Exclusive | Cardi’s Alleged VlCTlM Saw M0NISTAT Box & PASSED OUT, Nicki Minaj Friend Talks R0B*ERY

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1,675 Thoughts to “Exclusive | Cardi’s Alleged VlCTlM Saw M0NISTAT Box & PASSED OUT, Nicki Minaj Friend Talks R0B*ERY”

  1. Nancy Long

    My first time on this channel and I’m hooked!!!!! Can’t stop watching as you let the story unfold and you give all sides of it a chance…. and enough rope to sink or swim!! 😅😅😅😅
    You let them make themselves look like fools when they lying… You let them go on!!😅
    NEW SUB!!!

  2. mcapril291

    Alright Cindefella with your one shoe! Burr! Burr! Hilarious😂

  3. Aschika James

    Don’t I mind me I don’t comment a lot but I watch all your videos you’re the only person I watch I just watch and like

  4. Angel 1908

    CARDI B HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR 21 BILLBOARD NOMINATIONS!!! 😮 wow! CONGRATULATIONS CARDI!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽!!👏🏽👏🏽😂😂😂😂Dang she is still winning! Thought she was canceled 😂😂😂😂😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😂😂!🤷🏽‍♀️Where! Plus she has a statue!! Canceled where😂😂😂😂😂😂!??

  5. Saudia Jacqueline

    CARDI P P 4 PREDATOR, Is she aware what she did to Black men is part of our history..Freed black men , freed slaves were drugged and resold into captivity

  6. veronicamariek1

    Guarantee she has trichomoniasis….

  7. Nyapouch Makuach

    Tasha has the highest quality live-streams

  8. Desse Ducats

    In the beginning jack says it was before cardi was all okurrrrrr then he says that’s the last thing he heard lol okay actor.. revise that damn script

  9. Jerica P Nelson

    You never boast about your wromg doings unless youre confessing your sins to be a testimony to someone else. I did these things too and I am not proud. But thank God for letting me see I was wrong and I needed to change my heart. When I hear certain stuff from Cardi it makes me cringe. It’s not right to justify it man thats like a guy saying he used to traffic women to get money to pay for college, it’s not right man. All we can do is pray🙏🙏🙏

  10. Lou Chatman

    Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut

  11. Breanna Baxtron

    Lol why you ain’t edit out the technical difficulties part ?? 😑 took up so much pointless time ..

  12. April Steele

    When you said “Technical difficulties” and the ad popped up I was like “ TASHA YOU AINT SLICK” *Remembers to take drops* You ain’t slick! Lol 😂😂😂

  13. Tien Ms.jones

    Nicki is still a accessory to robbery period and from the sounds of it it wasn’t her first time

  14. shareen ruiz

    SOoooo… you’re a “victim”? and you’re upset about this? but you’re smirking when you make the “bird call” as if it was some kind of joke…? I thought he was going to say ” I’m joking ya… I was playing this whole time…” I just don’t see how I can take him seriously after that.

  15. Brigid

    Sooo, was this whole video flashback clip released by Cardi and her threats to sue just a stunt to promote Cardi’s upcoming movie with JLo about Samantha Barbash, the NYC stripper who ran a crime ring of strippers who drugged and robbed men? Was this story viral marketing for the movie ‘Hustler’? The CAST includes Cardi B, Mercedes Ruehl, Julia Stiles, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, Frank Whaley, and transgender stunner Trace Lysette.

  16. Angela Almore First

    Lioness of Judah’s title caught my eye, but I was extremely disappointed.

  17. Angela Almore First

    The title of the live I want you to listen to is: MONA STOP THREATENING ME! NOW! You are acting like a stalker! Black mail is not cool! (MingThe Merciless)

  18. A. H.

    Someone steals your money you remember DETAILS. this dude doesn’t

  19. fair is fair

    Did he just say she didnt know anything about it …that’s very different then what he said on vlad ijs

  20. Angela Almore First

    Listen, there is a lady reading the hell out of Mona Symone. She has been talking for the last 2 hours LIVE but her picture is blurry. I’m going to find it for you and tell you her name. Keep doing a GREAT! job.

  21. shannon Alexis

    Crazy how this story just disappeared

  22. Ali Davis

    Isn’t he a actor?

  23. sean Lewis

    Jason lee is the worst using nicki name in cardi bullshit smdh

  24. Rashod Lamar

    No wine i must be behind what happen? 👀 to se if they notice im a man and i stay all on bae channel. Lmao

  25. Genese Knox

    I’ve never seen someone talk about being assaulted with a smile on his face. He had me WEAK 😭

  26. Stephanie Simpson

    Obviously, she has not been brought up by anyone that was respectful or had any role models. She shows what kind of person that she is to the public and they still all follow her and her company that endorses her don’t care.

  27. La Toya Fisher

    5* hotel with no robes…miss me with the one shoe.

  28. Francisco Santiago

    Love you 🍾🍸

  29. Neshjayah Boles

    Tasha Throwing Major Shade At Cardi, We Get It U Don’t Care For Her & That’s Fine But Keep It Mature & Stick To Facts.. I’m Just Sayin

  30. Neshjayah Boles

    Audio Said He Was In Club W/ Nicki Saw Guy & Told Nicki What He Was Bout To Do He Said Nicki Said Hurry Up.. Now Tasha Talkin To Him & Now He Sayin Nicki Wasn’t Aware Of The Situation.. I Can’t Deal Yo .. She Was Just A Driver .. she Still Took Part In The Robbery & It’s Wrong Period Like I Don’t Understand That

  31. Neshjayah Boles

    I too Honestly don’t agree that the Cardi & Nicki situations should be compared is the total opposite but if it is gone viral from Bardi Gang I Think It’s To Show that neither one of them are perfect they both did some F’d Up Ish In Their Past Life. If U Goin Talk About One Talk About It All. Ain’t No Hiding U Wrong U Wrong Period ! What Sense Does That Make To Say Oh Their situations Aren’t The Same ? Technically it’s not but again they are both wrong for their actions! True Or Not the Allegations Are F’d Up Period

  32. Takese Knight

    He did penetrate he just doesn’t wanna admit that after he saw that she must be sick down there he still hit it!

  33. Sheena Rehema

    this guy is he for real

  34. Shante James

    Love your show i have watch every last one of your shows congrats on the lil one

  35. Yeni

    He passed out over a common medication for a yeast infection ? That’s dumb af

  36. jenna Pitts

    Oh good lord. You act like you never had a yeast infection before. It’s an over production of bacteria due to too much sugar and a hot damp place.  Diabetics get them a lot.

  37. aisha imran

    i love your intro. it makes me almost wanna jump outta my seat.

  38. Royalty221

    She did this is New York tho is “trick rolling” considered a crime in New York?

  39. The Tee Tribe

    Wow. The love of money is the root of all types of evil. After he realizes that he just admitted to being a trick, I wonder how he is going to prove how he earned the 10k. Smh

  40. Tha Missiz

    Cardi doing the Tekashi..when you get caught don’t snitch.

  41. Tha Missiz

    clout chasing and caping was the word 7even Up was looking for.

  42. Tha Missiz

    Even if we want to compare what Nicki did to what Cardi did… YOU CAN’T…Nobody was drugged. And Nicki wasn’t the one doing the crime. And Nicki not dumb enough to post a video snitching on her self or anybody else.

  43. Tha Missiz

    7even Up story is hearsay, Nicki never told on her self. Cardi needs to take her Ls and leave Nicki out of this. Seriously I really been caping for Cardi, but I’m done, this ho went too far. Now she trying to justify raping, drugging, and gay sexing men. Lock her up.

  44. redredblondie1

    Tasha, I like CardiB, but that case is done, she said what she did all by herself. So, she cannot sue nobody about slander cuz she told on herself.

  45. Kreyon Divinity


  46. Mahogany. Applebum

    Cardi got too much of big mouth for her to be sending lawsuits to people.

  47. Violet Duh

    He Might Not Be Capping Though

  48. Violet Duh

    Afford Some Chapstick?? Sheesh..

  49. Mrs Brown

    Your life must suck. You sit there and cyber bully like it’s the thing to do. I have never heard anything positive coming from you. I’m not even a Cardi fan or even heard any of her music. Your energy is nasty…..just gross.

  50. Kym Moore


  51. LPrincess Aziz

    Dude lying. I believed him till he said he left the room with his🍆 in his shoe. What about the sheets? You couldn’t use a sheet to cover yourself?

  52. Marc2k6

    Gateway driver?🤭🤔👀🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  53. Peyton Donna

    Thank you for reading tweets and other content bc I be listening to you when I drive lol

  54. Ashleigh Harvey

    As I a person who is a victim of abuse and had studied psychology, I can honestly say when things hurt you or you feel ashamed, you hide it in the back of your mind and until someone reminds you by describing the event or you end up in the same environment that the incident occurred, you don’t remember because you cannot bare to face it. Likewise, a victim of any kind of assault or any person who had suffered from trauma, remember random things, like the Monostat and they tell everything from their point of view and they recall everything that they remember seeing. Their memories are based on all the random things that they see. Moreover, has anyone ever thought that maybe Cardi B was using the Monistat to hold the drug that she used to knock the men out🤷🏾‍♀️

  55. Rhianna A.S

    This anger you got is going to kill you, find peace. Good luck and God bless

  56. strawberry10cs

    My? Why did all these people wait till The Ladies became famous to come forward with their stories. I Wonder how long they were going to keep their Secrets. 😲

  57. strawberry10cs

    😂 datz fucced up! one 👟 doe.

  58. by Beaux Barron

    The di*k in a shoe…….while what cardi did is prison worthy…..had me laughing til crying !

  59. A.T.O Blog

    Tasha k u are the best””” all the way frm Cameroon (Africa )

  60. Alexandria Ransom

    They must dont want me to finish watching it because it keep pausing and playing

  61. Crystal Lee

    omg THIS DUDE IS LYING!!!!

  62. Lil P

    Jason Lee shaded Nicki minaj but it backfired

  63. 3rd eye Mel

    Too much hatred on this channel 😢🙏

  64. 3rd eye Mel

    still posting about cardi…😳😔😞

  65. hotgyrl58

    he said they broke even after he robbed dude👈🎫. But now sevens saying manaj didn’t get anything from that….🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 @unwinewithtashak

  66. hotgyrl58

    Tasha I. Her Jean pants was hella tight for real lmafo

  67. hotgyrl58

    I seen that shyt on her page and was like @unwinewithtashak ☠💀☠💀😱🤪🤪🤪🤮

  68. Paula Foreman

    Trick rolling early 80s johns 70s

  69. arubansugarlee

    Am late. But i be twerking to the intro. I will have my wine and tea as long as yall keep making videos

  70. jarre toles

    She put her foot in her mouth this time. When she got into it with Nikki they tried to calm her but she HAS to open her mouth on every little thing someone says. Well….


    Cardi B looks like wilslow from catdog

  72. lisanicole305

    This was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever witnessed. Obviously he’s lying and Tasha K looses all credibility for posting this. Now I know she’s just trolling and none of her news is real. She’s dismissed!

  73. Niesha Carter

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 y’all off the mf chain y’all might as well take every stripper to jail the because they all do it well most do it and if they say they don’t then one of their homegirls do it & that’s on my mama 😂 stfu 😂😂😂 you were drugged stoopid how you remember anyway 😂🤨

  74. Lil Flame

    Bring him on the show

  75. Tex Assholdem

    I’m a nurse some women with diabetes have to use it every single day. people grow up.

  76. Deshondra Woodley


  77. ingrid717

    I love Tasha. She is the better than Oprah, etc. She is the truth! She’s not a groupie and treats everyone like they’re human.

  78. Nikki Williams

    Wait a minute, he admitted to doing illegal stuff himself, pushing drugs and he wants to expose cardi b? Oh no, take this loss and keep it moving.

  79. Tasha Jackson

    Why are you so obsessed with Cardi you’ve lied on every person that you know know her and then dude lied so how you feel then you didn’t like what mr. Jackson said so you made up lies about him you are crazy

  80. Christie Morris

    Soooo he couldn’t get a robe or a towel from this 5⭐ hotel???? I’on know if I believe

  81. Mia Bella

    This mf!!!! Is lying 🤥!!!! Def needs to stick to his day job!!!!

  82. georgiapeacheez

    You roll the R, Brrrrrr🤣

  83. Dirty Bird

    Love that shirt Tasha!

  84. Nia Merced

    5 star hotels have towels in the bathroom and bathrobes in the closet. You didn’t have to run out the room with your junk in a shoe🙄. Classy aren’t we?

  85. Angel 1908

    CARDI B IS NOT GOING WHERE🎶🤷🏽‍♀️😂👍🏽🙏🏽 nice try! Try again! 😂😂😂🙏🏽

  86. reina1124

    OMG, the video was too funny. He underestimated the situation and Cardi. 😂



  88. Diego Ferrandino

    Sympathy and Payola💀😂😂😂

  89. Giselle St Claire

    Why won’t he get his lawyer? Anyway, he allegedly saw the Monistate (red flag) and still went in that “nasty garbage can”. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!

  90. Melanin_monroe

    I don’t know about this. He already said he heard the interview so I think he just threw that in there. On the video he said he didn’t remember a thing after the hen then he’s hinting to you there’s a possibility he hit. Sounds really suspect to me.

  91. Kizzy Harding

    The mistake he made was calling himself out by saying he was doing illegal stuff, should have sold the story to someone else to say “allegedly”

  92. Heather Hamilton

    Seems like a lot of he say she say…need more substantiating evidence that can actually prove these selfmade allegations..we know she did but its the who she did it to thats questionable..

  93. Sabra Hardy

    I am for both Cardi and Nicki although I have some feelings. Men too no I am not you meet someone you don’t know at a club with women who sleep with men for money or clout then you go not thinking about your wives or girlfriends or if your taking a disease home from someone you don’t know then you crying because the stranger your going to the hotel with took you for your money? Now when it comes to Bodak Yellow it sounds like the character in the movie “FRESH” CHUCK “E’ making money moves the actor from the movie “FRESH” luis Lantiqua plays FRESH’S FRIEND CHUCK E. also Women in the Rap game should be concentrating on teaming up to get the bag. BEEFING IS WHACK.

  94. Pretty Williams

    Are you ever going to drop the tea on Clarence ?

  95. Peanut G

    Idk why ppl are surprised. This is part of the strip/hoe life game. I’m not condoning it, but what do ppl expect from an ex stripper from the hood. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  96. Kim Mcfarlin

    You are really out for CardiB 🤔

  97. Rain Loper

    Everybody knows Cardi B got a stanking p%$$y, she’s the roach!

  98. Karyn Jennings420

    Did tç

  99. Georgia Mae

    Idk he sounds too stoned to even make out if he lying or not

  100. Courtney Mayrant


  101. Jamilly Suell

    The only blogger I believe and Rock with Tasha K. She has all the Tea, and doesn’t hesitate to spill it 😂😂😂

  102. Angelia Batista H

    So now this guy admitted he was lying!?!? 😂😂😂😂😂

  103. hollie y

    👍👏❤ love your channel! Came here bcuz of The hastag. Hahaha. Love ya Tasha K!!

  104. like it or not

    That man was lying he had a smile on his face the whole time and his story didn’t make since

  105. Antrice84

    I think you should do the Raz B story

  106. OG Savage

    Fakeass pitbull. You knew the story was fake but did it and spun Nicki into it for views you KNOW their damn rivalry is big for people. They racking receipts to Candace sucking you off. You might wanna save her. 🙄

  107. Ene Eriksson

    Leave Nicki alone!!!!

  108. berneisha

    Don’t come for the source.. ppl will be scared to come back to you for information 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

  109. Allen Harris

    U sound like mc light or that 50th NAACP Awards host🤣😁

  110. Madi Zamor

    Folks can clown cardi B for monistat but she may have kept her drug tools in there 🤷🏾‍♀️. Allegedly …

  111. Aari B

    Lol I love her👑❤she’s so real

  112. Karla Queen


  113. Karla Queen

    happy nobody got killed smh “what trash do for cash lol 😫 cold world🙀

  114. Ghettofyd Network

    Have you seen PimpeeT Hoe Detective yet?…Come on over and watch…It’s the best HOOD Funnies out there!!!😂😂😉

  115. King Zoza

    It’s a different tax bracket upper echelon

  116. victory iswon

    This was straight clownery…Tasha I love u but nah

  117. Nicole Foxx

    So why come out now ???? I think one of cardi haters paid him or pushed him up to make this story up.

  118. Mz. Mejia

    Man, its stupid but i almost wish the color of ones skin could warn me of the handfull these dudes like perpetuating. But alas, we cant have it all now,can we? I guess life would be less interesting if it eas that easy.

  119. Rebecka Templeton

    U real Tasha!!! I’m ready for your next true story on these so called celebs!!! Also Avenatti should go down especially for trying to sue Nikei!!! He so much on putting R.Kelly down!!! Now he gotta try to save himself!!! Lisa Van Allen said she was on the past tape of this so called 14yr old why didn’t it show her on this past tape???? I’m just saying…

  120. Ruby Marbury

    One shoe and a voucher? :O

  121. Shamika Redmond

    Tasha k is the trump of YouTube reporting fake news has a hard on for Cardi or anybody who doesn’t agree with her. By the way the guy came out and said he was not telling the truth just like star marie wasn’t telling the truth!! Your sources have been proven not to be credible yet again your not credible!


    You ran out the hotel with just a shoe? No blankets no sheets?

  123. Jewlene Finch

    what does Nicki have to do with cardi doing wrong??? cardi wrong for this!

  124. Jewlene Finch

    It’s not going to be funny when you are in HELL 7-up. People really need to start thinking about the after life.

  125. Trixiesongzxoxo 2012

    # Real gangsters don’t stitch on them selves 🔥

  126. Jewlene Finch

    eew, Monistat doesn’t work right away. some take 24 hours, some take 2 or 3 days and then there is the week one soooo. yea ! she nasty for that. he probably got that from your other interview too.

  127. Jewlene Finch

    I don’t believe it .$30 for a private dance? At what strip club they do that at ? isn’t it like hundreds of dollars? And then he said he was a drug dealer. don’t you have people to find her after? you remember what she looked like and you could have got the club yall went to from the people you went with and found her.


    I fuks with you hard Momma keep doing you😉

  129. Georgina Greaves

    He needs subtitles under his crap! JS

  130. Ngalula Dodier

    Lool Tasha your response at 24:22 “she need to rest” 😂😂😂 I’m lmao 🤣

  131. Adonis Dakidd

    Entertaining is all I’mma say 🙄

  132. Ai Jensei

    Lol you guys can look over this ad real quick.

  133. otty rups

    is Cardi a man? why yall calling this man gay? i beleive him

  134. Xtine McLeod

    Can someone tell how cardi even became famous. She bearly can speak proper English.

  135. TheFashion Kvlla


  136. Mario Chandler

    She sound like M.C. Lyte 😂😂😂

  137. Sherell E

    At this point I’m tryna figure out if she should take that 🐱cat to the doctor or the Vet.😂

  138. Anjana Devi Kumar MHT

    Came to this channel from comments on ENews channel. Loving it!

  139. Ev in

    Love you ❤ you bring some hotass tea

  140. Arkethia Terrell

    Tasha I hope Cardi get to what’s coming to her, she robbed men for money in her own words. KARMA is a B, and Cardi hopefully will get hers, you can’t rob and drug people for money. I lost my first apt. I tucked my tail and moved back home. Never did I think I would rob someone.

  141. GiGi

    He doesent seem creditable first of all why would u come out now saying she did this to you after cardi spoke about it first…and how did u have a lay over but decide to go to a strip club bringing 10,000…. plus he can’t even answer simple questions on the phone and saying he can’t remember. bruh is REACHING!!!🤣

  142. pearlgenuine

    Cardi B is trash literally..I am glad people are finally opening their eyes and ears to who this trashy chick really is.

  143. life of the alstons

    I am a new subscriber i really love your show and feels like you more down to earth than other bloggers congrats on your bundle of joy i am team wino by the way hopefully i can talk to you one day

  144. tyhiem harris

    So he knew the guy that he robbed and they best friend FOH!!!

  145. La Oli

    That wannabe actor straight up lie. I hope he gets in trouble. He sucks in acting too.

  146. Eboneice Lee

    Say say I love card I b….God don’t like ugly tasha

  147. Janice Green

    Let Here Be Because You Well Be Next If You Keep Doings Things Like This And how you like it if someone put you out that And this man have never said nothing now he come out no Don’t Believe nothing he said all about money 💰 sSo Sad 😞 😊😊☺️

  148. Oh Val Comedian Valerie Thrower

    Tasha keep that tough skin!!!😍

  149. Julie Shepard

    Lies all lies

  150. Sarah joy

    He sounds like he’s lying to me…lol.

  151. Ajda A.

    Why are people surprised? Everbody is acting like they didn’t see this coming 😭😂

  152. Expose Them Episodes

    Another video about Cardi B,filled with lies,libel,slander & malicious intent.

  153. Lissa Brooks

    Did he just wipe his nose with his shirt? He lyin’.

  154. Spicey Ky

    The reason this crime is so serious in Vegas is because we protect our TOURISTS at all costs. In the V, this is typically a crime against tourists. They will fry you there for this.

  155. Bailey Creme

    Is it hard for you to keep all your lies straight? You must be stupid. Lol.

  156. All4One AndOne4YAH

    Soo Umm You A Tranny Man? Cause you are not pregnant sir 😐

  157. Tiana Harper

    Cardi b was playing a dangerous game. Anyone could have went back to that club and found her and get revenge

  158. Asia Williamson

    Y’all say leave nicki out of it
    When nicki fans pull nicki in it

  159. China B

    Both of them are going to stop their own bags if they dont learn when to shut up. I bet both their husbands are losing their minds now😂😂😂

  160. Aamra Kamran

    I was going through social media and it is sad so many black women are supporting this gutter rat cardi.

  161. Jay Land

    Nicki Minaj’s fans are press asf ‼️ in the comments

  162. Frances Jean Louis

    Tasha: “She didn’t use nona dat (as in none of that) money for studio time?”
    Me: Too funny!

  163. Januesimone Jackson

    Cardi mouth is her own enemy…. Censorship is everything. She tried to point someone splinter out and fucked around an exposed her own plank! Dummy

  164. Januesimone Jackson

    The little noise he made lmao it was before Bacardi and that kkrkrt

  165. Frances Jean Louis

    This trash bag, 7seven is messy asf!

  166. Tamira Bennett Volk

    Still not canceling Cardi or Nikki. LOL Love you Tasha. Sometimes I feel guilty watching but, I knew you were different and would be successful. That’s what your energy tells me.

  167. LucckyLady Tazzz87

    I’m not sayin Cardi didn’t rob dudes but I don’t believe this dude story

  168. Noel Boswell

    Drops Mic….👏

  169. Abiola Ogunlana

    Hello Tasha, can you advise me on the hardware i need to achieve a beautiful live stream such as yours. I know you are very busy, but please shoot me an equipment list. You are appreciated. Keep sipping.

  170. JustZayIt

    Stay on Cardis neck!!!!!

  171. Amina Robinson

    It’s sad Jason Lee won’t let Nicki live in peace she on a total different level

  172. Octavia B.

    I love you Tasha but this video is clearly Nicki sponsored! We all saw the original video of dude saying Nicki was a getaway driver now he is trying to backpedal on her role. Nicki clearly have y’all doing damage control for her. And I get it! It’s just too obvious in this video to me that u went out ur way to ask him what he meant in the original video, when he was VERY clear! 😂😂 That’s just like somebody interviewing Cardi to ask what she meant! It’s clear as day!

  173. Ronald Lucas

    Tasha why are you are you doing this? This dude is clearly lying. You can’t hate Cardi so much to run with this guy’s false narrative. I am disappointed. You are better than this Tasha

  174. Alease Cherry

    I stumbled across this channel months ago while i was feeling my Dublin. I havent been disappointed. Keep gettin it Sis. Luv u

  175. Yvette Cousin

    def-mangument of character she finna sue you 😆😆😆😀
    lol meanwhile Nicki still got all her edges lol

  176. Coco Nicholson

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  182. Jeanica2Natural

    Jason Lee is on Cardi B and the Kardashians’ payroll. Since the Jordyn Woods shaming story, I knew he was a fraud. Nicki helped a friend get his money back. Cardi just drugged and robbed like the Clermont Twins WHO DID WENT TO JAIL.

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  210. Datladygreen N.Carter

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    Sorry, but that sounds funny. 😄😁 I was just about to ask if any of the male victims had come forward yet. Well guys, … here’s your chance. 😉 Don’t let it pass you by.

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  266. Cataleya Pyro

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  271. Jacqueline L Johnson


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  273. Chris Raley

    Here to tell everyone that these accusations are false, and are grounds for lawsuit. Tweets have surfaced on Twitter where a fan messaged the alleged “victim” and turns out he is a hired actor, who wanted no quarrel with Cardi B in the first place. The storyline is false and Cardi never said she drugged or raped anyone. She said “I drop these N****s off and I rob them”. Robbing and Raping are absolutely different and Drugging and Dropping are also entirely different. Tasha, you have just proved that you have once again deformated Cardi’s character and should be taken to court.

  274. Ebony W

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    That would be so good if true.

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  316. Cherelle Roberts


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  318. TheSheriffess

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  321. Kayla

    Why didn’t Jack go back to the club and confront her? And if Cardi was making so much money stripping why would she need to rob people?

    I don’t like Cardi and am definitely not sticking up for her, I’m just trying to understand….

  322. Monique UU

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  323. TLady Hill

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  324. KEB

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    WTH does Nicki have to do with her situation? I hope Nicki doesn’t respond to her: keep living her life, making money, being happy, in love.
    I pray she shuts up after this. Hopefully she has learned to stop running her trap. Losing some endorsements will definitely keep her from bragging and telling on herself; They’ll be looking into her videos now, which they should’ve done in the first place.

  330. mika Moss

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  338. B. Carter

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  339. Tazz Mania

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  341. Miss Anderson

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    Y’all know damn well this man lying. I love good music and Cardi B produces that. I don’t understand what the witch-hunt is about. They always want Cardi investigated for something but where was the investigation when Nicki said Ra Ally put the knot on Cardi’s head. And for the record I like them both.

  343. Lovely Bones

    I’m like damn, that 5K could have been a down payment on a multi-family rental unit in Detroit! Am I the only one?

  344. Davette Humble

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    Cardi b is probably a diabetic and doesnt know it diabetics get recurring yeast infections. Its also obvious she wears her pants too tight so this can be a factor as well. IJS

  346. Chery Flora

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  350. candace payne

    I can’t take this man seriously. All while he’s describing his experience he’s inflating himself. Just tell your story.

    Also….we just ignoring someone “dropping a monistat box” so we can smash for $5000? A $5000 smash needs to be yeast free if you ask me.

  351. Donna J. Richardson

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  352. Carmilla Stephens

    LOL Soooooo am I the ONLY person that noticed she’s trying to clear Nikki’s name of all types of foolishness WHILE putting/adding dirt to Cardi’s name?? Cause when this getaway driver story 1st came out, dude was saying he saw somebody he knew, it was before all the cameras yadda yadda and he robbed him. NOW he’s saying dude he robbed owed him some $$ and now they cool but it wasn’t like that, but Nikki was still the driver… It’s crystal clear to me now that Tasha is on Nikki’s payroll smh Damn shame; she done sold her unique voice for some $$. Tasha you are indeed 1 hell of a story teller. I’ll just go ahead and unsubscribe; your fans can continue being sheep.

  353. Chlollie86Lover

    Lol. Why people act like gossiping is against the law? If it was everyone would be in jail.

  354. La’Ren

    Smoking a blunt telling this story is going to back fire! Watch what I tell ya smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  355. laura desmond

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  356. Kimberly Smith

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    If you are part of illegal activity and it went wrong. Stop snitching!

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    Me and my lady trip off yo segments all the time. I started letting in on your page due to my lady asking me, “Ain’t that yo lil Facebook friend on here (referring to your YouTube page) you be talking to? (Referring to Star Marie). Ummmmm, yeahhhhh lol.

    Nevertheless we are going to have to get up with you one day soon on some global intergalactic multimedia / conglomerate type sh*t (IT SPECIALIST / WEB DEVELOPMENT / GRAPHIC DESIGNER AGENCY). Once I finish establishing this new business structure and completing the scripting for our new web / app framework, I will be getting in touch with you. Again, we enjoy your show as always and keep up the great work!!

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    I have a good story to tell, to save a lives, & many people will be like, is she a conspiracy theorist, & I want to be like you when I grow up now! A vlogger is what I wanted to do, with a good Platform & team that can put what I want to do on track or in a perspective. What’s your fees & congrats on your second bundle of joy. 😉You’re a Great YouTuber, I don’t block either… You been helping me stay updated, when no one would God gave me back the internet, something I took myself away from, when I felt I created it, in fell off. I would like your opinion on some things & your facts. I make a lot of decisions by myself & I don’t like it now after I went through a series of events & lost my memory for a while being traumatized. I wrote my brain back into the status it is after multiple medications could had taken me out, but short-term is still bad, & God is still working everything out.
    They sick the people u just said speaks bad comments. You’re Great & the numbers speaks volumes about how people love you & so do I.💯❤😘

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  455. Alice Hood

    Cardi B did a Bill Cosby crime and I hope that these men come forward and press charges against her all the states to press charges because what she did was wrong and it was certainly a Bill Cosby act and she should not get away with it. I hope she goes away and never comes back I hate her she can’t rap I hate to hear her voice she’s a nasty loud irresponsible in this b****! I hope this brings her down.


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  457. Lady Bookworm


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  459. Jessica Williamson

    I didn’t know there was a term for it, but it sure sounds illegal as hell – 😳. No one gave me anything either. Doesn’t mean you lose your soul to drugging and stealing and prostitution. To try to sell me that she thought that was her only option is bullshit on a level that is worthy of our President

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  476. Tricie Taylor

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  485. Desmond Kelly

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  487. **DiamondLace Couture** !Ms McClain!

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  490. Thea Brandolino

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  491. Khrist Roberson

    The problem I have with this man’s story is the fact that he knew who did this to him from day one. Why wait until this comes out about her for him to even speak up? I’m conflicted with the story TBH.

  492. Nelly Robinson

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  496. Leonard Keyes

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  497. Takeshia Davis

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  498. Ms. Diva Spant

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  500. Clive Stewart

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