Beneath the surface of When They See Us (Central Park 5)

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Beneath, When They SEE Us

When they see us is a based on a true story Series on NetFlix that is causing lots of emotion all over social media and the world. This post is not to explain the movie so if you have not seen it go and watch it on NetFlix or read from some other writer who explains it. This post is to expose the people behind the prosecution of putting these 5 boys behind bars as i am sure this is not the first time they prosecuted innocent people and surely not the last.

Everything about this Movie from the beginning to end was a lie in order to prosecute innocent black boys. Because there was just too many on the streets for them to handle. They played the justice system just like a game, not caring about anyone but themselves and these liars are the people who need to be on trial now.

Several individuals worked feverishly to win convictions placing all five boys behind bars for between six to 13 years on various assault and attempted murder charges. Today, everyone knows that these individuals were responsible for a gross miscarriage of justice, but while the Central Park 5 have lost years behind bars, many of the people responsible for putting them there have gone on to live the good life.

Elizabeth Lederer was the prosecutor for the case and knowingly came up with lies together with Detectives to falsely indict those 5 black boys playing in the Park in order to save her reputation from the public and news publishers. She clearly knew that those little black boys did not commit the crime and raped a white woman named Trisha Meili but still decided to put the lies together to get them locked up. What kind of Pathetic Person is this? She is very Heartless and cruel and should be locked up for false accusation and fucking up innocent lies. She should get the same amount of time those boys received. All of her cases should be reopened and investigated for more lies and false allegations.

Lederer clearly co hearsed the boys into saying whatever she wanted them to say while recording them on videotape.

As of now, 2019 Lederer is still an active prosecutor in the New York County District Attorney’s Office and also works at Columbia University where she teaches law. How is this possible? Who in their right mind will keep this woman employed and teaching their kids when she is a crooked devil? She will only teach our kids how to take the law into their hands and create lies and put innocent people in jail.

“As senior trial counsel in the forensic and cold case unit, Lederer reviews and re-investigates unsolved murder and rape cases,” her Columbia profile page states. “She has previously worked in the labor racketeering unit investing organized crime in the construction industry, as well as in the sex crimes and career criminal units. Lederer brings several years of experience trying cases in these fields, and has taught trial practice and general litigation at various institutions.” And I’m sure she put many more black innocent kids behind bars so, therefore, all of here cases need to be reinvestigated by someone who is honest.

After Ken Burns’ 2012 documentary about the case, a campaign was launched to have her removed from the university. A petition calling for her firing received more than 5,000 signatures at the time, according to The New York Times. She even received death threats, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Writing in the New York Times in 2013, Jim Dwyer argued that “the petition against Ms. Lederer, in part, reduces her life in public service to a single moment, the jogger case. In fact, she has a lengthy resumé of unchallenged convictions in cold cases, having pursued investigations of forgotten crimes.” I disagree that this was just a single moment these were people lives she knowingly and purposefully fucked up!

He admitted that yes, she made mistakes in regards to the case but that she was merely a cog in the broken system. He mentioned that many others acted wrongly, including Donald Trump who asked for the return of the death penalty for the five.

I don’t care how many people were with her in this crime of false accusation she should still be held accountable for her part in this unjust system. There should be another petition for her to be fired and locked up for what she did. They are just pushing this aside like black lives does not matter as usual. Things have to end and they have to end right now with this covering up of lies and deception from the workers of the legal system. As we know they all stick together and so should we. Sign another Petition here to end this Devils Career Click Here

Since the release of “When They See Us,” anger aimed at Lederer and Fairstein has ramped up again and people on social media have been calling out Columbia asking them to fire Lederer as a professor. This will never be over and they will never get peace until Justice is served.

Here is her linked in account info

Here is the #2 Person who needs to be on trial for their actions.

Here is her ugly ass in recent times

Next We Have Tim Clements
WHERE IS HE NOW?: Clements left the Manhattan D.A.’s office in 1991 and hasn’t been able to speak about the Central Park Five because he was advised not to as their civil suit moved forward. The outcome of which was a $41 million settlement with New York City, which he vehemently disagrees with. He is now a partner at a Cleveland law firm where he practices general corporate law and also represents nonprofit organizations among other clients.

WHAT HE DID: One thing that the co-prosecutor Tim Clements, who was also assigned to the case believed when the Central Park Five were exonerated was that even if Reyes says he acted alone, that his admission is highly questionable.
In an interview with the Daily News last year, he said that the facts point out that the teens were in Central Park that night causing trouble. He also backs Lederer belief that the boys’ parents were there and that no coercion went on.
“My job was to make sure everyone was quiet so the interviews wouldn’t be interrupted,” he told the NY Daily News. “There were parents present. In that situation, you can’t coach them, you can’t tell them what to do.”
He goes on to say that the teens made other confessions about attacking another individual that night, who was later identified as John Loughlin, a schoolteacher who also was jogging in the park. It was his robbery that Steve Lopez ended up doing time for in prison.
“They identified their own victims. In many of the cases, we didn’t know who the victims were, so how do the police coerce statements from people about facts that they weren’t even aware of?” said Clements.
Clements also said prosecutors told jurors that the DNA that was examined matched someone else, but he felt it didn’t clear the defendants and made it likely that they was part of the chaos of that night.
“When Reyes came forward it was a relief…It’s not surprising that he (perhaps) was with this group or joined it later.
“The facts are the facts,” he added. “It’s unconscionable to me that anyone thinks they were not in the park that night and were not causing mayhem.”

We can clearly see that he needs to be on trial for false accustaions and trying to keep and cover up this lie for himself and his selfish team.

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