COP Shoots & Kills PREGNANT WOMAN #PamelaTurner! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?! – Jade Arrindell

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peace peace peace peace some black powerfamily this is Jay arendelle Jayarendelle here AKA linus crowns thankyou for tuning in to Flyman being queencalm the network formalin ated womenlike you I am here reporting on storiesa story that I really shouldn't have tobe reporting on today I shouldn't haveto be reporting on this today how dothey say much but um it came acrossagain my time line news media anotherblack woman killed by some pigs by somepigs by some law enforcement alright soas you're coming in make sure you comein and like and share this video I meanwe don't like these type of stories butmake sure you like this video and sharecuz I want people to see it I wantpeople to hear what I have to say todayright and if you're on my timeline youdid see that I did post something I saidstop posting images and videos of blackmen women children and elders beingkilled without expressly saying exactlywhat we're gonna do about it so what arewe going to do about it thank you forcoming in thank you for um for joiningme right now right here slynooly andQueen DICOM the network for Mellon aidedwomen like you alright so let's get toit so I have an article here the articleis by um some UK publication and what itstates is that this black woman aged 44her name is Pamela Turner unfortunatelywe have another hashtag on our handshashtag put the hashtag in hash tagPamela Turner because she has the nameit's a black woman she was thegrandmother of it's a grandmother of twosmall children and a mother of three andshe even told the pig before he shot herand stood over her and shot her fivetimes and killed her and took her lifeovernight last night Monday night thatshe said she was pregnant the autopsywill revealed that but this article thatI have in front of me is about thispublication is white publication like toput their ass on blast if you have smallchildren today I don't know I can't makeany promises I can't say I'm going tohold my tongue in our curse so for allmy others out there on my religiousfolks and people please I'm giving you afair warning I want to apologize but I'mgonna give you a warninginside of this article byewhat is this the UK and UK Daily Mail itsays picture black woman who shouted I'mpregnant before being shot dead by Texascop and a shocking video is identifiedas a grandmother 3:44 who suffered fromschizophrenia so that's what the thearticle was saying and then it's alsosaying that um they highlightedrepeatedly that she has had previousrun-ins with the law if you've seen thevideo of the savage shooting this murderthis execution on the part of some Pigtype of for in the comments type of forand thank you for hash tag and PamelaTurner tracy hashtag Pamela Turner shedoes have a name our people are notinvisible all right yeah I'm outragedyou guys said she saw the video and it'straumatizing listen I'm not I'm notgonna every any Negro in comments todaybut I do see people are coming inthey're putting um yeah they're puttingus she was shot and all that extra stuffalright so here we go so my whole myproblem with this article you can go andlook at it I just read the title is withthe UK Daily Mail is that it when itgoes and and tries to take away sympathyfrom the victim I don't give a damn andshe had a million run-ins with lawenforcement I don't care if she wasarrested a hundred times I really don'tcare on the videoshe's clearly saying that this pig thatthis pig was harassing herwhat's arresting her and he admitted andthen the the the Boss Hogg the Boss Hoggthat means the captain the sergeant orwhoever the boss hall came on cameratoday and tried to Cape for this pigthat shot his sister down that shot andkilled Pamela Turner and he said that umyou know allegedly she tried to reachfor his taserand this cop the the cop the pig whoshot her did say that he was stoppingher in the project because he knew thatshe had some some outstanding warrantsalright and so this article did say thatshe had some outstanding warrants beforeI really dig in some are talkingPrinceton's I don't have a lot of timeto them out really dealing with somereal serious business but I will saythat um thank you my sister the kids inthe house make sure you share this videomake sure you like this video make sureyour text in the word Queens to threeone nine nine six that's Queens to threeone nine nine six overnight our sisterTurner Michonne and killed by a pig onthe ground as he stood over top of herand she said that she was pregnant heshot and killed her he shot and he shotat her five times and killed his sisterand killed his sister all right so myfirst talking point is fuck the policeyepfuck the police that's my first talkingpoint fuck the police all right my nextpoint talking point is once again itgoes back to exactly what I said theother day when I did the story on theupdate of Sandra bland and our youngbrother his name is Lorenzo clerkly jr.who was 14 years old and was shot by apig and Oklahoma City okay after hecalling so his dispatch that um hebelieved the boy was unarmed and then hefired a warning shot and shot and shotour little brother our baby shot himtwiceall right in that video that I did notfind it in Queen last week I did tellyou they shoot to kill us with impunitymeaning that when law enforcementespecially the white minds becauseclearly they didn't work for the blackoff the other day when you shot thewhite girl and kill take the white yogateacher she got a big old settlement hisass is in jail you're not I'm saying butthese white cops they shoot some kill usand they get impunity they get off nopunishment no punishment no punishmentyes Fiona say excessive force he needsto excessive forces with Fiona saidpiece Carl peace all right so my firsttalking point was fuck the police numbertwo they shoot to kill us the Whitemanzoo they should secure us with impunityright and as I also said previouslycrackers gonna crack if we allow them tobut I'm not taking a stand and I'm notgonna take this laying downit's called McKay said if we must die ifwe must die somebody find that poemright quick and type it into thecomments cuz everyone needs to read thatpoem and if y'all don't do it by thetime I get off of this short broadcastI'm gonna make sure I go on and put itso this article from the Daily Mail UKsay so black women who shot it I'mpregnant before shot dead by Texas coppig and shocking video is identified asa grandmother of three she was 44 yearsOh her name was Pamela Turner and shesuffered from schizophrenia but they'resaying so my whole thing is evenshe was pregnant you know that wasn'tenough to stop him from shooting herright so this cop claims that he readand I read this quote Pamela Turner 44was shot and Baytown Texas we need tocall the DA the District Attorney ofBaytown Texas the police department seewhat the hell is going on and make someinquiries all right quote Pamela Turner44 was shot in Baytown Texas footageshows officers standing over Turnerbefore shooting five times beforeshooting five times five times Big Basinpolice reportedly claimed Turner wasshot after grabbing officers taser andusing it against him so that's why heclaimed he shot her that's why heclaimed he shot our sister our sister 44years old Pamela Turner hashtag PamelaTurner typing in typing in typing inyeah I'm sick of it to Bridget I'm sickof it too this is some disenroll BS thisis what's happening it's open game onblack phoneblack women black children black menblack elders and 2019 this was going onhashtag 464 as my sister daily my sisterVicki Diller would say also reading fromthis article they were sureso highlight see this is a this is theissue with mainstream news media that iswhite run owned and operated they made abig stink in this article as opposed tocommemorating with our sister as avictimthey said turn ahead three outstandingwarrants and was no to police fromprevious interactions her sister saidTurner has two children in their 20s andthree young grandchildren she was onschizophrenia medication okay theyrepeated that a couple times in that onearticle the other thing from thatarticle that I'm going to read and it'suncut as I'm turning the page I want youto make sure you share this video sharethis video I want people to see itshare this video cuz I got some actionsteps I got some action steps today hashtag Pamela Turner thank you so much forum typing it in also thank you fortuning in to finally Queen dot-com thenetwork for Mellon Native women like youI'm not gonna be smiling do a QCcommercial today I'm J Erin Dale I'myour revolutionary unapologeticallyblack African pissed off yeahuncompromising host rightfly nubian queen back on the networkfamila native women like you make surey'all go ahead and subscribe subscribeto this channel share this message stepinto supporting black news media storiesabout us you know given to our peoplefrom our perspective this is importantbecause they're already trying toslander the name of our sisterhashtag Pamela Turner who was shotovernight by some Pig by some Pigthen focusing on they're focusing on hercriminal record her criminal record washe justified and shoot her was hejustify to shoot her if y'all saw thevideo again type in the for in thecomments I want to know who saw it whosaw it who saw it I'm reading it's anofficer's but I'm saying slave catchersslave catchers slave catchers werepatrolling the Brixton apartment complexon Garth Road Monday night and attemptedto arrest of 44 year old woman becauseshe had previously because that pig thatofficer had previously dealt with herand knew she had outstanding warrantsand knew she had outstanding warrantsher own sister her own sister did tellus her sister's name was internetinternet is safe she reported that hersister Pamela hashtag Pamela Turner sayher name complained at that particularofficer was harassing her what'sarresting her I thought it so it was a44 year old black woman in Texas who wasgunned down by a police officer oncamera you can look it up type in uhPamela Turner she was gunned down he'sstill over her five times claimed thatshe had reached for his taser and beforehe shot her five times she said she waspregnant the pig opened up fire took onsister's life she had three children Ibelieve two small grandchildren which Ithink which I think a 4a say it wasmurder premeditated murderhashtag Pamela Turner thank you CCLoveline wisdom saidI saw the video it's very sad losing mypeople on a daily basis we're going tokeep losing our people on a daily basisthey targeted our women black women oursisters our children our babies blackmen that we need in the community yesI'll be the first one to stand up andsay we need our brothers we need ourbrothers I stand on the shoulders ofstrong black men and black women whobuilt this country generationally andnow all of a sudden it seems to be opengame open game want black people which ithink which i think and as I say therewas no need for that absolutely notabsolutely notoh yeah Michael say you could havecalled for backup he could have calledfor backup he could have called forbackup he could have called for backupI have an issue with this article the UKDaily Mail made it a point to repeatedlytalk about our sisters previous criminalrun-ins with law enforcement we're setup to have run-ins with law enforcementany damn way anyway anyway Canisius andhe's trying to cover it upopen season yeah hashtag that openseason now it's closed season it'sclosed it's not oh it's no longer openseason that we work we reject that thisis closed season you will not take thelives of black men women children eldersblack women black women being killed oncamera and these pigs get transferredthey get paid leave they be put on deskduty administrative leave I don't knowwhere this is going to go but I seewhere he's going the boss hogg alreadymade a statement claiming that she hadum she reached for his taser shebetrayed his taser so he's still overher she was already on the ground so forher to open up five shots how was thatjustified how was that justified missyu-er make sure you share this videoshare this video share it share it shareit Daphne says I'm so tired of this thisone is too close to home and I'm donewith the shit yeah I'm done with theshit too I'm done with the shit I'm donewith the ship you're just tuning in I'mJay EmmerdaleAki aka lino scramyour revolutionary unapologeticallyblack African host right here fly nubianqueen calm the network Familia nativewomen like you the network for melonated women like you let's bring somedignity to the the pain and suffering ofthis sister hashtag Pamela Turner beforeshe passed away on camera by some pegI'm sending out some loving light andcondolences for her family I can onlyimagine I don't want to imagine it's toofar it's too frequentit's just too much it's too much yeahBarbara said we must unite now Sylviasays we will not stop and it wasn't notstop until we stop it nay says she evensaid I didn't do nothing to youyou can hear her say I know she alsosaid she was pregnant she also said hewas harassing her he was harassing herso why am i led to believe this pic orthe boss hauled over my own sister afterher life was takensince slave patrols showed up to theprojects to where she lived at or didnothing necessarily the projects I takelet me let me step that back the housingcomplex my apologies the housing parkcomplex where she lived looking lookinglooking for something cuz she knew shehad outstanding warrants ok ok okand it wasn't premeditated it wasn'tpremeditated so yeah once again anarticle I'm in short to point to paintturner the victim as a criminal byhighlighting her past run-ins with thelaw so this is what they say accordingto the same article with the daily UKdaily meal y'all can go look it up golook it up it says that our sisterPamela Turner had three warrants out forher arrest on a charge of assaultresulting and bodily harm and two countsof criminal mischief the article alsosays that she had a criminal hercriminal history also included an arreston April 25th on charges of disorderlyconduct and public intoxication I don'tgive a damn I don't care I don't carethat is of no consequence to us that isof no consequence to the black mehow many charges she had if she waspublicly intoxicated or whatever if shewas locked up on April 2 2015 you agreewith me if you agree with me make sureyou go ahead and share this video italso says it um well first of all thatthis article also does tell us that themug shot the mug shot of our sister ofour slain sister who was killed by somepig their mug shot is from her April25th 2019 arrest that's the best thatthey could doshe's criminalized even on her death assoon as you know that's that's the firstthing they find anyone put that pictureup they won't put that picture but I'llshot thing which I think yeah Bruce saidit's time to stop singing and dancingit's also time to stop cooling it's timefor people to wake up and stop playingand start playing and stop playing andget serious about what's going on andhold these law enforcement officersaccountable hold your elected officialsaccountable secure the black communitysecure the black family that's what it'stime to start doing and turn off thedamn TV and start not dare anybody to goout and watch that damn movie Laquishacuz imma go I got a whole broadcastready ready to go to unload or netunload or net unload or net so I haveabout nine action steps nor nine actionsteps thank you all for sharing thankyou all for sharing yep and Zadar saysher pass has nothing to do with nail nowshe gone she gone she's a hashtag nowshe's a hashtag now and let's see whatthe autopsy reports gonna say I knowit's just the internet said she couldnot personally confirm if our sister ourlate sister Pamela Turner was actuallypregnant but the autopsy will revealthat but honestly whether she waspregnant or not I don't I don't give adamn I mean that makes it worseabsolutely is she in fact was pregnantthe picture over top of her washarassing her she said he was harassingher claims she got she grabbed his taserand then still overtop her she wasalready downshoots are five times cuter like ananimal in a parking lot of an apartmentcomplex this is what's happened in theblack people 2019 black women I'm Jarendale I'm your host white haira-flying being queen con the network formarinated women like you make sure y'allsubscribe make sure you text the wordqueen two three one nine nine six cuzyou're not gonna get coverage that'semotional and rightfully so you didn'tstand coming from a black woman'sperspective or no mainstream news mediayou'd understand yeah and when they tryto come after us like they try to comeafter the Honorable Minister LouisFarrakhan and ban him from office socialmedia sites snatch down our brother BenX's page try to snatch down our brotherWillie DS page try to snatch our sisterLisa Cabrera's page you know when theycome after us we need a way to keep intouch and make sure you also subscribeso black enough calm let's be l AGG uscalm black on social media saying cuz ofthese if we get kicked off of some ofthese social media sites then we got ourown so we can communicate with ourpeople and our families yeah somebodytype in black enough please black enoughblack enough yet tie and we all shouldbe absolutely absolutely you should betired too and if somebody ain't tired ofyou black and you ain't tired of thisbullshit then it's something wrong withyou then it's something wrong with youthen you like oppression or your yourOreo cookie you know I'm saying whydon't I what is it black on the outsidewhite on the insidekill the inner cracker in you yeah soeverybody needs to be upset everybodyneeds to be outraged we need outrageOh Thank You Jackie but it's blackenough it's BL a GG nuf dot-com blla GG e & UF calm peaceVeronica yeah it's sad it's a damn shameit's a crying shamehashtag Pamela Turner if you're just nowtuning in our sister the late PamelaTurner a black woman was shot and killedby officer on camera on camera stillover five times and killed her and rightbefore he did unloaded on her she saidshe was pregnant according to thisarticle from the UK Daily Mail is sayingshe was a mother of three children inher 20s and two grandchildren that arevery young it also said that she was notschizophrenia sister friend andmedication you know what I'm saying andshe said she was pregnant and she alsosaid that that pig had been her rightsto her had been arrested her accordingto this article in news reports heclaimed that she tried to reach for histaser she tried to reach for his taseryou can see the whole interaction wenton the ground and everything that shesaid before he unloaded on her this pigthis pig and then the boss all gonnacome out today and cake for him becauseapparently you know white officers cankill black people with impunity and getaway with it and get away with it andget away with it so yeah once againslave catchers were patrolling theBrixton apartment complex on Garth RoadMonday night and that's in Baton Texasthey were patrolling it Monday night andattempted to arrest 44 year-old PamelaTurner allegedly because she hadpreviously dealt with that officer hewas trying to arrest her because he hadpreviously dealt with her according tothis article and he knew that she hadthree arrest warrants three arrestwarrants why he ain't just book aroundtake her in here to do all that extraextra you don't say this is this is thisis this is sick and the issue is thatthought so many of us have become fartoo decentsighs toy we see black bodies all thetime we see black death all the time youknow people unfortunately passed awayfrom accidents people unfortunatelypassed away from illnesswe got illnesses rohi according to allthese health conditions and medicationsyou know I'm saying we slaves to themedical industry to giving them on onthey making money on for that too we gotlost and in systems of what racism andwhite supremacy set up someone trap usdid we fall into we got post-traumaticslave syndrome yeah epigenetics andgenerational trauma look it up somebodytype in dr. joy deGruy de GRU I type itlook it up read that book somebody alsotype in epigenetics we got so manydifferent things happening you don't I'msaying do we got white racist pigsshooting black women want camerashooting black children on camera takingthe lives of black men in front of theirchildren and wives with impunity withimpunity it's time to wake up it's timeto wake upit's time to wake up ain't no fantasyain't no such thing there's no postracist post-racial society nah that wasa liethe dream of integration that was a liethat was a lie here's some actionsession I gotta go I gotta go cuz I gotthings to doyou don't say I got I got other thingsto do I'm working on some solutions thefirst thing we need is we need communitycontrol of police somebody type incommunity control of police we need nono we need black community control ofpolice I had to correct myself blackcommunity control of police look it upin your area look it up we need ourbrothers and our sisters to you know beour own securityyou know monitor the crime you know makesure the temperature in the vibes andeverything is right in the community andlook out for our each other Thank YouDolores for typing it in the next thingwe needplease separation we need separation andwhen I say separation I mean separationI live in a New York City they they theylook at New York people say oh it's themost one of the most segregated placesin the world is the most segregated cityyou know they got the Jewishneighborhood they got the Chineseneighborhood they got the Japaneseneighborhood they got Little Italy alittle this a little that we need toseparate we did our own neighborhoodsmany infrastructure we need black astrong black economy you know the samewe need black owned businesses we needour own Hospital we need our own schoolsall of that all of that shout out to thebrother dr. Umar Johnson yeah we need ahospital at school and you know we greatwe need our own or else we're gonna becontinued to be seen as politicalchildren if people are disenfranchisedlost people we need our own that'snumber two next thing know your rightsmean you're stopped by a police officerknow your rights when you're uh stoppedby a police officer know what the rightsare that's number three now that's notbefore I said but then I'm number fiveknow that your rights really don't applyto you if you black those rights arereally for white people so proceed withcautionyou understand know your rights know theprotocol and what it's supposed topeople also know at any given momentthose rights don't necessarily apply tous we are prisoners of war in Babylonand it's time to wake up the next weneed to organize we need to organizethem you need to have black peoplepeople of African descent in thiscountry in the world over classify andrecognize as a protected class as aprotected class we need protections weneed protections we got other groupsother racial groupsi'ma greatness in this country and theygettin sankar short sanctuary cities andall types of free medical care able todrive them to anything meet while we diein we die in we marginalize we can't wecan't buy we're being replaced and alllevels of society it's time to wake upwe need to be classified as a protectedclassprotected class next thing I think Itouched on this to white people even ifthey're not law enforcement killing uswith impunity getting away with it noconsequences no no the truth know whatit is it's no more fantasy turn off thetrap music turn off the trap music turnoff the tell it to television turn itoff you know I'm saying stop eating thathigh fructose syrup and in eating fromKFC and all this extra stuff let's addinto a cloud at mindset get rid of yourfluoride toothpaste get rid of theirfluoride toothpaste which is designed toUM to lessen your reflexes and ant insurvival instincts look it up look it updo your own research look it up Caseysays that bait bait town is twenty fiveminutes away from Houston thank you forthat informationtwenty five minutes away from you soonnext action step my number eight we wantblack cops and black neighborhoods wewant black cops and black neighborhoodsI go through the Jewish neighborhoodthey got Jewish cops I go to the Chineseor the Asian neighborhood they got Asiancops we want black cops and blackneighborhoods now I know there's a lotof criticism about some of our brothersand sisters in law enforcement you knowand I'm saying I seen I've seen blackfemale cops to be awful I've seen blackmale cops be awful but I've seen thosecops be awful also in the presence oftheir white partners because they feellike they gotta prove a sense ofbelonging no we don't want none of thatthat's not what I'm advocating for himit really advocating for a blackcommunity control the police but what Iwant I want some black cops with someblack neighborhoods let's get the whitenuts out get him out get him out theyshooting us down like dogs get them outgo to your local precinct lobby you knowI'm saying dude do what you got to do beefficient about who you're electing ismayor oftentimes the mayor has a controlover the the police chiefs and all ofthat we want black cops and blackneighborhoods get some petitions goingget some petitions goingI might have to start wine shout out tomy sister Christine mr. also we've beentalking about this black hearts andblack neighborhoods no one no white copscoming around harassing people andshooting our people down like animals noempathy no souls we don't want that wereject that final action step chooseaction over distraction I need somebodyto tuck that in choose action overdestruction what do I mean by that Imean choose to be in action around thisdon't sit back and watch it and scrollpast when your time I'll shake your heador hold your head now and then go to thebar and start drinking you know sayingI'll roll up a spliff and start smokingyou're not I'm saying or go to KFC andput some poisonous into your body thattake away from the fact that we areunder attack and that we are to takeaway from the fact to distract you fromthe fact that we are prisoners of war inBabylon and we're dying and we're dyingwe're being shot down like dolls blackwomen and children and elders and blackmen choose action over destruction so umyeah some of that those distractionsalso looks like you're white news mediawhite owned news media and entertainmentcompanies that set up to condition ourpeople to fall in line so fall in linewith oppression we're not doing that nomore Thank You Jackie for typing that inwe're not doing that no more Thank Youy'all for typing that in action overdistraction put down those stones andprotect your own absolutely absolutelybig up for that yeah put down thosestones and protect your own this is toomuch it's too much it's too muchif you ain't Majan there's somethingwrong with you if you are imaginingsomething wrong with you if you are oneof those people that's named with a bigkilling us for 400 years and it's gonnakeep happening bullshit there'ssomething wrong with you we need amental check we need to check there's noreason why a 44 year old black womanwho's claimed that she's pregnantcleanses she was being harassed by somePig by some payshown on camera being shot five timesdown like a dog there's no excusenone none none that's right get mad getoutraged get outraged you ever seen thatmovie I forget the name of a thing iscalled like the newsroom assignmentssome old movie and somebody do freak outtook them out talk him out I'm mad ashell and I'm not gonna take it anymorethat's what we need that's what we needfinally I hope so I put in the link tothis comment I gotta go look at thatpoem by Claude McKay Claude McKay it'scalled if we must die yeah look that uplook at look it up if we must die let itnight but not let it not be like hogspen with our backs you know with ourbacks to the wall you know and I'msaying we got to fight back fight backpeople earth people people claim thatday they excited about these theseMickey Mouse vs candidates coming outrunning and it's next 2020 election ifblack folks gonna be dumb enough to giveaway our votes without get anything inexchange that's another problem that'sanother way to take action you know I'msayingvoting is a business transaction it'snot like a religion you don't just goand just give your power your vote awayit's a business transaction would you goto the store would you go to the storeand buy some shoes that you can't wearthat's three sizes too small but you'redoing it because somebody told you youhave to go to the store you have to ownsome shoes but you can't wear the damnshoes be strategic my people bestrategic I gotta go right now I gottago but I mean I'm a thank y'all fortuning in tuning in so far nubian queencalmed the network from Ellen aidingwomen like you let's remember our sisterand um send our condolences to herfamily her name was Pamela Turner let ussay let us say her namelet us uh figure out who the name of thepolice chief is and the districtattorney before it makes it you know I'msaying let's see how far this is gonnago and let's raise hell let's raise hellshut us to my black brothers and sisterswho are actuallyduring black community control of policepatron of a black community patrol ofour neighborhoods my policing you knowwhat I'm saying so if you're just nowtuning in make sure you go look up thestory 44 year old black woman who saidshe was pregnant show being shot dead bysome Pig that's some Pig I'm gonna do afollow-up I'm gonna do a father I'mgonna see where this is gonna go butthanks for tuning in so finally at Queencalm the network Familia Native womenlike youmakes you tune into our sister VickyDiller tonight she's gonna um I'm sureshe has she's gonna say something aboutthis make sure you turn into all theQueens all the queens are flooded beingcleaned on the network Familia Nativewomen like you and let's continue toadvocate and love each other and standfor each other you know the saying toprotect ourselves in turn to gainknowledge you know and to be active inour community all right so thisbroadcast is ending as is global whitesupremacywe will Slough this beast because we'regoing to carry with us a spirit of 42preparedness and collectivismuntil next time family peace and blackpower

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110 Thoughts to “COP Shoots & Kills PREGNANT WOMAN #PamelaTurner! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?! – Jade Arrindell”

  1. Cookie Baby

    She still didn’t deserve to die. Why was he close enough to lose his taser. All Lies once again. Why not call for back up!

  2. Cheryl Hargraves

    My condolences to her family

  3. Cookie Baby

    Whatever Mrs Turner’s issues, He had as many or more issues. He’s a Cold- Blooded Murderer. Blacks die, white folk kill and Live, How wrong is this?

  4. Ton Ann

    I was thinking black cops in black neighborhoods should be the first thing that we ask for in reparations. However, you are right, we need to get petitions going now!

  5. Ijeoma Uwasomba

    I really can’t believe this after watching the video.


    Black Panthers. We need to FIND that mf’s 🏠 and kill him. Im fucking DONE

  7. Indigo Glo Oracle and more

    I see white people acting a fool all the time publicly intoxicated and I don’t see anyone killing them for it

  8. Indigo Glo Oracle and more

    If one of them died every time one of us died they would think twice

  9. tonus atkins

    Place a vodou curse on him
    # Pamela Turner

  10. Leona Shaw

    As soon as she said she was pregnant he shot her ,which means he didnt want her to bring another one of us in this world & that’s what its saying to me

  11. tonus atkins

    We need to do something

  12. Leona Shaw

    This is has to stop, we all need to unite & not stand for this shit anymore

  13. Twyn Colen

    Nothing black me r scared I am a black women and all we do is twerk dance sing buy clothes and ignore the important things I am a shame of being black our so call leader’s entertainers don’t care lawyers doctors judges don’t care I am crying cause I Hate this world we live in al we care about clothes fancy stuff and not human life.

  14. Indigo Glo Oracle and more

    Every pig that shoots a black person should be murdered

  15. Indigo Glo Oracle and more


  16. ladyrolanda

    I feel like their agenda is to provoke us into a race war. They know we’re out numbered and out gunned.

  17. Daniel Gibson

    I live n die for my black queens 👏

  18. Curtis Majors

    These white savages continue to kill our people. These self-hating black people keep saying they want to divest form the black community to be with these racist bigots. We are not on code to protect our black women and children. Until we stop glorifying and justifying white people over black people this will continue. We have so many black people who want integration but scared to fight for liberation.

  19. Daniel Gibson

    South side Chicago 61st im with you sis


    This is a dang on shame!!!! I don’t give a flip if she had warrants…. she did not deserve to be shot 5 times…. That weak officer could not hold her down to. Restrain her???? My heart ♥️ hurts for the family!!!!

  21. joseph guy

    They are trying to exterminate us but we the black people need to come together and show them who we are


    Keep the fire going Jade!!

  23. Winnie James

    I saw the veto she did not. The cop is a liar.

  24. Donna King

    We all know the white man is a coward and when we get in their asses they will scatter like roaches. Gotta happen now.

  25. Donna King

    For her to mention she was pregnant was a plus to that dirty racist cop. He got two instead of one, maybe three.

  26. Sherry Jackson

    They are killing our women!That’s a dirty cop! Stood over her and shot her worst than a dog!

  27. Cynthia Stevens

    I think if there r bloods n crips or whatever gangs in TX they need to take care of business.

    1. Mary Maze

      They don’t see us as humans, they see us as animals, that’s why they can kill us like animals and think nothing of it, these Devils are our enemies, we are fighting against EVIL and Devils.

    2. Mary Maze

      To shoot a person 5 times is a OVER KILL, These Racist Cacausians will never change, they are Cold Blooded murderers, it,s in their Blood, they hate us and there is no love in their hearts for us, but our Black men are marrying a Becky everyday instead of staying with their own Women, so why don’t you Black men stand up and fight when these Devils are killing your women and children.

  28. Carla Brown

    Black people get your passports its to dangerous we tried to make it work here in this country.

    1. Daniel Gibson

      Carla Brown you run now you run forever

  29. Delove blam53

    what happen?

  30. Sharief Robinson

    our people must understand this is a covert war my condolences to her family

  31. Lawrence Tinsley

    OHHHHH SHITTTTT!! I just watched it!!!

  32. George Thompson

    I really Hate hearing stuff like this!

  33. Chanda Dixon

    My condolence goes out to Pamela Turner’s family children friends loved ones keep your head up stay strong we going to win this war

  34. hueykhalidX

    This is why Micah Johnson, Gavin Long, Christopher Dorner and others decided to punish pigs.

  35. Rochelle Mcghee

    Let’s have a one million women march.. Sandra Bland mother the whole deal… the men had one a one million march.

  36. Travel Guru's

    Our ppl will do nothing about it because our ppl are born and bread to destroy each other not to fight back our oppressors.. I’m disappointed in our ppl and can only with that someday we will step up and do back to them what they do to us..

    1. Daniel Gibson

      Travel Guru’s lets show them how n what to do

  37. Clifford Martin

    Stop talking. Stop marching. Started fighting back. Now it is the time to fight. We are the children of Israel from the tribe of Judah and they no it. It is time for us to repent and come to Jesus. Under one a core with the most high God. And the most high God will give us the strength to over come our enemies. Black brother and sister i’am tried of what i’am seeing.

  38. sandybrandystar

    They also shot down a pregnant Black woman and mother, in Seattle Washington ! Two 250 to 300 pound WS coward cops!

  39. Limitless CEO

    These are blood sacrifices that play into our subconscious. RIH

  40. Tiki Miller

    White folks don’t give a fuck if Billy killed somebody they’re going to stand up for Billy get on code black people

  41. avery adams

    We are not citizens in this new Egypt. I know it’s not consoling to our people, especially those that don’t believe in Yawhshawhi but the day is coming where all there sins will be judged by the Most High. But saying that I will give my life to save an innocent Isralite child, woman, or man. I know vengeance is your Heavenly Father but these gentiles are going to far so please Heavenly Father show us a way to protect our babies and women from these Neiadrothol murders. Please Father or Holy Spirit show us another way if protecting our family isn’t the way. I love you and believe in you with every fiber in me Father but please show us away to protect our nation without sining against you Father.

    1. Denise Miller

      Oh please. All that bible bullshit is just that…BULLSHIT!!! Sitting around waiting for some fairy to come back and save is dumb.

    2. Black Diamond

      We have a way we are like you praying to dead deities who been letting their ow get away with murder for centuries

  42. chaniqua smith

    Black people never do shit.

  43. Darryl Giles

    Sister when the race war starts, believe me I’m gonna kill as many of those edomites as i can!!!😣😣😣

    1. Daniel Gibson

      Darryl Giles the war been started we the only ones dont know

    2. hueykhalidX

      I hear you, but we have been in a “race war” for the past 400+ years now, fam.

  44. Aminah Majied

    There were also 3 black children shot in Oklahoma a few days ago. Yep a time for marching is over!

  45. Beacon TV

    Criminalizing black is nothing new. Justifies the killings.

  46. Jerry Samuels

    You are right. This is a sad tragedy. And with an ever greater frequency the police do brutalize and terrorize us. What to do? Be still and rest. And tomorrow live your life with more meaning and purpose…knowing full well that our lives are not considered valuable to our enemy. Study history. Much worst crimes against us and humanity have, are and will likely be happening. Murder and madness are all these people know.

    Are you aware of what is happening in Yemen; Palestine; Syria; The Congo; Somalia; or Libya? Seems irrelevant, right? But mostly the same people who are violating us are violating them. Europe murdered more than 100,000,000 (one hundred MILLION) of its white citizens in the 20th century (1900-2000). You live with their descendants. The fruit does not fall far from the tree. Don’t fall apart. Pray, “work” and find love. That’s what you do about it.

  47. Raine Thomas

    Damn I thought that was her dude omg rest her sweet soul!!!! He murdered her cold blooded it tore my spirit apart this morning. Damn fuck the police

  48. B. Cherry

    *Shaking My Head*

    We not outraged enough to stop buying numerous amounts of Nikes, Jordan’s, weaves, make-up, cigarettes, and alcohol.

    If we was to do this for 90 days minimum, it would send a powerful message.

    1. Denise Miller

      THANK YOU. But black folks don’t want to hear that.

  49. Truth Guy

    Black men”what’s understood doesn’t need to be spoken

  50. J2l20 Ware

    The nation of Islam is the answer for all people.

    1. Black Diamond

      No disrespect to the nation of Islam but all I see I a bunch of strong man doing nothing for over 60 years while black people are murdered and slaughtered what is their purpose to make YouTube videos?


    They are murders with a license to kill!!!! Just evil

  52. Truth Guy

    It’s time brothers!

  53. Landy H

    Texas going to settle with the Family Over this Crazy Looking Crackhead.

    1. Edward Stokes

      They need to pay the family millions and then they need to find a cage in a sanctuary for wild cavedogs to place officer Faggotfuck. Who let these Neanderthals into society? Please go back to Europe , back to the caves.

  54. Black Diamond

    Slavery came and took its toll,we lost the powers that we had,they are constantly killing us preventing the return of the black messiah,until we stop calling on this white jesus and this make believe God we will continue to be weak they have all our energy because we turn our backs on God,I am ready

  55. Marv44 4

    The day of protest add marching is over its time we show that we are through with the senseless murders of our people no more forgiveness. One of us is worth two of them

  56. Black Diamond

    Time to light our candles and use our craft to take them down

    1. Carla Brown

      Yes we do need the candles and ancestor altars.

    2. Imhotep Khonsu

      I just said the same thing to my brother. Let’s get it started. If you ar ed not doing so. My The Ancestors guide Pamela Turner and give comfort to her family.

    3. Denise Miller

      Black Diamond
      Some black ppl don’t understand that because they are to connected to white Jesus.

  57. Lady Bridget

    F American police!!!

  58. Roderick Richard


  59. supermike2164


  60. Elyse George

    Anytime those cave beast shoot up schools, churches, etc they use mental health as an excuse. Notice how they don’t pull out the beast criminal records. There is excuse and compassion.



    1. Singularity Squared LLC.

      You need therapy.

  62. Black Diamond

    Black woman are to busy hating each other on Instagram gram they could care less it’s sad

  63. The joker

    Sounds like a crazy criminal had a bad day. Moving on.

    1. Singularity Squared LLC.

      Excuse me, which was the criminal?

  64. Black Diamond

    My heart weep for my black across the diaspora,its time to wake my people

    1. Robert U. Folks,jr.

      I’m presently in the can taking ALL this in. But when I get out, it’s no marching OR protesting from me…. SEE you soon

    2. Robert U. Folks,jr.

      We CRY too frickin much!! no action

  65. Queen Jet Black

    I saw that- HORRIBLE! The solution :

  66. Mr. Kornegay II

    Shot 5xs and ppl just standing around looking

  67. Genesis Real info Report.

    When black men kill cops some of you people feel sorry for the dead cops claiming they are innocent. You black Americans are going to get killed by these cops over and over and nothing will come of it. The District attorney is in the cops pocket.

  68. Evelyn martin

    This made me feel sad to see.

  69. sublimeprince32

    They really want us to go off so they can start mass incarceratingus and kill at will.
    If he dealt with her before, he knew she was schizophrenic. That’s a charge.I saw an execution.

    1. Robert U. Folks,jr.

      news flash: they’re ALREADY mass incarcerating us. and killing us.

    1. ernest noble

      It would have been different if she shot him five times and miss 3 feet away

  70. Tiffany Payne


  71. Mr. Bing Bouw

    Time to wake up Black people and deal with this beast.

  72. A.Y.S T

    Sorry to hear this news but there has not been any news coming out of the UK regarding this incident

    1. vivi vivi

      To day in good morning

  73. Tiffany Payne


    1. Tiffany Payne


    2. Clifford Martin


    3. Robert U. Folks,jr.

      again,what are we going to DO ABOUT IT??!!

  74. Tiffany Payne


  75. Knowledgeable Queen Khair

    Please stop talking about negative news your giving them power. It’s sad and depressing 😞

    1. Truth Guy

      This is to get the drums beating

    2. Mum a

      +Big Lou i agree, they kill our black men now they start on black women it will be the children next keeping quite about it will not stop the killing it will only get worse.

    3. Matthew Baccus

      +Big Lou word! Just say you scared!

    4. Big Lou

      This “negative news” is reality, it actually happened. You think closing your eyes, blocking it from your mind, not acknowledging it gone make it disappear?

      How does talking about it empower anyone? Nobody was talking about it before it occurred & the cop still felt quite empowered to execute her even while you kept silent, did he not?

      You’re just afraid of one or more of us Negros finally snapping & go out & kill some cops in retaliation for all their murdering of our people which may cause cops & racist White folks to target Black folks & you catch a bullet.
      Just say you scared.

    5. Knowledgeable Queen Khair

      William Roberts no my point is it just make people scary and paranoid. It creates fear mongering. Anyway Akon has already said it america wasn’t made for black folks. But apparently Black folks apparently don’t get it. They don’t like black/ Africans Period. Why can’t you get it though your thick skulls

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