Exclusive | Jay Z. allegedly had 15 year-old PERFORM 0R*L & now he’s IMPLICATED in R.Kelly Case

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why the hell so many people are tryingto tell me to slow down seems likemotherfucker should be shutting the hellup and enjoy the show[Music]bringing you a Jay Z exclusive heardfirst on this channel jay-z hasallegedly been implemented in this wholer kelly case that's being built rightnow as we speakhe is allegedly being accused ofallowing a 15 year old girl back in theearly 2000s back when he and r kellyboth worked on the best of both worldsalbum of allowing a 15 year old girl toperform oral sex on him now before I getinto specifics okay I got to bringsomething up because it ties right intothis whole thing okay I know you are RKelly doubt but I gotta paint thepicture so that you understand how he'stied into it although I just alreadytold you do y'all remember the girl thatI blasted that wrote the book survivingdaddy and she was promoting the book onInstagram and actually had some of herpeople sent me a copy of the book hopingthat I would promote it here but insteadafter I had received text messages ofher confessing that she was still in acurrent relationship with art Kelly Iwas already not feeling her ass becausehow you gonna ask me to promote a damnbook for you but you still have yet tocome forward to let the world know whoyou are and have spoken to anyauthorities okay so it was a check grantand so back during this time when Iactually outed Jermaine Mackie akabubble it was around the time when Iaired her out and show text messagesthat were between her and another sourceand she was actually telling the sourcethat she actually was still sleepingwith r kelly at the time and this was asearly as last year now this story thatI'm about to unwind here completelycontradicts everything that she has toldeverybody and so I'm here to tell youeven though I'm bringing you specificson this I highly believe that she istelling more than one lie whichdiscredits the whole story whatever letyou know allegedly what's been said andhow things are getting ready totranspire right now this video isanswer buy herbal results okay makers ofthe olive leaf extract a full spectrumhealth dietary supplement pretty much aliquid form of some of the best Omegathrees extracted from some of theworld's best olives in the worldit's a powerful supplement that aids incontrolling cholesterol blood sugar andit promotes a meal and a health okayvisit my olive leaf dot biz below in thedescription box as well as in thecomment now right before my trip toParis I actually got a phone call from avery close source of mine and she saidthat I needed to speak to someone okayand she actually put this young ladyhere on the phone who only sends filtersnapchat pictures to bloggers and haslong therapeutic sessions with bloggersand other Arkell acquaintance okay buthas yet to come forward regarding herstory okay I don't understand how youtalking to bloggers but you don't wantyour story told well I'm here to endthat cycle right now today okay I'm nota paid therapist I'm a plate I'm a paidblogger and when you decide to get onthe phone with a blogger a few times andwhen you decide to jump in a bloggers DMa few times I'm inclined to think thatyou want the story out but you're toopumped and put it out yourself okay soit's kind of like I don't want it outI'm not ready why are you doing this tome but why the hell are you on the phonewith a damn blogger more than oneblogger okay now before my recent tripto Paris I actually spoke to her on thephone and that's what she revealed hername to me and this snapchat picture Iasked if the allegations were truebecause I kind of heard from thegrapevine that jay-z was actuallywrapped up into all this and she saidyes and that she had sought an attorneyand I'll tell you about that towards theend of the video now during ourconversation I asked her I said are youlooking to tell your story are youlooking to push books okay she said I'mready to talk we discussed how we weregoing to go forward but then we just cutoff communication completely until sheheard on social media that I wasactually gonna bring you guys thespecifics after all okay because I'mjust tired of the lies I'm tired of theinconsistencies I'm tired of herreaching out to different people sayingthat she wants to come clean that shegets back and she turns around andchanges her mind but yet still wants thewhole conversation with bloggers solet's go ahead and unwind herour entire story okay her words not minebut you're gonna hear a lot of my damnopinion now Latoya Middleton claims thatshe allegedly met our Kelly at 13 yearsold okay so this was back I believe in2001 as she stayed during the summer shesaid there are Kelly and jay-z were bothworking on the best of both worlds albumthat actually dropped in 2002 of Marchand I just want to let you know that herstory seems to be similar to how othergirls have met our Kelly when they wereallegedly underage she claims that shewas at a concert at 13 years old at anour Kelly concert back then he talkingabout God knows what under the Sun shesays that they met eyes and after theconcert they exchanged numbers at anafter-party and I still don't understandhow she was able to get to anafter-party at 13 years old okay I havequestions and that's why I'm blastingher ass not hopefully she'll come outand tell another blogger the truth sinceshe'd been giving these long therapeuticsessions with a lot of bloggers she alsoclaims that at this after party that wasafter the concert that they did exchangenumbers our Kelly allegedly instructedher to call him daddy and no age wasever discussed at the after-party heprobably figured that she was old enoughbeing now a grown ass was that an afterparty without parental supervisionnow I'm today allegedly exchangednumbers she claims that they actuallymet at a studio with no parent in sightand she actually claims in her statementthat during this alleged pedophilia assrelationship that her mother once metare Kelly later into the relationshipand our Kelly was actually I believe twoyears younger than her mom and her momreally didn't give a damn about who shewas sleeping with whether it was ourKelly or anybody else for that matterokayshe claims that she doesn't have amother-daughter relationship with hermom right now based on her mom notobjecting to her relationship with ourKelly now Latoya Middleton also allegesthat when she was 13 years old our Kellytook her virginity okay and thishappened when they were allegedly in thestudio she came to see him she claimsthat a song was actually made thatnight and during this session he askedher to get up and model I believe nakedand while she was modeling he wasmasturbating and then he proceeded toask her and she was a virgin she saidyes and then that's when he gave hersomething to drink later down and shesaid it was the most painful thing thatshe's ever experienced in her life andactually while she was crying during theintercourse he said that he quoted Ilove this sweet little pussy and he alsoinstructed her to call him daddy duringthe session now according to Latoya onother occasions she said that she wasactually fed pills and Hennessy by himbefore intercourse and they would end uphaving sex the entire night so much sothat they would start the night beforeand end up having sex until the nextmorning and people will walk into thestudio accidentally and did not knowthat they were in there having sex shesaid that on one occasion our Kelley'sgirlfriend allegedly showed up who goesby the name of Donny he introduced herto the girlfriend gave LaToya $200 andtold her to get her young ass on ok Iguess why he proceeded to put his pin inthe girlfriend because word on thestreet/ his old manager the tour managerDemetrius is that he's nasty he's nevertaking showers and he doesn't evenunderstand how women we even sleep withour Kelly because he would go for atleast two weeks without taking a showerhe would be in the studio all night okthen he would go play basketball andthen when he's done he would go to sleepor if he had a show he would just getdressed for the show and went bathe forup to two weeks at a time so he didn'teven understand how women were laid outwith him and actually told me it was themoney his words not mine now on to Jay Znow Jay Z as we discussed earlier in thevideo was allegedly at one of thesessions with our Kelly okay and sheclaims that she was sent to get somefood at 15 years old came back with thefood jay-z was sitting in the studio shewent over and kissed her man and sat onhis lap and he allegedly told her thatwe could get in trouble if anybody foundout your age she wasn't very specific inher details here she was really specificwith everything pertaining to our Kellybut she wasn't specific to jay-zalthough he is allegedly implemented inthis particular investigation and Lawsonshe says after that initial firstmeeting there was another meeting andshe allegedly pleasure jay-z in thedressing room at 15 years old by givinghim oral sexnow after that alleged encounter betweenher r kelly and jay-z she says there wasanother encounter where they somehowwere having a concert and she allegedlyended up pleasuring jay-z in thedressing room by giving him oral sex at15 years old she also says that shethought that r kelly may have found outbecause that same night after she wasdone pleasuring jay-z our Kelly cameover and he was very violent towards heractually choked up said that he wouldkill her but he ain't no killer becauseallegedly her vagina is too good not tokill her and then she described whatseemed to be a rape moment where duringthis altercation with him he actuallychoked her up proceeded to put his penisin her was telling her that he was gonnakill her climaxed and choked her at thesame time okay and then sit her ass homeand all of this happened to her aftershe allegedly leftjay-z's dressing room and ran into artKelly backstage now to sum things up sheactually claims that she's witnessedsome of our Kelly's deepest fetishes andactually participated in them one beingfeces her words not mineand her peeing on him and him peeing onher and she's actually alleged that herare Kelly and Jermaine Mackie aka Bubbaallegedly had a few threesomes as wellthis story contradicts her entire booksurviving daddy and that's why I couldsay ass out on social media and y'allwas like Tasha why are you dragging herI'm dragging her because the shit likethis now according to her she hasallegedly saw Gloria Allred and GloriaAllred the attorney who's handling a fewof our Kelly's alleged plaintiffs she isbeing represented by Gloria Allred andthere is a case right now allegedlybeing built because I know for a factthat Latoya is working with theauthorities I got confirmation on thatand I can't tell you how I gotconfirmation on that but JZ is actuallybeing brought up into this - becauseshe's accusing himreceiving oral sex from her at 15 yearsold and he didn't verify the aginganything he's just as guilty as ourKelly allegedly okay and this is what'sbeing told and this was allegedly beingbuilt right now behind the scenes inGloria Allred is the leading attorney onthis okay and like I said you heardeverything first here on on wine watashicare now this woman Latoya Middletonclaims that she left our Kelly in 2008after she met her now ex-husband onsocial media but she has a baby anddoesn't know if our Kelly or her nowex-husband is her son's father her wordsnot mine now if all of this is true okaybecause like I said I am highlyquestioning her credibility being thatshe was just selling books last yearokay a book that refused to promote onthis channel anywhere else okay and Iknow a lot of y'all was reading thatbook and y'all didn't understand why Iwas blessing her ass and but I wasvictim same but this is why okay becauseshe told one story in one book and thenshe's telling Gloria Allred allegedlyanother story okay and so I just don'thave time for these chick victims and Ithink the only reason jay-z was probablybrought up into this was because thereis a potential check because word on thestreet this ain't the first lawsuit thathe has settled if this one is settledokay if he's not charged fuck aroundwith our Kelly and if our Kelly doesn'tget the urge to snitch on all the assesfor their participation okay because alot of people worked with our Kelly alot of people were in the studio withhim and we've seen many documentaries ofproducers saying they didn't walk inthere and see young girls naked standingbeside Kelly he would be looking attheir booties okay and that songallegedly feeling on your booty wasderived from him feeling onthirteen-year-olds booties that was inthe studio okay and the produceractually came out saying in so manywords that he mastered that damn recordso if jay-z is implicated in this andGloria Allred has sent him papers notsent such him papers I imagine this isall probably going to go away with aquick check because rumor has it thatthis ain't the first lawsuit that he hassettled and they st. the first younggirl he that he's been involved with atall the only difference between him andour Kelly no there ain't no differencein that you fucking kids you fuckingkids okay ain't nouses for nobody but anyway if thereisn't going to be a settlement and theydo proceed to moves for I do feel thatJC does have a way out of this situationbeing that he could easily say I didn'tknow her age okay she was backstage itwasn't somebody that I went to look forshe just happened to be there I wasdrunk because you know he used to drinkI don't know if he drinks now I knowhe's on his vegan thing but he caneasily say that and make up some excuseas to why that girl went with him andthat girls were are Kelly he had nodealings with their girl except for onlyone time at this concert allegedly okayand so this case could go two ways ifthere's even a case but knowing GloriaAllred's thirsty-ass okay and she raisedher daughter to be the same way Lisabloom she probably gonna figure out sometype of way on how to get some type ofjustice where the monetary and probablywill push for a legal proceeding andthat will still end up being monetaryjust to kind of make this shit go awaybecause it doesn't look good at one ofour world's black billionaires isinvolved in something like this okay andto be honest which I think that this isall Latoya wants anyway okay becauselike I said she was selling a fake storyand fake books last year and now I lovea say she's gotten a lawyer becausetheir books weren't bringing in themoney that she needed okay and so do Iwant our Kelly held accountable for theshit that he's done yes but do I wantpeople like this to continue to profitand manipulate people just for a checkhell no but unfortunately I think ourKelly just knew who to choose and who togo after because he knew that he couldeasily incriminate they asses as much ashe's incriminating and that's why it'sbeen so hard to charge his ass for thistime okay so don't be surprised like Isaid if it doesn't even come for becauselike I said jay-z got the type of moneywhere he'll make all this shit disappearand never even see the light of day okaynow I gotta go hoo-hoo Lord oh Jesus Ineed four mm now real quick before I gofor those of y'all that have questionson expanding a wine tasting palette youguys know that I am affiliated with thetasting room okay and for $9.95 this isa wine membership they're gonna ask youthree simple questions using the linkbelow in the description box as well asin the comment section and from therethey're gonna carry six differentbottles of many tasting winesokay caters specifically to your tastingprofile all for $9.95 now this is a wineclub which means if you like it after 30days they're gonna start mailing youwines here ready from different fingersall over the world to your door for asmall fee but if it's something youdon't like please cancel within 30 daysbut I don't believe in selling yousomething that I don't personally likeand the reviews that I've got knowingthis from the winos who are tasting roommembers all of them have great things tosay about it okay now that was in 95cents the link is below in the video aswell as in description as well as in thedescription box thank you all so muchfor watching alright if you like thisvideo subscribe you can also find me onFacebook Instagram Twitter and snapchatand unwind with Tasha Kay if you guyswant my consulting services on how tobuild reconstruct your YouTube channelor just need advice on branding as awhole please feel free to book throughmy website unwind with Tasha kake.comalso if you have tips on your favoritecelebrities okay you will dealpersonally with me so don't be afraid tosend me an email these emails comedirectly to me they're not shared withanybody and I will keep you anonymousespecially if you have a big ass storyokay but you can't be like this one hereyou can't be like Latoya we don't dothat okay I've given her chance afterchance but she has decided that she justwanted a monetary gain from this andlike I said I know personally that sheis working with the authorities okay sheworked it hard to get her a check butplease if you have tips please email mepersonally at unwind watashi kagmail.com inhale if you didn't like thisvideo you can still subscribe anywayjust so you because my a sound not thatI really gives a damn in a way now Igots to go okay bye[Music]

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Jay Z. allegedly has been implicated in R.Kelly’s mess. A woman by the name of Latoya Middleton has allegedly sought attorney Gloria Alred to represent her in this potential case. Jay Z’s story is Developing.

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  148. MyCabbage1

    The problem I have with this is everyone wants to get the news out first. It doesn’t even matter if it’s true. You tarnish people’s names and reputation with this nonsense. It’s always our own people gossiping and throwing dirt. It’s like crabs in a barrel. Why be the one to even put this out? Why?

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    PRAYERS UP 🤗😍🙇‍♀️😘

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  327. Dorothy Mays-Pitts

    💵💰💵 is the name of the game and those 2 Jew lawyers aren’t worried about the welfare of Black women their interest is to take steal and bring especially Black men down financially and with disgrace. Has Harvey Weinstein gone to jail or lost his money 💰 or business like Bill Cosby. NO. Weinstein’ went to a 30 day Counseling session while Bill Cosby went to jail and a long goose neck lesbian got paid Bill Cosby money 💵. Do U realize that Jews and Caucasians Rape molestated Impregnated And violated Black women in every cruel way and to date nothing has been done about it. We have light bright and almost White Blacks walking around in shame because they do not know who they R who is going to deal with that. And U talk about age my great aunt had a daughter that she was only 11 years older than. What is going down agewise R taught misbehaviors. Who is dealing with that. Thank about that. Now back to your 🍷 wine. DPitts. God Bless🙏🏿💕

  328. Rated R Rideout

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