Dr. Sebi Healing Testimony From Singer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez [www.enblacklopedia.com]

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649 Thoughts to “Dr. Sebi Healing Testimony From Singer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez [www.enblacklopedia.com]”

  1. The Black Jewelz


  2. Beverly Boo

    If you think about it a lot of people who Dr. Sebi healed has died and at the hands of someone else… Something to think about. Michael Jackson, Lisa Lopez, and Nipsey just to name a few. Teddy Pendergrass.

  3. Beverly Boo

    When I changed my diet I lost my desire for alcohol. I had started drinking at 14 and I quit at 46 I am now 52. I feel great! Mind, body and spirit are wonderful. I have never felt better. I also exercise. I just got rid of sugar of any kind, table salt. And I drink my daily dose of water. The main thing is I have a 19 hour window of not eating but I’ve done that majority of my life. But not eating the sugar’s in my life I believe took away my desire for alcohol. Sugar causes all kinds of damage and it makes you crave more the more you eat it. Left eye’s voice got stronger because she wasn’t craving the sugar and alcohol is a sugar. It will mess up your voice. Also if you smoke there are 2 tablespoons of sugar in one cigarette. They don’t tell you that. I truly believe that’s why Whitney’s voice went out on her. Not the drugs but the sugar in the cigarettes. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine and that’s probably why it’s hard to stop smoking. It’s more addictive than nicotine as well. I didn’t mean to write a book. lol

  4. NaturalCurly Hair


  5. NaturalCurly Hair

    You tell the truth of what a husband and wife is a natural family consists off. A lot of 😡😠. Knowledge is Power. There will always be someone that will try to stop you. The truth is you are worth more dead then alive.

  6. NaturalCurly Hair

    They crucified Jesus. On your jobs they can talk about all this and that but if you stand up for what’s right and don’ t curse anybody out. It’s a problem.

  7. Deangelo Mains

    She was mysteriously kill in a car accident after having an encounter with Dr. Sebi

  8. bartowflorida

    I’ve been using his products since 2002. I was 22 yes old. They work.

  9. mula cula

    Damn u black people are fucking stupid, killing, raping and scamming your own kind and believe in this cult bullshit. Nigga was selling small sample pack for 250 packs thats like 9 bucks a pop. I do believe in herbal medicine but not like this i grew up with that this is not how.

  10. Diego Acosta

    So if we start talking about Dr sebi are we getting killed

  11. Daniel Gomez

    Fuck McDonald’s processed foods lets do sebidonalds n get the hood thinking clear from all this meth they let pour into the country fuck mass population the robots will solve the problem for that

  12. Ashley Meyers

    Wow I never knew how much these ppl would aspire me. I’m Woke, Woke!
    & It’s Awesome to see I’m not alone.
    This is a movement ✊🏽

    Shouting…Were a Movement by Ourselves but a force when we’re Together
    #NipseyEnlightnedMe through the power of God

  13. AJ TheHITmaker

    RIP Left Eye
    I need to try and Fast!

  14. kristylove

    YouTube won’t let me like the video I wonder why smh

    1. Goldman Sachs Associate

      Because the government doesn’t want you to learn about DR Sebi, they want you to wear a nappy and work a dead end job. Quickly save yourself

  15. kristylove

    What a beautiful person inside and out!

  16. Shad Hills

    Now the real question today ladies and gentlemen is Why do they want us sick and dying?

  17. Mark Buitron

    Damn all this shit is true ,,,where has this video been.

    Fck the illumanati .

  18. kurtysr

    Here comes the conspiracy theories. It must be a scary world to live in to think that people are conspiring to kill us. I pray that you find peace.

  19. Shereene Edmondson

    They are trying to eliminate the Elite. They are scared if we aren’t controlled they will be defeated. Stay woke people. Sebi has a mission Lisa following the path nipssy join the movement they are all dead.

  20. Brittney B. Williams

    She said her intuition was on point she knew who was calling her before they called she knew who was knocking on the door before the came,, well why she didn’t see they car crash & not get in the car.???

  21. butterli bloom

    Rip to Left eye, Dr.sebi and Nipsey you all are forever missed

  22. Neicey Netel

    Who got damn baby is that !!! I’m tryna listen to Lisa and somebody just wont get there child together !!

  23. Kiki Pacheco



  24. Cathy Wiggins

    That’s why WATERFALLS WAS THE BIGGEST HIT!!! The message before she was killed.

  25. OfficialNutmeg Channel

    Sounds like she broke her 3rd eye open by accident.

  26. Butterfly Kisses

    I love Lisa (left eye) Lopez and a big fan but at times I thought she was crazy even when she went to Honduras. I use to think it was just something she was going through. I did not know about dr. Sebi or any cures but now this has happened to Nip 💙 and he was talking about dr sebi and theses cures and a documentary he supposed had did. I looked up dr sebi and it brought me to left eye and now I understand what she was doing.

  27. Daniel Bonner

    Most black Americans have concrete jungle diet and are amazed when they find out about Mother Earth…

  28. too tall mccall

    Lisa was about to advocate for Dr Sebi before she died. They had did that too. It’s sad our people gotta keep dying for us to wake up. The dont wanna lose no money off of people gettin healthy.

  29. Leroy Cancio

    Dr Sebi was the Cure from God

  30. David Great

    Michael Jackson, Lisa Left Eye, Nipsey, Dr Sebi … Anyone noticing a pattern yet….. 😯

  31. Almost Famous


  32. 113016ify

    So nice to see her talk which is a rare moments from her She’s very missed! I’m so happy she left this world in search of personal happiness!!

  33. M o n e y B o y F i l m z


  34. DWORLD 2019

    Oh lawd 🙄 don’t believe the hype. Poor Left Eye. This man made millions off of people’s ignorance. You feel better when doing a cleanse because there are foods we shouldn’t have consumed in the first place. Unfortunately, feeling better has no scientific practicality of successful repetition. It’srandom, arbitrary and capricious. No one should charge or collect donations on what you should already know.

    As far as our sister, “Left Eye” is concerned, she could arbitrarily still be alive if she wasn’t racing off to Honduras. Unfortunately, my belief that she’s still be alive —no matter how well-meaning— is not science or fact. It just random wishful which has its merits in motivating certain human behaviors but no scientific proof that another random person can benefit from such belief.


    1. Chris J

      @DWORLD 2019The man was took to trial for saying he cured ppl of aids…He won the trial! What more do you want bro?

  35. Des Taylor

    They offed left eye about this shit

  36. Kamilla Fletcher

    We’re here to ride !!


  37. chanf4

    She prayed for The cure🤔 ( u know they don’t like that)

    When was this filmed family


    How long did she live after this was filmed???

    1. Carpe BB

      chanf4 nah u ruined that fool.

    2. chanf4

      Carpe BB ohhhhhh praying hands gone huh😅🤣😂 I’m outta here delete be easy and pray for real please

    3. Carpe BB

      chanf4 oh Ard dummy google is your friend .

    4. chanf4

      Carpe BB

      Duh😅🤣😅😅 I just wanted to know how long she lived after this was filmed 🤦🏾‍♀️ but thank u🤷🏽‍♀️

    5. Carpe BB

      chanf4 on the Lisa lopes documentary she was on her way back from his village and died in a car crash. Please do your research. This was years ,,,years ago 🙏🏽

  38. Jae Major

    Oh my fu kin Lord I never knew she had a Dr Sebi testimony this connects a lot of dots

  39. Lena Washington

    Man this is so new to me!!!! I needed this knowledge! About to change my life!

    1. Tony Bradley

      Me too it’s time no need to have this information and don’t apply it to our lives God bless sista!

  40. Barbara k

    Omg she died in a car crash right?🤔

  41. Kia Watterson

    My heart is warmed by all the people Nipsey Hustle has made aware of Dr.Sebi and his beliefs , I’m so happy to see all the post ! amen, don’t let this skip us this time! Let’s unite and stop funding the poison they give us .

  42. Allen Watts

    If Nick Cannon dies now, then we gotta do sum 😂

    1. Kerry Walsh

      Allen Watts we should ALREADY BE DOING SOMETHING .

    2. Nilime Yenrah

      Allen Watts they won’t kill him, because it will be now too Obvious!! It’s will be amazing if he can really finish this for Nipsey and left eye and everyone else that has been trying to wake us and help us understand so many things that while growing up, no one could tell us because even our parents are and we’re brainwashed!! Let’s pray for this to really make us come closer as humans without even thinking about race or color.. we are all 1. And if we can fight together, we are stronger!!

  43. alondra val

    They said i was an alcoholic 2😒😁😁😁😁 this people want you to believe them u got a problem😁😁😁😁🐣🐣🐣🐣💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 am 100%clean is the shit that we eat in this country make us sick and i know that for a fact .

  44. Terry Marsh

    Love me some Lisa left eye Lopez, this is how satanic and evil this society is, if you dare to inform the masses how to heal yourself from these man-made diseases you will be deemed a terrorist by the unseen powers, not only that but they will kill you for being associated with Dr Sebi .. Lefteye years ago, the other day Nipsey Hussle, even took out the healer himself, Sebi, can’t get in the way of the (Big Pharmacy) ripoff

  45. Celebrity News cast

    Media was telling Nipsy killing was gang related,, but they can’t prove it . He died like anyone else for speaking the truth look up the man that was killed because he was about to do a documentary on Kannika Jenkins ,, he was about to reveal the truth behind that… Wake up my people I REALISED PPL THAT YOU CALL HATERS SONT LIKE YOU FOR GOOD ENOUGH REASON,, pay attention it’s demons working through them & you have the holy light around you … prey every single day I mean everyday to the one and only true GOD in heaven..

  46. Erik MOBALOT

    Dont use “they” or “illuminati” my people.. name these devils out loud! Corporations, the pharmaceutical industry, rich and powerful.. there is no conspiracy. These are facts. Just like they killed Nikola Tesla as he was working on giving the whole world free electricity, just like Dr. Sebi was going to give everyone good health, just like Stan Meyer was going to give everyone water fueled cars… these people would have changed the world for the better and changed the rich’s pockets for the worse. And thats why they kill them off. Not for evil more so than just plain greed and dollar signs.

  47. Claudia Villegas

    I miss her so much.

  48. Tyree Howard


  49. Jajuan Gant

    R.I.P to Sebi Left Eye and Nipsey

  50. SlickTalkRick

    @9:01 ” it’s much more powerful, my voice I’m tappin in to somebody because I’m open” meaning IM WOKE!

  51. Maxween Clarke

    Its in the bible the herbs are for the healing of the nation!!

    1. Tony Bradley


  52. Rebekah Rainey

    Does anyone know when this was taped?

  53. Caress R

    3 beautiful souls taken for trying to give us the truth. Rest in Paradise Lisa Lopez (Left Eye), Dr. Sebi and Nipsey Hussel.

  54. M N

    First suge suposedly killed her, now suddenly she is murdered for this?

  55. Sun of a Sun

    I miss her like I knew her. Damn.

  56. Tara Evans


  57. Michelle Pelagio

    She sounded like she loved Honduras—also where she passed. 🥺

  58. Micah The goat

    Nip waking up everybody, thanks young prophet.. spread gods healing..

    1. Micah The goat

      david dorsey that too, but the way I look at it dr. Sebi was healing the world. And that’s God’s child, just like I am.. god bless brother

    2. david dorsey

      Gods word

  59. Cindi Turner


  60. Bobby Clinton

    Grow your food.

  61. Queen Mercy

    I love sea moss 🙂

  62. Kat H

    All of you that say you are awake… It is time to be fully awake… wake up to the corruption and lies of vaccines. It’s time. No more sleeping. Please please. They don’t care about you or any of us but GOD does and He made the human body perfect. I say all of this with love. Not condemnation. <3

  63. Nader Alqam

    The sad thing is that Dr Sebi’s camp is turning Nip Gisele’s death into a scam opportunity and taking advantage of the ignorant people of Los Angeles

  64. bubble gum

    so y’all all gonna comment the same thing or just show some love… or talk about the Dr Sebi subject?

  65. Spencer King


  66. krimzonthc

    Needs to be viral

  67. T.A. B

    I came for the “enlightenment” all the commenters were talking about. All i heard was she drank pure juice ate vegetables fruits and stopped drinking alcohol felt better had more energy and slept less. Sounds like what a proper diet usually does. What did she say that was the huge miracle the “government” killed her for again? What did i miss…

  68. Tell Babygurl

    Everything make perfect sense 🤦🏾‍♀️AMERICAN WAKE UP

    1. Jean-Miguel F.

      Tell Babygurl It’s all about action and maintaining it for your own purpose. A true fool would then be so called “awaken” and not apply these key essential things to life.

  69. B U S H Y II

    I call on a state of emergency. All African Americans must return home AFRICA. Where there is Cure. Love and life

  70. golden freddy

    I was at the doctors today talking about Dr.Sebi and I was getting looked at funny by the nurses

    1. Arielle Etheridge

      golden freddy they hate that

  71. Stone P Stone

    It’s Something bigger than we know, but what I know fo sure n Sebi n Lisa now they got Nips, what is it the pharmacial Companies Do not want Us/masses to know that there’s only 1 disease (Mucus) everything Comes form having Mucus Sebi said that

  72. Tierra Holmes

    Where can we get these herbs

  73. Snooty Fox

    Everyone in here with conspiracy crap is an idiot.

  74. Kyla kid

    Left Eye said AAA classes for Alcohol problems. She so damn cute!!! That was just a funny clip from serious video content! This is sooo interesting. I may not be able to afford all of those foods but I am going to get on the fruit and juice cleanse…that’s an easy inexpensive start for everyone who is going to try this with me.

  75. john chukwu

    Left eye clearly said she gave up alcohol. So why where we told she was drinking and driving?

    1. Yung Taliban

      john chukwu they wanted to make it look like they lied to the public just like dr sebi he cured every disease and dies from Pneumonia

  76. MIKA 257-250

    what did she say she was eating for the cleansing?

  77. john chukwu

    They want us all to be zombies. Zombies.

  78. Allen Issel

    Evetyone shut up nipsey boy killed him. Nothing else. Stop eith all the bullshit. As far as dr. Sebi goes who knows…

  79. john

    Bunch of half woke dipshits in the comments. Way to pull your head out of your asses. You literally just heard about the man and now you are his biggest supporters? At least do some research of your own first. Not doing so just proves what Dr. Sebi has been saying about black folks all along. Yes, he is a critique of the black community for good reason.

  80. Just_Keyz

    There is a massive shift going on right now on this earth 🌍…. our people are awakening at an alarming rate even if it’s not being publicized! It’s sad that they ( the government, lower vibrational beings ) wipe out all those who are called to help make the shift and open the eyes of those who are still sleeping. “What if when we die, we wake up?” … it is said to be reborn, you must first die to who you are. Rest in Power Lisa “left eye” Lopez, Dre Sebi, Nipsey Hussle… see you in the stars ⭐️✨⭐️✨

    1. Mary Maze


  81. Hannah Dunkley

    No one phone was recording they was actually listening bring back these days please

  82. The Light Of The Body Is Pineal

    I never saw this before! I Love Her!!

  83. Regina Perry

    If we stop eating their foods they lose trillions of dollars they are not ready to take that L especially SUGAR 🙏💙❤💛👆

  84. Rena Poole

    So did Aaliyah and to talk and Mac Dre and Jacka and Bob Marley Fred Hampton dr. Sebi. Funny black people y’all need to stop with the conspiracy stuff y’all go to church y’all believe in the King James Bible but then y’all want to talk about some some black people stuff y’all are so lost pick up a book and go read some real knowledge.

  85. Rena Poole

    Coffee you guys haven’t even read any books even know what the elite is all about I’ll talk about the Illuminati will the Illuminati is the elite the Rothschilds your piece of paper that y’all black people be chasing after talk too much all bosses and all this and that when y’all do not even read no books and y’all want to talk about it conspiracy stop it.

    1. Rena Poole

      Sorry I was voice texting so some of my words are all messed up but it’s okay it ain’t no big deal the English language is only 200 years old anyway so who cares but I want you all black people to start really doing some research and really reading about kemetic mind science before y’all start talkin about some Illuminati. Just hella irritating

  86. Rena Poole

    Nipsey Hussle and left eye and dr. Sebi this is not a conspiracy you guys. There’s so many other black people that have been talking about how to eat they’re not the only ones who dies. Yeah dr. Ben Joseph you have dr. Clark there’s so many other people. Half of us don’t even know what the medu neter is or even ancient kemetic mind science so it’s not just about the foods that you eat if you know about kemetic mind science and you already know what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

  87. Latoria Holmes

    Loren ! She coming 😢🤞👑🌍

  88. Rsilerjr

    They kill any black person with knowledge and discredit the smart ones, it’s getting over obvious !

    1. Jessica Leigh

      Rsilerjr they kill all people who expose the truth. They are color blind in that way.

  89. Dab Dab

    U dam fuckers need to stop with the b.s. that was sum steert shit not the government dam ass wat kind of government cell would go bak and fourth about 2 to 3 times and on the last time he kick nip in the face man nip kno that nigga believe that

    1. Melanin Me

      gov can hire anybody to kill ppl you own kind at that

    2. Melanin Me

      Dab Dab you must be a fucking troll get ur unwoke ass up out of here

  90. Eric Yepiz

    Imagine if we all diet like this 💯

    1. Melanin Me

      Eric Yepiz i’m telling u that would be so great!!!

  91. John j Smith

    Eazy e should of visited dr sebi 😢

  92. K. Berry

    If there is a hell below they all gonna go I believed Dr.Sebi R.I.H. Loves…

  93. Neha Palyal

    Bless these souls. The dream and message Dr. Sebi brought will never die. It’s still living in us. And one day someone will again get up.

  94. Owino 20

    they don’t wnna see us health but jah knows RIP Nips, dr sebi movement won’t stop.

  95. Tony Knight

    I never knew about this. Nipsey hussle death brought me here. I didn’t know about dr Sebi or that Lisa even went to him! R.I.P to all three of these icons.

    1. luwakw01

      All the black elite know. They’re just trying to be careful broadcasting it. Cosbys were vegan. Baba Dick Gregory and Prince too. Even Bey and Jay are trying to encourage everyone to go vegan. The problem is that they know their celebrity makes them targets

  96. Julius Boyd

    First of all I wanna say RIP to Lisa Dr Sebi Nipsy Michael Jackson and Prince
    For trying to speak up on this matter as well as Tupac for trying to let our people know what’s going on and it’s sad that the government is behind all of this now I see why magic johnson never spoke about his situation again he was scared!!! It takes bravery and heart to look the devil in the eye and keep pushing not only for you but for others as well . Now that we see they are not helping us it’s time we help ourselves!!! We mastered hate towards each other now let’s take that same energy and help each other. I know it’s easier said then done but I believe if we try we will not fail. They are killing us one leader at a time !!!! FUCK that we have to protect ourselves now or they gonna wipe us out the same way Hitler try to do with the JEWS!!!! We have to make a stand now

  97. taysexen


  98. Sisto Diaz

    The truth always prevails. Natural remedies are naturally made by who? If you believe, than everything else falls into place. This is a testament of the natural truth people fail to realize and  fail to believe in Christ. Corporate America, the FDA and pharmaceutical companys all greed. I hope this documentary continues. preventions starts now, fight back and eat healthy.

  99. Patricia Harris

    Beautiful person

  100. P R E M E

    “They Killed Dr Sebi cause he was teaching health” – Nipsey Hussle … RIP KINGS

  101. mark jacobs

    Made me so sad she was such a sweet soul we lost healers lisa left eye dr sebi now nipsey RIP spread love ride for nipsey

  102. Bas Van der veen

    R.i.p all 3 are dead but wee are living pick youre big shoes out of the closet and kick they motherfuckers out of this world!!

  103. Phumla Posh Dlamini

    When will everyone wake up n see what’s happening

    1. the last

      It’s going to take a min because they have some of our ppl on their side. Very influential blk ppl . Kanye, Oprah, all these lil mumbling rappers blk children just love. These are the ppl really keeping us in the dark. They know the truth but are paid to talk against it. Listen to how every rapper is saying Nipsey was killed because of blk on blk crime again.

  104. F. M.


  105. undaground94

    She was just a beautiful soul 🙂

  106. That Big-D

    Yesssss she was killed 4 speaking the truth. God may she be by ur side

  107. exittonyc

    Rip left eye ! Rip Nipsey 2019

  108. Conceitednyc


  109. studio226 new media and design

    Blessings and love to you all! Sending light and blessings 💐💐💐

  110. Dillon Mclaughlin

    I feel like this is all blown outa proporrion she just said to eat healthy and clense. He cured a udi not lupus. Ive heard alot about this guy Nd his medicine but i have seen know proof

  111. Kiki Ham

    Them killed all them people sebi cured left eye nibsey eze Tupac and he probably cured more artist u can’t hide the truth what is done in the dark always come to light and they was bringing they healing to light r.i.h

  112. Ivan Rivera - Gersan

    Nipsey put me on

  113. mwas ndekei

    Imma let you all know sum This is the devils work
    Those who control everything knew a good way to get to us is thru everything we consume for our health and destroy humanity
    All kind of diseases are man made and nothing can’t be cured dr sebi wall all right
    Devil is working

  114. Rayshaun Corbinbey

    She wanted to spread the knowledge. Thats what made her a target

  115. Michael Maragh

    The way her van crashed that day seemed supernatural; like an entity just pulled the car off the road. Not to mention the little boy they killed while driving on a seperate day whose name was Lopez. To be honest the impact didn’t seem to be that severe to kill her.

    1. Glo glo go

      Didn’t seem that severe to me either.

  116. Javon Walker

    Help with bladder infection 🤔🤔 I need to change my eating habits 🙏🏾

    1. luvuback

      Javon Walker Do you drink a lot of sodas?

  117. Schillette Austin

    we knew something was up as soon as we heard Nipsy was doin the documentary ,,,first thought was “Left eye”…hell this make u want to really get your health together because they trying wayyyy toooo hard now…

  118. Dereck Dean

    You can’t put a patent on a natural growing plant Cancer cells hate soursop leaf tea.’

    1. Dereck Dean

      +Like Being Celestra Organized health care and big pharma are the real cancer. I know personally the benefits of THE CREATOR’S plants . The soursop tree has always been the most effective remedy for cancer.

    2. Like Being Celestra

      Soursop leaf is one of the #1 herb or tea that helps cure cancer…

  119. Alisha Turner

    wooow.it has all boiled down to everybody now wants to learn about the doctor. which is wat both lisa and nipsey wanted.rip

  120. lil Mooda

    Now only if they knew they are Hebrews

    1. MsMonie Loves


  121. Barn Yard

    RIP Left 👀💔, NIP 💔💙, Dr Sebi.. 💔💔💔💙💙💙🙏🙏

  122. Jacob Aaron

    Left eye, Michael Jackson and now nosey hussle. All supported Dr sebi all died. Gotta be more than a coincidence

  123. Levi Ross

    I don’t know what to eat anymore… carnivore or vegan!!!

  124. Ty Ty

    Read the Bible it will show u how to live cleansing in the good book yah fasten 40 days and night amen

    1. naturally sanctified

      +Penelope416 absolutely. That’s why I’m transitioning to plant based

    2. Melvin Mccall

      +Like Being Celestra Leviticus

    3. Penelope416

      +Like Being Celestra The book of Daniel and Genesis. Genesis 1:29 God specifically talks about eating plant based food to Adam and Eve. Daniel mentions having more focus and being even stronger while eating vegetables.

    4. Like Being Celestra

      Which part? Which version?
      Exactly… I’m not in disbelief but I’m just asking..
      I know every book is about something different….

  125. Alexandria Jones

    Thank you Lisa

  126. Alexandria Jones

    When do you all think this was recorded ?

  127. JJ

    My Tendons are inflamed and the pain is uncomfortable.

  128. JJ

    I need to know more about Dr.Sebi i need to clean my life of all this junk that the sistem is giving us on a daily basis.

    1. Glo glo go

      Me too! It seems that sea moss is what she was always talking about. Her band – in the documentary – had a hard time getting it down. But herbs are the one thing that most medication that we take cannot offset. Anything herbal will interfere with the the potency of the medication.

    2. Shawanna Williams

      Me too

  129. VGSR PLS


  130. lattè _SplAsh


  131. lattè _SplAsh


  132. Lady R

    I agree I think she was healed of aids and that’s why they killed her. Because she saw the real real and was gonna SING it from the roof tops.

    1. Nikki Jones

      She didn’t have hiv/aids. It was said she had herpes. Dr. Sebi talked about it in a interview.

    2. Bully Breaker

      I read she had herpes

    3. Lady R

      I mean right though come on she was doing the same thing daily. They knew where they were that’s no accident. And she was so healthy and there’s her last video to where she said she felt so much better 💯💯💯

    4. Like Being Celestra

      Wow interesting I just though about that as I saw your comment

  133. lattè _SplAsh


  134. lattè _SplAsh

    She was WOKE!!!

  135. Nina Scott

    Wow is all I can say. RIP to all three of these amazing people.

  136. beautifuladi

    I think this is called the “Daniel fast” it‘s also just 10 days of just vegetables and water. It’s in the Bible.. first chapter of Daniel. I’m not sure why they were giving Dr sebi the credit when it was written in the Bible over thousands of years ago… People just need to read the Bible

    1. Ikpugha

      Dr Sebi kept referring people back to the Bible…

    2. stoneyy Monroe

      Actually dr.sebie mention that these things come from the bible if we read

    3. beautifuladi

      Jesica Jaramillo No worries! I have, I did it before a big exam I had and I had lots of energy, my senses were heightened, and everything was clear as day. I had a lot of cravings at first, like the first 3 days but after I overcame them, it was easier to stick to eating lots of green vegetables. They don’t have to be green, it can be anything that comes from a seed and grows in the ground. In the end, you will feel good and your body thanks you for it with time because that’s the food that we are meant to eat, not all that heavy, greasy stuff that just weighs us down. Being on the Daniel fast strengthens your spirituality as well, so it was easier for me to get up to pray. I don’t know what religion dr sebi was but I’m Christian, and this Daniel fast is biblical. This Daniel fast is included in the Bible. The Bible is the word of God, hand written by man but authored by God. Lmk if you have other q’s

    4. Jesica Jaramillo

      beautifuladi thanks you make your point…have you ever tried the method yourseld?? What religion is this? What what dr. Sebi beliefs in religion wise ? Sorry for all my questions

    5. beautifuladi

      Jesica Jaramillo Of bourse, here it is: “Then God said, “Let the land sprout with vegetation—every sort of seed-bearing plant, and trees that grow seed-bearing fruit. These seeds will then produce the kinds of plants and trees from which they came.” And that is what happened. The land produced vegetation—all sorts of seed-bearing plants, and trees with seed-bearing fruit. Their seeds produced plants and trees of the same kind. And God saw that it was good.”
      ‭‭Genesis‬ ‭1:11-12‬ ‭NLT‬‬

      ““Please test us for ten days on a diet of vegetables and water,” Daniel said. “At the end of the ten days, see how we look compared to the other young men who are eating the king’s food. Then make your decision in light of what you see.” The attendant agreed to Daniel’s suggestion and tested them for ten days. At the end of the ten days, Daniel and his three friends looked healthier and better nourished than the young men who had been eating the food assigned by the king. So after that, the attendant fed them only vegetables instead of the food and wine provided for the others. God gave these four young men an unusual aptitude for understanding every aspect of literature and wisdom. And God gave Daniel the special ability to interpret the meanings of visions and dreams.”
      ‭‭Daniel‬ ‭1:12-17‬ ‭NLT‬‬

      You really do get a sense of clarity in addition to being overall healthy. Hope that was helpful. God bless!

  137. Kay Hay

    They can’t control what The Most High God has ordered. Periodt!

    1. Erik MOBALOT

      The most high 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    2. Wendy Ricks

      Kay Hay the word is out now

  138. Sad Channing

    Hello everyone can yall plz do me a favor and go to Media Takeout and share this video to these fuck tards in the commens talking about he was a fraud and there is no proof because no one gave a testimony about him curing them.

  139. Jonathan Espinoza

    Who else finna do the cleanse lol

    1. Kimberly Simpson


    2. Jada Smith

      Talking with Tangi it is a particular diet called the alkaline diet. There is a list on google if you type in Dr. Sebi alkaline diet

  140. Carlos Harris

    After watching my second video, I know that everybody who follows Nipsey is gonna be doing research.

    Watch these videos shoot up into the million over the next few days.

    R.I.P Nipsey, Left Eye, and Dr.Sebi

    1. Tiffany Bunch

      His death was not in vain so many will realize the corruption and truth. He started the ripple effect their plan to take him out only brought more attention the the truth!

  141. Lexy Perkins

    I love her so much 😣💔

  142. Yasmin Membreno

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  145. rdenisedb

    I work as a HOSPICE Nurse…since 2005………and many times my patients  have not ate in days/weeks….as they r terminally ill………..and after the regular BM’s have ceased….usually there is “mucus based” substain expelled from the body……stay cleansed

    1. Glo glo go

      Dr Sebi and even Dick Gregory said mucus is the key to all sickness. I noticed that while I smoked and didn’t have enough water during the day – at night I would have to get up and clear my throat. I had to roar my throat to clear it of the mucus so I could breathe. I knew I had to quit smoking.

    2. Martin L

      Do you think this can help for a hospice. Patient who suffers from diabetes and kidney failure ??

    3. rdenisedb

      Bowel Movement

    4. thepjshizzle

      What does BM mean, Denise. As I agree XXX

  146. creativemind26 los

    She was killed cause of this the other 2 stayed clear

    1. john chukwu

      You mean T-boz and chilli? Lmao

  147. Joyce Wangarè

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  150. Divine Feminine

    Us as melanated people need to stop waiting for someone to save us and we need to do our own damn research and ALL OF US PUT IN OUR PART!!!!

    1. Jerry G

      Divine Feminine you are so very welcome lol

    2. Divine Feminine

      +Jerry G thank you love

    3. Jerry G

      Divine Feminine you are so beautiful 😍 flawless asf😫

    4. Awn Poynt

      1000 % true‼️

    5. LoveThyBodyCo 7

      The messiah already paid our Debts ! We just need to return to his Father and his laws and commandments! And Yes please do your own Research and spread the Good News !!!

  151. Aysa Barbie


    1. Lily Aan

      Aysa Barbie it’s not her fan base so… they listen to the testimony like it’s a person like them…and they must have testimonies of themselves being woke spiritual people

  152. Nina Nicole

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  153. Tony Johansen

    Yes after white people did all this evil to black people and they told us Jesus is coming soon just to calm black man down. Wake blackman. But yet they fight all the big wars in this world killing people. White people are evil😪😪😪😪

  154. Krystal k

    Nipsey hussle death brought me here.. So even though he didn’t get a chance to do the documentary. He still got the message across to us.. We are now awake..! R.i.p Left eye, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Hussle and all who were victims of the Government

    1. Mona W

      💯💯💯 Dr. Sebi as well.

  155. Stash PHL

    Nipsey said don’t pray for him just ride for him. Let’s ride ✊🏽

    1. Micah The goat

      Until the wheels fall off, rest in Paradise OG NIPSEY

    2. that chick sassy

      shakyra causby in an interview check it out it’s on YouTube I saw it too

    3. LaTonya & Gregory Howard

      +swoop That guy facts

    4. swoop That guy

      Let’s go y’all come on lets continue this healthy diet if Dr Sebi

    5. Wendy Pope

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  156. janae pls.

    i wanna do the cleanse 😩

    1. inzomniack2014

      The diet is so restrictive and not to mention kinda pricey. Also? A lot of the herbs are bitter. I wanna try it too though 😉

    2. Tavon Baulkman

      What’s the cleanse👀

  157. gdcskates

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  158. Kid Lit Music

    How long do they think they can keep us in the dark?! Justice for Left Eye, Michael Jackson and Nipsey Hussle! 😮😮😮

  159. דון א

    Zionist killed left eye, dr Sebi, Nipsey, etc.. they are trying to work us all to death, stop eating their bullshit and drinking their waters. If you want your body to work for you; Do not work for them..

    1. דון א

      Mimi M yeah sure; don_juan34

    2. Mimi M

      +דון א that’s really good! Going vegan is definitely going to benefit you in the long run. Just wait and see! Do you have snapchat by any chance? I’m curious about the stuff you post lol. I don’t follow many people like us

    3. דון א

      Mimi M no problem and good for you, I just transitioned to vegan.. I didn’t even really notice it, it was natural transition being my roommate is vegan so pretty much all the food in my house is plant based; fruit, vegetables, rice, water, almond milk, and oats..

    4. Mimi M

      +דון א oh I’m very aware of this. I have been going vegan for years now and have slowly let go of all the foods that weren’t natural and stopped relying on pharmaceutical products. Apple cider vinegar is definitely one of the healing products I use as well as herbs. I was just curious about the water but thank you for this insight!

    5. דון א

      Mimi M I drink spring water but it doesn’t matter what kind of water it is, I mean purify the water yourself with reverse osmosis. I’m suggesting not trusting the government to do anything for you. Cut off all dependency to this system. Know that you can survive with out this establishment in place.

  160. דון א

    Why am I just seeing this in 2019? Oml I hate these people with a perfect hatred.

    1. Shanardo Goodhope


    2. Nathaniel Mitchell


    3. john chukwu

      There is truly a darkness in this world

    4. john

      Blame yourself for being morons. It’s been no secret .

  161. Dijon Berry

    “clean out our vehicles” points to self 😭hmmm her love, wisdom, and even her cooking cannot be shared due to a vehicle. Maybe no connection, but I recall Lisa saying “she knows” before it happens. What am I talking about 🤷🏿‍♂️

  162. Falcao Penghan Roland

    Now they Got Nipsey, its funny how they keep wiping those who WOKE

  163. Lynn Bolar

    May Nipsey rest in peace. May Dr. Sebi rest in peace. May Lisa rest in peace. I ended up here after finding out about Nip’s death, and the real reason why he was murdered. This is crazy how life is, and how some people value money over the health and well being of others. All they wanted to do was teach people about the truth and how to heal, because God knows we all need healing. Planning on turning over a new leaf soon.

    1. Ville Uz

      I’m about turning a new leaf right away.
      What’s worst is that now, they’re gonna try to ruin Dr. Sebi’s work, products and services.

  164. V E E R E E D E E A N A A G U I L E R A

    Who’s staying woke????? FUCK THE ELITE! Fuck Big Pharma!

  165. Ravan Streeter


    1. Joseph Barker

      So has his death

    2. Mona W

      If it matters, Michael Jackson was also treated by this same Dr as well. Coincidence? More than likely not.

  166. Carolina Zuniga

    10:32 ???

  167. MomO CarmonA

    Whatever disease we get from earth,we can get the cure from earth.

    Spread the word

    1. Great Lakes

      I want someone to give me the name of ONE AIDS/HIV patient Sebi cured. Then I want the cure for AIDS/HIV in step by step direction. I’d not he is a quack.

    2. Drew Blair

      MomO CarmonA yesss

    3. UnknownP

      MomO CarmonA lol I guess I was too harsh but correcting someone is always better then letting them believe falsehood. he asked a question I gave him an answer. Also I’m 17 too.

    4. AnswerIsNear

      All diseases are man-made.

    5. Stephen Beale

      Yeah bro so true here’s some weird fact I always thought the same thing like the garden of Eden is actually the natural world ie. Food and water from earth not processed foods.. Similar to recently they found in the Sydney funnel web spider their venom can kill cancer cells and be the cure who would think a spider would hold a key element in its venom but no one really talking about that cause news makes more pushing bullshit politics and celebrity news and we as people are that dumb we buy it but not the ones on this video cause if u here that means u woke and know the game they playing

  168. MomO CarmonA

    Never heard of her till today…yet I hear some stupid skank bitch named cardi b all the time

  169. Frank King

    Big Pharma and the government are evil. They bury anyone who exposes them. Lisa, Dr Sebi and now Nipsey.

    1. Bad_vibes_gaming

      Frank King don’t forget mj

    2. faridah nakabuye

      These people work for the devil and Rothschild family came to destroy this world because they think they own it…

    3. Bow Evanko


  170. james michel

    Who’s here because snip died

  171. Haze Lady

    It’s amazing how I’m reading all these comments and we all are on this page for a reason we are awake

    1. Great Lakes

      Nigha you being tricked by this dead snake oil salesman. People just stop…….please. This ain’t even a good trick.

    2. Zetegu Anderson. THE ZODIAK SHOW

      +Markita Lion loveley

      This is horrible acting

    3. Manuel Santos

      Markita Lion loveley well then act don’t ride the hype train

    4. mrpower328

      I agree,,,,

    5. Markita Lion loveley

      +Manuel Santos you don’t know that, and even if so it’s better late than never.. the goal is to reach as many people as possible, there is nothing goofy about learning, some just learn slower than others, but for your negativity, you can keep that and do some healing work on yourself bc you need to love yourself first in order to love and help others. Be positive about life, not send out negativity. I hope you learn something from watching this video. And look up others..

  172. Oh Jetty

    Honestly, this makes me wanna go vegan! They wouldn’t take people dear to us if this didn’t really change lives.

    1. Bully Breaker

      Alkaline diet **

    2. Darlene Jones


    3. M Lane

      The meat we eat comes from slain animals they are most likely angry when they die and the we digest it into our bodies

    4. Gema Honesta

      Same here

  173. Joey Setts

    Its fucked up to think the government is the one killing its own people for trying to better themselves they create things to distract you from whats really going on its time to WAKE UP

  174. Mayra Ledesma

    Most definitely. Is all PHARMA 💰💰💰💰 the government don’t give a fuck about any of us. Been saying it since day 1. It doesn’t make sense how you believe and support this story because someone like him had a platform. Yet no one believes in Vaccines injuries and that the government is injecting us with poison 🤔 eveyone believes vaccines are Safe and Effective so yall support vaccines 🤔 yet don’t believe MOTHER’S speaking about they’re injured children getting vaccine injuried because they don’t have a PLATFORM SMH…… so sad. CALIFORNIA open you’re eyes. So many doctors have been killed because they find cures to cancer, HIV, and many other illnesse. All the doctors that have discovered that vaccines are Dangerous DEAD too.

  175. Abdur Price

    Nipsey ❤️

  176. BrysonIX El Padre Show

    RIP Left Eye and Nipsey Hussle

  177. jay miller

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    1. Washington Jackson

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    2. Washington Jackson

      Lol, nigga u wild but funny af. I bet she does too.

    3. jay miller

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    4. jojo bach

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  178. jay ali

    First lisa left eye now Nipsey Hussle… We all need to know who Dr. Sebi was. This knowledge is dangerous so it must be true.

    1. Great Lakes

      +jay ali so Dr. Sebi was such a threat that the man, or the illuminati, or the government, or beetlejuice allowed him to live to a ripe age of 70 something. You do realize his AIDS/HIV cure was never written down in the last 40 years nor has he produced one patient as a testimonial. Please stop it…..the man was a schister stealing cash.

    2. Tony Eaton

      This is too close to home is this more than a coincidental situation ..

    3. Cynthia Stevens

      +Melissa Torres oh I thought a car swerved in front of her and she turned the wheel and went in a ditch.I will go back and look it up.

    4. Cynthia Stevens


    5. Bad_vibes_gaming

      Dug Nice probably all dead

  179. Hollywood alamo


  180. Imani L

    Rip nipsey hustle and lisa left eye. Its these africans we already took what they planted on this earth food dance clothes etc now we tryna get there remedy to cure hiv. These foreigners dont like us americans. Let the police tell it tho it was gang affiliated why nip died

  181. Nef

    Wow the word will come out they cannot stop this there’s no telling how many ppl they’ve killed
    RIP Dr Sebi lefteye n nipsey
    This shit Is ridiculous you still will stand b4 God and u will be judge….. all over some money man like fr?? Some dollar bills???

  182. getemupwatts

    long live nip lisa dr sebi

  183. Brandi Kay royal

    Rip nispy came here for research

    1. Bow Evanko


      Go down all the rabbit holes

  184. Dolly D

    They Killed her & Now they killed Nipsey 💙💙💙♿️ Crip In Peace 🙏🏽🕊🕊Keep on ROLLIN

  185. Daunte Smith

    She was very deep and everything she talking about Yah been letting us know who we are what we should eat wear and act also fasting is very important. All Praises to The Most High Yah.

  186. Fatina Moore-Weston

    RIL Lisa Left 👁 Lopez

  187. Marie Kay

    And now Nipsey Hussle…

    1. inzomniack2014

      +Nobantu Sibeko The person willing to fund and finish the documentary? If anybody dares😒

    2. Nobantu Sibeko

      Marie Kay like who’s next? 😢💔

  188. Kendall Lou

    They killed her and Nipsey Hussle for trying to spread a message it’s a darn shame!! But they can’t silence what’s meant to be heard.. Although we lost these two the word will be spread and the truth will always win!! Rest easy y’all

    1. Casey Anderson

      Kendall Lou that’s right!

  189. MagicSwat23

    Lisa, mj, nip, smh and trump still alive this government is all f up

  190. Kevin Cleveland

    Now they got Nipsey, who was trying to spread this knowledge as well

    1. Cherri Lion

      Nick Cannon agreed to take the torch and keep movement goin

    2. Faith Walker

      I have never heard of Nipsey or the doctor.

      I am awake. I’m a critical thinker. I don’t believe anything I am taught because my mind tells me otherwise.

      I went online and noticed a video by Ralph smart about how kind and loving Nipsey was. He asked for everybody to do whatever they could to figure out why he was murdered. That of course sparked my interest.

      I went online and found a video interviewing Nipsey talking about doing a documentary on the Dr. who was curing disease naturally and was arrested tried and won.

      It is tragic when people are loving and giving and doing good get taken out of this world for sadistic reasons.

      I am sorry that he is gone and my prayers are with his family and friends.

      My instinct tells me so much about certain situations. Because of that I am able to learn about incredible people that I never would have known about unless I was awake.

      Even though they both are gone this will only open the eyes of all the people that are waking up, giving them both the attention they deserve.

      In the end they both will have accomplished what they set out to do in this world and more.

  191. ahren hermann


  192. Ranson NP

    RIP nipsey man this is not a coincidence 🙏💔🙏

    1. Melissa Torres

      Nah he died because of the hood

    2. You only live once

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    3. Sad Channing

      +StrosB4Hos no bitch u stfu

    4. jojo bach

      +joseph nicholas if its only cigarettes that cause cancer Joseph then why do millions have cancer and they don’t smoke.?
      Wake up Joe cancer is everywhere. They are now saying HALF of the people now have cancer.

    5. דון א

      joseph nicholas why are you even here?

  193. Linda Drums

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  194. MS Geeyah

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  196. Matthew Blackbear 318

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  197. Blessed Blades

    Now Nipsey Hussle! Man

  198. Vanessa Hawk

    So did the concocktions die with dr sebie/his wife? Or did they leave the recipe behind🤷🏻🤷🏻🤷🏻

    1. Nancy medjo

      Vanessa Hawk that’s exactly what I was thinking. The family should know the secret.

  199. Kadija Kelly

    Why the fuck are you eating and expecting us to listen and pay attention to the video with you smaking on the damn food shit is aggravating can’t even watch the video in fuckin peace

  200. 276 in the chest by nature.


  201. uniqua here_909

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  202. Lalalalala

    Rip nipsey hussle

  203. Ron Escobar


    1. Booda

      They killed her for changing her diet lol?

    2. T.A. B

      no it didn’t have to be. the video were commenting on is “what got her killed” but all she said in the video is she changed her diet and stopped drinking. nothing more nothing less. you do realize Dr sebi “practiced” from 88 to 2016 right? you realize people knew about him since he started right? so with all those facts and her having a blow out on a dirt road while recording it and having her SUV flip while she had no seat belt how could you say it “had to be” foul play? Dr sebi had no magic cure all he said was to eat certain herbs and alkaline vegetables no big secret diet

    3. Jae Major

      Had t0 be

    4. T.A. B

      I saw the documentary if I remember right she was even recording when the wreck happened. I saw no foul play

    5. Nathaniel Mitchell

      +The Light Of The Body Is Pineal nope! Was there any?

  204. High School Kidd

    Nipsey Hussle Got killed Same reason Left Eye got Killed They we’re WOKE !

    1. iTz JackiE

      DR. SEBI SPEAKS ON WEED @ 3:10 MARK- i just watched this and tell me why the date march 31st came up??? coincidence or ……?

    2. Ashlee DA

      Why do y’all act like there aren’t literally millions of people who are vegan? Hundreds of thousands of people grow their own food and they do the alkaline diet…It’s not NEW!! and Dr Sebi is dead y’all acting like people could call him up now or go see him and try to get cured for a virus or infection with this new found “awareness”. Y’all act like there’s not thousands of people who live holistically already, now why would “they” target nip, make it make sense when millions of people already practice veganism and the actual man is dead. The people from ya hometown ya biggest haters…!!

    3. too tall mccall

      U better know and preach it!

    4. Intellectual property Inc

      Shut up fool. smh.

    5. miss pizarro

      +Mona W Michael us the seasonally of us conspiracy theories kniws about the illuminati. He spoke on them after he won his case about the allegations . he said he is not in his body . that he was being controlked by them . he exposed so much 😩😒😞. That’s why the next year he was found dead . He told us they was gone kill him .

  205. Moneshaniea Mckinney

    They just killed Nipsey Hustle😔. Is their anyone willing to take on the task of spreading Dr. Sebi knowledge 🤔

    1. Brittney B. Williams

      Nick cannon is

    2. Roy Reed

      +Princess SteFUnny if he does it, I really don’t think it will reflect what Nipsy was going to do..

    3. Jay Vontay Swing

      You’re asking the wrong question not bout who willing to take on the responsibility but if it’s worth taking the responsibility??? My answer would be yes and i would expect most people to say yes based on the fact people will die and kill for things that were created by man anyway might as well risk your own to spread love ,health possibly cures which even a billionaire can’t afford that😎again the question should be is it worth your life to save other’s along with your family and friends??? I would expect so!!!✊

    4. Penelope416

      I heard Nick Cannon would do it, but that nigga will water it down, for sure.

    5. Barbara Hicks

      It’s already spread my dear that’s why where all here ❤️ !

  206. Jennifer Olivera

    It all makes sense now #ripnip smfh

  207. LaVaughn

    Now they hit nipsey hussle. Right before he released his documentary they shot that man 6 times. This shit is getting ridiculous. R.i.p to the real ones trying to wake up the people.

  208. Kam Daniel

    Nipsey hustle was doing a documentary on Dr Sebi.. now, he died today. He DIED, But the others he was with were only INJURED. Just like left eye situation. It’s no coincidence anymore

    1. Kam Daniel

      killuminatl ok but for what though? Oh ok

    2. Snooty Fox

      +Morena G. shut up with your BS.

    3. killuminatl

      Riiiight… so it’s not because the shooter was aiming for and only intended to kill nipsey hussle. Your an idiot stop spreading your opinion.

    4. Morena G.

      We all need to educate ourselves In all that Dr.Sebi knew. Just like Left Eye. & Nipsey….etc etc. So, we can pass all this knowledge to our youth. Our future….so important.

    5. דון א

      SYDNAE LEWIS This establishment in the US should be ended.. it’s not working for us and instead of leaving I think we should just eradicate the virus…
      Let’s not make a simple thing complicated..
      If it’s not helping us, it’s hurting us…

  209. mr. kells

    Hold she said he stopped her from drinking. I thought they said it was alcohol in her system when she crashed!!👀👀

    1. 09rew

      mr. kells there was nothing reported in her system when she crashed.

  210. Tay Israel

    Rip Left Eye and Dr Sebi. No doubt in my mind they were killed.

  211. USOE The Moore's

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=as_li_qf_sp_sr_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=issanatrualth-20&keywords=Health Luxury&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=ur2&linkId=944c89f9f252c5961690e4f39c46e622

  212. Face Reality

    “no televisions and radios, none of that poison…” – Lisa Lopes❤

  213. adamuku solutiontemple

    Have you ever wonder if there is cure for Lung Cancer? Yes there is cure with Dr Ayes herbal traditional remedy, kindly contact Dr Ayes if you suffering from (Scabies)(Hiv)(Herpes)(Diabetics)(Lung Cancer)(Bacteria Vaginosis)(Bad Breath/Halitosis)(Hep B) or any diseases Call/whatsApp +2349028032485 or mail him. via(drayesherbalmedicine@gmail.com

  214. djj quality

    I smile everytime I watch this 😍🥰

  215. Matthew Smith

    It’s interesting what she said toward the end about vital organs regenerating themselves.

    The most recent string of interviews TBoz did (in 2018) she mentioned how she had grown additional spleens. She might have put that in A Sick Life as well.

  216. ياسمين Yasmine

    She’s spreading knowledge even after her death, rest in peace beautiful soul

  217. Sadé Anthony

    Amazing testimony! May she rest in peace

  218. AHealthy StateOfMind

    Left eye was really getting in good into this lifestyle. Poor thing. She was genuinely searching.

  219. Yahya Adul Fattah

    Miss Lisa Left eye Lopez was sick of Andre Risen to burn up his million dollar house and broke by so of course she need something better then music and she was going solo on death row she fasted and submitted to with Dr Sebi and his workers said she said she saw” God “down in Honduras while dealing with his circle check her docementary her last days and she gave back to some people with her fortune may Allah be pleased with her .

    1. jojo bach

      She didn’t pray to allah, she prayed to Jesus as she quotes the Bible in her speech. She said she “asked” and He gave her her answer so she’s saying she “received” just like the KJ Bible says “ask and you shall receive”

  220. Natatia Wilson

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  228. TQ Dat Manye

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    1. Like Being Celestra

      +drakeriusetienne is his grandson still in Honduras?

    2. drakeriusetienne

      His grandson

  229. Terrell Massey

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  230. LaShawn D Cave

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  233. n

    As many “woke” people here stated she was obviously killed, I remember being in Honduras and it made the news, next thing I knew she was dead. I understand a whole lot know than I did before. Jesus is the answer, there are many ways of healing God put in the earth but you have to give your soul and spirit to him as well as take care of your body.

  234. Muhammad kapuna

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  235. Fun&Games

    Sebi cured all diseases. So the devils killed him.

  236. Cassandra William

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  237. Theresa Pinder

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  238. koolmoe1971

    She never really says what she was actually ailing from. I think and feel deep down that our sister was cured of AIDS. I also think she had to go into hiding once bring cured. Once you are cured, you become a target.

    1. Amber Bullock

      Found the link he cured her of herpes ❕💛

    2. Glo glo go

      +Shawntel Singletary Apparently she was cured and that is the reason she wanted to blow Dr Sebi up. She wanted to put him on the map.

    3. Shawntel Singletary

      I was thinking she had herpes and was trying to be cured if that in Honduras

    4. Amber Bullock

      A lot of the songs tlc song were about safe sex and chasing waterfalls was about some one getting hiv so I was thinking the same

    5. Nubian Proud

      it’s another theory that shouldnot be overlooked

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  240. L W

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    She is talking about the keto diet,before there was any hype about it. Everyone thought she was crazy but she was just way more advanced than everyone else. Miss you gurl

    1. Ty M

      Dr sebi does not promote a ketogenic diet. Period. No dairy. Etc. Etc.

  243. Democrats Only

    Dr Sebi was the real deal. Its a damn shame that so many charlatans now out there selling shit that barely knew him or have his formulas. I even saw one bunch that charged and made money having a memorial to Dr Sebi.. Pretending conscious folk out there.

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    Omg I have excema ! This queen was amazing and dr.sebi will forever be a genius! This video is amazing thank you for posting…..I finally decided to get my mind right and try the 7 day vegan. It’s great to hear the positive effects of cleansing, peace👑💎 🙏💎👑

    1. Like Being Celestra

      I have eczema as well and had acne and as soon as I cut out sugar and change my eating habits it cleared up.

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    1. Chidinma Uwaga

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    2. Like Being Celestra

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      I really would like to understand

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  260. Dia Lankford

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    1. Glo glo go

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  261. Dia Lankford

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  262. TAL Bull Dog larkin

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    1. john chukwu

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    Why would they kill her and not him?? Retards…and to people who say ‘they did’ 😂 ya they let him spread the word for 82 years then decided to finally shut him up?😂 foh she just died..was an accident..powerful white men aren’t worried about a little spanish chicks little influence…but the govt does kill people who try to expose them or who try to tell people the truth about natural cures, dont get me wrong….just tired of people blaming EVERY celebrity death on that💯

    1. Tony tone

      +Jazmyne Murphy ..nobody was listening to lisa left eye lopez about curing disease stop it dummy..her ‘platform’ was for young spanish and black ghetto chicks who liked her MUSIC

    2. Tony tone

      +Tammy Slade ..ya at 82 years old?😊 fuking retard…he died of old age dumbass..besides tbe cure for things were never ‘his product’ they are nust planrs fruits and herbs…plus he turned into a greedy snake oil salesman trying to ‘sell’ info to sick dyimg poor people, instrad of just telling them fir FREE like he should..but any smart person, and with a brain can realize that fruits veges and herbs are the cures..dont need some greedy black dude to tell me that

    3. Tony tone

      +Jazmyne Murphy ..stop it, nobody besides young ethnic females were listening to a girl named lisa ‘ left eye’ lopez 💯😂 sorry but its true..she was a nice sweet girl..but she was a damn female rapper, cmon now, no people of influence were behind her, plus she had nothing important to say, besides parroting Dr. Sebi💯..so gimmy a break

    4. Sara Neal

      Tony Salafia they did kill him he said everything happens in divine order right before he died

  271. StarlightPrincess70

    She is adorable.

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  278. Amazingbeauty Sweetheart

    My first time watching this video very interesting. I do believe the government killed her in order for the word of Dr sebi not spreading to others. Lisa was a big influencer being in the group TLC, many know she was planning on telling the cures of doctor sebi. God bless her and dr sebi

    1. Alpha Male

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    1. nia henderson

      the bible says when you depart from evil you become a prey to the wickness. but she died knowing the truth..they only have power to kill the flesh but have no power over her spirit

    2. T.A. B

      All she said was she stopped drinking alcohol and changed her diet to vegetables and fruits felt better and had more energy. What part of this said anything mind blowing that the “government” killed her for again? Eat proper foods spend more time outside instead of watching tv avoid negativity and youll live a better life. Common sense. I didnt need sebi to tell me that. What big important thing did she say that i missed? 🤷‍♂️

    3. Shelly

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    4. Steisy Lopez

      She also said she felt a spirit trying to kill her prior to her death

  282. K K

    Its said she had herpes and if you listen to her it does seem as did have something when she spoke about cures, as for he death why even speculate it changes absolutely nothing whether the car had a glitch or a glitch was put in the car she died its over no one will be brought to justice if they had her killed, stop getting so excited with these conspiracies, and put positivity, you mfs want the us gov to have killed everysingle famous mf dat ever died Stop it

  283. Flower11

    God bless dr sebi and lisa. Their energy lives on.

  284. Elyse George

    Mrs. Sebi was on swaysuniverse and said one of their former employee stole their recipes and is selling the herbs under a fraudulent website. Mrs. Sebi website is
    http://www.intlherbalproducts.com If it doesn’t come from there it isn’t real.

    1. Fortnite edits

      Thank you

    2. Gheorghe

      But how do we know what she’s selling is the real deal?

    3. kheeda cruickshank

      Elyse George what about the actually Sebi cell food website? Any information on that. I read on Facebook the year he died that they were reproducing the products on the site but they aren’t the same formulas. They’re effing with it.

  285. Areanna Mitchell

    This is the real reason she was killed 😒 this world we live in today is the devils world don’t enjoy nothing about it or in it .. peace Nd love everyone stay blessed

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    3. john chukwu

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    5. Lalalalala

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  290. Christa

    It’s possible what you say, that LIsa Lopez was killed because of who she was and what she knew. She did say that she was coming back to the states and would spread the knowledge about Dr. Sebi and his ability to heal! Because it just seems really odd that she was killed on the same road of the little boy she had mistakenly killed.

    1. Sara Neal

      Christa really Dr. Sebi said everything happens in divine order

    2. J M

      That really isn’t fair because she wasn’t driving the van, the child’s family said the child stepped out on the road, and she was not at fault. She even paid for the medical care, funeral, and helped pay the family.

  291. Cece Princess

    Yall sound like idiots. This girl didnot get murdered. Its all in her head when something works. Its a mind thing

  292. Alica jones

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  299. IM HERE

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    1. IM HERE

      +presidentiallsuite Lisa got killed in Honduras in his village during a spiritual Trip.

      She made this speech about him helping her before her death.

      He’s Originally from Honduras.

    2. presidentiallsuite


  300. IM HERE

    Oh now it makes sense….. Wow they really tried to hide his information.

  301. Pheonix Rising

    I love her/ What is the name of cleanse he put her on??

    1. Ms Teco

      +Nicole Raheem the government can do whatever they want to do.

    2. Nicole Raheem

      +Queen De how did they have the power to take their office? So don’t contact at all?

      How legit is queen afua ?

    3. Queen De

      his wife is saying they took there office and do not contact cuz it won’t be authentic

    4. lady charlotte

      Hadassah E. 10 day cleanse. You would need to contact the or Sebi office in florida. Just google his name and website will appear

  302. James Jones

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  303. tom akins

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  304. Sugar Nevius

    SIP 👑 she such a inspiration. Her journey has helped many

  305. rubert delaware

    If she would have known what we know now about dr. Sebi, she would have never supported him.
    After she passed away dr. sebi said on the media, that Lisa had a STD. That should have been kept confidential between Lisa and Dr. Sebi. Sebi was part of the Nuwabian Nation. A gov. (FBI) front. The Nuwabian Nation was a spin off, off of the Gov. front called Malachi York. Mr
    York created the most spin offs that any cult leader in American history could produce. Dr. SEBI TEAMED up with Brother Polite. A now known FBI front/agent. Dr. Sebi is known to have lied about his fake 1987 trial. On this trial he testified to the effect of treating AIDS. This treatment was by applying herbs and natural foods. There is no conscious community. It’s a community that was set up by jewish front groups and chosen leaders. Dr. Sebi was only one person that belonged to those leaders working for the jews.

    1. Jasmine Rhodes

      rubert delaware what ? Explain

    2. lexi jenny

      rubert delaware man shut the fuck up

    3. rubert delaware

      drinabooboo whom do you give credibility to by being not in the know. You decide which sources you dig into. Dr. Toni Martin was studying black history throughout his life. And one day he got this book into his hand – “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”. All his studies detailing the slave trade (middle passage) as having been done by whites, was a lie. The jews did the entire black slave trade (the same jews who are the slumlords of the black population in the hoods.) Professor Martin was humble enough to accept this fact. His studies were lies. He taught at “Wellesly College”. (Wellesley College is a private women’s liberal arts college located west of Boston in the town of Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States. Founded in 1870 by Henry and Pauline Durant). Martin was a black studies department Professor. He then taught this secret history that the jews were the slave traders to his students. This was against the rules and the ADL (anti defamation league:jewish organization) dispatched a few guys to his class room and threatened him. Imagine these jews threatened Dr. Martin.
      His own black history he has been taught by his own studies were a lie. If a person jumps into the information pool. If you are persistent. You will find out all i have found out too. You just didn’t. It was not your subject matter, or it was not your hobby.
      You are able to find out names and ethnicity of the directors of the CIA (they aren’t white). You don’t have to be part of these drug shippers. You only believe that because you couldn’t find specific facts out. The principle information that is discussed on the media is “opinions”. “You’re entitled to your pinion” they often say. If you discuss facts they turn into opinions at discussions. The reason, only facts in historical reference avoid forming opinions. Thus, the media won’t allow this historical referenced facts to enter any discussion. If they do they will be edited.
      But you are able by studying the correct sources and research accordingly, to find out the real meaning of history (your, mine and his/story=our story). No one trained you correctly in school. Ofcourse , if you are informed by social media and television its impossible to form rational thoughts. Because once you’re involved in that. You can’t research as you have no time and interest in historical refenced facts (you will not know what that is). The response of individuals who received lifelong wrong facts – are at times like yours. They can’t fathom that people “can” find things out. In school we didn’t were taught correctly. This fact many people found out already. By the way. Some of the stuff i wrote was communicated openly by the media.

    4. drinabooboo

      +rubert delaware and you’d know all this because you’re a celebrity speaking from personal experience. Otherwise, there’s no credibility.

    5. rubert delaware

      Annett Richardson if you place a girl who went to church and was raised through church parents, into an environment where everybody is immoral (sex with multiple partners in comparison as sex with one person=married) all relationships these individuals have will disintegrate. The same way Lisa was pointed out having a STD. It was pointed out that Whitney had a STD. If you watch the celebrities, one can see, imagine and for that know who is on drugs. A person does not have to wait for a celeb to write his Autobiography. The realm of celebs means following no rules. By diet (they all the time are on diets as they binge eat. Check on YouTube how these poor woman and men struggle with their bodies but still end up with a coronary heart diesease and overweight). They all have eating disorders. They don’t follow dietary rules. They nearly all divorce if they’re married. They don’t follow rules of marriage. The high frequency needing sex to be satisfied won’t allow boredom to pop up. They cheat on their partner if boredom pops up. All is a trip. Thus, the turning to spirituality like yoga and breathing exercises or cults is very very high.
      If everything is a trip. And everything was planned (dreamed about and the action taken made it come true=success) immoral behaivor is the dressing it comes covered with. Whitney had an eating disorder. She had an alcohol issue. She was an addict to cocaine. She was an opiate addict (meaning painkiller addict=The same opiates outside on America’s streets are called “Heroin”. Whitney didn’t use opiates intravenous, she used it in pill form=pharmaceuticals). The guys she had sex with was massive. Bobby had sex with other females meanwhile he was married to Whitney. Whitney spied on him to find out if he had other girls. The entire Houston family was on drugs. Pharmaceuticals (pills, mostly opiates=painkiller, sedatives, sleeping pills), alcohol. Her own brother hooked her up on cocaine. Her brother was heavy into sex by his cocaine addiction. In such an environment no one cares anymore. No one cares about health. They only care about money. This is why the celebs, who are not anymore in the charts and on TV shows or in theatres, tour as much as they can. Often their reduced health won’t allow this to happen. Whitney’s tours were disasters. The drugs took her into another world. She failed to function. The celebs (during their life) are burned out and have diseases (specially heart circulatory illness) for partying too hard on drugs (they don’t take care of their mental and physical faculties). America has the highest STD rates in the world. 2 million per state. 100.000.000 U.S. wide. And the celebs are rolemodels with their immorality as they put them self in big houses, drive big boats and cars (and later on in their careers file for bankruptcy). If anyone is able to believe that a cocaine addict, alcoholic, medication addict, that had a cocaine sex addiction throughout her life has no diseases (STD) by having a husband who was a sex addict too (having sex outside his marriage), goes probably to the same church Whitney Houston went to.
      Whitney’s STD’s were pointed out. But you dont need this pointing out to happen. The conduct over a life span of sex and coke addiction plus eating disorders will leave the individual an immoral wreck. Very often they’re suicidal because they can’t stand their empty frustrating lifes. They have a neurosis as they can’t trust no one. People took advantage of them (and they become lonely and isolated). They are being treated because of depression. They are scared to go out in public. The lead singer of Led Zepelline, mentioned how he got himself a beautiful girl. He went through a model mag and searched for a model, he found one. It was a 15 year old girl. He became her lover. Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.
      If young woman start these immoral lifes, they will destroy their lifes with sex and drugs. The celebreties won’t allow any kind of health to develop. These folks live life for a total different reason than the average person does. It’s a death wish. We watch them, admire them and think they have great lives. They’re no great people, how can they have great lifes?
      People who have great lifes “can’t” be celebs. Celebs have terrible lifes. We see a death wish celebrated by these beautiful people. As they have no confidence they can’t get rid of their addictions. By screaming for help (emotionally), they go from rehab to rehab and find them self stuck. The only way out is death (suicide) at times. Our kids look up to these people, and are turning into the mirror of these Whitney Houston’s.
      There are black pornstars writing books about their careers (to be seen on youtube). They mention that they receive emails from girls, that ask how they can break into the industry. These girls are mostly teens. It’s all in their minds. And the body is the reflection of what they think and dream of. Not one of these girls, if they become pornstars or not, will be in charge of their mental and physical faculties. They all will take drugs as Whitney did. Even the folks with moral sound conduct (like the church community) are having massive eating disorders and become medication addicts early in life. Their entire family unit breaks down. They get headstrokes, heart attacks and experience massive cancer during their life time. They lose their homes, only by turning deadly sick, leaving their spouse with the kids. Unable to pay the mortgage (due to inflation, two adults have to pay the mortgage) the family loses their home. This massively happens in America without unemployment being a factor. These folks die due to so called “Adverse Drug Reaction “.

  306. ashley huss

    I bet they killed her because she had the power to reach a lot of people. So sad. Rip

  307. G G

    Thought she had herpes

  308. ChronicTha' Hemphog

    i love to hear my baby laugh… miss u terribly wish u were still here my Angel. Rest In Paradise LeLe 💗 💗 💗

  309. T'Yahra

    Her car wreck was planned. They killed her and him.

    1. Great Lakes

      Yes they had to stop Sebi from turning 78??? Are you stupid?

    2. carmen dennis

      +Ambition Freeman She had ber seat belt on! Where are y’all getting your information from?

    3. carmen dennis

      +Cordell Lindsey That’s what they “SAY”, ALL OF THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE!

    4. carmen dennis

      +Ashley Jones Yes absolutely they were willing to risk their lives if it came down to it! Look at what happened to the people with the 911 incident! It’s common sense!

    5. Sad Channing

      +Kyla kid Its all good sis much love! Just tired of the fuck shit! Things about to get physical be blessed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U31Y6gY_PAI

  310. NoirReine

    I got emotional watching this. Michael Jackson also wanted to spread the word what’s the irony that all these people have died. Cruel world we live.

    1. Darlene Jones

      Exactly 🙏🏾

    2. mercy Njaga

      Now nipsey is gone

    3. Alecia Ashley

      Natalie Dana well died after this sooo

    4. D. Brooks

      +AHealthy StateOfMind what do you think he found out?

    5. AHealthy StateOfMind

      +TrueCerulean that’s why Michael didn’t pay him for his concoctions.

  311. The New Jerusalem

    Haha how she said “none of that poison” lol

  312. kljgfrTgf h

    Thanks to whoever documented this.

    1. xoahk xodu

      This was in Atlanta at The Soul Vegetarian Restaurant in West End.

    2. GoHardForHealth

      kkkjgfr Tgf h right! This is encouraging me to go ahead and do mine.

  313. Tanya Thompson

    Jesus heals, follow no man. Look what happened.

    1. Gheorghe

      jojo bach haha yes brother from Brasov

    2. jojo bach

      +Gheorghe hey Gheorghe you must be Romanian…my friend spells his name just as you do and he’s from Romania

    3. Natalie Valerio

      You are right, we should not follow no man, but God has created the human body to heal itself & that’s the awareness they were spreading.

    4. amanda lashley

      Woman you for real wait on him.

    5. Gheorghe

      Coon_ dalini yes!!!! This!!!! I truly believe that she was well on her way to God as a result of her own searching and healing through Sebi. Can’t wait to see her in heaven cuz I KNOW this enigmatic spirit will be there

  314. Patrick Lucas

    this is why she was killed! she was going to be a testimony to all her fans.

  315. LDU23

    She was definitely killed for wanting to spread this message

  316. Michael

    and she died of a “car crash” no doubt the US government caught on to what she was doing and killed her off. I hate this world we live in. we’ve got to keep Dr sebi legacy alive!!

    1. JG

      +Jennifer Olivera you sexy

    2. JBoutdoors

      Michael facts

    3. Kenivia Smith

      Miracle Ferguson with the higher power duh

    4. Jennifer Olivera

      And now nipsey is dead

    5. Gail Becker

      I agree except it wasn’t the United States. It was Honduras! They murdered her before she left Honduras. They murdered Dr. Sebi too and stole the company from his wife who was also a doctor who was the researcher of his products.

  317. DJ J-Rod

    did she have aids?
    maybe thats why she was murdered, she was cured of whatever disease she had and big pharma saw her as a threat. She was a famous popular voice that many would have heard. They took her out so she wont spread knowledge…smh

    1. Chetara Bonner

      +David Larkins no she did not tboz the one had the sickle cell aniemia

    2. Vanessa Maat

      +Glo glo go doubt is not an absolute but since you saw it….please link the video here…please and thank you.

    3. Glo glo go

      +Vanessa Maat How can you speak on things you don’t know for sure? You doubt!!! If you followed him for 17 years (as you said) why didn’t you hear him say that she had herpes (after she died). I saw the interview. You find it…

    4. Glo glo go

      +Vanessa Maat First off my spirit is 100% whole and uncluttered. I don’t know what you read but I never said Lisa had anything. I said she went for treatment – to the same doctor as Majic. And she did find herself. I never said she had Aids. It’s been reported what she had but, whatever. Since you are the fact professor – who was the doctor in Africa Majic saw. Since you wanna check me – come correct. Who is the doctor? Don’t you know the internet is all lies and rumors. Did you come for ALL of them.

    5. Vanessa Maat

      Y’all should probally stop spreading rumors that you don’t know directly. I doubt Dr. Sebi would air someone personal treatment…alive or dead. I’ve watched all his lectures and have followed him for 17 yrs and have never heard him mention either.

  318. Philani Sibanda

    This is the part media never tell you about

    1. Hershi Monroe


    2. HetHeru ShemzuRa

      Hi, What does your name Sibanda mean?

  319. Abu Eesa Al guyani

    Man we need to get our act together

  320. Enna Sonwat

    Why do i get a feeling Lisa ain’t dead

    1. VonL

      I can understand why. But when you see the uncontrollable tears from T boz and Chili, we know it, but she’s still vibrant in spirit.

    2. CallMeSupreme

      Why is it everytime someone famous dies ppl believe they arent dead….

    3. Gawdess ross

      dandruffGirlWorld miller by foo 🤣

    4. presidentiallsuite

      Because you never fully die….ijs

    5. dandruffGirlWorld miller

      Oh she dead dead

  321. Jenny Jones

    I Loved Her Soo Much!! Rest In Peace Lisa 💞

  322. BROTHA Jeff

    I feel the powers that be somehow got to her and killed her. She had knowledge of things that could change the world as we see it… She was popular and had a platform to spread that knowledge like wildfire since she was trying to start a solo hiphop career. They killed her in Hunduras before she got back to North America.

    1. Jesica Jaramillo

      sowhat what is the illuminati and how you even get involved with them?? I heard this word few times but never really try know what’s the meaning!

    2. sandra adefila

      Miss Universe that’s the whole point of why she didn’t last long #foodforthought 🤷🏽‍♀️

    3. sandra adefila

      sowhat could be natural could’ve been a set up malfunction to make car crash ANYTHING is possible w/ the beasts..🤷🏽‍♀️

    4. Miss Universe

      I just wish she had been here longer to be able to tell more young women. More young women would have been mentally cured that were into hip hop back then. She was definitely a voice to be reckoned with and a setter. A lot of women would not have Brenda King drugs, alcohol, and destroying their lives. Rest in Power

    5. Miss Universe

      BROTHA Jeff yes!!! Truth

  323. Ray Be kind to others, it goes a long way

    Lisa “Fine Ass Lopes” smart too! damn, why the good die so young?!?! RIP SEXY QUEEN

    1. Face Reality

      Ray Be kind to others, it goes a long way because the world is controlled by evil

    2. AHealthy StateOfMind

      She was intelligent, yeah…but that man took advantage of her vulnerability at the time. What a shame.

  324. Goddess C

    I feel she was killed because she was waking up.

    1. Ernestine Todd

      Truth will set you free knowledge is power stay positive and prayed up put your trust in Allah love kelelah

    2. kurtysr

      Here comes the conspiracy theories. It must be a scary world to live in to think that people are conspiring to kill us. I pray that you find peace.

    3. nia henderson

      me too when you get in tune to your creature then your eyes are open when her eyes became ope they didnt want that message from the most high to speak through her the stars are minister of satan . she once was until the most high cleanse her. but they message still came forth and her death cause it to become more powerful. missing lefteye

    4. mr Music Man Dotson

      She woke up that’s why

    5. kurtysr

      Stop it with the conspiracy theories. She was killed in a car accident that she filmed. Stop spreading this craziness of the they killing her. Her death was filmed in a car accident do your research.

  325. Honey B

    how did she consume the Irish Sea moss?

    1. xoahk xodu

      +Swavyk Blanka one thing I don’t do is boil it.Nor do I take it encapsulated or powdered.Now you go figure Boiling it destroys it’s integrity.High on 🐔 chicken .Bae! I’ve been exclusively vegan Since 1992.

    2. Makeda Dey

      +Swavyk Blanka high on chicken🤣😂

    3. Swavyk Blanka

      Honey B https://youtu.be/zHiPy8-U0ZA exactly what I was saying

    4. Swavyk Blanka

      xoahk xodu another thing I realize this the question ask about how you consume seamoss.. where is your solution ?you search the reply area just to argue with someone it seems like you having hard time figuring out your self so you lash out online.


    I know one thing her spirit looks so damn happy

    1. Ashlee DA

      carmen dennis girl u can kick rocks tf. That’s not all I got from it, she was informative but we all know that she had some mental issues going on…just looked kinda jittery She couldn’t really stand in one place still…idk that’s just my opinion thank you.

    2. carmen dennis

      She was at peace 🙌🙌

    3. carmen dennis

      +Ashlee DA Seriously? That’s the ONLY thing you got out of this video? Girl BYE! Why are you here?

    4. Ashlee DA

      Honestly she look like she was on drugs she was kinda jittery looking rip 🤷🏽‍♀️

    5. 09TREZOR

      I can see it too

  327. Marcel Giles

    She had such a beautiful soul, the media narrative was completely off base.

    Sis was coming with truth and had a platform to do it.

    Gone too soon.

  328. Esco KickS

    It’s so deep to understand but when you do it, it will change your life. Thank you to the most high our universal god that loves us all equally not this made up European god that we been brain washed with from long ago even our ancestors

    1. Simmone Richardson

      Love your comment… So much trust

    2. Egypts Pyramid

      Esco KickS speak louder 🗣🗣🗣

  329. Leslie Taylor

    She’s so smol

  330. Plant-based Naija

    So humble, positive, uplifting and down to earth. Rest in Power 💗

  331. Shawn M.

    Beautiful soul ❤️ Rest in Heaven

  332. Dawn Marie

    What was wrong with her

    1. Zae Johnson

      She had herpes. Dr. Sebi stated it before in an interview.

    2. Sonya Hall

      +Young Drama your talking about tboz has sickle cells

    3. Kevin Lawrence

      i believe she had aids

    4. lady charlotte

      Dawn Marie she said that she had eczema and would get bladder infections a lot. She just wanted to clean out her body and calm her mind

    5. abc quantum

      Young Drama wrong person. That was tboz. Lisa says what’s wrong with her in the video.

  333. entertain slayin game

    I think it’s funny how Dr. Sebi shares his thoughts on healthy food and his first name is Alfredo😂

    1. Lalalalala

      Alfredo is a common spanish name!

    2. Gheorghe

      Esco KickS because Alfredo sauce is all dairy and fat…that’s why it was funny. Calm down

    3. Erica McQueen

      entertain slayin game lmao

    4. I Am the Queen of Cups

      entertain slayin game 😂😂😂

    5. Renee Ramirez

      Wise Rose LOL!!

  334. Tricia P

    Can’t help, but to cry😭😢😭 Love you♥️

  335. Tricia P

    Miss you Left Eye Lopes, we still love you😘 You will never be forgotten♥️

  336. Vanessa Williams


  337. Victor Plata

    She have nice smile, she is sow positive

  338. Kenneth Johnson

    I wonder did she do a parasite clean?

    1. Lucas Hammond

      +Katrina M let em know sis

    2. Sara Neal

      Kenneth Johnson me too

    3. Katrina M

      Fasting kills parasites and cleans them out of ur body. Probably why she looked so radiant after the fasts. Meat eaters all hv parasites

  339. Terry Allen

    They say I was a alcoholic lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that was funny.

    Gotta 💘 Lisa

  340. Auriana Harrison


  341. Ana Bela de Mendonca

    Lopes and not Lopez. …this is portugiesische name not spanisch 👍

    1. Nonya Bigness

      Ana Bela de Mendonca both are Latin. Big deal

  342. oldsoul

    I love everything that is left eye. She put me on to Sebi when her documentary first came out. I love her mind & personality

    1. Glo glo go

      Check out the story that Lil Kim shares about how Lisa knew that their names needed to be bought. She bought most of her friends and gave it to them. Lil Kim was one of the ones who wanted to buy her name and discovered it was already sold. Lisa had bought it for her… So young, smart, and gifted. She knew the game and was ready for it.

    2. Erica McQueen

      oldsoul I’ll have to look it up.

    3. oldsoul

      Taniya Tsunamí The Last days of left eye. It’s here on YouTube

  343. Zibby Zee

    Much respect to Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez! LOVE her! #TLC 4EVA!

  344. Rachael Maldonado

    church, is a true reality of . getting to know, you’re neighbors; community, and friends; many spanish countries have a distinctve; past of a ( witch craft),. and can be very (evil); and alot of it can be cause of the bitterness of being (poor). believe,. (envy) can kill/. and the statement of the authorities, was an unrecognized, guilt to crime, and offense;., their are channels for VACATIONS and are alot safer;; be well ,. SanAntonio, TEXAS 78299;’ HONDURAS is also a major (drug) distributor;/.

    1. Fungi and I Shine

      Eventually cannabis will cure cancer in mass, easily. Will church people issue an apology? The words church with reality set me off. The word witchcraft set me off. Church is hindering my ability to practice my “witchcraft” . I miss sebi, i miss stropharia

    2. Zacari Ugo

      Rachael Maldonado bruh why are commenting negative shit keep it moving

    3. Fungi and I Shine

      yea and gays blacks are responsible for slavery. or your dumb and witchcraft isn’t the cause of the Spanish Inquisition.

  345. DeeTheSudanese Kid

    from my understanding Lisa Left Eye Lopez was was suffering from Herpes soo somebody guided her to sebi…

    1. Vanessa Maat

      +Kathy Swanson what are you thinking. Breakouts doesn’t mean herpes…go back and listen she said eczema she said it runs in her family and she would get a rash or breakout, now how are you getting herpes from that? You are a very miserable person….as only miserable people spread rumors they don’t know. None the less, with the nonsense you are spewing you cannot dim her light that is still shining brightly. Also, you may want to get yourself checked for herpes, most have it and don’t know and just because you get a clean report doesn’t mean anything. They don’t test you for it unless you specifically ask for it or have obvious signs.

    2. Kathy Swanson

      +Vanessa Maat I didn’t know her personally and neither did you but I heard breakouts which means herpes I know plenty of people with eczema and they dont say I’m having a breakout they say eczema or dry skin or sensitive skin

    3. Vanessa Maat

      +Ashley Moore absolutely….I just left the village a week ago. I’m perfectly fine except asthma and bronchitis occasionally. I went to unplug, detox the toxic from my body and do so with clean water, air and in a naturistic enviorment.

    4. Vanessa Maat

      +Kathy Swanson Wow! She says she has a skin issue and now it’s herpes.

    5. Ashley Moore

      Alonzo Wooten Was Dr. Sebi sleeping with her? No he wasn’t so what he thinks doesn’t matter. People always gotta take something positive people do and turn it negative. She went to Honduras to became a better version of herself PERIOD!

  346. Sharron C


  347. anjelheaven

    *Lopes. I loved to hear her speak!

    1. GlinxJayz

      anjelheaven me too

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    Truth.com So Beautiful 😍

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