Exclusive | Wendy allegedly SLEPT with CTHAGOD! (Details Inside) Aveon Falstar Part 2

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why the hell so many people are tryingto tell me to slow down seems likemotherfucker should be shutting the hellup and enjoy the show[Music]what's going on we back for part two man[Music][Music]were you yeah I do I do want to addressthat real quick guys so we had someissues with the sound levels last timeso when avi was singing he wasn'tgasping for air cuz as you noticed whenI was talking you kind of hurt like abreath it was the mic letting go so nobut he just wanted to let y'all know hedoesn't need any voice lessons or breador bread lessons or anything like thatI'm glad to have you back really soonnow you do know that you are being yourinterview is being played everywhere itis it is viral I told you you have youhave pretty much cooked some shit upHollywood and enable in there with youthey actually they believe you not thatI'm surprised or anything like that butis these stories can go either wayoh yeah my life here about my lifeperiod a liar how did you experience allthat I've been going nonstop since I was13 and so has my wife we've been goingnonstop she's been in the party worldpromoting she's into entrepreneur I'vebeen in the entrepreneur up singingsinging and singing as much dancing andthe promoting is and as as much stuff asshe's done in her arena I've done thesame and we finally came together and II didn't see anything I was in my ownlittle bubble you know of insecurity ofnot knowing myself of just singing myway through life not not identifyingwith my mom or my grandmother like justa disconnect with everyyou know to meet someone like keV whojust sit there and bash you to makeyourself look good you know you take itbecause you like this is my big chanceit's cuz you come from I come from onearriving in Georgia who knows about onearrived in Georgia you know and thenwhen you go to New York and you and youmeet someone like him who just takeadvantage of you you know you're gonnago through it because you like you knowthis is this is my only chance you knowand just my father to my all my life myfather would tell me that you that Iwasn't good enough for for arelationship period it with anybodyespecially a female if it was when itwhen the concern of female because ofhow I was bornyou know so he made it very difficultfor me to just love me you know my momand my grandmother they tried to instillit but they didn't really know how toapproach it you know when I got my wifethat's when I realized who I was and hern so this is a very different avión verydifferent cuz I mean a lot of peoplewere saying like you were laughing andyou were just like you didn't seem as ifyou took it serious but they believedyou they thought your story was genuineand so from what I saw it was just kindof like I don't forgive any man inAmerica and if he does something thathe's ashamed of he a lot of people don'teven bring this to the altar in churchknow what I'm telling you I waslistening to the show being replayed ona Claudia Jordan warning show and Ibelieve it's in Texas I don't know ifDallas and they were just like oh I meanyou will be just shocked at theoverwhelming response that you that yougot okay and I'm address sure because wehave his wife back Kwasiwelcome back okay I got her two platestwo great okay she is gonna be endorsedby Greg by the grape company here soonokay and I do want to let everybody knowtoo that those were cotton candy grapesokay from whole I think they were fromPublix if I'm not mistaken and they'resoaked in actual cotton candy flavors soI don't I don't blame her for Terryand I had a second batch in the in thekitchen so she didn't need to save menone ok girl gotta eat alright alrightcuz I wanted to address that everybodygoes bad like you were eating the grapesand I ate before I got here okay but youknow she is a little woman and you knowlittle people can eat okay they can theyeat more than to be here this video issponsored by our Behrouz alts okaymakers of the olive leaf extract a fullspectrum health dietary supplementpretty much a liquid form of some of thebest omega-3s extracted from some of theworld's best olives in the worldit's a powerful supplement that aids incontrolling cholesterol blood sugar andit promotes a meal and a health okayvisit my olive leaf dot biz below in thedescription box as well as in thecomment I gotta read something to youreal quick let me let me turn my phoneon real quick because I want to knowfirst before I while I pull up thismessage here that I was sent by Jessicaread okay okay I want to know have yougotten any feedback or any word have youheard anything from Kevin Kevin KevinKevin for those that don't know Kelvinis his actual government name Kelvinhunter Wendy Williams husband have youheard anything from him or his attorneyssince the interview no but I havebirdies that says he's our he'srelentless at this point he's willing todo anything what do you what do you meanfar as harming me harming my family sowe are in the process of moving fromwhere we are to a whole lot different ohwow late in life well kind of relentlesson Wendy and me anybody who he feels hasdone anything to him you know yeah hewants to cover it up I mean it's toolate for thatnobody hired us to do this and I don'ttake payoffs I have to I have to youknow stand on my credibility I don'ttake payoffs from any sort ofcelebrities this blog cannot be boughtby anybody so unless they're anadvertiser what advertise your productscame out to say this is because wendy isdivorcing care if she was never gonnadivorce him nobody would never know thisyou know because I don't want tomess up anything hurt or hurt in butsince they're separating it's all aboutwhat keV has done to me and reallyreally like needing justification needinjustice of what he didI'm not saying that he didn't doanything wrong but understanding thatthese are two wrongs that needs to bebrought to the surface right okay okayso you're basically acknowledging your Iguess any wrongdoings that you've doneyeah as well too so it's not just blameit you're blaming everything on him nono no okay okay now I wanna I want totalk yeah okay okay fair enough fairenoughso we got to get really into some othershit okaywe've had several conversations over theweekend since the interview and it wasin it was involving Charlemagne to Godokay you said on the last show that youwitnessed Jessica Reid on the phone withKevin hunter Wendy Williams husbandhusband and assistant coaching JessicaReid and her mother the two women whobrought up rape allegations right lastyear against Charlemagne yes ma'am okayand you said out of your own mouth thatthis was a setupyes ma'am and you didn't believe thatCharlemagne raped raped anyone he didn'trape her or anyone elseDanny historias is a new publicist ornews worker for hit for Kevin hunter andhe hired him around the time to blastCharlamagne tha God Charlamagne to Godtoday has a lawsuit towards Danny astory and Kevin hunter about what aboutthe rape allegations about yes about himsetting it up about him trying to defamehis character it's a pretty toughlawsuit towards both of them okayJessica reached out to me I this womanhere is I don't know if she likes me Idon't know if she hates me I don't knowokayI hear from her when her name comes upon my platform she can't she's like abird she comes in she eats she fliesaway okay and someone this time she camein to eat it was in response to theinterview that we did on on Friday okayand she says Tasha I'm not sure who thisavión guyokay this is from justice foreclosurethis is actually actually from Jessicaread it's a DM that I'm reading okay andshe says but I wish you would have didyour research first before allowing himto use your platform everything he saysabout my mother and me are completelyfalse and wrong when I was raped in 2001I named Charlemagne as my rapist Ialways have and that will never changebecause he is the predator this was 18years ago documentation medical recordsand my family statements and Friendsstatements all corroborate my story Icame out in 2018 to tell my truth I'venever been raped I've never been rapedby anyone so I don't know she meant tosay anyone else but it just says anyoneso I mean that just kind of contradictseverything that she wrote so I'm justgonna say maybe she meant to say I'venever been raped by anyone else sobecause they really took but not alaughing matterand I basically responded back anddropped her my number like Jessica likeyou and I've been playing this sincethis whole thing came out okay you gotpissed because I blamed your mom and Iand I do blame your mom for whathappened no she she can't you know / Iwouldn't say prevent but I mean lettinga 15 16 year old girl go out with 20year old dudes like would you would youexpect what's gonna happen and then shewouldn't allow you to testify so nowyou're wanting justice but it wassomething that your mom actually kind ofsuppressed because I feel that she wasembarrassed you know how it is in thesouth so you and Charlamagne are closeyesokay have you spoken to Charlamagnesince this the interview well no notphone conversation yeah but oneconversation two conversation no and wehaven't spoke like consistently but aconversation or two yesokay and so what has he told you aboutthis situation he just just let him knowthat there are no deviant DNA evidenceof me even touching this girl this allover the plazahe sent me several links on on hisinnocence on how okay I could I couldpull it up here okay he sent me prettymuch put into pieces what you have whathe have together okayI mean I'm familiar with everythingI mean I kind of went over her statethis statement statement the two girlsthat were there at the party and he'sright there was no DNA evidencecollected sooh yes bTW the source Harley well a lotall the oxygen.com all these have thecourt documents on his on his innocenceand how he has no DNA happiness withthis girl okay now I want to talk I meancuz that's a whole nother thing I'm nota prosecutor I'm not a lawyer I justtold you personally what I believe yeahI personally believe even though Iwasn't there I think in my opinion hedid it that's what I'm sayingin the reason I think that is becausehis own cousin wrote it on Facebookthree years prior to this allegationcoming out when he wrote his book Ithink it was called like black Hollywoodor something and he was like oh you knowhis cousin was upset oh this isn't it onthrew us under the bus in the book donechanged our names and characters let'stalk about that night in Moncks CornerSouth Carolina and it's um Bill Cosbyshit I don't want to get into it andthen three years later up pops Jessicanow I'm not saying that you what you'resaying is wrong like she probably couldhave been like pulled out saying girlyou need to you need to say somethingthis man should not be you know livingthis life if he in fact did this so Ithink possibly that could have happenedbut do do I doubt Jessica being raped nodo I think that Charlamagne did not doit i I'm very sensitive subject and butthere are two two loopholes that I haveto address okay that same cousin keepscalling Charlotte mantle begging for hisforgiveness and say oh you think Ishould get a lawyer would you think shewould do so you know what I'm talkingabout and we were in me and Jessica Reidwe were represented by the linked by thesame law firm oh and and I was a wildcard because they had no idea that I wasthere the whole time while she wellwhile Kevin was sitting the whole thingup so that destroyed her case so you'rethe wild car for Charlamagne right thatyou saw that I saw yes ma'am and she wasbeing coached yes ma'am okay now alsoyou know like I said that's a wholenother topic there butfilling all of that okay it's not evencheating me it's just a truth with usI'm sorry excuse me excuse me wine isthe new tea and that's why she got greatbut I want to talk about the destructionof Charlemagne and Kevin Kelvin hunterand Wendy Williams okayokay because you and I had a fewconversations okay and we talked andthere was a recording that you want toput out and I said no don't put it outlet's address it here on the show yesokay so I don't know which recording itwas but which recording was it that youwanted to put out and then I want tokind of address some of the things thatI asked you about what is just therecording of me tell me saying the samething I say here I'll just over thephone you know I thought that you didn'treally want that out but to protect yourown your own I mean what I said was mypersonal opinion right on a publicplatform so gotchalike I said I wasn't there but from whathis cousin stated on Facebook and thishappened to come out like this can't bea coincidence like why is he mentioningsomething that you that he's saying thatyou did because he's pissed about how hewas portrayed in a book that you werethis is family shit like I said I thinkthat is way past what Jessica and herfamily can do or ask for like I said Ithink there needs to be a healingprocess here okay because there weren'tsteps that that should have been takenfolks and that's the reason why nobodyis really taking the case now is becauseeverything was set in stone then whenshe was your your guardian and yourmother and she allowed this to happenso quite late period but I want to askyou because I think and I told you thisI think that whatever happened betweenMickey and Charlamagne cause like I'mfamiliar with like the history likeNicky was a and we're talking aboutSerena Hudson the mistress who has thebaby now okay she basically walking freeshe's like I'm not high no mo okaypaparazzi is catching huginn in and outof Kevin's old cars those are not newcars he didn't buy her a Ferrari Kevinhas already had that fear handle allright so for regardless I told y'ally'all need to stop listening to themother tabloids okay you get it righthere exclusively oh gosh okaythose cars he's had those cars for aminute she got in she just parked thecar okayanyway I told you that I don't thinkwhatever happened between Serena who wascalled I think it was miss baby back inthe day what did they call her oh youknow what baby big baby they causeSharina big baby back in the day whenshe was doing the modeling in themagazines and stuff like that okay soI'm telling you I know a lot more thany'all date yeah okay so when she wasback in the day and I think it went pastbecause here's what I was trying toexplain to you I don'tif Kevin found out that it at first ifhe thought charlemagne was trying to getwith with Nickey then he finds out thatit actually wasn't Charlemagne II wasCharlemagne's friend that should besquashed now you say there's there's abeef that you you say that Niki has withCharlemagne yes but you don't know whatthat beef is ain't no neither does heneither does he but it's it's somethingthat keV told him keV told him a whileback why why he don't deal with him andhe heard through the grapevine that BBand it's some other stuff I don't Idon't really know the details of thedrama but all I do know is Kevin doesnot like Charlemagne because somethingthat happened with Nicki and Nicki don'tlike showing me because something andyou know and you sure it's not somethingthat happened with Wendy Williams Idon't know okay so what I was told fromthe grapevine is that a phone was leftopen and some text messages wererevealed between charlemagne and WendyWilliams okay Wendy Way is a free lineso we gonna we're gonna discuss our wifeall rightallegedly so don't you don't you dadgive me those straight face baby I don'tyou know it well Charlemagne tell hisstory is gonna be incredible because alot of people don't have a clueof what went down behind closed door butwhat what did happen okay cuz you toldme you said Charlemagne wants to tellhis story when you told him about theinformation that I had and he said hewants to tell his story he would tellhis story allegedly having put thatcamera on me about Charlemagne allegedlyhaving an affair with Wendy Williamswhen he was the co-host you heard thathere exclusively on unwind watashi can'tlet me shout out one of my personalsponsors embrace Pangaea and this is awash that I personally use myselfbecause you know you really ain'tsupposed to use no soap down this soapsand everything cause irritations allkind of infections discharge andeverything down there and you shouldonly be using the natural elements fromthe earth using the link that is belowin the description box as well as in thecomment section please use the promocode Tasha Kay and you will receive 10%off of your first order okayembrace Pangaea the link is below in thedescription box okay I use this and letme know how your man like it after youuse it down there okay for a man andthis is what I told you I said somethingin my spirit it was either mr. Jeep thatwas sleeping what Wendy or it was eitherCharlemagne because I'm like why wouldKevin hold this type of grudge that iswhy there's question and when youviolate a man's woman yeah it's over andso that's what I'm thinking now theaffair I could say it allegedly happenedbut we all know what it is andCharlemagne knows what it is so don't beshocked if you see it in a booksingle fetish he don't say that shit yeshe conservation and you know what I'm abag I may not buy because I already gotthe details okay you know I don't knowif that actually happened but I likewhat I can say is Wendy is a verycoquettish woman you know and did hedeny it when he when you confrontedCharlemagne about what I had did he denyit to you well yes let me let me tell mystory I'll let you tell yours so i'matell my man let me tell mine becausehe's the best person to say itcorporate thoughyeah you already know you know we gotbecause he go he gonna put it in he maynot even mention windy wounds he may saymy produce he say Mason he may say oh Iwas her protegewhat you know I thought maybe he wasprobably you know taking advantage ofshe was the boss or you know he feltmaybe it was within his rights to to gothere with Wendy because Calvin was offwith somebody else so maybe he felt likewell if he ain't smashing on this bosslady she got my career her hair let mego ahead and knock off it also hurt andyou PI don't know know about this ormaybe you do but I have to say it herecuz we tell my Charlemagne Charlemagnelikes to be pegged allegedly you andCalvin hunter hands think so I don'tknow what pay taxes when a woman playsand or goes in the butt of a man oh andso one of the models that was hangingwith Serena he was dating they weredating for a little while it came outthat she broke up with him because shedidn't want to peg him or stick herfingers in his bud Wowso what you think but I think is you saywell Wendy should know her husband wellinstantly detail I know about anythinglike thatit was care of told me that whenCharlemagne was living in the condoCharlemagne used to keep these dildos inhis room you know but that's the onlything I know but maybe he I don't knowthis information came from a female thatdated him and she said that this is whathe liked I wasn't there this is allallegedly I wouldn't stick my fingers onnobody I'm just saying like I just to beafraid of what's gonna come out on ityou know that's hepatitis all kind ofshit bacteria I don't want that but I'mjust saying so it's a lot more than whatwe we know here but like I said I toldyou I said I had a strong inkling and Imy sources have always been 1000% andthere was a phone left open that thatwas Wendy Williams phone and Kelvinfound the messages between Charlemagneand Wendy and he cut that shit off andthat's why when Wendy is asked aboutCharlemagne now she says Charlemagne whobecause that is like a blow to Kevin'smanhoodso why kept everybody in thereyou got to speak up you know everybodyin their designated spot so everybodyknew their place yeah yeah so do do youthink with everything that you know thatthere was a possibility that Charlemagneand Wendy Williams smash back in the dayI mean really made she hit the fan it'sit's it's a possibility for anythingthat happened but I don't I don't knowyou never said I smashed Wendy he nevertold me I smashed her but when you werehe gave a lot of hints you know so so heit's his responsibility to just say ifhe wants yeah how he's going to approachit cause like I said I think it's gonnabe a money grab for him he's gonna sellit in a book and that book is going todamn show sell that he actually smashedwindy Williams okayand if he did smash Wendy I think thatboth of them were well within theirrights to smash each other being thatKevin was off entertainingSherina aka big baby back in the daythat was in the peopie blow video youknow I'm saying what an old t-shirt onme and Charlamagne have done businesstogether so I I don't want to disrespecthim by telling his business or tellinganybody business but I just wantedeverybody to know the conversation thatwe had because idea try to get you twoto admit and that's and you said that'snot my place yeah okay if he evercommitted treason like di do you do youfeel that Charlemagne I mean bienick yousaid you heard from Kelvin that he keptdildos around and like I said I talked Italked to somebody that day to him thatwas around during the run I think it wascalled like the rock star video days therock star Saturdays that he used to hostover at the condoah do you know what it is RockstarSaturday Charlemagne to Godzilla generalmother when I see the streets listenthis is another Saturday night my humbleabode not acting like the finest rightnow the acting like need to point toschool this is candy I know Samsometimes he's extra crazy sometimesit's meaning sometimes we just casuallyturn into something else we got the bigbaby in there she's in this most kingmagazine I showed up we got the big babyin there she's in this most kingmagazine I was working with windy heinvited a lot of girls up from SouthCarolina then he went to school wait andit was called rockstar Saturdays youknow and so one of the girls that wasthere contacted me and said listen youknow there's a reason why you got themannequins behind him you know onesitting on the face the other hitting itfrom the back and it's two men it'sbecause this is not to say that he likesmeyou know some men like to be paid theysay that's probably one of the bestorgasms they've had is from takingcontrol of you over you taking controlof me does pretty much that's what it isokay okay that's what you do that's whatyou do I'm saying ultimately that's whatshe's doing she's doing what he wouldnormally do sir ok control of it okperfectanybody know about control she doesn'tsee is what you call a seductivefeminist and she that's just my businessthat's not just who are you ok now Iwant you to address some things cuz I Idon't even really have to ask you anyquestions about the interview because alot of people had a lot of I wouldn'tsay negative things they're saying I wassaying they were just concerned aboutyou eating great seeing you sittingthere like how could she sit there andlisten to this and eat grapes says lifeis is happening regardlesslike it or not you don't you can'tcontrol every beatdude that goes on so how I feel about itis I came here for support I'm going tosupport my husband because that's whoI'm building my life with you know Imean it doesn't matter if I yell out foreverybody to hear what I'm saying itdoesn't I'm not the person that can tellthe story the way he can sell it becausehe's the victim okay so I'm not gonna Ilove grapes I love to eat okay don't beshy girl yeah everybody know thatsupporting your man is outside ofyourself you have to know how to openyourself up for someone to be able toinsert what they're trying to get out ofyou meaning if I not just sex cuz youcan say that all several ways but beingopen with someone on a mature level tounderstand where they're coming from isbasically who I am when you're kind ofmy marriage not oh he can't do thisalright I'm just gonna sit back herelike imma let him take the role and whenit's time for me to go I'm gonna do whatI need to do just like if something elseI need to do I'm gonna take the rollingokay and that's the reason why I askedyou to join cuz a lot of people werecoming I qui is she there because I knewyou guys were gonna have questions if hesaid he had a wife they were probablygonna think the wife was transgendersomething like that so I was just likeno let me bring the wife and I and Iasked you that remember I said I don'twant to do this interview without yourwife because I'm sure people are gonnahave questions about like people takepeople and insert people they want toinsert but when you're when you go toGod and you actually get married what doyou do you're connecting yourself withyour mate right so whatever he has is onme too you know I mean he get sticky Iget sticky but we just have to know howto do with each otherwhat we're going towards so you fullyaccept everything that comes with himyeah you don't get jealous if there waslike if he were to you know very oftenand just tap it for one night you don'tknow cheering off enough no ma'am that'sthe dream and that's why we becamefriends before we became okay whybecause you have to know your mate youhave to be able to take that encounteryou know and make it to something youcan't okay well if these are cheatersalso cheat thingsyour relationships don't think that he'she's cheating you know what I mean youheard me sure of yourself I'm not gonnaput myself and say oh okay he wouldnever do that to me because he might doit to me you know doing this to me undermy nose and a lot of people are reallygoing through things that they don'teven know about okay man by the time Imet I want a man is caught with one theydon't know about 100oh by the time man is caught a fiveevery man cheating definitely notspecially black man I don't know whereby home she know me and you don't worryabout me cheating on him all right I doknow I'm sorryoh that's sweet please visit car marshalbelow in the description box as well asin the comment from there you're gonnause the link you're gonna enter your zipcode they're gonna find a car for you inyour area so it cuts down you having togo from dealership to dealership allowcar marshal below in the description boxto help you find your car first badcredit and no credit or good credit okaycar marshal in the description but Ilearned in my journey that man onlycheat because they're insecure or theydon't know themselves cuz women y'allgive us our egos oh oh it's so big ohyou're so handsome oh so we take thatand we use it okay if she think if shegonna think it oh if she okay I may notfeel this way oh I'm gonna make her feelthis way it's an ego thing and it's aninsecurity thing because it's almostlike it's almost like we don't knowourselves you know so when I began toknow myself and I began to love meters Ican't really give myself to anotherperson because if I if I tap intoanother woman spirit I'm gonna bringthat spirit to my wife and then it'sgonna cause disruption in our marriageand I can't okay no question it's gonnaget a little graphic here there was areally good question that someone askedhe said that when Kevin when you saidKevin walked into the room he spit onyou you had just done a number two andhe stuck it in and then you said thatyou were born with people's baby hipposbabies okay now a lot of and I'm askingwhat they're asking I don't think ofthis stuff there's a there was did heput it in your butt or did he put it inyour oh in my book and your vid is yourvagina do use do you haveno penis or do you just I was born thatway it stitched up from the bottom allthe way to the top oh yeah oh youoperate fully it was I've done severaloperations on my it was several likeover it had to be like over ten I got mylast one I was fifteen because the Holteopening up oh yesand then you can ask my wife well notwhen I urinate you guys in the XF aheadwhen I urinate pee still comes out atthe bottomoh yeah just taking it think nasty rightquestion to present today like morninglike like I could go even more in moredetail in case if somebody really needto understand like morning sex sometimesa woman's not you know that day the manis more than anymore there right sosometimes I'll take the witness from thebottom and use it for her so she won'tsneak in it I just have to get people tounderstand see because I really realizeno matter what I do I still look like aman now if I the emotion inside of myspirit I like somebody slap you you justfeel slap but you still look likeyourself okay you see I realized that Isaid let me just be me you know cuz ifyou if you embarrass it's like it's likeyour face turns like you change shapesbut you still look the same you know soto me just telling my truth is it madeit very easy everything is differentyeah yes nothing about us normal eyeshow we move how we love people becausepeople don't love people unconditionallyno when they just love you to a certainextent right so if I only know certainthings about you then that's what I'mgonna love you on something else happensI'm like oh no that can't be him youknow what I mean not thinking thatpeople will go through things I havethings going on because of what you feeland what you've been going through youknow to me just opening up andunderstanding that nothing is the sameif we were all the samewe've been the matrix and nobody willhave any special parts about them youknow it makes them stand out of a crowdmorewhen we that's I think he just fell inlove with you all over he just he's youknow sometimes he says things that Idon't really want him to say but I hadto understand that we are learning eachother okay now let me ask you somethingthe feedback before we wrap up thisinterview because like I said it wasgonna be short sweet today you're gonnatouch on the Charlemagne and some of thequestions I think that was that wasenough okay where do you see your careergoing from here being that everything isout of the bag you want to be as youknow you want your career to that bribeas a singer I'm sure you have otherplans as well how do you see this comingout affecting your career well I've beenpretty much in control of my careersince I was 13 so anybody in over myjourney any any businessperson to tellyou take five to ten years to for yourbusiness to thrive and I've been inbusiness with with my brand for tenyears straight and I've and I've learnedso much and I learned even even dealingwith agents and dinner with differentmanagers over a period of time I'm likethese people aren't even smarter than methey only do it it's like they don'teven know how to position themselves orknow how to maneuver me as an artist inthis business I am by far probably oneof the most talented male musicians andsingers in the game but it seemed likepeople that's been on my journey theydidn't really know what to do with me soI learned through trial and error on howto maneuver myself in position myself inthis business or in the end of music inthe in the music business period and fora long time I really didn't even want tobe on the music side I just chose thecorporate side because that's where Icould live that's where I could drive atyou know it was comfortable if you make$100,000 a year singing cover music oryou go to Dubai and they'll pay you $250just saying somebody on song that's whatI'm gonna do because that's guaranteed Idon't have to worry about royalties orworry about a record company sending mea check out I've done 40 City tour it'svery very scary I don't have to worryabout nobody coming to kill me because Iknow Kevin Kevin he got shooters andKevin is relentless right now so that'swhy I got to move my family from wherewe are to a totally different locationKevin got shooters oh yeah now there'ssomeI want to ask you two because we said itwas off the record and I don't want alldetails to be spilled just when it comesto this okay because like I said I wantnobody coming up to me understand but Iwanted you to confirm because a lot ofpeople doubt itthe baby mom that called in to explainthat shereena Kevin's mistress wassleeping with her baby father okay andyou said that you knew mark oh yes no Idon't know him know her I know of himokay yes but you've seen him I've seenhimokay so can you confirm her tonight wastotally true totally true because shesaid she was gonna be her they got alittle bond but she don't love you knowwhat a woman loved a man she just keptme run out you'll see Nikki run out sodo I don't want to talk about thedetails of the business but did she givedid Nikki Kelvin hunters mistress whohas a baby now I mean that is a that's ahell of a check baby I got a okaythere's a hell of a move um did Nickygive Marko money to start a business Idon't know that I don't know that part Ican only assume I heard from birdiesthat she did other than the baby mamabut I didn't see the transaction okaylike I said I don't want to talk about aspecific business something like thatthat's his businessa lot of people were like oh she wasbitter she was there she was there butSerena wasn't gonna get there doing thatMarco shit Sarita on Saturday very hardto go past she's going she's gonna makesure everybody know they I'm holleringright nowright right she's one of those peopleokay and I remember when when we firstsat there together into condos me Nickyand Keven she and she was looking at mealmost tears on her eyes telling me shewas like we can't we ain't fucking withnobody else you are the last personwe're bringing in and we need to knowcan you be trustedand I and all I could do is look at herand say look I can tell you a lot all Icould do is show you as long as nobodydo me wrong or no lungs nobody commitstreason we're good you know we called itat that time we'll call each otherfamily now sis that was careful we'renot bringing anybody else in as if she'srunning this shit Oh Kevin starting allover I do have a newborn at Joey's whatare you doing that the world is changingoh you don't have her pregnant beforebut it had yeah I was told this is notthe first pregnancy the most successfulthe most exciting was there talk ofgetting rid of this baby - I don't knowokay okay all right cool well no that'sreally all that I is there anything elseyou want to let the viewers know beforewe sign off my wife is definitely not afreak so don't you see how public don'twe try to people you know we just had toget the truth out that's it you knowshe's my support system and I love heryou know she's a businesswoman you knowlook out for the web sites underconstruction right now you know bookssubscribe on YouTube when you can what'sthe websiteOh WWE beyond Viacom okay are youmanaging him now or no well we're shehas okay and do you have any place thatthey can follow you to cuz I'm sure yougot a lot of fans now girl at crazy QuayI see you on I do I don't have aFacebook spell that for themq you a zy q you a why I see youliterally you could say hi everyone okayokayand so you're happy with everythingbeing out yes I'm very happy god is goodyeah I willOh ever since I was 16 I declared not toever believe in God oh I'm gonna eatthis for the last 10 years so if anybodycould tell you about God I can I canexplain to you God on all kind of levelsbecause I've been through it I'vewitnessed it and I and I never tookaccountability for all the experiencesthat God gave me for me to look back onit it's afrom okay you know so okay well you wantto sign us off with Alyssa which I thinkI should do I don't know I don't knowyou got an original I do I doget us what an original que I know thatyou may be afraid of falling for mebut take a chance I can be the man withyour heart in hand hold it up for ransomwith all the lovers in the world I knowyou got options you looks just like acovergirlthere ain't nothing stopping another guyfrom taking my spotI won't let me be the reason you're notmine so I hope you got one more chancein you just for us hope you got a onemore spot in your heart for a love hopethat you look in my eyes baby thenyou'll see that all I want to love you a[Music]V on vibes or an IG crazy Q I see youlove your men okay and of course signingoff yours truly now I gotta go okay[Music]

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