Katy Perry’s ‘Blackface’ Shoes Pulled From Store Shelves

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147 Thoughts to “Katy Perry’s ‘Blackface’ Shoes Pulled From Store Shelves”

  1. 3d Gichboy

    Wow, people are actually insane!! You dumbasses in the comments think shoes are blackface now?? Lmao!!

  2. Rob Perry

    And we need to go after sombreros! If you’re wearing a sombrero and not from Mexico you’re a xenophobe!


    It snowed today and the whole ground and town was “WHITE”!!! Isn’t that Racism or favoritism?
    Where’s all the Black snow??!!!
    Not fair! Let’s call the cops!


    So, wait a minute. Black skin and full lips are not considered beautiful? I can see it being an insult if it was on a dogs ass? but it’s on cute, fashionable items that make it glamorous! Someone has low self esteem to twist a positive into a negative, and that’s exactly what Bill Cosby said. He said my ppl will find flaws in any way they can to milk the system or non-racism into a negative. Sorry, milk is white, didn’t intend for that to be an inuendo.


    All this talk of who’s doing what to us. Protesting, suing, boycott. BUT, No talk of sovereignty and becoming a SEPARATE nation. Hmm.🤔

  6. Angela Owens

    I would really like all of you dimwits to get off of my planet. This is tiresome.

  7. Juanita Posey

    What in the world? People need to understand they don’t just wake up one day with an idea and it is presented the next. NO, it could take up to six months of planning for a fashion item to be released. She needs to feel the fire. No boycott, just don’t support her financially, don’t watch her perform- live or on tv, stop speaking her name to the point when it comes up again everyone in the room says “who is that?” This is more than enough and I’m sick of hearing “THEM” say we were not trying to be offensive. See if Native Black History was taught in schools we would all know what is offensive to Native Blacks. We don’t need to announce boycotts, that also just gives more traction in the media. Just stop saying her name and giving her our money and she will think in the future about what might be considered offensive.

    1. Juanita Posey

      +MYHOLLANDGIRL To whom you may actually be, Black Face make up and Native Black Beauty is two very different things. Do your own research of Black Face in the USA and get an understanding of it’s offensiveness. Based on your response, the fact you are trying to tie the two ideals together brings me to a educated conclusion that you are either not a Native Black or that you were raised by colonizers. If you would chose to wear any option of this shoe offered, I would consider you to tone deaf to the plight of Native Blacks. Again as a result of your response I don’t even feel compelled to provide you any direction on where you can do some research-Google it. You seem to very capable of presenting a uninformed response to my post, so I will leave it to you to it. And as for milk, I do the almond variety. And as for Bill Cosby, he is his own man- while he is an influencer in my community, he doesn’t speak for me exclusively. Have a great day!!!


      Juanita Posey … So, wait a minute. Black skin and full lips are not considered beautiful? I can see it being an insult if it was on a dogs ass? but it’s on cute, fashionable items that make it glamorous! Someone has low self esteem to twist a positive into a negative, and that’s exactly what Bill Cosby said. He said my ppl will find flaws in any way they can to milk the system or non-racism into a negative. Sorry, milk is white, didn’t intend for that to be an inuendo.

  8. Barbara Baldwin

    Well, they are really Ugly, besides being “blackface.” How could she MISS the image????? I read a letter my Dad wrote back to my mother, long long ago: “Those minstrel shows……not right.” My parents and grandmas would never have considered such public ugliness.

  9. Wesley Snipes

    All of this shit comes out in February.

  10. EngineeringScooby84

    Jeez, what is the obsession with black face.

    At least she did a good job showing just how ugly racism can be… Just look at those shoes, ugly AF

  11. Trinidad Onassis

    Remember how the WS reacted to Bomani Jones when he wore the caucasians logo on his shirt? Their “outrage”? Yet they playing all the way dumb with blackface, like they don’t understand why Black people object and that they don’t know the history behind it. Ofays are quick to do dirt but the second you give them a taste of their own medicine, now they are appalled.

  12. Sharon Cantlin

    These comments are ridiculous some of these people are just too stupid to live

  13. Sharon Cantlin

    Thin lips and blue eyes yeah I’d say that was a black person on the shoes for sure oh my goodness

  14. Sharon Cantlin

    So I guess now mr. And mrs. Potato Head are going to be recalled because they have fat lips

  15. Sharon Cantlin

    You all know that these shoes come in many colors right? This is a ridiculous accusation and since when do most black people have blue eyes, absolutely reaching, when will people stop with the racism. One company had to recall monkey keychains because somebody thought they resembled black people, it’s a sad world we live in when people keep on seeing racism where racism is not found

  16. The How To Manifest School

    The logo mania of the past few years was a cash grab for Gucci. They have so much debt and back taxes. The logos were cheapening their brand. They had to have this level of racism to win back their core audience. This did that. Now they will go back to less trendy items.

  17. Margaret Rose

    She is my favorite….😈😈😈

  18. whoo else

    “I have black friends”…any minute now.

  19. KoodreadTV

    They wanna be blackface then let THEM be. For they won’t get a stir from me. For they know us black folks get real sensitive about anything. Stop becoming their victim. People gonna be who they are and I refuse to lower my frequency for anyone. Stop falling from grace. That bs is beneath me. Focus MORE on being BLACK EXCELLENCE. Living and achieving greatness. 💡✌️✨💪🏆

  20. Catandthefunk

    It’s not okay on shoes either

  21. ordieloved

    These shoes come in multiple colors though..? Including beige…

  22. 멍청이사람uçmaq

    Fake woke for publicity stunts but now that she’s got all the attention, she’s showing her true colors.

  23. Thinker X

    starting to think people are making this stuff for attention because they know we’re gonna say something. none of the stuff looks fashionable

  24. Voo Sóljer

    They should have never made it to the stores to be brought. Now who approved this line in their stores. Smh

  25. Ronald Adams

    dum b***h who is this Perry lady

  26. Astu

    White people REALLY LOVE Black people, can’t anyone see this. They keep trying to look like us. Now can’t you see the BEAUTY IN BEING BLACK?❤🖤💚💛

  27. ShiestyShyne

    They’re all on code family. Stay aware

  28. Rickertsred

    Just stop it. This is ridiculous.

  29. Derrick Wright

    The sad thing is our women will defend these shoes

  30. Derrick Wright

    They going to keep doing this until they get punch in the face and all their stores get destroyed. They know we not going to do anything but turn the other butt cheek and pray we to the same figure they pray to for help

  31. Deuce D

    Its almost like they’re fighting to repeat another cycle of their false narratives as their very lives draw closer to ending. I wonder, did you catch this news while you were drinking your Starbucks coffee while waiting for your Poppa Jon pizza as your ears perked to the enjoyment of your favorite football commercial? If so, you definitely apart of the problem.

  32. Greg John

    White people is dying off. So we should expect them to come real hard on us. Look what they doing in haiti its crazy.

  33. Kate Hott

    So many brands doing this at the same time?And then again we have several movies and commercials promoting swirling and homosexuality directed towards black people at the same time? It’s time we as black people as a whole admit it already that all this is not coincidence, there is some agenda being carried out against us, and that all of the advertising companies and Hollywood studios are involved. Maybe we can find out when it really all started by comparing the dates that these movies and ads started filming with the dates of the last few Bilderburg meetings and the science discovery announcement that white people are declining in population.

  34. angel simon

    Those shoes are ugly 🤣


      angel simon ….So, what r u saying? Black is ugly? Where’s ur self esteem?

  35. RBG Warrior

    Another one huh…
    Say it along with them everybody
    “We are sorry for the pain we’ve caused. We will use this as a learning example. We need more diversity training.”

  36. Larry White

    Are u serious

  37. ktmpl

    Katy and her team are senseless spazzes..honestly I don’t understand the blackface obsession..we should walk around with Alfred E Numan shoes and Eddie Murphy’s whiteface shirts and see what they have to say..

  38. Say Jah

    White folks since I can remember, love to do subtle, sneaky things like this. Then pretend to not know what they’re doing.

    Ps, shoes look terrible

    1. Say Jah



      Say Jah …So, what are you saying? Black is terrible? Where’s ur self esteem?

  39. T San

    I’ll give her a blackface. Red lips and all. Wtf is wrong with people?!

  40. AOK Usman

    Using this stander pitting eyes on a T-shirt is blackface. Stop it.

  41. AOK Usman

    This not black face. Have you seen the other colors? It’s a black show with eyes, nose and lips. They come in all colors. Get a grip people. Being a victim is not power.

  42. Irishtradchannel

    How can you pretend it is black face?

  43. Cave Beast

    I am offended because it has blue eyes, who the fuck does she think she is doing that!!!!!!

  44. Abdul Aliakbar

    Katy Perry is a racist white woman from Canada 🇨🇦

    1. Baba Yaga

      She was born and raised in California. Does that makes you Canadian now?

  45. James Douglas

    Katy Perry needs a REAL BLACK MAN to give her a bit of understanding about things then she will ok

  46. FloMilWan FloMilWan

    OMG r u serious?? get a life

  47. Dorastaylow43 Greyer

    Those ugly shoes. Take them down whatever she knows what they mean

  48. Wez neck

    Imagery to portray black people has been used to make fun of black people or to attack black people. That doesn´t translate into the hasty conclusion fallacy that all imagery portraying black people is bad or used to attack black people. Stop making leaps in thought.
    Not just because someone that is not black is portraying him/herself as black makes it automatically bad. The argument that because blackface was done to attack blacks therefore eveyone making portrayals of black people are bad is rediculous.
    The people 100% of the time screaming ¨blackface¨ are trying to immediatly attribute to people the same bad intentions as others have had in the past. Katy Perry´s shoes come in different color variants, imo it´s too much of a stretch to invoke blackface here. If one does invoke blackface, then be honest and note the shoes are also available in other colors. The same as with the Gucci sweater: Too much of a stretch to invoke blackface and to attribute to the creators the same motivations as the blackface used to attack black people. The same as with people dressing up as a specific black celebrity at Halloween. Its plain nasty to accuse people of having low morals and apply bad intentions that are not even held. Save the racism accusations for real racism. Racism does ont even mean anything anymore if people keep devaluating it.

  49. Daniel hall

    This is a reach.

  50. Foxx Wallace

    She sold her soul to devil don’t be suprised.

    1. Matthew Cameron

      Haha nice one

    2. Foxx Wallace

      +Derrick Wright God bless you ☻

    3. Derrick Wright

      +Foxx Wallace that book that that your oppressor gave You told you that huh. Let me guess king james version right. Smh. Extra Butter biscuits for you

    4. Foxx Wallace

      +Derrick Wright nah, Jesus payed for my soul like so many others.

    5. Derrick Wright

      Yea jesus, the same person u sold ur soul too

  51. Shortbread GirlScout

    Folks, do not let these people tell you this ain’t blackface.

    1. Rob Perry

      So who cares about blackface. It’s time to grow up and live in an adult world.


      Shortbread GirlScout …. So, wait a minute. Black skin and full lips are not considered beautiful? I can see it being an insult if it was on a dogs ass? but it’s on cute, fashionable items that make it glamorous! Someone has low self esteem to twist a positive into a negative, and that’s exactly what Bill Cosby said. He said my ppl will find flaws in any way they can to milk the system or non-racism into a negative. Sorry, milk is white, didn’t intend for that to be an inuendo.

    3. Sharon Cantlin

      Lol… yeah thin lips and blue eyes that’s definitely a black face sure I bet you think mr. And mrs. Potato Head are racist too

    4. Elitedevil

      This ain’t blackface.
      They are shoes


      But how is it though. It’s literally a black shoe, with a face, that’s all.

  52. Renee Henderson

    That’s a poor fashion statement no matter what color they are. They’re not cute like bunny slippers. Those eyes staring under the dress are creepy or are those eyes surveying the ground looking for tiny animals to stomp on? They’re horrible. She needs to fire all her consultants for not telling her these shoes are ugly. If she didn’t create the monstrosities, she needs to fire whoever suggested them.

    1. Renee Henderson

      +closeedge01 and with the system as entrenched as it is, it’s time for black people to assert their own superiority of mentality and physical strength and endurance and stop worrying about white people. It’s our turn now. We are endowed and over-endowed through-and-through mentally and physically. It’s time to start being our naturally superior selves.

    2. closeedge01

      +Renee Henderson True….with the system of white supremacy…the only thing that matters is mistreatment of non white people…we probably should tell ourselves that daily

    3. Renee Henderson

      +closeedge01 No, I’m black and I’m black, but those are the ugliest clown-faced shoes I have ever seen and I’ve been around a loooong time. Sadly, a disproportionate number of black people are IN LOVE WITH DESIGNER LABELS and clothes that display vulgar messages about us. I have seen shirts with the word PIMP emblazoned on the front. I had to make my granddaughter put down a pair of shorts that had SLUT printed on the backside. Alas, we have arrived at the Step-in Fetch it black-face shoe line. It’s pitiful.

    4. closeedge01

      I hope you are classified as white, because if black people are analyzing the fashion merits here, that is why they will continue these TACKY and TERRORISTIC actions

  53. T San

    Thy recognize this shit. They just don’t give a damn!

  54. Shortbread GirlScout

    They keep trying to make blackface hip again.

    1. Derrick Wright

      When was it ever hip. Dam

    2. cookieDaXapper

      Why? Why is this cool now? And what can be done that is it’s equivalent????? NOTHING.

  55. ShamB508

    They will keep doing these kind of stunts as long as we keep putting money in their pockets! You want to see real change stop investing in their community and invest in your own 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


      ShamB508 …. So, wait a minute. Black skin and full lips are not considered beautiful? I can see it being an insult if it was on a dogs ass? but it’s on cute, fashionable items that make it glamorous! Someone has low self esteem to twist a positive into a negative, and that’s exactly what Bill Cosby said. He said my ppl will find flaws in any way they can to milk the system or non-racism into a negative. Sorry, milk is white, didn’t intend for that to be an inuendo.

  56. SoSha

    Wow, just wow. Whewwwww lawd! Smdh

  57. Mo City Beau

    Where them in the hood kate

    1. Brielle Knox


    2. Camille Crawford

      Better yet wear them with your hood Kate.

  58. jessie dougland

    Those are shoes?

  59. DoGon Supreme

    Seriously what is with these people? They are Obsessed with black people…

  60. Natalie CTV

    Same shit “We never meant for this to be offensive”. Then why put it on shelves idiots. Or better yet why didn’t you tell the person or persons who came up with this it was a bad idea? Really Katy Perry is a joke, she really has no respect for the black community.🤔🙄🤡🤡.

  61. Melissa Turner

    Racist imagery aside these things are absolutely *hideous* . Seriously, who in the hell would pay $90-$100 for these pieces of crap XD?

    1. Melissa Turner

      +Imani Ife ROFL! Some of my best outfits come from places like Target and Walmart. Oh and I’ve found a lot of really cute shoes from Payless; Wearing the most expensive items doesn’t necessarily mean you have good taste :P.

    2. Derrick Wright

      White ppl

    3. Mr Dave

      i would, know where can i get a pair?

    4. Imani Ife

      Ooohhh, you’d best believe sum wannabe fly nut would pay even more $$$ for a name brand China or Taiwan made “status” symbol to be the 1st to wear them! SMH

  62. Wavy J.A.E Black

    Katy bug eyed Perry already showed she doesn’t like black people years ago.

  63. Mister Keyes

    The fashion world know what they’re doing,there’s no mistake. This is them giving the finger to black society. Please seek out Black designers and support them because these bastards don’t want you wearing their clothes,jewelry shoes or socks.

    1. Mister Keyes

      +Kate Hott Exactly 👍🏾

    2. Kate Hott

      I was about to write something like that. I suspect that this is their way of getting black people to stop buying their brands so that they can appeal to the upscale racist market.

  64. Phoenix Fish

    Wow now we’re offended by some ugly shoes! Come on man, and we want to be taken seriously

  65. bobbie wright

    Katy Perry is a culture vulture like all the rest of those no talent white people

  66. Made from the dust of the ground

    What in the flying freak is wrong with these people!

  67. Terri Gilbert

    i knew she was racist.

    1. Judah Lion

      Aren’t they all

  68. gweniigirl

    Are these blackface shoes or black shoes with a face??? Blue eyes???

    1. Mr Dave

      +miz erie bu but we are victims

    2. miz erie

      +Imani Ife to inform you they do come in a bunch of other colors. Not just black. To my knowledge they come in nude,
      gold pink blue red white and some other colors. Not everything is meant to offend black people. Get over yourselfs. Not everything that is black in color is about you. And i am a black woman saying this. Smh

    3. daniel Last

      Imani Ife they are in different colors. Adidas use to make these in the 90’s with their skateboard shoes. I use to have a blue pair.

    4. Imani Ife

      So why not make them in a different color if NOT blackface? That would have been more prudent & still trendy “cute”.

    5. Shortbread GirlScout

      Those shoes are a white person in blackface.

  69. Cecelia Cook

    These people are sick demonic devils and their time is up and they know it,and Katy Perry is a liar

  70. Renegadeproject

    This is what she designed? She should stick to music.

  71. Dominant Allele


  72. DuNamis

    Im more mad that Katy Perry thought these looked cute! LOL

    1. Derrick Wright

      Them being cute was never her intention bro. Its about the meaning. Blacks are beneath her. Fuk, wake ur slave as up

    2. Dorastaylow43 Greyer

      Right who would wear those. She knew they was ugly but she didn’t care cause she knew white people crazy and would buy them she didn’t care what people feel or the meaning behind them she just thinking money. I bet she wouldn’t even wear them her self.

  73. Worst Nightmare

    Katy perry has always mocked the children of tmh. They cant help it. Its their culture and heritage to be racist. They worship satan.

  74. mike dunmore

    BlackFolks gotta realize, there is no them without us they can’t live with us.
    Ban them All!

    1. Mr Dave

      where would you be without them?

  75. James Gilmore

    Damn Shame. It seems like history is repeating itself.

    1. Cave Beast

      Because of some overpaid and in my opinion overrated celebrity that doesn’t live the life 99% of people live?

  76. I Am energy

    Wow no words.

  77. Jay Jones

    Lol imagine watching somebody catch an attitude over wanting to buy these.


    *they all on code*

    1. Derrick Wright

      Everyone else is on code but us

  79. Laverne Turner

    If any black folks are buying anything from these racist jealous ass crackers we kicking y’all out of the melanin family

    1. Laverne Turner

      Mr Dave yep 🙅🏾‍♀️

    2. Mr Dave

      +Laverne Turner lol what are you like 5 years old?

    3. Laverne Turner

      🙌🏽 Mr Dave call me what you want y’all still wanna be us 💯

    4. Mr Dave

      +Laverne Turner you ashey mfer

    5. Laverne Turner

      I mean this shit is getting ridiculous and they know damn well we ain’t trying to do white face 💀shit we use cocoa butter to keep the ash off of us 💯

  80. Jeffrey Abbey


    People have no shame nowadays.
    America is sucking real bad past 20 yrs now

    Can we get right!? What happened? Why are we getting more worse than better

    1. Sha Gans

      What America have you been living in for the last 20yrs? Your out of touch with reality my bro! Welcome back.

  81. Phil Collins

    I don’t think blackface would include blue eyes and a pointy nose.

    1. Sharon Cantlin

      In the silly people who argue that when a white person does black face their eyes are blue when blue eyes are more rare than brown eyes in white people it’s a silly comparison from silly people

    2. Sharon Cantlin

      And the fact that these shoes come in multiple colors but only the black leather is being targeted it just seems so reaching people need to calm the hell down

    3. Phil Collins

      +Derrick Wright
      With Grape Syrup

    4. Phil Collins

      +Sha Gans
      Lmao, fair point. But when they want to do blackface on anything other than themselves, they typically want to exaggerate the back of black people.

    5. Derrick Wright

      This thing went right over this slaves head. Give this slave some more butter biscuits

  82. Darth Saturnyne

    We have blue eyes and gold nose???

    1. closeedge01

      +Shortbread GirlScout Don’t waste your breath on trolls cruising the internet to justify their Neanderthal barbarism

    2. Shortbread GirlScout

      Darth Saturnyne So black people created black face? LOL. When? Last time I checked blackface was propagandized and used to demean black people in various media. Also she is white in a system of white supremacy. It don’t matter when her family stepped off the boat.

    3. Darth Saturnyne

      +Shortbread GirlScout
      Who is they???
      Kayey Perry family came here in 1910… And black people did it first… I guess we are shoes

    4. Shortbread GirlScout

      Darth Saturnyne When whites put on blackface their eyes can still be blue. They need to stay away from image they created to demean us.

  83. BLACKest Knight

    *I hope her pancake ass lost alot of money.*

    1. hueykhalidX

      Reaching? Explain.

  84. James Smith

    What did they think,this some kind of fad?they sent out emails to all whites,saying let’s do blackface everything


      So, wait a minute. Black skin and full lips are not considered beautiful? I can see it being an insult if it was on a dogs ass? but it’s on cute, fashionable items that make it glamorous! Someone has low self esteem to twist a positive into a negative, and that’s exactly what Bill Cosby said. He said my ppl will find flaws in any way they can to milk the system or non-racism into a negative. Sorry, milk is white, didn’t intend for that to be an inuendo.

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