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136 Thoughts to “ CANCELLED for ROMANTICIZING SLAVERY! Vicki Dillard”

  1. DeJa_Vu♎☾

    This is so strange I jus mention this to my mom on Yesterday

  2. GoddessMother SupaQueen

    trickery at its lowest….smdh never surprised what those evil dogs do

  3. Etheric Bladeworks

    The ENTIRE system of the united states ..NOT america!! Lemme get that straight soley BASED off off RACISM and WHITE supremacy!! … Lemme say 🇺🇸 <<< this is the true flag of the fuckin kkk ...... A high level klan leader clarified this .... let that sink in ...

  4. RUNaway

    THANK YOU, Ms. Vicki Dillard for coming on today to “TALK BLACK TO ME!”🙏🏾❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾✌🏾

  5. TeamAfrika Worldwide

    It’s none of my business, Sis. But I must say that you look even more Beautiful and youthful without make-up.

  6. TeamAfrika Worldwide

    Ancestry dot com is on some BS. They “updated” my results, removing my North Afrikan, East Afrikan and Asian/Native American Ancestry. However, everything that they removed had already been confirmed by 23 and Me and African Ancestry. CANCEL Ancestry dot com They definitely have an agenda! I regret giving them my DNA. Curiosity got the best of me. If you must do this, only trust AFRICAN Ancestry DNA. CANCEL Ancestry dot com

    1. DeJa_Vu♎☾

      TeamAfrika Worldwide Thank you I jus mention this yesterday I wanted to know my tribe I believe and feel I am of the Tribe of Zulu

  7. ayalajaya

    Vicky you are on point ma! Black sister need to stick together with our black men. Black men are our protector! If Henry Gates not coming to your house to tell you about your roots; I’m not buying it. ♥️♥️

  8. Shawn Deezy

    The show Power had a white savior

  9. KonsciousKoonKiller 22

    People forget that Arabs enslaved black people in East Africa for hundreds of years also

  10. Black Superman

    Dr. Khalid Mohammad Rest In Power.
    ✊🔋 🔋 🔋 🔋 N.O.I. 🔋 🔋 🔋 🔋✊


  11. H Thomas

    Vicky i thought you were a youth with the pig tails. You have pretty skin. Keep talking black to me!☺

  12. Joy Drane

    Talkin’ BLACK to me!

  13. Diann Green

    I don’t care what they are trying to rewrite God knows the truth and every evil deeds they have committed and they will all pay for their atrocities against black people…

  14. Joseph Wilson

    I saw that commercial, and it didn’t “go over” MY HEAD for ONE second!! It was STRAIGHT “subliminal”!! It TICKED me off!! Smh…

  15. James Overton

    Black soldiers who fought for the Union put pressure on the government to allow all Black to vote.

  16. hottnessfarra

    This gives white people the power to say not all whites in history were bad. Look at this. Fake stories like that don’t reveal how in that case that black woman was scared, poor, hungry, alone, had family members lynched, missing family members, already been raped, been beaten, traumatized, and living in fear. If this was true she wasn’t just running off to get married she was running off to be a free person. Like, come on stop it.

  17. Jewel

    Right on: “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!” Peace & Blessings Fly Nubian Queens!

  18. Empress Em Sharon

    It does not matter what type of talking points they stand around the water cooler and discuss. God is not happy with what they did. They are not our saviors and they can never give that impression. That is why multiple scriptures are in the Bible where God says he will punish them for what they have done like Gen 15:13-14/Acts 7:6/7. They will drink from the cup of trembling. just as Africans of the Diaspora, God’s own children had to be punished where you can find us today, don’t think the world will not go through their day. It is set aside for them at that appointed time!

  19. Y Everett

    It also a message to black women to see white men as their savior or being good so they can advance the white agenda of eliminating black people. Look at how many commercials you now see with white men and black women, this was once taboo and discourage, now all of a sudden it’s promoted. If you can create more mixed-race people they will not hate white folk or see them as evil, which most are, because by doing so they would have to hate or see one parent as evil. Plus a lot of so-called mixed-race individuals today, don’t identify as being black and think they’re better than black people. Don’t be fooled. See and treat them based on history, and their actions and behaviors.

  20. robertstewart9071

    Let’s see them make a commercial about a young Jewish girl running away with a young Nazi soldier to get her freedom let’s see how long that commercial stays up and if they find that to be okay

  21. The joker

    Fake nails, fake hair, nothing real about this wombat. Tried old speech from another section 8, welfare breeder.

  22. LuxeZoneTV

    No black pp should subscribe to these DNA scam.They will never place you in your forefathers countries that was stolen and given to the so-called arabs, they will tell you that you are from several African countries that you are not part of. I will, cannot and refused to forgive them, too many of my fam that they have murdered period.

  23. roland dudley

    No they know reap what you sow is knocking on their door step.they starting to see it every day.

  24. Lamech Yudah

    I dont need some damn test to tell me who I am. Its not like its going magically make my life better. Im a semi-dark skin black man born in Memphis ,TN, “nappy hair”, 6’2″ 252, momma black daddy black, both their parents were black. The world sees me as black, there will be no mistaking me as anything other than black. Them folks want our DNA, who in their right mind will _willingly_ give their DNA to a people who _historically_ uses biological warfare

  25. mr Dennis truth

    Any slave in the time of slavery can’t fall in love with their slave owner it’s called Stockholm Syndrome if kidnap a child today and she grows to love you after years of captivity you would not call it love

  26. M B

    Nope. They’re not feeling guilty. They’re trying to pull the wool over our eyes so they can **** us in the azz again. Dont get it twisted…they (ws)dgaf about us.

  27. Thomasina Brown

    This is also a shows us the god complex they have. I will never have sympathy or compassion for the devil.

  28. Light Bearer


  29. Susie Qsie AKA SusueMikado

    They want to be forgiven without reparation.

    1. The joker

      You deserve nothing. You’ll get nothing . Forgiving me, no thank you.

  30. Daoud J. Khaliq

    Y’all ever notice here lately, how in these TV commercials now there are a lot of bi-racial couples, white fathers/ Black mothers & the reverse & their swirled children, etc.
    White parents & grandparents w/Black grandchildren etc

    WTF is going on? Why is that?

    Since when did 2day’s white folks become so integration minded?

    Somebody tawk Black to me!

    1. hottnessfarra

      That’s the white people saying we are not all bad. Those people are actors. Still, most swirlers that have kids the white grandparents do not accept those bi-racial babies. I have a couple of white female friends whose parents and fathers don’t like their black husbands and want nothing to do with their kids.

  31. Rosalyn Farley

    Look friendly yep

  32. Rosalyn Farley

    Every time they talk there lies will come out talking point

  33. Rosalyn Farley

    Were hearing you savage beast done so much evil to blacks were hearing you -yes dealing with the devil’s

  34. Queen SunShine2020

    This is an example of how the dominant society dominates the vulnerability of black people.

    1. Bajanson S

      They are not dominant
      Please correct the language you use. It matters.

  35. Rosalyn Farley

    Let the truth be revealed and all the Evil about the Beast the Evil they did to black women and Men and children that’s right inhuman Reparations for the Decendents of American black slavery we are learning more and more and so is the world


    Well yes I agree, they are trying to rewrite history and remove chattel slavery from the history books. Instead of slaves status or bondage, slaves would be listed as workers or servants who came to America voluntarily.

    Well they tried it…..

  37. Rosalyn Farley

    Mrs Vickie talk black to us we are hearing you

  38. Rosalyn Farley

    There head games talk black to us- there games and lies and all evil they have done to American decendents of black American slavery there evil deeds are being showed in the light

  39. JustActing

    Vicki is a really good sister! B1

  40. Desire Hunter

    Vickie, can you please share you skin regime? Skin is great! After having my son, my skin hasnt been the same

  41. sORrY i'M LaTe! WHaT diD i MisS?

    *Vicki looking lovely without make up!!*
    They are trying to have us swirl even in a negative environment.
    They know how bad they are, they can’t take their own truth!!

  42. Jewana Edwards

    I have given this video a thumbs up over 4 times. It keeps going away.

  43. Gina Spaulding

    What you are discussing is so on point…..cant help but notice how beautiful you look without makeup

  44. vanessawells32

    we are the real Israelites jews that the bible speaks of deut.281-6 PLEASE READ Hebrews IN THE BIBLE THAT IS OUR HISTORY IT HELPS YOU TO KNOW WHY WE ARE BEING TREATED THIS WAY BY WHITE SUPERIORS, :

  45. s isaiha

    This is nothing more than a White washing agenda.because they dying out ..interracial dating or swirling are evil and toxic to the black race.the pale white men have the history of the biggest rapers on this planet.with thise they Will keep doing those.

  46. Onaje Asheber

    Romanticizing is not the case here. This was about Selling Diamonds and saying the time of escaping enslavement with a white man and having mixed babies for Black/African Women was the best thing to have done. And the mixed today are worth more than non-mixed people then as now. Want to get out of oppression/ modern day slavery Black Women, Wed a White Man. Slavery never went away anyway. And they know this. War is what it is. They want protection from mixed / light skin Blacks. They are afraid more than ever.

  47. Felicia Clymer

    We’re still being slaved. Preach it sister. They put all the drugs and guns. Not any kind high tech

  48. Celestea Deanes

    So, we are to be repulsed , offended and fall in to the hands of that black dna marketer fed supported likely race traitor. By default. Leave that s alone!

  49. Felicia Clymer

    Saver they didn’t save anyone. Our ancestors made that happen. Their gone, it our turn, we’re not going to put up with it any longer. They even killed the whites who tried to help. They was roofless still is today. They shipped slave out, not in. They will never get talking point with us, this hate between Americans and white folks it mutual. The history was a lie. That why they burnt down the American people’s records to hide our identity. We are at war for real.

  50. Irritated Negress

    That commercial was so disrespectful especially since that’s not the way it happened…I don’t get how they can romantically link slavery like that smdh


    WS r the seeds of the devil n the blood suckers of the EARTH!!!

  52. NkrumahTure

    Only the blacks who don’t study read our history will be fooled by such a ridiculous notion of a white boy running away with a female slave.

  53. Felicia Clymer

    Oh it wasn’t the normal back then. Black peoples hated whites. They rebelled against the white folk back then. I’m not going back to slavery I’m not going down with a fight. These white people’s are evil their not human. No human, could even do what these people’s done to our ancestors. Preach it sister

  54. Barber Hygienist

    I really think I love you, Vicky.
    ….but the nails 💅 un un

  55. Felicia Clymer

    That fake a** bible they brainwashed our ancestors, then they brainwashed us. But I know we was the first. We just couldn’t prove it.

    1. MrMarquis86

      +Lamech Yudah there isn’t any evidence of anyone in the bible ever existing or any evidence of any of the events ever occurring. It is a book written by man. Allegory. Was never meant to be taken literal. Truth needs no belief. Only a lie does.

    2. Lamech Yudah

      Prove its fake. You cant. Youre just admitting you believe the white man’s version thats all. If you looked it from a black/Israelite/African perspective you will see what they done. You do realize it can proven OUTSIDE of the Bible that we are in fact the Israelites. Most wo/men on the planet are Hebrews, but not all are Israelites

    3. Clarah T.

      @Felicia Clymer
      Please don’t carry that offense on the WORD of GOD. Self preservation hasn’t been our strongest method of best interest.

  56. Felicia Clymer

    They played with our faith. They took our culture they killed and still killing our people’s I want justice.

  57. Felicia Clymer

    They white washed us long enough. They lied about our history.


    I love you so much for the truth that spills out of your mouth so eleqentaly

  59. Alasia Smith

    It’s an excuse for our ancestors being raped by the slave masters. I took the test. I always knew My Dad’s parents were both so called mulatto. But I had no idea I was 52 percent European. Makes sense my family is all from Louisiana. I purchased a kit for my Dad and myself. I want my money back 😡

  60. TINY Mercado

    My white grandmother called me nigger as a child! I get it. Shit is real.

  61. Paul McCarthy

    You Can’t be in Love with Your Slave, That’s Your Property. All Slave Masters
    were Devils. There is NO SUCH THING

  62. ladyrolanda

    Sis we’ve been at war. The only ones who aren’t aware of that is us!!! They have launched many campaigns over the centuries to destroy us and its working!!!!!!

  63. DEE MC

    These people are too funny!

  64. Larry Hollins

    They’re all like that, watch as 2020 elections get closer and we keep talking about reparations watch how many of them will be against the idea of making ADOS whole witch we know that’s impossible, but it would change things for us.

  65. Lester Adams

    It’s called programing black folk’s mind

    1. The joker

      It’s a small job.

  66. Reign Love

    Eventhough QUAKERS and ABOLITIONISTS wanted to end SLAVERY. They did NOT want us to be EQUAL when SLAVERY ended.

  67. All In

    White supremacists never feel guilty about Sh*t. Who can make them care? They don’t care. Don’t fool yourselves.

    1. laughingstalk

      They are sociopaths. They only care about being exposed in an unflattering light, as they are now. For decades, despite their deplorable depravity, they have been seen as the saviors of the world, courtesy of their own savagery and propaganda. That is changing…

  68. Oya Orisha

    Thank you 🌟. My cousin wrote a book about our family ancestry. Jefferson’s Children.. Shannon Lanier. Outstanding commentary🥇

  69. Dorothy Wren

    Yes take BLACK TO ME


    I love you EMPRESS

  71. MusicCityCANE

    Smdh white america is trying to romanticize slavery, my ancestors didn’t have a choice in a matter like this. Our women were conditioned, raped and were often used as right of passage for teenage white boys going into manhood. America is trying to brainwash other who aren’t black into believing slavery wasn’t that bad. You have to keep in mind our culture, language, names, religion and humanity was taken from us. They don’t even teach our history in school, they gloss right over it or remove it entirely out of American history. I had to do my own research to find out about the “BUCKBREAKING PROCESS” if you don’t know what it is look it up! This alone will make you sick. Look up the conditions my ancestors went through on those slave ships. Imagine urine and feces washing over you while you watch the slave captain rape a female slave right In front of you, your shackled up and can’t do nothing about it. We have been through over 400 years of being dehumanized, conditioned and engineered into the people you see today. No other people in the world has been through the hell my people suffered and them to put something like this on tv just shows America’s true colors. All I have to say is African diaspora and African people we got to wake up and come together. Don’t let white people tell your history for you. Do your own research, find out who you are, visit Africa. I’m going over this summer. NO YOUR ROOTS!✊🏾

  72. Gloria Lawrence

    This is eye opening!!! Thank you!!!

  73. Stella Jones

    Teaching me something. Thanks!

  74. Leonard Smith

    Peckerwood propaganda.

  75. Scotty Jones

    I believe its also an attempt to subliminally tell our sisters that the white man is still their saviour and he is their way to freedom and they dont need black men. The same way they gave us a white saviour through Christianity, but thats just my Hebrew opinion. Shalom Shalom, and stay woke Yisrael.

    1. DeJa_Vu♎☾


  76. Tracy Johnson

    90% of White Americans were racist. Their curse from The Father is 10 fouls=ten generations. Their is no Sorry. Their Grandparents didn’t care. Now they do. Their blood line is damed by their Grandparents. That’s why race mixing is wrong. I feel for them. But, their ancestors did it.

  77. Christine White

    Talk Black to me! And keep talking Black, please do not stop we need it..

  78. Ashley Campbell

    Love that hot pink on your nails.

  79. Leonard Smith

    Green book and Perfect enemies are the recent examples of their white savior narrative in movies.

  80. timothy moore

    Too pretty of woman

  81. Shirley Baker

    RALEIGH NC💝💝💝💝

  82. Cindy King

    They are still just as bad today.Probably worse.They have always whited out our true history and have never ever admitted the wrong and atrocities that they have done to our people. Many of our people are waking up to the truth of who we really are. Because we are the most highs true chosen people and that’s where the white out comes into play. Just like they rewrote the bible and took out parts that they didn’t agree with or like .And it’s just sickening that ancestry. com would even make a commercial like that

  83. Wisemen Wisemen

    There’s no way that they can trace ADOS DNA back to Africa, when most of us don’t even know where we came from in Africa, I always thought that the DNA testing was a scam.

    1. DeJa_Vu♎☾

      Me too

    2. roeandboz

      Wisemen Wisemen me too

  84. damon lovett

    you restore faith. peace!

  85. Tiki Miller

    Hello fly Nubian queens any one of you can you please speak on Arab / Islam / Muslim enslavement of black people

  86. Frostgrl681

    The things coming out about what our foreparents went through keep getting uglier and uglier. Like passing out invitations to a lynching after church services, with a picture of the last person lynched on the invitation. Ugly things like, after the pastor said amen, the pastor and his congregation would gather, complete with familes, and babies, and lunches and make a church outing at these lynchings. No one is touching the cannabalism of the enslavers, they can’t make feeding our babies to alligators as bait look soft and beautiful. They slandered us worldwide and told everyone we are lazy and want handouts, when the fact is so, so, so, many of family wealth and land was stolen by them.They lied and said this land was undeveloped with a few savages, when in fact this place was filled with cities, learning, families, and life. You can’t romanticize buck breaking farms, and throwing newly freed people in concentration camps. Look up Devil’s Punch Bowl in Natchez MS. They hid that, but the truth is coming out. let us not forget how they put us in zoos. Look up Ota Benga. You can’t put a dress, and lipstick on the ghastly Manifest Destiny doctrine to make it look pretty. That doctrine can’t be made to look pretty. If they want talking points, I can think of one…. What type of creature pens so arrogant a doctrine as the “Manifest Destiny Doctrine”? There is some real good water cooler conversation for them. Nothing is concealed, except to be revealed.

  87. Sherry Andrea

    Vicki do u think the reason why they are trying to whitewash the past is because there are less and less people alive who were alive close to slavery times or were told the stories by their parents who experienced slavery. Like do they think now is a time when they can successfully erase their bad doings?

    1. A Hulto

      Bad thing is…our descendants don’t believe what they hear, they have cauc friends and some are of mixed parentage, so they would believe what the caucs have written. It will only take 25 years, probably.

  88. The Al Kemy Channel

    Are y’all crazy? There is a karmic record… they can manipulate the minds of Black People in America all they want but the karma debt they have tallied will never change and they are going to pay regardless of how many mulattoes they try to hid behind. They are finished, their money is worthless and being dumped everywhere because it’s their season to pay… their bucks and Negroe winches are going with them. The name of the Earth is Karma and nobody get away. If they can get away with the atrocities they have committed then God owes a great apology to everyone else through the eon’s of history that karma has already destroyed.

  89. Sherry Andrea

    History…the past is not set in stone. It is based on what the majority believes. They are trying to affect that. Nasty nasty stuff right Vicki?

  90. Lord Eltorious

    Damn Vicki wowww your Beautiful 😘😘😘😍😍😍

  91. Black Superman

    Hey Baby Face!! I dont do holidays but its super bombay to see your lovely face on Easter Sunday. Thank you so much for brightening up my day.

  92. mensah talk 1

    these dna companies are taking advantage of black peoples zeal for the stolen history, and ignorance of their nature

  93. Aaron Brooks

    People’s Collective Miami, ✔ing in. Great info☀


    Why u so cute 😔💗💗💗…

  95. Patricia Shelton


  96. Patricia Shelton

    #1619…2019…It’s about the Scriptures the time of revelation we’re living in it and all of the dirty secrets are being revealed they cannot stop at retro reparation belongs to the creator for us

  97. Patricia Shelton


  98. Tom

    There is no white guilt. Only idiots pretend to have it. I have no guilt. I don’t give a fuck what rich people did 200 years ago. All people are the same. If it were put to a vote to get slaves and bring them here the vote would have been NO. Muslim cocksuckers had white slaves for decades after slavery ended here.
    You will never get reparations you dumb bitch. Murder your people ?!
    80 percent of all crimes are committed by blacks. You don’t know shit . Ill bet your even dumb enough that your a fucking democrat !

  99. Peterson Timothee

    They’re just realizing that we’re far more advanced then them…. they understand now why blks. fear the truth n karma…. now that it’s come back to haunt….

  100. Patricia Shelton

    I don’t believe there’s any conscious in this it’s just a plot to give you the illusion of what they’re not

  101. shygirlcomplex

    Vicki your skin is so beautiful!!!!! 😭😭😭….White people are very diabolical they will rewrite history ….

    1. Tom

      Stupid MFRS can’t teach em shit. worst students on the planet are AMERICAN blacks ! The only good thing is America also has the most successful smartest blacks too. But they are not your leaders cause they are smart enough to know that ” dey caint do nuttin wit dem ignant fools “


      Yoman3651 Your Future
      Yes, yes I posted something similar.

    3. Yoman3651 Your Future

      shygirlcomplex they already have and will continue to do so!I don’t know your age really don’t matter but in a 100 yrs witch really not long from now Hell 48yrs creeped up on me quick as Hell! LMAO! Anyway they going to make it like slavery never existed! You dint hear about how in Texas they changed those text books saying they were servants,cartoon pics of them looking all happy and clean and shit??

    4. Cindy King

      They have rewrote history

    5. Vicki Dillard

      shygirlcomplex 🙏🏿

  102. Stuart D Knight Author

    Maybe with this propaganda they were trying to meld the period of indentured servitude into race based chattel slavery. Also to plant the image in Black women’s minds that loving white men has been an american standard.

    1. wilbert mcbride

      Stuart D. Knight Author……I AGREE with you……THAT’S what that was about!!!!!!

  103. Mikal McDowell

    I hate the camera angle she uses

    1. Tammy Slade

      Shes not dressed like she usally dress thats why her camera isn’t set correctly😐

    2. A O K

      @Mikal McDowell, What do you mean? That it’s not in full screen or whatever?

  104. Willie Humphries

    Dress up or down, beautiful

    1. Vicki Dillard

      Willie Humphries 🙏🏿

  105. Armoni Q Fields

    I knew when all these “Trace your Roots” companies came out. It was to collect DNA for the government…Guess what? They gave the Government ALL THE DNA!…Straight Up Scam

    1. Ashley Campbell

      Armoni Q Fields no shade, but I don’t feel like they needed these ancestry companies to get our DNA if they want it. We were born in hospitals, we go to the hospital when we’re sick, they can collect it when they want to.

  106. Taz Exclusives

    I did a piece on all these DNA companies and their pro white agendas

    1. ayalajaya

      They never got my money cuz I know it was some bull dog. When relatives of mine that took it basically changed what my father who was the historian in my family and my aunt who is 90. I’m like something is going on. Black ppl need to stop spending there money.

    2. ms crum1

      Hey Taz didn’t know u did one too… lemme slide over there when I’m done here…Bless up bruh you and Nylah ALWAYS keep it a buck ❤ yall commentary…. Mr. King of Content 😘

    3. Tom

      +Ashley Campbell Your DNA is meaningless without something to compare it to. They need thousands if samples from Africa. It will be many years before they have enough data to know anything.

    4. Ashley Campbell

      It’s not like they can’t get our DNA samples from the hospitals. They don’t need these genealogy companies help getting that. They had your sample when you were born sweetheart.

    5. Tom

      Damn fool idiot there is no pro white agenda. There is very little sampling from african tribes. They mostly don’t have money for that shit. It mostly is shit too. READ THE FINE PRINT ! It even tells you its 50/50 accuracy.

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