Housing Market Update | WE’RE SCREWED (economic crisis 2020)

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Housing Market Update | WE’RE SCREWED (economic crisis 2020)

Today is August 20, 2020 and here is your housing market update!

0:00 Intro
0:28 Donation For Citadel
1:20 Technically In a Recession
3:40 Bank of England Study
4:25 What the big banks are doing
5:06 Woah! Breaking News
5:26 Economic Data
6:08 What does The economic data tell us
7:12 Real Estate Data
10:15 US Debt Clock (Scary stuff)
11:10 Am I the only crazy one?
12:41 Why am I making these videos?
13:58 Is this a good time to buy?
14:15 100k give-away

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Welcome back to your housing market update. So technically we are in a recession, there is a lot of speculation surrounding the housing market with the historical numbers the housing market has been doing as far as lending and buying, we are still have negative numbers in the last 2 quarters. So do i think it’s going to get better or worse? To be honest, I think it will get worse for the housing marking and the economy unfortunately. I am not attempting to sound pessimistic at all, I am just trying to be real in regards to the economic crisis and the housing market. I try in stay right in the middle when it comes to the economic crisis, housing market, and what you should do to protect yourself from the impending market crash.

James Montier said, “I’ve never seen a market so highly valued in the face of uncertainty”. He’s got a really good point in regards to the economy and the housing market. And I agree with him, because of the amount of over-levering the major banking institutions, is a good indicator, take a look back at 2007.

The Bank of England released a study back in 2018 about the over-leveraging numbers from 2007 compared to now, and that was 2 years ago, imagine what those numbers look like now in regards to the economic crisis and housing market right now!

1.8 million jobs were added in July to the economy but were still sitting at a 10.2% unemployment rate. The airline industry is looking to loose around 75,000 jobs during the economic crisis. 60,000 restaurants are permanently closed due to the economic crisis.

The massive over leveraging of banks that surround the commercial mortgage backed securities, is at the center of this housing crisis. But we are still seeing a total sellers housing market.

There is your housing market update for August 20, 2020!

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  1. If you don’t understand, there was no real estate crash in 2006. It was a banking system and financial collapse. A lot a bad loans were issued. A person working at MCDONALD’S could have purchased a million dollar home. It’s people greed and stupidity, there was so much money available for lending banks were willing to lend anyone any amount as long as they had a pulse, no income verification, stated income. For the most part all loans are full doc now, wich means your income has to be proved and assets. With all of the money has been printed what do you think happens? Money looses it’s value, and you probably do not know also that nothing really goes up in price, it’s called inflation. Money looses it’s purchasing power wich creates inflation. In this case housing will go up in price, so will gold, cars and so on. When 100k restaurants will close or 2 mil jobs will disappear. 100k new restaurants will open and 2mil new jobs will be created. There may be small pull back in few years but I dought that. I have be buying and selling real estate for 25 years and it has made me very wealthy. I don’t time the market because it’s not possible, I have paid high and low prices on real estate. In the long run it all comes back around and I have never lost a $1 on any real estate deal I have done. So, if you need a house buy it. Your primary residence is NOT AN INVESTMENT, it’s a place where you live and raise your family. Your second property is you investment.

    • I agree with everything you said except I think Real Estate will collapse for a while. Forbearances will expire at some point, people will be out of work and foreclosures all over the place will create a lot of inventory, bringing the housing market into a buyer’s market.

    • Well that’s not a very fun analysis for those people who like to pleasure themselves while watching “The Big Short”.

  2. You waited 3 years to buy real estate? Wow, that’s your choice definitely but it may not be wise. Real estate stumbles very slowly. Meaning years. So you may be waiting a total of 6 years.

    • And that’s if it does fall. Real estate is local. Some markets will fall, some are appreciating… It depends. Suburbs and small cities will he killing it.

  3. Again, not speaking in certainty, but if the economic bubble is to burst, when would you expect it to happen?

  4. It’s the calm before the storm. This whole fake real estate show is going to come crashing down.

    • I disagree, real estate is local and is determined on many factors. Some cases real estate rises in recessions.

  5. I’m supposed to be listing my house for sale in 2 weeks. The houses in my neighborhood have been getting over asking price contracts within 3 days. I’m curious if you think I will get through closing before something major happens that could cause havoc for me.

    • This won’t be like the last bubble crash because people are getting really low intrest rates when they buy this time. Watch Javier Vidana videos. He says we are still good for a while.

  6. Def watching next Thursday. Lot to learn from you guys and im also ready for whats coming.

  7. And no, real estate is untouchable for 3 years. Yes, the slide will long. Hard assets, precious metals!!

  8. Dude, I am Chinese…you be a racist! Lol it’s all good. In my view, most don’t understand micro and macro economics.

  9. Don’t discount the fact that it’s an election year and the fact that the Fed is printing money like there’s no tomorrow!

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