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1,122 Thoughts to “Judge sets $1 million bond for R. Kelly on sex abuse charges”

  1. Francisco Williams

    Brain washed lol 😂 are they fucking serious there gonna use that in court they using all these words like brain washed, sex abuse, it’s too much bull shit this investigation been going on how long? Why arrest him now. Honestly women should hold this L all women y’all out sucking dick selling pussy n showing pussy on Instagram n wanna say men a raping y’all fuck women y’all wanna make this world homosexual

  2. Francisco Williams

    If he can’t get bail I’m taking my own money 💰 n bailing him out fuck these hoes they lying trying bring a black man down

  3. J Presidential

    The public must have been blind and deaf!R.kelly been trying to tell you how sick and freaky he was when he told you he didn’t see nothing wrong with a little “bump &grind”not to mention rest in peace (Aaliyah)we knew then the man was a child stalker.

  4. Nunsuch

    He can’t make $100,000 bail? He owes $160,000 in child support too. WhT a piece of shit

  5. Joshua Jones

    Where the fuck are the parents in this!,!?!? Charge them to adult supervision?!?. Hmm somthing smells funny an it ain’t Rkellyz.piss

  6. danny yo

    we should be talking about church child sex abuse! the pope is sweeping it under the rug!!

  7. Toxic Thomas

    The justice system just make up money to charge them.

  8. Steven Moore

    When a women’s fed up there ain’t nothing you can do about it 😀

  9. Ryan Thomas

    128 black people dislike this video.

  10. Monkey Man

    What a difference a week Makes,last week all I could see was supportive comments for R Kelly saying anything to try convince themselves this ain’t happening,but guess what, you are now paedophile supporters in my eyes,if it were a member of the public who was charged you’d be calling him an animal,but because you bought his average records you rather turn a blind eye, sick fucks

  11. Tired of being Dominated by white men

    Racist ass system. He did nothing wrong. They did it cause he’s black

  12. Karris James

    Charge his team aswell they all knew

  13. JB W

    How The F Does He Get Bail.

  14. Todd Jones

    black crimes matter

  15. Monsune Reigns

    It’s the remix to ignition. Hot and fresh out the kitchen. Pre-teen girls got every man in here wishin… it was midevil times. I’m like, so what, it’s crimes. It’s the freakin weekend baby and i’mma bout make me child porn vines.
    – R Kelly 2019

  16. Goddess Ebony

    Black women black women black women black women black women and black women black women! Smh

    Give me a break all type of white child molesters out here and These Foolish women want to act like R.Kelly is supposed to be some major situation

  17. Scott William

    R kelly has all the characteristics of a trump supporter to me 😂

  18. Scott William

    Oh there’s no doubt that this piece of shit is going to jail

  19. OhPlease a

    Can someone also lock up those 100+ power pedophiles who are still under seal ?

  20. Pleuni Tentij

    Lol he aint even got money

  21. chris banks

    😩 they taking his all money like ATM n still aint locking his ass up smh

  22. Kobie Mack

    He Just Going to Get Charges Drop..Court System is Broken…👎👎👎👎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  23. Alonzo Lewis

    Those girls parents sold their kids to R Kelly.

  24. 32 32

    Niggas and money 🤮🤑can’t keep it

  25. Kimberly k


  26. Kimberly k


  27. Rmir2

    Another liberal elite person who turned out to be a pervert. What a surprise!

  28. Joas PL

    No matter what I still love his music

  29. shaquille mccray

    Lock him & the Catholic Priests Up with no Bail.

  30. Truth Hurts

    Lol this rape ape can’t even afford a measly 100k bond….. so glad they’re finally going to nail this chimp. Pill cosby style! 🙂

  31. JoeTheStreetz

    He’s going to jail…I bet he wishes he can fly since he had to surrender his passport

  32. Way Day

    The system let r Kelly slide the statue of limitation 🏃 ran out its over he’s a free man now question the parents and the system

  33. Richard Williams

    I want to piss on you

  34. Joe Brumfield

    🎵Drip, drip drip…🎵

  35. 0bzerve

    Child rapists shouldn’t get bail.


    The new video and the new victims dont match. They are presenting stolen VHS tapes from over 20 years ago but none of the accusers are on the tapes and the lawyer is trying to get a distribution deal for the R.kelly porn so he can get rich and any minute they gonna release the tapes to the public so u can buy your copy

  37. thebigbad

    *we love you R kelly you are our role model*

  38. NerdyGal Art

    Broke B finally getting his Karma

  39. Way Day

    Y do y’all keep going around him where is the parents getting hi or something this make the parents look bad where is the parents entena at

  40. d's information

    I did not see the surviving R kelly series. What is going on?

  41. TGP 777

    I don’t give a fuck what he’s done. His music still sounds good to the ears.

  42. Shawn Tucker

    Leave that man a long

  43. Finnie Jacobs


  44. stoneshorty

    People…… don’t ever think your life is messed up. Don’t ever think because you are not a household name you are not a shining star. Being an ordinary person is better than being a famous person that has fucked themselves all the way up!

  45. o kap mein kap

    The kind of trash Republican wife beaters, child molesters glorify!

  46. Y Not

    😳🤫😉I believe I can fly?! O’ boy! R K. Meanwhile, undercover priests and hush little childrens, alongsides their ownership truths of 🤫Just Say No tell police policies, simply continues on within their outdated and traditional rituals for as long as they too 🤗☻🤝☻👆Believes
    They Can Get By..😳🤔😔

  47. Civility Class

    I cant even believe you play in this stuff.

  48. Civility Class

    Void and null.

  49. Civility Class

    Youre like watching a lie soap opera of killer porn stars that lie lie lie.

  50. Raymond Fields

    #FirstThem @FirstThemFirst

  51. Civility Class

    Get rid of this lie bullshit… If i lie or even think… some of you would DIE… im ultra legal figure that out. I mean I AM THE DEEP NATION.

  52. Civility Class

    Youre getting rid of this lie bullshit. Meanwhile… DONT MAKE ME TALK…

    1. Civility Class

      If I talk or even think… all hell would break lose. Get rid of this lie bullshit and get back on track retards!

  53. Jojo Banks

    I hate to say it but the reason why it’s easier to catch Robert Kelly than it is Harvey or the priests is because there’s video evidence and not just accusers. EVEN THOUGH WE KNOW THEY ARE ALL SEXUAL DEVIANTS. And don’t say it’s because Kelly is black, his victims were black too! Even the Patriots coach was part of a ring the police were already monitoring so there’s plenty of evidence.

  54. President NotSure

    This is a icon in a certain industry

  55. NitroExpress

    He looks like a Thug. He acts like a Thug. Dang! He is a Thug.

  56. Gog & Magog Killah

    All you whores knew that the man was a superfreak. Cut it out

  57. Anti Gangs UK


  58. onidtubes

    There are so many r Kelly’s out there, if they lock him up, they better lock them all up.

  59. Gjem Bella

    oh shiiiit cnn the fucking fake news if you see cnn talking againts somebody you know the illuminati rothchilde pedophiles are in . FUCK CNN

  60. Tay Zonday

    My mind is telling me no your honor.

  61. Lurch 17



    The new video and the new victims dont match.. they are presenting a video without the person who in the video so we dont know how old they really are and the tapes sound like stolen property at this point

  63. Cheap Jewish Man

    CNN FAKE NEWS,We’ll be right black

  64. D Licious

    If ya’ll ain’t locking those Catholic priests up ya’ll ain’t doing anything in my book.

  65. jaque kinsey

    What about the pope? And them Roman Catholic priests!?

  66. S Dew

    hes mind is telling him noooooo!!!
    but hes cellmate, hes cellmate is telling him yess!!

  67. melinda williams

    Uh oh. How does a man whose so sexually disturbed survive in prison with no money?

  68. Jack Kelly

    Never trust a Kelly

  69. Tuggy Waffles

    LOL. “I’m gonna piss on you.” –Dave Chappelle

    You can catch one bad singer, but no Hollywood actors, producers, etc? No Podestas? Epstein? Clinton? The Haiti relief lady who was kidnapping children when Hillary rescued her from authorities? No Priesty Priests?

    PUH-Please. The US people should drag them all out themselves and make them UNDERSTAND that they are not wanted here on Earth.

  70. fob1xxl

    He’s a PIG ! DONE !

  71. Peter Zuk

    FREE R. KELLY!!!!!!!

  72. Josue2018

    Ghetto hood. Lock him up!

  73. The Conqueror

    One million…pfffffsss


    Mute Elvis Presley! He dated Priscilla when she was 14 and he was 25.

    1. CC Ryder

      States sexual abuse, not dating, Jerrylee lewis married a young one also but the laws were different so your argument is rediculous.

  75. R kelly

    I’m not guilty help me please😞🙏😪😪😪😪

  76. eccentriclocs

    I will be thrilled when he is found not guilty. This story is such a waste of time🙄

  77. Clydes Winfield

    I hope by time he gets thru paying jail fees, bonds and lawsuits he goes to being a broke hoe that he is that way them stupid young girls will stop letting him use them like slaves! All them girls underage parents should be arrested as well for letting them go!

  78. ϙueenᴄreole/ ʟavinyᴀ

    Bs..All Bs! These women were paid to say the extra shit.

  79. James Bell

    This hero of Rap, Hollywood, academia, democrat political party, and democrat
    “news media”, is a evil criminally insane sexual predator and pedophile. And now it is time to pay the price. State prison.




    They mad he had a over seas tour so they tryna stop him from making money so they found some old woman from 20 years ago smh

  82. John Rice

    Its sad that he dont even have one hundred thousand dollar and not one of his friends tryin to help him not even people he wrote for everybody thinks its about time no body spoke up but knoow we here them loud and clear West Usher Puff daddy come on now.

  83. Seymour Williams

    Better watch out bill cosby, r.kelly waiting to see what other proment black male is going to jail. Its not over but just know the president is not in jail and no other white proment person will be going. Just watch

  84. Shaun Campbell

    There is a tape of him with a 14 y/o girl.

  85. MySkullSide Brandon

    Why don’t we see world leaders in lock up they are the ones bringing Drugs here ..but you won’t hear this story on CNN fake News

  86. Kate Cunio

    If you’re sexually assaulted or raped it’s not something you ever forget. You may be hazy on some of the more minor details, but the act itself you never forget. I hope these women get justice.

  87. vladimir trump

    Black behavior , its normal

  88. Grant Wallace

    I Believe I Can Fry…

  89. Dan Customer

    R Kelly is a short eyes. And the punishment he’s going to get in prison will be epic !

  90. James Darr

    MAGA 2020 “I believe we can fly”!!!!!!! 😉

  91. abarronboy

    Free R. Kelly he is innocent this is a hate crime.

    It’s a collusion.

  92. Mana King

    Free R.Kelly

  93. bob jones

    Trump made R.Kelly do it

  94. Jo Hammerstein

    when kelly goes to prison, I hope inmates will gather around and pee on his sick, sorry ass.

  95. The Tick

    Lol that’s it. Good God. Talk about easy pickens. I had 1.5mill bond with like 3 charges. None of them violent or sexual. Funny system we got here.

    Give the poor excessive fines but give the rich doable fines. Gotcha

    Wish I was able to be free during my court cases lol.

  96. adam forbes

    Well if you believe you can fly…cleary you’re not worried about prison.

  97. John Mpundu

    Somehow Michael Jackson took an L from this

  98. unpaid troll

    Smollett/Kelly 2020 since they both went to the exact same jail when indicted.

  99. Ra Thesungod


  100. Candyce Evette


  101. Promise EDEN

    Are Catholic priest next or no?

  102. Derrick Smith

    Black females feel like they have accomplished something w/ R Kelley getting arrested. Meanwhile, these same black females let their boyfriend (Tyrone the drug dealer Thug) stay in the house and sexually abuse their daughter…smh.

  103. Victor G

    He’s been in this kind of trouble before. Alia was under age when he was dating her. People forgot about that. This is his carma coming back to get him. We all know this has been a long term problem for him.

  104. Fasin

    Soulja Boy: “BOOOOOOND?!”

  105. Elizabeth Roman

    He should have never beat the charges in 2008. That young girl’s family sold out and abandoned their daughter for money.

  106. Richard Bisaillon

    Like all crap rappers Kelly cant handle a real grown up intelligent woman.

  107. James Hanley

    The parents should also be prosecuted as well

  108. Chi The Great

    I’m not his fan anymore.

  109. Michael Fitzgerald

    How should he be able to make a hundred thousand dollar bail when the POS owes Over two hundred thousand dollars in child support ??

  110. David Copperfield-not the magician

    What an outrageous bail amount! He paid $100.000 to bail out? He will continue hurting girls now that he has bailed. He will destroy evidence n threaten witnesses. He has done all this before. DISGUSTING!

  111. Pablo Cruz

    Trump and the pope should be in jail. Trump probably raped his daughter and the pope molested hundreds of girls

  112. grabitz

    I have no idea who this black guy is but he should have his balls cut off

  113. AI FTW

    So he’s not in jail?

  114. Chi The Great

    Hope he gets life.

  115. GN GD

    Black hole always a Trap for those who love to swim in that Shit hole. A woman loverly word in her voice may be turning into Devil and make a man live in the Nightmare.

  116. Celtic Jay

    Im…. Gonna piss on you.
    What yall call a pedafile fish?

  117. Brenda Lushel Jackson

    Only seven years in prison?!


      The victim should have came forward long time ago

  118. Brenda Lushel Jackson

    Long overdue Kelly you reap what you sow, deal with your demons!

  119. Peace- Respect

    alot of men and women in jail innocent even afta been found guilty.

  120. kalinaki lawrence

    so u come for him when he is down…..when he had 500m u couldn’t right? You black and white artists whose careers Kelly made where the fuck are you…Let him be punished fairly…let him pay for his sins but fairly as if he was white…why are the blacks rail roaded alway

  121. Kyle L.

    Do yourself a favor, avoid reading the comments. Too much racist shit being posted.

  122. Proffesor David

    R.Kelly thinks the age of consent is 3 years old. Child Rapist !!! Hope Bubba ass rapes him with no vaseline!!!

  123. kalinaki lawrence

    Why set 1m bail. All you women here complaining u would have sucked his dick in a minute….. Why arent those ugly white celebs being charged too…Trump, Spacey, Singer, Weinstein etc…..He did wrong yes… B ut let him go down with everybody….why only the black people..You got Cosby..Now Kelly who next when the white idiots arent being arrested

  124. Dr Johnson Hungwell

    Just because a woman accuses a man of something that doesn’t make it true , women lie he deserves the benefit of the doubt remember innocent until proven guilty .

  125. Joe Dirt

    The piece of shit fucks kids, but people are still supporting him…fucking disgusting

  126. Zapata boxing

    R,Kelly = Catholic

  127. Perse Reikänen

    He is innocent. Anyone who says different is a racist!

    1. Perse Reikänen

      +Joe Dirt Just look age of consent in Germany… You have to be retarded.

    2. Joe Dirt

      Perse Reikänen yeah well, not in any European countries I go to. I avoid pedophiles. You must love Philippines

    3. Perse Reikänen

      +Joe Dirt in Europe

    4. Joe Dirt

      Perse Reikänen where, in Isis??

    5. Perse Reikänen

      +Joe Dirt 15 is a normal age to get married and have sex.

  128. lollypup buzz

    Conspiracy by Trump☺️😋

  129. James Jones

    R Kelly for the Supreme Court!

  130. Terrell Terrell

    What about the Catholics??

    1. Joe Dirt

      Terrell Terrell Norte Dame? They were overrated as always.

  131. mimi biz

    He’s going to prison for life..well, he won’t lose anything cus he likes it in the butt anyway so it’s a win/win situation for him when it comes to his sexual needs, he’ll be talking care of 🤣🤣

  132. 2011leoc

    CNN sucks dick!

    1. Joe Dirt

      2011leoc that’s deep

  133. GourmetGilda

    Money talks!these are the years where all evil will be exposed !live a good life love one another think with a peaceful heart and take care of our world our water our children !

  134. Future Generations

    He did it to himself. Smh

  135. Mack Bolin

    Just goes to show that just because your an actor musician politician white black or brown billionaire poor man, you just can’t fix Super Stupid!😵💩👎. R. Stupid Ass Kelly soon you’ll come to know when the bullet hits the bone..Ha! Ha! Bye Bye! Nigga.

  136. Jeff Newtown

    I hope his nasty ass gets raped in jail!!! LOCK HIM UP

  137. 1 of 1

    R Kelly , Trump , Wienstien , Cosby , Cavanaugh, Catholic Priest ….

  138. roy rogers

    Old news been doing this for years, how about some Jusse Skullsit News??? Doesnt fit the narrative does it?who put Jusse up to it??? We all know😊

  139. Tafida Gadzama

    Look at this fat bitch on CNN and why are people coming towards men and not sex toy? Foolish person.

  140. Rajae Brooks

    This whole thing is bull sh*t.

  141. Billy Smith

    Grant no bail. Put this dirtbag behind bars. And lockup those sicko priests too!

  142. Jay Hemphill

    69, young boy, blue face, Jussie smollet who next

  143. Tafida Gadzama

    All these liars that weren’t virgin before they met R Kelly because they’re looking for a fame. I stand with R Kelly regardless of his haters.

    1. Joe Dirt

      Tafida Gadzama you love pedophiles don’t you? The ape fucking married a 15 year old. No lie there, that’s just fact

  144. Karen Jaroch

    This shit makes me sick we have all these guns on are streets killing all our young kids an justices system what’s to bring shit up from years ago with girls who were whores an now they what more money lock them whores up one girl went behind her moms back so her mom says whores are gonna be whores

    1. Joe Dirt

      Karen Jaroch you’re blaming the children this pedophile fucked?

  145. lemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!t

    r kelly gunna get a face tat,u watch…screaming sexual predator/lifer

  146. SanMarie K

    And everyone making a dime of this is scum to me. We are in so much trouble. We do modern day witch hunts. He should go to trail. They pick who they want to go down. All these nasty people out here doing nasty things. Who would not be in jail? If people only knew. It took a team for him to do this.

  147. Mike Jones

    So what’s up with scumbag catholic priest? They should be right next to Kelly

  148. George Morris

    the judge is a kkk white supremacist Russian👻👻☠☠☻🤘🖕⁉

  149. SASHA Savage


  150. Dionne Watkins

    Stop playing y’all know Kelly has a million in his room . Of course he’s going to make bail smh. This is ridiculous

  151. Jose A Hernandez

    R kelly got caught pissing on little girls again

  152. aunun ally

    when are you getting rid of Jim Acosta

  153. Ismauveacolor? Johnson

    R kelly is innocent. Just because these bitches want money doesnt make him guilty. He didnt abuse anyome who didn’t ask for it, these hoes out here

  154. Glen Aitken

    I was up in my cell,
    Feeling like I was in hell,
    But my lawyer did not fail,
    Now I’m out on bail,
    I’m going back to my place,
    Can’t wait to piss on someone’s face,
    If I was a Catholic priest I could avoid this whole f’n case.

  155. Jajuan Bell

    That’s a damn shame Kelly bail himself out on a million-dollar Bond but can’t even bail his brother Bruce Kelly out in the same jail for a couple of hundred thousands for his bail. Karma’s a bitch! And plus paying all these women and not paying your child support. And like Drea said, treating your kids like their fans. Karma’s a bitch! People need to stop putting these celebrities on a high pedestal like they God.

  156. Desperado5501


  157. Slick Rock


  158. Uptown Uptown

    Should tell all ya’ll kids that these fake ass rappers & singers ACT LIKE there rich but they broke as Fu**!
    He can’t make bail!

  159. D Rock

    R Kelly doesn’t have $1 million for bail? Damn, who got all the money from his albums?

  160. B-Rad

    “I Believe” Obama will pay bail

  161. LordAaronus

    Trump is too confused to respond

  162. Ronald Coates

    Catholic priests, Roman Polanski, Charlie Sheen, Kelsey Grammer, just to name a few, when are they getting arrested and jailed for their sex crimes against minors!! We’ve proven that you will lock up people of color for this now can you prosecute and lockup at least 1 white man, Harvey Weinstein or Woody Allen maybe ? Just saying that it seems one sided to me , very one sided 💯🤔🤷🏾‍♂️⏳✊🏾

  163. Phrozin

    once a sleaze bag always a sleaze bag money doesn’t buy you class

  164. Shay Garcia

    7 yrs! Thats it!!!

  165. Whispering Mist

    His face is so punchable!

  166. Arnold Davis

    Lock him up with Trump and bill Cosby

  167. Ronald Coates

    Should’ve left the country with Russell Simmons, but now he’ll be a bunk mate of COSBY!! He finally met that bitch named KARMA, and she bad too !! 💯🤔🤷🏾‍♂️⏳

  168. Marsha Ashby

    I am here thinking where were these kids parents when Robert was doing all these incredible dirty bad stuff to these young girls Way ward the parents we are talking about two decades one person keep doing the same thing something is not adding up with the puzzle a lot of these young girls parents I feel turn a blind eye because of the name of the person involved with the girl children I don’t know but God knows you know this is so ridiculous for him and the young girls I don’t even know where to start to wear to end but I trust Jehovah God for its second chance for him I’m Speedy healing for these women if what they are saying is true. If American look or the world look at the Mount of men involve dating women under age prison will be full I feel we are Kelly went wrong he did not keep any one of them so everybody get better again him but what I can say R Kelly R Kelly if you really did this stuff to these women you are a beast you are a cruel person if you really did this stuff it’s like you have no feelings for women and that is not cool my brother you really f***** up and the only person can help you right now is Jehovah God because he is the Alpha and the Omega only Jehovah Yahweh can help you so start praying I’m cleanse your soul I please stop dating and your children is about that time you really need to stop

  169. Natalie Harris


  170. Marsha Ashby

    We are living in a time where sin a bone Grace much more abounds R Kelly my black brother you you really really messed up sometime in life we fine ourselves in situation only Jehovah God above in the heavens come help us and I asked Jehovah God For is Grace and is Mercy and his forgiveness for you if you are guilty and I asked you who forgot for is forgiveness on any one of those young women that are lying on you if they are lying Heavenly Father Jehovah God you take control of this situation Robert Kelly find yourself into I’m not going to bash our Kelly I’m not going to bash the young women as a believer in God I’m going to just pray for a second chance 4 R Kelly and for healing for the women when did Jehovah God know the truth of what went on in every relationship Jehovah God let your will be done

  171. Mahinda Githaiga

    I’m just imagining R Kellly singing I’m a Bad Man

  172. Increase Kru

    These comments are crazy, people are saying lock up the parents, you can’t fuck a 14yr old, her mom and dad might have been at work, lock up priests, come on man, you know the catholic church is head of the illuminati, they aint going no where, lets deal with the issue at hand, if you are the king of r&b, and charged with sexual assualt of a minor in 2008, shouldn’t you stop fucking with young girls, that’s the issue at hand. These are serious charges and the people moving forward with these charges are serious as fuck, 7 years maximum for each charge, he is actually facing 70 years in prison. He very might spend the rest of his life in prison. Please stop putting his actions off on another and deal with the case at hand. I want slaves owners that raped our women in prison also, but the reality is it will never happen. R. Kelly done fucked up, talk about that.

  173. Black Poison

    Theses is old charges against R Kelly, he’s going to Walk they are going back to 1999 and 2001 get real

  174. Matthew Allen

    Does anyone realize they sent an underage girl to have sex on tape. Seems like R. Kelly should not be the only one facing charges🤔

  175. WhoRU Nobody

    This is a great black history month. R kelly has been abusing underaged girls since aaliyah sang “age ain’t nothing but a number” finally all his victims are getting the justice they deserve in a world that rarely cares about black or brown kids. With any luck all those who enabled his actions go down too.

    As for Smollett, he is a con, not the first nor the most original and yet people are acting like it’s the first time someone tried to do something illegal. Nobody with half a brain supports his actions because he has made it that much easier for lgbtq and black people to have genuine concerns dismissed.

    Some of you really need to get over race.

  176. Rap God

    Those dumb hoes could be lying just trying to frame a black man up fuck them rumors and how tf the parents let they so call kids go to his house them bitches need to be lock up falsely accusing a mf yall dumb mfs believe anything yall should be worry about yall own fucking life and your fuking tax money this world so fuk up with wicked ass people yall dumb asf the ones that go off he say she say what about the catholic churches that does this shit and what about people that’s in the streets really doing this shit and mfs killing left and right laws dont even try to solve case man fuk 12 and yall demonic ungodly mfs iam out dont come at me on that internet beef shit either mf I dont talk shit behind computers fuking similac drinking mfs damn people dumb asf yall some devils

  177. j39 91f3r

    I wonder how child predators are treated in prison.

  178. series 9

    These things are hard to prove I’m no fan of r. kelly but allegations have been made before and now here even with the me too movement and the documentary his attorneys will say sway judgement

  179. Sal'tripin

    I hope buba makes him eat a big sh-t. F-ck R Kelly.

  180. Blue Wave 2018

    Remember the Chappelle show video “gonna piss on you”?
    This is old news.

  181. Royal Smith

    I have a feeling that kellz will beat this..

  182. Saudude

    Send him to Guantanamo

  183. Boss T

    Just wondering. Is Kelly saying he is still touring😂🤷‍♂️. Hope Kelly gets his reality check this time. Video was clear enough years ago and public info on Aaliyah marriage that had her age forged was real evidence.🙏

  184. john ayacko

    never trust or believe women

  185. Carole Nash

    r kelly disgusting bag of shit, NO bond! leave his ass in jail!

  186. Daevon Crowder

    So R Kelly the only pedophile in the world? So with R Kelly locked up, is pedophilia gonna end? Exactly 🤦🏽‍♂️

  187. discoAL

    i can give 2 rats ass about r kelly. but you shouldn’t be able to throw ppl in jail over groupie shit. any bitch that has been with r kelly in the last 25 yrs is a str8 up SKEEZZAA!!! it’s like women are on the fucking rampage to blame all the HOE SHIT that they do on somebody else. the system is on some Captain Save Hoe shit. r kelly is a monster, his appetite and reputation is world wide, and has been for a long time. And these silly females STILL lined up to feed the beast that is r kelly. Com’on man, i grew up in a society where these silly females can be fascinated by the most sadistic mothafucka, Ask prison officials. r kelly will be visited by hoards of bitches, even behind bars if allowed. this nigga fittin get more female pen-pals and marriage proposals then Charles Manson and Ted Bundy combined. nice guys finish last. it’s true. Go trump.

  188. heat cliff

    Yea.. Love to see that guy fall into his butthole(jail).

  189. Simon jones

    black ppl just listen to what R Kelly lawyer said ” R Kelly don’t even have the right to his music” who got it. this just a Jewish conspiracy

  190. Bigbang is your bias’s bias and you know it

    A bail!!!!!!!! There should be no bail for sex crimes!!

  191. KazeriantheVIIII

    What way to cap off an insane week. Smollet, Bob Kraft, and now R. Kelly. Both Smollet and Kelly sure give Chicago a bad name. And Kraft , well lets just say people will remember this more than the recent Patriots lackluster of a Superbowl. What I do not understand is that these guys got so much $$$ why dont they just go to a foreign country where all this stuff is practically legal and have a field day.

  192. Mus1c1luv

    EVERYONE who knows anything about Robert, knows he’s a perv.

  193. Leon Cook

    People….let’s let the facts of the case come out. Goddamn, let you people have your way, everyone who gets accused is automatically guilty. Stupid ass American sheep

  194. Juan Flores

    “there should be no Bail” are you people stupid? The girls were willing wtf,😂😂😂 stupid little girls. The fucking girls have all the fault lmao.

  195. Kimberly Daniels

    I seen the first sex tape and that 14 year old girl knew how to do ALOT. and yes it was him but where were her parents? why was this going on for soooo long? they all wanted his money now everybody wanna cry wolf…parents need to be locked up as well. smh this is so so sad and been going on for yearssssss. why didn’t he get locked up for marrying Aaliyah????

  196. Cedric Bethel

    It’s open season on a Nigga 😂 Free R KELLY

  197. E. B. C.

    I see articles on preventing this happening again when of course it has already happened again and again but we don’t know about it.

  198. dinogarth1

    Im never listing to that whore r.kelly ever again,I hope the parents get justice.

  199. Gaydy Donley

    Get ya booty hole ready Kelly!!

  200. Gaydy Donley

    Why did the record label drop him then if he wasnt guilty????????

  201. Stu da gr8

    Any real news… Like venezuela… No… Wouldnt expect rel news from cnn

  202. Bryan Halstead

    Scroll through these comments and look at all the blacks making excuses fort this man…….Sick world we live in today that you can support a man simply because of his skin color.

  203. Robin Nightfall

    Just don’t mention Kelly peeing, I laugh everytime

  204. Voting Democrat 2019

    R Kelly will be found Not Guilty.

    1. Bryan Halstead

      Voting Democrat 2019 lol ya right

  205. kancil aspal

    Over 312,000 new jobs created in Dec 2018
    Over 304,000 new jobs created in January 2019
    Over 5.3 millions new jobs created
    Over 600,000 new Manufacturing jobs created
    Export Rice for the first time
    Export beef again
    7 Brand new Steel Mills being build right now
    Gasoline $2 a gallon
    Lowering prescription drugs prices
    Ford 1 Billions dollars plant moving to Chicago
    Japan PM nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize
    Trade deficit reduced
    Trump / Pence 2020

  206. Ef U

    the b!tch wouldnt have resisted a blowjob she wouldve just said no to a blowjob

    1. Bryan Halstead

      Ef U You’re an idiot

  207. Chris Fisher

    Whats up with these stars going broke. They said R Kelly doesnt even have $100,000 in the bank or own any of the rights of his music. Thats sad. He should have a hell of a portfolio after all these years where his money is working for him. All the money in the world cant buy intelligence.

  208. southlondon86

    But what if he identifies as a teenager? Then it can’t be underage sex. It’s 2019, people can identify as what they want. It’s the law.

  209. Cheron Gregory

    Can the Pied Piper of RB finesse himself out of this one? This dude has had 9 lives. His lawyer is going to have to be related to Concron. They been wanting him for a minute.

  210. Zeric Okonjo

    Fuck y’all I still listen to his music

    1. Bryan Halstead

      Zeric Okonjo Good for you, hes still a racist

  211. Lethal Interjection Crew

    Lock Harvey Weinstein up next

  212. Captain Picard

    Typical black guy.

  213. Sandi Billingsley

    How will CNN maintain a unbiased channel now that you have Sarah Isgur as your political editor? She allegedly swore allegiance to trump and sessions. AND has zero, no, nada, zip, bupkiss, diddly squat, goose egg, zippo, naught one drop of experience as an editor.

  214. Radio Music

    I think the mother’s were selling their kids to him and when they stopped getting paid now they talking shit foh…#Freekelly

    1. Bryan Halstead

      Radio Music You wouldn’t be saying this if he was white. Shut the fuck up #Rapist

  215. Mark Leonard

    Out on bail? Lock up the kids PEDOPHILE on the loose!!

  216. Nestor Estrada

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  217. Nimm Maina

    This asshole could have had any woman he wanted. They were literally throwing themselves at him

  218. Mich Tsomething

    1 million is way too low, bond should have never been offered. Every day people get super high bonds that the court knows they can never make bail. Yet, this fool gets a 1 million dollar bond when he has that in assets easily. Should have been a 500 million dollar bond. I feel like if it were white victims involved things would’ve transpired differently.

  219. Nikki Blazier

    Only seven years. That’s it? Wow

  220. Gaius Julius Caesar

    Hollywood,,,secretly in mourning over Smollett and Kelly arrest. Also many trembling in fear. Are they next. Democrat and Republican Neo-Con child traffickers keeping their fingers crossed and Lawyers at the ready. Many CNN employees ready to run and hide or leave the country !!!

  221. Colorado Human

    Okay now can we stop the Catholic church?

  222. KINGBLACK 28

    Stop making it about black is black that shut the fuck up all lives matters df

  223. Blood Beryl

    Free my nigga r Kelly. TEAM KELLY

    1. Bryan Halstead

      Blood Beryl Rapist

    2. KINGBLACK 28

      Blood Beryl hn

  224. 101 on ARSENAL

    Put him in a cell next to Trump

  225. Dope Nigerian

    The reality is that they are taking down all black men I ain’t saying he is not guilty But they lie and definitely ADD on to it they are just trying to make black people look bad like they have always done….really if you guys don’t see this then u guys need to wake up and go do your research

    1. Bryan Halstead

      Dope Nigerian Shut up, do you people have any shame?

  226. bluewhale18

    How young were these girls he raped?

  227. Elymaryta Khaoya

    Fake news. Some of these girls are just failures in life that want a free settlement! Always know this, when you make it, they’ll come after u and your money. Look at cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Trump, Kavanaugh, Virginia deputy A.G . Don’t believe everything you hear

  228. Aries LaVey

    “Ladies and gentlemen….”

  229. NyQuiiL Cold & Flu

    He made 12 play

  230. Amod Banks

    Aw than he should be out in no time He gon spread dem wings n flyyy


    lol he said the 15-2 year old what

  232. garklok efge

    Wtf is wrong with the subtitles?

  233. Aleister Crowley

    Best case scenario… Dave Chappelle writes more R Kelly jokes. 😀

  234. e s

    Pray for this man,yall…theyre going to thro the book athim THIS time. Damn,nigga.smh

  235. мzтιlly danѕo

    Omg they wont stop r Kelly hell no …

  236. Adam Świtlak

    Typical, as soon as these rich pigs stand in front of the judge, they suddenly have financial problems.

  237. мzтιlly danѕo

    Why is the stupid president trump still a president? He too needs to go to jail. Lock trump up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  238. John

    I just don’t understand how rich men allow fur burgers to ruin thier lives.

  239. мzтιlly danѕo

    Dammit they want to spend his money fools…this is all a lie awww r Kelly

  240. lovelylaylani

    Arrest the hory freak priest 2. But glad they finally got his sick ass 😬🤮🤬

  241. Azra Donat

    It’s crazy



  243. Branwell

    *Next can we lock up Catholic Priests and Rabbis?* 🙂

    1. K W

      This is like the 5th comment about priests and I’m only 15 comments down. Lol wtf

    2. Promise EDEN

      Most likely not

  244. Chilliams

    See how they separate the ones with money and those without?

    He can be bailed out. Fucked up system we’re in.



  246. 3,548,023 views

    I’m now starting to doubt all these past allegations of sexual harassment to all these different men.

  247. LaChele

    SEE! I knew it! I knew they’d end up giving him bond. Something very fishy is going on. It really all boils down to R. Kelly having no interactions w/ little white girls. And that’s just the truth. He was smart in that regard. No way in the world would the system let a sweet, precious, little white girl be w/ some black guy and get off scot-free. This also goes to show how much young black girls are treated in this society. That’s another story though. Anyway, I’m really getting tired of R. Kelly. I am. I only have connections to his first album w/ Public Announcement, _12 Play_ and the 1995 album. As you can tell, I bowed out early on. Now, on a serious tip… Who’s to blame? Who should be punished? Not only should R. Kelly be punished, but all of the enablers as well. God forgive me, but when it first happened w/ Aaliyah, *HER PARENTS* were to blame. But no. They were too focused on publicity and letting a grown man have they way w/ they daughter. That should’ve been the final straw. They say _when opportunity knocks, jump on it_ (no pun intended), but DAMN! Another truth is, pedophilia is a sick & twisted subculture that *a lot* individuals engage in. Let’s just talk High School. How many of us got in the car w/ our girl friend’s “friend” at lunch time or after school? I’m guilty of it. At the time, I didn’t trip, but why were 25 year old’s so damn thirsty to kick it w/ freshman? You wanna be cute and down, but there’s a catch. The first time I did it, nothing happened. The second (and last) time I did it, I almost bit off more than I could chew (no pun intended). Let me be serious. My friend and I got into the car w/ the man, drove off to Half Moon Bay and that’s where it happened. _Let’s have some fun._ My naive ass… Since I didn’t wanna have fun, he put me out and I had to catch the bus home from Half Moon Bay. That was basically the middle of nowhere during the early aughts. I could never tell my father this as I’ll probably take it to my grave. I said all of that to say, it’s best that we keep our daughters (and boys for that matter which is another story) away from grown men, *period.* It’s just not safe and nothing’s guaranteed. Quiet as it’s kept, a lot of young girls want older men. It’s just a tricky and sticky situation. Now, when is enough enough? All of this is starting to feel like a big charade for public entertainment. If pedophilia is as serious as they say it is, why aren’t these pedophiles in prison? What’s the hold up? Corey Scott Feldman tried to warn us that pedophilia was/is a problem, but we keep brushing it off and protecting it. Now, what about the treatment of black men v. white men. Why are all of the black men going down in flames while the white men are able to stay afloat? No movies have been made about Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey. I wonder why that is…? With they ugly ass…

  248. Muzingaye Nkala

    they finally got this douche-bag.. now lock him up and throw away the key.. u shud hve denied him bail too..

  249. harvey2609

    Just another attempt to keep black folks in their place. R. Kelly, Bill Cosby and O.J. are all INNOCENT.
    Just kidding 😂😂😂

  250. SykoChiipmunK

    Until there is more evidence then just the word of mouth hearsay then he’s innocent until PROVEN guilty. These money chasing parents and groupie females knew what they were up to if it did happen. There needs to be a standard of evidence in the era of this metoo movement shit.

    But if we’re going to lock up Bill Cosby and R.Kelly on just hearsay then Brett Cavanaugh and Catholic Priests need to be locked up too.

  251. The Gay Genie From Aladdin

    R kellie will be sued for everything hes worth once the crim trial is done

  252. Troniqua Steele

    Y now they want to speak up… if ya child nt 18 and they leave home and dont come back… they should of took action then…. all parts are responsible

  253. AYALE AMA87

    Meanwhile alot of WHITE celebrities are out enjoying life in freedom. Don’t let me drop many names.


    Waiting on Donald Chump to get that ass picked up soon !!!

  255. hunnid dub hunnid stack

    It’s do many woman but none of them came forward when it happened same thing with Cosby

  256. David Boudreau

    Check out his new Dating Site… 13 & Me!!!

  257. dajzilla

    The judge should of pee’d on him

  258. OshunMaat

    Now it’s time to make the “corporation” pay that has been colonising all over the world!!

  259. Amen Knowtech

    We been knowing this fool was a pedophile for 20 years….

  260. Felecia Jones

    He should get NO bail for his situation.

  261. T St

    Black Americans are draining the swamp God Bless

  262. Si ms

    The corrupt music, hollywood, and sports industries are being exposed for what they are.

  263. Derek Johnson

    red pill ???

  264. heygirlhey504

    I stand for R Kelly. Some black women DO support him.

    1. Trill Bill like Pedos PEEING ON YOUR DAUGHTER?? You mofos are star struck. The real members of the Black community would like to thank Lifetime for bringing a predator to justice

  265. Desert Flower

    Harvey Weinstein ???????? 🤷🏽‍♀️ we need to keep this same energy with everyone

    1. Blow Me

      As a white Republican I say fry them all black or white.

  266. davescotts

    Hey, chop off the dude’s prick and it’s guaranteed that there will never ever be another sex abuse allegation brought against him.

  267. Storm

    Dude you sold over 30million albums and you’re having money problems. You need to be in jail just for being so stupid with your money.

  268. Gene West


  269. mdtmjat

    I guess at least the people that the president of the United States took advantage of were mostly adults…. Also fucks R. Kelly I hope he Burns in hell

  270. hunnid dub hunnid stack

    How they keep charging these black super star with people claming these things happened over 6 years ago bogass

  271. Matteo C


    1. Justin Y.

      Matteo C hey dumbass gtfo with your ignorance… I can name a hundreds of things trump has fucked up during his presidency and the most recent is allowing a known chemical that causes bees to die in rapid numbers to be sprayed on fields all across America

  272. Classic Music

    He messed up.

  273. tony plow

    I thought it was funny but not appropriate how Don Lemon was flirting with Jesse Smollett, live on the air!

  274. John Nike


  275. Latisha

    Finally. Next we need to get all the people that helped him offend!!!!!

  276. Pennywise The dancing clown

    R Kelly’s child molester ass should have been killed long ago



  278. Adam Chase

    Jussie Smollett and R. Kelly should share a cell…. DROP a duo album…. lol

  279. Will Adams

    They keep trying… but we know theses young girls are creeded,,including the lawyer…

  280. tony plow

    CNN, fake it till you make it!

  281. Fraser McMenaman

    chicago courts have been busy recently first Jussie now R kelly

  282. tony plow

    Just in CNN supports R. Kelly after learning he is black!

    1. Word Life

      You hillbillies aren’t too bright.

  283. Junior Lewing Koo

    R. Kelly is a renowned sexual predator/paedophile. He’s gonna serve real time in jail! He’s not getting away with a life of sexual crimes for over two decades! Kelly is done! Black parents ought to teach they children that life’s beyond fame an money. Kelly deserved to be put away for a extended long period of time in jail!

  284. Damion Dethrow


  285. T0WL1E 0B3Y

    Fucking bull shit! Cmone ! This country is fucking retarded

  286. Gffhhfdf Cvbnnh

    $1 million??? C’mon smh.. It gott be more than that or no bail. Thats a foul dude for taking advatage of those minors

  287. Stevie the Dude

    Can’t we just kill this nigga

  288. rajinbin

    Can people on here at least pretend that they haven’t already convicted him, damn, it’s innocent until proven guilty in a court of law not public opinion. I really just hate people jumping to conclusions, guilty or no. Let him have his day in court.

    1. Dr Johnson Hungwell


    2. Wakandan Cowboy

      Nahh…. Fuck this guy. He’s got a long history of twisted shit hes done to females. Fuck this motherfuker!

  289. Manzoor Ahmad

    Well wisher.!

    “…. God knows the mischief _ maker from the reformer…. ( 220 The Heifer)

    If we were to attempt to state, in explicit, legal terms, how men should deal with their fellowmen and how they should conduct their business, this would be too complicated in the context of daily living.
    It is therefore, more useful to lay down some, fundamental guidelines :
    To wish others well and to keep in mind not just our own interests, But also the interests of those with whom we have to deal,…. Thinking of them as brothers.
    God will never take us to task if we act in a manner which is conducive to harmony and Justice.

    The QURAN, translation and commentary by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

  290. fidel domingos

    R Kelly’s lawyer sounds really ignorant , but I understand he’s doing his job

  291. Harmony Jones

    I honestly didn’t know R Kelly was a Republican. You learn something new every day.

    1. Michael Johnson

      +ixsicness Yes because top Democrats never committed sex crimes * sarcasm *. I am not with either party but to make that assumption by political affiliation is flawed logic. You also presented no proof still R. Kelly is a Republican.

    2. ixsicness

      Michael Johnson hes a sexual predator, republicans seem to be pro sexual predator what with roy moore, donald trump and brett kavanaugh to name but 3 of the republican parties most celebrated predators

    3. Michael Johnson

      Source of proof?

  292. KB Bitches

    That Ambulance chasing Lawyer,is Grimey too.
    But not like Kelly grimey,Hes contacting any slob He sees on TV that gets arrested,no matter how gross. Milking those 15 minutes,that he didn’t get anything done in.Alls he did was,to be on TV more than Tan Mom, aka T Rump.💩🤮.

    1. Wakandan Cowboy

      Everyone is in this comment room to put their foot on Kelly neck. What the hell are you doing attacking the lawyer. Nobody cares about him.

  293. Godlove Maka

    Sorry R.Kelly but with all due respect you deserve severe punishment. That should serve as a lesson to the others.

    1. southlondon86

      Don’t apologise to a paedophile.

  294. Allothersweretaken

    So…he’s gonna walk free.

    🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ justice served

  295. Botime242 i

    Damn im gone miss listening to Gotham city remix smh

  296. Sydney Austin

    Bull shit…!

  297. Vodka Bot

    R Kelly and Smollett…lmao. Happy black history month 👌

  298. KB Bitches

    Man,his “people ” are around him tuff.Knowing they are on a sinking ship,they want every last dollar before hes gone.Why ever else,would you riding hard,for someone you know is vile and disgusting. And guilty!?

  299. dick Flat

    when I was 13 years old I knew right from wrong and if I wanted something or not.if a hot 40 year old woman wanted to fuck me I would have tapped that ass in a heartbeat. 14 year old women are mothers and 14 year old boys fight wars in other parts of the world. stop treating teenagers like babies. if he forced them to do it them that is a different story.

  300. Champagne Supernova

    Do men realise that those type ‘waking out of the bathroom without realising that my dick was hanging out’ is a scripted porn scene? and no way real! Wake up, men!

    1. Wakandan Cowboy

      Shut up.

  301. Alex Sanchez

    Isnt this a old case? Im sure that piss has dried up already.

    1. Wakandan Cowboy

      That wasn’t funny. Now shut up.

  302. suzy q

    If that docu-series helped in this case, it’s time for “Surviving D. Trump”. Let’s hear from all of his accusers and see where that leads. Since Trump has always maintained his innocence, I’m sure he would welcome a chance to clear his name and get these pesky sexual misconduct allegations behind him.

  303. 大唐貞觀

    The situation has turned sharply, far beyond our (extremely angry), please see the following latest news:
    Afternoon of February 22, US Eastern Time, US President Trump met with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and some representatives of the two sides in the seventh round of China-US high-level economic and trade consultations in the Oval Office and was interviewed by the media. During the period, Chinese media reporters asked whether the object of “not relying on ban” included Huawei, and Trump gave a positive response.
    The China Daily (CCP,China Communist Party) reporter asked President Trump: “You sent a message yesterday that in the 5G and 6G fields, the United States will not rely on blocking more advanced technologies. What do you mean?”
    Trump responded, “I prefer to give all companies the opportunity to compete. I don’t want to artificially block others, whether it’s for some excuse or for security reasons, I don’t want to have security issues. ”
    Trump said this, the reporter suddenly asked, “Does this include Huawei?” Trump waved: “You wait. I am talking about all companies, really, including (Huawei). I am talking about everyone.”
    “I don’t want to use artificial methods to block (market), we want to have very good 5G (technology), and eventually develop to 6G. You have to know that, according to the speed of the world’s development, it is possible that 6G will be out of date in two months. But always 6G will be outdated at some point in the future, but I hope to compete with China and compete fairly. If I can, I don’t want to block any company.”
    On the evening of the 21st, US President Trump wrote on Twitter about the development of 5G technology in the United States. “I want the United States to win, through competition, not to block the more advanced technology.” Although President Trump is not pushing The article is named Huawei, but the outside world still believes that his words are like responding to Ren Zhengfei.
    Hu Houkun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, responded to Trump’s tweet “not to block” in the LinkedIn. He said, “Huawei is ready to build a true 5G network for the United States through real competition.”

  304. TechWith Todd

    It’s about time he goes to Prison where he belongs. This pedophile should have been in Jail after the video with the 14 year old girl.

    1. Trill Bill

      His fans (many in the black community) gave him a pass. I stopped fucking with Kelly back in 02 when that pedo tape dropped. Now mofo’s acting shocked and outraged now smh

  305. Jai Norman

    R Kelly is INNOCENT until proven guilty all those hoes lied on him for no reason smh

    1. Wakandan Cowboy

      Lol… Black man you are living with your head up your ass. Black men don’t have the power and privilege that white men have in this country, and it kills you to admit this fact to yourself.
      A black crime is not equal to a white crime. Wake up!

  306. The Blade

    All Liars? See Black people can learn from Donald.

  307. The Blade

    Money problems? Welcome to my world bro. Just wish I had the chance to blow thru millions.

  308. S M

    What about Harvey Weinstein? This is Cosby 2.0 #Witchhunt #ThemFirst

    1. Wakandan Cowboy

      Nobody cares… Just let it go 🕊️

  309. findingrad Rad

    How is that he has bail but i smoked WEED and had 0 bail and spent 30 days in jail for fucking weed. Im done with this fucking messed up unfair system. One ounce of weed and I had no bail. (I dont sell. I buy an ounce for the month)

  310. Adam Chase

    Jussie Smollett and R. Kelly should share a cell…. DROP a duo album…. lol

    1. Adam Chase

      +Wakandan Cowboy That could be the album’s name… “Ugly Komodo..”

    2. Wakandan Cowboy

      That Komodo dragon pic you’ve got up, is extremely ugly, and should be shot in the face and buried abruptly.

  311. b ch

    Where are the indictments and where is “Surviving” Elvis, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Jerry Lee Lewis, Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, Marvin Gaye, Nickelodeon, Roman Polanski, Jeffery Epstein and all his famous political buddies; etc etc etc. Why not totally expose, and arrest them all? Well the living ones. 👀👁

  312. Gillian Kennedy

    Should be NO bond!

  313. Nutty 414

    Black women my ass this aint got shit to do with color

  314. Difference Too Stoned

    Lock the parents up too they basically sold they daughters pussy

  315. yup libatards

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the Black community and their culture to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. 

    Real Estate values are fueled by the influx of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example of all they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self-improvement through hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation…. Yup

  316. Difference Too Stoned


    1. Wakandan Cowboy

      Nigga shut that shit up. Nobody that matters is going to join your bullshit protest.

  317. James S.

    I have a few questions. Where were these girls kidnapped from? A school bus stop? Did he send some goons out to snag these girls off the street? Did the goons break into the girl’s bedrooms and steal them?

    Or did they go to him? Did they just happened to show up at his door or were they just sorta hanging around him?

    If that’s the case then it looks like the girls had some agenda. And if that is the case, where are the parents of these kids? The parents were obviously absent before, but they seem to be taking interest now!

    Girls pursue these rapists and abusers and then bitch about it when they get raped and abused.

    This doesn’t excuse his behavior, but the girls and the parents also are culpable.

    1. James S.

      +Wakandan Cowboy
      I agree with your analogy. Of course I don’t want to see kids get raped. All I’m saying is the parents are culpable.
      If your underage daughter told you she’s gonna go hang out with a 50 year old, known sex abuser, aren’t you going to put the brakes on and prevent it?

      Believe me, I have no sympathy for this bastard. If I was on the jury I’d vote for a life sentence. I still stand by my original question, where are the parents?

    2. James S.

      +Natasha Sabovic
      I agree with you. The guy should be locked up. I’m not defending him. All I’m saying is the parents share the blame for allowing their kids to be with him.

      If parents allow their kids to play on the railroad tracks and they get hit, is it the trains fault?

    3. Wakandan Cowboy

      +James S. “where did the girls come from” ??
      Your logic: “Because if they approached you first, then you can fuck’em all you want”

      Here’s an analogy: let’s say a depressed/suicidal young lady comes to you and demands that you shoot her dead. She begs you, offers to pay you well, and then hands you a pistol.
      Now, If you shoot her and take the money, you are definately going to prison. It’s illegal to just casually kill a person. it dosent matter if they put the ball in your court or not.

    4. Natasha Sabovic

      Are you really this dense or are you just trolling? These girls were/are children! They didn’t seek out a rapist to be abused! They are kids that was star struck. It’s so easy to manipulate children.

    5. Kamn

      Does it matter? He shouldn’t be a predator seeking victims, it doesn’t matter where or how he preys on victims as long as it stops.

  318. Nic ndahouse

    How about no bail for rapist murderers and pedophiles, rich, powerful, white or minorities.

  319. be real black for me

    Lifetime got this ball rolling. Kudos to them. He knew this day was coming. Those Catholic Priest r next!! 😡😡

    1. Raymond Fields

      be real black for me #FirstThem

  320. Bob Jones

    Cnn video so automatic dislike

  321. Deirdre Feltus

    An he should be punished for what he did. But also these little girls wearing a lot of makeup and dressing older and lying about there age should be punished to for what they r doing. All should be punished

  322. Charlotte Katakuri

    Another black predator that Hillary warned us about.

  323. M T

    Hooray black women for spearheading the drive to take down R. Kelly. Next in line will be Ghetto Gaggers. I guess?

  324. Aaron Christoffersen

    FINALLY! *does happy dance*

  325. Blahblahron blahblahson

    This is a sad Black History Month

    1. Wakandan Cowboy

      No it ain’t. Lock this nigga up.

  326. i i

    At least us democrats condemn and jail those who do wrong, but no so much for Republicans.

  327. SJA

    A Kentucky man threatened at gunpoint for wearing a MAGA hat.
    Where’s the outrage from the left???

    1. southlondon86

      “…adulterous, lying, cheating, pussy grabbing conman”

      You just described Bill Clinton, John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon.

    2. SykoChiipmunK


      You reich-wing nuts elected an adulterous, lying, cheating pussy grabbing con man, Support catholic priests who raped children, child molesting candidates like Roy Moore and supreme court appointees like Brett Kavanaugh and continuously support white supremacists and racists. You have no fucking moral high ground to point the finger from ESPECIALLY when you’re standing on a straw-man foundation. foh you poorly educated deplorable.

  328. ALP7A

    Why does society have to work so hard to jail these paedophiles? There is video evidence with multiple first hand encounters yet it took 25 yrs to get here. How much does Justice cost?

  329. ElSmusso

    Remember Aaliyah

  330. Don Trump

    Just like the previous attempts, Innocent until proven guilty, they have to prove that it is R.Kelly in the videos. TRUMP 2020!

    1. Dr Johnson Hungwell

      Amen to that ! And Amen Patriot Trump 2020.

  331. Leann Joseph

    Why does she keep emphasizing on the word “black women”? Damn why can’t it just be WOMEN? Abuse is abuse. I am a proud black female but sometimes I think black ppl need to know that we don’t always have to bring up race in every discussion.

    1. SykoChiipmunK

      Leann Joseph,

      I agree. I find that some Black women want to use it to prove that they are part of the Feminist Movement and want to be accepted by the White majority of that movement. But they fail to realize they are just being used. That Movement does not benefit Black women in anyway and does more harm to them then good. They should create their own movement.

      The White majority of the Feminist movement isn’t Locking up a Pussy Grabbing president, Rapist Priests. Hell, they even support a child molesting candidate in Roy Moore as well as supported Brett Kavanaugh for the supreme court. They ain’t bringing down their famous big names. You better not say shit about what Elvis did or Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his 13 yr old cousin. They haven’t locked up Harvey Wienstein yet or run his pockets. Most they’ll do is some publicity stunts in the media to keep their cause from flaming out but that’s it. They aren’t going to push it any further than that. But yeah they’ll lock up Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, and they keep attacking Michael Jackson even though he’s dead. They’ll sacrifice Black men for feminism though.

      Black women should come up with their own movement. But when they do I’ll bet you they’ll get sneak attacked by White women for it watch!

    2. Alex Sanchez

      +Wakandan Cowboy thats ur opinion and unfortunately for you its not the facts

    3. Wakandan Cowboy

      Leann Joseph, the black woman is God. Apparently no one has explained that to you yet.

    4. Wakandan Cowboy

      +Alex Sanchez black American men ain’t about shit, and know this statement is true.

    5. Alex Sanchez

      +Wakandan Cowboy thatz some racist shit

  332. Rosie LightwalKer

    Glad they made him hand over the passport or he would be gone.

  333. Imperious Rex

    I said R Kelly was next after Cosby and Weinstein. Before the documentary. I was right.

  334. F Off

    Why even waste the time for arresting him. Bond? For fucking children? What a country this is. Cats in prison right now for weed and this dickcheese is back to molesting. Fuck those priests and their jesus pimping bullshit also

  335. Kirk Crawford

    Judge sets bail at 1 mil, but democrats give him a pass! Sexual assault is ok with democrats.

  336. Deadass Facts

    White people..worry about Harvey Weinstein. We got this.

    1. 0bzerve

      People suck when they get a little power. We see it all the time.

    2. Deadass Facts

      K W mind yo business

    3. Alex Sanchez


  337. Uphold the Constitution

    Just creepy

  338. chris kramer

    The way these hoes dress nowadays its all their fault looking for attention cuz daddy didn’t give them that growing up! Groupie little whores! 😂

    1. Wakandan Cowboy

      You would make such a good attorney with your insight. No.. not really. You would be a lousy lawyer, and you would lose badly.

  339. Heather Remlin

    The judge needs to come down extra hard on this SICKO!
    Use Kelly as an example, that this type of abuse will NOT be tolerated!
    The me too movement is moving women to start talking… busting these scum bags ! What the hells wrong with our country?
    Other countries would not tolerate this type of abuse …WHAT UP?
    #IMPEACH45 …thought I’d throw that in because trumps also a sexual predator who still hasn’t had to answer those questions! Commenting adultery is his specialty …sheesh

  340. IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

    White Priest pay white parents to have sex with their children and the White Justice system could CARELESS SMH selective outrage whites have

  341. Russian Cyborg

    I say, rollin’ around,
    Sittin’ on dubs
    Can not lie, was high on shrubs,
    Coolin’ in my Escalade,
    Man I’m paid, I got it made,
    Take me to your special place,
    Close your eyes
    Show me your face,

    I’m gonna piss on it.

    Haters wanna hate,
    Lovers wanna love,
    I don’t even want,
    None of the above,
    I want to piss on you.
    Yes I do, I’ll piss on you,
    I’ll pee on you.

  342. Gamers Hand

    Downs go another black celebrity! They pick like 2 a year 🚔🚔 I’m going to be a celebrity ghost 📽🎵💲👻

  343. Diana Messam

    It’s better to fall in the hands of God than in the hands of men.
    May he have mercy on you .

  344. Swailly

    Say Dick tha fuck is genitalia?…

  345. Mary Burney

    I don’t think he can post bail because his net worth on Google says 1 million so he might have to sell some of his assets to get out

  346. Nosivo N

    Let’s see the hypocrisy of many people that rocked this guy’s music when inginition remix came out. Now talking sh!t

  347. Robert Paulson

    Remember when they did this to Micheal Jackson?

    1. Hugh Mungus

      Robert Paulson Michael Jackson was a pedophile though.

  348. Professor Moriarty

    Be careful where you put those bananas do not let them go peekaboo in the wrong knickers. There is a good reason you have a zip

  349. Thomas Morgan

    hi hook him up with Bill Cosby

  350. Gs friendly Trees MMJ

    Im Sure there’s truth to it. But you also have to admit these women are very very optimistic. Let’s let the facts come out. Do y’all remeber smollett. Is there proof other than accusations? I really don’t know I guess we will see. And any 16,17 year old that ends up alone with him freely made the choice that doesn’t make it right but everyone’s looking for that easy $$$$$

  351. Danny Bmore

    How did this dude get a bail

  352. FN 2187

    Where’s Shelly @ Scientology!!!!!

  353. Lalita Sylla

    I’m still at a loss; no priest have been locked up!! Winestein hasn’t been convicted, nor Matt Lauer, or the CBS CEO whom all seem to be lost in the shadow of R. Kelly. Had R. Kelly paid the salary Lifetime paid; I really don’t think we’d be having this discussion.

  354. ReQuesia Jenkins

    The Catholic Church needs to go now. We are barely hearing about their major cases all over the world. The are holding a bullshit conference this week. To “handle”their Bishop problem.

  355. complete3578

    He aint going no where an all charges will be dropped…

  356. Milton Monnin

    its all Chuck Berry’s and fault , but not Jerry lee Louise ‘s fault ! Here Jerry is with his 13 year old wife and cousin (1958 ) 60 years ago . When the US was at its greatest and family values were number 1 , the British hated American culture :

  357. uncle Watt

    R Kelly don’t have 100 grand damn and these bitches followed behind like he was worth millions lmao I bet them bitches feel stupid

  358. IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers

    The White Catholic Church pays white parents to have sex with their children and the White Justice system goes after R Kelly.. White Male and FEMALE teachers have sex with CHILDREN and NOTHING happens SMH

  359. ZeusTruthen

    Everyone in the government and entertainment industry partakes in this kind of behavior, we live in a dark dark world

  360. kayla moore

    Omg 10- 20 yr later sad

  361. Warrior Saint

    Wow..smh..Lord help us..and the victims..i pray he repents.

  362. Lynn Lynn

    Wow R Kelly!!!

  363. Slim Don

    No judgement or name calling If he’s found guilty pray for him

  364. Pepper 526

    Who’s here just to see the strongest liberals defend him

    1. southlondon86

      And that’s kinda like the pussy grabbing Bill Clinton and JFK who fucked anything with a pussy in sight…facts.

    2. Word Life

      Yeah kinds like the Republicans support the incestuous pussy grabbing Trump.

  365. chris kramer

    Fuck these hoes! Lying cunts looking for free money! How the fuck can shit be valid from 1998 and even 2010!?!? These hoes can jam the #metoomovement up their skanky pussies! Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Harvey Weinstein etc. etc. etc. and on and on and on! Hoes keep wrecking careers for capital gain! #lyingcunts #metooisajoke #timesupisajoke #manhaters

    1. chris kramer

      +Russian Cyborgyou must be a millenial! 😂

    2. Russian Cyborg

      Said the rapist.

  366. Francisco Williams

    Free R Kelly he’s innocent 😇 he ain’t do nothing y’all

  367. Professor Moriarty

    It is alleged he sexually abused 4 females in 1998 he should have come to the U.K., and called himself a Muslim then it would have just been grooming. Horses and dogs like grooming. The media is in free-fall They are reading the same script. There is a like crime as opposed to that hate crime.Viral video we hear a lot about those but nobody seen it. Soon they will have no audience and they will end up just reading the script to each other.

  368. Poker Princess

    I think everyone should have bail commensurate with their ability to pay guilty or not.

  369. xxnike629xx

    There should be no bail. What he did was just _nasty_

  370. PrincessMegan Elsa

    🤡🖕 Ugly As Fuck !! 🤡🖕

  371. Poker Princess

    The terms of his bail is like telling an alcoholic not to drink. His bail will likely get revoked.

  372. Malca's Grace

    This is some Charles Mansion Sh*t

  373. THE bmack channel

    “Seems like he ready” 2 do

    1. THE bmack channel


    2. Money Bags

      THE bmack channel Who’s gonna be his homie lover friend in the joint? lol

    3. Money Bags

      THE bmack channel Lol His jail cell is callin’ for him.

  374. Historis Americana

    Shoulda been 10

  375. Taunter Atwill

    1% of all blacks and whites are pure filth, two years ago i commented on R Kelly and i still stand by that comment, he belonges to the 1%.

  376. Telma Elma

    can they arrest this disguisting sister of him THERESA too, she abused all of her 3 little brothers when they were kids. She is the one who started all this and now one brother is allready in jail, the other one a psychological wreck and the other one charged with abusing little girls, f u theresa!

  377. Telma Elma

    Didn´t Avenatti say he will never see daylight again?…..well…

    1. Telma Elma

      did he really lost? The world know now that he had definetely sex with a pornstar while his wife was pregnant and that he paid her for her silence with money of the campaign, one of the facts that cohen is accused of by the way

    2. Tara VALENTI

      Telma Elma , Avenatti, lost against Trump, and he will lose again !!

  378. Dennis Manson

    I think Rodney King said it best…” Can’t we all just get along” ???

    1. Dennis Manson

      +Money Bags especially with minors

    2. Money Bags

      How about, “Can’t men just keep it in their pants?”

  379. sun dial

    Kelly is like any normal man , we love T&A most of the women targeted him because of his fame and money , clear cases of Gold Digging 😞

  380. indica 4me

    ILL BET HES PISSED♌♌♌♌♌♌♌♌

  381. daysErlock

    “His attorney was standing next to him.” Great description lol

  382. Addicted Addie

    Up to 7 years? Idk… Michael aventii or w.e his name is keeps giving broken promises

  383. Tracy Smith

    They said r Kelly was broke how he come up with 1 million dollar 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  384. Peter Austin

    His Buddy Donald will lend him the money, so he doesn’t testify of all the shit that went on at Trump Mar a logo!

  385. Jelly Bean

    A “Sexual Thug” if you will. Money and Fame can cover up almost any issue. In my opinion it has nothing to do with the victims being Black, because he is Black too! So, to me, you can “buy” a lot in life with money, no matter what color you are!

  386. Addicted Addie

    What if all this is a lie . What if the parents are also involved . What if those girls are not brain washed, I mean the man is clearly having money issues and they still with him. Some stuff that prosecutors said didn’t even happen like he said no bond but he got it. Prosecutors had us assuming the tape was 4K 1080p quality but the screenshots were still vhs quality. “A glitch , could have happened on the VHS tape.” But then it’s like damn how was he still able to do this without money . Obviously he couldn’t pay ppl off . He still seems pretty calm and hasn’t said anything . The girls literally could be or not brain washed . We don’t no there personality . I’m just being open minded because obviously both sides are doing whatever they can to win even if that means exaggerating statements . Honestly all this could be black mail by the media and the music industry towards r kelly over disclosed issues . Yeah so Illuminati type shit . You never know . Could have hired a double ganger and created that tape . Even tho Kelly clearly looks wrong that’s probably the thing. Someone is making him look bad . Innocent til proven guilty but damn I don’t even feel confident in that statement .

  387. Professor Moriarty

    What was the news? She spoke to the family? And she did this and she did that blah blah blah. And what is the news? ( Judge sets $1 million bond for R. Kelly on sex abuse charges ). So that is the news and what is she talking about? did she have coffee? what time did she get up? did she brush her teeth? And why is she talking like she is out of breath? does she have emphysema?

  388. Dr Jones

    Chinese new year oh god

  389. Dr Jones

    Black history month sounds pretty exclusive to me sounds like no other color is worth a whole month

  390. alexandro Bohemia

    Thre’s dnt have to be bond for that kind of people …

  391. Keith Bell

    well the only thing I can say here is you were given a second after the 2008 trail, you didn’t take heed so now the Pied piper wlll have to pay / good luck bruh!

  392. Merlin Iman

    MUST SEE!!
    @Gillymonn ComedyCentral Kevin Hart Damon Wayans Ambassador Talent

  393. Lilmama so mean Love dymond

    They gonna bill Cosby his ass fa sho!

  394. Kira Howard

    Everyone who colluded with him needs to be locked up too. Every adult that helped get these young girls in his hands needs to be in jail with his old perverted ass. How was he able to do this shit for so many years, even have hard evidence against him back then and was aquitted,boggles my whole mind.

  395. Mika Lasha

    He got off the first time,but just like all of the other pedophiles in the world. He just couldn’t stop. They’re is no rehabilitation that can help him. The punishment should fit the crime, he should get peed on as


    His time is up and there will be other men to that will get catch also, everyday men are preying on women young and old. Not putting blame on the girls but they need to also stop hanging out with these men that they think are famous or not. Some of these girl are acting grown now days and putting themselves in situation they are not ready to handle. I see this kind of action out there too. So one just as bad as the other. When a person see an opportunity to prey they will. Than the parents want to yell and scream and they could not even handle the daughter at home. We all need to go back to the old days where they watch all children and kept them in check if they got out of hand and told the parents too.

    1. southlondon86

      What’s really interesting is that Asia Argento, the more vocal member of the MeToo movement still hasn’t been charged with sleeping with an underage boy in California. And this is after having worked with him aged 7. If that was a man, it would be ‘sexual predator, sexual assault, underage sex pervert’. But because it’s a woman, nothing has been done. All comfortably forgotten. There are more women out there like her. And their time will come too. That is if the word is interested in actual equality.

  397. The Loner Stoner

    You’d think if he wanted to have sex with kids he’d just move to Japan.😂😂😂

  398. Darrick Harden

    Black peoples are skank’s Low life Liars they lie on there mama for $ Bitch please

  399. sun set

    if you guys want to find out what the shadow governments truly up to you but the fake CNN and MSM and all that is not telling you or here’s the proof

  400. Darrick Harden

    R Kelly a free man

  401. cusdjcracifirkkle6

    who that white bitch that came out after him? lol

  402. redxsage

    For the record? *FUCK R KELLY!!!*

  403. Thomas Milne

    Let us compare and contrast with Jeffrey Epstein hahahahahaha

  404. NLee Burrell

    I’m not a R Kelly fan and I don’t believe these ladies.

    1. Avion Mech

      These young women have no reason to lie

    2. kelerews

      there’s a video of him eating the ass of a 14 year old… yeah, fake news.

    3. NLee Burrell


    4. Jerod Tabb

      +Natasha Sabovic have u seen the new evidence or something 🤔🤔

    5. Natasha Sabovic

      You wanna explain why you don’t believe them? Google r Kelly sex tape and come back later when you have seen the pictures of the 14 year old girl in the tape,,

  405. trueboss926

    Somehow liberals will say this is Trump’s fault.

    1. southlondon86

      Trump is also responsible for forcing Monica Lewinsky to suck Bill Clinton off. And Trump also invented a time machine, went back in time and coerced John F Kennedy to cheat multiple times on his wife and objectify women while wearing a charming smile.

    2. Feng L

      It is CHUMPs fault….grab them by the mangina he said ! You Fucking TrumpFucks make me laugh…always blaming someone other then yourself….morons !

  406. Denise Eugene

    Now Get the priests ,Trump , the attorney general in Virginia, and Epstein..

    1. Denise Eugene

      Hugh Mungus it doesn’t matter . I live in NY . There are white People who commit crimes and say “ it was 3 black men who raped me or attacked me “! Jussie is a sick individual. He used very poor judgement and has to pay for it. Just like anyone who commits a crime . We have domestic terrorists( mostly) white males here in the US just killing Americans . They have tons of guns and they use them ..

    2. Hugh Mungus

      Denise Eugene I’m not American and you’ve been lied to. False hate crimes and bogus BuzzFeed reports aren’t working.

    3. Denise Eugene

      Hugh Mungus Ummm.. Cohen has named Trump in 2 felonies in the SDNY. They are exploring to indict him. Trump isn’t Nixon. It’s worst due the Russian influence. Collusion occurred . The meetings with the Russians occurred . Did Trump know and authorize these meetings to get dirt on Hillary is the potential criminality . You say that no evidence has emerged for 2 years . Is Mueller finished ? Is his report re his findings submitted to Barr? No? I am glad that he is taking his time and liking under every stone . The lies and indictments keep coming closer to your president . What an American embarrassment..

    4. Hugh Mungus

      Denise Eugene It seems Trump has been accused of a lot of things with no proof so unless you have any evidence then you’re just talking shit.

  407. D B

    All 4 of those chick’s probably threw there panties on stage and wanted them back. LOL. They act and dress like hoe’s but don’t want to be treated like one..

  408. The RealChilant

    Bill Cosby’s New cellmate

  409. Jerry Junior

    Why does this pedophile even have a bail?! Seriously though, 70’s would do him just right at the age of 52 STILL fucking around with little girls, 😒 This is nothing new and they need to go on ahead and remove that bail because he doesn’t deserve to live outside a jail cell, Bill Cosby will be waiting…

  410. Hjq0023

    Thats great that Cosby and R. Kelly have charged. But what about the 2 white guys (Winstein & Kevin Spacey)?

    1. Imperious Rex

      +Hjq0023 thanks for clarifying. Some of my people are so obsessed with color that even when they have good intentions it *mutes* the conversation and takes away from the real issue. Which is a very sick and demented man is finally getting his just due. They will also blame whites for unfair justice when there is a black female prosecutor who is leading this case. Just no logic is used….

    2. Hjq0023

      +Imperious Rex Actually I wasnt making this about color…nor am I black and/or white….I am just flat out curious over why Winstein & Kevin Spacey have not even been talked about for quite some time….I totally do understand that in R. Kelly’s case that he had actual videotapes which therefore makes it a lot easier for the prosecutors to find him guilty….but flat out curiosity…

    3. Imperious Rex

      @Hjq0023 Why are you making this about color? If you truly believe that America is against blacks and that white men skate by and break the law without punishment then why are you asking the question? Especially without reserching and would know that they have been both formally charged. Also, you act if their cases are the same. Did Weinstein and Spacy sexually molest and film underage black girls for over 25 years , marry one of their victims and they are not being treated the same criminally? When you speak color you take away from the power of your statement and question

    4. Hjq0023

      +Francine Hines interesting

    5. Francine Hines

      Both of them are on trial in the summer

  411. Xeronimo

    …the problem is if Avenatti description (press conference) is accurate, Kelly doesn’t stand a chance. Witness testimony is unreliable,* he (?) saw fit to retain the tapes even after the charge a decade ago.

    This is why Weinstein and others will likely beat their charges, not him (again if we have an accurate description of the tapes.



  412. Melinda Belcher

    I also want those who knew this was going on and did nothing to stop this

  413. Ayan Ali

    Now lock up Epstein 🤬😡

  414. James Christianson


  415. Semmie Elston

    Why is it it’s just black men being arrested and imprisoned for sex acts? All I see so far is black man R Kelly and Bill Cosby where are the other white white man that have committed sex crimes. Why are they at home and not being crucified and taunted by the White media. This is unfair and races CNN

    1. New Jack Swing

      That would work contrary to white supremacy. White men can get caught with their pants down literally and still be protected. Elvis Presley preyed on teenage girls and he’s still held in high regard. Paul Walker, Rob Lowe, Doug Hutchison, Steven Tyler, and the list goes on and on. However black people have never received the same treatment as white people, and they shouldn’t expect to as long as racism dominates this planet. Now R. Kelly should be punished if he’s found to have broken the law, but he obviously shouldn’t be the only one. Look at the Catholic Church. It’s nothing but a pedophile ring, but I don’t see priests being prosecuted one after the other. Maybe if they did they would probably have to close the church doors because there wouldn’t be any priests left.

  416. TheMelaninEffect

    R Kelly went back to Chicago where he endured sexual abuse as a child and used his money and stature to abuse girls and women and find a crew of bums, thugs, and addicts to be his “team” and facilitate his activity. These are people who are starstruck and poor that’s why he chose them. It’s sad to see them crowded around him, I hope they saved the pennies he gave them because he is going to need a lot of money to try and fight this, he cant keep paying for their bills. It’s disgusting to see them acting like he’s a hero or a victim.

  417. Jay Bangs

    Trump self admitted he grab them by the Pu$$y and he is the President, the laws and the rules are blind. What R Kelly allegedly did is sad and sicking so no need to start a race issue. If he was this or that no prosecution. Bill Cosby is paying the price, I Wonder who the next Millionaire will be next for prosecution

    1. Mike Smith

      I hate to disappoint you most wild women love to be treated like that trust me i would now i dated more wemen then most guys dream of

  418. Zig Clap

    Yeah, PUNISH him, and let dotard go free!!! Drug induced behavior, HE may have a serious drug addiction!!!

  419. Delcio

    He should become a Republican. They’ll support him.

    1. Tired of being Dominated by white men

      *He’s innocent and I’m a liberal* if you think he’s guilty you’re a trump supporter and you probably own slaves.

    2. Scott William

      Robert Alan 😂😂😂😂 triggered

    3. Truth Hurts

      Don’t be that bitch.

    4. Delcio

      K W

      He banged an intern in the 90s. She never accused him of rape. Shut the fuck up you right wing degenerate. You defend the Cheeto bandit banging a porn star but cry about Clinton fucking an intern?

      At least Clinton didn’t have to pay her.

    5. K W

      Wasn’t it the Democrats that defended rapist bill Clinton

  420. Trust Me

    She resisted but end up sucking da dick

  421. Renee Edwards

    People really defending this man. I bet you would still defend him if this was your daughter, sister, niece, etc. Starstruck with a blind level of sick loyalty. You are what is wrong with America if you are upset he has been charged.

  422. Anthony Cella

    like how cnn says we” confirmed” lol


    Another LEFT-WINGED rapist! GO FIGURE!

  424. Wayne Albert

    1million ain’t nuttin 2 him..what a joke!!!!

  425. Ivan Miller

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  426. Amar23 1994

    Lol he’s rich MeToo Movement better luck next time.

  427. PUFFY ADDERSON'S Fake News trolling CHANNEL!!!

    Hi I am PUFFY ADDERSON and as usual CNN = FAKE fake FAKE fake NEWS! So as CNN continues to spread it’s LIES, HATE, and leftwinged propaganda, I shall continue to direct you all towards THE TRUTH!!! Thank you! And I am PUFFY ADDERSON and I know EVVVVERYTHING!:))))

    1. Dennis Manson

      Not me ASSHOLE because you have been muted

    2. Lethal Waste Jams

      I get all my facts and INFORMATION from PUFFY ADDERSON!!!! The REAL NEWS starts with PUFFY! YEAH!


      yay for PUFFY! she is full of FACTS and Information and I am SUBBED 2 her channel! you LIBTARDS!!! MWHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  428. lovechild tre

    R. Kelly had alot of these girls’ parents on the payroll…when the money ran dry…now they’re coming out. The parents and enablers should be convicted too…now let’s get Harvey Weinstein, Ed Buck, Jeffrey Epstein, Catholic priests, etc…

    1. Marsha Ashby

      I really feel so you mean none of them did not know if it is true I feel the parents if it is through the parents with some part of it

    2. Imperious Rex

      @lovechild tre don’t forget about some of these black preachers also.

  429. daniel wijaya

    Fake news? The president of the united states said cnn is full of fake news, is this one of them?

    1. Mike Smith

      Yes it is this is the libtard Channel 🙂 & i love to set them straight

  430. Kung-Fu Kenny Family

    R.Kelly is going to share a cell in chicago with jussie smollett Lol

  431. Yvette Torres

    He is a serial abuser…NO bond…there are minors involved.

    1. Goddess Ebony

      +PRINCESS Prempeh Theses white guys are the true pedophiles

    2. Kawaii Diy

      +dick Flat underage is not good it s evil full stop

    3. FantomOmega

      Trump will likely pardon him since they’re “golden brothers”

    4. Eo Kingkong

      PRINCESS Prempeh I’m surprised flat didn’t reply with the creepy “age is just a number” good lord that’s why being a guy is shit… guys like flat give good guys a bad name

    5. PRINCESS Prempeh

      +dick Flat you sound like a true peado

  432. Lady Gossip

    I feel so bad for the parents!! I couldnt imagine. I really hope these young ladies get help. Once justice is served, it still wont be over. These ladies are brainwashed.

  433. Shawn Kemp

    WHITE HEADLIGHTS are as BRIGHT as the BRIGHT WHITE FLAME TIP ON WELDING TORCHES!!! Maybe even BRIGHTER!!!! It’s not safe to have that in your field of vision everyday. The government and automakers need to be SUED!!!!!!!
    this is what happens when you let a millennial that grew up on spongebob or pokemon design anything.

  434. Me Cee

    Aw, now he’s having $ probs huh? Yeah right, he spent it on paying off people and running that damn sex dungeon cult for over 10 years. Tapes don’t lie, man. Lock him up!

  435. A sociopath trying to stay out of trouble living

    i am against r.kelly going to jail. Yes, he may have had sex with a minor which i agree is wrong but they didn’t say rape. If the victim was a grown woman and got manipulate, its her fault for being stupid. MANIPULATION isn’t a crime. the most i see he can be charged with here is simply indecent exposure and sex with a minor. all the other claims of abuse, while in a relationship, dont hold much water. the parents that were crying to see their daughter, grown ass woman wasn’t in chains, and just got manipulated. This one will be hard because the truth will get mix in with the lies. something he might have done and both parties agreed will be torn and twisted as a lie.

  436. Joe Russo


  437. Joe Russo


  438. Trumpster fire!

    $1 million is chump change for this chump.

  439. silky johnson

    Ladies get yourself a MAGA man, leave these betas alone.

    1. BLT4LIFE

      Gross. I’ve seen trump rallies, looks like a walmart threw up.

  440. Joe Russo

    Does anybody know where I can go get some real news

    1. Mike Smith

      Good luck these days lol

    2. John McCrimmon

      @Joe Russo Yeah, the white house briefing room from Sarah Sanders…🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  441. Joe Russo

    CNN is a joke you guys can’t tell the truth about anything

    1. John McCrimmon

      I think Don the con Trump tells more lies than the entire CNN cast

  442. PUFFY ADDERSON'S Fake News trolling CHANNEL!!!

    another RAPIST LIBTARD!!! Go figure huh?

  443. Joe Russo

    CNN should just quit I mean you’re going to be bankrupt within a year to anyways

  444. Joe Russo

    CNN SUCKS!!!

  445. David Charles

    The Hebrew Negro coalition base will be protesting at Chicago police department in the r Kelly case led by avenatti the porn advocate

  446. Hol M

    So..,,yall still believe michael jackson too😂😂

  447. Walter Melon

    Racism is out of control. This man is an entertainer. He has a right to express himself! Maybe he identifies as underage too! Impeach trump for this!

    1. southlondon86

      Harvey weinstein has a right to express himself too.

  448. Mike McKelvey

    So who’s going to babysit people’s kids now?

  449. Keith Bell

    Over 10 years ago, Kelly chased away all his problems by throwing money at it. You telling me this fool doesn’t have the money to chase this problem away now?
    Maybe if he had LEARNED from his past problems he wouldn’t have had to face this stuff now all over again. Idiot.

  450. I hate Hipsters

    The Black Sexual predators go to jail.
    The Orange Donald Trump has molested more women.
    Why doesn’t Trump go to Jail ?

  451. ken Sheeler

    Their gonna love him in prison

    1. Alex Sanchez

      About time somebody pissed on him

  452. John M

    I bet he’s going to Disneyland.🤣

  453. Feinstein Kushner

    Where is steve Harvey case?

  454. ray turner

    I mean KEVIN SPACEY,

  455. Noneshere

    I was fuq’n like a rabbit at 12. Hit that joint girl.

  456. ray turner


  457. Chris John

    Let’s make this a race thing instead of a sick thing.

  458. Lindsey Lou

    Now let’s help the victims. Please donate to the alleged victims of R.Kelly’s rape and abuse. Click to donate! #muterkelly

  459. A L E X A N D R A

    Please investigate! NSA is working with individuals in Missouri doing illegal espionage with National Guard in Missouri because of being targeted by ex co-workers I had proof of doing illegal activities at Mercy Hospital in Creve Coeur, Missouri. 5023 Elenore Avenue St. Louis, Missouri 63116

    FBI in St. Louis, Missouri is allowing friends and family to get away with these illegal activities and did not want to look at the proof I have. This harassment has been going on from 2017-2019 and my name is Alexandra Collins DOB: 11/26/1991

  460. Mike Kallos

    Dude has been chomo wizard for years. Guys luck will run out.

  461. tw13088

    The Anchor said 7 years instead of 70.

  462. Samane

    This “Black women” quote always claim they are the victim when they are the one that put themselves in these events!

  463. R J II

    When will Harvey be charged?

  464. catalinacurio

    There should be no bail. He’s is a danger, now he has nothing to lose.

  465. Austin Hall

    Good riddance. Enjoy prison


    On come on!!!! Be ashamed!

  467. New Jack Swing

    You commit a crime you pay the price. Great! Now can we apply the law equally across the board? Some of the same people calling for his head on a platter are some of the same people who romanticize Elvis and his relationships with teenage girls. Elvis loved underage girls. Yet people still hold him in high regard. Total hypocrisy! The same people never condemned Paul Walker and Rob Lowe for being engaged in inappropriate relationships with teenage girls. Doug Hutchison and the rest of those Hollywood predators no one seems to mention. People have selective outrage, selective morality, and slective justice. Disgusting!

    1. Salomé Guzman

      New Jack Swing 🙏🏼

  468. William Coulter

    Does Avenatti ever win cases? He didnt do so hot with Stormy

  469. E- Trayde

    It’s a tuff day to be named Robert! 😂. Robert Kelly 🎤 & Robert Kraft 🏟

    1. Truth Hurts

      Have fun in prison, you nasty rape ape! 🙂

    2. aaeshah stockton

      E- Trayde 😂😂😂😂

    3. R kelly

      Nigga stfu 🍆

    4. Jahmier Quayson

      Nah fr

    5. No Name

      No comparison between the two. Don’t even.

  470. Joseph Mingle

    R Kelly, he a good boy, he dindu nuffin.

    Hollywood and the entertainment industry are the biggest perverts on the planet.

  471. tommy smokingun


  472. tommy smokingun


  473. Anthony Johnson

    Love cnn

  474. ray turner

    I don’t give a fuck about r Kelly nor do I care about the sorry ass PARENTS who KNOWINGLY had their children around this fuckery, nor do I care about the THOUSANDS OF WOMEN WHO WENT TO HIS CONCERTS AND THREW THEIR PANTIES ON THE STAGE AND HOPED THAT THEY LOOKED YOUNG ENOUGH TO GET PICKED NEXT IN LINE.

  475. Claudette s

    Joey has a great accent. Where’s that from? That’s not Jersey?

  476. Jesus is King

    All of you losers voted for Hillary.
    Donald J Trump is your President

  477. Danbarnes214

    I wanna piss on you, yes I do I wanna piss on you pee on you
    Lovers wanna love haters wanna hate I don’t wanna do none of the above I wanna piss on you

  478. Joseph Mingle

    This is so racist. They are only going after him because he’s black. This is just like what they did with Michael Jackson after he innocently f-ked small boys.

  479. The Queen of Chess Thatpart

    Ok now everybody stfu already I’m sick of hearing this shit now 😂😂😂✊🏿✊🏾✊

  480. Walter Melon

    The judge is racist! He must be a trump appointee! Can’t we impeach trump this abuse of power?

    1. Mike Smith

      Did trump do something wrong and can u prove it did the jugde follow the laws due to the charges think about it

  481. Kelly Goines

    They seem to always treat celebritys differently.

  482. EMT0210

    Wow!! Really? One million? That’s like $5 dollars for the MF. I really hope he goes to jail for life.

  483. Jay Harris

    R Kelly is innocent you people just want to ruin Black History Month if he did what they say he did why did they wait so long to say anything🤔

    1. Dr Johnson Hungwell

      Amen! I’m not convinced that he’s guilty.

  484. Deirdre Feltus

    These females are liars just to get money from rappers otherwise why would they lie about their age they weren’t rapped at all they gave up the pussy then cried rap to get money

  485. PrinceChris93

    Does that mean the Catholic Church priest will also be going to prison?

    1. Natasha Norman

      @princeChis93 I pray that the priests go as well. That does not make what R. Kelly did any less awful.

    2. Imperious Rex

      +Increase Kru what’s real is you people are so immoral an condone the disgusting behavior of a pedophile. Typical black excuse making and comparing themselves to Catholic priest? Is that your only weak argument? Priest are convicted , priest go to jail. What about Bishop Eddie Long, should he have been convicted for his underage discretions????

    3. Elizabeth Roman

      Once the Church stops moving them around and hiding them. And once the authorities decided priests can go to jail too.

    4. sleepnabox

      D you a fuckin dumbass. That means u were telling people to shut up and stick to da topic during the bill Cosby charges. when folks brought up r kelly did u tell them stick to da topic too? If they didn’t bring up Kelly’s, he’d still be finessing these lil girls. A movement is not static and every victory comes with a new goal, target, or destination. Simple ass.

    5. Increase Kru

      Fuck Naw priests ain’t going to prison, they are apart of the illuminati, R. Kelly ass going to prison, just keeping it real.

  486. Jay Smokie

    Im sure there are plenty more of scumbags like this in the music industry

    1. egyptnz27

      +Dismal sick kunts

    2. Mercuree The Personality

      Jay Smokie so many more. And I know a few personally.

    3. Jahmier Quayson

      BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill facts bro ppl don’t see it

    4. BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill

      Not just the music industry but also Hollywood, politics, the Catholic Church, kid beauty pageants, foster homes, etc…it’s every where

    5. Jahmier Quayson

      Jay Smokie we’ve been know that but certain ppl go down there are nasty people higher up in the industry

  487. The Modern Dictator

    All these play into trumps race war eventually.

    1. Dr Johnson Hungwell

      I’m a TRUMP supporter that isn’t convinced that R Kelly is guilty , females are known to lie .

  488. Gwendolyn Harris

    This fuck up!!! They are all lying mafuker

  489. money never sleeps

    The case is going to center on whether or not these women were being held against there will or actively engaging in sex with a man they ALL say was their boyfriend . It can also be proven they have a financial incentive for slandering him to support all their book deals and media appearances. And most of them weren’t actually underage at all during their accusations, in most all the state’s 17 is legal age of consent. The 14 supposed victim already testified it wasn’t her in the video. Hard to see how he gets convicted but it has happened before.

  490. Francois Bouvier

    Colorfull news these days !!!

  491. Get IT J

    R Kelly gets some help. There is alot of guilt to go around here. Starting in childhood. I am tired of seeing this happen to chikdren, even, R Kelly yet police doesnt do anything and Child Protective Services fails to protect. Where do any of these abuse victims go? RK abused and became an abuser as usual

  492. LoveIsLovely

    If he is in his right mind, he will put a bullit in his brains and end a life of abuse of women and avoid prison time with more of himself … Just do it!

  493. tonytocanova

    He should share a cell with Trump.

    1. Tired of being Dominated by white men

      Wtf how dare you disrespect R Kelly. He did nothing wrong. If you think he should be locked up you’re racist or an Uncle Tom

    2. Scott William

      Mike Smith obstruction of justice
      Colluding with Russians
      Money laundry
      Using campaign finances to pay of porn stars lying to the American people countless times
      Not paying his taxes attacking democracy manipulating stock trades

    3. Truth Hurts

      You should kindly go fuck yourself until you die.

    4. R kelly

      I wanna share a phone with your mom bitch

  494. Deirdre Feltus

    Some of these girls are lying about there age and look like they in there 30’s period. They should be held accountable for their actions as well.

    1. Deirdre Feltus

      +Taylor Armer and since they know he is then why the hell would they leave with him. They have a mind right.

    2. Taylor Armer

      Deirdre Feltus besides them telling him? Or him asking? He is a predator, so he typically goes where they would be. Schools, malls, etc. Come on now. This is a man of millions of dollars—who had a network of people around him. If he had any questions about their age, he could easily have that investigated and checked out. But he didn’t care because again he prefers younger girls. There is an established pattern here. We can’t keep ignoring it

    3. Deirdre Feltus

      +Taylor Armer how does he know there age?

    4. Taylor Armer

      Deirdre Feltus wow. First, he’s on record saying he prefers them young. None of these young girls had to pretend to be 20 or 25. He knows exactly how old these young girls are. He’s in a tape saying how much he loves “that 14 yo p***y.” You can look that up. Second, this man used his stature as a successful entertainer to lure girls, with the promises of making them a star. If you seriously want to place the onus on children to know better vs a 50 year old man, then you need to reflect more on your values.

    5. Deirdre Feltus

      +Taylor Armer if these girls wanna come up get a job. Don’t say u r 20 or 25 just to accuse someone for rape and make a buck. Keep there hot asses at home. So yeah I’m serious.

  495. Michael Orr

    Free r kelly man fuck all these victims first cosby now r kelly lets go for that aquittal

  496. Teddy Abera

    Why bail this motherfucker lock him up a child molester…he knew what he was doing…this is crazy….

  497. Tom

    Was he a catholic priest?

  498. NPC-90210 MTV

    Jussie Smullett and R Kelly can make a pee porn video to help raise bail money🚽 Produced by CNN.

  499. Charlie M

    He could probably pay that out of his pocket. Joke!

  500. Unapologetic 662

    White feminist groups are still using black women to tear apart their community never see white women doing this to their own man

  501. Gooey 911

    John Podesta, Joe Biden, & Kevin Spacey support you!

    1. ixsicness

      Gooey 911 you forgot about donald trump and brett kavanaugh they also share r kellys rapey proclivities

  502. Lee Spidor

    They need to lock him up and throw away the key

  503. Karen B

    He can’t afford it WTH..Pissy Piper you gots no Bag😔😔

  504. V. ReaL

    Hell he may get off again! The parents of the girl that he’s with all pissed off because they wouldn’t gettin no mo ice cream from him. 😆 Niggas would do anything for the right amount of money until they get cut off then they start tellin on yo ass. 😆

  505. William Crowe

    R. Kelly in deep doodoo

  506. Krenshaw Starks

    He’s never gonna finish trapped in the closet now smh

    1. Legendary TV

      Krenshaw Starks Ima fuck around and do it

  507. Mike Ebersole

    CNN is the enemy of the people.

    1. marc

      jussie smollett 2020

  508. Hugh Janus

    Dat nigga is a Freak

  509. FuzzyLegs

    Yay! Black History Month oh wow…what a flip compared to last year. Jussie and now this d*ck head…

  510. craigjkb

    Follow the money 💲💲💲💲💲💲

  511. freddie Favors


  512. Dion Burgess

    People will soon learn that women are great actors, they didn’t see a problem what was going on then, so why do they have a problem now. Money is definitely a motivational factor in these cases. I don’t feel not one bit sorry for the victims because he didn’t hold them against their will…..

  513. Habiberry GH

    Can’t believe he has no 1million to pay for the bond🙄

    1. Dennis Manson

      Only had to come up with a 100k

  514. MrBlockice22

    What a year, SMH. I have never had a Black History Month, that I witnessed, craziness like this. This is suppose to be a month when we honor black folks, that paved the way for us, which is unfair to them. Now the people that F’D up had skeletons and it ALL CAME OUT THE CLOSET, A Couple of Closets!! But I learned about a few folks that I never knew about like Misty Copeland, she is pretty and the first black Ballerina and she accomplished a lot. Mark Dean, the black man that developed the PC color monitor, I never knew that, thats whats up fam!! Lets just see what happens with these cases, thats all we can do.

    1. Taylor Armer

      MrBlockice22 Rkelly aint pave shit for nobody.

  515. A. Osman

    Do you know how to get away with child molestation: *Become A Preist*

    1. NitroExpress

      or learn to spell.

    2. Branwell

      *Or become a Democrat*

  516. Rob Murdock

    When your rich it should be based on % instead a flat total like 1 mil. Fine him 40% of total worth….make him feel the pain of money loss like how the rest of us feel when having to pay to get out of jail.

  517. Actus Reus

    “Half on a baby”

  518. robert wilson

    He’s probably home already

  519. Drool Alot

    I wonder how much the bond should be for all those Catholic priests that have been molesting kids for three or four hundred years with the cover up by the Archdiocese and the Vatican? Price of the house I’m thinking that amount should be 55 billion dollars

  520. Terra Exodus

    The dude who lost Stormy Daniels’ case?

    1. Terra Exodus

      +John McCrimmon Her money. Surely, there are other lawyers who can do it
      (And probably get a result)

    2. John McCrimmon

      @Terra Exodus so is he stop working?
      Wasn’t much of a case anyway..actually open and shut. Don ‘the con’ banged her while married and paid to keep it quiet. So what’s there to lose.

  521. FifthAmendment

    Stay strong R. Kelly! Innocent until proven guilty.

    1. Truth Hurts

      Everyone knows he’s a rape ape, he’s going to prison just like Pill Cosby.

    2. FifthAmendment

      +Tribe of judah Lion Exactly! If any parent allows their child to be with an adult, is just as culpable. I don’t want to hear any mess about they didn’t know. Lies! They all knew what was going on. Apparently, pleading ignorant, with tears is the new thing. I’m not buying it.

    3. Justice Cherry

      Free the real mane white people setting him up I bet they all ask for a lot of 💵💵💵

    4. Tribe of judah Lion

      😎😎😎😎 My mind telling me No…. but my body my body telling me ya.. ha. I don’t want to hurt Nobody.😏😁😂😂😂💩💩💩💩The parents fault believe that.

    5. Tribe of judah Lion

      +FifthAmendment tag me so I can get in the ring✋thanks I got your help Pay attention I got a 14 year old daughter i wouldn’t leave her along with RK unless im pimping my daughter and he tell me im going to make her a star in give me ten thousands up front in im desperate because my daughter gonna make me rich so I let her go alone with him in i get No blame. But the pimp on the corner go to jail. IF THE PARENTS LET THEIR CHILD GO IRRESPONSIBLE CAN YOU SAY JAIL PROTECTION COME FROM THE PARENTS FIRST YOU THINK. ✋✌

  522. Who Cares?

    What about the girls parents ??
    They knew yet they stayed silent until now.
    All because he is R Kelly ?

    1. John McCrimmon

      +kelerews people like you is the reason why people like R. Kelly can operate without consequences. Different conversation if it was a family of yours.

    2. John McCrimmon

      +PRINCESS Prempeh that is definitely a possibility…

    3. kelerews

      Who Cares?… who cares?

    4. StLMoWeathershare

      +Geth Creator Love your comment so much! I agree 100%.

    5. Geth Creator

      +PRINCESS Prempeh who cares, that would just make it worse as it shows how cowardly they are to protect their children. Would you not die to protect yours?

  523. Michael Gaynor

    Hope Jussie is catching this!!!!!!

  524. Freight train

    He thought turning himself in will lower the bond😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Freight train

      +heygirlhey504 read what I said jackass😂😂😂

    2. heygirlhey504

      Freight train he’s already bonded out 🤭🤫😂😂😂

  525. Nicole Llih

    Why is there bail, I don’t want that monster on the street.

  526. Zig Clap

    Money is still the SOURCE of all evil. Women will continue to do evil, REAL evil.

    1. Zig Clap

      +ray turner very well done!!!

    2. ray turner

      +Zig Clap no argument from me , i am just giving my 2 cents opinion which may be 5 dollars overvalued . I try my best not to be materialistic , so many people in this world are unhappy because they are so desperate for material wealth , i think being rich would be nice but i cant go to Hollywood and pimp myself out to the Harvey Weinsteins of the world just to get paid.

    3. Zig Clap

      The only thing that I am uncertain about is, rich people does evil things too. They already have, ok, then that is GREED!! OK, VERY GOOD!!!

    4. Zig Clap

      +ray turner ray your biblical quotation is very correct!!!!!

    5. Zig Clap

      +ray turner you are missing the point, money is material, the love for material is the SOURCE of all evil. Money is a material. It came from the earth, everything that come from they earth has a monetary value.

  527. surya surya

    sexual abuse becomes common in america

  528. Fred Ragers VII

    I hate him

  529. Reggie H

    Everybody who turned a blind eye should get charged too

    1. Way Day

      Question the parents not rkelly ask the parents y u let your child leave for days and didn’t make a missing police report come on talk to me

    2. Way Day

      All this is bs them parents let they kids stay gone for days miss Skool miss church wtf they sold there kids and the money gone is what it sound like to me

    3. Way Day

      Come on talk to me I talk back

    4. Way Day

      Your kids should not be off the street you live on the don’t live on rkelly street what the hell your daughter doing off the street on the other side of town over night