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Black People Shouldn’t expect white people to care about our problems (Donovan Sharpe)

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34 Thoughts to “Black People Shouldn’t expect white people to care about our problems (Donovan Sharpe)”

  1. Andreana Calhoun

    The black liberal still craves the attention and praise of his liberal white democrat owner.

  2. chilloften

    WTFE. Facts first buddy.

  3. redrum21225

    This donovan dude is a piece of shit coon.  How the fuck did Mike Brown and Trayvon play a role in their own death?  Fuckin coon.  Of course he’s with a cave bitch, too.

  4. Doctor Detroit

    You fuckers don’t know shit. The hood where Trayvon was staying (because he was suspended for possible  dope and assault and theft) was being hit all the time. Trayvon was a THUG. Guess you didn’t see his selfies and his “million dolla nigga” handle?

  5. karl-fredrik norrback

    If blacks cared about black problems things would have been better by now in africa, europe…. Blacks not caring about statistics and the truth about black on black crime and black on white crime and the fact that blacks are killed proportionally to how much crime they commit is just another of those black problems that blacks have…

  6. Jermaine Braxtron

    Thos fuckin idiot said “lets not pretend like trayvon martin was walking down the street minding his business”. Um misinformed fuckboy, thats what happened!. And this fuck has the nerve to put black broads on blast whilst his famous horror story is him getting caught up with methead cauc bitches?! Nigga please

  7. Art Can 3

    Great video. My only problem is that Donovan is somehow certain that Trayvon was doing something wrong to get killed. The suggestion that he MUST have been doing something wrong without any evidence is problematic. Zimmerman’s own testimony and the 911 call show that he went out of his way to follow and confront Trayvon. If not then, when do our kids get to be innocent?

  8. Thomas Clark

    No one help us like we help ourselves

  9. oliver lewis

    We our own worst enemy

  10. Genesis Real info Report.

    What heavy lifting can we black people done,than protesting and holding people accountable. Most black politicians are to afraid to speak out against police killing of Black people. Fuck the police unions!When Black people use violence you people crying about destroying properties aren’t good for the fight.Just talking are not going to change anything. Black people in this country been fighting the same fight since we set foot on this land.Yesterday a white cop in Arizona get away with murdering a white man on camera he was begging for his life.Boot licker Whites and Coon negroes jurors are the problem in this country.

  11. Patrick Hulk

    That is true because the majority of people who care about black lives are black people, especially darker skinned black people. Even some lighter skinned or mixed race black people don’t care about black people’s lives until they feel discriminated against by white people, haha.

  12. MR. 38 SNUBNOSE


  13. chriskache

    I got you $oon.

  14. chriskache

    New Year Resolution List.
    To do…. Send Oshay a dubb $20 .

  15. KEDAR RA


  16. CarlRenard 77


  17. Ron's Good Karma Truck Stop

    Trayvon Martin went home and came back out looking for George Zimmerman and ambushed him. And George Zimmerman decided to bust a slug in him.
    Zimmerman was wrong and shouldn’t have been there But trayvon should have went home and stayed there

  18. FullCircle

    Good Show!🔥🛫🛫🛫🛫🛫🔥👏

  19. Edward Hayes

    Was one county over from Kent State.The week of the riots drove into the county because back then they had the only carryout could buy beer on Sunday.Got pulled over on a lonely country road.Getting out of my low riding Thunderbird my wallet fell out.Reached down for it.Deputy fired just missing me.Man that was close.But it was what it was.Took a twenty from the Deputy and went on my way.

  20. 1nyerica

    Roderick Scott, a black neighborhood watch killed a white teen. Shot him in the back as teen ran.
    Black man was acquired. It hardly made the news. This happened years before Trayvon.
    He won through “Stand your ground” laws.
    Scott was way bigger than the teenage shot.. Very much in shape. Teen was shot in back. But Scott went on to still live a block away from teens parents. No death threats. No people burning down the joint after acquittal!
    It does happen!

  21. arabion knights

    i am black america..
    we don’t give a rat’s ass about white folks collectively..
    they don’t care about us..

  22. Roger San Gabriel

    Oshay Jewish people have a better image than black folks. The Black Vs Jew thing doesn’t work.


    The cop that shot Walter Scot in the back while he ”Scot” was fleeing received 20 years, “but” it took a Federal trial, because he had been acquitted on the State level…news that many have forgotten. We blacks on live in the drama…meaning marching, rioting, looting, and waiting for the next fiasco to occur to get free shit etc

  24. Roger San Gabriel

    Donovan Sharpe I have been saying this for years. We as black folks need to take care of our own shit. We need to stop thinking like the liberal fucks. When was the last time blackmen cared about gay rights, People are living their own lives and don;t give a fuck.

  25. Roger San Gabriel

    The Alt Right is FBI, the leader of the Alt Right worked for Obama look it up.

  26. stray-dog

    some men sat around and spoke ill of black women all day on youtube videos,now that there seems to a be an effort to attract black women to albino-supremacy so they could go against black men i wonder how these brothers feel?

  27. stray-dog

    we’re men,we shouldn’t even question if another group of men care about us or not,right now we’re looked at as the stronger fitter, healthier males and are expected to do for self,even questions like the video title makes us seem incompetent and dependant,it’s time we start thinking otherwise because they don’t viwe us how you think,and we probably need to be doing bigger things than sitting around making videos.

  28. Carlos Lee

    Donovan stfu man you don’t stand in reality with your victimhood. First off that physically inferior stuff is a lie. White men are actually stronger on average than black men while black men are faster. White men are also slightly taller than the average black man. It’s about black skin. A dark skin tone is scarier to cops and to non dark people, generally . Lighter black dudes have it chiller than Oshay colored nigglets with cops, FACTS. Dudes like Donovan and Kap are accepted easier in white society than Terry Crews or Oshay because of the skin color difference. I agree when Oshay says many white people look at their child bringing a black partner home as “destruction of my race”. If this person is colored like Donovan it’s really not a big deal, those kids will look mostly white with a dip of flavor, you can say they italian or middle eastern. If this person is super dark like Oshay that kid will be considered black by society and whites don’t like that. Whites are selective with who they want to consider white. Niggas like Donovan might as well be Hispanic because they are accepted at the same level by whites less than Asians, but more than blacks. Donovan does not deal with a true level of white on black racism. Candy cane nigga.

  29. jack bone

    that george zimmerman walks around committing other crimes and mugging for the camera with absolutely NO FEAR of reprisal is among the most offensive things a grown man who has a young son could consider.
    this man should wake every day in a perpetual state of FEAR and contrition.
    that no man has decided to visit him and change his perspective, is shameful, and among the reasons that young mens lives have so little value.
    if criminals had ANY fear of consequences, they would work MUCH harder to victimize the People in anonymity.
    not with their chins up, chests out and shoulders back. theyre very proud to commit these crimes because they have no consequences to face.

  30. zealandzen

    I care about everybody’s problems. Why would I want anyone in society, my neighbors and compatriots, to be unhappy?

  31. Myballsitchsomethingfierce

    Niggas killing niggas that is the real problem.

  32. Jon Paul

    2016 fbi statistics “16 unarmed blacks got killed” 7,563 black murders by other blacks n the same yr. sorry Donovan we gonna have to agree to disagree my friend. There is no epidemic of cops gunning down blacks n a America which has over 330 million ppl in it. That is cnn pumping that narrative into your mind and as well black america.

  33. Jon Paul

    Damn I miss the live stream

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