Leolah Brown’s EXPLOSIVE Details About Whitney & Bobbi Kristina | “Whitney FOUGHT For Her Life”

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Leolah Brown has given details about the deaths of Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina. She has stayed persistent with being her sisters keeper and in a revealing Facebook post, she breaks her silence on a lot of her secrets that she has been carrying for all of these years.

I broke down a lot of her story before playing her Facebook Post. I’ve spent hours investigating this story. Tell me what you think of not only my findings but her Facebook post as well.

Lets talk about it down below.

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2,474 Thoughts to “Leolah Brown’s EXPLOSIVE Details About Whitney & Bobbi Kristina | “Whitney FOUGHT For Her Life””

  1. Chronicle Speaks

    A lot commenters are mentioning Leolah being the sister that leaked Whitney’s bathroom pics to the tabloids. This was the FIRST question I asked her when I interviewed her because I knew people would confuse the two. It was her sister Tina not Leolah. As far as the casket photo, I saw that as well and if Whitney was indeed abused, I’ve seen morticians do works with fixing people up after accidents, gun shot wounds and worse. I hate our interview will not be released because she cleared up and explained a lot. However, the end result is justice for Whitney and Bobbi Kristina. I’ve followed this story and after talking with her, sooo much makes sense now but I’ll put more of my investigation and piece together another video at a later date. Thank you for your comments and for watching.

    1. Victory Praise

      Hey @KJ3 Naw I was only interested in Whitney’s autopsy by a real MD who broke it down. Leola wasn’t on that episode only the Dr’s & host of HLN. What’s your opinion on Nicks last interview when he was sober with Dr. Phil?Talk soon, it’s Cool beans & collard greens, until nxt time 😄

    2. Victor Wright

      +Eli Greene Music a lot of substance abuser are the last to know that they really need help,Whitney thought she had drugs under control but was oblivious to the fact that it was vice versa

    3. whitesongs73

      Oh Lawrd. These individuals have passed away can’t we just let this whole rest in peace. As with the brother with the turban I’ll buy his juice.

    4. KJ 3

      +Victory Praisemaybe you should watch her interview with Dr Drew as well….shes telling a different story there also…her story keeps chamging…and yes she has a book coming out very soon shes on Facebook all the time promoting it….check for yourself this woman is a con artist shes not in it for the right reasons…i agree nobody will ever know the truth but whoever was in the room with her that day..blessings to you as well😇

  2. MEIKIA Lifestyle

    Bring more to the table

  3. Richard Eduardo

    Funny how both died in the bath tub I think that so call adopted guy killed both because they would not give him money and wanted him to leave.

  4. Mesha Johnson

    Man this makes me mad all over again. I have been a huge fan for years and the story they gave us never set right with me

  5. Stacy Davis

    Your voice is so beautiful

  6. Stacy Davis

    That’s sad

  7. morgan Layton

    I don’t understand how anyone can find Leolah credible & not question her mental stability.. she just loves the media attention & her sole purpose for all of this is to make money.. if it were truly about clearing Whitney & Krissy’s name, she wouldn’t be selling the info thru a book.. I mean, this woman claimed Alicia was trying to kill Bobby after ” the Bobby Brown story” aired. Since W & K died, Leolah has done interview after interview & not once has Bobby supported her or backed up anything she’s said.

  8. Author Tolu2

    Author Tolu2, “There are more laws and longer to protect animals than females. “

  9. Kerell Marrow

    That bath water is red flag no one else agree I hope one day the truth come to the light and justice gets served

  10. Janice Tarver

    WOW!!!!!!! I am so tuned in

  11. Janice Tarver

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! I am so tuned in

  12. Kerell Marrow

    I still believe they where murdered. Sad the world will never get the truth about them being murdered.

  13. addiyah michelin

    What does ray j have to do with Whitney’s death and when does Leolah brown book comes out

  14. Aphrodittee

    I Believe In My Soul Nick Gordon Killed Both Whitney & Bobbi Christina!

  15. kimmieluvme1

    Well just let it out before they rub you out too🤷🏾‍♀️ if it’s like you’re saying then tell the world and not look for a payday

  16. Lalea King

    Why….why were people trying to or rather did kill them? So evil.

  17. TheAngel Whisperer

    can i have some of that juice

  18. Anjanette Wilson

    This is so intersting….wow



  20. Ebony_Love_R_007

    I always thought that it was wildly suspect that mother and daughter both supposedly died from bathtub “accidents”. I never did believe that.🙄

    Oh yeah, what was the beeping and buzzing noise in the background?

  21. Ebony_Love_R_007

    Good reporting hon.

  22. Ebony_Love_R_007

    This is Wild! Why wouldn’t they feed her????! 😲

  23. Stacey Crutcher

    This is beyond me right now… I don’t know what to think.

  24. Reggie Tyler

    Listening to this is breaking my heart I believe Leola Pat ur a dog

  25. Pugz

    Closed casket lol, it was open. This lady is a nut. No place did it say she died of drugs, Her past drug use was a factor in wrecking her heart.

  26. keishakeish

    Get Em!!!! Pat Garland “Houston” looking like a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Get Em!! Ole’ My hairline start at the Crown ass bitch!! Get Em!!!! Gary Garland “Houston” looking like a Rejected Idris Elba clone drugged through the future with Crack Pipes N’ Heroin Needles!!!! Get Em!!!!

  27. QueenJayJackson

    I always believed Leolah , some of the stuff (Almost all of it rather) I said this before I knew she was saying all the details. I researched my ass off and everything . I had a feeling. Both them was murdered. I been so vocal about Whitney , Krissi & Michael Jackson’s deaths. All murdered.

  28. keishakeish

    Look up Gary (Garland) Houston found high & unconscious in car!!! But Pat throwin stones??!!! Gurl Bye!!!

  29. renee peppers

    after reading a handful of comments I can see a lot of folks are not awoke to the dark agenda….so comprehending some of this information will be a challenge…. satanic twisted folks run the industry …as crazy as it all sounds just scratch the surface and then dig like a rat…both cases are very ritualistic and common sadly enough..hoping Leola brings this to the light for all to see

  30. Antoinette Wood

    This is why we CANNOT TRUST OUR OPPRESSORS….. and the Media. Fake News!!!! WAKE UP/ We have no friends, we must do our own RESEARCH and use our own discretion. PERIOD !!

  31. MsGina42

    Omg this is so sad

  32. Tee love the Social media queen Love

    I talks to leolah shes doing a book look out for it. Wants book come out everything gonna be exposed

  33. Mexi M

    I’m not understanding what IS the motive to wanting them both killed? I am not getting this. WHY?!

  34. Mexi M

    What amazes me in a strange way all murders can be solved but when it comes to solving celebs murderers nobody knows whom done it. It never gets solved. Unless changes happens with that, possibly it will be less Caleb murder cases u would hope. Like catch these ppl whom are involved. Stop protecting them or not telling us what really happened. Its a lot of fishy going around . When something don’t make sense its because of lies being told and we’re only going to hear what the media wants us to know. This story of Whitney, Bobbi is so sad. I hope the truth from all this comes to light and whomever responsible brought to justice.

  35. Photogirl Gaming

    This is crazy but now seeing this it’s making a little more sense…something about this whole situation never sat with me right.

  36. khalil antonio

    We can either build a world of lies or a world of truth .. leolah has been consistent with her story from day one … there is no solidarity with our people .. we too busy trying get the bag …. close our eyes to the evil of this world …. but it’s all coming to light … and it’s really best to leave folks in there ignorance when they don’t want to hear truth

  37. Linda Dixon

    Why won’t Leola just TELL EVERYTHING?! Chile I would hurry up and TELL everything!!!!!! What are you waiting on a book deal or something???? GET INTO IT!!!!

  38. C K1991

    Bring it on Leolah.Come with the truth.

  39. D Williams

    Both mom n daughter die in a damn tub nahh that shit is fishy and Pat Houston can’t be trusted

  40. Octi Move

    It all makes sense , the episode with pat and Krissie (on our own) when Pat was willing to put her marriage and relationship with her daughter on the rock s to take Krissie to some rrecording studiio made pat look heartless and just wanted Krissie to start making money again.
    Krissie was not truly ready for it , Krissie needed Motherly love. Pat appeared heartless to me. You could see through her . She would of sacrificed her family for fame

  41. Tunisia Martin

    I can’t wait for the truth to come out either I want to hear so much about it I always believe that Whitney was murdered something always sets me something isn’t right about this I always believed that Bobbi Kristina was murdered something wasn’t right about it maybe Nick maybe he has something to do with it with both murders somebody has something to do with it and somebody took Whitney life and somebody Christian Life and I believe this lady always thought so myself and I can’t wait for the truth to come out so the world would know they were all needs to know the truth about Bobbi Kristina Whitney Houston

  42. stephanie atkinson

    Whitney didnt hve a closed casket

  43. Maudeline Evans

    What about the party,when she was singing with Kelly price.shebwas high then.they day she didn’t have anything in her system.I know she had something,she was drinking I know that.God knows,the truth will come out.Greed

  44. Monique Alishia

    I knew something was not right. It was just so odd and it never made sense. This has me in tears and makes me so sad.

  45. wellington sutcliffe

    Please send me a message I never believed that b.s I really need you to send me the info I need for redemption this will not go unpunished…

  46. Retta Miles

    Hay sis are u going to do LEOLAH BROWN LIVE TODAY??

  47. purplepassion1

    I remember when this was on TV and Bobby was looking as if he had hope for his daughter…even giving the camera outside a thumbs up as if his daughter was showing signs of improvement etc Then suddenly she took a turn for the worse?? As the media said she passed away.Hm I believe this somehow….Bobbi Christine knocked out but wake up???? That boyfriend of hers at the time….who the hell was he anyway????? Probably hung around scum too.Who’d do crap like this.

  48. candyDander

    This stuff is crazy….wth.

  49. B. Kennedy

    but pat wasn’t the one who made the medical decisions for bobbi kristina. it was a well known fact that bobby brown didn’t like pat and that he and pat clashed because he knew pat sold the casket photo of whitney.

  50. John Lindsay Green

    Dang Gary and Pat Houston are treacherous ppl. In addition, Whitney Houston was beaten to death omg! Someone had attempted to kill Krissi first but was unsuccessful, then sometime later kill Whitney. Both Whitney and her daughter had good reason to be in fear of their lives…smh

  51. Cynthia Vivona

    I believe Leolah 100%. Does anyone know where Whitney/ Bobbi Christina’s money went?

  52. Amparo Carrera

    Whitney side of the family fucked up didnt one of her female family member rape whitney smh

  53. Elizabeth Cooper Camacho

    😱😱😳😭😭😭😭 OMG! I always wonder about the strangeness of that situation. How could a mother and daughter just die in the same exact way????? It all make sense now. I only have one thing to say about that. God dont like ugly. There’s a lot of people walking around with blood on their hands. But they’ll get there day in HELL

  54. Phyllis Bowman

    The world need to know the truth about what happened to this mother and daughter.. if Leolah has the real answers then let her speak!!!

  55. Shirley Myles

    He….is not lying believe what@ yall wanna…im gonna forever stand by him and believe his story.

  56. Michele Battle

    DEC 30 2006 – https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/1055732/brandy-involved-in-fatal-california-car-crash


  57. jacob bey

    What kind of juice was Dr. Harris wanting to give her? I want to start taking it.

  58. stanley blackman

    Thanks for this video. This is so sick and so sad and it’s so real

  59. Kimy Bear

    When I heard Whitney died I said dam somethings ain’t making sense. I let it rest cause although I was little then I knew when things weren’t right. Then I heard her daughter died the same way they found Whitney that’s when I started saying this needs further investigation. And that movie they made the other day about Whitney&Bobby Kristina, was plain evidence of what really happened. Leolah keep safe hun and be careful 💪🏽 I pray you release the full story.

  60. Victoria English

    Wow this lady gonna end up dead if she’s not careful 😢 The truth will out in the end but will there be a price to pay? 😢

  61. Victor Wright

    It was at the funeral that I first laid eyes on Pat Houston, although I did not know who she was,my antennas went up and cause me to pay close attention because at the funeral they mentioned her as a sister of Whitney Houston and when she took to the podium to speak I could have died right there where I stood because the Lord told me that Pat Houston has something to do with Whitney’s death…..the Real truth lies inside of Nick Gordon,that was the reasoning for his break down,Pat isn’t showing no signs of a break down because she is cold hearted,and calculating…..she is also a psycho path and psychotic….TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!! Always have a way of emerging through Lies..find your way truth In the name of Jesus

  62. Brenda Agyekum

    We are here for part two and I believe this woman, come through now with the info.

  63. Victor Wright

    Leola tell the whole story asap,because they are coming after you,don’t let your hard work of investigation go in vain,tell EVERYTHING b4 they silence you too

  64. cjsmomom

    None of this is true and she looks like a crack addict. Just stop. Let them rest in peace. Karma will get you in the end.

  65. Dante Jones

    Pat Houston, did what she did so she could get her hands on Whitney Houston’s estate. She’s absolutely not to be trusted. She’s the worst.

  66. Veronica Mcmillan

    I think they gave Whitney a choice her daughter herself I don’t know what they get into and that music industry but it all seems and Toxic it all seems wrong these people don’t have any regard for life not the people killing not people covering up the killer I think with me had a choice to make her or her daughter she fought for both what would any other mother do

  67. Michael Peterson

    Why trusted these idiots who just want to be famous ,when a doctor`s not feeding his daughter why Bobby didn`t sue..right?

  68. Reign Lhyt of Gratitude

    I remember that Oprah interview. Pat also said that Whitney had been calling her several times, but she never answered the phone…..Oprah didn’t believe her in that interview either….You could tell by her look.

  69. Reign Lhyt of Gratitude

    When is Leolah’s book coming out?

  70. Marshan Thomas

    can u post more of leolah stories

  71. Victoria Riley

    No one is talking about Whitney fullfilling her Worldtour contract where she lost her voice.She got a down payment.clothes travel exspenses entourage..you cant just walk away from music executives owing them money.Also Newport cigarettes will destroy your singing voice over the years of smoking quicker then drugs.The damage can be unreversible.It killed Nat King Cole and some other celebraties…

  72. Team69 Racing

    Gf i knewz pat Houston was a freakin snake!! But starving her to death$$$$$ wtf$$$$

  73. Donna Daly

    The way Hollywood and the media is playing psyops on the masses, treating us all like fools with lie upon lie upon lie, and kissing satan’s backside to maintain their “fame and fortune” I wouldn’t believe that they were dead until I saw the damned bodies in the coffins with MY OWN eyes… and I would be making sure it ain’t no wax dummy from Madam Tussauds too.

  74. Theron Lyons

    You know good dirty bastard.& son of a Bitch. You better find a rat hole to crawl into & never come out..
    One love🗿black🗿planet🌑earth🌎

  75. KJ 3

    Im confused about ms brown also because it facts that on her fitst interview she said whitney was using drugs and how Ray j must’ve gave her a bad bag so shes telling too many versions of thr story herself…i believe some of the things shes saying but why does she need to sell a book to tell the so called truth! If she was clearing the air for real and pure reasons then a price tag would never be involved ….shes just as suspicious as the others and needs to let them rest in pesce!

  76. Makeida

    I miss the old Wendy. She makes this show so shady, even when her life isn’t all that perfect either lol.

  77. Proud to be Haitian

    This story is very confusing to me. Who fought Whitney and killed her? Leolah sounds believable; it seems like she loves Whitney and Bobbi Kristina genuinely.

  78. Kim Bascomb

    This sister is telling the truth I think, I think also, Nick did all of the above.

  79. Eve TheQueen

    The eerie part to this story, ( NOT mentioned), and still creeps me out 7 years later is that while Whitney lay dead in a room upstairs the party continued downstairs. Its like she was no longer useful to the industry so they just get rid of her! Heartless people! 😒

  80. Monica kendra Whitehead


  81. keonia burns

    That dam Pay Houston is a jealous chic. Whitney and Christina is dead because of her and her actions. I’m ready for the conclusion. And Mrs. Leolah did not play with no one and Pat knew it. Pat was scared of Mrs. L..

  82. Tasty Mukbang Eats

    This is very interesting, God knows the truth and no one gets away with murder.

  83. Cindy B.

    I know Leola is telling the truth because my whole body started reacting. Goose bumps all over.

  84. Nik Rich

    So we gotta to PURCHASE a book to find out what Leolah claims happened. Really??? But she’s fighting for Whitney and Krissy, right?

  85. Harley Jules

    Bobby Brown should have taken more control of the decisions of Bobbi K. medical care. BB should have stood up and taken care of his daughter. Bobby’s wife has got him under her thumb now. I believe his wife is behind alot more than we know. The whole family is evil. Maybe Whitney was going to expose some secrets that the music industry doesn’t want people to know like all the pedophilia that goes on in the entertainment industry. I also think clive is involved too.

  86. Catte Adams

    It wasn’t that much money tho…hard to believe they (whoever they are) would want to kill two ppl for that little money.

  87. Lou Branch

    Could she have gotten all the bruising from them trying to do CPR maybe beating her heart to restart it…ijs…I hate to think Whitney died so violently…

  88. Ebony Fair

    For some strange reason I believe her

  89. Mr. T/Kinky Tail Mapogo

    I don’t believe a word that woman say.

  90. caligirl LA

    damn what was in the letter that Whitney passed to raggedy ass Brandy!

  91. JUDAH J

    10 is a number meaning they don’t care for you.

  92. JUDAH J


  93. JUDAH J

    @UC-H66WoRQeEKWoXXjRHiSgg​@UC-H66WoRQeEKWoXXjRHiSgg I wonder what happened with Jaheim. him and Whitney was close.

  94. Christine Bryant

    i understand the aunt an some things may be true. but the battle for kristina was spiritual! fam members are always greedy an covetuous when theres money to be had! however witchcraft an shapeshifters were the culprits for kristina. it was set up this way so the blame can be put on nick. in actuallity whitney sold her soul…yes she covered the eye an threw up the sixes (sad but true). notice all celebs end up losing loved ones when they become famous because they contract themselves for temp fame an fortune! like all the others it was about the sacrifice! her daughter was being demonically attacked by witchcraft an there was no one to deliver regardless of who tried. sad but true.

  95. MseeF

    This reminds me of Martin Lawrence waving a gun saying they are trying to kill me story by Dave Chappelle: http://youtu.be/J7-s0rCvXFk

  96. MseeF

    Wake up! Not all drips (health care) are the same:

    Some drips assist in the health recovery process but others in its decline even to death. How about when death brings profit like in the multi-billion if not trillion dollars pharmaceutical industry?



  97. James Bishop

    Please do a part 2

  98. Kia a.

    Where is the doctor location at.. What is the doc info?

  99. Patricia Sims

    What makes pat think her child is better than krissi all children are good in God eye. Btw her own child doest like her. And someone do something about her traks.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  100. Elizabeth Rosen

    I was praying so hard for Bobbi during her coma time. I also felt a premonition that she was hit on the head with a radio clock, and I saw a dust pan in a jacuzzi. I felt the pain on the back of my head. God gave me a gift.

  101. 7jandi7

    They killed Michael whitney and Prince Back to back and I’ve never believed any of the stories were fully told. One of the most disturbing part of the whitney death was Clive Davis threw the Grammy party with her dead body still above in the room. Clive Davis was the reason for. Whitneys entire career. It just felt ritualistic and Ceremonial

  102. Elizabeth Rosen

    Let them Test In Peace Gosh. They were amazing women.

  103. Shawn Gill

    What’s in the note then? Why didn’t you talk then maybe it could have save Bobbie

  104. sarah smith

    I believe leolah they tried to blacken her name and character to stop people listening to her, all shes done is point out descpencies x

  105. Melanin Magic

    Leo lay is and has been TELLING THE TRUTH!

  106. Lola Ruca

    Has anyone thought about this: Bobbi Kristina nearly drowns in bathtub day before Whitney actually drowns in tub. Do you really think Whitney would actually find a bathtub relaxing after her only child nearly died in one the day before?? And now do you really think Her daughter ever found a bathtub relaxing again after she almost drowned, and then her mom Really did drown in the bathtub??!! Common people…

  107. Everything Charlene

    Child this is interesting as heck – I hope
    She stay safe y’all know the Illuminati ran music industry don’t mind killing folks


    I really believe this… what a wicked set of people to do bobbi and whitney like that…. like millions I held whitney in high regard,and no matter how the media like to play her,that will never change.

  109. rockybaby31

    Why is the interview not being released? I feel like I’m being stringed along. Is there some type of gag order or ongoing investigation that prevents this interview from revealing specific information?

  110. Patricia Lee

    Get rid of Alicia Ettheridge Devil

  111. Cherry Tree

    Wow pat is Low Down. She let bobby christina die so shge could have Whitney’s Money

  112. Yessayana Hartfield

    I believe her story.

  113. Sia Ra

    Why didn’t he come out, then??? It annoys me he waited so long to speak up. I’m Glad you are still covering this story

  114. Latrice P.

    Whitney didn’t have a close casket if so why was a picture on the internet

  115. Vanessa Cespedes

    I believe you one hundred per cent. It’s was so disrespectful to both Whitney n Bobbi that her mother was not even cold in her grave when Pat Houston had Bobbi on a reality show to bring in money n my heart breed when they make her sing knowing she was not a singer… Pat n Whitney Mother should be ashame the whole lot of them…knowing full well her brother got her on drugs n blame Bobby Brown all these years…
    You could see pat was jelouse of both mother n daughter . Who would not want to do all to save Bobbi… I guess the doctor’s got a payment to. I remember Bobby wanting to do everything to save her whiles pat was fighting to let her died as the money was running low on medical bills. The moment we heard how Bobbi was found same way In the bath like her mother we knew.. we knew damn we knew. God 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Rest Your Souls Whitney n Bobbi Christina❤❤❤❤😢😢😠😠😠😠

  116. cc gg

    Quick question, who is the doctor who is speaking?

  117. cc gg

    Chronicle, why am I just now hearing and seeing this. Jesus, Lord protect us all from those who despise us and our babies.

  118. Gabriel lsrael

    Leolah did you have custody of Bobbi Kristiina or you had? Which one is it and if you did what did you do to keep her on the straight and narrow? If not how did you loose custody? Wow this is Deep they most definitely have brushed this off like they were nothing, they deserve more respect than this! Hollywood will use you till they use you up and when your not complying with their rules they take you out! Turn around and play you like your a useless drug head! Leolah I hope your on to something we need PROOF not just words!

  119. Kim Collins

    We need a part 2!!

  120. quasimobius

    Whitney was so bubbly and vibrant when she hit the scene, then Bobby Brown happened to her.

  121. hateisjelousy

    This is all garbage. Who watches this

  122. PancakesAnd Wine

    Let these folks Rest In Peace.

  123. Cookie4XO

    PAT HOUSTON IS THE DEVIL!! I always just wanted to know WHO she was working for REALLY?! Herself or some of the satanic, Hollywood elites.

  124. Tia olamide Omolosho

    Oh, she even opened her eyes and spoke…..

  125. Miss queen Blingy

    How can I follow up the doctor in this video, who spoke on Bobby and Whitney?

  126. LiveInLove

    *Mac Miller:* Last music video shows him in a coffin (compare Ariana’s career before & after his death.) Sadly, she’s also a pawn.
    *XXXTENTACION:* Last music video shows him in a coffin and talking to a demon.
    *Tupac:* Last Music Video shows him being gunned down.
    *Jimi Hendrix:* In the Ballad of Jimi, he predicted that he would die five years later. He died after he choked on his own vomit.
    *Whitney Houston:* In a Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode, one character is asked where his Whitney Houston cutout is, and he says “it fell apart in the shower”. She burst into an interview Clive was having with Brandy & Monica, She passed a note to Brandy and Monica remarked that Whitney was “wet again”. A few days before she died, she was seen pacing back and fort hectically. A day before Whitney died, Bobbi Kristina almost died in a bathtub on the same floor in the same hotel. She mysteriously died face down in a tub. A guest in the room below reported water cascading into his room; he reported it and went up to check. He found the flat screen television broken, screen was smashed. Clive Davis was having a pre-Grammy’s Awards party in the same hotel, downstairs. He was informed that she has passed away upstairs, yet he kept the party going, even though her body was still upstairs.
    *Princess Diana:* predicted that her husband was planning to kill her and make it seem like a car accident. All the cameras in the tunnel where she died were mysteriously switched off. The ambulance took hours to get to a hospital that was less than 10 minutes away. Her body was embalmed without permission. The driver who was blamed for the “accident” for being extremely drunk was seen to be functioning normally and not displaying any signs of a drunk person. The police officials who hid Diana’s note about her planned death were promoted by The Queen. Prince Charles was never questioned.
    *Michael Jackson​:* Was about to have his last concert titled “This Is It” and promised to expose the truth about the industry, government etc. during this concert. “Michael Jacobshagen — a 34-year-old businessman who was friends with Jackson for two decades — claimed the pop star wrote 13 letters that included phrases such as ‘They are trying to murder me’ and ‘I am scared about my life.’ MJ didn’t eat for long periods because of this fear; and due to this, he became emaciated.
    *Prince:* Likened elevators to the devil. La Reid mentioned ““One time when I was with him privately, he said, ‘You know what the elevator is, right?’ I said, ‘No, what’s the elevator?’ He said, ‘Well, the elevator is the devil.’ It scared me. I don’t like to talk like that, but he said that. So, for me, it was like really haunting when I read that he was found in an elevator.”
    *Ladies Code:* Had a music video that showed one member kissing a dead man in a coffin & one having a plug pulled. The member who kissed death died immediately, the member whose plug was pulled was in a coma and her plugged was pulled. They were involved in a car “accident”.
    *Billie Eilish:* Grew up in the industry and has essentially had a professional music career since she was 13. In her most recent music video titled “Bury a Friend”, there’s a man in it who is quite reminiscent of XXXTENTACION whom she was friends with.
    She stated that the song was about sleep paralysis however the lyrics & video display something much more sinister. In one of the verses, it alludes to an entity with immense power & the ability to make her a star talking to her:
    *”Keep you in the dark, what had you expected, me to make you my art & make you a star & get you connected. I’ll meet you in the park, I’ll be calm & collected, but we knew right from the start that you’d fall apart, cause I’m too expensive.”*

    Billie lets us know about her plight by singing *”For the debt I owe, gotta sell my soul, cause I can’t say no, no, I can’t say no. Then my limbs all froze and my eyes won’t close and I can’t say no, I can’t say no.”*
    She states that for the price of fame, she has to sell her soul and she can’t say no. After this, her limbs all froze & her eyes won’t close. This alludes to the possession that happens after she sold her soul. She’s seen with Black eyes throughout the video which represents demonic possession. On the cover art of the song, she has white eyes which represents being soulless.

    In the song she also sings “Step on a glass, staple your tongue, burry a friend, try to wake up, cannibal class, killing the son, bury a friend, I wanna end me”*
    In the video you also see various hands pulling her to various locations & manhandling her, ripping of her clothes. In addition to injecting her with vile substances.
    This alludes to the torture she’s going through in the industry, part of the price she has to pay to be the world-renowned star she is going to become. A quick search of “Billie Eilish Illuminati/Satanism” and you’ll see pictures she took of herself with inverted crosses & 666 on her forehead.
    Sadly, all of this is taking an immense toll on her. She is getting more & more depressed and the light in her, has truly dimmed. Just watch the Vanity Fair interview titled *”Same Interview, One Year Apart”* and it displays the amount of success she’s​ had in just a year, yet you see the toll it’s taken on her.
    In it she says that *”everyone here is sad, everyone in this industry”.*
    *I pray that she finds a way out.*

    Those of us who are truly awake, question things and stay vigilant especially when it comes to the Satanic symbology utilized by most celebs, athletes, political figures, “religious” figures, the media etc. Only the docile sheeple will willingly turn a blind eye to what’s in front of them. Once you sell your soul to the devil, you are owned you and living on borrowed time; each of these celebrities promoted satanic symbology and were ultimately sacrificed.

  127. The Quintessential

    This is all too sad to hear. Bobbi wanted to stay here but to hear that shw was deproved of food by the request of her evil grandmother Pat to those doctors sounds diabolical. Pat should be locked up for manslaughter either 2 degree counts od murder of Whitney and Bobbi. I never knew that White acrually tried fight for her life in the bathtub. It reminds of that story of the mother who raised 2 beautiful twin daughters Taz and Jazz who were valedictorians of their school who killed the mother on the bathtub one struggled to fight for her life before they claimed it.

  128. Redz Jb

    The reason was to get pay

  129. ApostleLadyK

    I believe Leolah a thousand percent!!!

  130. Masq' Erotica ASMR

    Wow! This is heart breaking! OMG!

  131. h3artless.nayah

    I always knew something wasn’t right with Whitney or Bobbies Death. The way she gave Brandy that note spoke volumes! She knew what she was planning

  132. saintclairepatriz

    I am soooooo upset to hear this. I always knew that something wasn’t quite adding up with Pat. Even the whole death scenario was suspicious. Ms. Mary left 30 minutes to go get cupcakes that Whitney supposedly asked for, and in just that little time, she was completely dead. Wtfffffffff? Dead in 30 minutes. Wowwwww. Cissy rarely had any air time for the “so-called” documentary, Robin wasn’t interviewed, Leola wasn’t interviewed, 2 very relevant people that were obviously close to her and could have closed alot of gaps and shared very significant information about Whitney and what the hell was really going on. Please get us more details. I will most definitely be tuned in to your channel.

  133. Monica Ivey

    WOW….. in both deaths things just did add up…… so sad…..

  134. 100itRacks TV

    Waiting for part 2.. period!

  135. Teresa R.

    I’m mad at Leola’s manager bc Leola was on a roll and she was gonna tell it all until that woman got on there and shut it down 😕 No let Leola speak the truth. We’ve been waiting all this time and that woman shut Leola down like …. No girl you doing too much, your saying too much.

  136. Martha Jibbs

    OK pat is married to Whitney’s what. N what does he say about all this

  137. GStar

    She has a book coming out. I don’t hear anything true from this woman. She’s profited from her families death. That’s terrible. What was the cover up? Whitney and BC were both drug addicts. Chrissy did heroin. The fam kept that shit under wraps for image reasons. She couldn’t drink juice on her own- that’s a coma. She had a feeding tube inter-nasally, and IV morphine thru a vein. ? I dont get the mysteries. This “dr” is insane. And not a real doctor. IJS

  138. Antwan Adams

    FYI Kelly Price who Whitney last performed with during her GRAMMYs Party ALSO stated, Whitney WAS NOT high or drunk that night (hours before she died) this is so wicked. Lord please cover and protect Ms. Leolah

  139. Magnificent Thing

    I dont think the cops did a thorough enough investigation for some reason,how did Clive Davis have the power to make the coroners office wait to get Whitneys body? I believe Whitney and Bobbi Kristinas deaths were HIGHLY suspicious and warrant a re-investigation. I wish Leola was able to make a documentary and bring everything forward.

  140. Richgeana White

    I hate when people say they going to expose truth and don’t say sh*t tell it if you gonna tell it stop saying you gonna tell the truth





  143. Diamonds and Fuzzy slippers

    She should write a book

  144. Jenny J


  145. Grateful and Blessed

    I NEVER doubted Lehola…..always believed her about this….

  146. TheLadyOfSoul502

    I’m thinking of Leolah’s safety and who are the “they” who were after Whitney and Bobbi? And why?
    Oh, and one more thing. Why would Pat have custody of Bobbi when Bobby was alive?

  147. Lakeisha Frazier

    Sacrifices that’s what they where. Waiting on that next. Cause that’s the bottom line to it.


    Hold on a second. She says Bobbi Kristina was at her mothers funeral so how was she found in the hotel before her mother.? How that just makes no sense

  149. Tiffany d coates

    I never trust … pat …she’s a suspect

  150. Faith Cunningham


  151. Lance Autor

    I need the info on the man of God!

  152. Asya Love-Wynn

    I have ALWAYS believed that Pat had something to do with Whitney & Krissy’s deaths. When that Oprah interview came out and she said she slowly walked down the hall and she heard the makeup artist scream and she instantly knew to dial 911. I screamed “OMG!! She killed her!” Then they did that reality show 3 months after she died. Pat is all about a check. I never trusted her. I just pray that Cissy and Leolah are protected.

  153. Tasha Spence

    Whitney and bobby kris was murder..justice for them both.hope the truth comes out

  154. erica grant

    My God pray for your safety so sad. I didnt know them but i miss them.

  155. Char Vincent

    What is the purpose for the killing? Money?

  156. ChessNotCheckersTV

    Great job Chronicle Speaks!! Whitney and Bobbi’s death has always rubbed me the wrong way, so I made a video piecing together the mysterious events on my channel…The more bloggers that do a story about this, the better…Kudos to you!!!

    1. Tonja Jones

      Psalms 37 says fret not thyself because of evildoers now that be envious against the workers of iniquity for they shall soon be cut down as a grass and with as a green herb

    2. Tonja Jones

      The Last Enemy that shall be destroyed is death

    3. Tonja Jones

      Vengeance is mine saith the Lord I will repay

  157. Meka Bri

    I’m saddened by what happened to Bobbi Kristina and I don’t know all the details surrounding her death, but I will say that when you’re on life support/hospice, they do starve you to death because they don’t think you’ll make it or fully functional with your brain activity. And I find it funny that the “prophet” didn’t know she was going to pass away, and slipped up on his words trying to say God told him to go see her

  158. Char Vincent

    Morphine is a slow death. Its given to cancer patients in hospice. They were purposely killing her

  159. Lissy Aviles

    That’s ok the Lord sees and knows all all will be revealed soon!

  160. All Of Me

    Well I never believed it in the 1st place because I’m the same way about hotel bathtubs as Whitney was, an for the both of them to die the same exact way. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know something wasn’t right about this whole situation. The music industry is a wicked place. U barely here of anyone dying of natural causes. God has 2 Angel’s now. And may God protect Peeler from any harm an danger. 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍God Bless.

  161. Jahzell Miss Lady

    I believe this whole hearted. The story never sound right from the gate. I’m heart broken angry and devastated. Thank you for all your work in bringing attention to this.


    I ❤️ you Whitney!🌅

  163. Rochelle Moneak

    I told my mother that Someone killed Whitney

  164. muppet08609

    When is the sister going to tell the rest? Is it going to be on this channel or somewhere else?

  165. My Joi

    I suspect nick Gordon and pat Houston. God is not pleased. He will come down on all who is guilty.

  166. Believe it or not stay awoke

    Wow my God, this broke my heart all over again its very sad when you cant trust the doctors wow rip bobby Kristina

  167. Eye AM

    Who did it how can we find them

  168. Eye AM

    They kill both mother and daughter it’s time to find out who did it and fucking why

  169. Debra Saffo

    She’s telling the truth!!! Everyone knows Ray Jay is a snake and any one with common sense knows Nick is definitely one of the common denominators. Be careful who you let in your house. Other than that I just don’t understand why?

  170. sharee g

    Its obvious someone close did this to them.

  171. Eye AM

    They kill that baby and it need to be told

  172. Eye AM

    She is a beautiful chocolate 🍫 women

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  174. Miss Britt

    A lot of masonic, Illuminati sacrifices vibes I’m getting from their death! Tho we all love Whitney as a talented artist, we can’t deny she made a deal with the devil along time ago!!! And now it ended her life !! Fame is not everything ppl think it is !! You must sell your soul in Hollywood to be big time! I’m so tired of the elite and all their hidden agendas!

  175. sharee g

    This is so goddamn sad

  176. William Allen

    They did the same exact thing to my brother last year. This is truly sad at how we as a people are often devalued. RIP Bobby Christina and Tim (my brother).

  177. Deela Williams

    May God perfect you and your family as you expose the truth!!

  178. Deela Williams

    I believe this 1000%…

  179. Netti

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  180. Black Butterfly

    Money and evil people. Wow !!!

  181. Connie Moore

    OMG WHY IS IT🤔that Bobby Brown’s sister always always seem 2 know SO much 🤔

  182. James A HAZELWOOD

    I remember Bobby Brown requesting public prayer because he saw Bobbi Christina’s eyes following him as he moved around in her hospital room.

  183. Linda Williams

    Hi beloved jesus want you to know that he is coming and SOON the restrainer will be out of the way 2019 the year of decision and false peace this is the year for you to make up your mind to choose jesus or this wicked world this year will be the decision to choose LIFE with me or death away from me this year will bring about a lot of blood shed this year of decision will also be the greatest time in human history for those who want to come into the kingdom this is the end time harvest IAM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE SOON satan will take over this world if you BELIEVE in jesus please REPENT now please REPENT all of your SINS to jesus this world is not going to get better only worse and worse and SOON judgment will come to America God has already taken his hand off of America and SOON judgment will come so if you HAVEN’T REPENT please do it now and stay READY jesus love you all and so do I God bless you

  184. SJ G

    This is a LOT!!!!! what is sad is that is not getting the attention that it needs this REALLY SADDENS ME!!!!!!

  185. m juru


  186. MiMi Polk

    My family just buried my uncle whom had a stroke that effected 90% of his brain which meant he only had 10% brain activity. He had limited physical activity couldn’t eat, swallow etc. Doctors said that if he lived he would be a vegetable. His wife & kids were so torn on what to do about if they should administer a feeding tube which would basically have him living artificially in that state. The doctors recommended that they not do it. And he passed a couple days later. There was no murder plot it’s just the way God took him. Leola needs to let these 2 beautiful souls RIPeace!

  187. Kamisha BeasleySkinner

    Wft omg i need to know more i loved me some Whitney Houston and Bobbi Christina

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  192. lemari

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  193. Doreen Ceasar

    I hope they lock Pats ass up 4 killing W and BK please get her please please please.

  194. TaJuan Anderson

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  195. Sherika Brown

    From the time she said she was bringing out a book to reveal the truth i was so afraid for her!!!….

  196. Star Beam

    African americans and their illuminati is starting to get embarassing now. Y’all truly humiliating us with this Jesus / Satan / Voodoo / celebrity shit. FIND. A. HOBBY.

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  199. Roma Sheryl

    Now I understand why brandy is so depressed , that note is the key to Whitney death , if the note was anything good brandy would have framed it and hang it on her wall since she claims to love Whitney so much , instead she burnt it , why ? Reopen Whitney ‘s case exhumed her body supine the note from brandy .

  200. Sonia Rena

    This is too heavy. We just need to let them rest in peace.

  201. Lisa Apodaca

    You need to write a tell all book Leolah!

  202. ritamix33

    So she really was killed. Wow!

  203. Jason Bailey

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  204. loyal Johnson

    Contact leolah to do a interview

  205. loyal Johnson

    Just like Anna Nicole first they killed her son ….then her

  206. Jonathan Meadows

    Whitney never liked taking baths in hotels according to Leola. And why would she even be in a tub especially after knowing what happened to her daughter the day before? Foul play was definitely involved.

  207. Blessed Indeed!

    My thing is why isn’t anything done if all of this happened

  208. Mary Gooden

    They kill her

  209. Mrs. Baker

    Why is no one talking about Ray J(yes Brandi’s brother) was rushed from the hotel right after Whitney’s death was announced? It was a news video of it but I believe has been removed since then.

  210. Kno doubt

    It’s very unsettling but thankfully she’s speaking out and shout out to you for following

  211. Practical Teaching Chronicles

    When you say “them” who are they? You just saying them. So you know names.

  212. King Solomon

    💩Gravity is False Wake up PEOPLE Nnothinnggg is as it Seems.. the atmosphere AROUND you is an Optic/ electromagnetic field. The Sun is just an optic reflection point of light thru water. Aurora borialis is a plasma wave. The shortening of days can only be discovered thru the 24hr. So called sun/moon cycle 12hr. day 12hr. night . Get a map and a ying yang picture cut .both holes out of the ying yang sign place it over the map and turn it . THIS is how the sun moon system works. So Called space is water/Optics. Yes we are in a bubble under water on a flat plane. WE CANT GO TO SPACE THERE IS A PROTECTION BARRIER THAT CANT BE PENETRATED. There’s Water on The other side of the Barrier The Bible calls The Firmament/Electromagnetic field. Waters above Waters Below. This Electromagnetic field allows this System to exist. WATER DOES NOT LIE,THE LARGEST LEVEL IS THE OCEAN AND IT’S FLAT. Nicoli Tesla understood this. Free energy. Back to The plasma situation this in not new it happens every so often we just never live long enuff to see it but the ancients that have left information that confirms this. We are about to go thru a plasma Catastrophe and the Elite knows this. EVERYTHING IN NATURE HAS ELETROMAGNETIC FREQUENCY. GRAVITY IS A FASLE. THE 5G SYSTEM IS A FREQUENCY WAVE WEAPON. THE POWERS AT B WANTS OUR MINDS UNDER THERE CONTROL TO WORSHIP THE🤖 AI BEAST God SYSTEM. 🤔. OUR CREATOR IS GREATEST I TRUST THAT HIS WORD IS TRU BECAUSE KJV. GENESIS IS WHERE MY LOGIC COMES FROM. There is a lot in the Bible to guide us thru this. There trying to unlock the gates of hell and unlesh a Demonic infestation because of the insane multitudes who don’t want to be judge by the Most high and Live for ever on this Plane Damn this System of the Eye New Technology is the Beginning of the Beast full control system.. Cash/credit cards are about to become obsolete. No more private banks. Just you and your control chip. If you don’t have one you won’t be able to buy or sell the End Game is Here Robotics are here there time is short face book told them Every thing about you. There ready to unleash Hell on Earth Revelations Real.the movies are not lieing IT is coming soon. A Demonic infestation of a town near you. Satanism is real. These People run businesses governments and churches planned parenthood sacrifices babies for the Elites to buy the end products of the fetus. Most High gon BURN THESE Mf Baal Worshipers.😡 if you get with the Creators Team these Parasite🤡 Can’t take your Soul. Read about Jesus.
    Accept Jesus accept Life.

    1. Myra Alf

      OMG you sound like me the crazy Christan

    2. Queen Aoleon

      Omg thank you for this comment… I believe all of what u stated… Evil runs this world and shit is about to hit the fan.

  213. Essence Hope

    This is deep. Sounds right on. Girl you better bring this tea!

  214. satis

    This video has dragged me back into this whole mess.I have been going over some things I had saved all those years ago,and I came across an article saying Whitney’s assistant, the one who stepped out of the room to get her dress,INSISTS there was foul play. She says “someone was in the room,gave her the drugs,found her drowned in the bath ,switched off the taps and left the room.”
    The forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht,who performed Anna Nicole’s son 2nd autopsy does not fully agree with the final “anatomical diagnosis “.He said the water was extremely hot at 93.5° ,which he believes means Whitney was NOT sitting in the tub and drowned. He thinks she fell into the tub.”She was unconscious, dead or dying when she fell into the tub”.😦He does not believe her death was due to drowning. I just learned something new about him today,while I remember him from Daniel’s case,I didn’t know he was a critic of the US government ‘s probe into the assassination of John F.Kennedy and a consultant in Elvis Presley’s death.
    Bobby also doesn’t believe Whitney was using when she died.He believes she died of a broken heart.Although ,he most certainly knows why,at least he can say it wasn’t drugs.

  215. Wonderfully& Fearfully Made

    That doctor is a false prophet 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Lord have mercy

  216. Monique West

    And they never let Whitney’s witnesses speak one said her tv was crashed in her motel room

  217. Lara Mitchell

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  219. Monique West

    This lady has been telling truths before the beginning ok 👌🏽

  220. miaeba

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  221. ganiaj87

    I feel like when famous folk get high like that, they just make it all the more easier for the powers that be to come in and take ’em out and say “they overdosed”.

  222. ganiaj87

    I feel inclined to believe Leolah.

  223. Sherrie Fitzgerald

    Right she shady an don’t care BOBBY CHECK YO WIFE U DO GOD WITH U

  224. Sherrie Fitzgerald


  225. Sherrie Fitzgerald


  226. Sherrie Fitzgerald


  227. Darel Daniels

    Here’s my theory: the first attempt to kill her, they sent Ray J her “lover” to poison her by seducing her to do drugs again. Whitney on her path of sobriety outsmarted them and she gave it back to Brandy in that note on national TV. Whitney was dropping hints/clues in that ambush. She shows up wet and says I’ve been swimming 3 times a day. She was letting us know she knew how to swim. So she couldn’t have possibly drowned in a bath tub unless someone else forced it. She knew that in case they tried to pull that same stunt with her that they tried on BK. I don’t think Brandy had anything to do with the actual murder but she knows exactly what happened now. She has to protect her brother though. Ray J said he left the hotel that night after an argument with Whitney and he thinks she did drugs because he took too long. But in actuality he was waiting for her to take that poison he gave her. When they checked her room and discovered she was still alive they beat her and drowned her in the bathtub instead.

  228. Sherrie Fitzgerald


  229. Sherrie Fitzgerald

    MY GOD

  230. Dez A

    Nick Gordon is the common denominator between both Whitney and Bobbi Kristina’s untimely passings. One thing confuses me though… I believe Leola Brown and I know she wants the truth to come out. But, @11:17, she said that Whitney had a closed casket. But there are photos online…some unscrupulous person took a photo of her in the open casket.

  231. Elemental Forces Awakening

    I don’t do Facebook, however, cannot WAIT until the rest of the truth comes out! Very few celebrities leave Hollywood unscathed. A lot of celebrity deaths have always been questionable to me.

  232. Tabatha

    God be with her…. speaking str8 FACTS

  233. Shana Hines

    .i love that he keeps calling her princess booby Kristina.

  234. Linda Johnson

    Great job on video. I have always believed everything Mrs. Leolah.Brown had stated.when i followed the story from the beginning to the end .i knew Whitney had been murdered knew Nick had something to do with Bobbi Kristina being merged in that water. he did his part. and that Evil Pat Garland did the rest. Her part was to taking the food from Bobbi Kristina. and let her die .how would Pat like it if someone did her daughter like that? I pray for Justice for Whitney Houston and BOBBI KRISTINA. PAT KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING WITH THAT REALITY SHOW MAKING BOBBI KRISTINA LOOK LIKE SHE WAS ON DRUGS AND A HEAVY DRINKER. SHE DIDN’T DIE AT THE HOTEL IN THE WATER. IT DIDNT WORK. SHE DIDN’T DIE AT HOME. WHEN SHE WAS MERGED IN THE WATER . IT DIDN’T WORK. SO WHAT WAS NEXT IN LINE STRIVING HER. MAKING EVERYBODY BELIVE SHE WAS IN A COMA .AND WASN’T COMING OUT OF IT. HOW CAN THAT BITCH LIVE WITH HERSELF? I’M MAD ALL OVER AGAIN.

  235. MeMe M

    I understand this too 😭 but Why can’t the interview be released? Whitney & BK needs Justice & Leolah has said many times that she has a book coming out & etc but I’m just ready for everyone to know the truth including me .. ain’t no way in the world Whitney just died from an accidental drowning in my eyes 🤦🏾‍♀️ PART 2 please 🙏🏾

  236. Mascara

    It’s really sad that black murders aren’t really investigated but let a black person committ a stupid non violent crime they go hard at investigating. I never believed Whitney and her daughter drowned it’s ridiculous that grown people would drown in a bath tub.and if Whitney’s so called drug of choice was crack or Coke there is no way she drowned in a tub.

  237. Dinah Nicole

    SOS: I definitely believe in ‘elitism’ and what they do to stay on top. ☝🏽however, I need some help on the ‘Brandy note passing’ thing. 🧐

  238. kimya hunter

    You know, we all want Bobbi Christina and Whitney to Rest In Peace but the truth is that they won’t rest until ALL the people including the so called FAMILY that helped I. plotting their murders are brought to justice. I do have some quest. Why wasn’t Bobby Brown over his own daughter….. and HOW did Pat Houston get so much power over Whitney “s money??? Lastly, did the not so innocent Cissy Houston see the condition of her daughter”s body????? Why then would go on with life writing books…. having boyfriends…. and birthday parties ….. the normal things when her daughter and granddaughter were BRUTALLY MURDERED????? I tell you this…. they are all SUSPECT!!!!!!!!

    1 last question! Why didn’t Whitney get the HELL out of the hotel and the Grammys after her daughter was found in the bath tub??????? Why????? She could have spared both of their lives at lest for awhile longer……..

  239. Chris Brown

    It’s “reiterated”, I don’t want you to say it incorrectly for the rest of your life.

  240. Latoya M.

    PH “watched” her brother do CPR? She should have be running around the hotel looking for an AED! If he was tired,she could have done the two breaths as he continued Chest Compressions which would have helped alleviate some of the tiredness that CPR does to your body.You don’t stop until the professionals take over.

  241. Dinah Nicole

    OMG I wasn’t READY sis 🤯🤯🤯

  242. Lynn The Magnificent

    What is the name of the herbal doctor?

  243. CharlSteven Jones

    cant stop cryin!! sick ilmanatiiiiii ass shit!!

  244. truthseeker_30 uk

    Whitney was murdered and I believe Clive Davies was behind it

    1. truthseeker_30 uk

      +CharlSteven Jones that video with whitney giving brandy that note is so sketchy to me and no one even knows what she put in that note 😫

    2. CharlSteven Jones

      #facts he did brandy rayj monica

  245. Cynthia Vazquez


  246. blue diamon

    Honestly when I watched bobby kristina life time movie I was like why isn’t her dad n his wife there for her after Whitney’s death she look as if she was alone although I know she wasn’t but unfortunately sometimes people just feel that way

  247. Carolyn Buchanan

    The Question is why Bobby brown didn’t do it. He said he was in charge. All bullshit.

  248. Jachimma

    Omg. Three different CPR stories…..What really happened? And what was in that note? She knew she was in danger.

  249. theresa webb

    She was brain dead not what they saying I shocked when this happen when I heard it.

  250. theresa webb

    Still hate she passed so sad. No matter she zhouldnt died.

  251. Queen Bosschick

    She did have a open casket they showed the pics what are you talking about she had on a purple dress hair was in a Up-do! Did you forget you was not invited to the wake. That’s why you didn’t she her body

  252. Renee McCrory

    If you look at the coroner picture of the body it shows all the bruises on her body.

  253. spectator

    They tried again she not saying no names. Listen when she passes the note!!!

  254. Jayne Tripplett

    Guuuurrrrrlllll!!! U be bringin the tea!!!!! Thank you. Isnt Carol worried about her safety??

  255. Michael Page

    Clive Davis is behind all of this. Whitney Houston was signed to a 100$ million dollar contract and she signed it after the success of My love is your Love album. 2 years later Internet takes over and albums don’t sell like they used to. Also in 2009 Whitney’s Voice wasn’t as strong. That with the decline of sales not just for her everybody. Makes for a big loss for Clive. What does he do ? Have her murdered. It’s as easy as 1+1=2. I love you Whitney Elizabeth Houston. You and Bobbi Kristina, RIP. And Leolah, keep doing what you are doing. Whitney would be happy. Take care and be careful. God Bless.

  256. Red Sunshine


  257. Dwayne Martinez

    Woooooow this industry man and it’s crazy people watch and still support these artist like brandy , RJ and Monica omggggggg all these artists are wearing a mask to look perfect and Innocent but over all doing so much evil ahhhh

  258. mochacream

    Bless the prophet, in the name of GOD. Leolah is a real chick, may God bless her too & keep her SAFE.

  259. chianti kirksey

    If that child could lift her head in recognition after being deprived of nourishment for so long. She may have made at least a partial recovery if they had actually been feeding her! ! They really need to look into this.

  260. Warsaw Jones

    My question what about Cissy Houston..didnt she see her daughters body beaten and the state her granddaughter was in at the hospital? you have to wonder if all this is true, were they threatened if they said anything

  261. chianti kirksey

    I believed Leolah when she first spoke right after BK died. When your gut is telling you something aint right, believe it!! Keep fighting Ms Leolah! ! You have people who believe and support you and your mission for truth and justice! !!!

  262. Kimberly Weston

    Leolah Brown needs to have a seat. There’s a reason why Bobbi Kristina was not sent to live with her when Whitney Houston was going to rehab or when she was going through her divorce she’s Shady. When Kanye did that album with Whitney Houston’s bathtub. On the front cover she sold a picture to him. She running around and speaking up now all of this is out of guilt. The detective said they found drugs in Whitney Houston’s room. If you was not there physically have a seat your brother your sister-in-law were drug addicts your niece was a drug addict. The fact of the matter is your family call themselves Christians but nobody stepped in to help Bobbi Kristina. Not even Dionne Warwick stepped in that boy whooped her ass. It’s in constant police reports in Atlanta. They tormented The Neighbors. You could have tell she was going down a slippery slope. He was crashing cars she would buy him another one. But somebody that young she inherited too much money too fast and it was all going to drugs. And partying leolah Brown does not live in Atlanta she’s coming up with stories because as an aunt she should have done the proper thing and she didn’t. Bobby Brown didn’t do the proper thing as a father either. They waited until the phone call came in did she was found in the bathtub but they knew make was beating her ass. Everybody in Atlanta knew. But this is what she saw with Bobbi Brown and her mother so she thought it was normal. Nobody is denying that Nick killed her. So Bobby Brown sister need to have a seat and she did put those pictures out at Whitney Houston’s funeral she made six figures from The Enquirer she’s money hungry I guess so six figures ran out but yet Pat was making all the decisions when Bobbi Kristina was in the hospital. And the decisions they made was so stupid that they didn’t realize that the nurse that was taken care of Bobbi Kristina was not a real nurse. It was a fake nurse that had stolen somebody’s identity and I applied for a job at the hospice where they put Bobbi Kristina. They could have easily taken the child back to where she live or to one of their homes and hired somebody to come in and take care of her. FYI for rich people hospice is done in home Aretha Franklin just did it. Something is really eating at Leola Brown. So she can shove it as far as I’m concerned your entire family is wicked!!!!!!!

  263. candycorn fuckedup

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  264. candycorn fuckedup

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  265. Lets Talk Now Tv

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  266. Tee Tee

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  267. Deleesa Carr

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  268. a Supernova

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  269. utubegirl

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  270. Ni Harris

    I’ve always believed they all had a hand in the death
    Of Whitney, her sister in law Ray J. that’s why his
    Mother came and got him
    And God help them all and
    Also Brandy knew as well.
    I feel Whitney knew that they were going to try and
    Kill her she just didn’t know how or when.
    It’s all over greed and Money. also remember Whitney spoke about the
    Situation when she was
    Apart of the Illuminati,
    But when she realized
    What it was about, she
    Didn’t want any part of
    That and she told them
    She wasn’t going to be involved in that’ because
    She’s a woman of God.
    And people claim it’s a
    Secret and it’s not suppose to be talk about
    But Whitney didn’t care
    She revealed it. It’s sad
    I believe every word of
    This, from the religious
    Doctor, to Bobby Brown
    Sisters. But what the killers need to understand is they will be held accountable for their actions. for what’s done
    In the dark always come to the light Period 😉
    Ni🙏🎤 🎼💎 🤗

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    How did Pat get to speak for Bobbi, when her dad was alive and well. I pray LEOLAH be safe and let us know what exactly went down. God knows all and sees everything.

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  285. Jolaine Greaux

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  286. Ashley Lewis

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  287. Jolaine Greaux

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  289. datgurlky1

    Only keep few very close when it comes to money. Your siblings, if they’re trustworthy, parents, and that’s it. No outsiders should have control to sign off on anything regarding your finances. They can be good friends, but no authority.

  290. Claudia Neymour

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  291. Claudia Neymour

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  302. Jesus freak

    Whitney & Bobbi K’s deaths were entirely occult rituals!
    From Bobbi K’s almost drowning.
    To Brandy’s involvement
    For anyone with occult knowledge, just peep the video Brandy put out not long after Whitney passed!
    The video is with brandy, monica “it’all belongs to me”.(very deep occult meanings w/Whitney imagery also)
    We will never know ‘why’ they chose to end Whitney & her precious daughter’s life, my guess she could no longer sing as good as they wanted and they figured she was worth more dead than alive. Make no mistake this entire tragedy has occult BS. all over it!
    Real Eyes
    Real LIES
    I pray that Whitney & Bobbi K are forever safe in Christ Jesus!
    ‘Be Blessed’💛

  303. SarahSmile1971

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  304. Nubian Prince

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  305. April B

    Okay…If Leola knows that Whitney was beaten before she died…Why wait? If you have so much info why wait…I’m not being sarcastic…I just want to know…If you love her a nd Bobbi show the proof what are you waiting for.

  306. Michelle R

    Pat Houston was the mastermind behind both deaths. She claims to have been so close to Whitney, yet talked so much trash about Whitney and Bobbi K. Her true colors have been made clear. Both deaths need reexamined by a private coroner. The will Whitney supposedly left, leaving Pat in charge of all assets and in charge of Bobbi K when this young ladys father was still living, should be examined as well because I am sure it was forged. I do not see Whitney leaving everything she had in the charge of vile Pat. She would’ve left Krissy in charge of everything or a private executer. Pat has used both deaths to cash in and still continues cashing in by using their names, their trials and talents. She made the most recent Whitney documentary claiming she was molested, yet in Whitney’s Oprah interview, Whitney mentioned her cousin Dee Dee and had no malice when doing so. Its all b.s I’m sure to draw more attention to the documentary. Why if Pat loved this woman and her daughter so much would she not have let their kept secrets be just that? Why not let them rest in peace and why is Pay still selling her things, telling things if they happened to Whitney to the world now that Whitney can no longer dispute these things. That’s not love. Its hate, iealousy and greed.

  307. Bless Love

    Ive always felt Leolah has and always told the truth. I recall when Whitney passed, someone stated water was cascading in their room & it was coming from Whitney’s room…. Remind u their room was beneath Whitney’s… It was also reported the television in Whitney’s room was smashed as in she put up a fight. Jonathan Houston ( Whitney’s nephew). Posted a letter on social media early last year, And he stated during christmas time Pat stated her family is going to be rich. I pray for you Leolah, may GOD’S grace and protection be with you forever.

  308. April B

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  314. padma salam

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  318. DeeDeeGso28

    Is there a way to exhume the body to see if there is any evidence of the things that she is saying?  I realize that there has to be a reason for a body to be exhumed but if there is this physical evidence, then why has this not been done?  Maybe because it has to be an issued raised by the “family” and the “family” is exactly who these allegations are against.  This is truly sad and I hope that one day these two women are able to rest in peace.

    1. DeeDeeGso28

      https://archive.org/stream/331466-whitney-houston/331466-whitney-houston_djvu.txtReading through the coroner’s report, it does say that she had some “minor external trauma” and it does mention the date and time  of 02/11/2012 at 2135 (9:35pm) and the temperature of the water being 93.5 degrees.  Why would the water be so hot, if they pulled her out of the tub at 1536 (3:36pm)……makes no sense

  319. Pretty Girl

    I’ll give it a couple of more years we gone hear about pat or Bobby mysteriously passing away. They have a wait a while so it doesn’t seem obvious but mark my words we all ain’t oblivious as to what goes on in the industry . But I pray TMH keeps them protected🙏🏾

  320. Seven Angel

    Please add in the video that was leaked on pat houston talking really bad about Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown! Those beautiful souls was murdered by many demons that was envious, jealous money hungry snakes!
    (RIP Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown The Truth Will Be Come To The Light) 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  321. Dionne White

    I pray for Leolah Brown’s safety!!!

  322. Susan Perron

    I always thought Gordon Christina’s boyfriend has something to do with both of them he was there both times they had a friend there and he had a anger problem I think Whitney didn’t like have bath so there’s no way there be a bath or she likes showers anyways I always said Gordon killed them both the same way he was a nut job


    “God wanted to see for himself?” wtf…the God I know is All Seeing, All Knowing so who is yogie talkin bout? TF! I can’t go any further…😒

  324. Beatnik RN

    The first rule of First Aid/CPR: YOU DO NOT STOP RESSUCITATIVE MEASURES UNTIL PARAMEDICS ARRIVE TO TAKE OVER! It is a continual effort. Paramedics do not stop until they arrive at a medical facility with an MD that can pronounce death.
    Why would they stop?!?!

  325. Mim Jan

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    She should write a book. It would be a instant bestseller and her Publisher would be able to protect her, fact check her claims and hire a publicists to make her more coherent and palable to the public.


  326. terry smith

    She’s true about them being murdered but so far from the truth on who and why which is why she’s alive to keep talking.. Not 👉🏾👈 but the mob is bigger than the illuminati I’m just saying the mob means business bout their money.. Not that I know anything just talking



  328. Sharon Powell

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  329. Towanda Sherrod

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  330. Wolfy Me

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  331. Loretta Taylor

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  332. Alize Malone

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  333. Lenny Freeman

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  334. HunchoKJ .M

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  335. mdlstsjones

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  336. Deziurz Tru

    My prayers for Leolah, there’s something real strange about this Alicia character and her alliance with Pat, I wouldn’t be surprised if they both orchestrated both deaths , Alicia’s and Pat , both had a disdain for Whitney , and Bobby Kristina was just collateral damage ..Alicia appears to have been waiting for an opportunity to “capitalize” off Bobby’s recovery and his divorce, she conveniently perpetrated this whole “friend/confidant ” scenario..it’s a possibility that she may even be Bobby’s “handler”, it definitely makes more sense now…Bobby Kristina and Bobby were rekindling their relationship and she was due to relocate within days of her incident, I’m almost certain that this was threatening Alicia’s plans of profiting off Bobby, and had a chance to derail her “plans” for her and the “family” she had planned with Bobby.. Alicia comes off as quite ” cunning” ..she didn’t want anything or anybody to alter or threaten her ultimate plan that she had for “herself”, which was clearly depicted in the Bobby Brown story..her relationship is practically identical to Pats with Whitney, minus the “relationship” aspect, the two had the same plan , just different ways of implementing it…two narcissistic money hungry vultures riding the backs of Whitney and Bobby’s “fame and money” , and Alicia is to date..Its also funny how Pat never did anything against Nick , other than stopping him from coming to the hospital, after the damage was already done…no telling who was paid in the starvation deal, but every individual who participated will get theirs… I feel sorry for Bobby , he’s sleeping with the enemy , and the sad part is, he..just like Whitney and Bobby Kristina , doesn’t realize it , and if he ever did and he ever got the strength , or decided to walk away , the scenario will definitely be the same..

  337. glt010678

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  342. Warren King

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  345. T Williams

    She was scalded..the water was that hot. It is believed that she fell into the tub and drowned. I really cant picture this..she was not sitting in bath and then had a heart attack. This was my previous understanding. She used drugs in the past and people were ready to accept any ridiciulous story about her. SHAME.

  346. Jasmine Boyd

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    well 7 years later still nothing from her i was believing things cus there was sum odds stuff why not in 7 years still no edvidence as she said all these years

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  358. ispeakthetruth rlja

    I believe Leola to the T. The cia/illuminiti killed both Whitney and Bobbi k with the help of people in their circle including from Bobby Browns circle. I must tell yall that the movie the body guard was allll about Whitney and Bobbi k. They put subliminal messages all in that movie to tell us they were gonna take Whitney and Bobbi k out. And because they didn’t succeed getting Krissy first. They showed us at what age Whitney would die – hint…in the movie the preachers wife. Remember when Whitney and her husband went to deliver Christmas presents one night and when Whitney got out the car to go up to the house the camera zoomed in on the number on the house which showed the number 48…….at what age did Whitney die……48 and she was murdered the night of the pre Grammy party right. but in the movie the body guard her body guard was shot but did not die at the AWARDS show. Hint….after she made her last movie Sparkle (which was also subliminally about her) Mike Epps died in the movie……Whitney died before the 2012 grammys. HELLOOO! Our Whitney was murdered people. I will say this. Whatever Leola knows she need to STOP publicly talking and present what she gonna/need to say before they take her out. (Do y’all really think they gonna let Leola pull the curtain on they wicked asses in hollywierd. The police, the coroner and the media, are all in on that mess. Wasn’t it Leola that had the big C years ago, and she beat it. All praises to the Most High. They were tryin to remove Leola back then because they knew she’d be the one speaking out for Whitney and Bobbi K) and now because she’s talking so much they what to make her seem crazy. However Leola is a long way from crazy
    This is chess NOT checkers. Most High Yah be with this sister.
    Re-cap – THE BODY GUARD movie. They showed a scene about some white powdered substance, (what did they say one of the things whitney died from, cocaine right, please), next scene, Kevins in a government bldg and walks towards the SEAL (cia)on the floor. Another scene Whitney son (Bobbi k almost drowns in tub) almost drowns in the river, hmm. Another scene, When they went to this wild night club to perform Kevin didn’t want her to preform but her assistant (the white guy) said on the stairs at the club “if she didn’t perform she dead anyway.” Whitney bodyguard was shot at the awards show but did not die however her sister did died in the movie. THEY WERE PLANNING WHITNEYS DEMISE FROM THIS MOVIE. AND AGAIN IN THE MOVIE THE PREACHERS WIFE THEY SHOWED US AT WHAT AGE (48) THEY ARE GONNA TAKE HER OUT AND THEY STILL TOOK BOBBI K. BECAUSE THEY WANTED WHITNEYS FORTUNE. and Whitneys last album the song she sanded “I look to you” people listen to the words. Her time was up. She even uttered those same word in the limousine to the award in the movie while she was putting on her lip stick, and Just like Chaka Kahn said and I’ve heard it many times before. In that entertainment industry in hollywierd you are worth more “dead then alive” because they pull in a hell of a lot of revenue on you when they take you out and Bobbi k was in the way of them getting Whitney fortune so they eventually took her too. Them wicked evil sons of bitches.
    Hint hint hint. When you speak against them after you sign their contract for business (as Whitney did many times earlier in her career) like Michael and Prince did also, you are marked. And as always try imply drugs or suicide take you out or mess up your mind like they did kanye to make a mockery of you.

    1. awaken brown

      I was thinking the same thing too before that book drops they will try to take her out.. Hopefully she has a back up plan and has informed a close confident what to do in case that happens.. The truth shall be revealed one way or the another it cant stay hidden forever

    2. Kelly

      ispeakthetruth rlja exactly! Prays for Leola. The most High place her under the cover of your wing and let the truth be revealed. In Jesus name, amen

  359. Andrés E

    I really think Leolah is just trying to make money out of this. Maybe another book or looking for attention. If she really knew something she would have gone to the police and given all the information, it’s impossible to keep simething like this to herself for 7 years and not revealing any real fact to prove what she claims, she is always saying she will tell all the truth but she never says anything at the end, it’s the same old crap every year, especially when there’s news about a new Whitney proyect.

  360. Jocelyn Edmondson

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  361. CreativeToMakeup

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  362. Iam Purplerain

    Pat GARRETT (Houston) made her a real life Bodyguard movie! The jealous sister. smh she was ALWAYS jealous! and thats her husbands damn sister!! I confronted her on IG and asked her about the Oprah Interview and she told me “Why dont you ask my mother-in-law ,Sissy Houston why it happened” then she blocked me! I was like huh… I asked you why you were talking shit about your niece! smh

  363. lucia nguyen

    This is how they are killing people in the nursing home, and in the hospitals too. I witnessed this. That is torture.

    1. keishakeish

      #PopulationControl!!!!! Bravo 👏 for noticing

    2. lucia nguyen

      I need to be a patient advocate. I am so tired of the things that go on.

    3. lucia nguyen

      +mildred durant They treat patients like crap. The need to be removed from that facility.

    4. mildred durant

      +Up Away i had to work the 8 to 3 shift one place one time and i realize that there was ice water but no cups so i went and got cups since it was my turn in the dayroom and i started asking the elders and patients would you like some water and i started giving it out i ask if some wanted ice or not people were asking for more they were so thirsty i got moved from the floor and i was told i was doing to much leave them aline their not thirsty it was just mean and heart breaking and also it was like they were afraid to except the water until one table said yes then youd see others raising their hands it was awful

    5. Up Away

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  364. Hessy Kat

    Ive said all along they were murdered. The people stand with you but all we can do is pray for you. May God Protect you at you attempt to tell the real truth.

  365. Iam Purplerain

    She was responding to me when she said “Oh yeah!! Alicia knows something!!” lol We ALL know Alicias dirty ass planned a tour KNOWING BK was in hospice! Who the fuck does that!?

  366. LaDarion Austin

    I been saying since it happened they were both KILLED BREAKS MY HEART😥

  367. Iam Purplerain

    Talking to Leolah myself and hearing the pain in her voice WHY would anyone think she would have to make this up?? Hollywood is the #1 murderer! This is so sad!

  368. Evelyn Taylor

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  369. The SHADOW Knowz

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  370. Joi Richardson

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  371. Chanda Dixon

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  372. The Dark One Queen

    Can someone tell me about that reality show RJay was on fake crying or a cry of guilt spilling the beans ? Remember the cast was trying to shut him down about Whitney Houston. Something about that episode of the reality show sent bells off for me. I just can’t remember the name of the show because I typically don’t follow them.

  373. Darlana Green

    Let Dead Rest in Peace 🌹🌹🌹 Whitney and Bobby Christina 🌹🌹🌹, Media ,Stop 😬 Paying to hear Lies, about the dead.

  374. MyLuxury1st Hair, Pigments, and Apparel

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  375. Timewillhealpain 01880

    It’s something about Pat Houston. I strongly believe she is all about the Benjamins. I believe she was jealous of Whitney Houston.And wanted Bobbi Kristina to pass. For the money. I would have Bitch slap them doctors and Pat Houston.

  376. sevengance

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  377. Simon Pheenix

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  378. Lucy Ramos

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  379. Chuck's poke

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  380. chris herring

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  381. Cynthia Hendrix


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    The Prophet Dr?
    Is he called to all of the Sacrifices?
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    Why did he not for call help when he seen her alive?
    He was talking about, Bobbi Kristina knew he was there to Serve God will? What God? Who God? Why did he not help her stay Alive then?
    What do he mean, Nothing was connected to her body? While he just walked around her. Why was he doing pressure points to see what was working Bobbi Kristina, I stead of calling 911 for paramedics or ambulance.
    He was their to make sure she was Completely Dead.
    That was his job, and his only job. Bobby Kristina knew how to Swim. Why did they Not Move Bobbi Kristina to another facility?
    All of these Shit is Bullshit to me.
    The only thing that is the truth and are the Facts is, Someone Killed Whitney Houston and her Daughter Bobby Kristina and Got away with Murder. And with all of the technology that we have, and all of the so-called experts out here in the world, and being and given the facts that there are camera everywhere, especially at the Hilton Hotel, someone should have seen something.
    Even at Bobby’s home as RICH as she was, there should have been cameras everywhere, IF NOT INSIDE HER HOME, AT LEAST ON THE OUT OF HER GATED COMMUNITY!

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    Bobby Brown and Robin was made to Leave Whitney Houston so the Sacrifice could be done. The white person that Is now with Robin is her Handler tooo. Notice how Robin has Not open her mouth Not one time about Whitney since she was killed. They are all apart of the Secret Societie, including Pat, Whitney Houston Mother and Brothers.

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  453. Sweets Sweeter

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  488. GisylleGlam

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    1. winners circle

      Raffles is still in the US. He lives in Los Angeles. He was with the Houstons at the Grammys last year. It was reported that he has been deported from the United States at least 5 times, but he is definitely still in the United States.

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    1. whitney source

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