-stop to eternity there's a reasonwhy we here there's a reason why westruggle here this is to ascend and it'sto grow is to learn is to share is tolove is to submit to the divine law it'sa lot of things but you know what at theend of the day it's a very simple thingthis man here who has created thisworldly system made it made it toocomplicated and we're scratching herhead and we're missing out on the beautyof this life there will be things thatwe are exactly exactlyhello yes three four seven twenty I'mfair yeah three four seven area codetalk to us three yeah I sent you anemail a while back about connecting tosource through your heart now I just sawyour I'm watching a video with brotherrod yes and he's talking about hardenough yes from last night the power ofheart mhm and the consciousness withinthe heart yes what I've been wanting toshare is that that is our way out otherpeople mmm-hmm you have to go throughour hearteverything that's why they may be the Idon't know white supremacist try to getto our emotions because our emotionscoming through our heart is whatsolidifies this reality we have to learnhow to control the emotions when we sendout rage when we send out love when wesend our compassion that is that is thesame energy that brother Ross wastalking about that electromagneticenergy and felis out and simple there'severything within that field now Ireally didn't expect to get through I'msurprised but that is that that is thatis our way out or in or whatever we wantto do is to learn to not talk so muchlearn to communicate through our heartone to the otherI've been checking the weather and wecontrol everything in creation but wehave to go through our heart that is thepipeline to source Oh heart I'm gonna bequiet and let everybody do researchthank you so much thank you very much Igotta run I take this phone call nowagain so keep all going I'm not gonnacut anything down I'll be right backokay I want to respond to what you weresaying which I agree with her that's whyI do music because I'm a per to tocontrol my emotions that way and alsofind other positive supplemental waysafter my songs are addressed in and theway that they are I would say present itout to the universe so and I understandthat I understand that there is arm areaping you know for what I sounderstand that no matter whata message I had my mother if it'spositive or negative I I realize that umI like to think that I'm a veryemotional person that's why I write alot sing a lot do to my emotions but toto harness them and to utilize them in amore beneficial and an advantageous wayI use that through songs and poems andand get my message and my emotionsacross that way versus me acting out ofbeing more hands-on you know is easy toreduce so that the physical you knowwhenever you do something from yourheart we will pick it up automaticallyyour heart resonates in such a way thatwe can hear it it's like the silence inbetween the notes the silence of thejust a very emotions coming out of yourheart coming through your voice we pickit up we don't know what to call it butwe recognize that unconsciously ourheart recognizes it that's why I'msaying we need to talk less and feelmore and as we feel and connect to eachother more we will see that languagebecomes less necessary as we interactwith animals and pets and plants andwhatever we see that boko communitybecomes less important because it is theemotion it is the energy behind whatyou're feeling in your heart that makesthe connection and that is but they'reafraid of when we wake up and come tothat realization that our power is inour heart and the connection to sourcethat is why they need to keep usdistracted and in a mess of confusionour so many emotions that were confusedby what we're feeling if we connect isstepping aside I'm recognizing what eachemotion is don't run from it look at itas an observerGolic examine it why am I feeling whatI'm feeling what is the lesson to learnand take it apart and as you become themore seasoned observer you pick andchoose what emotion you're going toengage what emotion you're going to sendout what emotion you're going to put onthe back shelf I mean it's a differentkind of communication that occursthrough your heart and your brain willstart to follow as you get your ego andcheck as you talk to your ego and letyour ego know it's okay I got thisyou don't have to protect me anymorewe're okayyou know we could handle it no becauseyour ego developed to protect you fromchildhood to adulthood so if you knowit's not a bad thing it's justestablishing a relationship with yourego let your ego know it's okayor heart is now gonna work with both ofus and we've got this all right thatit's just it seems like a slow processbut you'd be amazed at how quickly theDownloads occur as you go in the deeperyou go into your heart the more intensedownloads almost instantaneouslyalright I feel like I'm gonna becomeredundant so what I'm gonna do is mr.skur yes it's been a pleasure it's anhonor thank you so much please ifthere's some way you in the meta andsolar burn could put together anexercise or teaching people how to besilent and listen to their heart and notto be afraid of their emotions I knowthey could put me indicate with eachother through their heart I would be offI'll make sure to pursue that and I dobelieve in that I do believe we don'teven have to open our mouths tocommunicate butthe heart in the eyesight and a downloadof the vision you know from eyeball toeyeball there's a whole lot we can doand I think it's even more of a labor toverbalize it when we have all of theseother more efficient means ofcommunicating so you're right on pointwith that and then something we need todo more especially with each other inthese troubled times and many of us areso used to communicating on just thatsuperficial level that we miss out on awhole and we we missed we missed a feelof each other we may throw words andtalk at each other but even still we cansit down in a room silent with eachother for three four or five hours andhave a wonderful communication and justrelax and just glance at each other andjust you know that's on a wholedifferent level but many of us here whoare trapped in this matrix are just notgonna do it but for those of us who canlet's move forward and do it what I dowant to say is that okay I didn'trealize the time was moving by so fastso I'm gonna say and ten minutes let'swrap it down because I'm gonna come backonline again because I'm going down tothe open poetry a night down the threemasks where we do every Monday nightwhere we have the road to restorationevent on Saturday this Saturday the 20thbut we're gonna do the open mic and I'mthe owner is having a little birthdaybash so I got a hurry up and I'll get alittle cake together mrs. skur madesomething for him you know some bigthing of brownies but I think she leftit a little too long so it's tough so Igotta go get something for him and umget the equipment together and so I canlast you and share all of that with youand that's gonna start at 8 o'clock so Igotta get kind of get going right nowbut um after that when I come home I'mquite sure I'll be back on alive againwe will pick another topic well you knowand if you all can make it that'll befine I will go into the night I'm notgonna go to bed and try to do somethingwhen I'm homeso that's the way we're gonna do itthing sure research everybody that'shearing this go to Heart Institute heartmass and look into whatbrother was fed all right and the secondthing is look up a hundred monkeysyndrome we are one monkey on one islandlearn to do something and then all of asudden all the monkeys across wateracross continents know how to do thesame thing I mean neverI wanted to interject and say that um Ihad took that what she was talking aboutand not talking as much and even for 24hours it was a challenge because I'm soused to talking for work and so used totalking on my day to day basis but I putmyself through tests not only stoppedtalking while I was asleep during thewhole day and night when I was awake andI end up losing my voice physically toyou guys to the point that even though Ididn't physically couldn't speak andit's like a little whisper came out whenI did and it had to regain my strengthand vocal chords my thoughts grew soloud that it just it just startedlearning itself how to speak withouteven not even taking that limitationoften and so I completely understandwhat you're saying that is likemeditation real meditation work no noconnection to any kind of technicaldevice it distracts you and even the damis only taxing and you tell them hey youknow sex and not talking don't call meI'm distracting me now and I realize howdistracted even my inner thoughts were Ididn't need each other people called methat need any any television or a cellphone instruct me I have my own thoughtswere out of line but what I wanted to beand I'm calling myself to become so Iknow exactly what you're talking aboutas far as that has concerned I doobserve back that's part of the purgingthat's part of me merging of the whatshould I say I don't want to call it Idon't want to lose it because these areyou know all the everythingpart of you all part of your perceptionnow it's just putting it in a differentperspectiveyeah I'm going to say that I had abitter detox reset on their mental justall around me the whole environment justlike not talking straight for 24 hoursconsistently why people do that and theyreally can't know in this day and agethey're really trying might be able stoptalking in their sleep but now whenthey're at their awake it's really it'sreally challenging in this environmentbecause like he said so many people areso you set out low frequency where youdon't use your heart chakra to even getup to that level and that's why Taralong has been depressed while a lot ofthem are gravitating to the negativefrequency so my songs I was many - likefrom the bottom but raise them up to thetop so that's why I did my music I'vebeen trying to figure out a verysimplistic way of sharing because I'msupposed to are supposed to share whatwe know to the collective so I I go intomeditation and I send it out anybodythat could pick it up in gold willreceive it on today is evidence you knowmany times I've called this number andI'm it's just been open air no responseso it was meant to happen todaylet me also explain to you like withthis number in particular yeah let meexplain what this number is about it'sonly gonna work when we have a show alot of people they'll see an old showand call it anything that they're gonnago in live or they'll just call itrandomlyand they'll sit there and the site ohit's just an open line well there's noshow and I don't connect it to the livestream is just an open line so I justwant to make that clarification becausea lot of folks do that I know you saidso when do you want to do another showwith me tonight when I come back ifyou're up let's do it againwhatever you ready okay no I'm deadseriousI should be back about ah let me see11:00 11:30 right in there I just haveto come in to click a few buttons andI'm wrong so I'm good and we could do apart two you know I mean I'm sobbingyou're honey yeah we'll definitely do apart to get back 11:33 yeah yeah no noit might be earlier it might be a fewminutes later but it was when I writeget in it should be right that time itshould be much earlier than that I justgave myself a little extra time but it'sgonna be around time it is I mean thatis that too late to call you like to sayhey let me remind you of somethingis that too late for you no no I'm a biggirl I don't want you to pick up thephone you call me so late and I'm overhere trying to sleep all right wellwe'll do part 2 at 11347 yes but thankmy sister for information for the 3 4 7I'm sorry about the open line you knowit happens a lot thank you very much forcalling in honeywe appreciate they're very positivefrequencies yeah thank you well yesdefinitelyif I hit if I hate my way all the timeright I want to thank youBillie Jean so much and I'm not gonna goso much with the whole because we'recoming back again in a few hours and Igotta make a I gotta make a run gottapick somebody upthat'll make sure you got the rightequipment everything's charged I want torecord this stuff and then it's likewait a second you know this guy's backagain yeah of course I'm gonna be rightback and I have a new little gadget thatI want to experiment with soreally come through crystal-clear so onthat being said wrap it up right nowand I'll talk to you later on but I wantto thank you Billie Jean and everybodywho called in everybody who's in thechatroom too much to list right now I'vebeen bouncing back and forth with mycalls I killed the sound on the show bymistake for a few minutes and I'm gladyou hung in there it's all love and likeI said you know I want to do what I canso nobody calls me a big fat loserthat's what we don't want there you gothere you go there you go we're gonnamake this pop all right thank you[Music][Music]you can't get the song of my head[Music]I won't[Music][Music][Music][Music]I'm pregnant in the fields with enoughyou wanna use my money to get him atruck we need it for the babies youain't even tell you[Music][Music][Applause][Music]about the chordal a bird only thing hecan think about is the cable a fan honeycould you just rub my feet head lookingfor a workout just to beat[Music][Music][Music]you're about to experience theuncensored conversations stimulating witand a thought-provoking wisdom both rawand uncut right nowLance curve show


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  1. NiggiStalin

    Arabs were the first to enslave the African peoples. Long before us Europeans in the Transatlantic slave trade.

    You might to look up the Islamic conquests of Africa……they still practice this sick shit today. They were the ones who enslaved your ancestors for 14 centuries…..they even had European slaves as well. The Arab bastards still sell African slaves today. That is why many Africans have been migrating to European countries to escape the slavery.

    I wish no harm on the African people. The Arabs are arrogant and hold no remorse for their actions.

  2. Mumbi Gikuyu

    Black people need to stick to black and reproduce with black. We should stop diluting our genes and contaminating them with garbage.

  3. Ray Kemet

    My people need to quit falling hook and line for that bullshit of “acting black”, and associating “acting black” with rap, r&b, and hip hop. Stop falling for that social con game, especially giving the fact our people created and laid the foundation for most of the popular music the world enjoy, whether you’re talking about jazz, rock n roll, or techno, which techno played a major role in the start of the music many call EDM today. I’ve been listening to EDM for 23 years (since I was 11 years old) without no care about “acting black”, and could give less of a damn about me supposedly “acting white”, ( even though I’m Afrocentric) because I rejected social roles a long time ago. This is one of the real ways many black people are brainwashed. Many believe if you listen to some hip hop, that automatically means in there eyes, you somehow for black people, even if you’re non black. This faulty, fucked up thinking on black people behalf need to stop!!!!! We in the 21st century need to expand what it means to be black, because putting ourselves in a social box with just hip hop ain’t bearing no good fruit. Thankfully, this bullshit is changing as more blacks similar to myself has seen through the social con many blacks set themselves up with. Akin.

  4. Ray Kemet

    Derrick May, one of the grandfathers of techno music said it best: “The music industry only wants an entertainer, not an artist”. And when it come to black people, he was very right. Akin.

  5. MemoGrafix

    All music come from Us.
    Even Beethoven was a Carbon (Black) Maestro. The cave beast vampires blatantly whitened up. In some years from now Our People will be so impressed with cave vampires HipHop/Rap/R&B may be supplanted by them 2-legged animal vampires. We will be forgotten like We are in Classical, Jazz, Disco, House, Rock, Country, etc. music.

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