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Discussing Black Issues w/ Clausell Mathis (Feb 4)

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GUEST: Clausell Mathis of Tallahassee, Florida — a frequent caller on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show – — joins James to discuss black issues in America — specifically disagreements about Black Lives Matter, the black family, education, crime, “racism,” discrimination, and racial profiling. Clausell says he is getting his doctorate and making physics teaching culturally relevant.

Clausell says Jesse helped him realize he needed to stop blaming others for his problems, but take responsibility. He admires Jesse for his work at BOND, a 28-years-running nonprofit dedicated to “Rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man” – – But he takes issue with things Jesse says that he feels are outlandish, and he accuses Jesse, James and Joel of being into the “shock jock” thing, supposedly saying things that aren’t true just to get ratings, advertisements, and money — at one point he calls Jesse “just a shock jock.” James says obviously he must agree that Jesse is more than “just a shock jock” (if he even is one at all) since Jesse helped him get his life more on track. The reason whites and everyone who support Jesse support him is because he tells the truth that inspires them on a personal level — they see value for all people.

Some of the things Clausell disagrees with is statement that Trayvon Martin was a thug, that “racism” doesn’t exist and never has, that Black Lives Matter is worse than the KKK, and other things that are true.

James insisted that Trayvon was in fact a thug, evidenced in part to being caught with a “burglary tool” (screwdriver) and women’s jewelry in his backpack, having tagged graffiti on a school door, being suspended for fighting, photographing himself smoking marijuana, holding a gun, wearing a “grill” gold teeth and calling himself “No Limit Nigga” on social media. The Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Juice he bought were part of the ingredients to make “Lean” when mixed with Robitussin cough syrup. There had been break-ins and burglaries in the area, so George Zimmerman was right in watching Trayvon who allegedly was wandering around suspiciously in the neighborhood with his hoodie on. The eye-witness said he was grounding-and-pounding George, and George said that Trayvon said “You’re gonna die tonight,” and his girlfriend (to whom he called George a “creepy-ass cracka”) seemed to indicate he doubled back and she believed he threw the first punch. Contrary to the edited NBC recording of the police call, George actually said “Okay” when told he didn’t need to follow Trayvon, and so he said he returned to his truck. So when George was being attacked, he shot Trayvon in self-defense. But despite all these facts, Clausell insists Trayvon was not a “thug” since he wasn’t convicted of any crimes. James said that he should have been in jail, in which case he’d be alive today, but the school resource officer let him off due to phony liberal leniency.

A caller Patrick points out Clausell is dishonest and changing the definition of “thug” to being someone convicted of a crime. James points out many thugs get away with the crimes they commit — for example, Al Capone, who was nabbed on tax fraud or evasion.

Another caller KT said that blacks and whites both do wrong, but blacks blame it on “racism” and excuse it.

James also defended the right to discriminate — Clausell took issue with Jesse saying that people don’t want to hire blacks, and especially not people with “black-sounding” names, African-sounding names, etc., because it indicates the attitude with which their parents may have raised them. James said that black disproportionately cry “racism” on employers when fired — they often file EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints and lawsuits. Clausell said that most blacks are not criminals, thugs, etc., and that it seems like James and Jesse are saying this — but that’s not what James and Jesse actually say. However, most black people believe in “racism” and are into the black thing — that’s why 96% voted for Obama twice. Many also have a reputation of being lazy, but Clausell insists that most are hardworking and not lazy.

James points out that Clausell doesn’t come across as a serious person — he’s just in denial, and softens the hard truth, and accuses Jesse and James of “lying.”

Clausell starts accusing James and Jesse of calling Black Lives Matter “terrorists” but that’s not what James nor Jesse say — but he started referencing James’s Facebook and Twitter timelines as “examples of racism,” such as saying that slavery was not “racist,” and some petition James may have signed at some point (maybe to the White House?) to recognize Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization. He also thinks the Ferguson Effect is ridiculous, even thought it’s true.

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33 Thoughts to “Discussing Black Issues w/ Clausell Mathis (Feb 4)”

  1. Gregory Holmes

    Although I don’t agree with many of Jarvis’ views. That was not right to not allow him to speak.

    1. Gregory Holmes

      The Hake Report check out this link.. Racism doesn’t exist

    2. The Hake Report

      Yeah, he’d been trying to hide his real name up till now.

    3. Gregory Holmes

      The Hake Report Good show. I thought that guy’s name was John who was on. At least that was the name he used when he called in

    4. Gregory Holmes

      The Hake Report oh okay. I understand.

    5. The Hake Report

      He’s tripping right now, trying to hurt us after Jesse’s helped him out in life.

  2. mlm2099

    This black guy has trouble having a civil conversation. But then again it doesn’t surprise me.

    1. The Hake Report

      Yeah, and he’s supposed to be an honest, fair-minded, educated guy. Maybe the “education” is part of the problem.

  3. mlm2099

    Nice debate James. Keep up the good work on telling the truth.

    1. The Hake Report


  4. Mark Hidalgo

    Trayvon Martin has a history of burglary, vandalism, drug use, posing for photos with guns, and violence…if that is not a thug, what is? Someone convicted of a crime? No, that is a convict.

    1. The Hake Report

      That’s a perfect point. That’s clarity.

  5. Psychodegu

    It would seem to me that if you need to shake someone out of a dazed brainwashed mind set would require a verbal slap to the face, meaning that shock jocking is needed to actually reach the people he is trying to influence for good.

    1. Psychodegu

      I didn’t take it as disrespect, just don’t read into thing that are not there.

    2. Bdraws98

      No disrespect but I know nothing about you. Even Jim Jones had followers and believers. But again, I meant no disrespect

    3. Psychodegu

      Bdraws98 do you really think that I don’t evaluate statements or who and why they are said. I am just pointing out that saying shocking things can be done for more then just media ratings.

    4. Bdraws98

      But don’t you have to consider the source. You can’t just trust and believe everyone that has an opinion and a platform. Jesse Lee Peterson can’t prove the things he says, can’t stop contradicting himself and he doesn’t even make since.

  6. Hugh Janus

    Great show!

  7. Hugh Janus

    “Troubled kid” sounds so effeminate. It sounds like something a kids mom would say.

    1. Hugh Janus

      I think it was “Bible Guy” that brought that up during the show.

    2. The Hake Report

      Yep, I didn’t wanna be mean, but that softening is exactly what’s happening.

  8. Fightin'Scots-Irishman

    Bible Go-To Guy has a good voice for tv or radio…should do voice acting for film animation or something…

    1. The Hake Report


  9. Bdraws98

    Why are Jesse’s OPINIONS considered the truth? When Jesse says racism doesn’t exist that’s his opinion. I agree with the guest that Jesse says controversial things for shock value and he contradicts himself. And unless Trayvon was engaged in thuggish behavior at the time of his death, him being a thug is irrelevant. If Zimmerman would have followed the instructions of the police who told him not to follow Trayvon, then the confrontation would not have happened.

    1. Psychodegu

      Bdraws98 when you are confronting a person in real life and not using your instincts to evaluate then is retarded. The character anyone of is discussing was done after the confrontation, and so due to the fact that we are even able to discuss this removes any point you actually had. I can’t have an analysis of a person’s character I have never heard of, but when deciding if the acted inappropriately after the fact of course their preestablished character matters.

    2. Bdraws98

      Psychogu there are also rules with respect to relevance, probable cause and not to mention you are innocent until proven guilty. Since Trayvon was not even accused of doing wrong at the time of the confrontation, why would his character even matter?

    3. Psychodegu

      In all courts of law establishment of a persons character is given weight in judgement, I see no reason we should ignore character of a person in the court of public opinion.

  10. Fightin'Scots-Irishman

    “Smart guy” ×100.
    You’re a JackA*S, dude.

  11. Fightin'Scots-Irishman

    I have an immoral background, and was a troubled child.
    I WAS a THUG.

  12. Fightin'Scots-Irishman

    Good for you for controlling the conversation on YOUR show, James!
    You’ve gotten much more brave lately…seemingly..
    JLP is rubbing off on you in a GOOD way.

    1. The Hake Report

      Thanks, fightin’. He was accusing me of doing what he was doing.

  13. Fightin'Scots-Irishman

    Marijuana “being legal in L.A.” doesn’t make it OK.
    Many legal laws-of-the-land do not coincide with God’s laws.

  14. Fightin'Scots-Irishman

    I missed the live feed! 😕
    Reeaaallly wanted to call in for this one..
    Just started watching, 5 minutes in. I’ll comment again after.

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