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2,495 Thoughts to “Migrants being sold as slaves in Libya”

  1. henry m

    I heard they tried this in Detroit, but the Libyans just returned them. Apparently the merchandise didn’t work.


    But it’s not just Libya. Slavery of black Africans still goes on in most of the Arab countries. In Saudi Arabia alone, hundreds of East Africans die every year in the hands of their employers who subject them to inhuman treatment and withhold their salaries. To my fellow Sub-Saharan Africans in general and East Africans in particular, keep your ass at home. Avoid the Arabs like the plague. Learn from the experiences of our West African brothers.

    PS: Avoid South Africa too. They’re really xenophobic down there.

  3. blokinrollow

    Viva democracia!

  4. Techflay Softwares

    Am African and am going to say this: Africans stay in Africa

  5. Auditore

    Muslims and Arabs have dominated the slave trade of black Africans for more than 14 centuries before the white man got involved for 3-4 centuries. But you never hear anyone asking the Arabs for reparations.

    1. Ronmake

      Auditore European mastered slavery better than Arabs/Muslims they make profit and build empires in new world.

    2. Ronmake

      Auditore Black people use to sold other Black People too. African Kingdom sold prisoner and kidnap villagers sold them to white men along with gold in exchange for guns and other tools.

  6. Ryon Morris

    African and European leaders are to blame for this.

  7. cool Man

    We don’t do that twarya do that you can se man hand him from twarya

  8. The Shepherd

    CNN and especially Amanpour where are u to celebrate 🎉 your lies after lies you support their overthrow of Gaddafi and this killing…where is she!!! Where is she to do this report?!!Shame on you amanpour shame one you

  9. The Shepherd

    Hilary Clinton, Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, NATO legacy….shame shame Gaddafi was murdered for this? Obama accused Gaddafi of having African mercenaries those lies after lies….where are they all with their lies

  10. David David

    this is also happening in some parts of japan.

  11. Tania Williams


  12. Daud FW

    CNN….if it was truly reporting, to late I’ve lost faith.

  13. Krissy Sullivan

    this is what the left will never say. “evil white people?” Really? Blacks have always turned on other blacks to profit from slavery. All you have to do is read back in the Bible when Joseph was sold into slavery. Slave labor was massive in Egypt to build the pyramids. Slavery was around well before the Columbus discovered the new world and people starting migrating to the United States and brought slavery WITH them which had already been around for Thousands of years. Black lives matter need to yell at other black people not whites. It was white abolitionists and white Americans that fought to free the slaves in America. Remember that!

  14. FINESSE Leak


  15. Big Berber

    looked very staged, I am not sure, but I saw the so-called people that were said laughing and not being in any kind of shock? DOn’t forget an illegal immigrant will say anything just to get sympathy to cross the border. going in with a camera and no one objecting…this so-called journalism is wrong on so many levels.. however, if it was really the case we have to condemn it and absolutely reject it. But the countries that bombed the hell out of Libya are now sending in their “journalist ” to ensure negative publicity. I think also it is just to scare black sub Saharan people from migrating to Libya to deter them from going to Europe. When in history did the west ever tell the truth.

  16. fenkil bullet

    (Black 4 Life) (Black Power)

  17. Francie Coleman

    Who’s selling them? Trump supporters? No! Muslims are! That goes against CNNs narrative

  18. Kamel Mebh

    Mrs Clinton war, and that is the out come of it, please please yourself

  19. sam halim

    CNN you all can show this to 💉 addict war criminals, Bush and Obama and Hillary who said about Libya we saw we came we took they all are killer who recruit funded isel dseash Taliban, al Qaeda terrors cia Israel to steal invade destroy Iraq then Libya, Syria and Yemen before all of that was ⛳ war, Lebanon all because USA are Israeli slaves..

  20. Bea Landrin

    Not surprised.

  21. Vannuge Jiiko

    Stay in your countries people please this is so bad

  22. judithnarz

    Remind me again, which media outlet couldn’t wait for Libya to be attacked and destroyed? Ah yes, CNN!!!! He is a dictator…….really, you figured that one out after decades? Yes, he was and everybody made dirty deals with him including the US. But it was a stable country, no slave trade, no migrant crisis. You, bigots, are really not worthy of being called a news outlet.

  23. Eric Rodrigues


  24. Dustin Baltis

    Keep these people out of Europe

  25. David Allen

    This is so great, now I can finally find a decent wife! Wheres the line for the women auction?

  26. ConcertsLiveHD

    anything posted by cnn is most likely BS



  28. Eddie Gee

    Where are the black nations.. Why are countries like Nigeria Ghana South Africa and other African nations taken any action. Africa is becoming an embarrassment and it’s always been a pathetic toilet bowl of the world

  29. Fokrul Islam

    libya a country under the west at the moment.

  30. Roman Darius

    So migrants go to another country and become slaves?   Should have stayed in their own country.

  31. LawandCoffeeTime

    Disgusting!Disgusting! I hate these people who sell human beings.

  32. molnar riki

    fake.they are smiling

  33. BrainFrezze

    I’m.. I’m speechless

  34. Tribe Benjamin

    CNN why dont you mention this is all thanks to OBAMA, HILLARY and the democRAT party you shill for?


  35. Mike Mcneill

    Fake news

  36. Mike Mcneill

    Who cares

  37. Mike Mcneill

    People are sheep to believe this CNN garbage …oh so sad lets let them all come over here so they can rape our woman

  38. Sam Murphy

    At least some people in the world still know how to treat niggers the way they should be treated

  39. Demetrius Slayton

    this he fakest shit every since

  40. Mike Pence

    Black people selling black people.

    1. Griez Mann

      Mike Pence the hostage holders are not black they are arabs is it not obvious enough apart from looking at their skin and that it is in Libya that they are arabs its actually unbelievable that you cannot tell.

    2. Mike Pence

      Griez Mann last I checked the videos are blacks was holding other blacks hostage and tuning the auction. I didn’t see any Arabs but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    3. Griez Mann

      These are arabs/white selling black people you retard or do you want to keep denying you are not at fault for anything like usual.

  41. Abdu Dauga

    I know what’s going on in Libya and I got to say one thing! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING IN LIBYA.FAKE!

  42. Y209 AEX

    CNN you don’t you expose the child trafficking and abuse in the film/music industry, or the filthy pedophile rings in your own government hypocrisy!

  43. Bacio Global

    Islam eat their own.

  44. go-ahead be-offended


  45. Youtube & Google are Islamaphobic & Zionist Scum

    Seems fake, anything to do with CNN its guaranteed fake news, all you have is one mobile video of few people talking, CNN reporter turns up can i speak to the person doing the selling & they cover there face according to her, then you have lots of people in a big room & one or 2 interviewed have been abused, i think the people are there for some other reason but CNN are cashing in because its happening in the middle east & people are falling for the media trick

  46. Freaky Gamer

    5:06 boothole. LMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Gaddafi protected your butthole. He is martyred by your beloved amrikis (american) who paid good money to al qaida to martyr him.

  47. Freaky Gamer

    Get out their black nigger woman before they auction you. What a bunch of nasty propaganda by cnn. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Freaky Gamer

    This man is responsible for slavery auction

  49. Musa Haziran

    Fuck Nato bcs they killed Colonel Gaddafi

  50. Ali Boss

    This makes me sad, ppl dnt have hearts

  51. E Williams

    Muslims invented the N.African slave trade, not Europeans.

  52. BasicallySarcasm

    Arabs never learn… they have this complex were they think they are higher then others. Prophet muhammed told not to discriminate anyone based on color/race. Thanks for covering this CNN

  53. Waseem Khan

    Libya is a shit hole now! Why? Because they turned there backs on Colonel Gaddafi! A great leader!

  54. SRFirstOne Super

    CNN sends a black women as reporter. How ironic.

  55. Ayaan Mohammed

    This breaks my heart. It breaks my soul. It shatters my faith in humanity. How can people do this in this day and age? Have we learned nothing from the worlds history? How is this not breaking news on every channel? All we hear all day is what Donald Drumpf is doing! Human beings are evil by nature. Always known this! This only proves it.

    1. YYZY

      Ayaan Mohammed it’s a heart problem, for out of it flows wickedness

  56. huns Ainus

    Who give money to this bitch to make this video

  57. huns Ainus

    This video is not true white devils probaganda

  58. Ellak Renur

    Middle eastern leaders. Whine about western degeneration colonization and help their refugees . While they go to the slavemarket and buys black slaves. The irony is strong in this one.

  59. Angelina Matthews

    Ironic that it is Muslims auctioning. Still in live with diversity?

  60. Adam Smith

    Excellent journalism. And this is horrible.

  61. Farhan

    blame it on american Christian for waging war for peace. religion of war attacked religion of peace and caused slavery.

    1. YYZY

      Farhan ignorance is bliss ain’t it

  62. Thomas Powell

    Muslims have enslaved blacks for centuries, so there simply going back to the good old days

  63. AKM5.45 SHOOTER

    Compliments of the US government

  64. Goodhuman

    No wonder there is no peace in African Arab world. .wicked and disgusting lifedtyle.if they control the world like USA .they will subject everybody to bow to them..God knows why he kept them without wisdom…

  65. Mahthias Fountain

    Why some of the men smiling and laughing, @00:30, if they’re actually being sold? This not a laughing matter if it’s true!

  66. ibrahim ayobi

    lol, two black men were sold in front of a camera for 400 dollars and they were lauphing ? maybe CNN should hire better actors to show how america is desparite to engage in oil rich countries affairs millitarily and destroy whats left from an oil field that once upon a time used to a safe country.

  67. Iam Leighton

    WoW! a black slave auctioneer selling black slaves, I guess nothing has changed since the Atlantic slave trade

  68. Snowfall 24

    And yet SJW’s like CNN say Halloween costumes are ‘cultural appropriation’.

  69. Hana Menker

    Fuk arbs. Evil people

  70. Mike Cuns

    they got what they deserve! go watch the video where they kill gaddafi.

  71. ehex3

    I say bring them ALL to Europe ! They’re going to integrate nicely.

  72. Ban Radical islam

    Are you kidding me? This is a report of Nov2017; Gaddafi died years ago; straight after assassination of Gaddafi, arabs-muslims started the slaves-trades of Black people, and it is still going on till today. *islam is slavery, it is just the truth, even the muslims-imam Tarek Fatah confirmed it.*

  73. Ban Radical islam

    It is islam selling slaves! Islam did it in the past, islam is doing it again. *ISLAM IS THE SLAVES-PROBLEM.*

  74. The Gooseman

    CNN can lick my ass

  75. Mohammed Ibrahim

    those people need punishment

  76. Lord Scorpio

    Thank you for telling their story. People need to know.

  77. Lord Scorpio

    This is sad. And yes Libya is sick. Equally sick as European American Democrats.

  78. fuzzywzhe

    Good thing that Butcher of Libya convinced President Uncle Tom to bomb Libya to prevent a humanitarian crisis..

  79. Eiby Velasquez

    Why isn’t BLM helping these people. I thought they matter.

  80. Chunk Yogurt

    Wait, what? My communist Jew sociology professor assured me that only white people were involved in slavery. This has to be Fake News.

  81. Expressivenification

    Gadafii was a Hero, He would have changed the shape of the world forever, had He been left to implement His Great Idea(The Gold Dinar) The Rothschild and other Jewish banking frims would not have allowed this there fore they killed Great man. They are the face of Evil, Not Gadaffi

  82. Expressivenification

    This is Gadaffis will before he was killled by the Zionist Jews.
    “This is my will. I, Muammar bin Mohammad bin Abdussalam bi Humayd bin Abu Manyar bin Humayd bin Nayil al Fuhsi Gaddafi, do swear that there is no other God but Allah and that Mohammad is God’s Prophet, peace be upon him. I pledge that I will die as Muslim.
    Should I be killed, I would like to be buried, according to Muslim rituals, in the clothes I was wearing at the time of my death and my body unwashed, in the cemetery of Sirte, next to my family and relatives.
    I would like that my family, especially women and children, be treated well after my death. The Libyan people should protect its identity, achievements, history and the honourable image of its ancestors and heroes. The Libyan people should not relinquish the sacrifices of the free and best people.
    I call on my supporters to continue the resistance, and fight any foreign aggressor against Libya, today, tomorrow and always.
    Let the free people of the world know that we could have bargained over and sold out our cause in return for a personal secure and stable life. We received many offers to this effect but we chose to be at the vanguard of the confrontation as a badge of duty and honour.
    Even if we do not win immediately, we will give a lesson to future generations that choosing to protect the nation is an honour and selling it out is the greatest betrayal that history will remember forever despite the attempts of the others to tell you otherwise.”

  83. Expressivenification

    Whether you liked Gadaffi or not, Libya had fought slavery, gave free health care, free education, social housing, was virtually debt free and owned its own oil. It was a bloodline for neighbouring African countries and opened up many opportunities and provisions. Since America’s colonial conquest of a Sovereign country there we saw billionaire rebel leaders (like we see in Syria too), millions impoverished debt ridden Libyans and a country enslaved to Western banks! To the Libyan rebels who fought with the enemy, you have fought yourself into slavery.

  84. jeje fellah

    i swear this is all lies THERE IS NO SLAVERY AUCTIONS I N LIBYA , CNN IS TRYING TO DESTROY LIBYA`S REPUTATION the africans lived with us in peace we shared our homes and food we always loved them and treated them good here is the proof

  85. Purple Daze

    Those poor negro men. They’ll always be slaves and unequal to other men.

  86. Solveig Sokcanic

    thankyou for the undercover story

  87. PanQuakes

    sandiggers beging sandniggers as usual

    1. Purple Daze

      PanQuakes They’re pathetic.

  88. yusuf nasser

    all Arabs intruders must be chased out of Africa and into their bloody hell deserts, they do not belong to that continent, they are intruders and we must one day chase them all to their hell….

  89. yusuf nasser

    may you Libyans and your likes be cursed by the conscience of the universe…how worthless is your religion

  90. idir lilou

    vive les chrétien

  91. idir lilou

    I want to kill all libya man

  92. idir lilou

    je veux tué toute les homme de libya

  93. MrRamazanLale2

    Jews start the slave trade again. Once Libya was the most intelligent and richest country in Africa and the Middle-east. Thank you Jewmarica

  94. guru k

    Fucking dirty arabs burn them all in mecca

  95. Bassam San

    i’ts feake alll
    كل هذا كذب
    البشر لا يتم بيعهم في ليبيا الشي الوحيد الصحيح انهم يهاجرون من ليبيا الى اوروبا
    اما كل هذه الاشياء فهي كذب

  96. Candyslim501

    If someone tried to “buy” me they’d better sleep with both eyes open. Hopefully these brothers kill who ever so called “owns” them. This is disgusting


    Libs think that slavery is inhumane?? Please they want these people in the west to vote for them at the expense of the taxpayers


    These niggas would be better off in their own countries instead they choose to go for free stuff in socialist europe, got caught by the arabs muzz them turn into slaves


    Hahahahahha so funny

  100. AnyaDicki6969 lol

    this is disgusting, as a person of color it is unsettling to hear of things like this as any other person would be


    5:38 Look how muscular you are and your telling me you men cant fight back??? I know they got weapons but I’d rather die with honour than be a next mans b*tch. Seeing this is just making me angry.


    I swear this is the sh@t that makes me hate muslims

  103. Tiptopspecs Whippinq

    This is black people selling black people…. to other black people

  104. zinzla1

    fake news mother fuckers like DUMTRUMP said , where did see someone salve smiling

  105. Suzan Mueni

    So sad in this era where we thought we’ve been revolutionised.May God watch over my fellow Africans

  106. Stella Ndali

    it is better to die fighting for your freedom rather to die a slave. it’s man to man fight. y’all have one life. when it comes to a woman now, una go wan show una self say you be man. exercise that your power and strength now…this is 21st century oga

  107. Vorpal and the Knave

    They should stop trying to enter Europe. These are the ‘refugees’ that are mostly economic migrants entering Europe at the thousands right? Libya apparently placed a constitution based on a ‘moderate’ version of Sharia Law and….well I guess they have applied this now. Arab Spring or no Arab Spring…it did not make much change.

  108. Thunder Foot

    Democracy and freedom at its finest.

    Welcome to the new world order.

  109. The Baddest

    I’m sorry but why are the people being sold off smiling?

    1. TheGogobooty

      None of them come from Arabic speaking countries so I suspect they don’t understand what is being said and think they are getting chosen by people smugglers for passage to Europe.

  110. ዝግታ ማና

    This is tauting. Africa failed its youth. As an African I have no words to express my sadness. The root cause is brutal opression, neglect and lack of opportunity in our own home lands. It is true for Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan etc. Those who are exploiting this sad situation of our youth will be held accountable.

    1. Griez Mann

      ዝግታ ማና1 The people in this video being sold are West Africans so there is no need to mention east African peoples nations problems as if they account for all of Africa, East Africans people have actual valid reasons to leave their countries and the majority of them who have left are in refugee camps and are classed as refugees for a reason while West Africans are economic migrants who as can be seen in the video put themselves at risk for money.

    2. G Holmes

      South Saharan Africa failed, period. You people have lives that are not worth living. Africa should use China as a model for how to escape poverty and join African countries into a larger economic base that is co-ordinated economically, on education and militarily. Until then all you will see will be corruption and excuses for failure.

    3. The Artman

      ዝግታ ማና we must do something Africans must end this misery once and for all lets puts our difference aside from a Kenyan brother

  111. KhiMB27x

    Those white -looking Arabs will some of them should have their azz kick for what there doing over there. Half or 3/4 of migrants were working to help build Libya until the chaos.Libya,Brunei are small wealthy countries.Those Libyan should be able to accommodate them some of ones that were there before bombing, take over so much for that.

    1. KhiMB27x

      And by the way what is this western style slavery quit the BULLSHIT.Some of them Libyan are even disrupting native black Libyans also .Number of the Africans probably don’t know whats going on. that game there playing.

  112. Tee Mack

    the US is fully responsible for that the US needs to stop sticking his nose in business around the world now we might be flooded with African immigrants

  113. Mishack Nthane

    a despicable conduct but we cant deal with the effects without addressing the root it was Fela Kuti who summed it up in Africa rich men they mess poor men they suffer, the problem is leadership a rich country like South Africa is daily being impoverished by an illiterate tribalist

  114. Rugged Techie

    Yea , gadafi was a monster right…… dumb mother fuckers. This is on your hands. Look at your buddy hilary Clinton and her evil self. Gadafi was the best thing for Libya, now it’s full of evil ass fake muslims. Now they are trying yo recolonize Africa…….it never stops . Mugabi is the last one. The last lion. Trump will try to recolonize Africa.

    1. Rasheed

      Rugged Techie im well aware of the powers behind it and those who spread this story.. the point of spreading this story is to prevent africans going to Europe. To my knowledge (and any other libyans i have spoken to) have never heard this slavery happening.. cnn sends a black woman to walk the streets of libya during a “black slave trade”.. wouldn’t be very smart considering libyans cant do the same.

    2. Rugged Techie

      Rasheed maybe you didn’t see it coming because you were pawns in a game ,it was meant to be unstable from the beginning. You can’t control a people that are stable and thriving , it’s much harder at least. They have them so worried about their safety that their eyes have been diverted from the money , resources , oil, your sovereignty. And who benefits from your confusion and pain, the same European powers that backed the coup in the first place. And you had a leader that wasn’t perfect but he gave a crap about the people, now you have what Afghanistan had. Insanity. And it was not organic , and it didn’t just happen. I can name names of those who were involved involved …..ill give you one Richard pearle ( the merchant of death) who was there setting all this up before gadaffi was killed. There are more. All European Nations. They are white supremacists and they are not there because they like you. Richard perle is Jewish but don’t let that confuse you just listen to Donald Sterling rant about how black Jews are treated like dogs in isreal and why the Palestinians are treated the way they are. It’s all stems from the same source. I ranted a little but all I said is verifiable.

    3. Rasheed

      Rugged Techie if our government went under right now, looting, rape, and murder would happen very quickly. Would you than say Trump was a good President? Just because situations got worse does not make a man’s character good. Yes its horrible in libya, no libyan expected THIS! And some probably would live under gadaffi again. Not because he was great, but it’s hell right now.. libyans saw Egypt overtake their leader, Tunisia do the same and things got better for them.. they followed that lead and found themselves here..

    4. Rugged Techie

      Rasheed …………oh okay…. What I do know is that before Gaddafi was overthrown the World Bank was not in Libya and now they are.

    5. Rasheed

      Rugged Techie i made no assumption about who you spoke or didnt speak to. But if you really did speak to libyans about this your have more doubt that this is even real. Most of this pictures and footage is not even in libya, the ones that are were from years back regarding an unrelated story. Ask yourself how would an “english” black woman be able to walk freely on the streets of libya when libyans cant.. My father and that whole side of the family is still there today. No one heard about slavery going on until a cnn news report… regarding gadaffi, of course having ANY leadership is better than having none. But while he made it look like he was trying to unite africa ask yourself beh8nd the scene what was it really like? He even stripped libyans of our flag thay had African colors… which returned as soon as he died

  115. LJ

    Gaddafi had the islamist nut jobs under control and was a true leader

    Now look at the state of the country. What a shame

  116. Magda Baez

    This is inhuman – I’m so pissed with the world – why is this happening? who’s gonna take care of this?

    1. Rasheed

      Magda Baez libyan citizens have been begging for help for years

  117. Houston هيوستن

    I am from Libya and this link shows that Libya is not for human trafficking

  118. Rusty Shackleford

    This is the white man fault. It’s the white mans burden to control these savages, this is what the white man needs to hold in check until the Enlightenment Era catches on there.

  119. Destiny Wright

    The American Civil War was fought in the United States from 1861 to 1865 by African Americas and other soldiers of color, fighting for their freedom and abolishment of slavery in the North and South. This historical event is one of the most prominent wars in American history which led to the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. In 1997, this life changing war for African’s and African American’s was commemorated in a memorial by Ed Hamilton, through the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. The African American Civil War Memorial and The Spirit of Freedom, is a bronze sculpture located at the National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington, D.C. along with many other monuments and memorials known to define the history of America.
    This 9-foot life sized two-sided bronze memorial took four years for Hamilton to complete. The front of the memorial depicts three black soldiers standing strong and firm with a rifle in their hands and a sailor controlling a ship wheel frozen in motion of navigating. Haloing and positioned behind these four men is the sculpted face of a man with his arms crossing his chest, with his head and body cloaked in a drapery abstractly resembling a flag. Inspired by the passage Psalm 91:4 
    He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.” Once Hamilton read this passage, he felt confident that he had realized his vision and that the figure with closed eyes unified his concept for the sculpture: not as an angel of death, but as an angel of protection leading the soldiers into battle.
    On the back of the memorial Hamilton shaped in low relief six members depicting the parents, wives, and children of the African American soldiers who went off to war. Large text located along the granite base of the memorial reads, “Who would be free themselves must strike the blow. Better even die free than to live slaves. (Friedrich Douglas, March 2, 1863).” To the left, a young wife holds a newborn in her arms, with a  fearful thought of the potential loss of her spouse. The soldier stands firm in his uniform while two little girls hold hands.
    The memorial commemorates 209,145 soldiers who died for this war. As well as social activist Friedrich Douglas. This memorial provides one of the earliest and truest depictions of black men with guns in hand. This is distant from the way white supremacy has depicted black and brown bodies with guns as criminals, thugs, and gang members through the vices of media, advertising, and pop culture. Actions like these are deliberate in feeding the masses a specific narrative, to keep the imposed identity intact. In a white dominated society, it is often that people of color get defined who they are by what the dominated society has told everyone what they are. 
    This can be seen in early 19th century Minstrel shows, where white actors put on blackface makeup in theatrical form and comic enactment of racial stereotypes.
    In an attempt to reclaim the image of black and brown bodies with guns, the people of color have translated the depiction into images of protestors, soldiers, and as an equally equipped culture. Like the emerging black actors whose responsibility was to reclaim and reimage the black character played by the white actor in blackface. In the black community’s eyes it may have been farce for white entertainment, however getting to play these roles allowed the black communities to be represented they way they wanted within the era’s limitations. 
    The memorial holds importance in its representation of those who went out to battle for the freedom of African slaves. This memorial sought to rectify the nation’s failure to recognize African American participation in the American Civil War. The memorial places African American men at the forefront of the story of American freedom, telling the true story of the foundation. This is the Black monument that celebrates the strength and bravery of the people whom had gone into war soon after slavery. 
    Despite escaping slavery,with beaten backs, separated families,and no promises, these men fought for their lives. Like the Whitney Plantation Memorial its confronting subject matter, brings forth thoughtful reckoning of America’s past. By providing material witness to the real names of the United States Colored Troops it cannot be deny that the war had been greatly contributed by these men. Hamilton took careful note of this by paying close attention to the details of the uniforms and the conceptually packed esthetic of the sculpture Spirit of Freedom. 
    Clothing the men in the traditional Union army uniform, reflects on such a significant moment in history. Creating a cultural memory and the imagery of the black individual as an individual to be respected. So often we walk amongst many forms of confederacy memorials. Blindly we see them as works of art not bronze sculptures that glorify the side of bigotry. By Hamilton creating this piece in a location that if often visited, he is potentially changing the way the black male is viewed in a White “majority “ metropolitan city. 
    Creating imagery that extends what we see in public spaces. Susan Sontag states in Regarding the Torture of Others that , words alter, words, add, and words subtract. If monuments signal the importance of historical events and individuals, then the absence of certain populations in monumental form implies that they are unworthy of public representation.Hamilton acknowledges that by those represented in the work. 
    Facial expressions of pain, fear, pride, and strength into the faces of the soldiers and family members. The way in which the men stand for their community through a work of art reaches out past its material. 
    The need to continue creating imagery that responds to the mass cultural memory that needs correction. The historical suppression of the role of African Americans in the Civil War is tied to racism, the battle for equal rights, and attitudes of white supremacy in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. And the social organization of forgetting and exclusion was the impetus for the new memorial. We can sit and complain about or dismantle the presence of confederate statues. Or we can create new works in response to those false testimonies. 
    Hamilton has contributed to many other works for the representation of American American history, including a monument dedicated to Booker T Washington and George DeBaptiste. Hamilton is educated in art history and does extensive research before starting a project on a historical figure. The contributions by Hamilton will forever help the next generations understand the roles African Americans. They will have something to show and express the stories behind African American’s contributions that often get dismissed.

  120. Fullilove-Bey

    Start writing letters and complain to these top officials. Boycott. Be active

  121. Pippie5555

    Don’t go to Libya. Stay home!
    Spread the message.

  122. LordLebu

    Greatest achievement of NATO

  123. Tav Tav

    Hillary Clinton the secretary of state under the administration and command of President Obama have managed to topple one of the best states in Africa to a slave trading muslim extremist hub.

    Clinton Jokes like Caesar, we came, we saw, he died.(Veni, vidi, vici)

    Before Obama and Clinton’s hawkish imperialism, the per capita income in libya was over $27,000 a year and living quite comfortably.
    Now the libyan people per capita income is 11,000 a year.

    Please take a listen:

  124. Ahayah Servant

    Am pretty sure it’s there own people selling them,!,

  125. Caliphate of Swedestan

    Oh wow Americunt democracy is working really well for Libya, isn’t it?

  126. talk2me9ja

    How the Zionists international war monger war profiteer thieves who uses nations like Britain and France and other NATO countries to destroy nations and loot the country is really what the world should be talking about.  Dirty criminals have never change.  Today they are engage in propaganda about Modern day slavery which their forefathers engaged in hundreds of years ago and which them their offspring are engaged in today destroying nations and looting them and then setting people against one another.  France has the massive loot that NATO countries removed from Libya.  They are criminal nation who refused to let Africa nations live.    If they are not spreading disease they are spreading wars falsehood and looting.  They did not need to be colonial master anymore they can just wait for the country to develop the wealth and take it down and loot the country wealth like they did Libya and AU member nation that the cowards Africa leaders watch  its leader killed like a dog on the street and the Zionist thieves got  NATO nations destroy Libya and steal the massive gold and silvers that Gadhafi amassed to develop that country.  France country of Zionists criminal thieves need to shut up and return the wealth of Libya that they stole.  They will pay massive interest on that loot.  Woe unto your fake propaganda about slavery which Britain and French forefathers carried hundreds of years ago and still destroying African countries and looting them and engaging in nonsense propaganda why using groups to kill one another and revel in it.  If Africa union exist they need to demand that a Member nation country Libya which NATO countries killed its leader Gadhafi and then looted billions of Libya Gold and Silver and then have Arabs to be attacking black people who were in that country as well as those African black people supported Gadhafi and now destroying them by funding Arabs killing and maltreatment of them so that the useless international criminals thieves whose forefathers slave dealings  are being exposed  can then use current events to write fake slavery events that their abominable criminal forefathers engaged in.  Woe unto these devilish degenerate criminals that will not live in their countries but one to continue to destroy us

  127. maria chavez

    Christians! Suport this with ther % to Israel Arabs world. And the oil! And now with the AI.

  128. Taliye sare

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  130. eon001

    These African countries that the migrants are fleeing from, should be fucking ashamed. Why would a country as rich as Nigeria have people so desperate to leave they risk potential slavery for a better life?

  131. Scott Emmons Emmons

    Oh a black slave trade? I guess whites can no longer be vilified by blacks for what happened 200 years ago when they’re doing it now .


    Go to Pacesetter Temp Staffing on Elysian St. In Houston, Texas. And I bet you wont!!! Not really that much better.

  133. Ras ras

    I am from southafrica and living in Libya.. this is fake report ..CNN been paid by European union to stop immigration by this report in order for black people not to immigrants to Europe because the only border is opened now is Libya after Turkey been stopped!! Dirty political game.

  134. Ras ras

    This is so fake!! Libyan population is 30% r black.. and we live together equally.. CNN has launched this fake news to stop immigrants to Europe from Libya.. fuck u CNN for messing our reputation.. who the hell will believe this. Fuck CNN for this dirty game

  135. six Jackson

    This is why there is blacks vs niggas

  136. six Jackson

    They sold us to the white men back in the day history repeats it self

  137. six Jackson

    Fuck Africa I will never go back

  138. Poplit

    People in Libya are scared to go outside after 7 pm how the fuck is she at some weird place at the desert and she was black 😂 and the guy that sells them he was black wtf is this lol I’m confused

  139. Eric Avery

    I thought they hate Europe because of slavery.

  140. Eric Avery

    I wouldent pay for them, most of the time people dont work for nothing

  141. hanin kurdi

    Absolutely disgusting

  142. roledemniggas now

    I got to do this for homework

    1. Rasheed

      If you are going to do it for homework, research it.. This is most likely not a true story! I am Libyan, my family is there and no one heard of this slavery until CNN with a black reporter somehow easily walking the streets of Libya reports on it..

  143. I Am Sam AKA Xenobia

    The US is crumbling & there is nothing anyone can do.

  144. Ichocolatebubble

    Fu k the government

  145. الياس فرحات

    This video is over exaggeration and look like propaganda how buy these people ans for WHAT ,what would libyians use these people for ??? Sad how people believe this

  146. James Mcmullen

    Fuck this STUPID shit. They are fucked up

    1. Daniel Clifford

      This is democracy that the west wanted to bring to Libya after removing Gaddafi from power. You can thank the west for this stupid shit.

  147. Juan Loera

    History repeats itself ! Such a horrible time we are living in currently. Very sad that this is going on in today’s world. Slavery is a continual problem worldwide!

    1. Ronmake

      Slavery been going on since Roman Empire days

  148. Colin Quinn

    Been saying this for years. How bad was Gaddafi then? Much better than this mess. you idiots, he was the barrier to keep africa out of Europe, nationalized his oil, tried to create the golden dinar, and gave his people free education and health care.

  149. lovelycars1

    Fake can’t u idiots see those guys were actors at th beginning. When u see cannot do this it’s not because they want to announce something going on it’s because they want to promote.somthing that isn’t happening so it can eventually happen.

  150. Inhumaneplays

    If Gaddafi was still alive, Africa would’ve been in peace

    1. Rasheed

      Africa has never been in peace! Coming from someone that lived in Libya.. peaceful areas, but lets be real!

  151. Yaser Nor

    No its not an evidence punch of liars ..Magically you have contact in Libya ? from the smugglers !!! and no faces ? You are planning to invade the country as you did in IRAQ ..if you care about human ,take care of your own people or your poor neighbors latinos ..Your Conscience only function with oil !!

  152. Nasir Gogh

    one day you ‘arabs’ would be a slave!!

    1. Rasheed

      Arabs are slaved!

  153. nahAlban

    Black people selling black people to Muslims? where have I heard this before?

    1. nahAlban

      Limitrophen uhuru I got it from Al Jazeera. Also the only other open slave markets in the world are in Africa, Mauritania, Sudan, Egypt, and South Africa.

    2. Limitrophe

      nahAlban This should be fun. Tell me exactly where in this particular CNN story in Libya you got the fact that these black Africans were sold by other black Africans to these Arabs. Please go right on ahead. I’ll help you out. You made it up. Because you live in your own world. A deluded moron with no concern for facts on any level. Just a run of the mill dimwit with a political agenda.

    3. nahAlban

      Limitrophe uhuru. It’s always the same in Africa. Africans sell Africans they sold them to Europe they Sold them to the Middle east. Get over it that is historical fact.

    4. Limitrophe

      At no point in this story was it ever implied that black people sold these slaves to the Libyans. You asserted that yourself out of nowhere to suit your dishonest agenda. I bet you do this sort of thing all the time. Living in your own made up world never concerning yourself once about whether or not the things you tell yourself are grounded in reality. What a pathetic existence.

  154. helen ayemoba

    The world is aware how dangerous Libya is now by the time these migrants are out of that slave country they will start selling their own organs for money. South East and West shouldn’t think of Libya as gate way to Europe Libya finished.

  155. Joshua Giron

    Black person supporting Islam is like a chicken supporting KFC.

    1. Rasheed

      a black person supporting Islam is supporting black roots.. Black people supporting Christianity, now THAT is like chicken supporting KFC.. (not saying any religion is right/wrong) but Christianity is what slaved black people in the United States.. BTW, coming from a Libyan, not one Libyan I know heard of this “slavery’ until CNN broke the story. Interesting isn’t it? especially considering a black reporter walked freely in streets that Libyans themselves cant.

  156. trueleowdeo

    very soon slaves will be bought and sold in islamic Paris France

  157. RealTalk

    So the auctioneer is black too?

  158. Nunya B

    So disturbing.

  159. HG Ward

    What CNN didn’t have enough money to buy a few freedom?

    1. Rasheed

      they had enough money to fake the story! Send a black english reporter to walk freely walk & record in places that Libyan civilians can’t.. Coming from a Libyan American with much family there. I will tell you, Libyans did not hear about Slavery happening until CNN reported it. Interesting!

  160. Jason W

    HILLARY, OBAMA, and McCain’s fucking fault PERIOD END OF STORY. This was done for NWO advancement, Muslim extremist immigration overload into Europe like the unstoppable flu to slowly take over everything which then would separate the 99% from the 1% ultra elite. Their days are numbered and a reckoning is expected. Hillary destroyed Libya and she deserves nothing less than a spear shoved up her asshole that comes out of her fucking mouth..Satanist Cunt

  161. Lady Lazarus

    It’s disheartening to see how much people don’t want to face reality or are these just more Russian bots?

  162. Luciana Laurel

    all the buzzfeed politicians in the comments

  163. ad da


  164. Jarred Reed

    watch 5 day ago in sharemovies

  165. Esireyewun Sanni

    This is so funny. It is so ironic that the so called first black president of the US is the one that created the conditions for slavery to thrive in Libya.

    1. Rasheed

      If slavery is actually happening, this does not add up at all. Libyans learn about slavery happening from CNN first? mind you, send a black reporter to walk freely on streets that libyans can’t? Oh and most of the pictures are not even in Libya or from years back totally unrelated footage.

  166. Abdo Libya

    its so sad to see all these people in the comments believing this crap

  167. Kandy Kaze

    Every organ harvested, rape, trafficking, slavery, torture, killing & Dehumanizing acts will be brought to light. These fucking bastards will die a painful death.

  168. Kandy Kaze

    This shit has been going on for years. So sad!!!All entities and countries including all organizations involved in this dehumanizing act will reap it back. No need to retaliate. The world is suffering because of selfish egotistic humans but every New World order will be eradicated. Even these so called elites will face judgement. We are all humans and no one is supreme than the other. I cannot wait for judgement day. There’s no forgiveness at the last minute. A fool knows the evil he does and keeps on doing it until he is brought down.

  169. King's Queen

    I just don’t understand… !

    1. Rasheed

      Coming from a Libyan american with family there, don’t believe the story. No one that I know or spoke to after this knew of any slavery until CNN broke the story. That doesn’t add up to me. Especially considering that the reporter is a black woman that is walking freely in streets that Libyans can’t.. Considering the topic of the story, REALLY does not add up.

  170. Shannon Louise

    DEAR ARABS, As a white girl I know what it’s like to be blamed for slavery so welcome to the party because it ain’t gonna stop, so when they do blame you just laugh.

  171. Brian Lee


    as Trump would say

  172. Showdown


  173. zed meslem

    why don’t you chip in and buy them a ticket to Europe if you really care about them

  174. Sekhmet 13

    when is it that black people are gonna get it???get the fuck out of islam ,live that garbage belief to arabs you stupid idiots. Stop being an abdi.

  175. Abduljabar Said Omar

    Israel will come libya soon!

    1. SANAA Elf

      In your dreams😂😂😂

    2. adi yaf

      israhell is kicking your ass too retarded black piece of shit
      search israel racism against blacks in youtube

  176. Jacqueline Bell

    Free my people man this shit crazy 😔

  177. MainstreetMyrnn

    Stick a dictator back in libya, he will sort et out.

  178. Fila Nike

    May God strike and destroy these demons in Libya carrying out these activities.. I think some people don’t qualify to be called human beings they are simply products of satan

  179. Robert Gray


    1. Robert Gray

      Limitrophe When I spoke of “with that skin color” I was referring to the men in the video selling the Africans, not you. It nothing to do with you as a person. As it pertains to your second point, “how could I use you as an example cause I don’t even know you”, means that exactly. You assumed I saw your picture and used you as an example and I never saw your face. I actually understand how you would come to that conclusion, I really do, I get it.

    2. Limitrophe

      Are you actually autistic? Robert. Please. Rationalize this: “And with that skin color you would be black to any other race of people” and “How could I use you as an example when I don’t even know you, what you look like”

    3. Robert Gray

      Limitrophe I actually never paid attention to your photo at any point in time. I’m on a phone and very busy. I don’t work a job, I’m an entrepreneur. Im just online killing Tim cause I have down time right now. To give energy to such details as it pertains to your face or skin color, I honestly never saw your picture. I pretty sure you don’t believe that, but then again that’s probably irrelevant. No malice meant in the conversation because it’s merely a conversation and nothing more. Be blessed my friend, I gotta get back to what I was doing. May God bless you!

    4. Limitrophe

      Robert Gray: “How could I use you as an example when I don’t even know you, what you look like”

      also Robert Gray: “And with that skin color you would be black to any other race of people and sold into slavery”

      and now you’re going to pretend as if you can’t see my display picture? You know, the one you referenced in your first comment? This is precious. Almost as precious as trying to pretend the second quote could possibly be “a general statement” on any level.

      It’s almost like a dog that’s just living in the moment. Totally forgetting what it was up to just minutes earlier. My God Robert are you really not reading anything you write? I’m almost starting to feel a bit bad for you. I’m surprised you ever learned how to read.

      Also another gem from you: “Learn to have an adult conversation like an adult” …Lol as opposed to having an adult conversation like a child right?

    5. Robert Gray

      Limitrophe How could I use you as an example when I don’t even know you, what you look like, or who your parents are. For all I know you could be a white guy in Wisconsin. I made a general blanket statement and you took it personally when I’ve never seen you in my life. Do you understand now or are you still in your feelings? What insult comes next? Let’s hear it……….. you’re great at it now. You’re a legend!

  180. Michell A Jackson


  181. cgv tae

    I just watched Ross Kemp’s documentary and i think that one is much better. You can see every detail of those migrants in every detention centers. Lack of food and medicine. No one dares to care if they will die in Sahara dessert while crossing from Nigeria to Libya. Migrants being kicked inside detention center and if you will escape you will be shot. I got destructed when i saw a lot of kids in detention centers. I don’t know how they will survive. Those kids should be taking cared and live a normal life instead of being put in that kind of crisis.

  182. Chuck Barry

    fuck blame obama.trump ain’t lifting s finger to help.fuck these Arabs .stop buying booze from there stores and gas from there stations

  183. Thomas Darem

    “Auction of human beings” Blacks arent human

  184. Thomas Darem

    We should not sell black people into slavery, we should just put the im the gaschambers

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  186. Omar Ali

    The SAD truth is LIBYA is in AFRICA and the Reporter is a SUDANESE & many comments are coming from people who’re living in Africa but Arabs so wish all Arabs to be evicted from our continent and go back to where they came from.

    1. Rasheed

      The Sad truth is we don’t know the truth. Coming from a bi racial libyan, it makes no sense that Libyans learn about slavery from CNN. That does not add up to me, mind you a black reporter walking the streets of Libyan where Libyans cannot walk themselves.

  187. melik khairat

    libyan people are extremely ignorant so the fact that slavery is absolutely unacceptable hasnt yet come to their minds

    1. Rasheed

      Can you point me in the direction of slavery footage in Libya? because most of these clips and videos are not in Libya or footage from years back to an unrelated story. The only “new” footage is the guys laughing.. Coming from a Libyan, I find it interesting I learn about slavery in Libya from CNN.. A black reporter walking the streets of Libya freely as my Libyan family would be killed for doing so. Does not add up at all!

  188. Easy Aces

    04:17 desiigner is that you !??

  189. شوارع ليبيا

    I am from Libya this video is fabricated this false newspaper should be investigated

  190. Liam McIrishman

    Beautiful. These dindus think they’re going to sneak into white countries, mooch off the government and commit crime, and they get caught and sold into brutal slavery, lol!

    1. Drew DU DA GOAT

      lol that’s just a word u act like it will change the outcome of the argument

    2. Liam McIrishman

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    3. Kanwadyo Pinho

      Liam McIrishman Sorry bud but as a fellow Irishman must Blacks here are working and some are studying the younger generation about 18-21are working and in college. Also where is the Black crime in Ireland? Are there plenty of Blacks in Ballymun but explain mac william then in Citywest. Its filled with Blacks and these houses are clearly not social housing you see the Blacks have cars and go to work. These people work and pay the taxes you dirty scumbag. By your logic social welfare in Ireland should be filled with Blacks especially in Dublin but its not care to explain why faggot?

  191. Nick Harley

    What is wrong with the world.

  192. Saharra M

    NONE of you people in this comment section care.

  193. Ivan Agyeyev

    Don’t worry, Libya is a democracy now and evil Gaddafi is dead!!

  194. 54321 12345

    This world is F up. 29 years old do I want kids No. Do I want them to see this No. Bring another helpless soul to this planet F No.

  195. obadiyah54

    People, didn’t the scriptures tell us that Canaan Would be a slaves to Shem and Japheth?…..YES! Well could this be more of the prophecy taking place? That many forgot about…The Canaanites deceived Joshua/Yisrael…and the were to Fetched water, and be hewer’s of wood for the children of Yisrael, however, they are also to be servants/SLAVES to Japheth….I will not cry for these other nations I don’t know!!!! My tears are only for my people.

  196. GeniusLoci1970

    Fuck Arab, fuck Allah, your Allah is a shit dog! Arabs are subhumans !!! remove Arabs from Africa.

    1. Rasheed

      Allah is the Arabic translation of God. Arab Christians use the world Allah because it’s an Arabic word, not an Islamic word. BTW, Muslims believe in jesus as well! just to blow your mind

  197. Max Hall

    Bet they didn’t think their journey would end with them being in full time “employment”………cough.

  198. joe812 azmarino

    May your soul rest in peace muamer gaddafi

  199. tysswe1

    Everybody give a big round of applauds to hillary! We love you! Make slavery great again!

  200. HAL

    Imagine if Trump had tweeted about this, there would be outrage at him calling attention to things like this.

    1. Rasheed

      HAL what does your “of course its news to you lol” supposed to imply? I am libyan, i have more family IN libya than out. My dad, sister, and that whole side of my family are there NOW. I am well aware of the state of a country my family is in – where I used to live.. i love how with the internet everyone is an “expert” finding history on Wikipedia and tell me who I am, where im from, and tell me about things I LIVE! It’s beyond ridiculous

    2. Rasheed

      HAL google countries that have LEGAL slavery. You’ll see there are more peoplen slaved outside of the middle east than in. And countries that practice Buddhism actually has the highest number of slaves.. christianity/catholicism has alot as well… western countries love pointing the finger at arabs, middle eastern people, and muslim people.. Well that finger has shit on it, and it stinks just as bad.

    3. HAL

      Anyway 46,000,000 slaves around the world today, Libya isn’t the only culprit at all. All over India and Middle East too

    4. HAL

      Rasheed of course it’s news to you lol doesn’t make it fake. Lots of footage and testimony.

    5. Rasheed

      HAL what i am saying is… as a libyan, its interesting that we hear it from cnn first.. a black reporter at that, talki g about slavery on streets that my dad would get KILLED walking on.. I will tell you this, there is no actual footage of slavery in this video. I can tell you first hand thay migrants have been working illegally, to find work they’ve gone to what? Secret auctions for employment.. that is a fact!!! I am not 100% denying that slavery is happening because there is alot of crazy shit going on.. I can say for sure that libyan citizens are unaware of it.. if that’s what the militias are doing, its news to us..



  202. LA GALAXY

    this is what trump had to say

  203. dustin K

    I hate to laugh at human suffering but I can’t help but to be struck by the irony of the situation both back then and now. If anybody, ask these people for reparations

  204. The Black Illuminati

    Stop worshiping the sun and you wouldn’t be in slavery. The true God is EL.

  205. Jmikey

    these people are treated like cattle by other blacks . Just like the old days.

  206. Jmikey

    yes it is crazy. This black reporter chick doesn’t understand that being a slave was at one time a lot in life. Some people were slaves and glad to be slaves. They would often rather be slaves than killed. That was done back then . Prisoners of war and criminals were Executed!
    Slaves were fed and housed could maybe escape. You can’t escape if you’ve been executed .
    Muslims invented black African slavery. And today black African Muslims are selling each other.

  207. marlon green

    Fuck these arabs..

  208. DontTread0nMe

    Okay, so I really want to be on CNN’s side this time, because blacks are selling slaves in 2017, which proves Liberals are full of shit. However, I can’t believe anything CNN says anymore. I know Africans are ape people and blacks still sell slaves, and sand monkies do too. CNN I can’t tell if you are lying about knowing the truth. That’s a mind fuck.

  209. Latfia Muthana

    First of all this is forbidden in Islam and people need to understand this is haram This is the people doing this they can fight for them selves a grown man can fight shame on the Libyan government may demolish every oppressers of theses people and may Allah swt grant each and everyone of them freedom sick wallah sick I’m Muslim and this is not at all any part of Islam we are only servents to Allah swt stop judging Islam

  210. Old Man Strength

    Yet the news is all about Trump’s Tweets

  211. Old Man Strength

    Where is Black Lives Matter!? Bitches

  212. Name not Found

    How much for a female one, I got like 12 bucks on me

  213. Wilhelm Z

    And yet CNN was totally in favor of the bombing of Libya and overthrowing Gaddafi at the time. Fake news channel.

    1. Rasheed

      You calling CNN a fake news channel should be the first to call this story out on it’s BS. it’s not even real. But than you could not blame Hillary on something that’s not happening.

  214. Wilhelm Z

    Thanks Hillary.

  215. Omar

    If there country was stable economically and socially no one will have to face all that atrocities. Africans are even worse in treating there kind. But Arabs are still bitches.

  216. BiffTannen2015


  217. ADRIQOS

    This is a Muslim practice. Tell the truth CNN. Tell the damed truth you gutless fakester news agency.

    1. Rasheed

      If CNN was telling the truth the story would not exist. It’s interesting Libyans learn about slavery from CNN before knowing about it.. And they have a black reporter walking down the streets of Libyan that Libyans can’t walk down, you know that does not add up at all.

    2. Rasheed

      ADRIQOS this is a gang practice… Muslims of libya are in fear of these gangs. Libyans are fighting these people daily.. putting their lifes at risk.. they (citizens of libya) have been begging for help from the gangs that took all the military weapons after thr government was over thrown…

  218. Odin Odinson

    Where’s all the cultural marxists and egalitarian faggots when you need them?

  219. Joshua Caldwell

    This is so racist.

    1. Rasheed

      yes against Arabs. There is a high probability this story is not true and just making arabs look bad. Libyans learn about slavery in their own country from CNN before knowing about it first hand.. that does not add up, AND they use a black reporter walking the streets of Libya freely that Libyans cannot walk themselves do to gang violence.

  220. Ahmed Ben Sassi

    This is fake AF

    1. Ahmed Ben Sassi

      What the Islam has to do with our discussion
      I didn’t talk about islam , and for that matter i didn’t talk about black ppl too
      i just simply said that the report is a big ass fat lie
      don’t change the subject

    2. Ahmed Ben Sassi

      Sorry for taking so long to replay to you < but you see i don't have much time to waist on a sheep guy who takes his knowledge from the media .. but never the less . i feel that i have to point out that the fucking reporter was a fucking black too R u a fucking stupid to believe that she can go in , report , and out just like that Maybe we are scum , but at lest we are not stupid Sorry dude but you have to take a lot of life change decisions or you'll stay live in the shadow of the media for ever :v

    3. Limitrophe

      They can never admit on any level the flaws of their countries too. Just mindlessly dismissing any negative aspect being brought to light. This buffoon most likely made up his mind before even putting the idea to thought.

    4. BiffTannen2015

      Ahmed Ben Sassi YOUR PEOPLE ARE SCUM

  221. Federico D

    If you take other lands’ resources for centuries, expect their people to come as well, sooner or later

  222. Federico D

    If they are anything like other corrupt countries, the guys running the shelter are also selling the slaves

  223. Michal Spanur

    foul taste of freedom..

  224. 01 10

    No surprise muslms have been doing this for over a millennia.

    1. Rasheed

      01 10 these are gangs doing this too muslims.. libyan citizens have been fighting these gangs since the government qas overthrown. Begging for help against them.. the news doesnt want to report that, because the karsashians are so important.

  225. GdAkaDaesungsSugarDaddy

    It’s so weird seeing this, since almost half of the countries like Lybia, Morocco, Mauritania,etc. consist of black people.

  226. Defact

    Say thanks to Hillary Clinton for destroying Libya!

  227. jamricsloe

    Business as usual. I bet this was happening during Gaddafi’s rule. Any excuses to blame somebody else.

  228. ذاكرة بنغازي

    i am from libya in this video is game from shit what the call it USA FUCK YOU ALL

  229. Honon Ebewele


  230. William Hughton

    This shit is a fucking hoax look at these guys who are being sold smiling who in the fuck would be smiling while being sold into slavery

    1. Rasheed

      And CNN sends a black reporter to walk the streets of Libya freely as Libyans civilians can’t. that does not add up at all.. lol!

  231. Aaron Carter

    Do you really think they would let a female come to the slave show .no chance has to be made up footage. Cnn is a joke .just report the facts you don’t need to mack suit up to make it more exciting it’s not a film it’s real life

  232. HowYaDoingMon

    Funny CNN talks about Libya’s slave trade, but nothing on Dubai or UAE in general on what that country has been doing to Southeast Asian migrants for the last 20 years. This thing in Libya only started at the earliest 5 years ago. I guess only black people suffering is newsworthy.

    1. Rasheed

      HowYaDoingMon people have family buddy and people communicate.. my father and sister are there.. along with my entire dads side of the family.

    2. HowYaDoingMon

      So you’re no longer in Libya? That means you don’t know what is really going on.

    3. Rasheed

      It’s news worthy when it’s not a true story to make an Arab nation look bad. Libyans learning about slavery in their own country from CNN does not add up. Coming from a Libyan (me).. And a black reporter at that? black reporter walking freely on streets that libyan civilians cant.

  233. Ralph P.

    I guess this is a byproduct of Clinton/Obama policy. This is got to be capitalism t its best. Supply and demand? North Korea refers to this outcome as a justification to keep their nuclear weapons. Qaddafi must be turning in his grave for having relinquished his nuclear program.

  234. Metal Slug

    This is fucked up why is this here in The United States Of America nothing is being heard about it I only heard about this because Francis Ngannou UFC fighter spoke of this after his win over Alister Overeem WTF

  235. Sammy Awada

    if this was true why didn’t cnn buy them all and free them …what a bunch of lying mother fuckers….fooling simple minded people especially dumb americans…

    1. Rasheed

      Or why do they send a black reporter to walk the streets freely that libyan civilians can’t? Does not add up!

  236. Cherissa Nyakana

    Check out this link to hear about different perspectives and what been going on.

  237. Sammy Awada

    why are they laughing….definitely fake news you dumb zionist bastards…

  238. Tom Esayas

    I dont blieve this is true , one question everyone asking WHO BUY THE SLAVES ????

  239. Theo Ne

    America’s 1st black President restored slavery to the world and won a fucking Nobel Peace Prize. You can’t make this shit up. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so terribly disgraceful.

  240. marley vines


  241. angelthman

    Why didn’t she call the police? It was more important to get a news story than saving people.

    1. Rasheed

      angelthman there is no police in libya.. thats the problem, the government was overthrown and gangs are taking over.. libyan civilians have been begginf for help.. its not just nigerians unsafe

  242. Just Juice

    It’s easy to understand,
    Remove the federal government, have some armed groups(revolutionaries) take over some states(cut up territories for themselves) while implementing sharia law in those states and let’s see what will happen to the US.
    The weird thing about this, is that even during the so called uprising, the “revolutionaries”, the so called “freedom fighters” which most Western powers supported with training, weapons and aid, who could be heard shouting ‘Allah akbar’ any chance they got, are the very ones filling the ranks of Isis now, the very ones smuggling migrants into Europe, the very ones who have taken entire towns and introduced sharia law to people who were becoming circular, those very individuals are the ones buying, selling, beating and raping people… Well? Would you blame them? They were promised democracy, renewed investor confidence, an open market… Instead they got puppet leaders who are detached from the common man, foreign companies draining their oil and other recourses, a market only catering to global elitist, and a state that can barely pay $400 a month to government employees.

  243. Daniel Corregan

    This isn’t possible because only white people own and sell slaves and Arabs definitely didn’t trade slaves for hundreds of years longer than Europeans.

    1. Limitrophe

      Nobody is making that argument. That’s something you’ve created in your own mind because it suits your agenda. You’d like to hear that wouldn’t you? Of course. While simultaneously telling other people to stop pretending to be victims most likely.

  244. Ojberretta Berretta


    1. Rasheed

      It’s interesting how a black woman is reporting this and walking freely on streets that Libyan civilians can’t. don’t believe everything on the news.

    2. Limitrophe

      Ignore my racism. Look at the racism of others instead.

  245. L A

    A lot of body parts to market! Sickos…

  246. Samira Sirin

    This can just coming from terrorists not from the Libyan goverment. Gaddafi was a terrorist and made the same with Tunisians in Libya!

  247. HomelessOnline

    So what’s new? Mooslims have been taking Africans as slaves for over 1,000 years. It’s their “culture,” which I’m told we shouldn’t criticize.

    1. Rasheed

      HomelessOnline much africans are muslims.. and if you look up the countries that have legal slavery and the number of people legally slaved. Buhdism has the highest number of people, islam and christianity are very close in numbers.. islamic coubtries has 2 more countries than christianity but the population of enslaved people are higher under christian/catholic countries. Btw. Its illegal in libya the same way sex trafficking (SLAVERY) Is illegal in united states.. but THAT is a multi billion dollar industry here i the US

    2. HomelessOnline

      I’ll buy that. Nevertheless, mooslims have been taking Africans as slaves for over 1,000 years. And Westerners aren’t inclined to criticize them, either. Mooslims that took Africans as slaves would cut off the young males’s balls and peckers to keep them from procreating, and they’d murder the black concubine slaves’ babies, too, so they had to keep going back for more slaves every 5-7 years. Maybe mooslims are fighting these gangs, and maybe the Christians do sit idly by–though I can’t imagine why in a place like North Africa! (A little Westerner humor for you there.) If you’re from Libya, I sincerely apologize for obama and clinton’s results there. I guess I could say the same if you were from Egypt, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and a few other countries.

    3. Rasheed

      HomelessOnline nigerians are muslim buddy.. these are gangs that the libyans citizebs have been fighting alone for years while beggibg for help… that doesnt get news though, only report what gangs are doing as a muslim act.. muslims aree fighting these gangs while the christians watch

  248. America First

    Thanks Obama Bin-Ladin and Clinton Cartel… Doing what you do best!!!

  249. Frank Castle

    Black lives matter

  250. Frank Castle


  251. lee huy nguyen

    Where’s kaepernick now? or BLM? Guess black lives don’t really matter…

    1. Limitrophe

      Whataboutism. How uncompelling.

  252. Yusha abdul-quddus

    During the rule of Qaddafi black Libyans lived a life of honor, dignity and prosperity. Shame on Obama and NATO. They will pay when they stand before God on Judgment Day. And anytime there is a loss of the rule of law, the scum of a people always rise to play their abominable position. I’m not surprised. I don’t blame all Libyans for what a few scumbags are doing. But I do blame all African nations who are in a march’s reach from Libya for standing by and doing nothing. Black people are the strongest people on Earth, physically, but have the weakest heart it seems. Stand up African leaders!
    Show less

  253. Nova

    It’s all fake. There are no slaves in Libya

  254. shima khlifa

    and the man how help them is a libyan to

  255. shima khlifa

    How did she still live will she is black and not killed?? how did she get in and out? what’s the town name? to be known to us as libyan to help to stop any one would do something like this

  256. Alex Andreas

    Am Libyan and I say to my fellow African brothers and sisters to not let the fake news cnn to destroy our union… remember this was done by a militia group not by the state. Militias operate as gangs and like any other gangs they human traffic people through slavery. Kinda the same thing how Russian gangs sell their women to slavery. We as Africans whether blacks or arabs must be united. Even in South Africa blacks treat other black Africans bad!! We can not let those Europeans divide us!!! We are all one

    1. Alexander Vinesmoke

      Your name is alex andreas bruh if u are african, then i’m asain lol… isn’t europe fault that u are stupid.We won and u lose, u should blame yourself for that.

  257. Jonathan Vian

    There is more slavery in the world than any other time in human history. There is 30 million known slaves.

  258. mar kel

    haha this is FAKE !!!! CNN no good !!!

  259. Ahlam Ahlam

    That moment you realize that theres no place like home.

  260. BlessedByHim

    Jesus tell me this is a sick joke 😡😡😡

    1. Rasheed

      I’m not Jesus but it is very likely a sick joke…. it does not add up at all!

  261. Ara Wakbar

    When that journalist learned from her contacts that there will be slave auction , why it don’t have the authorities backing her up to seize the camp after confirming the slave auction . Either CNN people are retarded or this is just another stage fake news .

  262. Ara Wakbar

    This is so fucking pure fake source . . CNN are exploiting this migrant situation to appeal to international that they are still journalist . But no, CNN is a very big threat to the world for misleading a lot of idiots who believe them .


    Hold on my people. Not too long to go now!
    The *400 Year Prophecy* is 1619-2019.

    2019 is the END of the captivity period. Then 2020 we see the Judgment on these wicked nations just like when we were in Egypt watching the locusts, frogs, water turn to blood.

    *THEN,* after all this treachery, we will be delivered!

  264. TheXDatabase YTC

    can’t wait to hear how white people are to blame

  265. TheXDatabase YTC

    i wonder if anyone will care when they will start reselling white people in Europe

  266. Viranko

    Who is selling and buying them? Who else? Muslims of course!

    1. Rasheed

      Viranko nigerians are muslim buddy! These are gangs taking over libya without a government. Libyan civilians have been fihjting these gangs for years without outside help..

  267. LY AQILA

    Here is the truth

  268. Veni Herliani

    This is heartbreaking but, I just don’t believe CNN…😠

  269. LilannB

    No mention of this being an Islamic country and that slavery is still practiced in parts of the Islamic world.

  270. VI H.

    Europe needs to learn from australia how to stop the boats and hence the slave trade.

  271. RexStylez44

    Im sure they will find a way to blame white people for this

    1. Limitrophe

      You really want to be a victim don’t you?

  272. anna abbosrra

    I am Libyan but I think this is wrong also Libya this isn’t that bad compared too there things happening in Libya every day​ tons ibyans die because of murder

  273. Mags89

    This is so sad.

  274. Farai Mose


  275. Farai Mose


  276. Roza ሮዛ ሩዝ


  277. Roza ሮዛ ሩዝ


  278. keyonda sanders

    Black people enslaving blacks??? So are whites are real enemy??? Is it bigger than black and white…??? Who is or what is the real enemy??? Think thinking??? What is the truth???

    1. Ronmake

      keyonda sanders Black people is their biggest threat to own their own people

  279. Salwa Nour


    I allow myself to write you this letter, to explain you what is happening in my country.

    Know that Libya is totally destroyed and that the Libyan people are massacred by ISIS.

    Our army is doing its best to fight ISIS and during this time, mafias are taking advantage of this chaos, especially the mafia of smugglers, who kidnap migrants, mistreat them, torture them and demand a ransom to their family to release them

    Know that slavery is considered as a crime in Libya, and this is not at all a normal and acceptable practice in Libya, nor acceptable to the Libyan people.

    It’s just that we are helpless and we do not have the opportunity to protect or care for migrants because we spend more time trying to stay alive.

    I ask you not to spread hatred against the Libyan people or Libya, because we are as victims as the migrants

    And we ask you to help us.

    We are drowning in our blood, and we are not able to protect the migrants. Our army doesn’t have the means for the moment to take in charge these mafias.

    And the Western media as CNN if they launched this controversy, it is to send troops to Libya, and add interference on the interference.

    And believe me, they do not care about migrants, they just want to find a way and an excuse to return to Libya to loot it.

    I ask you to measure, and understand the current dangerous geopolitical situation of Libya.

    Time is for unity and not division.

    Although I understand that you are concerned about the situation of migrants, the situation of Libyans is just as worrying.

    I ask you to understand that we are not able and do not have the means to protect the migrants, in the current chaos of Libya, we must first take care of ISIS, before we take care of all these mafias which abound in Libya.

    And if harm has been done to the innocent, I speak on behalf of all Libyans, we apologize for it.

  280. Vanessa Alicea

    They look pretty happy getting sold off there

  281. Breznevt Tyson

    I don’t care but FUCK libya n may God burn them to hashes

    1. Rasheed

      and why should god ‘FUCK’ Libya for what some gangs are doing? should God Fuck the united States for sex trafficking which is slavery? it’s a multi billion dollar industry here – in the States.

  282. moist faucet

    Muhammad had been doing it since he was born. check the quran.

  283. MPVidz Productions


  284. Sandro Soares

    Human being is disgusting for doing thid with your equals.

  285. Justin Trudeau Cringe Channel

    That guy has the voice of a monster!

    1. Mike Mcneill

      Justin Trudeau Cringe Channel you have the hat of a monster

    2. Fardeen Anwar

      Sounds like he won’t even mind butchering them and disposing them off into the garbage.

  286. sifiso simelane

    These is slavery, this is bad and Gaddafi predicted this

  287. oliver eales

    what happens if they just run away?

  288. romeo kamnang

    This is what happens when workers have no legal protection, that kind of stuff is restarting here in America

  289. Esmarelda Real

    Why is CNN acting like they’ve discovered something? This was already known and reported by other news. Is CNN actually trying to play catch-up? Did they figure out that BHO and HRC supported this slave auctioning?

  290. miker skog

    Крiмлёвская пропоганда!!

  291. king Salem

    The black race still suffering…..I hate God for creating the universe

  292. LIR2vert

    I find it crazy that stuff like this get reported but no one does anything smh

    1. Auditore

      There plenty of whites slaves in Russia and other Slav countries to this day. Their race has nothing to do with it. Slavery very hard to eradicate.

    2. G Holmes

      You think white people should risk their lives to do something for the poor black slave…. again? How about you do something instead? Can’t? Need whitey to do it for you?

    3. Farhan

      because its black not a white issue.

  293. Carmelle Prospere

    Judah’s a Lion, and who shall rise him {*o*}

  294. Abu Turab Abdulaziz

    Africa keeps going back further into the dark ages. Very sad

    1. Griez Mann

      These are arabs who are selling Africans its arabs who are going further into the dark ages.

  295. operacrackers

    Can someone send this to Trudeau?

  296. B Vz

    It’s kinda messed up how whites world wide ended slavery for one BLACK president to bring it back to north Africa wtf has the world become we need a good old civil war again only this time world wide and for CIVILITY

    1. G Holmes

      Obama saved Libya from ISIS, for free. I would not have. I’d let them fight for themselves.

    2. G Holmes

      Obama didn’t bring back slavery. Muslims did.

    3. AKM5.45 SHOOTER

      B Vz Obama was the one who brought this chaos, misery, death, and destruction to Libya though. Obama caused this mess when he destroyed Libya

  297. Ms. Brig G

    this is a fucking shame. animals are not treated like this and if animals were being abused like this, the western world especially would have a major out cry and protest. these black African males seriously need to commit suicide then be made a fucking slave out of. This shit is repulsive and sick to the core!!!!!!!!

  298. Red Bull

    Shame on u Libya 🇱🇾 wallah shame on u.

  299. UnicornGeek Scotty

    EXPOSE them! Send this video around until more people are aware of this. LOOK how many people were on about the Las Vegas attack, the Paris attack, the Manchester attack. I’m not saying that they are not important but this should be known as well. People are being auctioned and SOLD! As if they are OBJECTS! And most organizations do nothing because it is convenient for them. STAY. WOOOOOOKE.

  300. matthew mann

    I guess another Zanj revolt is in order then

  301. Jumbey Browney

    Sarkozy and his Burglers are SOLE responsible of all of these…..STOP IDIOCY!!

  302. baha king

    I am Libyan and they do not represent my country. They are criminals. They do not represent Libya. We are good. You see criminals, but we are good people

  303. baha king

    How Libya was and where it was going to become the richest country in a world where a Libyan dinar would break the market

  304. عبدالله علي علي

    Fuck Nato why kill gaddaffe

  305. Mugambi Mugambi Willy

    The same US that destabilized Libya with Children of Hillary Clinton she should be held responsible for killing Gaddafi , Arabs must stop this nonsense man #BlackPower

  306. kirillka

    “for the safety of our contacts we have agreed to not disrupt the slave auction”

  307. Pure Somali

    Stupid West Africans, standing there and getting sold by a low life Arab. Cut the Arabs head off and pee on him. They are standing there and are submissive. No wonder the English shipped millions of your ancestors to America.

    1. Don Pablo

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    3. Tatrice Flowers

      Pure Somali lol look,whose talking a sick rapist from filthy slums of somali.

    4. Pure Somali

      abimbola akosile Shut up bitch being Muslim or Christian won’t save you if you can’t protect your self. Bantus are like wildbeasts, easy to round them up and sell off. Any one getting mugged by low life Arabs have no right to live.

    5. Pure Somali

      Don Pablo haha shut up you stupid Mexican or whatever you are. Fuck off if you don’t like my comment.

  308. Herr Wolf - Hey pyramid builder, it is I, Eminem.

    *Sand niggers (aka Muslims) selling regular niggers (aka Blacks) as slaves in Current Year. smdh sand niggers*

  309. John Campbell

    wait a minute. hold on here. are those black people enslaving other black people?

  310. John Campbell

    looks like they were better off with gaddafi.

  311. Ratk BFK

    common man! don’t tell me u believed these liars

  312. rzrselliott

    This is just crazy. How can humans be so insensitive and cruel?

  313. Jack Maley

    The most astonishing and enlightening part of this report is that she honestly seems surprised.

  314. Aneeqa Malik

    omg, i didn’t know there were still black slaves & even worse, treated worse than animals.

    1. Aneeqa Malik

      yeah, I know I’m so unaware of the ‘real world’ – I assumed black slavery ended long ago b/c of the illusion that the ‘world is improving. ‘

    2. Joey Brown

      Aneeqa Malik yeah slavery has always been a thing it never ended

  315. Cattom Rud

    The end result of the Arab spring the last administration was supporting.

  316. little nick

    Good job clinton and ni**er Obama ruined this place also there being sold buy there own ppl but white ppl are bad lol just like in 1700s

  317. CapiTen10

    Libya has had a slave trade since 2011. The reason the media is highlighting it now (using old 2011 photos), was for French President Macron to announce a new military action in Libya, which he just did. Seems the Nato/Israeli/Saudi alliance is looking for a new war now that their regime change operation in Syria has failed. ps NATO was ordered by Obama in 2011 to commence bombing Libya, although Clinton oversaw the whole Libyan project. Libya at that time had the highest standard of living in Africa, now it’s a failed state full of Saudi jihadi proxies. Libya’s President Gaddafi, like Assad and Saddam before him, had announced they would NOT be using the USD as a foreign currency/trading. Regime change ops always follow this. Now Iran has announced they will cease trading in USD by march 2018, there will be a new war there, if not in Lebanon beforehand. pss I’m no friend of Trump, he’s a zionist beatch and will likely oversee war with iran. But Libya was all Obama/Clinton/Sarkozy.

  318. Soth

    ty francis ngannou

  319. Krimpus

    Say it loud

    Say it clear

    I want migrants in my rear

  320. Humzah Hassan

    Western empires bare responsible they created all these fake countries during colonialism which made them poor and when your poor it leads to all Kinds of illegal shit

  321. Lola Jones

    Yo bro fake news tryin to detract yu from wht they plaining

  322. Blue Lillies

    good,so they will not come to europe,bravo

  323. Pirate Squad Ent

    Thanks to Obama and Hillary Clinton lol

  324. Edmund Boakye

    Fuck u CNN,ABC,fox,bbc,aljazeera fuck u asshole,u fkn president led NATO to kill col.Gaddafi and now ur hyprocratically investigating,fuck off

  325. Haqim Al-Arabia

    It’s good to see that Libya is trying to raise some money to solve their social problems on their own.

  326. Thx1138 nire

    I’d buy that for a dollar lol ,no seriously !

  327. Fabian Aguilar

    for people saying it’s western countries fault for this… really don’t play around like. instability yes, but not slavery that morally wrong and known around the world that’s their own decisions dont play victim for everything. it’s Fucked up but you can’t blame western countries for it.

  328. jiji309

    This is what Sarkozy and his allies did to Libya ?? Libya was much better under Gaddafi now it’s a complete shithole full of mercenaries, killing contractors, militias Terrorists and slavery another Iraq Scenario 🙁

  329. Frank Cafarella

    Finally, some real news from CNN.

  330. VS Brzezinski 4-Hs doctrine

    The world predator, the arrogant, exceptionalist, hypocritical, amoral and russophobic Ang£oZionist empire of €U$rAel is attacking Russia and its friends, but this thalassocratic hegemonic usurer is also feeling the pressure of awakened peoples who are fighting against this already wounded but still terribly dangerous beast … the Beast. …
       …      …   
    “We hope the United States will be more active in the Syrian arena and the Middle East in general,” Lieberman said. “We are faced with Russians, Iranians, and also the Turks and Hezbollah, and this is no simple matter to deal with, on a daily basis.”   …   
      …     …      …   

        …      …      …      …      …  

    “As for the presence of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria, as you may well be aware, we do not consider Hezbollah a terrorist organisation.”   …       …     …    …      …      …     …   《“I can’t stand there and argue with him, I would rather have him get out of Syria,” Trump said. 》…      …     …       …      …   
     “Poland should announce that it reserves the right to deploy ofensive cyber operations (and not necessarily in response just to cyber attacks). The authorities could also suggest potential targets, which could include the Moscow metro, the St. Petersburg power network, and Russian state-run media outlets such as RT.” …  … 
       …      …   
       …      …      …      …      …   A.I.P.A.C. = collusion on both sides = NO CHOICE FOR AMERICANS … … …   …      …   –   …      …   
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    2.11.1917 Balfour Declaration (to dominate the Middle East) …     …     …   7-8.11.1917 Bolshevik Revolution   …     …   (to destroy Russia) …      …   
    “To finish her work of destruction, Germany (= Jewish bankers) had only to give Lenin and his disciples a plentiful supply of money and let them loose on Russia. Lenin and his friends never dreamed of talking to the peasants about a democratic republic or a constituent assembly. They knew it would have been waste of breath. As up-to-date prophets, they came to preach the holy war and to try and draw these untutored millions by Ihe attraction of a creed in which the finest teaching of Christ goes hand in hand with the worst sophisms — a. creed which, thanks to the Jews, the adventurers of Bolshevism, was to be translated into the subjection of the moujik and the ruin of the country.”   …      …  
    … … … … … US FASCIST EMPIRE = … … …
    Vladimir Putin was neither in Poland ….  …. nor in Israel …  …. because the arrogant, exceptionalist AngloZionist empire wants to humiliate Russians, as it despises Germans.    ….   Same scenario as in former Yugoslavia. …      …   “Prohibits, six months after this Act’s enactment, the expenditure of funds made available pursuant to this Act to provide assistance to Yugoslavia. Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to instruct the U.S. executive directors to international financial institutions to oppose any assistance to Yugoslavia. Exempts from such prohibition assistance to support democratic parties or movements and emergency and humanitarian assistance. Makes such prohibition inapplicable if: (1) all the individual republics of Yugoslavia have held free and fair elections and are not engaged in a pattern of human rights violations; or (2) the Secretary of State certifies that Yugoslavia is making significant strides toward complying with the Helsinki Accords and is encouraging any republic which has not held free and fair elections to do so.”   …   

  331. Shikeereya Smith

    I just don’t believe in 2017 people are being sold for 400 dollars

    1. Joey Brown

      Shikeereya Smith it’s True

  332. danny

    call out an Arab and watch how quick theniggers come out I keep saying it they hate blacks and blacks keep sticking up for them

  333. danny

    Americans?…no OBAMA!

  334. Tap Twice

    Black africa should attack these arab bitches from every side and drive them out…libya is a black african country

  335. vict oria

    These poor people

  336. Dats Me

    Cnn cannot be trusted there are reason behind this always is…they distroyed ghadafi who wanted to reunite the africans and now they wana help the africans the fuck i look like…ofcourse they are violating blacks in libya right now but that woudnt have happened if ghadaffi was here…cnn are up to something

  337. samain11

    This is nothing new, I was working in the oil industry in the late 90’s near Wadi Barjuj in Southern Libya, there was a police post there with a cage for migrants who were coming from Niger and Chad using routes across the Murzuk region. These migrants were routinely put to work on local farms for their food and keep before being deported. How many died making the journey in the first place will never be known, a very remote and harsh place is the Murzuk sand sea.

  338. aztec warrior

    Why the duck didn’t CNN buy them

  339. Alamin adam

    Shame on this world the United nations of hypocrisy human rights and courroption and whole religious institution screw them all; And ironically most African immigrants crossing through Lybia came from a frican Islamic countries and the been sold in Lybia Muslim country too. But question is to all Muslim! They ben said the prophet Mohammed came to the world and end slavery, spreading supreme morals! Well I guess he failed. And the westerns regimes with this false god United nations & and their whores media pretending they care and they in love with blackness of our mama; but the fact is they screwing In it = fuck you all with your fake ass principles and religions. Honestly this world deserve to burn…. Suckers..

  340. Rami Barakat

    i want to buy some niggers . How much they cost ?

  341. Kenneth C

    in 1980, most of iraq people had their house and cars, much much richer than chinese.
    In that time, chinese even didn’t have money to buy a bicycle.
    now in china, there are more than 10,000 kilometers railway for the fast trains more than 300 kilo/hour.
    And china is the second biggest economy in the world.
    no Iraq is a sort of rubbish .
    thanks to Bush, thanks to USA

  342. Mel Makavali

    Lybia is regimless and thugs is fucked up..just like Iraq.. now lybia West messed it up good..xaused devision mayhem and now this shit happens

  343. Mel Makavali

    These asshokes are criminals period…bbc look into the criminality of those individuals and don’t fucking blame it in whole country..beside the fact uk has Helped isis to get into lybia to mess it up..

  344. zarik zarika

    Black lives matter ???

  345. Lenord Duke

    The Arab man his woman and children, are all born to tell lies these people wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them.

    People always talk about the wickedness of whites, but seem to forget these hairy fuckers are ten times worse.

    Now that the whole world is understanding their evilness, they’ve even gone to the extent of posting photos of Arabs and black people smiling together playing fake happily families, like really? who are you trying to fool.

  346. Eyuel Moges

    f*********k Islam people i hate Islam and Arab community

  347. American Boy

    The racist comments under this video are extremely disgusting. I don’t care if you’re purple, green, or red respect your human race! Brain dead pricks.

  348. BulbasaurUseVinewhip

    *listens to black lives matter say nothing*
    “white ppl did dis”

  349. jasper budiono

    Fucking Western nations funded mercenaries to take out their rightful ruler, Gaddaffi. Now the entire Libya is completely fucked and the fucking western nations pointed their finger to Islam. Fucking EU and US

  350. Lindani Smanqalicious Mncwaah

    Libia had died now, that’s what they wanted the reason why they killed Gaddafi, they wanted to do like this

  351. World Wide

    Fake News you CNN I’m Libyan and the vedio doesn’t say anything about selling or buying. It only about people who want to work in car wishing or in farms. CNN wants to make money out of fake news.

  352. Untainted Indigo

    Do you actually believe the Jews? CNN=JEWS.

  353. ameena gojam

    This is none sense .

  354. math3109

    Bring back slavery!!

  355. asre dede

    This is made by the West!!!
    Gaddafi had plans for an african stock exchange, which would become the strongest of all!!! Because of the real resources of Africa!!!
    They keep Africa stupid and feed them with crumbs!!!
    But now they are coming to get their bakery back!!!
    Hello Europe, hello WEST!!!

  356. TheKingofTheU

    This wouldn’t happen to Black Americans. For two reasons.

    1. The black men who are poor, more than half hte time are involved in illegal activity, or in and out if prison, have and own guns and don’t care about their lives enough so they wouldn’t have a problem risking their life to avoid slavery. Especially, many black men already have a chip on their shoulder from slavery and are looking to kill someone for it.

    2. Black men make up for over 25% of the military in the states.

    African men are simply weak.

  357. Paul Anthony

    If there are selling, it simply means that someone or that a few are buying. Who are the buyers ?

  358. Kzkzlz Kzlz

    lies its fake they.been in.Libya for years never one incident of slavery reported till.this CNN fake. stupid clip

  359. Panamanian Thing Scene

    Leaving home just to find it is even worst to where they went…These are the lucky ones….I tell you Black people get it the worst…

  360. Aluta Continua


    1. Fuzzy Wuzzy

      But Trump is actually making it worse. The slave traders in Libya are quoting trump’s “cnn fake news” bullshit and claiming these stories are not true.

    2. Allamericanlibertarian

      Xenobia Ten he was the one to sign his actions.

    3. I Am Sam AKA Xenobia

      You ppl just don’t get it. You keep thinking the “elected official” calls the shots. Obama was an employee JUST LIKE ALL OF YOU.

  361. Daniel Freij

    I can’t believe this 2017 make me so sad 😢

  362. Leng Wei

    cnn and macron eh

  363. Agnus Borealis

    Wow!!! This is what separates #CNN from other netowrks like FOX. #CNN gies out there and risks the lives of reporter to bring out the truth so that lives are saved, freedom amd respect are upheld! Thats why I always watch CNN! Well done! Great reporting!!!

  364. Ahmed BN

    If you really want to learn the truth about the slavery news in libya please please watch this video, from a libyan who lived all his life in libya. Most people commenting here dont even know where libya is. Please share the truth about libyans

  365. British Comment Police

    Africans make good slaves, Stupid and obedient.

  366. Heraldo Riviera

    Fuck you Clinton News Network, covering this atrocity will NEVER redeem you for the other atrocities you have done!

  367. Vexilator

    This slavery “auction” is complete bullshit. The truth that CNN fake news won’t tell you is that, the people buying the slaves are the smugglers themselves. When a smuggeler isn’t able to complete the trip he’d auction the guy of to someone else. The guy would then have to work for him until he can pay of his debt before making the trip. Also the testamony of any of them when they reach Europe is probably not genuine due to the fact that they would probably make alot of it up in hopes of be g granted asylum.

    This is clearly one of them “weapons of mass destruction” type things. Won’t be long before the West has it’s dirty hands back on Lybia.

  368. shaquaya porter

    They better start protesting! Like the African Americans do.

  369. rich763690

    it’s been an under the table fact that arabs are not and have not been friends of native africans for centuries but i guess it’s only important now…..

  370. tahane abdulaziz

    Why in the first place black people dont take their rights from there leaders in their countries ?? Why they dont have work or jomes or food?? After gadafi diead that shit start..libyan people are black not white so there is a biger game her run ..all the westren leaders shutt their fucking mouth about what happend in africa dont say arab or muslims cus that is lie ..those black try to enter euorpe running from the hell they live in go back to your countries and buld them and take off all of the african killers steal leaders ..they made africa worse taking all money for them self and let people die and suffer ..wake up

  371. Ian P

    African Americans never bring this stuff up when they are looking for reperations from america

  372. Ross Collins

    I blame africans for being so pathetic

  373. The Real RP

    No they are not, fabricated video!!

  374. vivian forson

    Otherwise other contries wouldn’t have had to get involve

  375. vivian forson

    He wasn’t good either

  376. vivian forson

    Ppl Be hating that Kadafi or whaterver is gone

  377. jocamadad

    This is what we got from helping liberate Libya from Gaddafi. Way to go.

  378. Paco P

    This is a problem of Africa, black and arab Africa. The West has nothing to do with this. Africans must solve their own problems

  379. 111ka111

    gadafi kild milions off afrikans and eurpa dont care day paid gadafi for kilind stoping afrikans coming in eura and duing nau same thing day geting money from europa too stop afrikans day dont care wot day doo with afrikans and wen day nou day dont care

  380. 111ka111

    europa pay money too libya too stop afrikans too kom in europa and day dont care wot libya duing with this ppl jest like day pay money too gadafi … and same shit day duing with grice atine ..

  381. nigol1472

    but why are they being sold? they are useless as fuck

  382. Dicken Bahls

    Fuck white people

  383. Oluwaloba Afolabi

    ‘Cnn has delivered this evidence to the Libyan authorities who have promised to launch an investigation’……yah cuz we all know the libyan government gives a damn…..-.-

  384. Joel Super British Warrior Cong######## Plymouth

    Thats the peaceful muslims for ya Long live JESUS

    1. Nrukis Ekki

      USA and Mohammed bin zayed of UAE are behind the slavery and all evils in libya

  385. I'm a sarcastic Atheist

    Islam is the reason for modern slavery

  386. Flump

    Yea just the “Whites”.. Not the BLACK president of the united states who was in power the 8 years before and during the start of all this..

    You people like to blame white people for fucking everything.. When in fact it was blacks that first started selling and trading other blacks. And look whats happening.. Blacks are still selling other blacks in a country lead by blacks and run by blacks… But its alright mate, Keep blaming white people for the mistreatment of black people.

  387. I M A QYN

    Can they just poison arabs already? A world would be so better place.

  388. Alpha Omega

    This is Islamophobia. Muhammad says slavery is not wrong, you need to respect other religions and cultures.

  389. Zee Productions

    Reality= Oil companys/ diamond company’s are paying CNN fakes news to lie so they can start a war again and this time to take all of motherland africa and steal there oil diamonds/ gold destroy natural herbal land to grow gmo food and make lybian president look bad to take them out of power and put a puppet president with the a evil agenda 2 sides lyba already stated those people that your seeing right now enslaved are actually prisoners for illegal traveling that got paid to get seen and lied of the story please chose carefully one which story seem s more legit white man or actual lybian

  390. Michele Ehrenberger

    Don’t let your freedoms here be taken away people you’ll be like this if Hillary NWO and Obama also get they’re way this is why people don’t vote for them not racism

  391. ezzthemc

    Very likely a trade done by the so called “moderate rebels” CNN was cheerleading.

  392. sam white

    I dont understand why its still OK to sale human beings why is this still the norm this is shameful

    1. David David

      its a rogue country.

    2. G Holmes

      AKM where does the US say it’s ok? They don’t.

    3. David Allen

      why not, would you not want a slave?

    4. AKM5.45 SHOOTER

      It ok because the US says so!

    5. Elisa Griffith

      sam white it’s not normal!! They are criminals. Like Boko harom Isis and othets. It’s kidnapping & rape no matter how you look at it

  393. KingCetshwayo

    What kind of work are they doing? I mean slavery for what?

  394. Robert Noel

    Now its time for AU Chad,Niger,Nigeria to send troops and rescue the situation

  395. Attwa Garwoa

    Well I want to buy some too

  396. Najma Mohamed

    Arabs are slave traders that’s not something new also Saudi Arabia and uae

  397. insta is m9rkous

    why are they going to europe & what are the effects of mass immigration to europe?

  398. Alf S

    US invasion turned a once prosperous country into a slave market.

  399. Abdu Rahman Anwar

    Shame on dogs, who wants to slave innocent peoples,

  400. Alan Scott

    Anyone who believes this is a complete idiot. The American people have lost all ability to think for themselves. Literally the dumbest society on the planet. The Military Industrial complex has you by the balls and has turn you clowns into zombies. One bullshit story after another and they eat that shit up. It’s almost like manipulating dogs. Herd mentality mind blowing dumb shit.

  401. Julio Ruiz

    Obama lmao thats payback for electing him #thinktwice

  402. Maga 233

    Bullshit clip from proved bs news provider, looks like a staged scene


    Chris Brown’s Reaction half way through the video:

  404. Makayla Welch

    I cant believe im alive to witness people being sold into slavery. Its just unbelievable that as a people we still have not learned shit from history fuck color as a human race we are horrible.

  405. El Chuey Montirez

    WHY ARE YALL ONLY TALKING ABOUT LIBYA??? This aint nothing new go visit the youtube channel called THE REAL HIDDEN COLORS OF SLAVERY! Arab Muslims are still Lynching Castrating & Enslaving Black Africans all over Middle East & Africa! Its happening in Sudan, Yemen, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Niger, Chad, Ghana, Nigeria, Eritrea, Congo, Dubai, Egypt, etc… Shit even in Pakistan & India muslims doin the black folks dirty!

    Sudan is the one very worst tho video of that white dude went in there and was freeing up thousands of Africans from them Arab Muslim devils

  406. Trolling Nigga

    We Must Come to back to God’s Laws, Statues and Commandments this Is the Curses Coming true Deuteronomy 28:15-68

  407. Free world

    Karma for turning against your own leader!!

  408. Andrew Smith

    All the niggers in the comments are pissed. My beautiful white privileged ass is sitting here in my home in America stuffing my face with food and getting drunk. Don’t blame me. Blame the devil inside these creatures. It’s blacks selling their own kind. Retards watch the video instead blaming white man. We want nothing to do with you stinky bastards anymore

  409. Curtis Cunning

    Some cultures….

  410. Outta12

    Whos buying them?

    1. Artanis

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    2. Rosiland Whitt

      The Universe Educational Documentary that’s funny you do look like your lazy and can’t do shit your self…

    3. The Universe Educational Documentary

      i am

  411. Willie Daniel

    nefarious and disturbing

  412. T.Kizer Söze

    The blame will never be attached to the obama administration. The killing of Gaddafi was a badge of honor for them. Where’s the real outrage from the “moral compasses of the world” the Democratic party.

  413. Kizzie Rodriguez

    I am totally lost here. Who are they being sold to?

  414. Raw Dogg


  415. Marley Ex

    Why would you do this to these beautiful people? Fucking evil shit. No human should be treated like property. Karma is a real entity and it will get the perpetrators.

  416. money man

    its not slavery. the african migrant willingly enters and participates in the auction, and then when sold is given a work contact in on the agreement he is smuggled to italy when the contact finishes. in other words, the migrant works temporarily for a buyer, and in the end he is paid off when he is smuggled. I mean look at the guys’ faces being sold, they dont look like they are being forced or abused, they are smiling for christ sake. But again, through this process, many migrants will be abused or even sexually abused through their work contact process.

  417. KJFrom 05

    Bring back Abraham Lincoln

  418. Ben Nartey

    Were they smiling as they were being auctioned?

  419. Vince Toling

    Fuck Libya

  420. SlimAndCurvy

    the slave’s hairstyle at 5:55 is nice

  421. abdirisak cabdillahi

    Western people made this severe problem, they destroy this fucking country libya because the libyan don’t underdtand a huminity they act like an animals

  422. Akolawole Bashiru

    This should be an eyes opening for those Africans that are practising Islamic religion that they are nothing but tools in the eyes of Arab people. Africans should abolished those religions because Islam is an Arab identity while Christianity is an European identity. Those religions are of slave master, religion meant to enslaved the minds of the people so that they could be easily control for the benefits of the master and their race alone.

  423. adi yaf

    hey CNN jewish propaganda owned by jewish sons of whores,every one is stating that you zionist subhumans are behind all of this mess when you toppled gaddafi,your dirty works on making people hate muslims is very obvious but you failed
    fuck you jewish subhumans every race on this earth fucked you and sodomized you hhhhhhhhhhhh

  424. Arwatty dien

    Didn’t the prophet (S.A.W) forbid slave trade, didn’t he raise the standards of the slaves and demanded others to love respect and support each other,didn’t he teaches that we are all equal!!
    This assholes better not be Muslims TBH, they should be stoned to death and treated like animals just the way they are treating their fellow human beings!!!
    Where is humanity!!!?


    Niggers….go back to Slavery…u dont worth nothing

  426. Linda Rivera

    America’s future. If we allow this it will spread like wildfire and what the Rich are doing in America this will be us too

  427. MrStitsevol

    This is what happens when George Soros and The New World order tell them to travel.

  428. Natasha Caufield

    I don’t get it, seriously 2017 , I wish a bitch would try it!!

  429. Aesthetic United

    Fake news!!!!🇺🇸

  430. Makoto Shishio


  431. Redae Astbeha

    SS 200/you also the seller man. we black African people, we gone depot you stupid Arab from our beloved ma African nation. all Arab people who living in Africa are migrants. check your past bilshite Identity???

    1. Diini Ahmed

      Redae Astbeha people that live in Libya are Berbers they are from Africa.

  432. Teetee Babee

    Blood Money Sold Bye Others That Have Been Oppressed

  433. Maritssa Nino

    This is not 1776 how is this happening in 2017 😱😱😡😡

  434. lilian lilly

    Arabs are racists .they are the worst kind of human beings youll ever meet.

  435. Education and the other hand . Abi of my friends


  436. CLG Sept

    I’m Libyan, your entire report is fake and an example of poor journalism. The numbers being called out at the auction are their MONTHLY SALARY offers NOT a purchase price. The men are illegal migrants so they cannot be hired for work legally, hence the night time auctions.

  437. Melinda Barnes

    We’re fuck! Are out black panthers!

  438. clinton crowther

    This black lady has a white person knows where is she from sound English but let me get to my point it’s a diversion 2 get people off of what happened off the American slave trade all the European slave trade that I must say

  439. Mariohvan Berlin

    Good job Hillary !

  440. Mcnus Manison

    This is unbelievable in 21century seeing it live . Clinton,Obama, Sarkozy etc congratulations for succeeding in your foreign policy.We learn from our mistakes.Śad sad sad!!!!!

  441. Sassy Frassy

    If you take a good look at the faces of the 2 who were supposedly just sold………….they don’t look all that unhappy! I think there’s a lot more to this story than what’s being reported by CorruptNincumpoopNetwork

  442. Mohamed Ali

    I am a Libyan citizen and everything that appeared in this report is fake and lies …

    1. Mohamed Ali

      DotDotDot If you just use your mind .. and become smarter, you stupid ass .. You will discover that the media journalist is black and has not been harassed or arrested or kidnapped

    2. Mohamed Ali

      Mussie Tareke If you just use your mind .. and become smarter, you stupid ass .. You will discover that the media journalist is black and has not been harassed or arrested or kidnapped

    3. Mohamed Ali

      Don Pablo Dirty and stupid racist

    4. Mohamed Ali

      Don Pablo If you just use your mind .. and become smarter, you stupid ass .. You will discover that the media journalist is black and has not been harassed or arrested or kidnapped

    5. Mohamed Ali

      keka james If you just use your mind .. and become smarter, you stupid ass .. You will discover that the media journalist is black and has not been harassed or arrested or kidnapped

  443. Rozlyn Cross Ratliff

    The arrogance of West African Nigerians have finally come to an end making a massive impact with an expulsion!”

    For many years, I’ve listened to the disassociated opinions of Nigerians..
    They’ve called us lazy people, without a culture or respect for ourselves or our elders.. Never realizing one important factor..

    We’ve always been a people with a culture.. Much of our culture Is based upon FREEDOM!”.. Regaining our stolen land with all it’s resources returned!”.. . It’s not a fact of being lazy, but more of refusing to accept a systematic government enpowerment of theft, with change of laws which did not occur prior to recolonization..


    Nigerian Africans never realized the psychological impact of what being held a captive can cause toward the mindset of an individual.. Their is NO recovery or mental cure known to man for such an inhumanity!”.. Nigerians have never experienced such cruelty and mental injustice..

    Nigerian Africans shall now get a taste of what it is like to beg others for help and it never come..

    Aboriginal Americans tried to help African Nigerians understand how we became enslaved by Mongolian, Chinese descendant Asians and Europeans..

    We tried our best to warn Nigerians to never sign agreements with a snake.. Aboriginal Indigenous tribes know European and Asian tricks better than anyone first hand, by experience..

    Nevertheless, Nigerians laughed and assumed my people are nothing less than a slave.. Why would they take the advice of a slave?.. Now, the tables have turned And they want help from the very slave they denied and disassociated themselves from?

    Nigerians shouldn’t have never signed treaties agreements with slave owners, without the consideration an pre-warning, that one day, the slave will become you..

    Europeans and Asians, sat back on the sideline for 60 years.. Watching Nigerians build a beautiful Empire.. Now it’s reaping and harvest season for the Asian and European.. Nigerians made their bed hard, and must lay in it.. History has a way of repeating itself, the same land theft and enslavement that occurred to the Negro aboriginal American, is reoccurring to the Nigerian, African … No help is coming!”

    1. Rozlyn Cross Ratliff

      I do not have a misunderstanding of the events which are occurring in Libya..

      Anyone who been tricked and taken to another country locate.. Furthmore, auctioned for work against their will, have been enslaved..

      Please do not insult my intelligence..

    2. Rasheed

      Rozlyn Cross Ratliff nice body of work.. the only flaw is falling for thr story. The nigerians are not enslaved or being sold. They are illigally working in libya and they are auctioning monthly salarys – not purchase price. The nigerians fled nigeria. Dont get me wrong libya is not a safe place for anyone.. not even arabs! I have family there, all fighting gangs with power or hiding when needed

  444. kobra

    never seen anything so fake, “i was sold” yet you are with the other migrants, “merciless beatings” yet barely any marks on your body”.

  445. Girl Undefined

    this is sickening

    1. Girl Undefined

      I really hope it is

    2. kobra

      relax , it seem extremely fake

  446. Brian lath

    Isn’t the United Nations supposed to step in and stop this shit? Like send in some secret operatives to get evidence or something.

  447. Pharaoh Gaming

    I’m starting to see a lot more in common with Whites and Arabs they have the same mentality in 2017/2018 as they did in their medieval ages. Honestly, i’m not surprised… Where’s the twitter and chief when Africans need help? Probably playing golf on vacation…

    1. shield&sword peace

      Pharaoh Gaming wtf? hold on a second. how dare you mention arabs with European colonizers in the same sentence. Arabs did never comit such cruel atrocities like the christians europeans did. not even closely. europeans wiped out the natives of Australia, america, massacre 2/3 of south america, killed hundreds of illion during their colonial conquests and enslaved 15 million africans and shipped them to america. no other nation have ever come close to commit such atrocities except for the mongols. ethnic europeans should have more humility when it comes to atrocities. they are not in a position to desperately equalize other nations with them in the context of criminality and atrocities.

    2. Viranko

      ROYALBLOODLINE SYHEE aka SYISRAEL you fool whites have elevated the world Arabs only brings bad things Blacks are just lazy

    3. Viranko

      Pharaoh Gaming Arabs are 1000 times worse At least whites have done many good things. Arabs only brings bad things


      The whiteman is the evilest bastard on the earth.fuk the whiteman.
      The entire earth hate the whiteman.the whiteman is to blame for all the earth problems.
      N fuk da Arabs too.

    5. adi yaf

      north africa is our land us the berbers,stay africans in your countries we dont want you
      we are different races

  448. SquareOne

    Fuck Africa. Blacks got it pretty fucking good over here in the west.

  449. MCPE BROS

    When American people used to do shit like this no one talked but when its fake and Arabs are in it people start talking and why didn’t they show there faces is it cause they know its fucking fake

    1. MCPE BROS

      Why the fuck didn’t they show the sellers is it because its fucking fake and how is the helper Libyan if they say Libyans are the sellers

  450. MCPE BROS

    Am Libyan and what u see is fake I’ve never seen this in Libya its just soooooo fake

  451. Alejandro Garcia

    Basically, because there’s no functioning government, the Italian government made a deal with some of the Libyan militias to detain all the African migrants they catch crossing their territory. They’re supposed too be sending them back, but many are instead working with the smugglers, treating the migrants like a commodity to be sold or ransomed. The European governments know about this, but do nothing, no doubt hoping that these inhumane conditions will deter further migrants while ignoring the fact that even with all these obstacles, the majority are still getting through.

  452. aaron hickman


  453. ladna Mohamed

    Arabs are the worst people ever created by god weather they are Muslims or Christians they are idiots

    1. Rasheed

      Racist people are the worst people!


    Muamar Gaddafi’s Prophecies:
    “I will not go into exile to any foreign country. I was born here in Libya, and I will die here. This country was a dessert, and I turned it into a forest, where everything can grow.
    No one Love this land more more than its citizens. If Europe and America tells you that they love you, be careful. They love the wealth of your land. The oil and not the people. They are helping you to fight against me but, it will be more wise for you to fight against them because they are fighting against your future and progress.
    My message to you the people of Libya is, they are helping you to kill me but you will pay the price because you will suffer. And my message to you America and Europe is, you will kill me, but be ready to fight a never ending TERRORISM.
    Before you realise your ignorance, terrorists will be hitting you at your doorstep.”
    GADDAFI only erred in my opinion when he once told the Nigerian and British governments to divide Nigeria into two, so that the Hausa/Fulani (Moslems), Yoruba (Christians) and Biafrans/Igbo, can live as neighbouring countries.
    It’s good we look at these 16 REAL REASONS WHY COL. GADDAFI WAS KILLED:
    1. There is no electricity bill in Libya, electricity is free for all its citizens.
    2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens are at a 0% interest by law.
    3. Home is considered a human right in Libya. Gaddafi vowed that his parents would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a home.
    4. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 Dinars (US$50,000) from the government to buy their first apartment.
    5. Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Gaddafi, only 25% of Libyans were literates. Today, the figure stands at 83%.
    6. Libyans taking up farming as a career, they received farm land, a farming house, equipment, seeds and livestock to kick- start their farms – all for free.
    7. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they needed in Libya, the government funded them to go abroad for it.
    8. In Gaddafi’s Libya, if a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidized 50% of the price.
    9. The price of petrol in Libya is $0. 14 per liter.
    10. Libya has no external debt and its reserves amount to $150 billion – now frozen globally.
    11. If a Libyan is unable to get employment after graduation, the state would pay the average salary of the profession as if he or she is employed until employment is found.
    12. A portion of Libyan oil sale is credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens.
    13. A mother who gave birth to a child under Gaddafi, received US $5,000 as child benefit upfront.
    14. 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $ 0.15 Cents.
    15. 25% of Libyans have a university degree.
    16. Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Man-Made River Project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.
    If this is called “Dictatorship”, I wonder what type of Leadership Democrats have!!
    Please Share this in memory Muamar Gaddafi, Africa’s greatest and most accomplished leader and my favourite leader#Comment hero if you believe Gadafi is a hero 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    1. HookaSmokingCatapillar

      Thank you Sir for your reply. But I do not completely understand what you are saying about this~I apologize for that~but at the same time I am very troubled by this!! Some are saying the video was not real and only a trick by French President Macron for ‘political reasons’. If that is truth….it is also a VERY BAD SIGN for your people, but not as bad as selling humans!! Why are these 100’s of men coming into Libya?……Is the situation worse where they come from??…….Why don’t they FIGHT for their country??

    2. Ahmed Eltalhi

      HookaSmokingCatapillar I think yes and especially in Tripoli, but at the same time Libya is a country with an area of ​​2 million square kilometers and a small population of only five million. With the current political vacuum there are many lands that are out of control but the origin is Libya from Africa and we can not allow our brothers to happen to them like this We support them during their past years and will continue in the future

    3. HookaSmokingCatapillar

      God has taken me on an ‘eye-opening’ journey over the past few years and it has allowed me to, maybe, go back in time……to before the American government and our news media wasn’t totally controlled by ‘evil forces’…..and see what is being done in historically Muslim lands!!

      Please, can you confirm that this video is a ‘fake’?…..I am also interested in your thoughts and/or opinions on how this happened and what needs to happen to return the ME to where it belongs.

    4. Ahmed Eltalhi

      MO VLOGS FUN sorry but most of your information is wrong I’ve never heard about 5000 child benefit and the free bills it’s truth that everything was almost free but at the same time my salary was 300 dollars and no good education system or healthy system

  455. La La

    This is not Obamas fault this kind of things were going on even before Obama!!Arabs were,are and still are sick Creations!!I dont evev see them as a human being!!#Devils!!

    1. Rasheed

      These are gangs, they are attacking arabs & Nigerians! Majority of citizens (arabs) are in fear of these people and trying to fight against them. Don’t forget there is slavery in United States also… And United States actually has a government – still happening.

  456. M. Khaled

    These are gangs in libya like all over the world…
    Generally speaking, libyans provide work, food and shelter for them and strongly advise them not to rist their live crossing the mediteranian sea..

  457. Ahmed Diopa

    To those who want the truth before the intervention of the Americans and the West, the Libyans were living safely and comfortably, but after 2011 the situation deteriorated and the exchange rate changed from( 1 $ = 1.3 to 1 $= 9.5 ) Thus the salary of the citizen in Libya reached $ 250 and the lowest salary and it is the majority is $ 60 sixty. Withdraw them from the banks because of the lack of liquidity can owners of these income to buy a man with $ 4500$, as CNN say
    if u don’t believe u can check central Libyan bank

  458. Kanguroba Yaw

    They are destroying Africa killing our true leaders that’s what has left about us

  459. alt

    Slave market? LOL! They have no skills and I see nobody working. Just lazy men hanging around like those who are already in Europe. They will not work even if paid. If you give them a job, they cause more damage than profit.
    Nobody would buy those problems.

    It is clearly Pallywood, just another agenda to get more illegals into Europe. Sorry, Mr. Soros I do not fall for that one.

  460. xObeautygirlOxMsp

    Fuck all the libyan people Who do this and i hope you burn in hell ameen

    1. Rasheed

      These are gang members.. Most libyans are in fear of these people like any other, some hide.. Some fight against! But these gangs do not have an government to stop them. Nigerians are not the only ones in danger, Libyans are as well.

  461. JEFFrey

    arabs, stole african land in the past and were great pioneers in the commercializing of slavery to the globe of like-minded europeans and americans. we need ramses and amina to be re-incarnated through our original animism belief and enlighten us to fight for the negro/negus land. but that wont happened, freedom is a lie

  462. Far North Squirell

    Tip of the iceberg…ya?

  463. Mohamed Ali

    Fick carab people carab people animals and carab people only love eaten fuck carab people

  464. A B

    RIP KING GADDAFI if I saw this shit I would’ve have shot that place up

  465. SANAA Elf

    This vidoe is not real

    1. Paul Osaremen

      SANAA Elf go dust your brains off Cocc to know this shit isn’t joke but real.

  466. Jacob hills nsereko m


    1. Nrukis Ekki

      USA and Mohammed bin zayed of UAE are behind the slavery and all evils in libya

  467. Rasheed

    Don’t feed into the propaganda that is teaching hate on specific races.. MOST Arabs in Libya are afraid, hide from, or fight the SAME people that are doing this.. It’s not an arab thing, it’s a gang thing.. A Gang thing with no one to stop them! Again Majority of Libyan citizens keep as far away from these gangs as possible. In fact leave the country themselves when the gangs come closer to where they live. Escape to surrounding countries and come back when they hear it’s safer in the specific town they live.

    1. Rasheed

      There are various gangs/militias all over Libya sectioned/Tribe they are from. Most of them go by the name of where they are from but news companies give them names.. I know there is ‘libya dawn militia’ in Tripoli.. again just a name given to them, not what they go by.. Can I ask what purpose does a test of names of gangs does for you?

    2. The Artman

      Rasheed what are the names of this gangs?

  468. hyperiontheevil

    Africans enslaving other Africans, this is nothing new. And it’s certainly the responsibility of the west. We tried t help them by getting rid of Qaddafi and they then went promptly to work by screwing things up,

    1. The Artman

      hyperiontheevil you got it twisted its not like that

  469. Max Johnson

    It’s their fault for not fighting back. If some dirty ass arab tried to enslave me I’d kill that dirty ass sand nigger. Stop being pussies and fight back black people.

    1. Rasheed

      Arabs/Libyans have been fighting back.. These are gangs and no government help.. Libyan civilians have been fighting and/or hiding from these people for years now.

  470. MsteriouslyJay jay

    Bitch this video is old from 2012 and you still letting it go on after recording the shit it’s 2017 and I’d still going on😩

  471. I just changed my name


  472. Wakili Njogu

    We come We saw He died and poor Africans Die all day… You destroyed lives and your political career was destroyed

  473. Night King

    Obama the black president that restart slavery. Should have let Qadafi rule, Libya is in chaos now.

  474. malek alsousi

    all those pictures aren’t in Libya except for one, which is the guy who’s holding a gun, and the other guy is libyan too, we have a lot of libyans who are ” colored ” and dark skin. all this campaign against libya started with a fabricated report from CNN . and we all know that CNN isn’t a crideble source. even Trump still calls them ” fake news” . so please don’t get fooled by all those lies and fabrications. western countires have some policitcal agenda they want to set in libya, and that’s why they came up with this lie. they always do that, they did it in Veitnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria ,Somalia, and now libya

  475. King Chino

    The United Nations ain’t shit. I’m sure they don’t give a fuck. Imagine if they are selling men for so called work, what about the kids in tag country, little girls, boys etc. That’s fucked up, please someone help these peoples, CNN ain’t shit either. All for fucking ratings.

  476. Walt Lenelle

    it just upsets me to see how gullible you people are. and if you think “god” is gonna save you then you really deserve to be enslaved for being so stupid.

  477. Walt Lenelle

    africans make it to easy for them. you all have to defend yourselves. of course they gonna enslave if they have guns and you dont stupid.

    1. kobra lynx

      you do know this looks very fake right?

  478. alex betel

    4:15 Arsenal <3

  479. DJ Bulanga

    Yena aya kwini ??? Why are Africans always bothering people in their countries ?? I want to buy 15 Zimbabweans , 10 Nigerians, 10 Somalis and 5 Congolese to come work in my Farm in Western Cape, Stellenbosch

  480. Walt Lenelle

    why are black africans so stupid to allow themselves to be so vunerable. traveling without weapons to defend themselves and making it easy for these fucks to enslave them. they set themselves up for this and take no measures to defend themselves. nothing but stupidity.

  481. Manny Morales

    Lybia was a debt-free country before Obama destroyed it .

  482. Charlotte Larras

    I wonder why they r smiling so much !

    1. kobra lynx

      its fake, but lets forget that, “they are slave because…..” so european are the ones defining who is a slave and who isnt right?? to me is see body guards as slave because they put their lives on the line for one pathetic human being, but europeans don’t call them slaves because europeans practice it right?? lol . listening to what white people say and define for the rest of humans is the actual slavery, you yourself is a pathetic slave.

    2. Charlotte Larras

      kobra lynx
      they r slaves coz they sell themselves by militias n gangs .. We have plenty here in Europe !

    3. Charlotte Larras

      kobra lynx
      CNN sucks !
      they turned it into something else .. when those migrants come in illegally they must get checked for diseases n other things .. sometimes they r hired on farms n that’s what’s happening here .. they smile because they won’t be turned away n got themselves a job .
      ( a Lybian told me online n it’s true !)

  483. Richard Barry

    They’re trespassing on Arab land…. They know how to deal with trespassers.. the United States needs to learn how to deal with trespassers..

    1. Richard Barry

      Anthony101 they’re not. A lot of them don’t like black people. CNN won’t really elaborate on that .. however they’ll go out of their way to find a white right-wing radical group in the United States with a handful of members.

    2. Anthony101

      Richard Barry the Arabs need to learn how to treat black people.

  484. Captain Of A Starship

    The man looked like he was wearing army fatigue.

  485. Mike C

    Honestly i dont believe any mainstream media anymore.
    They can fake everything. If this is their proof of slavery, then i say i dont believe it.

    Maybe they try to trick us again just to create safe and legal routes to Europe.

  486. александр александрович

    Пидарасы сами разбомбили Ливию и теперь показывают как там все плохо! США и западные страны европы это и есть зло!

  487. Sinlo Kemp

    Why is Obama and Clinton silent over this? CNN (Clinton news network) knew about it years ago but due to international exposure they are trying to highlight this now. Liberal media is so hypocritical.

  488. Børn Å Łegenđ

    These Africans are not negro Black Americans. They are Africans from somewhere in Africa who wanted a free ride to Europe. But got tricked into this. They are cowards in my eyes. This day in age they’re plenty of guns around. Why be so submissive? Almost like they think it’s the right thing to do.

    1. Walt Lenelle

      Børn Å Łegenđ i agree totally and im black American. it’s like they just dont get it!!!

  489. marialy valenzuela

    its 2017….. wow

    1. Rasheed

      and to think.. Slavery happens in the United States as well! 2017?

  490. Yacob Belfort

    Ther is nothing with islam Im muslem and proudMy wife is blackMy kids is black too So stop talking bad about islam !!!

  491. ChainMail

    TRUMP what are you gonna do to help these people? nothing. he will just play more golf and fart around in the mid east. trump still hasnt helped blacks in america like he said he would.

    1. ChainMail

      White Noise didnt say it was fault. reading comprehension escapes you.

    2. White Noise

      lol – so this is Trump’s fault? Where was President Obama when this was happening ?

    3. Gimlé Bardo

      Tell that to Hilary to Obama who intervened cheerfully Libya ..

  492. Lenny Mwangi

    If this shit happened in places like America or UK i would not be surprised if it was declared a WORLD mourning day…but yoo…it’s in Africa…they be like “whatever”..2 weeks later and all is good

  493. Joseph Civitello

    We came we saw he died……………and Libya turned into Iraq 2.0, without waiting a decade for the slavery blocks to pop up.

  494. Y F

    Unbelievable!! Wow, just wow!
    Please share and bring awareness!!!
    Thank you CNN for your undeniable service to the world!

    1. Steadly

      Y F this is not a cnn exclusive you idiot.

  495. Bradley Ammons

    You know. . .CNN and other News stations spread news about other countries all the time. and people believe what’s happening instantly and post “pray for [insert country]” pictures on IG. but then when it’s about slavery…particularly black slavery. . . it’s a lie, it’s propaganda, and it’s made up. I don’t think a lot of you realize how sick, in denial, hypocritical and hateful you are, but if you do realize it, it’s even more disturbing that you don’t care enough to try to change your mind. literally nothing has changed, mindset wise. all these “passed laws”, and “abolished US slavery”, and people still are close-minded enough to keep hatred cycled decade after decade. i encourage you to practice love and stop being controlled by your biases long enough to actually care about someone else who may not look like you. please. thanks.

  496. DreamJordan

    The moral of the story is America wants to invade libya so they are pushing propaganda to the world. Doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Operation Libya freedom

  497. Brolick Scholar

    Don’t buy into this bullshit!!! It’s a C.I.A. scam to turn black peoples the world over against Islam because we are close to Islam. Islam is not divisible! Never Divided Never Conquered!!! Don’t be fooled again!

  498. Romeo Tilatida

    Islam is a very stupid religion to join…. Uncivilized religion, stupid and heartless animals.. God will break all Islam countries down soon… Fools and animals

  499. carmello12

    It would be better to neutron bomb half the continent and wait 10 years and reboot Africa. By them fucking so much the population may even be the same.

  500. carmello12

    If migrants from African nations are willing to go through all of that then their country of origin is a real shit hole.

    Giving money for Aide is a waste of time.

    50 years from now Africa will be the same. Muslim Blacks oppressing any other race and non muslims found in the countries with some dictator in charge thriving on theft, death, and corruption.

  501. aaladee

    oh but if these ppl are Canaanites, they aint my ppl!

  502. aaladee

    Deu 28 KJV bible stated this will happen and didn’t give a deadline when the curse will stop. This is a continuing process bc WE as YAH’S children still will not keep his laws, statues, and commandments so we will be destroyed bc of the LACK of KNOWLEDGE. I love my people and its heartbreaking to see my people with my own eyes be sold right in front of me. I thought these times were over but we see its only the beginning of the beginning of the end.

  503. Zavsho!

    When you see those top 10 video of the way the world can end number 1 should be human kind we are ending our selves….. God I pry for those men 🙁

  504. Zinogg

    *like trump says FAKE NEWS*

  505. peepeepoo

    This story will go away once everyone figures out its Obama’s fault.

  506. BetheChange Me

    She fails to mention these slaves are being sold by *Islamic* slave traders. This has been long established and is in fact a common practicen in African Islamic countries. Given the fact that Islam holds the record for the most slaves taken from African countries with an estimated (and conservative) 150 million Africans *butchered* in the process, all of this is just a continuation of the norm.

  507. آلَلَوُآء آلَصِـبّوُرتُوُ

    Fuck france bitch fuck fuck fuck

  508. Mohamed Omer

    all arab people should be kill they are trash

    1. guleet

      JourneytoTruth What Country are you from ? Since you know so much about Cushitic People ! I believe people like Masai USED to live in present Cushitic homeland !!

    2. JourneytoTruth

      No, the Cushitic people are PURE 100% their own group. They are not and never were a mixture of bantoid + south west Asian and or congoid + south west Asian, and or Nilotic + South west Asian. If that is the case, why don’t cushitic people look like certain ethnic groups within Kenya such as the Maasai, Samburu, Turkana people etc who are Nilo-Saharan, Cushitic people are a thing of their own. They are Afr-South west Asian, they carry South west Asiatic DNA and also an ancient Eastern African DNA of it’s own, they are their own group.

      I just think Cushites are a very ancient South west Asian more so than African that moved into the Nile Valley from the Eurasian Landmass and forgot and settled over thousands and thousands of years

    3. guleet

      JourneytoTruth The Cushitic People are a mixture of local Negroes and the west Asian Invaders who moved to the region thousand’s of year’s ago , they are not pure Asiatic , they are a mixture ! Same with People such as Fulani and so on !

    4. guleet

      Rasheed Any way North Africans immigrated thousand’s of year’s ago from Arabia or present day Syria/Jordan/Palestine to North Africa , so Actually you are right !!

  509. TE Myzsterious

    I would just like to say that this is the most disgusting thing i have seen in my life living on this earth and i am arab not that it makes any difference. This happens because the western countries who thought that they were helping the libyans from gaddhafi or however you say that devil mans name but instead they destroyed the country to a point where there is no rich and no poor … the rich can not tell the poor what to do and so the poor will not work for them because they have no power anymore as there is no social class! And so now they pick on the migrants and treat them like slaves. Such a corrupt country! For all you racists out there i will stand with them not because they are black but because they are human beings and no human deserves to be treated like that!

  510. gary oak

    more people need to see this, way to go UN.


      Whatch Watch how the treat the black in LYBIA

  511. Glen Howell

    Libyan authorities ? very funny girl, fake cnn news , you are black , why were you not grabbed and sold also ?

  512. DMF

    2017 and we still have to deal with this. Who is buying them in the first place because I feel they are taken being promised something else then realize later that they are in a bad situation.

  513. ROACH

    This makes me really not want to be Muslim. I already question my belief in god. Idk I don’t want to have a religion that supports this.

  514. ایشا

    fucked up world…

  515. Ahmed Hassan

    This is such complete bullshit, complete faked, I heard the auctioneers talk they don’t sound like normal Libyans. These so called slaves leave their countries on route to Europe without enough money to complete the journey so they end up working in libya, they get treated with much respect and maturity

  516. D Wadee3

    They should stay home and fight for its country…

  517. gökhan Tekeli


  518. Mahamad Moalim

    I am from somalia and I hate arabs fuck all is not way to behave human like this and calling them self’s Muslims islam is not the way u people are doing Islam is peace nt to sell humans

    1. Rasheed

      I am an Arab/Libyan and have Somalian neighbors. We have nothing but peace and love for each other. Do not judge all Arabs by what these gangs are doing. They have been killing Arabs for years. My family in Libya have been either hiding or fighting against them.

  519. Sajid Hussain


  520. casper zwaal

    As long as they stay out of europe i dont care

    1. Rasheed

      They are not in Europe

  521. orlando TV

    worse than a terrorist attack this is a crime against humanity. this Arabs will burn in hell.

    1. La La

      orlando Tv Yes,they will!!

  522. Yassin Etheridge

    I have heard no one addressing the reasons why our African brothers are running away from their countries with their families or leaving their families behind and willing to be sold as slaves in Libya and brutalized in the most horrific manner in other countries. Do they have a choice?
    What do African leaders and governments have to say about their citizens being sold as slaves in Libya? Curse be on these leaders and governments!
    Is it not their responsibility to protect and represent their citizens who are oppressed and persecuted in other countries?
    Some nations will go to war if their citizens are abused abroad.

    1. Ronmake

      Yassin Etheridge African government is weak and among most corrupt in the world. Why there is no successful Black Country ? Why Black Africans won’t build their country or overthrow their president ? How come every other race trying to build up but black people cant do it

  523. Yassin Etheridge

    I have heard no one addressing the reasons why our African brothers are running away from their countries with their families or leaving their families behind and willing to be sold as slaves in Libya and brutalized in the most horrific manner in other countries. Do they have a choice?
    What do African leaders and governments have to say about their citizens being sold as slaves in Libya? Curse be on these leaders and governments!
    Is it not their responsibility to protect and represent their citizens who are oppressed and persecuted in other countries?
    Some nations will go to war if their citizens are abused abroad.

  524. Pussy Destroyer 9000x

    This comment section is a fucking mess!

  525. uTubekiidder

    What they did to Gaddafi was not right, if he was still their leader, this wouldn’t of happened !!!

    1. Motowebz II

      Hamad Althani had*

    2. Hamad Althani

      Gaddafi has 13 and 14 year old girls trapped in his house working as sex slaves. So please, do your research before you say misinformation…

    3. G Holmes

      I am Canadian you clown. I’ve never even been in the US.

    4. Motowebz II

      G Holmes go juggle trumps nuts

    5. G Holmes

      sid 2 tours of Afghanistan you twat.

  526. E C

    That’s Islam for you

    1. Rasheed

      That’s gang life for you.. Most Muslims are hiding or fighting from these Gangs! Remind you, Islam is the highest percent religion in Nigeria. It is Muslims being captive and murdered.. Including Libyan civilians fighting or running..

  527. Bass Ackwards

    The EU Refuguee/Migrant Crisis is giving us dead kids washing up on beaches, people being tossed overboard for their beliefs and let to drown in the Mediterranean, unvetted terrorists getting into Europe to commit terrorist acts and now is the fuel for a slave trade in Libya with all the people waiting to cross the Med. Here’s an idea end the illegal smuggling of all boats on the Med, help people that need help, but through offical government channels, document the people arriving. This has been a disaster since day one. Thousands of people have died because the EU is to politically correct to have some sort common sense refugee policy. Anytime in history when people have partook in massive migrations there is always death. Let’s help these people but in a common sense way, not just a massive foot and boat race to the EU. If they are fleeing persecution help them get out, if it’s local diasters and economic problems help fund they areas that need help. The EU is hurting and killing way more people because they want to appear politically correct, that’s disgusting.