Haitian President Silent As Violent Protests Erupt In Capital

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22 Thoughts to “Haitian President Silent As Violent Protests Erupt In Capital”

  1. Induna Abeberese

    Can we really blame whites

  2. Jean Hou

    The fraudulent euro-dollar-pound sterling dominance !!!! All the way

    1. Jean Hou

      Money is unfair wherever you are in the world. The foundations are not promoting equality at all

  3. EarthAngel1105

    This STINKS to the HEAVENS…all these europeans countries got their DIRTY HANDS in this 😤

  4. RBG Warrior

    France still mad at Haiti and they are behind the scenes with the USA to take back Haiti

  5. Jamaica Nice Notes

    This is due to Europeans and their evil ways. The president is their pawn and thats ehy he sitting and not say anything.

  6. 1tousen

    You live in a world wide system of Racism White Supremacy and until we solve that problem nothing will change

  7. Cj Randolph

    The President of Haiti doesn’t want involvement of the U.S. government. He ain’t got to worry about that tho. Trump doesn’t want to fool with them. Sad, but true.

    1. DeSean

      Good US involvement would only make things worse for Haiti

  8. norfillyson

    Why cant they get it together?

    1. will9529

      +norfillyson lol yes

    2. norfillyson

      +Cj Randolph The D.R. is 3rd world also but we dont see this level of turmoil

    3. Cj Randolph

      They NEVER had it together. Haiti is a Third World Country. These people have suffered for a long time.

  9. greedybliss

    Haiti is only real black nation in this world. I believe in Haiti. Keep the fight. Freedom is not free.

  10. Tee Po

    Praying for them!

  11. lamrod83

    Danm im going there in a month i hope thing calm down because i already book my tiket😬

  12. landmark22

    Its the non black elites and boujouisi destroying Haiti as usual

    1. d1

      Black Americans need to learn from Haiti that the mulattos/ non blacks are not allys and never will be

  13. BAMMAX1

    Praying for my brothers and sisters in Haiti 🇭🇹 I’m with you … Strength and justice 🙏🏾

    1. boogallday

      Sad But So True…

    2. Nemo Hos

      so what do prayers do fam?

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