A Productive Day in the Life of A Full-Time Real Estate Investor (productive vlog)

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Productive Day in the Life of Millionaire Real Estate Investor (productive vlog)

00:00 Intro
00:06 Wake-Up
00:35 Good Morning
00:50 What A Millionaire Real Estate Investor Drives
01:22 Morning Reading Routine
03:14 Office Fun
03:20 Course Recording
03:39 Gym Time
04:52 Tips for Gym Time and Productivity
06:11 Lunch Meeting
06:41 More Meetings
07:44 Potential Investor Meeting
07:49 My thoughts on how to find investors
10:56 What I eat to stay productive
11:10 Fun With Friends
11:39 The Citadel information
13:04 Night Time Routine

Hey everyone! Daniel here and today I want to show you what a productive day in the life of a full-time real estate investor is like. Every day is not the same but I really do my best to have the most productive day possible.

Generally, my morning starts out around 8:30 am, I have some emails that may have come in overnight, so to get my day started on a productive route, I spend about 10-15min to answer and respond to anything I got when I was sleeping.

By the time I finish my morning routine, I head to the office for my next productive task, and that is my daily reading routine. I spend about an hour reading a chapter of multiple books, every day to keep me as productive as possible. The first part of my day is geared towards being continually productive (hence why this is a productive vlog). Moving forward with a day in the life of a full-time real estate investor, I work on content creation for my brand’s productivity.

Continuing my productive vlog, I hit the gym right around 11:00-11:30 am. I used to work out in the morning and at night thinking that would optimize my productivity, BUT I noticed going to the gym in the middle of the day help keep my productivity later in the day.

A day in the life of a full-time real estate investor is constantly creating new relationships and maintaining current relationships to keep business productive. So I went out to lunch with my lawyer and took a few calls in the afternoon. I am always communicating with partners and potential new investors to keep productive in my business.

I usually leave the office around 5-5:30 pm to go home and spend time with my wife and be active with my friends. I noticed that when I am the MOST productive, is when I am active, to give my mind a short rest and get some extra exercise.

From 10:00pm to 1:30am, this is when I am SUPER productive in the day. It’s quiet, no one is up, and the productivity is through the roof!

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—DISCLAIMER— The suggestions, advice, and/or opinions that are given by Sam Kwak (The Kwak Brothers) are simply opinions. There are no guarantees of set outcomes. Listeners, guests, and attendees are advised to always consult with attorneys, accountants, and other licensed professionals when doing a real estate investment transaction. Listeners, guests, and attendees are to hold Sam Kwak, Novo Elite, Inc. and the Kwak Brothers brand harmless from any liabilities and claims. Not all deals will guarantee any profit or benefits. Listeners, guests, and attendees are to view and listen to all materials and contents furnished by the Kwak Brothers as a perspective based upon experience.

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  1. Lmao this dude isnt doing anything all day but TRYING to make himself look important……..
    They had a call with me and they totally sound like scammers Lmao ? ? ? ? ? ?

  2. This Kwak clown lives in a 1bedroom apt drives a Toyota and is fooling you stupid people with video editing to make you think he’s a real estate guru lmao ? ? ? ? ?
    The internet world

  3. funny. average CEO reading 60 books a year b/c they love to read and they’re passionate about what they read. You’re forcing yourself to read. Not the same thing, buddy. I read about 100 books a year and l love to learn. Granted, I’m no CEO but then I don’t care about becoming a rich CEO. I do very well but I’m no CEO. Who the heck want to deal in the corporate culture. If that is your thing then more power to you. But don’t think that by copying a billionaire CEO’s habit, a billionaire you become. You made me laugh. Thank you.

    • @Niko Red i own a triplex in Chicago where im from. Also a single family home in Ga n i have a trucking business… i emailed n spoke to these kwak cliwns last year n they tried to sale me on investing with them in a program when I had MORE ASSETS N PROPERTY then them ? ? ? ? ? I could tell by his convo he was full of BS…. these youtube clowns are saleing IDEAS N DREAMS.

    • @#ElevationNation where’s ur evidence? can’t say somethings a fact if you can’t back it up with proof. you gotta do better then that

    • Factz this dude is a poser and wanna be.. hes trying to make himself look busy n important when he’s really just a guy trying to get people to invest in him n his idea’s that he THINKS may work…. i had a call with them n they sound like scammers

  4. Great real view of an amazing entrepreneur who grinds and hustles and maintains a healthy balance with business and family. Great ?? vlog????????loved it ??

  5. Love the day-in-the-life! Totally agree with you about setting daily standards vs. just long-term goals!

    • His name says it all ? ? ? ? ? ? ? he’s a KWAK faking like he’s doing something……… ASIANS LIKE HIM THAT WANNA BE WHITE ARE FUNNY ……. Y NOY GO TO YOUR COUNTRY N IMMULATE YOUR CULTURES SUCCESSFUL CEO’S????? … LOL LOL

  6. Hellow Good Evening have a great and awesome and super cool day today ok and yes God bless you to. ?

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