Exclusive | Cardi’s Alleged VlCTlM Saw M0NISTAT Box & PASSED OUT, Nicki Minaj Friend Talks R0B*ERY

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[Music][Music]okay 24 hours or so okay give me onesecond I got one last photo - to uploadhere okay we've been having sometechnical difficulties behind the scenebut you know that don't ever stop abitch okay we the cameras tending y'allup in here okayhold on real quick so today at ol Johnwe had two exclusives okay so I knowthat you guys have been you've beendoing a great job with the savant ofsurviving cardi betraying making thispublic making it trend bringingawareness to the situation okay and soof course over the last 48 hours there'sbeen like I said some interestingdevelopments there's been a couple ofpeople who have come forward but there'sonly been one that I've taken a bit moreserious than the others okay if his nameis Jack King okay let me put up JackKing's photo really quick where you atmister King okay now I told homo realquick hold on cuz I'm trying to uploadthis other picture to and I'm trying toshow y'all who Jack King is but yet I'mstill trying to upload this other photobut we're gonna we gonna get a shitright here here we go here we go here wego okay hello it didn't upload butanyway he go Jack King will get thatphoto later okay and we'll get thatphoto later now Jack King I have beenspeaking with over the phonesince last night since this videosappeared on Instagram and I watchedevery single one of them and I laugh nowof course there are have been a fewvictims that have come forward allegingthat cardi B has allegedly drugged themand robbed them using the act ofprostitution to do so okay now I know alot of people are laughing at somethinglike this but I don't think it's funnyat all okay because even thoughprostitution is like a misdemeanor crimewhat she actually did was a in legalturn okayit's called chick rolling okay and triprolling is known as a scheme that usesthe false promise of sex for money inorder to scam a would-be John in otherwords the customer otherwise known as atrick is rolled scammed robbed by theprostitute okay prostitution itself is aminor crime okay like I said you you gotprostitutes they don't care they'llcatch a chargethey'll be out on a misdemeanor and lessthan three hours and be back on theblock working finishing up probably toldthe damn John to wait till she get backwe'll finish what we started okayand so individuals can rack up dozens ofprostitution charges without everspinning ass essential a substantialamount of time in jail but in stateslike Las Vegas a lot of state said thisis illegal in ok participation and trickrolling can lead to much more seriouscharges okay and may even result inpossible prison time okay and so if youguys want to read more on trick rollingI suggest you guys just google it butthis is a serious serious crime okay andso I wanted to play Jack'sstatement and also before I play our Jaxstatement there has been a lot of well Iwould say it's trending because of oneparticular blogger not gonna say hisname that is trying to compare what cardhe did actually cardi actually startedthis cardi shaded Nicki Minaj on Twitterwhen this whole hashtag of survivingcardI went viral she actually commented onsomebody's post saying that um it's nodifferent from what your other favorswrapped about and then of course anotherblogger came through and try to throwNicki Minaj under the bus for somethingthat her friend said 7up okaythis guy here okay this guy here hold onlet me let me let me uh let me lowerJack down here for a second okayokay so I don't know if you rememberflat TV did an interview with 7up heused to be a part of the group hoodstars at Nicki Minaj kind of originatedfrom when she first started early hetold a story about Nicki Minaj being thegetaway driver while he robbed someoneokay so I want you to stay tuned forthat after we go through Jack's storyand I present to you his side of thingsand how passionate he is about thissituation I I doubted Jack who when hefirst came out because this shit wasfunny and his profile red actor okay andso on I called him I had him in a DM Iwas like yo I said um is this real Isaid cuz if it's real you need to takethose videos down and let someone thathas a bigger platform exposed you he waslike nah fucked her I'm not taking myvideos down I'm not trying to expose meI'm trying to expose her okay so I wantyou to listen to Jack's story and thenwe'll get into detail about what I thinkand some other things that he had to sayand then we'll move right in to howthey're trying to compare this to whatwas what was said about Nicki Minaj'syou didn't come out of her mouth like hecame out of cardi B's mouth okay anddespite what you guys have heard and alot of publications are trying to spinthis trying to say that cardi wasremorseful in my opinion she wasn'tremorseful okay she actually tried tojustify that she had to do this in orderto pay for studio time okay not to eatnot to pay not to feed any kids oranything for studio time you type in aperson who claims that she's not dumbthat she has a high school diploma andsome college but she chose to go trickroll okayand so let's go ahead and get intoJack's video okay all right[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]was go towards Booker so I paid for thelove - so she did she get the total isbefore she was currently so she was justlike in here nor injected this time youknow what I'm saying so so she said shedon't know where my son is it says so sothe dance done you know they cut eachother Sonny tonnage to clear picture younever played also I'm a playwright I amfour sons she cannot saw me you know meI'm trying to see you againyou know smash so I still roller so sowhat is no boss whatever right so myback put the clothes I'm waiting justdon't eat with a girlfriend tell agirlfriend she get a girlfriend she tellthem okay we got moneyno he's laid back so mean correct getback to the hotel right understandingregistration window citizen wanna takemy dignity gonna stay in the fuckinstory we are finished we right so we getthere first and she went in the backthough rightI think it's no big dealshe was bad[Music][Music]close to the sea bass is a tournamentthat was it never seen himyou know it's amazing you know it wasgiven a sentence at PCC because you knowsome shoes from me you should also seethis from earlier say so interceptorfirst all these orders and all thesenon-disclosure already so make sureyou're fully delete this video cuz Iprefer not to leave you know your region[Laughter]I was one of the first people last nightwhere he uploaded the videos okay andI'm telling you I was just looking athim I was like damn this is reallyreally good like is he acting is hetelling the truthyou don't say that I've asked him youknow what I've said I'm taking exactlywhat I asked him last night okay andthen i'ma play actually two recordingsbetween me and him because Jack gotsomething to say to y'all Jack said Jackgot a message for the viewers foranybody that's telling him otherwise I'mgonna play his message in a second but Iwant to play I want you to uh to hearwhat we talked about last night me andJack because we was on the phone a fewtimes last night and today and I gottasay he's he's serious I it anytime I'veeven tried to like remotely say that isthis true are you like being like paidby Atlantic trying to create this fakelike viral social experiment and I'mtelling you he he went to fuck off hewas not playing with my ass hold on realquick let me pull up the messagesbetween Jack and I okay and so basicallyhe says I said you need to take hisstory down he said why should I takethese down he said I ain't trying toexpose me I'm trying to expose her okayand here's a few text messages betweenme and Jack okay before we really diveinto the fuck hurry and get on tointerviewing okay and having NickiMinaj'sa group member clarify his comments onwhat he meant by her being the getawaydriver okay so we had a lot of messageshere I said hey Jack is this realactually this morning he said y'all seenthe videos what do you think I'm justto leave it up to the viewers and I muststay out of this cuz I don't think youbelieve me Tasha let me put Jack'spicture of Jack let me say somebody needto get Jack the damn job okay besidesthe point of him coming forward to tellsuch intimate details about whathappened with him being a drug dealerand soliciting prostitution and runningout of the hotel with his dick in hisshoe and the last thing he heard was howyou say that shit Bern I can't do itokayI can't I say that shit hold on okay sothen he goes on to say he said cuz ToshI don't think you believe me I said ohno that's not it I said it's just hardto find men who will incriminatethemselves on camera and your IG namesays actor I just wanted to be sure youdon't say he said come on come on many'all heard her say that shit foryourselves that's what she do I said allright we'll call me in five minutes takea quick bathroom break and then he saidI'm at work I can't run in the bathroomI'm stuck on the job y'all i'ma justleave it alone because I think I'malready kicking up too much dust okaythen he actually puts up a video onInstagramduring these text messages because I wasquestioning his story I mean as ablogger we questioned all the stories Idon't just take your story and be likeokay is this is this you know why areyou doing this you know I'm saying likewhat's your motive we have to askquestions like that but he was veryoffended when I asked him questions andI'm gonna let you listen to the to thephone calls so that you'll know actuallyhe took it down wait a minute he tookthe damn video down but daytime T Timescalled that bitch okay where he you knowhis lips was chapped and shit there wascracked and everything he was working inthe work van I don't know what kind ofwork he do but shout out to the brotherworking now as opposed to selling dopeand throwing his money away onprostitutes now I know he wish he couldprobably get every damn dime back thathe does elicited for prostitution andeverything so that he wouldn't have tobe working a job like this and he couldactually afford some chapstick butanyway I'm just saying I'm just sayingum I said some I said big blogs alreadyhave your story you're goingviral by tomorrow some believe you andsome may say it's a social experiment Isay is it a social experiment I said thevideos have been taken off your pagealready he says I think you're workingfor cardi or something and then he saysmessage shaking my head I said how am iworking for her and I'm supposedly in alegal battle with her I said how old areyou then he comes back I'm at work Tashay'all about to get me fired I said okaysorryyou know I'm pushing I'm pressing I'mlike you are getting off that easyokay you ain't getting up that easyy'all follow Jack anyway at Jack Kingunder sport actor okay because even ifnothing pops off here cuz he said on thephone he didn't want to sound like thecloud chaser that's why he didn't reallywant to get on camera to do an interviewbut he gave me a voice statement to telly'all answers okay and probably me toocuz he was cussing my ass out soon okayso I said okay I said okay sorry jack Isaid I will run the storyi'ma retract my statement of calling youlike you know or or suggesting that youwere lying or being like ploy you knowbeing sick that's like a decoy as a partof a social experiment just so you knowAtlantic and cardi and them can provethat she's under attack and she will beblamed for anything whether it's realnews or fake news and it kind ofconfuses the viewers going forward thesesocial experiments on what's true andwhat's notwe remember the last social experimentokay then I um that I got busted out onokay dealing with Travis Scott okay mysource told me well he does likebutterflies the girls got butterfly shewas trolling the internet so I broughtthe information that my source said butthen everybody was like oh see he's notcheatingTravis is not cheating but then we hearweeks later after Khloe Kardashian umsince that she was cheated on by herbaby daddy but she went where his assokay she's just using this as an excuseand as a storyline on the show okay soshe threw that black man under the busshe thought he was gonna turn out likeLamar Odom but he said no no dope I'mjust gonna fuck around on you that'sexactly what he said oh got a leak Idon't need dope to get away from you Ineed pussy other pussy to get away fromyour ass okay and that's what he did hedidn'tthe crack he ran to pussy but anywayokay and so then we hear that kindlythat Travis Scott deletes his wholeInstagram cause Kylie foundinappropriate messages and I actually doknow one of the girls that were act thatwas actually just blocked from TravisScott's page because they were allegedlymessing around okayand so those social experiments kind ofthrow people off and this is theinclination that I got when he cameforward I'm like well you seem like youcould use a little bit of money but Isee you I hear working hard you ain'tselling dope to the community no moreyou ain't doing none of that so i'magive you the benefit of the doubtokay but let me keep reading themessages I said okay I'm sorry I willrun the story and retracting mystatement now cuz remember I told y'allearlier that I wasn't gonna do the storyhe said man I'm not taking my videosdown for show okayI said I'm sorry I will apologize to youon my show he said for show I said whattime do you get off he said 5:30 I saidokay call me when you get off when hisshow break he said three o'clock solet's to hear what he had to say cuzJack like I said I had a message for allof us for every one of y'all in thecomments on my he lyin and he kept methis is what Jack had to say how longit's the last call right here we go heywas uh I'm at work right now it was goneoff I just have a quick question to askyou but I was watching your video overand over this morning and I thought Iheard you say she came out the bathroomand dropped a boxer Monistat all rightokay I don't know Maurice well with starMurray she was another oh yeah yeah yeahyeah she was another one worked in theclub with Hardy and shit yeah she saidthat he kept boxes of - that with herI'm trying to tell you coming walking onglass hand okay I gotta keep thatmonsterhandy how can I ask you one questionreally quick yeah did it did it likemake you like think like maybe her buther vagina is like kind of dirty and Ishould hit it or I just made it yeahyeah yeah yeah man it's questionableright now but you know shit you knowshit you know matter young rememberthat's ityou know what I'm saying you wake overyour knee remember that shit Wow okayyou know I'm saying you only get to gettherefore you know you you all up in hershit now you need about to get there fora broI'm telling you without passing outyourself right no I'm saying but I don'treally remember it's over you know whatI'm saying I said so do you did you puton a condom or anything well you knowprobably was one in drunk nights on youand I doubted oh oh yeah I can't reallygo into detail right now what are youokay with the information at four I justwant to confirm yet you know was thereany penetration and then I can get offthe phonejust say yes or no when I watch uhkitchen man I must I might believe it Ifeel we could decide okay all right allright all right all right all right soyou heard that part about the Monistatokay we ain't done yet cuz Jack stillhas some more shit to say okay I justpointed out cuz I was just like damnlike she dropped the box of monasticbecause the last time I heard that wasduring my interview that I did was startalready to have boxes I mean boxes likethis of yeast infection um Monistat yeahlike it'd be like a hundred of them in aboxwhy that's what I asked I say you can Isay you're gonna tear your littlecoochie up you can't do this if you'reif you're having chronic yeastinfections there's an underlying problemrest you either need some wrestle yourimmune system is low something is wrongbut she didn't want to hear it boxes Imean boxes like this of yeast infectionMonistat yeah like it'd be like ahundred of them in a box why that's whatI asked I say you can I say you gonnatear your little coochie up you can't dothis if you're if you're happy now yeahy'all heard jack address cuz I asked himI asked him I said so youI mean did you penetrate I mean did youhit it did you think about like nothitting it when you saw the Monistatdrop out of the person I just was likedamn and it just kind of brought me backI mean it's really it's really justall-around fuck real I like I said Icommend him for coming forward don'twant his shit out there you know I'mdead along with it but to come out andtell the truth that something could havereally seriously happened to him but theMamas that thing it just kind of broughtme back to this year here y'all rememberthis yes I got a ride in the car sonbecause these pants is too motherfuckingsafe she was giving my pussy a wedgie Ihate having pussy wedgies bro my pussybe screaming at me like bitch you got mefucked up you want a yeast infectionbitch you wanna fucking yeast infectionso you know say y'all right around thishole like thispussy breathing though pussy praisingknock now first of all first of all okaynow all that monastere tom kind of got alot of people on the internet talkedabout her and mother said okay at thispoint I think she just needs anendorsement deal for mana said okayevery woman has had a yeast infectionbut this is just beyond what I think isjust normal okay most women have one ortwo yeast infections a year but areoccurring I don't know I don't knowI'm just thinking like she needs atleast an endorsement deal from Monistat7 or any one of these companies sincethis is this seems to be something thatshe is familiar with I don't knowaccording to their words now what'sfunny about thatuber video and I wanted to bring y'allthat some time ago but I said now I'llleave it alone but since the situationgot brought up I was just like when shehad those pants on I was just like firstof all I looked at the full picture ofthat Jean suit that she had on in thatuber okay that nasty uber I don't carehow much money you have as a celebrityyou got people in and out of the carwith their clothes on okay see thinkgetting detailed like they need to getdetailed and then you gonna take yourjeans off okay that were not the jeanswere not tight guys they weren't tightokay I saw the full picture they wereloose okay and she claims that she wantsto air it out to avoid a yeast infectionbut I'm thinking yeah to avoid a yeastinfection it does that but normallywomen sleep with no underwear on andstuff like that to to make up forwearing jeans throughout the day now ifyou just have to air out during the daythat means that you possibly havesomething okay and I I'm not down tohope for having these infections butwhen you got people from your past Ijust keep bringing this shit up I'mstarting to think that there's a realproblem and maybe something is wrong andtheir immune system is compromisedbecause you know they say well you can'tfight infections your immune system iscompromised but I'm not gonna go thereokay that's nothing that's none of mybusiness I haven't seen her medicalrecords yet okay yeah but what I'msaying is it's just funny that she justsitting on that seat on bare assokay sitting her bare ass on that seatthat other people have been sitting onand the way I was raised in the South awoman don't sell her ass on nothing okaybut huh all shit and her bed okay youdon't even let nobody really spit onyour bed because that's your bed that'swhere you sleep act okay it's nasty Idon't know who raising these littlegirls anyway but to end the objectstories like I said I don't listen I hegot pretty upset with me because I keptquestioning him and I was like look it'sjust too many things going on in thatstory like when he said murderer allhere was the the bird call and then hecan't remember whether he penetrated aneye because it was just all a blur andyou know there's a lot of things wrongwith the story but Who am I to tell himthat his story is is is incorrect or notjust like we start Murray Who am I to totell her that her story is incorrect andI wasn't there that's her truth butanyway jack has something to say toeverybody okay before we get into a lotof people trying to compare what cardi Bhas admitted to doing which it's calledtrick rolling to I guess something thatNicki Minaj has done and we're going toclear that shit up today okay cuz it's acompletely different situation and we'reactually gonna bring the source on thatstarted it okay to clear up what hemeant as well seven up which is NickiMinaj's xed a ex group member okay butlet's hear Jack's a final statement okaylet me make sure I uh it's the last callrightokay Ola hallo okay okay not cool no soI'm going to run your statement today atat three I mean at six pm and stamp andso I just kind of wanted to see if youwanted to add something to to theinformation that you put out there justin case you get backlash is theresomething you want to say to the viewersor anything like that[Music]okay okay okay and so everything thatyou're saying is a 100% true okay okayall right no I'm just saying I knowpeople are gonna judge for their deficitall right so you heard what jack had tosay Jack hung up the phone on me okaycuz I'm trying to get the specifics fory'all but he's feeling a lot of pressurebecause daytime tea time released thevideo earlier okay and you knowbasically exposing him so he was gettingsome traction and stuff like that so Ithink when I had him call me at 3o'clock he was just irritated and justdone okay and just done and probablytook down that video because like I saidhe wasn't looking the best the blips wasgray and black and usually that comesfrom heavy weed smoke and stuff but likeI said um if this is true if this istrue I'm not here to victim shame oranything because I kind of saw him inhis comments saying that he was gettingvictim shamed and stuff but he's nottaking down his videos because he is notlying at all that's his word and he'ssticking to it okay and so I just hopethat if it is true I want to ask himtoday okay because I know he's watchingwill you be a part of the movement men -it's called a hashtag man - and if so Isay that you stay on her ass okaybecause either she addresses his head onwhich she has it okay she took down herstatement that she madestill not apologizing for what she didand for those of y'all that are sayingthat during that video she soundremorseful no she was basically pleadingit was no remorse for what she did shewas justifying what she did in order tobuild a career off the backs of triprolling okay and I don't agree with thatbecause like I said in some caseyou don't know when you drug these menwhat type of medical issues that theyhave if they're diabetic and they havehigh blood pressure if they're alreadyon medication and stuff if they'redrinking and not supposed to be drinkingand so when I see things like this andthen when I see a tweet let me see if Ican find this tweet that I just saved Igot so many pictures here hold on y'allbecause this is when shit really hitsthe fan and this is what shit like thisneeds to be taken serious because youjust never know what could happen and Ican't even find hold on here we go righthere here we go let me put down Jack'spicture real quickhashtag man 2 and I'll put up thisstatement hold on okay so as you can seethere was a woman who tweeted todayearlier today who said that I don't knowif you guys can read it it says not tojump and I want you guys to go followher and Nia educational she said not tojump on the hashtag survivor cardi Btrain but on the real my best friend'sbrother was found dead in a motel lastmonth because two women lured him to ahotel then drugged and robbed him thedrugs sent him into cardiac arrest theyleft him for dead and took his car okayand so stories like Jack's story is notuncommon and then unfortunately we havesituations like this I believe the twinsthe oneswhat are those twins Carl Kanye West anddamn promoted them you know the blackgirl two twins and one which stole theguy's credit cards just left the guy inthe hotel um dad took his credit cardsdidn't even call the police to let himknow that he was dead she probably justdrugged him and left and went andcharged his cards up at like some of themost expensive stores in Atlanta and notonly did she do that okay she actuallycharged his card and used it to sign upfor B's theology websites B theology isthat what is called where people aremessing with animals and stuff I mean itwas just some really weird like shit youknow I'm saying and so at least I don'tagree with this lifestyleI know every woman gotta get money howshe got to get money but I just don'tbelieve and using force such as likeguns knives beating up peoplethreatening people um drugs to do whatyou got to do if you can't do what yougot to do the old-school way running astory and take it you know I'm saying orjust take his shit and run out the hoteland leave his ass there screaming youknow I'm sitting or trying to chase youwhile he's nakedbut using drugs that's just a wholenother damn level okay quite frankly I'msurprised at it but let's move on toNicki Minaj okay because a lot of peopleare especially well cardi started thiswhen people were hash tagging thesurviving the surviving cardi B hash tagshe actually tweeted okay let me putthat tweet up real quick cuz I don'teven think I got that in here um andsomebody told her that basically she'sgoing to jail it was one in a barnthere was one of the damn barns give mea second let me pull this damn tweetreal quick okayum it was one of the barbs I pulled thetweet from off impressive video becauseshe caught it because cardi actuallydeleted it so Nicki del Rey says you'regoing to jail period this is when it hitthe fan when you know why no gang tookthis shit viral along with the barbs andshit got it trending worldwide she cameback and said um one of the barbs saysyou're going to jail period your Remiwill have more in common now I am cardiB says and deletes your fave says thesame thing in their lyrics so keep thesame energy and get off my dick okaythis is what cardi B said not actuallyshowing that she's remorseful for whatshe's doneshe's actually trying to take niggasdown with her okay that that's notremorseful that's saying like if she cando it and y'all like it I can do it butthat's not the case okay Nicki rappedabout the situation in her lyrics shenever she never admitted excuse me Ijust burped okay she never admitted todoing it okaynever it was a verse Rick Ross on theother hand admitted like he's actuallystated it in first person Nicki told astory there was very different one she'snever lost any endorsements or anythinglike that so I don't care if y'all sayI'm captain for or whatever but thefacts of the factsnow Jason Lee her best friend okayshitty breath smelling Jason Lee okay umthere's a reason why I say his breathsmell like shit anyway uh decides cuzyou know he's camping for a car D beingshit that's his girl you know he's usingher to get to all the you know Grammyparties and shit like he was actuallyinvited to the Grammy party and shit andtook a picture with Beyonce I asked wastrying to step away anyway um tries tosay that Nicki Minaj not only rappedabout it he made a video about it butalso said that um it was the same asit's no different from what her old wellnot her old friend her old group memberwho is her friend7-up stated during an interview withVlad okay and so here's what I first ofall I wanna I want to put up with aJason Lee had to say so y'all let's seehe says that Hollywood unlocked pressplay an old video has resurfaced in thelight of the viral video circulatingabout a live cardi B did three years agoone Nicki Minaj one of Nicki Minaj's allgroup members from hoodstarz previouslysat down with bland TV flat TV andshared how Nicki was his gateway driverwhen he robbed a person socialite whatare your thoughts on all of this okayand then he puts an official kid Barbieokay now I knew that the the page atofficial camp Barbie said that he hassomething coming down the pipebut this wasn't even remotely close okaybut since you guys if you didn't see theinterview I have a sound byte of it soI'm gonna let you play and then we'regonna get his ass on the phone and lethim answer these questions and reiteratewhat he actually meant when he told thestory and I'm talking about 7up we'regonna get him on FaceTime in just asecond but in the meantime I want to goahead and recap his old statement giveme one seconds here we go okay so whatwas this whole thing about you and Nickibeing on the run for attempted murderwell we wasn't on a run for attemptedmurder and he we had did a robbery youknow I'm saying and I mean clear it upyou and Nicki did a robbery yes well Idid the robbery she was the getaway girlyou knowokay so tell me tell me about this wholestore that started to beginwell I one day what how did you convinceNicki Minaj to be or get away she was ag-man she was she was she was she Nickiain't soft man but you know I don't Idon't want to like you know I'm sayinglike give it give it no no type of feelwhere I'm trying to because you know Igot a lot of backlash from the lastprevious interview that I did but I'mjust being honest I'm just being realabout the situation I'm telling my storyso it was a it was a episode one nightwhere we was by the lab I think that wasthe name of the club the lab inbedford-stuyvesant Brooklyn I seesomething my senior I've seen I've seenthem all and you know I'm saying I saidy'all listen man let me go into mybusiness just she's like no listen justhurry upno I'm saying she was waiting so I waslike some Rockets o Sole dogs that noteveryone's gonna understand the theslang that you're talking okay you seena dude that you wanted to rob yeah okayand he will had a lot of jewelry on yeahso actually we was yeah you knew who hewasyes okay so you were gonna go rob thisdude what just right there on the streetyeah yeah right there I mean this is2040 all no cameras was around a lot ofpeople wasn't telling at the time youknow I'm saying so I was late okay so Idecided to rob this dude you you had agun on you nobody no goodno gun yeah how are you what was theplan to rob this guy was no good I meanyou know I was like that's how that'show I was at the time like I was gonnano gun you know and that's how I gave itup at the time so I was like you listenI'm a broke him real quickboom you just you just be ready she saidyou're listening hurry up you know I'msaying you got two minutes hurry up so Ihopped out did what I didthe nigga chased me down sprint off andshe pulled off all that you know I'msaying reckless saying you know sayingwe busted down and I was outside I wentokay so you robbed this dude jumped inNikki's car yeah and she drove off yeahguys were chasing the car yeah yeahsomething like that so you know runnerwe ran a red light and anythingokay all right so that video is over andyou heard that that is exactly whatJason Lee is trying to say he'sbasically saying that what 7-up hadexplained he told an old story of whathappened between him and Nicki Minaj andthis robbery and now they're trying tosay it's the same as cardi B chickrolling niggas okay not even closeall right give me one second let me getthese videos down okay so real quick Ihave seven up on the line okay he'sactually gonna be face time in here andgive me one second seven up let me bringup the face time let me get this cleanmirror going okay give me one second allright give me one second y'all let mefix this screen mirror okay and we'regonna bring seven up in Nicki Minaj'sfriend who told this story give me onesecond technical difficulties hold thatthought you guys can look over this atreally quick[Music]and you guys also know that I use thisproduct okay the olive leaf extract okaythere's a liquid form of omega-3 we knowhow important omega-3 is to the body allright it aids in lowering blood pressurecholesterol fights yeast infections okayif you want to go to natural route asopposed to using - that like all thesepeople are saying card he's doing okaywill we have to hang up and call themback okayand so please if you are interested intrying to start up there are so manygreat reviews on this particular productplease visit my I live leaf not big okaygive us a second we're trying to plughim in it was working before the showbut now of course you know shit happensso 707 us give me one second let me hangup and call you right back okayall right thanks alright give me onesecond guys we're fixing this to gethere man because I want you to see hisface okay all right okay now it's hungup we're actually trying to get him backon the line it's actually our technicalproblem not his okay okay so it lookslike we're not gonna be able to get himvideo so I'm gonna get him by voice okayso give me a second let me plug him inon the voice shit want to start actingup as soon as I'm I'm already goingafter we tested this before we startedokay give me a second we're gonna trythis one more time hold on guys hold onhold on thank you so much for yourpatience and shit I hope y'all areenjoying the showbut we ain't stopping shit over him atall hold onhold on okay all right so we're justgonna get seven up on the phone I can'tget in facetimes we're having technicaldifficulties all right hold on guys holdon hold on here we go we're gonna startin just a second all rightseven up so we're having issues yeahwe're having issues with our FaceTime sowe tested it before the show of coursebut you know things go wrong and I justdon't want the viewers to wait anylongerall right so you're already live let memake sure volumes up and people can hearyou can you say can you say hi to theviewers all right cool all right cool soall right so um you seen what was goingon with cardi B of course if something'sgoing on with cardi B they have to plugNicki Minaj in it if there's somethinggoing on with Nicki Minaj they have toplug cardi B in it now I personally knowwho got that video viral it was Bartygang who basically circulated the oldvideo that you did telling a story verydifferent from what cardi said carteeadmitted to drugging and robbing dudesherself okay but you but you told astory about something that happened withNicki Minaj so this is not somethingthat she confessed to or justify tobuild her career and so I just kind ofwant to ask you what actually did youmay if you want to clear up anythinginvolved in that video Wowso so so so long ago you understand anduh like Nicki wasn't even aware that Ieven did that and you know I'm sayinguntil they got so they went viral andgames of that nature so she you know I'msaying that was not the the claims I'msaying that was not none of that I'msaying so that was just like somethingthat I remember and I was reflecting onand the way thathappen in the waiting trying to me firstof all I have nothing one though I havenothing to do it to that has nothing todo with what card he admitted to whatshe said verbally you understand so likeyou know so whoever is trying to likecompared to to is just like you know theout of this world means it'sembarrassing and it's just like you knowit's just not the way to go man somebodysomebody somebody's cloud chasing forreal okay alright now I do also want topoint out that and I want you to justreiterate this because a lot of peoplemissed it was this an armed robbery didyou use a knife to use a gun or anythinglike that anything I didn't use anythingand actually I was actually I was I knowto do I know the dude who or was heactually old me some honey youunderstand he actually owe me some moneyand today as if this present-day meandude is cool I was trying to get himover here you know see him prior to thewhole interview and everything so shecan kind of date and he could speak onthe behalf and show that it was nothingyou know the same that leads to amovement they said no heat or movementsthere's none of that this is a personwho you know same situation that I hadwith the kid you understand so I put inthe old least Ronnie I saw him I hoppedout and I took his chain you understandthe old Mickey did was just drive offyou know saying all she did was justdrive off she didn't know about it shewasn't playingnone of that nothing you know none ofthat you know I'm saying so like thatdon't even compare and game a dude isactually cool know they like that's mylittle man right now so the guy thattold you some money you you had NikkiDrive you jumped out the car snatchedhis chain unarmed so this is I have adrive like what I'm saying well well thething was like we was already togetherI forgot exactly we was coming from hewas already together cruise in throwingwhat we was doing and I saw nobody catchthe car we catch the lad and we knewthat it was a party there so we it waslike a crazy long line so he's insteadof us talking and getting now and youknow doing the whole line thing I sawand you knowmy gangster instincts kicked in I waslike gosh a rundown on this nigga rightnowmatter of fact her over I'm running outon this thing right now she's like yoshe even like you know believe it wasjust like I know I was just saying ityou know I'm sayingand once she was like I was just hurryup dude should I do she pulled over Ihopped out and I did what I did you knowI'm saying again no Rutgers was a girlinvolved the better that you're gonnasay it so I just took a change and thatwas that you know saying I and that wasconversation for the money he told meyou know and you say you were the sameyou and the same guy are cool right nowoh yeah yeah that's my boy that's my boyI want to say his name I want him to behere because I thought we was doing theFacebook the Facebook Drive I know Iwish I could if this thing gets morepowerful would he be willing to comeback on my show if he was supposed tomeet me where I'm at now okay okay coolwell you know personal things got in theway so you couldn't make it but Idefinitely get up you know saying thatthe verify or you know said another timebecause no give him one alive andnothing you shut that whole thing downbut the king is like you know saying onedon't I never know no wonder one plusone equals two what people are trying todo whoever is trying to compare thatlike oh girl is saying that she knowadmitted said she she came out with thatstatement they nobody trusted to makethat statement like why every time youknow oh girl oh Carly gotta knowsomething the same people want tocompare the two like first of all thesad brackets is different you understandwhat I'm saying like it's real differentit ain't the same the levels isdifferent its levels to this shit I'msaying so I wish I could play meat mealsong right now I know not me not me wellyou know should after anybody doanything but not meet me want to be agood segue I know I know I knowyou know sampling like I said thenoh girl the one thing she oversees rightnow he didn't I'm gonna get her backno st. ain't a none of this shitattention you know saying I wasn't CoHearst to say anything dude this isstrictly on me the strippers on me dosomething that I so was the saying atthe time you know I'm saying it like Isaid it wasn't a random person who was Idon't know robbery spree wasn't none ofthat like to do owe me some bread and Ihad to get it I get itno time to get a hireling and that was away for me to get it she just was happyto be there with me at the time no anight we working almost 3:00 at nightshe didn't use what you got back to payfor studio though she's nothing fromthat nose han jc9 from that she wasactually going to all the issues at thetime nothing about the time in nothingand I just held it down no saying I justheld it down or whatever the case may beboy okay if he's willing if he's willingto jump on a live with me in the nextcouple of days please I'm sure we'll getyou definitely I'll definitely get youwe tested it out like before we startedI don't know what's going on a shoothappens normally my live streams do workbut I don't know what's happened todayand I apologize for that because I Iknow you dressed upbut I also want to ask you really quickbecause I know I not that I want to askyou I just kind of want to point outbecause a lot of people are saying oh itseems like you're changing your storyand Vlad TV doesn't doesn't get in deathyou don't say nothinginterviews are like you know garbageanything shout out to Vlad TV I messwith him one of the first bloggers giveme some light and show me some right andgive me the opportunitynothing to be seenso shout out the flag for their plan TVor do enjoy what not he he got hetouched or Nathan I'm touched on me andI said what I said and I stand by thatyou know I'm saying but the way peopleperceived it was not the way it happenedyou know I'm saying like people wascalling me a snitch and you know whatnever incriminate nobody nobody nothingsays it was a hundred years ago no saylike and surely I have nothing to dowith nothing it was tricking me on me nosaying I'm trying not being like I saidI know the tool to do owe me some breadand I had to get it I'll live and then Iwas just act like no say like do didn'tgo to no polish game to run of that okayAshley hash that shit out years agoit reminds me when I heard your storybecause how Jason Lee and the bard againwas trying to spin it was like this wasarmed robbery what actually Carly didthat's armed robbery like if she didthat like that that's a form of armedrobbery like she put him out like if youhear black ask me what no sir that I useanything that I have any weapons oranything I've seen I did it I saidclearly that I didn't have anything likeI just took his room and like I saidthat is no different than somebodywalking down the street coming upsnatching your chain going into aconvenience store going in that take asoda and some chips and running out okaythey ain't using no gun to hold upnobodyand they ain't using that shit to payfor no studio time okay no cloud chasinno there's another one there's anotherone they use it now there I'm so like socrazy boy yeah he's chasing me and it'scrazy because but he'd been out of he'dbeen at some ill feelingsIlse of scores Nikki you don't sayinglike he did saying a little slick shitI've been like on his bodyyou know same as far as him you know I'msaying disrespecting the Queen and allthat so I been had a little issue withhim knowokay even nobody out shit you know I'msaying nobody out cheering cloud chasehim trying to get him fuels up trying toget his shit up and you know saying anyin each any time he could try to talkNikki name and you know for some extraviews and all of that he gonna do it youknow and then I think I think thepicture I'm hearing with Nikki so whyaren't you over there talking shit aboutNick and then you running up wanna actlike a groupie trying to flick it upwith on all that so like I'm I'msurprised that she even took it took apicture with him she probably ain't evenknow who he was Jason Lee right no Ijust wanted to follow you but thank youso much I appreciate itjust please tell the viewers where theycan follow you and I thank you forcoming on last minute to clear up thestory so just tell them where they cancome of you yeah definitely follow me atarm on instagram at make seven yours ismake number seven urs and you can followmy label page at gang underscore gainentertainment so yeah I gonna followthat man checking out or Twitter makesup yours everything is made 700 facebookserve up s e-g space you P check the kidout there coming with me okay and andshe sent me a box and all that elusivemerchandise and all that and I'll puthis link pages below just in case youguys want to hop in his inbox and askhim some questions and just follow himokay so thank you so much 7up Iappreciate it all right anytime anytimeall right so I just wanted to clear thatup okay so a lot of people were tryingto like tie tie both okay hold on let mestraighten up my mic okay so thank youso much to 7up to come on to clear thatup because like I said they were tryingto tie this in and I don't get it likeyou know it's like if I'm going down Igot to pull another bitch down to andit's like no if you really truly areremorseful ano shit okay don't put up anapologyhalf-assed apology and then take it downand then the next thing you know you'retrying to throw another entertainerunder the bus because you're catchingheat no thisis the life you live own it okay make noexcuses for but that's what life isabout okay and so for those of for thosethat are saying that these two instanceswere the same and no they weren't therewas no gun involved there was no knifeinvolved in his original interview as Ijust played did not state that okay andNicky did not use any of the money topay for studio time okayand so being that said I want answer afew questions before before I say now Igotta go okay so I'm going over to thequestions now all right hold on hold onoh the word is captain okay captainthat's what he was saying so they'resaying clout and then they cap in a capin his ship reviews okay so let me addanswer a few questions now I gotta gonow I gotta go just to let everybodyknow that I'm actually done with thecommentary but I'm going to stay andanswer a few questions here in thecomments before we wrap this up okay Igot about ten minutesthrow your questions I'll sing out withthat sympathy and paola sympathy butsomebody need to make a song sympathy apaomo mm-hmmlet me see somebody said yeastinfections are once or twice in alifetime yes they are and continue withsex rigorous sex with different peoplewith different bacterias will give youyeast infections and also if you're notusing the product right I remember onetime I had one this was years ago and Iwas using the product during the day anddidn't know that you were actuallysupposed to put it in at night and I wasjust like why is it not working you knowI'm saying that the doctor told me hewas like what how are you using it and Iwas just like during the day he sayinghe's supposed to go to sleep with it inyou I was like oh well shit damn damndamn damn okay let me see um its Pepsigoing to drop cardi I don't know I don'tknow and I think her contract with Pepsiis probably over okay once they arecontracted to do the initial commercialsthey pay them out and then they're doneokay let me see let me seewill the guys press charges I didn't geta chance to ask Jack therebut you guys can actually follow Jack onInstagram at Jack King Jack Kingunderscore actor okay and he is veryquick in the DM please don't attack ifyou want your answers uh if you wantquestions to your answers right let mesee why is it the shape when reportingon Carney I told y'all that the videobefore in the video before I told y'allwhy bloggers aren't reporting on cardiokay would you rather cardi shut thehell up forever or get arrested I wouldrather her just shut the hell up ohthat's what I would rather her do okayand just focus on you know her moneyfocus on her shows but because she hassuch a big team around her writing forher you know doing her choreography allshe has to do is really show up she gottoo much time on her hands and that'swhy she's on social media so muchtelling on her damn self okay let me seeuh what's going on with cardi's case forher attack on the bartenders I have noidea I haven't gotten an update let meseeYanik on her card is that y'all crazyTasha when you got to go to court withcardi I don't know I like I said Ihaven't received any paperwork guys andand when I do if I do receive paperworkI can't talk about it I'm forbidden totalk about that I can do commentary onher but I cannot talk about thespecifics okay um let me see so Tasha isa whole doctor now I never said I was adamn doctor y'all need to stop with thatputting shit in my mouth okay let me seeit's Michelle Kramer lyin I think so Ithink so absolutely I would thank you toeveryone that gave me uh donations todayyou guys know I don't ask for anythingbut I'm grateful for whatever you gotokay and so let me see Cassie says it'stoday mail liar day these dudes are soaren't some old dirt oh I do want totell you there was another guy that cameout before Jack King came out a lot ofpeople are saying that he was lying itwas a Facebook post going around wellthere has been a turn in the story hissister he actually regrets putting upthe posts his sister jumped in my inboxwe've spoken and she clearly says likelisten he's got shit going on he's gotanother chick he doesn't want this tocome out but it's definitely true thisis what the sister said he did have anencounter with cardi that actually didgo down but he's ashamed now becausehe's being victim shame and so that'sapparently why he changed his story okayand so his sister is going to talk to meum hold on for a second and so hissister is going to talk to me about itbecause apparently he's afraid to comeout now okay you see how y'all doingjacky'all got to be nice of y'all one of thestories that's why don't intended tointimidate or interrogate my interviewease okay I can't do that if you wantinformation you got to be nice you gotto be nice I'm not about to be up hereyelling at my damn interviewees likesome bloggers do angles say no names andshit be happy like there ain't no whereyou bout to talk to me like that on thephone not today not ever let me see umdo you think it was the drugs in theMonistat tubes I don't know that's agood question I don't know let me see amI going to do the Michael Jackson storyI am working on it right now as we speakit is a very clock complicated storyokay got a lot of conspiracy theories alot of shit but I believe it becauseMichael Jackson came out and spoke on alot of the shit but um there is appearsto be some proof that Wade and the otherguy is lying okay and so I got insideinformation to kind of I guess stress orprove I would say prove but it kind ofhelps to let you see the story in a verydifferent way their stories let me seemeena x-bar beena someone said cancelNikki whoever you are you are dumb okaythank you black leadership analysisThank You Ana j23 cardi should have justsat there and ate her damn food y'allcrazyOh but Delia queen says they hate youbecause you are unapologetic black womanwe love you I love you guys too I meanthat's unfortunately that comes with theterritory um let me seeanswering questions put your questionsin the comment I got about five moreminutes before I gotta wrap it uplet me see what a person chooses tobecome a public figure they got tofigure out they got to figure thatpublic feedback is inevitable logicalsound sameness does Perez or any whitereporter catch heat that is very truelet me tell you as a black woman someonewho's loud I don't give a shit I'm veryopinionated I talk shit of course Iexpect what I put out to come back soI'm not I'm not doing that but a lot ofpeople who do the same thing don't catchwhat I catch okay but y'all just lucky Idon't black over here because thecontroversy actually makes it more funover here that's why y'all like itbecause I'll let y'all kind of go at itand stuff I don't like people gettingblocked on the channel and stuff Iactually tell the moderators don't blockjust put y'all in timeout if you'regoing at it too hard cuz I definitelydon't want you pissing somebody else offin the comments to the point where theytelling you to drop a dress that's notwhat I want to happen okay but we canagree to disagree on this channel allday and you can customize out any waynot that I'm gonna give a damnlet me see um Bailey cream says Tashayou're pathetic thank you let me see umlet me see what y'all talking aboutlet me see Megan the stallion III fuckswith her i fucks with me in thisstallion okay so especially with herriding and she's really grinding and youknow it's it's nice music so let me seekara says will I ever do a fan meet andgreet I will but I gotta have my babyfirst I do I gotmy baby and then I'll be able to uh toyou know really get in you know talk toGod meet y'all dosa parties the shit youknow I'm sayingso why parties let me see why why isthis why is it so different when mencome out that's a good question andhonestly I would like to when we dostuff like this I'm talking with my youknow cuz I got people I don't makedecisions by myself anymore guys I usedto but now it's like you know I mean Imay take I'll decide on whether I wantto take stories but as far as like how Iwant to just kind of evolve the channellike there's more there's other people Ihave to consider because it I don't wantit infringing on my brand and trying toyou know I guess put me in a differentlight or some in a different way youknow I have to keep where I started okayand so I do want to involve segmentswhere you guys can call in and debate oncertain topics like this and so justkeep in mind we're working on that andwe'll see what we can get running let mesee do you think cardi B will win if sheand she soo start Marie I have no ideasweetie I don't know um if you don'tblack wires - of juda block I don'tblock her out in black home now if Ipersonally come in and block I do thatokay I don't do that - you notice Idon't have my mom's do that I personallydo that okay and I'd do that for areasonlet me see so why are people mentioningRemy Ma did she not do her time exactlyexactly it's like nobody is like it'sridiculous that they would just try tojustify and how even cardi tried tojustify her actions by stating this iswhat male rappers rap about they don'tcatch heat and stuff like that realm atmale rappers rap about it but they don'tadmit to it in a separate video asreal-life there's a difference okay andlike I sayreal gangsters don't snitch onthemselves don't snitch on themselvesokay and so I don't know cardi portraysherself and she's like you know thisgang member and she's gangster stuff butI never seen no gangster snitching onthemselves the way that she does I'mlike are you if I was a gang leader andshe was in my gang she could be in mygang I would tell everybody don't tellher shit don't tell her eatmotherfucking bank but she gonna get herass she gonna get all our asses lock thehell up okayshe gonna get us all locked up keep thatbitch over there okay oh that's thatwhen we have our meetings we are herethat's the kind of guy she wanted theones that wanna be down but she can'tkeep a damn mouth closed let me see Ilove you Asia said I love this blog letme see yep real gangsters don't talkabout it look keep the Stuart let me seeexactly did I see somebody's warning T'swarning too warning post to bloggers noI haven't seen it don't cave um[Music]if Nicki and Meegan doing a boughttogether fire or are they I don't knowlet me see it you're going to take overYouTube Tashawhen you add those extra segments yescan't wait oh I just got to make sure itfits in what I can do okay because I'mnot really a debater there are a lot ofpeople you know on YouTube that candebate with the callers I can't becauseI'm the type of person whereas we canhave a and this can be with my enemyokay we can have a conversation but I'mnot going to like you know make you feelless than I'm not gonna argue with youI'm gonna let you talk you know I'msaying if you do get out of line I mustsay okay I'm gonna have to step out ofthis because now this is turned intosomething else so my personality is abit different when it comes to thosekind of shows and I know that's not myforte because it's not gonna beinteresting because i'ma let y'all havey'all wait i'ma just sit here and be lowokay okay whether I can agree to thatI'm not going to challenge you on itbecause who am i to impose my beliefs onto you okay and so I'm just built verydifferent in that area although you guysdo see me you know unapologetic checkinggiving my opinion but at the same timeit's like I respect other people'sopinions that's why does it piss me offwhen people go off on me okay time Ikilled a bitch I hope somebody killed abitch hope somebody does this I don'tcare okay those are your opinions notmine I'm still here breathing oh yes I'mgoing to bring back happy hour karlieRedd glam I sure AM the differencebetween what you say I don't lost thatquestion the difference between cardiand Nicki is Nicki rapped about it cardiadmitted it on life exactly exactlymiss see the beauty diva okay matter offact let me let me go ahead and uh giveyou that wrench really quick okay look Igot five more minutes for you guys um TKI'm going to keep asking you to shoutout my husband Jerome he does not thinkyou're alive hey Jeromehow you doing first lady a tell Jerome Isay hey hey ro oh let me see let me seeI'm taking questions I'm takingquestions guys please stop asking meabout the case I cannot address it Ican't even address what I'm going to dobecause we don't know the specifics Ihaven't been served anything and y'allkeep asking me that and I can't talkabout it okay I gave my officialstatement on the last show alright andthat's gonna be it about this thisfrivolous case okay um when it's thejay-z story coming out I'm gonna get itout tomorrowI will get it out tomorrow so whathappened was I recorded the story and itwas boring as shit it was boring I saidoh no this reminds me of some otherbloggers here now so what I'm going todo is record the story and my own wordsas opposed to the other person's wordsto make it a little bit more engagingbecause I don't believe in just puttingout any type of content y'all it's gottabe me I gotta fill it and believe meyou'll be surprised at how many videosget trashed on this channel because I'mlike nah that ain't it that it is so yesI am going to rerecord the storyprobably tonight and I'll drop it bytomorrowokay so just give me time we'll try toget out tomorrow please don't make metell you all the time cuz you know Iwill be lying to you and I don't want tolie to y'all about when that jay-z storyis going to come out do you think cardiwhatever apologize to her I don't knowwho apologize to who I don't know um letme see y'all crazy tomorrow how muchdoes Jason leave wait y'all crazybut y'all gonna do a damn my beard on itlet me see Nicki Minaj says she thinkshe popped a molly she didn't say shegave it to him exactly exactly okay onemore question one more question before Igo one more question let me see one morequestion how am I feeling I startedgetting have I started getting moreenergy yes miss wise one my energy isamazing my first trimester I gotta tellyou my first pregnancy isn't was nothinglike this one I didn't think I was gonnamake it I was losing too much damnweight I was throwing up it was comingout of my noseI couldn't and it lasted so long okayso long so long and so I am happy tohave my energy back I hope that itprecedes this way until I have the babybut I know during like you know I thinkit's like halfway into the thirdtrimester your energy starts to decreaseagain okay Rochelle Smith can I coverthe Chris Stoke story I'm actuallytrying to get somebody to interview onthat cuz I got a I got to hear from thehorse's mouth okay so give me some timeon that Chris Stoke story um hey Tashait's how she carry you was on CT radioyesterday I was on the radio everywhereI heard something even my alreadypersonalities here in the city throwingshots at me I say y'all just jealousy'all just jealous that y'all work forstation and I don't really work fornobody but YouTube and shit and y'allgot to read from scripts and I ain't gotto read from no damn script don't try bethrowing shots at me and shit becausey'all are being told what you can incase a and only making under fortythousand dollars a year boom I said thatshots firedWhitney Shar they keep us tipsy Tasha Ilove you loud ratchet and all much lovefrom Memphis Tennesseeshout out to Memphis with that good assdamn blabber killer shit Memphis is hoodto y'all Memphis is a matter of factwhen I used to work for this uhcommunications company I was there amarketing director I actually the guythat was on the first 48 yeah I had apolice chief in Memphis that was on thefirst 48 and we actually sold a bigcontract to him and I spearheaded thatcontract and he kind of like meets wehad a crush on me but I was married Imean I'm still married I said I wasmarried like I'm I wasn't married butout you know I'm still married and stufflike I was like dude you may not knowyou you gonna find this contract bythese cameras so on them damn camerasy'all got in Memphis this shit Ispearheaded that contract you got a lotof money off that shit - let me see umDam dam dam dam dam[Music]let me see what okay one more questionone more question what we're good I'mhaving fun just answering your questionsman okay okay serious connection lyingis not a social experienceit's very experiment if you thinksomeone is not telling the truth it'snot called a social experiment it iscalled in line true okay shut up kind ofmonster shut up the Panama City myhometown and shitshit I may come through that next weekI'll know we'll see Oh Anna shanties -story I am still working on that - thatis coming out that is coming out let mesee Thank You Ted Flores Oh Tasha talkstruthThank You Tasha y'all so sweet look atyour ear w when are we getting the jay-zstory I told you tomorrow I don't knowwhat time but tomorrow okay I just wantto put I want to re-record it and put itin my home where's ourhave a video but I think it's boring ifI think it's boring y'all don't thinkit's boring okay so let me seeTasha do you believe our Kelly has infoanother friends in his circle will hesnitch do you think no you're not gonnasnitch she's not gonna snitch becausethat snitching on himself okay he'sgonna take that shit to his damn graveand let y'all see the tapes then he'smade after he dies cuz he ain't gonnagive a shitlet me see shoutout to the blessed bestblogger on YouTube let me see let me seelet me see[Music]update on Kitty and Mickey I will try toget some more information on that I doknow so far they are doing good itappears that they are doing good um theyare not married though okay so contraryto what shop in here and they are notmarried okay now I gotta go and before Igo real quick for those of y'all thatare shopping for a car please allow CaraMarshall dot-com okay the link is belowin description box as well as in thecomment section please you don't have togo out and search for a car anymore weknow the Internet is your one-stop shopand car Marshall will find cars that arelocated in your area okay so all you gotto do using the link below in thedescription box as well as in thecomments just enter your zip code youcan shop new use bad credit no credit ora good credit okay the link is below letthem search first okay before you goanywhere else and please remember okay Igot a shout out my olive leaf extractokay this is a product that I personallyuse it helps with my energy my energy isback even though the baby took all of itduring the first trimester but now I'mable to take my supplements actuallycouldn't take supplements in the firsttremors because I couldn't keep Icouldn't keep anything down I didn'thave any food all I could eat wascrushed ice it was so crazy it felt likeI just had surgery so I'm you know youjust had surgery you crush the ice andshit you can't really eat them butanyway this is a full body detox okay inseven days aids in helping high bloodpressure controlling blood sugar eczemalupus STDs yeast infections and shit allthat stuff okay and this is a liquidform of omega-3 extracted from some ofthe best olives in the world okay and soplease if you're interested in tryingthis productcall the number or you can order via myolive leaf dot biz and please follow myolive leaf on Instagram okayand also for those of y'all y'all knowI'm still the queen of wine and a queenof blogan okay why no game shutout - whyno gameI need you on the phone follow all thefan pages now I'm so glad that everybodyhas fan pages because I use my Instagramyou know - customer fucks out you not begoing in on my Fox so if I we're all thefan pages that are being generated Iappreciate the love y'all are sopowerful now y'all - the damn - tagdamn viral and shit okay in a videoshout out to them but I need y'all 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1,675 Thoughts to “Exclusive | Cardi’s Alleged VlCTlM Saw M0NISTAT Box & PASSED OUT, Nicki Minaj Friend Talks R0B*ERY”

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  15. Brigid

    Sooo, was this whole video flashback clip released by Cardi and her threats to sue just a stunt to promote Cardi’s upcoming movie with JLo about Samantha Barbash, the NYC stripper who ran a crime ring of strippers who drugged and robbed men? Was this story viral marketing for the movie ‘Hustler’? The CAST includes Cardi B, Mercedes Ruehl, Julia Stiles, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, Frank Whaley, and transgender stunner Trace Lysette.

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    I too Honestly don’t agree that the Cardi & Nicki situations should be compared is the total opposite but if it is gone viral from Bardi Gang I Think It’s To Show that neither one of them are perfect they both did some F’d Up Ish In Their Past Life. If U Goin Talk About One Talk About It All. Ain’t No Hiding U Wrong U Wrong Period ! What Sense Does That Make To Say Oh Their situations Aren’t The Same ? Technically it’s not but again they are both wrong for their actions! True Or Not the Allegations Are F’d Up Period

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    7even Up story is hearsay, Nicki never told on her self. Cardi needs to take her Ls and leave Nicki out of this. Seriously I really been caping for Cardi, but I’m done, this ho went too far. Now she trying to justify raping, drugging, and gay sexing men. Lock her up.

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  91. Kizzy Harding

    The mistake he made was calling himself out by saying he was doing illegal stuff, should have sold the story to someone else to say “allegedly”

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    Seems like a lot of he say she say…need more substantiating evidence that can actually prove these selfmade allegations..we know she did but its the who she did it to thats questionable..

  93. Sabra Hardy

    I am for both Cardi and Nicki although I have some feelings. Men too no I am not you meet someone you don’t know at a club with women who sleep with men for money or clout then you go not thinking about your wives or girlfriends or if your taking a disease home from someone you don’t know then you crying because the stranger your going to the hotel with took you for your money? Now when it comes to Bodak Yellow it sounds like the character in the movie “FRESH” CHUCK “E’ making money moves the actor from the movie “FRESH” luis Lantiqua plays FRESH’S FRIEND CHUCK E. also Women in the Rap game should be concentrating on teaming up to get the bag. BEEFING IS WHACK.

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    You ran out the hotel with just a shoe? No blankets no sheets?

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  124. Jewlene Finch

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    I fuks with you hard Momma keep doing you😉

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  141. GiGi

    He doesent seem creditable first of all why would u come out now saying she did this to you after cardi spoke about it first…and how did u have a lay over but decide to go to a strip club bringing 10,000…. plus he can’t even answer simple questions on the phone and saying he can’t remember. bruh is REACHING!!!🤣

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  154. Spicey Ky

    The reason this crime is so serious in Vegas is because we protect our TOURISTS at all costs. In the V, this is typically a crime against tourists. They will fry you there for this.

  155. Bailey Creme

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  156. All4One AndOne4YAH

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    When nicki fans pull nicki in it

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    I pray she shuts up after this. Hopefully she has learned to stop running her trap. Losing some endorsements will definitely keep her from bragging and telling on herself; They’ll be looking into her videos now, which they should’ve done in the first place.

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    Y’all know damn well this man lying. I love good music and Cardi B produces that. I don’t understand what the witch-hunt is about. They always want Cardi investigated for something but where was the investigation when Nicki said Ra Ally put the knot on Cardi’s head. And for the record I like them both.

  343. Lovely Bones

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