History Of Credit & Debit And Raising Your Credit Score – You Must Know This

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📌How To Trace Your Family’s Genealogical Background:

📌Info On Establishing Your Nationality:

📌How To Raise Your Credit Score:


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      Dane Calloway you said you’re just here to make me think I started thinking as soon as you started your video until the very end of the video and broken down so intelligently and I appreciate you giving out that very accurate information because my brother that was deep great video👍🏽😊

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      Dane Calloway your insane with your research I wish you were my History teacher when I was in school , it’s fun as hell listening to your lectures

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      Dane Calloway God bless my brotha, I just want to say I really have learned more about us as black people from you and chroniclesofjudah144..I don’t even trust wants on tv, radio, or other YouTubers…if I would’ve known about this in school, I would’ve form a protest with my classmates about the lies they sold us growing up…

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    in other words if we want fair credit we need to establish our own lines of credit for us

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    The last part literally gave me chills. This was awesome information that I kinda already knew but you explained it so eloquently. Thank you!

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    Please do a video explaining how student loans work and why they decided to put some of in debt because of it

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    But my credit debit is my own money from a working job, so when it goes directly to my account I only spend from my own job money relations and nothing more, it can be used as credit with the logo but you still cannot go over the limit

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    Thats sounds like whats happening to me

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    The same Caucasians that you think are your friends are the one hiding behind a computer holding you back.

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    This is so true. When I lived in VA I used to get approved for credit cards all the time. Moved to SC ….. DENIED DENIED DENIED

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    I have too much debt, I need more info on getting out of debt and want more info on how people are saying we can use our ssn# for $$$. I’ve bust my butt working to be broke,

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      Try learning how to day-trade the Forex market


    You made me think! Thank you!

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    Keep bringing out the truth and YAH bless.

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    Yes to the census definition. I’ve been telling ppl this. The definition of black/African American is insulting. Everyone else is of origin to the original group of “xyzland”. For us it says originated from the black racial groups in Africa. Huh? So then who are the original ppl of Africa? Smh

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    Y/Our Signature creates the funds for the credit card /mortgages, student, and car loans via the BC and SS#. There is no money of exchange taking place only money of account. We are the actual creditors of the government because under the government every business in commerce is operating in bankruptcy since 1933, under Public Law 73-10. We are the Money!!

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    😂😂😂😂 wait were did you find the picture of the white man with the loan application… I died first then came back to click on the video

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    Great video!!! The ending really got my attention. I’m curious about the connection between Muslims (Especially those of North Africa) and the Europeans. I’ve been doing some research of my own but I would great appreciate any information you have

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  95. kycologist

    THANK YOU!!! I was unaware of how to prove the redlining but knew it took place. Also, I have been saying for YEARS how Middle Eastern and Northern African (as well as some Northern East Indians) are now considered white by the Census! This is an imperative FACT most people choose to overlook. “White” is not simply a racial classification but a high social standing in the system of white supremacy. Initially this term was only meant for the Nordic Europeans it was never meant for other Euro groups like Irish, Italians, Khazarians (“Jewish”), etc. Their numbers are low so they had to count all these other people even highly melanated ‘black’ Egyptians……..Interesting how, our brothers and sisters in Oceania are Pacific Islanders but they are not black lol smh…but I digress!!! Please keep up the fantastic work my brother!!! Blessings!

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    Very powerful video, please keep us informed and keep up the good work! #staywoke

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    Bro. Calloway…great post… I had only recenlty found out about the “No Contract” clause and I have used it to get rid of many discrepencies on my so-called credit report. Great work…

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    I learned a lot from your research. The last part of the documentary is amazing. How white (people) is white? That’s what is going on today in this country.

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    Damn. Your videos are the best. Im donating. Love the narration style and I been researching things like this too. I was finding what white mean under the UCC. This is deep.

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    I’ve been trying to explain to people that the paper money is meaningless because of the international bankers…we should protest and make them go back to the gold and silver standard of money…

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    Facts brother no other than so call blacks who are original and sovereign status (white)

  113. VaLanie Lash

    So today just happens to be a day that I had to ask my husband to call for pre-approved credit card credit card specifically because my daughter is in college and I need to be able to financially secure my part and it’s not a lot but I simply am in trouble. So. they gave him $4,000 in less than 5 minutes it’s amazing because he didn’t have anything really attached to it to say that he would give it back that he could give it back nothing but yet I have had 20 years plus on-the-job 20 years plus on my house and more than that and yet the same company gave me a limit of only $500 that I paid off several times and never got a credit increase and I knew that he was going to get it specifically just because he’s a man that was a mind-blower it was very hurtful and is added to how I feel about this country I love my husband and he is not from this country but I’m not even speaking to that I’m speaking about this country. I’m a taxpayer and all of that and yet I’m always struggling with the whole situation and he on the other hand has no taxes to pay and increased his earnings by $30,000 no taxes to pay.
    I’m done so thank you for this video don’t know what it could really do for me because it just told what I already knew what was affirmed in me today however was what was in this video and I will look at what you say about the credit score if I choose to because I’m just done I’m very disappointed I’m depressed I’m done not to mention I’m degreed (6 degrees) I’m professional been on the job for 20 years plus and again none of that’s the case for my husband none of that.

    1. Dianne

      VaLanie Lash I also noticed how sexist the credit system is against women.

    2. Frederick Heims

      VaLanie Lash I’m currently feeling the same way about this system. I’m established in 5 trades and operate my business performing all 5 alone. I’m struggling also. Not only will they not loan you money, they also won’t spend any with you. They always want to negotiate my prices and estimates. I can’t continue working for less because I don’t get price cuts on my expenses. Neither can I get any financing to expand

  114. Royalconstrictor

    Solid bro.Thanks!

  115. Canon Wildz

    Very informative.. Credit is just another form of racial discrimination.. Credit rules just about all aspects of your life… If you don’t believe e that try getting a new car, insurance, a home, or a job. This is very real.. They control us through debt.. I laugh at those who say we are a free nation.. You are living a dream.. Freedom ain’t so free… Love your videos my brother information is key

    1. Frederick Heims

      ajewon615 His point of saying that this isn’t a free nation has nothing to with utilizing credit. It’s the fact of the obstacles put in place to keep us from utilizing your credit. The video says that they know your ethnic background just by your address. They make it difficult for copper colored people to get loans. You can’t utilize what they don’t want you to have in the first place

  116. Jerome Simpson

    Most don’t read shit lol
    House joint resolution 192 in 1933..
    Oh well..
    Great video as usual Man.

  117. Kingdomkid

    Awesome and true informatiom Dane. Keep posting. One must realize that everything is a Trust which YOU do not control. Its all implied because most are unaware of its existence. There are ways to become the true beneficiary which they are at present. The benecificary of your bank accounts, BC, SS etc…. you must correct your status and learn how to conduct yourself when signing and applying (if you choose to apply). If you dont learn for firutre reference yoh just recontract and thats what happens we they shift your closed or voided account to another investor/creditor. It says in Deutoronomy 28: 12 you shall lend to many nations but borrow from none. The people havent realized they are the reason the banks are so wealthy. The only information given when buying a car or applying for cresid ia yours so whos account did the funds come from?(think about that). Theirs only one law that overrides mans law and that s law of Yah. The law of equity keeps you in power because Yah has already given us the power Deutoronomy 8: 18. One must first know how to use the tools given before we can be effective. Once that happens we express when WILL be and they msut abide by the rules set forth. The man that leaves the battlefield last wins. Its not easy nor for the faint of heart but it is a decision. Either yoh decide what it WILL be or they have thousands of options already in place to direct you path. Correct your status and learn how to navigate the waters. Be blessed and keep the nuggets coming Dane.

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      And we still allowin them to get away wit shit so deal wit it.

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  121. El Muu Naga Niiji Bey

    Definition of White according to the United States Corporation is: a person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe the Middle East or North Africa,, the definition for Black according to the United States Corporation is:a person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.

    1. Frederick Heims

      blackcobra95 ___ #Truth✊🏿

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    Great video,

    1. Lynn Williams

      Wow, it’s real…🤔

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    This country or society ” is beyond Racist from every category at the deepest level you could think of, ” against colored people “man, And you ask your self “why does it have to be like this? ” Why? ( smh )

    1. Ed Ward

      Jean-Miguel F. —three reasons why, black people are the original human beings, our skin is superior and we literally created white people.

    2. Star Judah

      because everyone know who we are but us. once we learn those truths your 3rd eye will open

  124. real talk

    By the last point made…….Mind blown.

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    Dane Calloway, thanks for keeping us thinking. The truth you share is continually liberating! Sir, you’re efforts are awesome. I am grateful for you and others who have accepted the endeavor of empowering the people.

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  138. DNA Paternity Info.

    What Dane mentioned at the end of his video is fact. In the DNA Paternity Testing realm, Immigrants who are required to provide proof of biological relationship to Immigration are often asked when performing a DNA Test to complete the Chain of Custody form: On the section, What race are you? People from North Africa often state White/Caucasian.

    Excellent presentation!

    1. kycologist

      Lol, the people we know as Jewish aren’t the true people of Israel (they are Khazars/Eastern Europeans who migrated)…Middle East was created to separate folks–it was really part of the land we know to be Africa. They built the canal to divide the land. Notice this effort to remove Egypt from Africa and deem it the Middle East smh! Lol, same for Northern Africa it all considered Middle East and by Census all these people are considered whites now.

    2. kycologist

      I am considered black in US with very little information of my full ancestry but I’m indigenous, black is a term created by the oppressor to black out the real identity of the genetic dominant original peoples… my DNA actually included “North African” and “East African” which was also grouped as Middle East–the thing is what is now the Middle East was also the land we know to be Africa as well–this is just another was to divide the melanated people (divide, confuse and conquer) yet add to the genetically recessive “white” folks numbers.

    3. Olisamaka Onyinye Aneke

      blackcobra95 ___ what do you mean?

    4. No Filter Family

      IDTO Svcs can you clarify what you mean? I got DNA testing and it didn’t even show my North African heritage…it said I was Iberian…your comment got my attention. Thanks.

  139. G Lee

    And thank you. I will be sending you something for the knowledge you share.

  140. G Lee

    Dane can i please have your email address? PLEASE?

  141. Caldwell Kelley

    Merci Master Teacher, I hope the people will pay very close attention to that which enslaves them.

  142. Icee

    In 1909, the Superior Court and the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. ruled on a case that redefined Middle Easterners and their racial distinction. According to the Arab American Historical Foundation and the Los Angeles Herald, a case in which George Shishim a Lebanese policeman, arrested a “white” man, who claimed that because Shishim was Lebanese, he must not be racially “white,” but rather “Chinese-Mongolian.”[44] Shishim, his attorneys, and the Syrian-Lebanese and Arab American communities rallied to prove that Lebanese, Syrians, and all Arabs and Middle Easterners were in fact “white” to both gain official citizenship in the United States, as well as avoid other exclusive and restrictive penalties of being labeled as Asian.[45] One of Shishim’s arguments appealed to the white justices’ desire to connect to their revered religious figure, Jesus. Shishim said: “If I am a Mongolian, then so was Jesus, because we came from the same land.”[44] As noted in the 1909 publication of the “Proceedings of the Asiatic Exclusion League,” the presiding Judge Hutton concluded that Syrians had descended from Hebrews, who descended from “the Semitic family of the ‘Indo-Aryan race,'” but because the Mongol conquerors had killed the Syrian men, and interbred with the Syrian women, “western nations have been unable to restore [the Syrians’] original characteristics” (6).[46][unreliable source] Shishim won and was granted citizenship, and Middle Easterners were thereafter legally considered “white” in the United States…


    1. AYR Ramadan

      Icee facts!

    2. Jerome Simpson

      Icee sad cuz plenty will copy ur paper but never seek truth themselves..

  143. Tracy Ellis

    That’s not what I was told when I closed on my home on Friday. They will sell the loan but they cannot change my contract details. I concur on the unfair lending practices. I’m done using my government name on contracts.

    1. Heiress Southerngirl Mugabe

      Tressie Rockymore What’s the difference between the two?

    2. Nik Nak

      Dane Calloway hi..great blog..very importantly informative…I watched a story on YouTube.Emunah Y’lseah..she had a topic of a plantation owner & of slaves. Meeting with his slave but cousin..”blood”. If a chance check it out. Your channel is wonderful and informative thanks I’ll continue to support and invite guest and my friends & family to your channel..!! Thanks again.

    3. D Man

      plus whoever they sold the contract to has no contract with you. They Can’t show official documents stating a contract between you and the 3rd party. “show me where I signed a contract with you and I will uphold the contract.”

    4. Tressie Rockymore

      Tracy Ellis when they stamped your receipt did they do a pay to order of the united states treasury without recourse or pay to the order of the Lender without recourse?

    5. Dane Calloway

      Tracy Ellis Of course they will not tell people the truth, that’s how they make their money and keep people burdened with debt.

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