Exclusive | Wendy’s Husband Kevin Allegedly Had ANOTHER Secret AFFAIR with his artist Aveon Falstar

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Wendy Williams allegedly served her husband of 20 years divorce papers after we exclusively revealed on unwinewithtashak that his mistress had a baby girl back in March. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Wendy Williams, her husband’s artist Aveon Falstar is dropping a bombshell exclusively here on unwinewithtashak. Details Inside

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8,718 Thoughts to “Exclusive | Wendy’s Husband Kevin Allegedly Had ANOTHER Secret AFFAIR with his artist Aveon Falstar”

  1. Lyte Lute

    This flake is struggling with his breathing between verses 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. AS 1905

    Damn, his wife is crushing those grapes. smh.. Aveon, sounds like a scorned man.

  3. L'Homme DeMond

    I believe his story but I also believe he’s leaving out small details that makes the big picture. He’s trying a little too hard to be a victim at 27 years old. I’m glad he’s speaking out but he needs to go to therapy.

  4. crazygirlfun1

    How are you abused if you go along with it? Was it abuse when you put ur thing thing in his booty hole😆

  5. Felisha Lewis


  6. luvlacali

    I believe what he is saying but it just comes off a little dramatic, almost like he’s putting on a front.

  7. Tottie Spencer

    What is his wife talking about?????🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ So he was Kevin boyfriend 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. Naomi

    That’s why Wendy has a soft spot for
    R Kelly … cause she’s married to the same twisted monster

  9. MsJuya Street

    First, if he was being abused, why is he telling Tasha K rather than the authorities or Wendy’s lawyers? Two, why now? Three, does he really think this will boost his career and reputation?

  10. AfroCuban4life

    Makes me wonder how Kelvin treated Antwan….

  11. Yolanda Watson

    He sings very nice.

  12. Cee B

    I cringed at 49:13 because what you will not do is bring Nip into this! He ain’t got nothing to do with you bruh! Keep it moving!

  13. Shawna Mckinney

    Been following him as far a music but this damn interview….lordt.. I mean, i dont think he would lie.

  14. Diamond PRINCE

    The real tea that was not spilled is the fact that he can’t sing better than Brian McKnight . NOW that’s lemon tea with honey.

  15. SaharaStar1

    He sounds like Brian McKnight!

  16. martita castro

    eeewwwww 😣

  17. K T L

    Rupaul is gay….he has a husband

  18. Holley Charity

    Crazy…!!!!!!!! Should be her got dam name!! Yes you are unique!


    man he sound good!!

  20. suki oato

    Have the majority of men are definitely on the down-low cuz there are afraid to let themselves in the world know that they like both you haven’t noticed that women are more comfortable when they come out and say they like men or women or they may be like 90% men 10% women it also goes to men but because we do have the whole testosterone and the toxic masculinity taking a mutation form of what men should be men should be men though guarantee men do have high amounts of wanting to be more verocious or more you know masculine you can’t take that away from them but they do also have that DNA of female in them too they have that estrogen as well a man who look like Rock Johnson but then find out but inside the DNA at that man as he looks like a very very earliest man he actually has a lot more of the estrogen in him circulating in his body as women do too and also is the things that we eat that messes up our whole hormone balance in our bodies so now we’re walking around all confused in our self of being we’re sure that we are still normal human beings we are taken out by people saying you’re this year that you’re not going to be love God’s not going to want you your this your that men beating up man because they have that sensitivity in them and they try to beat it out of people or women not being sensitive enough saying that she’s a b**** her c*** tell you the truth God does not care if you were this or you are that why would God make you in the first place God knew you inside and out before she placed you on this Earth or she got could be a she but you’re here the great powers that be know you inside and out so why are they going to hate what they create the only things that hate you is yourself and all the lies that you listen to from people

  21. Amberscizorhand multon

    His wife? Huh? Secret realtions? Mmmmm okkkkk tasha K😳

  22. Holley Charity

    Say what!RuPaul ain’t gay!!!! You know what!! I’m up I’m got dam up for today bye!!! 🍷🍸🍹🍻

  23. Tea Dubbz

    Ppl just won’t understand depression can take you to many places to fill that void. I hope I can find a woman who will take the time to understand my truth instead of casting judgement and calling names cause when the shoe is on the other foot your going to need somebody to take the time to understand your truth of your past relationships

  24. champion gamer

    2 Much Information🤮🤮🤮🤮But Truth This What Goes On In The Music Industry,Sports,Movies & Etc Also YouTube Is Owned By The So Called Jews So Tasha k be Careful they Watching!!!!

  25. Rayshawn Cook

    OMG I love his voice

  26. Sheila Taylor

    Ok I want grapes now lol!!!!

  27. hoodshit

    Tasha face at 10:12😭😭😭😭 fucking priceless

  28. joyfilnikki d

    Whew!! He can sing!

  29. ranette merritt

    Is the wife lonely, desperate…like what is she lacking to willingly marry a bisexual man and play russian roulette with her health and life…

  30. obh goonie gang

    You cant say someone imitate a person better than the original… tasha… Cuz the original know how to do them the best. Now you can say his voice sounds better

  31. Crystal Sherman

    He has a beautiful voice! Sing sexy! Omg! Wth is going on here? Smh!

  32. beat it

    That broad on the left could suck up those grapes through a picket fence a meter away with those lips, damn hoover! Back up from the mic you sound like a pig!🤣😂🤣😂

  33. obh goonie gang

    All that hard work tasha k. U here now

  34. saana salonen

    915 men on the dl not liking this lmao

  35. sisi Amor

    How did Nips give him courage to tell
    It all?

  36. Elizabeth Hart

    Something aint right,i cant put my finger on it just yet🤔🤔🤔he a lil to giggly about the whole situation..

  37. Fred Jackson

    Seeing somebody touch me this story is getting old people that is using this now for the come up

  38. Fred Jackson

    Everybody trying to come off with a little 15 minutes of fame

  39. Grandfather Clock


  40. Say 10

    he just ruined it for any other fan who could have been discovered in the audience on her show.

  41. Grandfather Clock


  42. CassieAfricanQueen

    I need a Bottle of EVERCLEAR 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 I can’t unhear this 🤐🤐😬😬😬

  43. Billie Ford

    I dont believe most of the things he is saying🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  44. Lisa Love Ministries

    Wow, beautiful voice tho.

  45. Candace Oglesby

    This is all over the world 🌎 now. On my local channel

  46. The1&Only Kia

    Marriage just not the same anymore….. Nothings sacred anymore💯💯💯

  47. April January

    So his wife is OK with him screwing other men!?!?!?

  48. lane diggy

    He talks wayyyyyyyy to much about himself!!!!

  49. Zip Polla

    Damn wife and those fuckn grapes. She couldn’t hold off for the interview? Unprofessional asf.

  50. Rebellious Garden

    Why did he start of singing lmao fse sorry but it caught me off guard lmao

  51. Mpho Makhalemele

    His energy is more female than male…

  52. The1&Only Kia

    He’s very BRAVE for coming out and telling his story💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽‼️ GOD PLEASE CONTINUE TO COVER HIM & GIVE HIM STRENGTH🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽

  53. Ms Witty By Nature

    Aveon’s wife favors Skye from Black Ink. She’s beautiful.

  54. Iris Sanders

    Question: why did he tell Kelvin about his condition; and especially a man, he just met, and trying to get to sign him??? I don’t know of anyone else who would have done that.

  55. Kimiah Cargill

    Don’t get nothing she saying it’s like two different things at once

  56. Holley Charity

    Y’all All I hear and see is AIDS!!!!!!!!! Coming soon God forgive me!

  57. KC Crawford

    Idk know about this one 🤦🏾‍♂️

  58. Mpho Makhalemele

    The wife can’t articulate herself….and they are both a little ignorant I Must say..they need to read…Go read a book

  59. Holley Charity


  60. SheGossipz

    Why Tasha keep calling Wendy’s husbands KEL-vin? IM confused…

  61. X Nihilo Clothing Brand

    Who is Aveon??

  62. Sharon Langley

    Don’t put Nip in this mess man

  63. Kimiah Cargill

    He saying two different things 🤔

  64. Alexis Patton

    The woman in the back is me watching this 😭🤣😂

  65. The Captivity TV

    I’m sorry this dude is WILD, not victim shaming but it’s a whole lotta whole lotta. God bless the truth, whatever it is

  66. KayKay Glover

    Regardless of everything that is going on, this dude playing to the camera distracts me the most!

  67. TheKBeauti

    Hold on. When did RuPaul say that he wasn’t gay?

  68. G Salina Figueroa

    Ok. Came back to finish the interview for a 3rd time…. I can’t . These people are lying. You can tell by their body language, their mannerisms…

  69. GEM BELL

    If I’m not looking at the screen and I’m just listening to Aveon, I thought it was Ye.

  70. Mpho Makhalemele

    His Bisexual

  71. A'Riel The Great

    Reading is very fundamental, you can tell who read and who don’t! Or just plain ol dumb

  72. The1&Only Kia


  73. Christina Simpson

    Did he really just compare his self to Michael Jackson… 🙄🙄😂😂

  74. Kristy Michelle


  75. Wanda Howell

    The wife is calm bless her.

  76. superwisewomen Stanley

    She very clam and collective the wife

  77. Anastasia UNDER CONSTRUCTION! garcia ross

    Wendy is a duuuuuuude heeeellllloooo

  78. Sobenyree KS

    You made it into Ebony magazine!

  79. Man

    Just so I stay confused…a dude that’s married to a woman was sleeping with another dude married to a woman. And Charlemagne. 🤯🤯

  80. mhaster87 bla

    This is so fake but i am all here for it

  81. Anastasia UNDER CONSTRUCTION! garcia ross

    Yaaaassss this man is Explaining narcissism at its finest I told you all thatnigga Kevin was a FTM

  82. Kawaii Polyglot

    Trust and believe this is not the only man he has laid up with. He’s full of crap and he’s as gay as the day is long. He keeps telling in himself. And the fact that her silly self is laying up waiting on the next shoe to drop is ridiculous.


    Wait huh? Rupaul is married to a man?

  84. Best Friend

    What do you mean practically ? Sounds criminal to me.

  85. brooke robinson

    24,000 comments! Damn Tasha!

  86. trinatj

    Fix it Jesus!!!!!

  87. Mrs Pablo

    I feel this guy is telling the truth but at the same time he the type that will do anything for the money and fame. I respect him being open about his sexuality and not hiding it from his wife though

  88. Special K

    Him and Kelvin love them women who wear them rags on their head

  89. Mpho Makhalemele

    the wife KWEZI ( the correct African spelling of her name) just keeps eating the grapes to COPE

  90. Alana Soul

    his voice made me fall involve with him sorry.

  91. Mpho Makhalemele

    this is deep on so many levels…iyho

  92. Skysthelimit212

    He kinda looks like Kevin durant

  93. CelebStalker

    I love Ru Paul and he is gay!! He have a husband.

  94. alan bundy

    he went in after the dude just took a number 2 smh hell no

  95. Kawaii Polyglot

    Newleywed to this bucket of mess. This poor woman doesn’t even begin to know her worth. I can’t even imagine how f*** her childhood must have been.

  96. Sonyah Ferris

    Whoa… I don’t care how the times are changing.. I will not share my husband with another man or woman knowingly!! Point Blank Period!? All, I can say is that I’m praying for them all!

  97. CelebStalker

    He telling the truth period!! This don’t sound fake.

  98. Nishar Draper

    Don’t put Nipsey in this mess😬🤮

  99. Jeli Babi

    If you can please get a 2 camera man setup.

  100. hotkoko111

    He says Kevin and Tasha says Kelvin?! What’s up with that? Are they talking about the same person!!

  101. Genuwine Beauty

    Watch the video he did today and get at him on those comments as well let him know he’s clout chasing and Charlomaine made him do this to Kevin and for him to say Kevin was saying Brownsville while he was hitting u allegedly is wrong and it seems like u like all of it if that was happening we believe u are not guy and u think u have to keep up with the fake story’s about being fucked to get in and ur mad cause u couldn’t put out any music cause Kevin didn’t go for it bullshit!! We the community support Kevin as being a straight man and ur trying to do stuff to him cause ur on Charlomaines pay roll and he has it out for Kevin cause he’s jealous of Kevin and WENDY success and any one that’s into GOD AND WANNA SEE A MARRIAGE BREAK UP IS THE DEVIL AND U CLAIM U DISNT WANNA COME OUT BUT U DID CAUSE WENDY LEAVING HIM!!! HOW DONU KNOW FOR SURE SHES LEAVING!! IKNOW FOR A FACT SHE AINT AND UR STORY IS A LIE!!!

  102. Tiffany Lane


  103. Special K

    Cause side chick got voodoo on Kelvin

  104. Jannett Webster

    WOW all I can say is WOW 😮 😮😮😮

  105. Lauressa Ross

    It’s so many men who give up their “manhood” for money or a record deal, it’s a damn shame. Poor Wendy, no wonder she ended up in a Sober House.

  106. Denise King


  107. Special K

    He must like it cause he not traumatize. His wife better have one eye open he still might go both ways

  108. S M

    I’m here for the straight whiskey, and my OCD kicked in. She left the last grape. Why dont u eat it cause it’s just sitting there.

  109. Special K

    He look something like charlamaine, Kelvin probably did something to him too, he was already rape as a youngster.

  110. Special K

    He boring me with this song

  111. Lorraine Maddox

    Can someone tell me WHO IS NIKKI. I THINK I DOZED OFF

  112. Ma’at N.

    At least he’s honest and not ashamed, a lot of married men have had full blown relationships with men 👀

  113. nitabee56

    IS THIS TRUE!!??

  114. nikki queens ny

    Tasha k the Queen is amazing at what she do

  115. your favorite girl

    I wish I could sing like this or at least my imaginary boyfriend could sing like this.

  116. tauresa ttauresa

    Is this another Kanye? Apart from Kanye is not bi….First he said this happened last year 2018, then he said 3 years ago. I am a bit confused.
    Krlving should be in jail for domestic abuse against Wendy.
    This man best have Lots of evidence or else he will not win his lawsuit.

  117. J. Hollins

    They are both annoying. And Keep Nip out of this MADNESS.

  118. Nicolette Jones

    No diss, but his wife is just as smart as a donut!

  119. L Nelson

    Lawd this tea is way tooo hot! 🍵🍵🥄☕☕

  120. T Dilla

    My wife sent me this and asked me to watch the first 10 mins…damn she set me up real good lol,

  121. EverythingImani

    This sounds like a story CTG should be telling. It all makes sense now.

  122. Silly Kitty

    I don’t care for Wendy or have I paid much attention to her situation. All I knew was that she was letting this piece of sh** dude make her sick and cheat on her openly and she was faithful to a fault. So yesterday when I saw Charla’s name pop up it made me a little curious. Then during the donkey of the day he mentioned how much he did not like Wendy’s husband…

    I swear it takes a lot to shock me!! I sat thru this whole interview with my mouth wide open and looking around like “am I really hearing this?”. Whoa…dude!!!!!

  123. B C

    Not a scorned employee, a scorned lover! This guy is suspect asf!

  124. Skysthelimit212

    What he said is in line with what Charlamagne has touched on

  125. Tankisha Ivory


  126. Almeater Marcil

    His Wife is pathetic! OMG! This man is gay…… ARE SOME WOMEN SO DESPERATE THEY SETTLE FOR THIS? ;

  127. Alex Rantseli

    This story is very wicked 🤐

  128. Skysthelimit212

    Jesus i feel like someone poured this wine STRAIGHT into my ears. Also *Kelvin* gives me Chris Stokes vibes

  129. Denise Walker

    I believe him. I also believe that he may have a mental disability. He is telling the truth. My thoughts. So sad.

  130. Kim Darby

    OMG…. Lord have mercy I sure hope he will not be pushing up daisies. Not only did he expose Big Kev …Wendy got her wig snatched too…

  131. Christine King


  132. Shannon Curtis

    I don’t believe everything he said. I believe most but it seems like he’s all over the place with this interview, and his “wife” seems like she’s just trying to make the story more believable. I just don’t know.

  133. Tammy Nansur

    So his money dried up and know he wants to come clean and his wife just sitting there smh she needs help also that guy was black mailing Kevin for money and Kevin looks like he stopped paying him his wife didn’t care because he kept getting the money it’s all for money and his wife is money hungry

  134. Toni Hudson

    Why did she just say RuPaul isn’t gay. Do your homework young lady.

  135. G Salina Figueroa

    I came back today to listen to the other half… I can’t… even if it’s true, this guy is not treating the matter in a serious way….

    I don’t believe this guy one bit.

  136. Denise Walker

    I didn’t understand his condition. Did anyone hear it correctly?

  137. LadyPosche Da Star

    I believe him. There’s too many details that only insiders know.

  138. ESFJohnson

    His wife will be exposing him soon

  139. Yvette Brown-Johnson

    Why is he crying Victim when he allowed what happened to him To happen to him? You could have walked away at any time. His thirst is real….

  140. Carmen Bridgeforth


  141. Teresa Gaines

    I’m lil confused. He said he sexed Kelvin in 2018 but he has known them for a long time. He refers to times when Kelvin and Sherena were together…Also he said he was broken and a different person when he slept with Kelvin…just last year or when?…his timeline seems to be a lil confusing!

  142. The Music Channel

    Wow!!! I love his voice, it’s so smooth…

  143. Aj

    At 10:30 it almost went left
    It’s like he trying to paint a picture of devastation but then bounce to excitement. The laughing, smiling, joking referring to his accuser as Kev instead of actual name🤔

    Edit: wow I always wondered who sung happy birthday song to Wendy.

  144. Views From Kia

    Beautiful voice

  145. Jonte Watson

    You cant really believe what this guy is saying the way it talks tells he lying….he telling to much he a signed artist but know what’s going on in private places smh people will do anything for a bag

  146. Aye Ayeb

    Wait one Got Damn Minute!!! Tasha??! Tasha NO!! What the f*ck did I just watch??

  147. Nick Escavor

    They all using and spending Wendy’s money

  148. Nubiene Peltier

    He has a beautiful tone

  149. Ericia HAMPTON

    Ooooohhhhh my gggaaaawwwwddd

  150. Sherry

    nkki was a model? his wife need chewing those grapes, she has the jaws for it

  151. Penny4Ur Thoughts

    O.M.G. That’s all I can say

  152. PDE CX

    I don’t believe any of this 😂

  153. Yeteva Harris

    I hope he is able to recover from this interview….I think that he should have thought out what he was going to release and not done such an emotional interview. His wife is a special soul, but she sees that DL is an unknown inevitability, so she is at peace with knowing who she is dealing with. I respect that.

  154. Allan Virgo


  155. Alex Rantseli

    Beautiful pipes!

  156. Yesno Xo

    But do we really need him to sing for this long ? And seriously not all men r down lo doing this so to all the single broads in the comments that nobody wanna be with anyway cut it out u know if a man is into something or not stopppp with the ignorance and just cuz someone is sleeping w men and women doesn’t give them diseases automatically a straight man could have diseases too …. the damn ignorance is astounding ….

  157. Ricketyrawd dawg


  158. April Webb

    SO many issues with this interview…..

  159. Melanin Poppin

    When he said “do i look gay to yall” that sounded so deeply stupid like being gay or being attracted to another man has a specific look.💯like you were better off leaving that comment for the kitchen table, i really don’t know how to feel about this interview it was a lot to unpack & unfold.😟!

  160. Dawn Michelle

    5:43 in and I dont know if I can continue 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  161. The Closet Ratchet ASMR

    Wow this interview is too much. Can’t believe there’s a part 2 I’m about to watch it 😭😭😭 Wow!

  162. Markella Lawrence

    This is so fake and made up👎🏽I don’t trust nothing he’s saying😂😂😂 fake fake fake!!!! And tasha k know its fake..She just sad this lady will do anything to get some kind of clout🤷🏼Sick and Sad🤦🏼

  163. C. Moore

    I would bet my check you can’t find a marriage certificate for them. Dude just using her as a cover up so he can still “make it” in the industry. Look how far she’s sitting from him. And in this whole hour interview it’s not chemistry between them. Dude talking about it wasn’t a loving relationship. Dude was in love, and now airing Kevin out cuz he see now that Wendy is leaving its nothing Kev can do for his career. She wouldn’t even let him touch her 😭😭😭

  164. Newtat

    Aveon as is gay. He cheated on his wife with a gay man. Am I missing something? He got sugar in his tank.

  165. JazzyJ-87

    This is on the breakfast club 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  166. Victoria Welch

    Damn this is gross. Idk how any man could publicly admit to engaging in such depraved behavior but I do believe him. His wife is obviously lacking in self respect to lay down with such an individual and they BOTH need a THOROUGH medical exam.
    This is extremely disgusting.

  167. Latasha Roberts

    I’m sorry no money/fame would have me to sleep with Wendy husband. If Kevin had of tried me in that area I would have scream & fallen out.

  168. claude jones

    our sisters don’t have to settle for that , get a real man ,a real king

  169. Jazmine Bryant

    I hope the DEVIL isn’t stupid enough to Harm AVEON…This video has gone viral…with all the info in part 1 & 2, Kelvin would be the prime suspect!!

  170. beverly phao



    I Believe him absolutely!!!

  172. Lakesha Menefee

    His wife is talking in circles and saying a lot of nithing🤷🏽‍♀️

  173. Real Talk

    Just trashy!👎👎🍷

  174. THE_REAL_ PennElle

    Kelvin did criminal things to him such as turn him gay & make him fall in love with a man! This man is scorned.

  175. firester9000 Channel

    What I don’t get is how come when the first time he ain’t fight Kevin? He’s pretty muscular what can Kevin do to rape him when he was on his best? Maybe he just liked it he loved getting “raped” his story really don’t add Up I mean if he said he was drugged that’s one thing but I can’t believe Kevin can rape this man without having him fight back so yeah… I can’t believe it I ot there’s actual proof ppl would do anything to get there voice heard or to have a public behind him

  176. DajaVuBeauty

    Where he come from? I’m out of loop. He can sing.

  177. Bryan Barnett

    The fact that he did #2 and got into the bed naked is NAS and TY. Let’s start there. Smh Then my question becomes if the second act was so unwanted, how was he able to do all that he done? For him to know how you sleep seems like he was there welcome before. Grossed out on all levels.

  178. Kristina Grabowski

    Something is WAY off with this guy and his wife. Don’t believe a word he’s saying and never even heard of him.

  179. Amara Reyal

    I know a lot of young men like him.

  180. BEB(BluEyedBabe)

    Some of what he is saying may be true however something doesn’t sit well with me he actually sounds like a disgruntled lover.

  181. karaokecatlady

    Aveon Falstar did Stevie & Brian proud.

  182. kola kane

    This interview was RAW 😲& UNCUT 🤦PERIODT❗

  183. Tulishileni Nghitungumbala

    I love Unwinewithtashak all the way from Namibia(Africa)

  184. taheerah 1

    This is sad and he has a wife this new breed of ppl out here is crazy.

  185. spacetimecontinuum

    This is a new low!! Low vibration AF! I’m outta here.

  186. David Teague

    Both male & female parts 🤦🏽‍♂️

  187. Wanda Gatling

    What was his wife eating???

  188. OAK CLIFF

    Somebody tell Brian Mcknights lost little step nephew to chill…..

  189. andrea burk

    I know he lying! Talking bout Sharina was a model!

  190. Tamera Smith

    Did she really leave ONE grape!

  191. Jessica Jackson

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  313. High Priestess

    Men wouldn’t be dl if being gay didn’t make you a phariah in your own race. In your own community. The standard for what makes a black man a black man, and what disqualifies him of that privilege, needs to be revisited, disassembled, and reformed under a new example unanimously agreed upon of what one is, outside of it solely being based on heterosexuality. If people didn’t have to hide, everybody could be free. To know how to end anything you have to understand how it begun.

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  317. Danielle Washington

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  318. simply p

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    I’m human 😂

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  335. terry smith

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  349. Tenika Musa

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  363. libra queen

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  364. Doney Garner

    That’s not a bisexual man, that is a gay man that found comfort in A woman… I don’t think his preference is woman AT ALL…he’s wayyyyy too comfortable and almost bragadocious in talking about Kevin being a fool for him, almost like a woman who took somebody’s man…. I believe him, but I also think he is gay man.

  365. B. Marie

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    This story is too much 🍇✌🏽

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  368. Amy Settle

    I know it might be hard to believe but I’ve been through abusive relationships but Wendy can’t take up for anyone else when she can’t take up for herself when a person gets physically emotionally and mentally abused especially for years they can’t figure out how. To defend themselves much less defend anyone else

  369. tru Tuda

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  370. Hazel Juanita Millan-Hoffman

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  371. Renee Mickens


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  373. angelica

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  375. Angela Mauney

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  376. T’ La’Shawn

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  377. Robin Allen

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  385. lovely Key love

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  386. Blackbuttaphly

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  387. Nicole Jackson

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  388. Blackbuttaphly

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  389. Renee ELLIOTT

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  390. I'll Be That

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  391. D D

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  397. Filisi Murphy

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  399. Krys B

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