Hollywood turns (Black) heroes to Villains I (Hannibal)Barca I Real Fred-die Gray I Amos&Andy-Moors

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Corrections and omissions due to technical difficulties: Hannibal did not conquer Rome! , he won over many allies of Rome. Hannibal occupied much of Italy for 15 years but was unable to march on Rome. An enemy counter-invasion of North Africa forced him to return to Carthage, where he was decisively defeated by Scipio Africanus at the Battle of Zama.

The name of the teenager that boycotted moving from her seat months before Rosa Parks is named CLAUDETTE COLVIN.

The original story line of Amos and Andy is centered in Chicago and the creators of the show are originally from Illinois. The headquarters for the Moorish Science Temple was also Chicago Illinois.
Show summary briefly as follows: Amos Jones and Andy Brown worked on a farm near Atlanta, Georgia, and during the first week’s episodes, they made plans to find a better life in Chicago, despite warnings from a friend. With four ham-and-cheese sandwiches and $24, they bought train tickets and headed for Chicago, where they lived in a rooming house on State Street and experienced some rough times before launching their own business, the Fresh Air Taxi Company. (The first car they acquired had no roof; the pair turned it into a selling point.
Naive but honest Amos was hard-working, and, after his marriage to Ruby Taylor in 1935, a dedicated family man. Andy was a gullible dreamer with overinflated self-confidence who tended to let Amos do most of the work. Their Mystic Knights of the Sea lodge leader, George “Kingfish” Stevens, would often try to lure the two into get-rich-quick schemes or to tricking them into some kind of trouble. con.

Mystic Knights of the Sea lodge=Moorish Science Temple
Main actor/character George “Kingfish” Stevens – Tim “Moore”=Noble Drew Ali

Claudette Colvin references:

Original movie Hannibal is a doctor from Mexico:

Hannibal Barca references:

General Hannibal Barca exploring cannibalism:
History channel shows Hannibal Barca as a black man:

References Fred Gray civil rights attorney:

Highlander Folk School/Rosa Parks references:

4:45 Back drop and history to the movie Hannibal
6:33 Back drop to Real Hannibal Barca
9:02 America cannibalizes black people
13:53 Hollywood a key factor in directing racial pride Jewish image
17:00 Events in mainstream staged since the 60s
18:54 Hollywood & life is about symbols
19:43 Black heroes must be demonized in Hollywood
22:32 Blacks self esteem and early self image damaged through Hollywood
25:28 Use Hollywood to retrain your view on history and role models
28:32/32:02 Who is the original Fred Gray?
35:20 Hollywood is a form high level JEWISH mysticism, astrology and numerology
37:22 Amos & Andy belittling the Moors and Moorish Science Temple
40:00 discussion of Moorish accomplishments

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