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179 Thoughts to “Bring Some Fruit”

    1. j c

      Dowell…look at me

    2. j c

      WAL MART
      jer USA lem
      UNCLE SAMael
      BARIUM = BA

    3. j c


    4. j c


  1. Angela Brown


    1. Angela Brown

      This was confirmation, Thankyou

  2. Terrence Milton

    Takes time. A tree doesn’t grow over night. Or learn over night.

  3. Steve Hall

    good fruit trees are rare, I have many up to 10 y.o. and only a couple produce chemical free every year. the rest will be cut down this year and be replaced by smaller berry bushes that produce reliably

  4. Audio

    Good wisdom here pastor. I’m going through this right now. My thoughts exactly.

  5. henryac1229


  6. Vicki K

    I wish I had heard this message many years ago, it would’ve saved me a lot of heartache.

  7. Michael Moodie

    A great message, Pastor..!
    Thank you and bless you..!

  8. Layla uk

    Thank you for this bonus shalom

  9. Jo Griffin

    Here is the thought for the day !! I’m saved with a dick skin
    Moses wife saved Moses with a dick skin from her son !! Why didn’t the Bible god make it right in the first place and he wouldn’t have to kill people for it ? Exodus 4:24-26)

  10. Jesse Cooley

    Tell our CONGRESSMAN & WOMEN that, because people see it in them and believe in their OWN HEART they can just,,,
    Talk, Talk, Talk
    Believe, Believe, Believe (ME)
    right ?

  11. Sean Regehr

    The passage referenced is:

    Luke 3:8 Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance, and begin not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, That God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.

    Read Luke 3:1 – 14 for the fuller context.

    This passage and your explanation do not add up. You have not built upon the foundation of Torah/law. The whole Bible is one Testimony and if you divide into parts you will miss the sum of the Testimony. This is why the study of Torah is vital. Without first laying the ground work according to the instruction, your house will fall and not stand. I will leave you one hint, the tree mentioned is the tree of life.

    Now forgive but do not forget. Forgive that you might be forgiven. Do not forget least you fall victim once more. When I say do not forget, that does not mean hold a grudge either.

    The reason we as obedient children are to forgive is so we might be forgiven. That is all. When any person falls short/transgresses, it is only against the LORD. It is His law that was broken, not your law, or Tom’s law, or Dick’s law or Harry’s law.

    IF forgiving one causes so much personal strife and pain, then pray to God to take it away. But keep in mind if your not willing to forgive, why should you be forgiven? None is without sin, so be not high minded.

    All those sicknesses you mentioned are caused by failing to heed His instruction. When you put garbage in you get garbage out. So eat well to live and your life will be that much more rewarding. Why go the worldly physician when you can go straight to the Divine physician? Sickness and disease has only become a real problem since humanity has fallen deeper and deeper into sin. That should be a clear enough sign and a word to the wise should be sufficient.

  12. Harlem Brown

    Did y’all see the man from”Wallbuilders” say trump is orange because he is filled with the holy spirit? We must SEPARATE from these depraved WS

  13. Calvin King

    Love it! If I didn’t see your face there, I would have thought it was me talking. LOL!!!

  14. Kirin F.

    I used to be a little shit when I was a kid. My best friend’s dad was a former marine and then a ga state trooper. He put me through or with his son one time I got in trouble and said. Dont say youre sorry, if you were sorry you wouldn’t have done it to begin with. Never forgot those words almost 17 years later.

  15. USA4EVER !

    ………………………………………. What fruit does the left have to offer? …………………………………
    (((Higher taxes, lies, vote stealing, corruption, false accusations, unemployment, fake news,
    restricted speech, murder the unborn babies, more crime, and excessive government spending!)))

  16. jeremiah cepher

    Thanks for the confirmation. You are 100% correct. A tree is known by the fruit it bares. If the love of Yah is not in him…they dont have the capabilites to repent and stop producing bad fruit. But, it is my responsibility to forgive them as a believer of Yahusha Hamachaic. If you prove that you can not be trusted, you dont come back into the inner circle. You get cut off.

  17. Hadley Scott McIntyre

    Dont pent but act

  18. Hadley Scott McIntyre

    Its good to hear you again pastor.

  19. B Kelly

    Good video thank you for posting. Nobody is prefect we need to learn what right and wrong means. To bad people don’t read the Ten Commandments anymore. Thank you again for posting.


    I like the shirt you wearing…, Are you selling them, and if so how much would they cost…

  21. Al Smith

    I had to watch this video twice!

  22. I Am Moon Man

    Hey pastor dowell I spent time in set free. What you got to tell me about I’m sorry 🙏? I’m Patrick Mckinley and I’m in Colorado Springs. I have had a spiritual epiphany what displaces me between my brothers and my sisters

  23. Brother Kalev 2.0

    At least 5 years to start! Like 10 years ?

  24. Brother Kalev 2.0

    Pastor things are getting bad falling in place as I prepare. I don’t want to come to straitway until I can give more than my labor, am I wrong?

  25. Lillian G

    Amein Pastor Dowell

  26. Christian George

    wow what a great message.

  27. Meridith Rhone


  28. DJs Outdoors

    Thank you Pastor Dowell! Im going through exactly what you are speaking about. Ive known what I wanted to say and could not put in words. Ive been looking for them and you show up and give them to me yourself. Thank you for putting this on YouTube. You will see me Patreon soon.

  29. GET IT BOY

    Run for president we’ll stand by you

  30. Jessica Smith


  31. Black Google

    What a great message & reminder! Thank U Sir

  32. Righteousness-over-Religion Righteousness!!

    Lol,Im the Same way pastor Dowell i may forgive but i keep my eyes and mind open!!.You are On point Once again✊🏿

  33. James Watts

    You better learn how to fast

  34. Jason Campeau

    I am and you don’t know that…you sit in my Ancestors country and bullshit! You don’t know who my people are. You claim you read and understand the bible, but do you really? For petes sake, you do not even understand that when Adam and Even took from the Tree, that mans eyes were open! You still are like that, using your vanity and belieing all the bullshit you spew….I ask you? Can you walk away form all that you have and pray for 40 days on a mountain? I bet you cannot, because you cannot let go of your riches you built forself in my Country. If you wanted to do something to being fruit, you would go back to Africa, and help your own people rebuild there lives. Whats the point of you sitting in your secluded village and hiding out, and telling people to produce “fruit”…You have no idea who the Son of Man is, because you claim you are the “King”, I want you to step back, and stop being soooo Vain. You dont know me, nor you care to know me. You never once called me back, because you don’t care to hear my voice.

  35. Arnold Baxter

    EYE OPENER Thank You

  36. Michael Tureckie

    🙏 Amen to that my brother 🙏

  37. Blue Green

    I really needed to here that thank you

  38. Tomiko Chatman

    Shalom, this came right on time!!! I just had to do this with a family member of mine who is a Israelite who was or should I say appeared to be dealing with me due to a settlement from our father’s death. So from their actions over a period of 5 years they would call only to see if money was coming or would hold conversations and towards the end bring up money again!! So I had to bluntly tell them I love them but we can only deal strictly on a business level and if they wanted a real relationship with me that wasn’t money based then it could happen but I have to love them from a distance. However, they apologized and I accepted but I told them that they had to show me they were truly sorry because that hurts and it’s frustrating when you’re trying to rekindle an already fragile relationship and then to see folks only want to deal with you because of money!!

  39. Clinton Smith

    Bitterness usually comes in a package with anger, hatred, resentment ect. Giving a sermon on forgiveness is easy ( no criticism to Pastor Dowell), wading thru a bitter swamp neck deep isn’t. My opinion from experience is you have to release that bitterness ( and it may take years ) or it will stay inside. Being honest is another aspect and things get complicated in 2019. Surpressing a fire can burn from the inside out just like cancer. Jesus said turn the other cheek, not stand and be stoned to death and Samson killed everyone. Not all trees bear fruit and some people don’t care to be accepted. John the Baptist had his head cut off and Peter was crucified upside down. Heaven doesn’t promise a happy ending nor should one be expected.

  40. Justin Williams

    All praises to the Most High YAH!!! Thank you Pastor Dowell…

  41. carday12

    Amen Amen Amen..

  42. luisfj9

    Unfortunately with man you only get one chance. The person you need to be repenting to is God Almighty himself. Ultimately he will decide weather that individual have truly repented and he will give that one a new chance with someone else if he decides to do so. But also in some cases that offender may be addicted to a certain Behavior and he or she is unable to stop and unfortunately as a result offended somebody else. Then at that point he or she must go elsewhere start over. The offended party must forgive but not necessarily give the offending party another chance. As a result the offending party must leave and go elsewhere and address his and her issues. After that is address they need to go somewhere else where nobody knows them and start all over fresh and not repeat the same behaviors again.

  43. Straitway KC

    Nail in the coffin. Please hearing ears hear what the ruach is speaking through this vessel. Shalom Pastor. Overstood!

  44. reality check

    *Pastor Dowell is the DEVIL* 👿

    1. reality check

      Muse Verdant

      *Pastor Dowell and his followers should prepare their souls to burn in Hell for their lies and ignorance will be addressed by the Creator.*

    2. reality check

      Muse Verdant

      And most of all, this…

      *FACTS ARE;*


      (i) Islam is the ONLY non-Christian faith, which makes it an article of faith to believe in Jesus (pbuh). No Muslim is a Muslim if he does not believe in Jesus (pbuh).

      (ii) We believe that he was one of the mightiest Messengers of Allah (swt).

      (iii) We believe that he was born miraculously, without any male intervention, which many modern day Christians do not believe.

      (iv) We believe he was the Messiah translated Christ (pbuh).

      (v) We believe that he gave life to the dead with God’s permission.
      (iv) We believe that he healed those born blind, and the lepers with God’s permission.

      *FACTS ARE*

      -Muslims speak the closest dialect to Jesus.
      -Muslims follow the laws Jesus followed.
      -Muslims pray exactly like Jesus.
      -Muslim believe Jesus is the Messiah.

      Christians and so called Black Hebrew Israelites only believe in the belief they follow Jesus.

  45. Michelle Grooms

    Your so right ? My husband is in health care business? He has people bad mouth him ? And his mother done bad things in the past ? My husband said he doesn’t forgive someone who does bad things? Why should he? Alot of people think he has hate in his heart? My husband said there action speak louder than words? Everyone thinks my husband is the bad guy? He’s not. He was raised do whats right and you wont be wrong? I guess its the saying practice what you preach? My husband gets bitter at times? This way of thinking is not right? The way people that do bad things and think or the lack of its ok? Its not ok. I have one thing to say we all will be judged in the end times? Or when we get to haven?. Do what’s right on earth and maybe you won’t be judge in heaven ? Who knows? I have alot of unanswered question about heaven and hell that Churches wont talk about? Or dont know answer to.?

  46. ROSCOE

    Thank you Pastor Dowell for those enlightened words …God bless you !!!

  47. Straitway Canada


  48. Sheshe661972


  49. House of El

    Wow! I needed this! Pray for me! 😑

  50. Halimah Moore

    Some people confused forgiveness with reconciliation. They are not synonymous. You can mostly definitely forgive without reconciling a relationship with the offender.

  51. Mark Me

    Seventy times seven?….. even it is a “backwoods snaggle tooth redneck that knows better to come to your land”

  52. knightslegend

    I don’t give a Damn what anybody has to say about Pastor Dowell. This man tells the truth. That’s what the hell I need.

  53. Troy Mohican

    Ladies, Gents & Sucka’s of Youtube.

  54. noneya noneyanoneya

    I think you should be limit what you say to a person after you forgive them. You still treat the person with respect and not be rude. Females can go years plotting and baiting making you think one thing only to stab you in the back once again 5 years later. I feel like women are master manipulators and they use that to rock men to sleep and then stick him for everything once he lets his guards down or she feels she won’t get what she came for.

    1. Muse Verdant

      Sounds like a personal experience. All women do not fit your demographic.

    2. Sheshe661972

      Men do it too. It’s just some folk’s “human” narcissist/demonic nature/behavior.

  55. Nicole Hogan


  56. eduardo alvarado

    Pastor listen to Marcus Rogers see what you think on YouTube

  57. Tim Granvillani

    Shalom brother, well said, I hope and pray that people’s would listen, praise be to YAH shalom

  58. Dumayah Israel

    Wow completely understood.

  59. Edmond Dontes

    Thank You.

  60. Derrick Williams

    What about the prodigal son?

  61. Derrick Williams

    True repentance is when one doesn’t repeat. Time will tell whether one will ever repeat or not. We all bear some kind of bad fruit from time to time. The Bible says that no good tree can bear bad fruit. Well, I guess you can say that none of us are “good” trees. Self-honesty check: “WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU PRODUCED SOME BAD FRUIT?”

    1. Sean Regehr

      There is a face value application to that message, but it is actually talking about the tree of life. He did not explain Luke 3:8 correctly either, it is also talking of the tree of life.

      2Tim 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

    2. Muse Verdant

      I don’t produce bad fruit any more because I’ve cultivated myself and fertilized my soul. It’s the non- bearing trees attracted to me that I gotta weed out hehehe 🤭🌿✌️

  62. ??

    Pastor Dowell you alright with me.

  63. Colleen Rodamer

    A good fruit tree takes 5-7 years now can get fruit in 3 yrs but the longer u wait u will have a better crop I’m just saying

    1. Muse Verdant

      If folks in your personal life are bringing you down after years of explaining how and keep hurting/draining you, they ain’t no such thing as waiting longer unless you’re a glutton for punishment. Repeat offending folk don’t take you seriously if you just keep complaining or just ride’n die with them waiting, hoping they get their sh*t together!?✌️💖

  64. Taaj-Yera McCain

    big brudda

  65. Theresa Campbell


  66. Dickie9028

    Tell “TRUMP”.

  67. Moe Leary

    MATHEW 3:8 Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance.

  68. leungbabe

    Why can’t I stop watching you guys!!!

  69. Traciluv

    Repentance involves more than mere “sorrow” for the wrong act, however, is beyond dispute. It likewise entails a resolve to cease the wrongful conduct, replacing it with godly living.

  70. Ngozi Ekechi Bey

    That’s correct.

  71. sanpablos39

    Matthew 18:21-35 “how many times should i forgive someone”

  72. R Sabio

    Simply the best. Praise YAH for the simplicity of truth.

    1. reality check

      R Sabio

      Who is YAH?

  73. Angela Hutchins

    Prove them. Amen

  74. Patricia Raymond

    Forgiveness is free flowing. What I mean by that is there are people who will never fulfill the forgiveness that you give them. Yeshua told us to forgive people 70×7, not for them , but for you to be free. We have to look at the suffix,-ing. -Ing denotes movement, or the act of moving. When you start saying to yourself that you are “forgiv-ing someone, it is a flowing action. Just like Yeshua’s blood as it flowed from his body as he hung on the cross, or when the high priest slit the throats of the sacrifice for atonement of sin, the blood was flow-ing. Just as Pastor Dowell said in the video you can forgive a person but it doesn’t mean that there has been change (fruit). You give them to God and let Him deal with them. (Cast-ing your cares upon the Lord) Meanwhile, you keep the flow-ing of be-ing forgiv-ing mov-ing in your life and your bless-ings.

    1. Sheshe661972

      That’s it, sister.

  75. aryyahu

    This video is classic Dowell. You are an example to me to be a strong, character driven, masculine man of truth. I appreciate the videos you do Pastor Dowell. Shalom.

  76. Elaine Brock

    I forgave the woman who tried to kill me and my children because she wanted my husband all to herself. I forgave her because bitterness and unforgiveness turns into a form of mental slavery and eventually affects your health. That doesn’t mean we all lovey and friends or she’s welcomed on my property. I will never put myself in that line of danger.

  77. Hereward The Watchful

    Was that an intentional whistle at 3:25, or was that by mistake? lol! Great message btw 👍 So many use grace as an excuse to sin continually.

  78. Ava

    Mercy, Yah is good. This been a topic on my mind for some time… was going to call in for clarity, coz I couldn’t find a clear answer after years of dual thinking.
    Your prayer is already answered, Pastor. I WILL be listening to this over and over again. #comingoutofgullible
    HalleluYah! I said YHWH is good!


    I needed this message, thank you

  80. BoeQuica ProThot II

    PREACH!!! You spoke nothing but facts Pastor. Once someone crosses me the wrong way, I may forgive them but I delete them from my life. Awesome video Pastor Dowell!

  81. Char'Els Beard

    John 3v8

  82. Francisco Rodriguez

    5 years tops for mangoes. Even then, they may be rotten and full of maggots before they drop.

    1. Muse Verdant

      Hehehe! I like your parable.

    2. MrPeaEyeTea

      Patience in cultivation.. . ♟

  83. Brian Ellinger

    It sounded to me like you were a thief or you took things that were not yours or you talk to people out of getting things that were not yours and you’re talking this way to try to make yourself feel well about it.
    are you a thief…….lol

    1. Brian Ellinger

      +Sheshe661972 ……
      No pharmakeia please…. …….
      And I proved to be resistant to medication.
      I was told to smoke pot when the symptoms of depression got too bad but I can’t afford a medical card for marijuana.
      and you can’t find real pot anymore.
      I went to therapy for 3 years.but still having major depression.
      is better than a lying thieving crook.

    2. Sheshe661972

      +Brian Ellinger Bipolar to the max… Describing your own self. Boy BYE and TAKE YOUR MEDS!

    3. Brian Ellinger

      +Sheshe661972 ….
      I was diagnosed with major depression that’s emotional issues.
      not mental problems.
      I don’t have psych problems.
      but it seems that you are a goddamn motherfuking crook.
      I’ve read the bible cover to cover many times.
      I carry one with me and read it everyday.
      however I don’t understand why God won’t stop thieving Crooks like you.
      and why I can’t have the truth.

    4. Sheshe661972

      +Brian Ellinger Okay. I see you have mental issues. Demonic, in fact. Dueces.

    5. Brian Ellinger

      +Sheshe661972 ….
      Slave trading peice of thriving immoral trash.
      A crook.

  84. Wayne 2WheelsForever

    I see YOUR ego thing creeping in when you said that the listener should listen to “the Professor and Instructor”… yadda yadda yadda …
    and you proceeded to announce YOUR name, INSTEAD of labeling the GIVER of these insightful gems as The Lord, or The Psalms Or Paul or Jesus…
    Here is the hidden danger and pitfall of this YouTube thing :
    is that it tends to germinate and subsequently fester what I call ‘The cult of self celebrity’.
    This is where the insidious Ego comes creeping in.. beware that you become too comfortable with your percieved “knowledge” and thus presume to instruct others “how to” do this or do that.
    Please don’t take my words as adversarial or combative.
    Iron sharpens iron.
    But YOU are merely the messenger of these age old may clothe the ideas in modern day metaphor which is easier to digest for all of us BUT these lessons you publicly are giving us are nothing new and that we haven’t heard before. I commend you for reiterating them BUT do not instruct the viewer to “listen” to you. Instead you should instruct the viewer to seek guidance from The Gospel.
    Not you.
    Once again, not trying to be adversarial or looking to stir up muddy waters here but it was enough that I was listening to you and how you ended it automatically triggered my radar and compelled me to write this.
    In either case, God bless you and I agree with all your MGTOW insights even though I myself am a FORMER “Christian” . I’m hoping you receive these words in an air of civility and quiet consideration. As this is your platform I will bring this up on THIS open platform.
    Stay blessed good brother😇👍🙏

    1. John Hue

      Wayne 2WheelsForever
      I look for merrit in the message and that message had plenty of value to me. Pastor Dowell is human I am not looking for perfection that is unatainable I am grateful for his insights and time and have learned a lot from him. I would rather him being himself than second guessing how every other word would be taken. If he was like that I would not know what I am looking at. He says his advice is out of the Bible and this was good advice and that is more than enough for me. I have faults all over the place too many to have ridiculously high expectations of others regardless of their position.

  85. Gee Smith

    Everything is a lie wot if serton people could prove God was all made up. And God was yet another made up storey

    1. Gee Smith

      Im a citizen

    2. Gee Smith

      I see you did like hearing the truth from someone else.

    3. Muse Verdant

      Then why are you even here? Are you a truthseeker or a troll?

  86. Corey Jackson

    Always Speaking The Truth SHALOM, SHALOM Pastor Dowell And Family.

  87. Kerrell Cromer

    Thanks 4 the help

  88. D bob

    This message is Right on time….. Thanks

  89. JohnMichael Molinares

    Know your name is written in the Book

  90. joe homes

    Pastor dowell geo scientists are getting to block the sun. Bill gates is paying for it. I look on you tube and all I see is ppl talking hot air. We are doom and suppressed by rich. They may kill us all. but no one is talking about that. Mississippi reporting

  91. JohnMichael Molinares


  92. Tiger 1963

    Well said pastor

  93. Hiddenleafdc Llc

    Pastor , how do I speak with you ? I called but they are directing me to your intermediate elder. There’s no email for you, I have questions that should be answered by you , it’s frustrating that I can’t speak with

  94. Jerry G

    I don’t accept stand along apologies, if you can’t try making things right in some way then stay away from me.

  95. casperbkuw


  96. Brian Rahuba

    I half agree Mr. Dow. Jesus/Yashusha Christ told the apostles after they ask him how many times do we forgive someone and his reply was what Mr. Dow. I understand the comment forgive and now carry on and don’t return, I get it. But Mr. Dow I tell God I forgive them before they even ask for forgiveness or even if they don’t ask for forgiveness. Like you said the one who won’t forgive is usally the one who gets all messed up. I would not want to die with hurt or anger in my heart before I stand before the most high. I’m not above our CREATOR ! I’m a servant. How can I serve God when I have anger upon me. Like our Lord said don’t fell with anger in your heart , And I love others as our King loved

  97. Q James

    I had a bitch try to pull that “I am sorry bullshit on me” That has been twenty years ago & still counting. Life is good.

  98. Benjamin 7Seven

    Speak wisdom!! Key word IF ⬇

    4 Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the nature of YAHUAH, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.
    5 And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your belief virtue; and to virtue knowledge; 6 And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience the fear of YAH; 7 And to the fear of YAH, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love.
    8 For IF these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our ADONAI YAHUSHA HA’MASHIACH. KEPHA SHENIY (2 PETER) 1:4-8
    Great upload sir!!

  99. Dawn Break

    I received this message, on the heels of Valentine’s day, Thank you PastorDowell.

  100. His_Isha

    At work taking notes for my homework later✏! Thank you Pastor👍🏼


      Hi , My Buddy Used To Say: Hey Come On Now – This Isn’t Free Information Pay Attention, There’s Gunna Be A Quiz Later.

  101. DaReal FeelTV

    Subscribe Dareal Feeltv

  102. Lucifer Ratzinger

    Hey Uncle

  103. Jasmine Fly

    Matthew 3:8 John the Baptist told the Pharisees and Sadducees to ” Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance”

    1. Sean Regehr

      This passage and portion of Matthew’s Gospel is built upon Torah/law. It was not correctly interpreted in this video either. Hint: It is concerning the tree of life and there is more being spoken than the face value. Even the pharisees and sadducees can interpret the face value of the scripture.

      A word to the wise should be sufficient.

      2Tim 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

  104. Single Shot!

    Serious has to happen in our lives!

  105. Huey Anderson

    Yes sir. I agree . Much Respect to you Pastor.

  106. Gilberto Aviles

    If I apologize to someone and they reject my apology that is their problem many people who have done me wrong will never give me an apology and I’m still going.

    1. Sean Regehr

      Forgive to be forgiven. That is all. It is God’s law that is broken not man’s law. In the end it is about making things right in His sight. If man does not have it in him to forgive, then he risks not being forgiven, and harboring those bad feelings and emotions does no good either.

  107. Amber Chapman

    i am with jesus .😔💒

  108. Armed Rebellion47


  109. Lt. Andrew Louis

    Thank you, that’s good advice, that’s good advice for anybody, really, in the world of occultism there are games and competitions, it’s usual in movie business, so anyway, and then… we decided we wanted to go into show business from the movies, that was my start in show business, we don’t know why things happen the way that they do… but at the end, it all ends, as was the case for Carokine Zalog and Moera Ainai, and I have had a lot of experience…with lucifer, we had painful experience… people of the State of California… don’t know what they’re doing yet, and when he does, he’ll destroy whoever’s got it coming, it seems more like a storm… that will destroy all of us, and if he succeeds, he’ll destroy all the State California (hollywood) is that the emblem of the State California is lucifer, because this is where it all ends.

  110. Arin Graves

    My soul made me feel this before and today I have found another answer, you are so right. I love your teaching and the truth…

  111. Theresa Oliver


  112. The Sun

    Thanks for the guidance for dealing with others and ourselves. What I have witnessed is individuals that are wounded turn around and wound others the same way they were wounded knowing they were wounded that same way. Crazy. Great message from a great messenger.

    1. Abbey Hamrick

      At least 5 years

    2. Hold True

      You are right in most cases this happens unfortunately but through trials and error I think more and more people are also seeing the error in their ways and that forgiveness paves the way for harmonious relationships even with your enemies and brings joy because you’re no longer a captive to your sinful nature when you or someone truly repents and wants to change. 2Chronicles7:14 Confessing sin is the first step to forgiveness of sins which allows you to receive the gift of God’s Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit allows you to tap into the very power of God to help you battle temptation and to guide you through life but like Pastor D said that surely doesn’t mean you’re a doormat for repeat offenders

  113. monkey bastard

    thank you pastor…

  114. John Beta

    This is all too true. I’m still undoing all the residue that Babylon has left on me. I’m still learning how to decompress from my former religious spirit. It’s been 2 years and I’ve had much improvement but have been stagnant as of lately. I got back into the archives and it’s been blessing me and I’ve gotten back into my studies. Not only that, I’ve been pulling myself back together. I think YHWH showed me how life is without Him @ the forefront.

    1. Michael Tureckie

      Yahashua Hamashich is the way to YAWEH….
      Though they be one in the same….follow the teaching/instruction from YAHASHUA…😉

    2. R Sabio

      Good to see you.

  115. credit card debts

    it looks like there is good weather were you at im here in the freezing cold in connecticut .

  116. Stick It To Them

    I’m so glad you are back on youtube

  117. charles kellam

    The scriptures are full of lies !
    They teach you Jesus is a white Itallian named Cesare Borgia!
    research it !LOL


    1. Muse Verdant

      +Jasmine Fly hehehe🤭 uh huh!

    2. charles kellam

      +John Beta I already
      you sir are the liar !

    3. John Beta

      charles kellam

      The “New Testament” is not scripture. It consists of a few gospel accounts, letters from the apostles and the revelation of what the prophets had already told Israel in the writings.

      Your comment invalid, now go do some research. By research I don’t mean google or secular sources, the Holy Bible.

    4. Jasmine Fly

      Charles. Your comment was so foolish it really did not deserve a response. But on behalf of YAH And his children I will correct you sir. Man teaches you that Jesus is a “white man” this is done by means of idolatry such as the painting you refer to. The scripture teaches you that Yashuwa is a Hebrew man the color of burnt brass. We will forgive you but come back with fruit 😉

  118. AceInChrist JUDAHiTess

    My Momster Is An Evil Mommy Dearest…. I’m Done Whole Heartedly. I Severed That Spiritual Umbilical Cord & Her Claws will Never Injure Me Again. I’m Not Even Going To Her Funeral. Let The Dead Bury The Dead. She’s Not Invited To My Home Going If…..

    1. AceInChrist JUDAHiTess

      +Dawn Break I Made Sure I Shamed Her To Family Members Who Live In Other States. I Made Sure I Snatched Off Her Thinly Veiled Mask.

    2. AceInChrist JUDAHiTess

      +U.S Department of Homeland Security Classic Baby Boomer Generation Reign Of Terror On Younger Generations+Godless, Jealous ie Keeping Up w/Joneses, Promotion Of Abortions, Abandoned Their Latch Key Kids, Adulterous, Junkies & Reformed Whores, etc. Haters Of Moral Standards.

    3. U.S Department of Homeland Security

      Why so angry

  119. Hold True

    @6:52 & @8:06 PREACH 🔥 Amen 🔥🙏🔥

  120. charles kellam


  121. Gee-UU-e'M

    One can definitely feel what he is saying during those times. Just believe and understand. It’s already in you.

    1. Theresa Oliver


  122. King_of _da_Pride

    YAWH said try all things.

    1. reality check

      King_of _da_Pride

      Are you stupid?

      *It’s YHWH.*
      *YHWH is a TETRAGRAMMATON, NOT a name.*

      Hebrew letters are named 
      Yod-Heh-Waw-Heh: יהוה. In English it is written as YHWH.
      YHWH appears 6,828 times in the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible.

      It basically means “I am that I am” and or “I am”

      *The Hebrew name for God is “Elah/Alah/Allah”.*

      (i) אלה ישׂראל (Elah Yisrael), God of Israel (Ezra 5:1)
      (ii) אלה ירושׁלם (Elah Yerushelem), God of Jerusalem (Ezra 7:19)
      (iii) אלה שׁמיא (Elah Shemaya), God of Heaven (Ezra 7:23)
      (iv) אלה אבהתי (Elah-avahati), God of my fathers, (Daniel 2:23)
      (v) אלה אלהין (Elah Elahin), God of gods (Daniel 2:47)



      *Next time ask the Jews about the Jews language before you ever talk about the Jews language you uneducated ignorant idiot!*

    2. King_of _da_Pride

      reality check My GOD the one true living God of Israel name is “ YAWH” A.K.A. the ancient of days. You sound like a disgusting Edomite. There’s no love or repentance for you and your kind. Reality check little boy god is a title not a name.

  123. Hold True

    You can tell if someone repents by their fruits not just words they repent

  124. Hold True


  125. Tyrone Wilson

    Good afternoon Pastor

  126. Jaren Gordon

    Good afternoon Pastor and Shalom

  127. Kau Mohlamonyane

    1922 – 2019: The rise and fall of Eskom

    please share your thoughts on the topic Pastor.

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