Exclusive | Wendy’s Husband Kevin Allegedly Had ANOTHER Secret AFFAIR with his artist Aveon Falstar

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why the hell so many people are tryingto tell me to slow down seems likemother should be shutting the hell upand enjoying the show[Music]avy on I'll see us in the parole in thesummer days of imaginings in my head andwas from I told only to the wind fealtyOheven with I'll be insane I don't manthey don't seem like that no more Igotta tell you don't hear acapella likethat no mo you know what I'm to mine youhear auto-tune okay and I'm sorry I wasjust gazing I'm sorry for gazing intoyour husband's eyes like that Swayze areyou are you I hope you okay but youcaptivated me Avion I am so honored tohave you here today and if you guysdon't know I'm sure you do know who aTheon is I mean he is a viral sensationokay a lot of people know him from hisBrian McKnight covers you mind spittingsomething real quick just to kind ofgive them a little rewind of how close Iactually think you sing better thanBrian McKnight no shade to bribe but hekind of look like he's struggled alittle bit on the milk[Laughter][Music]we really dive into why we're here today[Music]it would be never made me shed noticeall shout out to Avion I mean the bestkept secret in Hollywood I want to sayand we have his wife quasi here yes okayI want you to say hi to the viewers andwe're here because of your sensationalvoice and that voice landed you on theWendy Williams Show yes you[Music]the jitter stock pieces about your sortof current anyway okay[Music][Applause][Music][Applause]and from there you actually signed adeal with Wendy Williams husband Kelvinhunterwell it didn't quite go like that okaythen let's start from the beginningokay well one of the one of the I guessthe vice-president of the windy of thewindy windy app well he was also one ofthe producers on the show mr. G he hitme and he was like man I love your voiceman you know I'm trying to get you Iwant we need to hear you I want Kevinhere you know what I'm gonna do I saidwhat he was like imma get you to come onso I'm gonna set it up where you come onyou know and there's still the usualshow cuz there's a pre-show okay beforethe windy show okay that's the videofootage that I saw online and I'm gonnaplay it here so the viewers will kind ofbe able to recap on what you're talkingabout so right souls so we staged it youknow it was a if it turned out prettygood you know cuz the crowd respondedgenuinely Kevin saw that and he did we Ididn't sign a deal with him right awaylike six months later he mr. G had topersuade him first and then Kevin wasn'tbuying it Nicky had to persuade keV tosign me wait a minute when you sayMickey yes are we talking about Serenaand Nikola Hudson SerenaNikola Hudson because the mistress thatjust had a baby that I releasedexclusively on Armitage let me take thisniggas spin Oh ninety-nine percent ofhis time with Nikki fuck look there's nowait a minute how do you know all thiscuz you got you know I know you werewe're brought in by you so mr. G oh yeahintroduced to Wendy Williams and andKelvin hunter that way okay so we wantto know before we get into them becauseI mean that's some explosive informationthat I want to tell us how youand Kelvin tell us how you and Kelvinbecame so close because there is there'ssome information that I put out the sameday that I released the phone callbetween me and the hospitalgosh you giving sure okay so you knowexactly I don't used to explain to theviewers okay well there's no lawsuit itwas a it was a pre suit going on andevery we sent out the demand letter andthey just kept ignoring my law firm apptoday and I'm sorry I didn't mean to cutyou off but this demand letter entails aand I have to say alleged because Iwasn't there an alleged sexualrelationship going on between you andWendy Williams husband who's known asKelvin hunter well it's not it's not itwasn't a sexual relationship it was muchmore of a abusement relationship it wasmuch more of putting me down and keep meas your boy to a relationship but youguys didn't have sexwe did we did gave each other fellatiohe came over he came over andpractically raped me and three o'clockin the morning when you say practicallyrape you explain like how something likethat went down between Wendy Williamshusband who is now allegedly been servedwith divorce papers yes I'm so happy forher I'm so happy for her because I wasgonna bust I was gonna bust him out waybefore I thought she would never divorcecalf this video is sponsored by ourbehrouz alts okay makers of the oliveleaf extract a full spectrum healthdietary supplement pretty much a liquidform of some of the best Omega 3sextracted from some of the world's bestolives in the worldit's a powerful supplement that aids incontrolling cholesterol blood sugar andit promotes a meal and a health okayvisit my olive leaf dot biz below in thedescription box as well as in thecomment he came over three o'clock inthe morning I know he was high I know hewas I come over like pull back thecovers now I sleep naked but you can askmy wife I always sleep nigga I walkaround a house nigga I'm just a freespirit you know so and I nice used tostay in the condo at Fort Lee New Jerseyhe came back pulled back the covers nowmind you I justnumber two I just didn't what he didn'tcare about that he ate me he spit it hespit in me and then put his dick inexcuse me see excuse me excuse mehe put he peed he went in and he came inless than 30 seconds and him why he wasstroking he was like yeah yeah yeah youhave to understand when two men have sexit's always a gentleman rush when twomen Li men a lot of women around theworld they they will have no idea howmany men she don't know what other mento get a gentlemanespecially men who work out and a lot ofmen who pretend like they're to pretendlike they're straight they're really notthey it's a hormonal thing reallybecause I love I love my wife we'regonna say cuz we know we have avionswife here who goes by the name quasi youguys actually are newlyweds yes and soyou you know the full story I wastelling her she she told me she cuz youknow when you have a sexual joke we havea secretary woman you always spend timewhere they could tell with whether youget enough so they could tell with youhave little gay ants get gay on citygate nuances gates they could just telland she knew before I had to admit toher what was going on that spa okay soyou you know Kelvin hunter you've methim beforenot personally okay so you just knowwhat Avion has told you and you haven'tyou you had no problem with thatno it was more like just opening up andkind of like listening because beforeanything we're friends okay we becamehusband or boyfriendsokay it was more of an opening oh reallyrelationship with truth okay and so youhave no problem with him having as longas there's open communicationsrelationships with men great okay youknow we don't live my life like that seeKevin you have to understand we if we gointo the demand letter Kevin sexuallyharassed me first okay then he startssexually humiliating me second he put meall the way down see the manyou see the day I am I wasn't that manlast year yeah yeah okay didn't know myword every time he came around me andsay nigga what's up with the bumps onyour face what's up with this what'salways that lose some weight alwaysputting me down always talking about hegot a 9-inch ding when he really got atwo-inch D on heart C going aroundtelling people oh my artists lookinglike a faggot the first time he spoke tomy dad he told my dad that he was thathe was a fool heterosexual man he didn'tsay hey how you doing dad nothing he sayI'm a fool heterosexual man I love womenI do not like man and my dad looking onthe phone like what he's always put upthis gate front but really up oh reallyhe always put up the street fun butreally is a secretively gay mansecretively explain the I guess can weget a little bit more specific on likehow like the first I guess sexualencounter happened between you and WendyWilliams husband who's known as Kevinhunter could you explain how that evencame to be okay so I used to stay in acondo at Fort Lee New Jersey okay that'sthat was Nicki's condo that's the condothat Charlemagne the got was that - yeshe came in through the morning you knowokay okay you've spoken to Charlemagnethis worker oh yeah definitelyokay it was behind all the main - behindthe whole thingbecause of some beef Nicky got withCharlemagne y'all I mean no need to knowand Nicky mad about but when I was in Iwas in Kevin's Kevin's office in betweensitting back and forth between me andhim just like this okay I was like whatyou doing this man said you know youknow Peele sometimes you're just gonnado so for the family man sometimes youjust got to do this they doing this butI know we I asked you about the firsttime you guys had an actual sexualencounter how that came to be now you'retalking about the allegations involvingCharlamagne that appeared yeah via mediaokay of him raping supposedly rapingJessica Reid right okay okay totally NoI told you me and you have differencesof opinion on that because of what Ifound but from what you saw I want youto explain to the viewers what you sawbecause I mean if that was in fact ifthat the same law firm and so it was aconflict of interest even with the lawfirm because when I dime the wild-cardthey didn't know that I was there whenfield was calling just curious Cavsassistant somebody who works with careokay big guy he also work with AlSharpton okay both of them were crooksKevin Kevin feel okay wait I was I wasdoing when I was on tour go on the windytour Kevin's right on the phone thisgirl and her people organizing the storyJessica Reid in her mother yes Jessicaexactly was doing this for a long timeand then Kevin pay billboardKevin paid radio stations he told methis is self he told me while he wasdoing it on the phone now why would hewant to I guess bring up allegationsthat were weren't suppressed the priceNicki got some type of beef with him andthis you have to understand this niggado anything for Nicki anything thisniggas a there's a little dig man who'swhose who's who's insecure never get nohe don't get no pussyshe Nicki was a model and he got hethink he got a bad day he got a bad gota bad one and he's been doing everythinghe can to keep it for the next for thelast ten years everything this dis he'lltry to kiss her in public she'll do likethis I've seen this girl give otherniggas numbers he don't know this girlrunning circles around a man okay wellwe did have a pretty angry baby mother Idon't know if you heard that oh yeah youknow because you don't understand howmuch devilish man Kevin and Wendy havedone the people you know you don'tunderstand so you should be windy too Ican't take this lightlybut nothing because when you whenusually you I'm already in my soul I'malready revealing myself to the worldso it's a very passionate thing to gothrough something so devastating andhaving to put it on air because Kevin isa devil I wrote a song about it's calledit's car I almost lost my soul I wasreally really low I'm gonna sign my nameI left the blood on the page why would Iwrite lyrics like that I'm a happypercent okay I am a happy I'm thehappiest person most respectful person Icome from the South Kevin knew that hegot him a green boy from the south whodidn't know nothing who they have noconnections to nothing so he could justtreat me any kind of way do me any kindof way talk to me in the kind of way andI was gonna do it because all I wantedpeople hear is that voice that you heardthat's all I want people to hear peopleto see it's my talent but he saw me as aboy toy because ever since I told him mycondition he was like oh he saw me inanother way what condition is that I wasborn a post babies okay that's thederivative of hermaphroditism okay andhe was like okay turn his perspectivearound for me I told him that in secretI told him that in company now you'reokay with revealing this to the worldyou don't I don't mama okay okay wereally are okay I love me see but you'retalking to a different man today tenyears ago right when I met Kevin andbelieve in God I had no idea what Godwas what sort of anybody can tell youwhat God is I can because I know it froma scientific level historic level amathematical level any of any kind oflevel for me to believe in Godbecause I would have never believed inGod if I want to have no traumaticexperiences the way I had with keV hereally took me through the loop I'mcoming from a corporate background I'mcoming into the music business I knowthe music business is the devil'sbusiness my grandma always told me sowhen I come into contact with peoplelike Kevin I expected it that's why Iwent through it because I understoodthat's what you have to go through to befamous for people to like you okay let'stalk about the first encounter betweenyou and Kevin when you I guess signed tohis label and after that signing I wantto know how the actual first initiationof a sexual relationship that you'reyou're claiming it's okay I know you'vebeen holding the you claim you've beenhomeconversation when we spoke the othernight when I guess you had you werewondering how I got the information youwere like what the hell to get thatinformation so tell me about the firstencounter between you and Kevin thatbecame sexual from business to nowsexualokay so Kevin will always beg me to begme beg me to go to the spa go to spasright up the street and whispers it'sthe Chinese spot on the more ever knew Iis the only spa and um in Fort Lee NewJersey very small okay always baby smilenight spot I don't like I don't likemassages I don't like you can ask mywife I don't like inside it okay we gotwe got to the spa I noticed you knoweverybody everybody getting spa but hewill only choose the days that nobodywould be in there and I noticed this I'mnot okay and I already had curiositythat he was gay anyway because you knowhow men be like a lie they tough but notreally so you kind of he got Nikki andgot me in the skin and what in the pooland he was like so what you want to doit so what you gonna do it when you getin the rooms I like what you mean whatI'm gonna do I get in the room saidnigga what you're gonna do when you getin the rows and actually what you wantto do for fame nigga I'm like what hewas like get in the tub let me talk toyou I said I'm going to clay room nowmind you when I'm in this clay room Isaid this nigga coming here the next twominutes with fully dressedtelling me to go he's gay thismotherfucker came less than a minute andtold me said let's go and I was likeokay so the next time we went in theresaying how long in between the monthapart okay a month and a half apart okaynext time we went in there it was notI'm telling you it's not a romanticthing with this gate it's not a romanticthing with who you saw when you havingsex with a man just the next time bothof us got naked both of us got in thetub we was talking was building when wegot in that saunathat's when we both perform fellatio andthat's when we both fucked did eachother in the butt that's when we bothdidand how sorry is he because can he comeso fast you coming like Thursday becauseit's like a rush he comesI couldn't mama doing this I was so lowyou don't even this ain't nothing likeI'm not saying you're a different youwere depressed yeah I was depressed Iwas at my lowest stage he was likenobody ain't gonna sign you nobody ain'tgoing I'm not only person that could dothis for you I'm the only person likedrilling me this ain't entertaining forme this is a sit this is a seriousbusinessso you're to carry on a sexualrelationship no it was no it wasn't evenlike that I was at my lowest pointlowest point in this country it was 2 or3 years my would go through it now whenwhen did this first I guess encounterhappened in what year 2017 2016 no thishappened last year 28th 2018 always whenit happened oh okay 17 I signed on but2018 what's happened this happened we weexchange DNA twice spa went at the condoand one of the condo one really mild onereally mean you know he probably cameover there because I was his boy toy Iwas somebody he can get off on care wasabused as a kid okay you know KevinKevin Kevin mom didn't love him shekicked him out early you know he's beenthrough so much in his life and he's asick mansick sick so I understood that he toldme all his little secrets about how hecouldn't satisfy when satisfy Wendy tellme how pussy was - excuse me her she wasto enlarge down there his little dickcouldn't couldn't couldn't satisfy herthat's why bring the camera here for asecond opinions okay okay go ahead Nikkibecause she knew did she let him haveshe let him have Nikki see I just don'tget a pregnancy you know just don't fuckBilly because she was like to all thereason she didn't leave care is becausehe a black man and she didn't want himto be looked at another way in Americajust like every other black man she sheactually had respectfor him as a black man face okay ladywhen you keep acting like a can I saynigga sure when you keep acting like anigga you know she gonna treat you likeone like her parents didn't like him inthe beginning but they seemed theyseemed to like them as they as theyprogressed okay but she let him haveNikki because she know he couldn'treally satisfy her she's she's the wholeprobably last 15 years she all she didwas get more sexthat's why Wendy got so mad at that girland their lady on the show when it ladywas like Oh acts winning and she waslike oh I like the man but you know theman hated hit dishes loosens just toolittle that was my first time I've beenwatching winning for a long time that'smy first time seeing her get emotionaloh why would you talk about a man likethat you should be more mature than thatshe got real upset you got a husband alittle and she know that Dad they'rejust they're just does things to a man'smind when he when he when he's that kindof size it make you over alpha so howdid you know that Wendy knew aboutSerenaOh was Jean a big guns video becausewhen he came down here when we came outhere do the big guns video Wendy foundout Wendy have a private investigator goto Nikki's house and her house is rightaround the corner okay Wendy it was onlyable to get into the garage and she waslike oh she was hurt oh my god she wasso hurt she called keV it was April 20thbaby okay April 20th did this happen uplast year and keV was so hurt he was sohurt because windows were divorce netand he was just crying I seen it can'tbe right in front of her begging wasbegging begging and when they alwaystake him back because she know he's sickseen his man put his hands on Wendy hither choke her door kick down doorsSnickers a devil now let me ask yousomething what's your because you saidWendy was the devil earlier yeah yeahwhat what is your exact beef with WendyWilliams gothave a beef would you don't then why hernot taking up for me and seeing how herhusband treated me so I don't but otherthan that okay let me play devil'sadvocate for a secondI'm married to a man and this man signsyou and you saying that she never tookup for you and then what if she somehowsuspected that you two were likeallegedly sleeping together and didn'twant to take up for you I mean how wouldyouthat's impossible why would you say thatbecause can't really act like he's notgetting from the people you know he soyou're saying he has no idea aboutKevin's I guess alleged that's a goodquestion you never know what was talkingabout intimately you never know but Ireally highly doubt it because theattitude needs the same you know everytime I saw at the studio at the houseyou know she it was no weird energy yousay that she had a right to take up foryou I mean I mean would you say if ifher being married to a man and safer andthere was no extra discord on and you'resaying that she never took up for youbut like would you really think that shewill want to take up from you afterhearing this interview that you weresleeping no there's no Lord let me tellyou something Kevin committed treason hecommitted treason when do you committreason in the United States theyexecute you I don't when you when youmess with my family with your familylike how Kevin when I first approachedkeV I told him I have 40 days at $2,500that's $100,000 a year I said justsigned me a hundred thousand you know atfirst it was like a 250,000 thingbeforehand when he first saw me so youthink your initial contract before goingbefore signing to Wendy and Kevin thisis what you already had on the table nothis is what I this is what I told himin the beginning before after we alreadysigned I said we'll just give me asigning bonus for $100,000 so I cancompensate so I could take care of myhousehold okay see cuz I won't beworking I'll be working with you okayyou see so he told me he would do thatmonths went by he never did it he'llstart giving these the $100 $400stipends but then he'll say okay go tothe facial spot okay go to go to thisspot surprise me with clothesI'm like nigga I'm not your boy toy I'mnot your boy why you doing me like thisno money even even a publishing contractthe lad that's the last set of businesswe did after I fight in Dallas and yeahafter we had a physical altercation inDallas Texas the the business that wetried to do after that it was a $50,000publishing advance this man we made meand my wife we I'm whole month and hestill don't give me no publishingadvance hit feel and some other guy thatcame down here from New York to Atlantadiner or something like thatit gave me at night okay late late nightlate late night with a publishing chickand with a $5,000 check I mean with apublishing contract and a $5,000 checknow the check have a be on foster on itbut the contract had a via Williams onabout my social security number I didn'tknow this I'm just so happy to get itcause I'm like okay you knowexactly okay so I get to the bank and Inotice that my name's the name is on thecheck is Avion foster so I'm saying allright coolsend me another check I need anothercheck because this check is wrong thismode is Marlin no no I I went to asecond bank I went to another Chase Bankand then they said they could catch youand I said okay I said even if the namesare wrong they say they said yeah I'm acharming God maybe they can't do thissorry sorry chase she said oh there's nomoney in sorry she said I can't catchthis chick and I said why I said whycan't you catch it I later found outthat there was no money so I told keV Isay send me another check man I saidthere's no money on this on this on hischeck he's all right let me see me avideo you burning it up send me a videoyou burn a check up I said verypossessive and that's all I seen thevideo me doing ithe overnighted me another chick and itbounced and I'm like that's when youmess with my family and then after thefact after he seen me posting on postingon Instagramhitting that certain thingslike tail tail son tell us under watchhis mouth tell us under watch his mouthI know I know he was telling people thatnow when you say hitting that certainthings what were you hinting at thatmade him say that alleged calling himout for anything happened to me you knowit was Kevin hunter I know I know somuch about Kevin hunters in Wendy'sbusiness I know so much he might shoot afew of those details but this is juststrictly food for care for Kevin I wantwe need to know the truth about herhusband shit you know I really think sheknows I really do think she knows youknow a woman knows what kind of man shegot okay just all about what she let himdo what she was okay no is it true thatyou and Serena actually lived togetherokayand did you guys have any conversationsabout her and Kevin's relationship andhow long they've she don't love Kevinshe don't love him it's not the firsttime I've heard yes you don't love himat allshe and she not still she's impressed byhim that's that's that's the differenceyou can have a woman that loved you youhave one that's so impressed but shejust you don't do nothing for herbecause she's cheating on him all thetime she running circles around itengaging numbers yeah Oh Kevin guyssneak to the studio she don't know whomy bro you don't know who nobody'sbirdies are niggas talk okay okay didyou ever see her pregnant the leftI saw pregnant but she was he was likethis is a deuce in September no no noOctober or November October yeah becausethat's when I wouldn't even get my stuffokayyeah idea from the condom from thecondom okay okay let me shout out one ofmy personal sponsors embrace pageantsand this is a wash that I personally usemyself because you know you're really asupposed to use no soap down this soapsand everything cause irritations allkind of infections discharge andeverything down there and you shouldonly be using the natural elements fromthe earth using the link that is belowin the description box as well as in thecomment section please use the promocode Tasha Kay and you will receive 10%off of your first order okayembrace Pangaea the link is below in thedescription box okay I use this and letme know how your man like it after youuse it down thereI just want to I'm gonna play devil'sadvocate what is because this interviewis gonna cause it's gonna ruffle somefeathersokay what if people were to look at thisinterview and say and I just have toplay devil's advocate that this is justa story of a scorned employee okay whatwould you say to that I know too many ofKevin's intimate secrets he told me alot of things a lot of people don't knowabout him other than maybe his wife orNicki he shared a lot of intimatedetails with me about himself he criedout to me he he cried with me he laughedwith me like this was a it was like abestfriend type of relationship you knowit just was like a understanding that ifwe do this for each other that thatcreates a loyalty you know and could youelaborate on some of those things likejust to kind of help people if you havesix if you have sex and you have asexual relationship you do anything thatyou wouldn't normally do or you won'twant people to know that you do you dothat and that creates loyalty you knowlike you have something against meexactly because you feel like we gotsomething against each other okay so atthe time you were because this I thinkthis is the first time the world ishearing that you are is it safe to saybisexual I'm human okay I know II thinkyou're really funny about names myapologies if I was offensive in any wayI didn't mean to be and so you're humanand your wife obviously I got to hearfrom you so I'm I need you to speak upyou girl you[Music]so queasy because I know there arequestions for you so you you arebasically co-signing your husband's yesstory okay and you were okay with himsleeping with Kevin or were you okaywith the type of the dynamics of theirrelationship whether it was work welland personal how I looked at it was Iwas trying to kind of like figure outthe pieces of what was going on so I wasplaying kind of like a detective tofigure out what was actually going onokay I didn't get it all at onceokay wasn't something I was like heyokay tell me today it was like that wasmore like okay I listen to thisconversation I'm listening how they talkto each other was like personal businessbut it was more personal like the thingsthat needed to be handled as on abusiness it was more like sucking asslike my sugar daddy in a way you're meokay I was being told to do certainthings so when they wanted me to docertain things kind of that kind of moodokay so I was learning just learning andtrying to figure out the best way tocome to him and see because I said wewere friends before we became actuallyhusband wife okay so it made it he justkind of came out he's very honest howdid you how did you take it I mean whenyou had those suspicions where it was itlike suspicions I'm a real nigga I likeI tell my truth like you know you knowyou know you know yeah she like shit waslike laughing things I'm straight-upfinding out something that you re newkind of like you know okay I'm not soyou didn't really react any no because Ifeel like I'm I'm learning this manwe're kind of like going into a littledifferent I didn't see myself gettingmarried were you jealous no I feel likeI've we made our relationship it wasmore of like a set of friendship so I'mnot going anywherethat's how I kind of like came into thisokay and being open and understanding methe relationship moreI will say made us marry each other melike I'm not going to wear whatever itis that you need whatever I need I knowyou'll provide you know saying it's notlike a we just kind of opened theunderstanding book versus kind of likeokayyou can't do this don't do this you dothis like we came in not being justfamous you know I mean I'm not a thingeverything my past is not gonna bebeautiful everything your past mybeautiful so me going into it honestywas a part of this whole thing so likeCain it was like they think it wassomething that I didn't make up wasn'tyou know I didn't see none of thishappeningno no Avion you said when we spoke on aconversation earlier last week that youdon't have energy for men most of yourenergy goes to women yes you can see youhave to understand back then and needthree years prior I was at a very lowstate where Kevin really put me at mylowest because when you when you are aperformer and you have flaws on yourface and you have flaws on your skin andyou have flaws you you can't do nothingyou know you can't do nothing when youare in front of 2,000 people and theylooking at your face you just gottaclose in you don't I when I looked atmyself in America I couldn't see myselfI don't want to look at myself okay soyou have a man that you look up to ablack man who got power that status andhe's constantly bashing you bashing youbashing you you get lower and lowerlower cuz you like I've been doing thisfor 10 years I've been going nonstoplike Michael Jackson since I was 13 okayso finally when I get somebody whobelieve in my talent he does this to meyou see okay it wasn't no are youprepared for any backlash that's to comewith this I mean I know he's probablythe world's hated the world oh yeahsometimes ways to touch it a lot offemale artists know what I'm talkingabout to a lot of a lot of these maleproducers and male writers I'm not gonnasay nobody name but a lot of females getdrunk in the music business I'm talkingabout drumlike fuck man Mantha men cuz these menkeep telling them that you're gonna bethe superstore gonna be the superstarseen them like midgets and pimps andhoesit's the pimps and hoes game in themusic so they said they abuse theirpower yes Kevin's not the only one okayand see only went through that because Iwas really low you you're seeing adifferent man God will you take it whenyou take accountability for your lifeyou won't you see how God playing you'replaying your puzzle is putting yourpieces together when you takeaccountability it was meant for me tomeet wait I didn't know myself when Imeeting quite I was just getting to knowa beyond okay she was just getting toknow as I was getting to know here weare because I know more I spent timewhere I realized you got to love you youhave to cuz that's what God is saying ohthere's my child I can finally seemyself in the mirror again I can hearmusic better all right better I beenthrough so much how low were you whenyou sang happy birthday to WendyWilliams[Applause]you knowwill do[Music][Applause]were you and Kevin already spoke yeah ithappened yeah that was the time beforehe came to the condo I think he came toConnor that night in that same nightshe's saying hey Wendy Williams becauseyou slept well I think maybe a couple ofdays afterwards yes okay don't you knowdid you feel any type of guilt likehaving this relationship no no no whatwait a minute don't get it twisted hashad extramarital affairs with other menis there anyone in particular that youknow is not the beef is not windy thebeavers we care okay really well we Imean we definitely don't want you know Iguess sympathy this ship because a lotof people are like for windy right nowand she's the goat at this so like Iwant to see her come out on top but Ialso don't want to see a black man youknow unfortunately just tossed to theside again but unfortunately when youhow much money I owe people money in himand Wendy are not struggling what is itis it that he's refusing to pay yeahhe's refusing the play doesn't pull youright now Kevin supposed to give him13,000 but he was only paying him somuch when he wanted to and I'm like ohwon't youKevin guy people Kevin keV Kevin gotpeople coming for him fight for realokay like he got he got a lot of peoplefrom his mom cuz mommy's on mom he thereason why he won't reconcile with hismom it's because he mad because she washaving sex with a man down the streetthat was his father the whole time hewas asking his mom who's my father who'smy father was my father when she finallytold him he thought this dude was hisplay uncle all this time when he wasreally his dad his dad was right now I'mTyler Perry shit and I'm likeand so his mom so he's got this vendettafor his mom because of those reasonspeople like me so your knowledge thestatement that was given by the mom ofher witnessing him choke oh yeah I'veseen him show Wendy oh yeah see himthrow her butt so you've seen all ofthis and like I said I have to sayalleged because I wasn't there of himputting his hands you're basicallycoinciding with the mama so for sureokay he's always showing maliciousintent and malicious intent because he'sangry he sound telling you this man is ahurt man he's he help so explain thedemand letter now I have a copy of itand I'll be showing the the viewers butI want to kind of hear from you whatthis demand letter entail and why thisdemand letter came to be okay well youhave these three charges in the mailokay okay and this is to Kevin hunter ohyou're not Wendy Williams yes it's okay53rd with Kevin hunter Kelvin hunterthose grates were awesome glad youenjoyed them thank youdo you want me to read it my screen isCraig you know many phones okay so Ihave here via certified mail returnreceipt requested and read receipt emailpublished for a sent on January 31st of2019 mr. Kevin hunter not gonna say hisaddress but it says reply aviom willWilliams versus Kevin hunter and the53rd west and management incorporatedwho you were signed to okayI still have size you still you still sotry to get out again hey so let me readthis demand letter hopefully is oh yeahI only have like the first page of thisso luckily I have everything okay so itsays the blank firm represents AVRWilliams with respect to his claimsagainst Kevin hunter and the fifty-thirdWest management incorporated and allother appropriate individuals andentities please direct any and allfurther communication regarding ourclient to our attentionmr. Williams has sound claims of breachof contract sex trafficking fraud sexualbatterysexual harassment and emotional distressokay according to the person oppositesorry your screen is crack according tothe Federal Rule I'm kind of circlingaround evidence for a Californiaevidence called1152 and 1153 New York civil practicelaw and rules section 45 47 in NewJersey Rules of Evidence 408 damn shebrought the book this correspondence andall the communication following it ifany shall be considered privileged andadmissible for any purpose of litigationokay so avi Williams is a musician umand she basically just goes on to saythat you worked as a corporate readingsinger and performed on cruise shipsyou're still working correct okay in oraround September 2017 you approached mr.Williams about developing a music careerand our about January 2018 mr. Williamsexecuted a contract with 53rd westmanagement and your company in which youwould record an album for mr. Williamsdistribute set album and performmanagement services now let me get downto the demands okay so in addition tothe loss of mr. Williams has sustainedyour actions have comments to cause mr.Williams an unimaginable stress pain andsuffering and in conclusion mr. Williamshas been advised of his rights andremedies and is prepared to commencelegal action to vindicate his rightshowever we believe that it is inbest interest of all parties concernedto explore an ethical and privateresolution prior to commencing anyformal litigation please contact theundersigned within five days obviouslythere was no contact like I said thefirst page of this demand letter wasleaked to me so I assumed that there wasalready a lawsuit in motion and so didyou it was there any contact after yousent this demand lever letter to KevinWilliams I mean did he actually followup on the demand did he did his lawyerswell that's pending right now I have anew I have a new representation Oh newrepresentations okay so I kind of knowhow that goes so if there was anycontact you yeah because it may lead toa lawsuit it may leads oh so you aregoing to pursue oh yeah oh yeah ohdefinitely he better get it rightbecause are we suing 1000 and I'm gonnawin and this is if if you take it if Itook this to court I will win I know Iwill how much are you suing for it saysif additionally the defendants areobligated under the publishing contractto tender $15,000 to date is what I seethat was one of the breach of contractsmr. Williams has not received anypayment any payments except for twoinvalid $5,000 checks which you justspoke about and so how much are you guyshow much are you asking for we can'tdisclose that amount okay just just doprotection okay all right so yeah Wowand so you've had no response from[Music]balances from him through other peopleand he was saying if you say he's notgonna let me on my contract unless Igive him 100 thousand oh but he has noreceipts of him spending one hundredthousand I don't even remember thatamount of money going on listen it wasdone behind my back because it was justme and him pay too close and he wastrying to play universe yeah and hewould give like he would get feel$40,000 chest Philipeverybody won't even use it for radio hetelling me he uses checks for radio whenwe're not when I found it that's that'sillegal to pay radio to play artistmusic Charlamagne tha God told meherself that DJ's were not playing mymusic because they didn't like cash sohigh he hire 100,000 he sent mild hesent my lawyers appeal like a PDF forMicrosoft Excel mmm somebody just postedposted numbers and squares said said theMicrosoft Word and just type some uptype some stuff saying I owe him thisstuff and he don't have no you don'thave no carpet no screenshots no bankreceipts of no receipts so let me askyou something if he were to becausewe're here now you've pretty much letthe cat out the bag what's up okay yourside of the story you're sticking to ityes and your wife here is cosine yeahwhat if he did want to come to some sortof agreement would we be here would youstill be telling who you feel Kevin ifhe came to damage did he know he's doneto me you know the fact that the truthis out that you need to come out restrest in peace to my man is Nipsey Husslehe gave me strength to say this I neededto say this Kevin need to come for andtell people that he's gay he is gay yeahyou can look at him until he gay that'swhy that's why he's so weak for Nickicuz he ain't getting no nose hmm do youthink Nikki knows that he's I guessallegedly gay or and like I said wellthat's close they could they can see anywoman that's close especially when youonly given them you'll come and you onlyputting your energy into them they Vegascene I'm just shocked that he was ableto come to maneuver and keep y'all allthat baby we got Wendy here we have youand then we have Serena and he's I haveallegedly carrying on a relationshipwith all three of you guys well not weguys talking to each other but yet allof you guys are working together you andSerena are together how was he able topull this off how was he able to keepyou because he always used the wordfamily and that's what I would tell himin the begin are you got to stop callingpeople brother and sister yes the onlyfamily we family no no we're really notbecause if I get too close to Nikki youjealous or you try to pull me over if Iget too close too windyyou'll get jealous or you'll pull meover you you like push me over you'llpush her you know you and if they gettoo close to me you you pushed him awayfrom me you know it's over for 10 yearshe's managed to keep Serena and widlyaway from each other yeah yeah yeah butyeah they're there right around thecornerliving around the corner from each otheroh yeah and then you're in the condobefore she had the house living with nocondookay Wow oh yeah she had on before I wasin condo okay okay and so I'm justamazed I mean he is a master man I gottagive it to him I mean lady I'm notdoubting you so I'm just saying if thisis what happened I'm just saying he'sone hell of a magician business and hehas her own business so he got a lot oftime in between not to do nothing heonly go in the officecuz there's office for 6 8 6 a.m. it's a12 meeting so he got a whole day to doit you want to know who does he spendmost of his time with you spend most oftime with meoh then and then it was he'll split itbetween me and Nikki like he'll spendlike 12 hours me and Nikki a little spinwe'll go out to eat together we gottogether please visit car marshal belowin the description box as well as in thecomment from there you're gonna use thelink you're gonna enter your zip codethey're gonna find a car for you in yourarea so it cuts down you having to gofrom dealership to dealership allow carmarshal below in the description box tohelp you find your car firstbad credit and no credit are good creditokay car Marshall in the descriptionokay and so is there anything else youwant to say to him before we wrap upthis interview Avion do the right thinglittle right thing okay now what if he Iguess I guess wants to countersue okayusing this interview as leverage oh godbe with them oh yeah the passion behindit come on come up to the mic sorry thepassion behind the the ending is more ofsomething he has to do it and I'm kindof a long kind of trying to be thesupport okaybecause I didn't necessarily go throughwhat he went through okay I could justkind of give a hand you know be therenow I would ask you a question because Ilike I said I told you I was gonna askyou like this there are a lot of peoplewho may not understand the dynamics ofthe type of relationship that you andAvion have okay hit with him evenannouncing using this interview as Iwouldn't say coming out but like justletting the world know who you reallyare behind the voice right an amazingvoice at that how was it that you beingan african-american woman how old areyou don't mind me asking 26okay so 26 oh you're still fairly youngI'm 37 okay I couldn't I'm gonna behonest with you and I'm just I'm puttingit out there I would not - because I Ilike you know men tonight women that'sme that's my preference right okay andI'm not saying that it's wrong foranybody else to like whatever they likebut I mean it's rare that you you seeafrican-american women especially thenokay with being okay with it so I kindof want you to really share some lighton the dynamics of your relationship andhow is it that you guys really kind ofmake it work and be married in becauseeverything's changing you have to thinkabout how the world moves in a minutetechnology is gonna take over that's howI look at it it's more of knowing thateverything is being updated okay goingstaying with current like people comingout I feel like it was just a trend forpeople to come out I feel like peoplehave been kind of undercover foreverjust now being a conversation that webring to light okay as far as it's likein the black community I feel like wesleep a lot of things under the tablethat we don't necessarily want to talkabout that we knows like the the cousinyou knew that always was undercover butnobody ever say anything because they noone wanted to offend them you know orwanted to talk about any actually wantto deal with somebody not being the sameas whoever else was around you know some I've always been kind of differentplay a meaning I've always kind of gotspecial things it's things that I had tokind of put more love and compassioninto understanding more nope we'retalking as far as like your sexuality orjust as far as life okay for like howyou how you view yeah okay yeah I'm moreof like happy you know I mean I want tokind of like your free spirit prettymuch okay so I didn't necessarily wantto set it down when he we kind offigured out cuz I'm not don't get mewrong I don't walk around looking formen that like other men okay you knowthat's not something that don't gohappen to me it was more of we built arelationship he kind of had to be honestwith himself because of the relationshipwe were trying to build each other itmade it okay you got to tell me thiswhat have you it's kind of like thetruth or dare game I'm gonna me knowinghow far you would go with the dareinformation that you have that you don'tsay you want everybody to know but wethought of marriage we thought of okaywe have to be open with each other it'snot something we can't a lot of thethings that are in our pasts are gonnacome to the light so is either you gonnamake a decision to bring it to the frontor are you gonna wear black people arethe only people who sexually ignorancethey don't want to deal with the thingsthat kind of like are happening so andlike I saw a V on the the only time I'vereally seen the dynamic of couples likethis is amongst um more so Caucasiancouples yeah Caucasian friends so theythey everybody do it justnot like that but as far as like I'msick let me rephrase thatwhere is like the the wife like they'remarried like I have a there's a couplethat I know yeah she's married to a manwho not necessarily as gay he just youknow does it really put a label on hissexuality right but they did they dothings together right like where is ifthere's two men one girl everybody justkind of you know has open 20 months yeahand you know just hear her talking I'mlike and you know me I'm like wow thingshave changed so much day you can't evenquit anything aside anybody don't knowme if you ever put in fail they'll neverdo that you all but do you let me askyou a question being that you were kindof born with both women totally back Imastered more ways to penetrate awoman's mind okay do you think it'sbecause you were you were born yes withboth female and male parts okay alrightand do you do you feel more of amasculine energy or a feminine energyfrom from a bi when you're with him wellwe kind of vibrate off from each otherit's not he doesn't he's not mygirlfriend work sometimes I feel likeI'm more aggressive and then other timesI feel he's more yeah more understandingthere's a bit like yes definitely abalance because sometimes I could be sorough that I'm gonna you know thinkabout being soft or being confessionabout something so I mean that's just aswomen yeah like he makes me softer andmakes me kind of understand that I don'thave to be so hard you know cuz Irealize dealing with care of this powerand vulnerability man go around I don'twant me here that no I'm in his day theyhear you get low and you talk to themand that tone they can always hear youoh yeah that's how my husband shakesthings around the houseI know that Tony theory and that's whyI'm so humble I wish everybody could beas humble as I am because it's a lot ofmen that you don't know a lot of men behave a secret orgies going going do youthink they're going to play basketballyou think they're going to this towherever you think tell you tell themthat tell you that they're going butthey're really going to fuck another manyou'll be surprised in a lie you knowwho know it the real game enters didthey could tell you yeah a lot of themcan tell you that you get a lot oftraffic you know and the reason why meand my wife are so Lord to one anotherit's because we actually love each otherlike familyokay so family bond that we ever hadokay you know you know there's nojudgment there you know she's almostlike a sister no is she allowed to areyou allowed to explore it's not you seeI could put this um it's not somethingthat we it's like set in stone I want tosay yeah okay okay always like we got meDecember so it's we're still learningeach otherand we're still and I got thecongratulations on being newlyweds thankyou I've been in this game 14 years yesso I just kind of wanted you to offersome clarity on just the kind ofdynamics of this because I mean this isa lot like you just reveal and I dothank you for trusting me and myplatform to bear this informationinformation that you've never reallyrevealed about yourself not even to myfamily right and so they're gonna beseeing this interview for the first timeas well - what well you mentioned itpreviouslyoh ohokay ya know is there anything else youwant to say before we wrap up thisinterview or do you want to just sayNavion is so much I could do it so muchI could say what we're writing whatcan't we do a part two why would afollow up much once we see how this thisgo yeah oh yeah we could schedule a partmissing okay if you post this be like itwe didn't want it to be messy you knowwell I mean it is messy I mean you gotWendy Williams going through publicdivorce yeah and you know my source kindof leads to me that he had the papers inhis pocket yeah you know and and then hekind of actually feels free about thesituation like he does because I askedhim I said keV I said why you just wannalet Wendy go I just let her do her thingsay I want her to be happy and I said Iwhy don't you just let me don't even sayit don't even say it he and even want meto mention the thought of Nicki leavinghim oh he is stupid you stupid for hernow because you know being that I've youknow been around town okay and I kind ofknow how these things work like when youhave someone on the side it's not thesame as being with a person full-time nono and so now that Wendy is kind ofstepping back to exit herself out ofthis I really think that if this isreally all going down he's gonna reallysee who really who's really who and whowas really there and so it's verydifferent going from a woman who wasabout her business like Wendy Williamsyeah who you know takes charge to awoman who was just sitting at home andyou know allegedly get high and the babyis in the hospital when marijuana in thesystem allegedlyKevin and Nicki are potheadsall day baby just sniffed it or the babyjust is yesterday in the breast no it'sjust in this fear I just feel like theyhave a see another reason why I'm doingthis too though I just hate the waitantosha kevin really did criminal thingsto me but he did we really really diddamage my life i'm suing for real likethis is nothing that i must go onemployee talking about I'm a I'm awedding singer I'm a corporate peoplefly me out all this I just left I justlove again yesterday somebody see me onyou to eight can you can you do this forme can you sing from a girl king can yousing at my wedding$1,500 three thousand dollars every timesomebody fly me out I don't I didn'tneed cash I chose cash John let you hitme a pad of the bill hit me RandyJackson familiar American Idol so manydifferent people from all over the worldhit me I chose to do a cab because hewas that direct access to TV you knowit's just like you being in radio andyour goal is to hit Oprah you finallymeet Oprah she invites you in her lifeshe invites you to fit in everywhere andshe's just started talking you any kindof way now you ain't got no kids youain't got no husband you got a littleboyfriend you know a friend but shetalking to you any kind of way and youflying back in full blast she flying youback and forth if I was younger I wouldsay yeah being that I'm 37there's no proposing you said I'm sayingme they can't they can't all you knowaggressive yeah but I mean but you knowmaybe if I was like 20 because I'vealways wanted to be in media since I was23 years old so maybe she would havecaught me then I would have been like ohmy god but now it's like I'm reallyreally that fire Prince a check sayI was 24 when I'm a kid yeah it's a bigdifference but now if Oprah knocks onthe door like don't get me wrong likeI'm here which she has to say but it'snot gonna be like oh my god like whatthat papers saying with a chick sayingyeah that's what talks you know becausewhen I it takes it takes money to run abusiness you know I can't be kind ofmoving off of your word just becauseyou're who you areand I already have something establishhere so and I definitely understand anddefinitely just like I said I'm notgoing to see here in front like I meanit is a lot of information yeah I don'tknow whether because I wasn't there andI mean like I said if this is the manthat you guys are saying that he wearsmany hats it's bizarre and a lot ofpeople's kind of see things as bizarreif they've never walked those type ofshoes so I would say don't be surprisedif the feedback is more negative andthat's what I would just say and like Isaid we can do a follow-up to part twoyes for you to speak your mind and likeI said no other platform is really gonnalet you air it out like I do that's whyI like where I'm at right now because Ican really get into the shit playdevil's advocate again to see if I'masked womp escorting oh yeah becausethat's what I was gonna say like itcould be no different than like myhusband and I because we're we'rehusband and wife team right so if if anemployee we piss off gets upset and allof a sudden maybe it was a pay issue orsomething like that or maybe they justwas waiting for an opportunity you knowto blast or whatever and then he's thatmy employee is sitting right theresaying now oh she had a baby with myhusband or she slept with him it's likethese things happen all the time and solike that and that's the issue that Ithink um a lot of people will questionso why would I question my manhood do Ilookthank you Paul was gay but Lou's not gayso no man okay putting yourself on aplatform until the world what you tellon your your intimate self so you'reyour mate right it's all really hard toget on this microphone and talk and knowthat I'm gonna be exposed if I'm scoringemployee how come nobody no p.m. whoknow did you know p.m. I did not know Iheard when used to be dropping 20 songsa month I'm not doing nothing but hisboy toy going all kind of spas gonna getall kind of facials and my nails did mytoes did extend keep me in the gym I'm aboy you totally changed my name for whatmy even my first song big guns becauseif I use a big gun he heard that he wantpeople to know that I'm his artist andhe want me to sing about his allegedphallus because then the song is therebaby I'm a hunter you see is his lastnameso you're saying that basically he wasusing was it like why did he want tochange the name it was another agencythat I was with a copyrighted my namebehind my back oh yes oh okay so we wasgonna still keep it as a beyond just abeyond okay you know av but he justchanged the p.m. alright so this is thisis the you asked me about the windything too but the birthday celebration Idid when I was on the stage you know mywhole setup was destroyed you know theday this is my music started messing upit was a horrible performance what Iposted on the internet I just cut myline I cut to the bass the foulokay don't you know that Kevin fireleshawna his assistant any fired Nancyhis other assistant because he blamedthem for my sound being messed up and hegot really heated then like yelling Ididn'tpassionately and they know it he firedthem because they messed up because theythey didn't mess up myself just takecare they didn't mess up my setupthey didn't date it wasn't their faultwhy would a man be so passionate likethat over another man you can ask theshot was shot and this is for the thesexual relationship or Apple no this waslike in the middle okay before he cameto the condoit was the same this is the same nightthat I perform some happy birthday towindy before that it was a whole mouthfunction in my system ok ok so this iswhat you want the world to know this isAvion Avion baby yeah and crazyis there anything you want to kind ofsign us off with it's a note or I don'tknow maybe a quote if it wasn't for GodI wouldn't even be here today I wouldn'teven be speaking to you guys today Iwouldn't be able to come forth and tellmy truth you know because God made meunique I'm probably the most one of themost unique people on this planet and Ididn't thank God for thatwhen I started to when I started to takeaccountability for everything thathappened in my life I realized God hasblessed me beyond measure and you guyswill see ok you want to hit a littlenote for everybody and tell me and tellme where they can follow you on socialmedia you got me up in this club juststand up for your love making read feellove just wait enough feel love nobottles up and disc love waiting nothinglove bacon read for your love way to notfeel loved bad thing and need a ring cuzyou're so bad you're so bad bad thingyou need a ring yeahcuz she's so bad he's so bad yeah yeahhe's so bad he's so bad so badso bad so bad so bad on social mediajust in case they want to reach out tobook you for events or just follow youit's finally a V on vibes if you if youdon't remember just type in rhyming I'llcome on Avion do you have an Instagramcurrent right yeah AV on vibesokay v EO n VI be easy okay all rightThank You AV aren't youthank you crazy such a very unique storyand I appreciate you sharing your truthalright now I gotta go you know[Music]

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Wendy Williams allegedly served her husband of 20 years divorce papers after we exclusively revealed on unwinewithtashak that his mistress had a baby girl back in March. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Wendy Williams, her husband’s artist Aveon Falstar is dropping a bombshell exclusively here on unwinewithtashak. Details Inside

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    This man best have Lots of evidence or else he will not win his lawsuit.

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    I swear it takes a lot to shock me!! I sat thru this whole interview with my mouth wide open and looking around like “am I really hearing this?”. Whoa…dude!!!!!

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    This is extremely disgusting.

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  176. DajaVuBeauty

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  209. Chase Rider

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  212. loveofallthingsmusic

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  214. Love Paradise

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  215. Roosje_ Rush

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    He will never get a dime. Sounds like he was down for whatever as long as he could get his talent out.. wifey wants that pay day.
    I could see if it were rape but he just as gay.
    Well I hear it and see you are Gay Mr. Williams.

  218. Rebe A -city

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  222. GhoodVibes Lately

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    This is so disturbing!

  224. Lëslie Avighna

    I was slashed in the face on February 6th 2016 @ 427am in the Bronx… WHEN YOU HAVE TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES like what he claims- YOU REMEMBER. I can’t speak for everyone but not everything is sitting right w/ me in this interview.

  225. Christopher FunnyBoy Brown

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  226. Aaron Barber

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  229. BriTanya' Lee

    Just don’t ask his wife no more questions she pissed me off circling and talking in riddles for answers b$&?! Just answer the question! And why is he excited telling a story about being abused?! I wanna believe this story but sheesh this seem weird n sketchy af

  230. Love Paradise

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  231. MRiGOThim

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  238. Tamala Sherrier

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  239. Richkidviewzz

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  241. Tamala Sherrier

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  242. Pudding

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  246. charlese henderson

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  247. Catherine E.

    Hypospadias is not a derivative of hermaphrodite.

  248. Dan Alan

    Ms T, this interview was very enlightening , educational and thought provoking. It really exposes how the Entertainment Industry is a beast. There are alot of Aveons (victims) and Kelvens ( vultures) that will use & abuse U, then spit U out . KUDOS to Aveon .

  249. Monique Addn

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  250. Don Joseph

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  251. 5MLINTON


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  253. Monique Bellamy-Lovely

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