Cardi B Tired Of Being A Boss & Paying 8 People Every Month

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►Cardi B speaks on paying 8 different people monthly

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6 Thoughts to “Cardi B Tired Of Being A Boss & Paying 8 People Every Month”

  1. C. Okafor86

    you used to be one of those broke bitches don’t start hating on hoes now

  2. Nat Halie

    Naaa B a Boss is a slave owner, You a Employer with 8 employees you pay them to work for you. A boss IS being used loosely yall forgot where the term came from.

  3. RowdyChica59

    That mouth of hers be running into over drive sometimes,hope she doesn`t let her success go to her head like most of these artists and end strung out on drugs and what not,she is cool people tho.

  4. Jackie Izmarie

    Yeah you right cardi a boss is you because at the end of the day you have to pay your people’s who work with you in your parents you right foh.

  5. moontakeen whitaker

    Strippers make money like the boss she gone spend like the boss

  6. Tonya Eason

    Change your smoke detector battery “oooww”

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